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[05:25:45] <Person> hello
[05:26:06] <Person> do you kno where 2 get a copy of ultima 7?
[05:26:52] <DraX> Person, you can find a boxset called the ultima collection
[05:26:55] <DraX> for about $20
[05:29:33] <Person> american $?
[05:29:37] <DraX> ya
[05:29:48] <Person> there you go
[05:29:53] <Person> $100NZ
[05:35:10] <Person> well
[05:35:26] <Person> i had it on cd but the cd is too scratched
[05:35:47] <Person> *have
[05:36:09] <Person> oh well
[05:36:12] <Person> fine
[05:36:53] <Person> im telling the truth u know
[05:37:08] <DraX> great
[05:37:18] <Person> but oh well
[05:37:30] <Person> :(
[05:37:36] <Person> i loved that game
[05:38:26] <Person> oh well goodbye
[05:38:31] <Person> thanx anyway
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[16:27:40] <Dr_Riviera> anyone around?
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[16:27:51] <Dr_Riviera> anyone around?
[16:28:57] <Dr_Riviera> Hey Drax can I ask you a question?
[16:29:04] <DraX> sure
[16:29:25] <Dr_Riviera> did they add paperdolls in BG
[16:29:31] <DraX> yes
[16:29:37] <Dr_Riviera> how do you see them
[16:29:43] <Dr_Riviera> all I see is the originals
[16:29:55] <DraX> DraX, you need SI to see them
[16:30:07] <DraX> Dr_Riviera, :)
[16:30:14] <Dr_Riviera> heh
[16:30:26] <Colourless> i saw that :)
[16:30:50] <Dr_Riviera> Well I do have SI, so will exult automatically know where to get the files from when I run BG
[16:30:51] <DraX> Colourless, good morning :)
[16:31:15] <DraX> Dr_Riviera, si needs to have it's path set in ~/.exult.cfg
[16:31:19] <Colourless> you will need to have your paths setup correctly in order for it to work
[16:31:54] <Dr_Riviera> sweet thanks
[16:32:15] * DraX is downloading SDL 1.2 to make sure it works in openbsd still
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[16:33:06] <DraX> ok, i can produce freebsd and OpenBSD packages for exult :)\
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[16:33:39] <Dr_Riviera> Sorry, one more question, where exactly do i include this line
[16:33:44] <Dr_Riviera> i'm in the exult.cfg
[16:33:58] <DraX> there is a <serpentisle>
[16:34:02] <DraX> section
[16:34:08] <Dr_Riviera> i'm looking at it now
[16:34:09] <DraX> and it should have <path>...</path>
[16:34:13] <DraX> put it instead of the ...
[16:34:23] <Dr_Riviera> oh ok
[16:34:36] <Dr_Riviera> thanks
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[16:35:23] <DraX> i'll also build CVS tonight to work some of the "kinks"
[16:35:25] <DraX> out
[16:35:31] <DraX> just to make sure it still builds before alpha3
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[16:40:09] <Dr_Riviera> Looks good, spark looks a little od though :)
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[17:44:40] <wjp> hi
[17:44:47] <Colourless> hi
[17:45:11] <wjp> phew, exult still builds on BeOS... saves me a lot of trouble :-)
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[18:05:42] <DraX> hey wjp?
[18:05:45] <DraX> -? :P
[18:07:08] <wjp> hi :-)
[18:08:20] <DraX> ok sdl-1.2 compiles fine on openbsd
[18:08:28] <DraX> but of course for some reason my laptop can'
[18:08:28] <wjp> that's good
[18:08:28] <DraX> t
[18:08:31] <DraX> link libhermes
[18:08:36] <DraX> so i have to do the linking on this box
[18:08:41] <wjp> hmm.. libhermes? what's that?
[18:08:42] <DraX> i'm gonna build CVS exult before alpha3
[18:08:46] <DraX> to make sure it still works
[18:08:53] <DraX> wjp, something in the SDL tree
[18:08:55] --> freedman has joined #Exult
[18:09:00] <DraX> it has alot of x86 specific stuff
[18:09:00] <wjp> hi Jeff
[18:09:05] <DraX> hey
[18:09:12] <freedman> Hi!
[18:09:23] <Colourless> hi
[18:09:33] <wjp> freedman: beos version is ready for alpha3
[18:09:45] <freedman> It still works? Amazing.
