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[02:39:48] <Kefka> ?help
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[20:47:23] <jameson> Hi!
[20:47:26] <wjp> hi
[20:48:39] <jameson> wjp: Do you happen to know what "shape 53" is? (shapenum=53)
[20:48:49] <wjp> no, sorry
[20:48:54] <jameson> Or do you know a simple way to find out?
[20:49:00] <wjp> use the shape browser
[20:49:19] * jameson blinks
[20:49:26] <jameson> There's a shape browser? Ah...
[20:49:47] <wjp> Ctrl-B
[20:50:30] <jameson> Thanks!
[20:51:17] <wjp> sure, np
[21:00:05] <jameson> Doesn't appear to work- C-h gives me a corpse container with some text in it (probably the cheat menu text), and C-b doesnt' do anything.
[21:01:53] <wjp> broken :-(
[21:02:06] <wjp> shape loading must be generally bugged
[21:03:32] <jameson> The interesting thing is that the tiles, characters, mouse pointers, and items work.
[21:03:50] <wjp> hmm... gumps are from another file
[21:03:59] <jameson> Are 'gumps' containers?
[21:04:15] <wjp> no, gumps are the interface items
[21:04:28] <wjp> (containers are some of them)
[21:04:38] <jameson> Ah, OK.
[21:04:42] <wjp> others are the file window, inventory, etc...
[21:04:57] <wjp> these apparently get mixed up
[21:05:03] <jameson> Yes.
[21:05:13] <jameson> Are all of the others read from the same file?
[21:05:22] <wjp> not sure
[21:05:34] <jameson> OK
[21:06:58] <jameson> All of them (tiles and gumps) appear to use StreamDataSource, so that's probably not the problem.
[21:16:07] <wjp> you should probably take a look at gumps.cc/h if you're not doing so already
[21:17:05] <wjp> does your compiler have an option for warning for every implicit cast?
[21:17:53] <jameson> It doesn't say so in the man page, but -Wall should do that.
[21:18:23] <jameson> Regadring gumps.cc: Thx for the hint, I'll just make sure Game::get_shape() works first.
[21:19:55] <jameson> The problem occurs during Show_atts(). I'm not quite sure why this is called when I open my backpack, though.
[21:21:48] <jameson> Yep, that's the problem.
[21:21:58] <jameson> (Game::get_shape(), I mean).
[21:22:22] <jameson> (Or, more precisely, my replacement for the hash_map it used to be powered by.)
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[21:23:39] <wjp> hi Max
[21:23:46] <Fingolfin> hi willem
[21:23:49] <Fingolfin> hi jameson, all
[21:24:27] <jameson> Hi Fingolfin!
[21:26:47] * Fingolfin is back to the slimes today
[21:26:55] <Fingolfin> I will take a look at the unknown bytes
[21:27:00] <Fingolfin> maybe they contain some usefuly info
[21:29:06] <wjp> good luck
[21:41:14] <jameson> Does hash_map expect an equivalence relation in its "comparison type", or a transitive antisymmetric relation (like 'map')?
[21:42:38] <Fingolfin> you mean a '<' operator (to put it into simpler words) ? I guess it needs '<'
[21:42:41] <Fingolfin> lemme check
[21:42:55] <Fingolfin> I was wrong
[21:43:03] <Fingolfin> it is an equality operator
[21:43:12] <Fingolfin> template <class Key, class T, class Hash = hash<Key>, class Compare = _STD::equal_to<Key>,
[21:43:12] <Fingolfin> class Allocator = _STD::allocator<_STD::pair<const Key, T> > >
[21:43:12] <Fingolfin> class hash_map
[21:43:12] <Fingolfin> {
[21:43:13] <jameson> That explains why my maps are broken ;-)
[21:43:29] <Fingolfin> <g>
[21:46:42] <jameson> BTW: Fingolfin: I'm getting a lot of warnings like this:
[21:46:43] <jameson> cxx: Warning: ../exceptions.h, line 38: exception specification for virtual
[21:46:43] <jameson> function "exult_exception::what" is incompatible with that of
[21:46:43] <jameson> overridden function "std::exception::what"
[21:46:43] <jameson> const char *what(void) const { return what_.c_str(); }
[21:47:06] <Fingolfin> hrm
[21:47:10] <jameson> Any idea what they're complaining about?