[18:09:48] <wjp> (ie. it still builds after not having tried for two months :-) )
[18:10:00] <DraX> actully it didn't build for me the last two times i tried...
[18:10:07] <DraX> maybe there were fixes that caused it to build sense then
[18:10:18] <wjp> what went wrong?
[18:10:26] <DraX> cheat_screen.cc
[18:10:28] <DraX> is what i remeber
[18:10:38] <wjp> oh, right
[18:10:47] <wjp> I think I might have fixed that some time ago
[18:11:11] * DraX goes to look at testing freebsd
[18:11:25] <DraX> alot of stuff dosen't build on freebsd, but it's not imperative that it does, so i didn't worry
[18:11:27] <DraX> like tools
[18:11:31] <DraX> and the ucc
[18:12:27] <DraX> openbsd works fine though
[18:12:32] <DraX> but there are still some uthread problems
[18:12:36] <DraX> but thats not your fault :)
[18:12:42] <wjp> heh :-)
[18:12:56] * DraX ssh's to the freebsd box
[18:13:04] <DraX> i might be able to get NetBSD/Alpha also
[18:13:11] <DraX> i forgot to talk to hemi about it
[18:13:47] <freedman> wjp: Thanks for updating NEWS.
[18:13:58] <wjp> freedman: don't mention it :-)
[18:14:16] <freedman> What else is there to do...
[18:14:19] <DraX> downloading sdl on the fbsd box
[18:14:27] <wjp> the rest of the makefiles may need updating?
[18:15:09] <freedman> I think just the relnum in 'configure.in'.
[18:15:17] <DraX> hey, i'll try to make it "professional" by producing actual packages
[18:15:45] <wjp> DraX: cool
[18:15:59] <DraX> wjp, i need to learn anyway
[18:16:14] <freedman> Oh, yea, that's right, all the Makefile.xxx's.
[18:17:06] <DraX> SDL is now building
[18:17:32] <wjp> hmm... I don't think I actually tried to run exult on Be after updating SDL
[18:17:43] <DraX> heh
[18:17:52] <DraX> you know, there is Photon support
[18:17:57] <DraX> someone should try to get Exult on QNX
[18:18:06] <DraX> *cough* wjp *cough* :)
[18:18:26] <wjp> nah, maintaining 1 port is enough for me :-)
[18:18:40] <DraX> wjp, i got two, i think you can too :)
[18:18:54] <wjp> of course I _can_, but I won't ;-)
[18:19:09] <DraX> if i had a spare box i would do it
[18:19:20] <DraX> but as soon as i get a monitor i'm gonna try to get Exult/HP-UX
[18:19:24] <wjp> what do you need a spare box for?
[18:19:28] <DraX> to run QNX
[18:19:34] <wjp> multiboot?
[18:19:39] <DraX> i don't beleive in dualboot :)
[18:19:41] <freedman> Isn't that a realtime OS?
[18:19:57] <DraX> freedman, i think thats one of it's features
[18:20:02] <wjp> how big is QNX?
[18:20:07] <DraX> freedman, it's what the I-Opener used
[18:20:12] <DraX> wjp, umm i'm not sure...
[18:20:16] <wjp> (download size, I mean)
[18:20:26] <DraX> 40mb somes to mind
[18:20:28] <DraX> but i think i'm wrong
[18:20:43] <wjp> only 40mb?
[18:20:47] <freedman> What's it used in now?
[18:20:47] <DraX> but i think i'm wrong
[18:20:58] <DraX> freedman, umm, not sure
[18:21:02] <DraX> it's ment to be an embedded os
[18:21:18] * DraX rebuilds SDL, with esd disabled this time
[18:22:11] <freedman> So maybe Exult will run on an air-conditioner (see Slashdot)?
[18:22:28] <DraX> freedman, that would be intresting
[18:22:39] <DraX> freedman, my friend did attempt an IRIX port
[18:22:43] <DraX> but there were problems assembling it
[18:22:55] <freedman> Yes, I remember.
[18:22:58] <DraX> he upgrade IRIX so i might coherce him to try again
[18:23:03] <DraX> s/upgrade/upgraded
[18:24:21] <DraX> i had a dream about owning a dual proc 21264 alpha running OpenVMS
[18:24:23] <DraX> it was cool
[18:24:23] --> TonyHoyt has joined #Exult
[18:24:25] <DraX> i want one now
[18:24:30] <TonyHoyt> Hello people. What's new?
[18:24:37] <wjp> hi Tony
[18:24:49] <wjp> well... we're close to releasing alpha3
[18:24:52] <freedman> Hi.
[18:25:13] <freedman> I hope this one works:-)
[18:25:32] <DraX> i'll generate the openbsd packages later
[18:25:36] <wjp> ok, a QNX self-installing .exe (26 Mb), or a CD-ROM image (268 Mb)
[18:26:26] <wjp> interesting difference in size
[18:26:35] <DraX> heh
[18:26:53] <TonyHoyt> I noticed a little push recently to publish Alpha3. Got a big list of changes for the Alpha?
[18:27:08] <wjp> since bigger is obviously better, I'll just have to abuse my univ's WayTooFast(tm) internet connection ;-)
[18:27:28] <freedman> Well, Alpha2 wasn't in very good shape (mostly due to changes I made just before the release:-()
[18:27:30] <DraX> how do you specify the location of SDL in ./configure for exult
[18:27:41] <wjp> DraX: sdl-config should handle that
[18:27:49] <DraX> wjp, not if exult can't find it :P
[18:27:55] <DraX> heh
[18:27:56] <DraX> actully
[18:27:59] * DraX adds it to his path
[18:28:03] <wjp> hmm.. then just adding it to your path should do it
[18:28:06] <wjp> right :-)
[18:28:48] <DraX> of course, my tcsh is rusty.
[18:28:51] <freedman> Tony: Bug fixes for BG, but lots of improvements for SI (so it's at least testable now)
[18:29:01] <wjp> setenv PATH=/wherever/sdl-config/is:$PATH
[18:29:25] <TonyHoyt> wjp: Am i reading that right. 26MB compressed or 268MB on a cd drive? What in the world compression is that?
[18:29:43] <wjp> good question :-)
[18:29:44] <DraX> TonyHoyt, it's prolly a completly different system
[18:30:56] <TonyHoyt> Does the cd have clusters in megabites or something? Or we talking about two very diffrent things here.
[18:31:56] <DraX> TonyHoyt, prolly one is just a demo
[18:31:59] <DraX> and the other is a real thing
[18:32:02] <TonyHoyt> megabites. not bits.
[18:32:10] <DraX> bytes
[18:32:12] <TonyHoyt> That too.
[18:32:27] <DraX> ok, exult CVS is in progress
[18:32:38] * TonyHoyt slaps his face. "Don't expect me to be logical before.... What time is it.... 3pm.. There." Groans.
[18:32:54] <DraX> it's 2:32 here
[18:32:57] <DraX> pm
[18:32:58] <TonyHoyt> Same here.
[18:33:19] <DraX> hehe
[18:33:28] <wjp> omg... 300Kb/s
[18:33:30] <TonyHoyt> Okay don't expect me to make sence ever.. There.
[18:33:39] <DraX> gump_utils.h: In function `void Delay()':
[18:33:39] <DraX> gump_utils.h:94: `select' undeclared (first use this function)
[18:33:39] <DraX> gump_utils.h:94: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
[18:33:39] <DraX> gump_utils.h:94: for each function it appears in.)
[18:33:42] <DraX> ok
[18:33:46] <DraX> includeing unistd.h
[18:33:49] <DraX> should be standard
[18:33:54] <wjp> my pityful ssh connection can't even keep up with the dots output by wget
[18:34:11] <DraX> wjp, i have the same problem :)
[18:34:22] <DraX> wjp, my connection will often go out cause of that
[18:34:23] <TonyHoyt> Don't crash your terminal client now.
[18:34:39] <wjp> I'm glad I've got access to a cd-writer at the univ :-)
[18:34:51] <wjp> 10Mbit internet + CD-writer = pretty useful :-)
[18:35:01] <DraX> wjp, hell yes
[18:35:13] <DraX> wjp, we got a frac t1 at my school, but no cd-writer
[18:35:20] <DraX> i've thought of bringing one in actully
[18:35:47] <DraX> what i should do is bring in like a sparc4-5
[18:35:52] <DraX> with my scsi cd-r
[18:36:07] <DraX> and a spare ethernet card so i can bridge the tokenring to the sun
[18:36:08] * TonyHoyt has both as well. Then again. at home.. Work... If there's a cd-burner he has nooooooo clue.
[18:36:41] <wjp> hmm... I have to go
[18:36:45] <freedman> Are all CD burners usable in Linux? There's a Sony on sale nearby for $100?