[21:47:29] <Fingolfin> I guess it is due to the extra const I put in, since std::exception is slightly differnt... lemme check
[21:48:01] <Fingolfin> hm, nope
[21:48:18] * Fingolfin has a bad dayin regards of guessing ;)
[21:48:26] <jameson> ;-)
[21:48:34] <Fingolfin> the problem is the void
[21:48:43] <Fingolfin> chang it to what(), that should fix it
[21:48:45] <Fingolfin> I think ;)
[21:50:54] <jameson> Nope.
[21:51:37] <jameson> There's more where those come from, though:
[21:51:37] <jameson> cxx: Warning: exceptions.h, line 32: exception specification for implicitly
[21:51:37] <jameson> declared virtual function "exult_exception::~exult_exception" is
[21:51:37] <jameson> incompatible with that of overridden function
[21:51:37] <jameson> "std::exception::~exception"
[21:51:37] <jameson> class exult_exception : public std::exception {
[21:52:01] <jameson> (Actually, that was the one I originally wanted to paste ;-)
[21:53:04] <Fingolfin> ts ts
[21:53:09] <Fingolfin> hm
[21:53:33] <Fingolfin> I am not sure about this one... in my implementation, ~exception is declared like this:
[21:53:46] <Fingolfin> virtual ~exception () throw() {}
[21:53:50] <Fingolfin> the problem could be:
[21:54:02] <Fingolfin> it auto-adds a (virtual) destructor (fine)
[21:54:09] <Fingolfin> but is does not put in the throw()
[21:54:15] <Fingolfin> so, a possible fix could be (not sure):
[21:54:24] <Fingolfin> virtual ~exult_exception () throw() {}
[21:54:27] <Fingolfin> add that
[21:54:41] <Fingolfin> I can't check w/o a compiler verifying for me ;)
[21:54:59] <jameson> OK, I'll try that
[21:55:29] <Fingolfin> but if I am right, then your compiler is a bit to pedantic in this case (an auto-generated destructor can never throw, and should not cause a warning from the compiler)
[21:55:42] <jameson> Yes, that looks good! :-)
[21:56:23] <jameson> (And yes, the warning appears to be a bit pointless)
[21:56:58] <Fingolfin> exact
[21:57:06] <Fingolfin> in fact, I think it they are *bad*
[21:57:19] <Fingolfin> too many pointless warning causes one to just completly ignore them
[21:58:55] <jameson> Yes. They're much less annoying than pointless errors, though.
[21:59:22] * jameson recalls some versions of javac aborting compilation because of code that couldn't be reached.
[21:59:58] <Fingolfin> ;)
[22:01:07] <jameson> Woo-hoo! Gumps work again on the Alpha! :-)
[22:01:16] <jameson> (strike the "again" ;-)
[22:05:21] <Fingolfin> LOL
[22:25:56] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[22:35:05] <Fingolfin> hi kirben
[22:35:28] <Kirben> Hi
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[23:01:36] <wjp> wb
[23:01:39] <Fingolfin> thnx
[23:02:07] <jameson> wb
[23:02:07] <Fingolfin> maybe just putting in a "return;" into fill_audio will help me...
[23:02:22] <Fingolfin> but then, maybe this causes audio data to stack up in the pcbs ?!?
[23:02:33] <Fingolfin> I wonder why it even calls it, since sound is turned off
[23:03:16] <wjp> good question
[23:06:57] <Fingolfin> jameson: I'll see if I can put in some of your diffs ...
[23:07:22] <jameson> Fingolfin: I was about to submit the whole thing
[23:07:29] <Fingolfin> ah ok
[23:07:35] <Fingolfin> you were added as developer?
[23:07:37] <Fingolfin> I wasn't aware
[23:07:39] <jameson> THX anyway :-)
[23:07:45] <jameson> No, I'm not registered...
[23:07:53] <jameson> But non-developers can submit patches, right?
[23:08:25] <Fingolfin> yeah, but I thought of adding it to CVS
[23:08:28] <Fingolfin> not all
[23:08:32] <Fingolfin> only the "harmless" parts
[23:08:39] <Fingolfin> mostly harmless parts, that is ;)
[23:08:46] <jameson> ;-)
[23:09:15] <jameson> Well, I know there's a lot of harmless stuff clustered with relatively dirty stuff in there...
[23:09:38] <jameson> still, it might be too much work to separate that now, so I'll just submit and see what happens ;-)
[23:09:54] <Fingolfin> sure ;)
[23:10:07] <jameson> (I'll also ask Jeff to register me as a developer, as I'd like to make sure you don't break anything on the Alpha while I'm not looking ;-)
[23:11:48] <jameson> My patch is /too big/?
[23:12:03] <jameson> I didn't know it wasn't possible to upload more than 16k...
[23:12:54] <Fingolfin> hehe
[23:14:41] <Fingolfin> btw, I will move your file system_kludges.h. It'll be in a new sub-dir 'alpha' and will only be included if alpha is present...
[23:14:48] <Fingolfin> this is a bit cleaner
[23:15:21] <jameson> Well, it was intended for other archs as well (if they had problems like that).
[23:15:38] * wjp just got hit by a firestorm spell. OUCH
[23:16:03] * jameson tries to cast In Mani, but is out of reagents.
[23:16:06] <jameson> Sorry!
[23:16:17] <wjp> np :-)
[23:16:42] <jameson> Fingolfin: I don't know if there's a point in making a directory for one single file.
[23:16:53] <Fingolfin> well
[23:16:57] <jameson> It's just a "temporary" thing anyway...
[23:16:57] <Fingolfin> I just figured that, too ;)
[23:17:08] <jameson> until they fix g++
[23:17:14] <Fingolfin> but I will call it dec_alpha_kludes.h or so
[23:17:20] <jameson> New patch will be up in a few seconds, btw.
[23:19:12] <jameson> (After mass-replacing long ints with uint32 and carefully replacing them back where time was involved, scaling with bilinear filtering works, too! :-)
[23:20:02] <Fingolfin> <g>
[23:20:16] <Fingolfin> well, these changes should be in the main CVS I guess
[23:20:45] <jameson> OK. Are you applying all of them, or are you throwing out stuff selectively?
[23:23:35] <jameson> Fingolfin: Are you applying the configure.in changes?
[23:26:50] <Fingolfin> well
[23:26:58] <Fingolfin> 1) can I get the current patch now?
[23:27:09] <jameson> If it's patch version 2, then, yes, you can.
[23:27:13] <Fingolfin> 2) I wanted to go selectively through them, in order to make sure nothing else is broken
[23:27:20] <jameson> (otherwise, refresh, or hit me if the page is broken ;-)
[23:27:28] * Fingolfin goes get v2
[23:27:30] <jameson> OK.
[23:31:25] <Fingolfin> jameson: uhm...
[23:31:37] <Fingolfin> why do you declare eqstr in system_kludges?
[23:31:46] <jameson> Good question.
[23:31:49] <Fingolfin> it is an exult-specific class, in utils.h, no?
[23:31:55] <jameson> That used to be neccessary during testing...
[23:32:08] <jameson> I should've removed it, yes.
[23:32:16] <jameson> THX for pointing it out!
[23:32:40] <Fingolfin> and I will move ltstr to utils.h, too, OK=
[23:32:41] <Fingolfin> ?
[23:33:04] <jameson> It should be there already.
[23:36:20] <Fingolfin> yup
[23:36:29] <Fingolfin> where is HAVE_HASH_MAP defined?
[23:37:13] <jameson> HAVE_HASH_MAP and HAVE_HASH_SET should be defined by configure.
[23:37:22] <Fingolfin> ah ok
[23:37:24] <jameson> configure.in has AC_CHECK_HEADERS(hash_set hash_map)
[23:38:34] * jameson realizes he has to get up at 6:00 tomorrow.
[23:39:59] <Fingolfin> hm
[23:40:00] <Fingolfin> <g>
[23:40:07] <wjp> ouch
[23:40:16] <jameson> Fingolfin: If you find anything else that appears to be wrong, please leave it out and write it down and send me a mail later...
[23:40:24] <Fingolfin> jameson: I think some of your changes to configure.in are not portable
[23:40:26] <Fingolfin> yeah
[23:40:28] <jameson> I think I won't stay much longer ;-)
[23:40:41] <jameson> Fingolfin: The sizeof() checks are portable.
[23:40:43] <Fingolfin> jameson: hehe
[23:40:45] <Fingolfin> I know
[23:40:47] <jameson> As long as you're not cross-compiling.
[23:41:02] <wjp> Fingolfin: which ones?
[23:41:04] <jameson> What exactly are you referring to then?
[23:41:09] <Fingolfin> what I mean is changing O2 to O3 (ok, portable, but do we really want this`? I dunno, it's not my concern anyway), and:
[23:41:16] <Fingolfin> dnl Ignore long-long warnings (for SDL header files...)