[18:36:47] * TonyHoyt still needs to compile exult on a sun system.
[18:36:49] <DraX> ok, this is going to piss me off alot
[18:36:50] <freedman> Bye.
[18:36:53] <TonyHoyt> Bye.
[18:36:54] <wjp> bye
[18:36:56] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[18:37:10] <DraX> <flood>
[18:37:12] <DraX> gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I./../files -I./../usecode -I./.. -O2 -Wno-long-long -I/home/drax/libsdl/include -I/home/drax/libsdl/include/SDL -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE -g -O2 -Wall -o uccparse.o -c ./uccparse.c
[18:37:12] <DraX> In file included from uccparse.y:3:
[18:37:12] <DraX> ucclex.l: In function `yylex':
[18:37:12] <DraX> ucclex.l:12: `VOID' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:14] <DraX> ucclex.l:12: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
[18:37:16] <DraX> ucclex.l:12: for each function it appears in.)
[18:37:18] <DraX> ucclex.l:13: `UVAR' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:21] <DraX> ucclex.l:14: `EQUALS' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:22] <DraX> ucclex.l:15: `PLUS' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:24] <DraX> ucclex.l:16: `MINUS' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:26] <DraX> ucclex.l:17: `OBRACE' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:28] <DraX> ucclex.l:18: `CBRACE' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:30] <DraX> ucclex.l:19: `OBRACKET' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:33] <DraX> ucclex.l:20: `CBRACKET' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:34] <DraX> ucclex.l:21: `COMMA' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:36] <DraX> ucclex.l:22: `IF' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:38] <DraX> ucclex.l:23: `THEN' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:41] <DraX> ucclex.l:24: `ELSE' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:42] <DraX> ucclex.l:26: `ID' undeclared (first use in this function)
[18:37:44] <DraX> uccparse.y: In function `main':
[18:37:47] <DraX> uccparse.y:37: warning: implicit declaration of function `yyparse'
[18:37:50] <DraX> y.tab.c: At top level:
[18:37:50] <DraX> lex.yy.c:1061: warning: `yyunput' defined but not used
[18:37:52] <DraX> gmake[2]: *** [uccparse.o] Error 1
[18:37:55] <DraX> </flood>
[18:37:58] <DraX> this happens on every box i do the exult build on
[18:38:00] <DraX> and i've had it with side stepping the problem
[18:38:02] <DraX> i want a fix
[18:38:08] <TonyHoyt> Everyone seems to have trouble makeing the usecode compiler.
[18:38:34] <TonyHoyt> Perhaps the usecode compiler should only be built when someone offers that option to make. "Make usecode"
[18:38:35] <freedman> Those declares are in a header generated by bison when it compiles the .y file.
[18:39:28] <freedman> What happens if you do 'make ucparse.o'?
[18:39:50] <DraX> [drax@linoleum]/home/drax/exult/tools> gmake ucparse.o
[18:39:51] <DraX> gmake: *** No rule to make target `ucparse.o'. Stop.
[18:40:14] <freedman> How about 'make ucparse.cc'?
[18:40:39] <DraX> [drax@linoleum]/home/drax/exult/tools> gmake ucparse.c
[18:40:40] <DraX> gmake: *** No rule to make target `ucparse.c'. Stop.
[18:40:46] <DraX> [drax@linoleum]/home/drax/exult/tools> gmake ucparse.cc
[18:40:46] <DraX> gmake: *** No rule to make target `ucparse.cc'. Stop.
[18:41:24] <freedman> There's a configuration problem, then. Is there a 'ucparse.h'? It's a generated file, not in cvs.
[18:41:34] <DraX> no
[18:41:36] <DraX> there isn't
[18:42:26] <DraX> actully
[18:42:32] <DraX> you missed the uccparse
[18:42:35] <DraX> you said ucparse
[18:42:40] <freedman> oops
[18:42:53] * DraX is gonna try to do uccparse.h
[18:43:01] <DraX> gmake: Nothing to be done for `uccparse.h'.
[18:43:09] <freedman> What's in uccparse.h?
[18:43:16] <DraX> it dosen't exist
[18:43:48] <freedman> At the top level, you should be able to do 'configure --enable-compiler=no'
[18:44:02] <DraX> freedman, would i have to rebuild?