[23:41:16] <Fingolfin> -DEBUG_FLAGS="$DEBUG_FLAGS -Wno-long-long"
[23:41:16] <Fingolfin> +DEBUG_FLAGS="$DEBUG_FLAGS"
[23:41:28] <jameson> Oh, sorry about that.
[23:41:30] <Fingolfin> I mean, if you do this, you can remove it completly, too ;)
[23:41:39] <Fingolfin> the rest is fine
[23:41:41] <jameson> That was a quick fix that should have been done better... forgot about it...
[23:41:43] * jameson ducks
[23:41:50] <Fingolfin> LOL
[23:41:58] * wjp wonders why jameson is ducking...
[23:42:00] <Fingolfin> what about the long-long thing?
[23:42:06] * Fingolfin waits for jameson to get up again
[23:42:11] * wjp waits along...
[23:42:14] * jameson gets up again
[23:42:21] * Fingolfin thwaps jameson with a trout
[23:42:26] <Fingolfin> got ya ;)
[23:42:31] * jameson blinks
[23:42:33] <jameson> Argh!
[23:42:35] * wjp wishes he had a trout too :-(
[23:42:43] * jameson looks for his rubber chicken
[23:42:45] * Fingolfin hands his trout to wjp
[23:42:51] * jameson runs away
[23:42:53] * wjp thwaps jameson with a trout
[23:43:00] * jameson is away already
[23:43:02] <Fingolfin> wjp missed, I think ;)
[23:43:06] * jameson looks around the corner
[23:43:09] <jameson> Haa-ha!
[23:43:14] * wjp thwaps jameson around the corner
[23:43:23] * jameson slumps to the floor
[23:43:26] <jameson> Ouch!
[23:43:32] * wjp casts a revive and thwaps jameson again
[23:43:33] <Fingolfin> jameson: while you are in a safe distance: is -Wno-long-long a problem or not?
[23:43:38] <jameson> Argh!
[23:43:49] <Fingolfin> jameson: If it is, I should make it conditional for Alpha, I guess?!?
[23:43:50] <jameson> Fingolfin: It is here.
[23:44:05] <jameson> I need it for compilation. Just leave it out, I'll fix it tomorrow.
[23:44:11] <Fingolfin> 'k
[23:44:16] <jameson> Or later today, or whatever.
[23:44:20] <Fingolfin> <g>
[23:44:22] * jameson hates time
[23:44:39] * wjp hates troglodyte shamans
[23:45:03] <jameson> Regarding the -O3: cxx differentiates between -O0 to -O5, as does IRIX cc (IIRC).
[23:45:18] <jameson> AFAIK, all compilers accept -O higher than their maximum.
[23:45:25] <jameson> GGI uses -O5 by default on all platforms.
[23:45:35] <wjp> O3 is a gcc level too, but a bit too high, probably
[23:45:46] <Fingolfin> wjp: that's what I meant ;)
[23:45:52] <Fingolfin> we can care about that later
[23:45:59] <Fingolfin> s/care/worry
[23:46:10] <wjp> we should probably make these levels platform dependant...
[23:46:11] * jameson nods.
[23:46:11] <Fingolfin> damn germinglish
[23:46:15] <Fingolfin> yup
[23:46:15] <jameson> My manpage agrees with you.
[23:47:18] <jameson> OK, I really should go now.
[23:47:28] <wjp> ok, goodnight
[23:47:40] <jameson> Fingolfin: THX for merging the stuff in, THX for your help, and please send me a mail if anything else is wrong.
[23:47:47] <jameson> wjp: THX for your help, too!
[23:48:05] <jameson> Both: You may have slapped me with that trout today, but I shall have my revenge! Muahahahahaha!
[23:48:07] <Fingolfin> jameson: no problem ;)
[23:48:07] <jameson> Bye!
[23:48:14] * Fingolfin shudders with fear
[23:48:14] <Fingolfin> cya
[23:48:16] <-- jameson has left IRC (Leaving)
[23:48:30] * wjp hides all trouts, just in case
[23:49:55] <wjp> hmmm... when did statues start casting spells? :-)
[23:52:19] <Fingolfin> hehe
[23:52:24] <Fingolfin> you talk about the living statues, right ;)
[23:52:36] <wjp> troglodyte temple
[23:52:38] <Fingolfin> in fact, there are even friendly ones in some towns who tell you secrets ;)
[23:52:45] <wjp> sssh :-)
[23:52:53] <Fingolfin> uups
[23:52:55] <Fingolfin> forget that ;)
[23:53:39] <wjp> :-)