[18:44:29] <freedman> Yes. But not fully ( I think)
[18:44:55] <DraX> it's still trying to build uccparse
[18:45:00] <DraX> i'll remove it from the make file :)
[18:45:22] <freedman> Might be a bug in 'configure.in'.
[18:47:09] <DraX> ok
[18:47:12] <DraX> got it to pass them b
[18:47:12] <DraX> u
[18:47:34] <DraX> what time do you plan to release tommorow?
[18:47:42] <DraX> because i can't build packages after like 6
[18:47:52] <DraX> until prolly 3-4 in the afternoon on thursday
[18:48:15] <freedman> Probably tomorrow night (US Pacific time) for the source release.
[18:48:39] <freedman> Various binaries can follow in the next day or two, whatever's convenient.
[18:48:49] <DraX> freedman, ok, then your gonna have to wait till thursday for BSD packs
[18:49:50] <freedman> No problem. The binaries usually dribble in over a few days. It's somewhat painful uploading to Sourceforge.
[18:50:12] <DraX> freedman, well sense i can't upload, someone else gets to do it :)
[18:50:46] <TonyHoyt> can someone make a Solaris 7 release for me :-) And instructions on how to mount the stupid cd on my sun box. *groans*.
[18:51:37] <DraX> TonyHoyt, i was planning to get a sun, but i decided not to :(
[18:51:56] <DraX> a dual proc ss20 with solaris 7
[18:52:06] <TonyHoyt> Drat. I'll have to try on my own in the near future. Part of the problem I had last time was getting all the tools installed. Which was more then a royal pain.
[18:52:23] <DraX> TonyHoyt, the tools always fuck up
[18:53:18] <TonyHoyt> Last time I tried. I never got to compileing because it took like.... 10 downloads of various tools to compile other tools, to make some other tools till finaly I could try to run the scripts.. and... well. Let's say after a while I was lost in a web of mental pain.
[18:55:50] <freedman> Going to break for lunch. Maybe later. Bye.
[18:55:53] <-- freedman has left IRC (Leaving)
[19:02:01] <DraX> ok guys
[19:02:07] <TonyHoyt> Heading out?
[19:02:08] <DraX> FreeBSD build complete
[19:02:11] <TonyHoyt> Sweeeeet.
[19:02:12] <DraX> that means, alpha3 SHOULD build
[19:02:23] <TonyHoyt> But that's without the usecode compiler, correct?
[19:02:28] <DraX> correct
[19:03:33] <TonyHoyt> Now that doesn't compile because?
[19:03:48] <DraX> ucparse.h somehow dosen't build
[19:05:07] <TonyHoyt> Is that a standard header file or one made by Flex/Bison?
[19:05:19] <DraX> flex/bison i beleive
[19:06:13] <TonyHoyt> *nods* Okay, so something they build doesn't compile? Odd.
[19:27:49] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[])
[19:33:35] <TonyHoyt> later
[19:33:36] <-- TonyHoyt has left #Exult
[19:35:32] * DraX is gone. nobody home! (autoaway/30m) (sph/log)
[20:31:38] <DraX> /j #stampede
[20:31:38] <DraX> heu
[20:31:43] <DraX> grr
[20:31:46] <DraX> -" "
[20:31:47] <DraX> :)
[22:33:55] --> wjp has joined #exult
[22:34:21] <DraX> wjp, freebsd build succesful except for uccparse
[22:35:12] <wjp> great!
[22:36:25] <DraX> wjp, i won't be able to produce packages for alpha3 till thursday afternoon
[22:36:34] <wjp> that's no problem
[22:36:45] <DraX> wjp, how should i get them uploaded...
[22:36:45] <DraX> ?
[22:37:13] <wjp> one of the devs should take care of that
[22:37:19] <DraX> awesome
[22:37:24] <wjp> me, for instance :-)
[22:37:32] <DraX> i need to test openbsd
[22:37:37] <DraX> but i'm sort of holding it off
[22:37:45] <DraX> sense my laptop won't link the SDL bin
[22:37:48] <DraX> (this box will)
[22:38:16] * DraX bid on a keyboard for his HP on ebay
[22:38:29] <DraX> so i just need a monitor, and i'll be set to try to get Exult/HP-UX
[22:39:35] <DraX> i'll also talk to adam about trying to get an IRIX build again(he upgraded to 6.5.11, so it might work this time)
[22:53:36] <-- DraX has left IRC (bye? ..(sph))
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[23:59:09] --> DraX has joined #exult
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