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[15:11:12] <Colourless> hi
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[18:13:06] <Dominus> hi
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[19:55:02] <wjp> hi
[19:55:13] <Dominus> hello
[19:55:35] * Dominus felt a bit lonely here with those silent Americans...
[19:55:40] <wjp> :-)
[19:56:02] * wjp was away the whole weekend, which would explain why I wasn't here :-)
[19:56:16] <Dominus> I was away too
[19:57:11] <Dominus> I still wonder when there'll be a beta2...
[19:58:33] <wjp> :-)
[19:58:55] <wjp> I guess it's a good thing we waited a while, since we did fix several kind of annoying bugs last week
[19:58:55] <Dominus> the only thing that I would vote as a potential bug that should be weeded out is the one with Hawks ship in SI (if that is indeed a valid bug)
[19:59:03] <Dominus> True
[19:59:23] <Dominus> This proved to be a good beta phase
[19:59:33] <Dominus> a lot of potential bugs fixed
[19:59:56] <Dominus> especially the one with spaces in the path on Windows
[20:01:14] * wjp blinks.. huh? bilingual spam? (french/english)
[20:02:07] <Dominus> huh?
[20:02:35] <wjp> (just an email I got... a 'make money fast' scheme, in both english and french...)
[20:03:26] <Dominus> oops, I just tested the hawk ship's bug and indeed in the middle of the night the game gets stuck when the passengers should move (at least in my old games)
[20:03:45] <wjp> didn't someone say this also happened in the original?
[20:05:15] <wjp> re. your last post on the forum, "Jeanie D'Jinni" does indeed use windows. (She says she's using exultwin32.exe at the top of the post)
[20:05:21] <Dominus> true, but maybe there is something we could do about it
[20:06:19] <Dominus> (I meant the ship bug - I'll upload my savegame and write that it is maybe a bug in the original as well)
[20:07:07] <Dominus> he he, maybe I should read the posts sometime
[20:08:39] * wjp grins at reply to "where can i get ultima 8,9 or 10" in rgcud
[20:08:51] <wjp> rgcus, sorry
[20:08:54] <Dominus> he he, I enjoyed writing that
[20:15:58] <Dominus> wjp: what do you think, the latest bug on the tracker is an issue with the SI paperdolls in BG (shows a blue line when Hawk in paperdoll)? Close it or assign a very low priority (and to Colourless)
[20:16:56] <wjp> I guess the latter
[20:17:17] <wjp> could you also change the "Hawk" in the title to lowercase "hawk"?
[20:17:31] <Dominus> yep, will do
[20:17:44] <wjp> or maybe even add the word 'paperdoll' in there somewhere
[20:18:07] <Dominus> guess Colourless won't nedd a savegame for that (or what do you think).
[20:19:11] <wjp> nah, no need I guess
[20:19:20] <wjp> downloading a savegame will take longer than creating a hawk
[20:19:33] <Dominus> true
[20:22:19] <Dominus> any news on the Pentagram front? Did youtry to contact Jason Ely yet?
[20:22:38] <wjp> no, haven't done anything the last months
[20:22:54] <Dominus> *sniff
[20:22:57] <Dominus> I noticed
[20:23:22] <Dominus> I wanted to play U8 with Pentagram once I returned from Maui :-(
[20:23:32] <wjp> heh, dream on :-)
[20:23:49] <Dominus> :-)
[20:24:57] <Dominus> Thing to do before Beta 2 release: check if the conversation with Tseramed still works :-)
[20:24:59] * wjp is kind of swamped with homework this semester :-(
[20:33:20] <matto> Maui!!!
[20:33:44] <Dominus> matto: was kind of nice over there :-)
[20:33:54] <matto> :)
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[20:59:24] <Fingolfin> yo
[20:59:53] <Dominus> hi
[21:01:20] <Dominus> hm, while you, Fingolfin and wjp, are here, how about including the Pentagram snapshot in our download page? (as it is already there to download but no link to it)
[21:01:38] * Fingolfin shrugs, why not, go ahead
[21:01:48] <wjp> hi Max
[21:01:56] <wjp> sure, no objections here
[21:03:29] <Fingolfin> hm, pentagram, yeah, there was that....
[21:04:40] <Fingolfin> if we had the starts of a usable rendering system, we could add a help gump to display, hm? =)
[21:04:54] <Fingolfin> and I could finisht that stupid "walking hack" =)
[21:06:36] <Dominus> "Ultima 8 Map Viewer (Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 binary snapshot)
[21:06:38] <Dominus> "
[21:06:43] <Dominus> okay?
[21:07:39] <wjp> make that "experimental map viewer" :-)
[21:10:42] <Fingolfin> and put a sign in there: "volunteers searched for some trivial jobs, like proper rendering order" 8-)
[21:15:54] <wjp> hehe :-)
[21:16:49] <matto> any of you fellows done much work with inline asm in gcc ?
[21:19:10] <wjp> not me
[21:19:17] <wjp> (none, in fact)
[21:21:06] <matto> ahh
[21:21:13] <matto> well I think I have finally figured it out anyway hehe
[21:28:58] <matto> Fingolfin: have you ever tried linux on Mac before? (do you know how the serial ports are handled? do they use /dev/ttyS0 or do they have their own scheme)
[21:29:09] <matto> or should I say "serial port" ? hehe
[21:29:34] <Fingolfin> serial port? what serial port?
[21:29:47] <Dominus> see the download page now
[21:30:06] <Fingolfin> I used linux a little bit on my Mac, but with Mac OS X available I have 0 reason to use it =)
[21:32:19] <Dominus> argh, more typos...
[21:34:50] <Fingolfin> wjp: what's "Spanish localization" in dutch? I.e. just like "Franse Vertaling", only with spanish =)
[21:35:04] <matto> Fingolfin: macs no longer have serial ports?
[21:35:13] <matto> they used to have an 8-pin modem port :(
[21:35:28] <Fingolfin> in the past, Macs had RS422 ports; they don't have any anymore (and quite frankly, I wouldn't know what to do with one either =)
[21:35:42] <Fingolfin> macs used to have two serial ports, one labeled printer, one modem, yeah
[21:35:48] <Fingolfin> that's about 5 years ago I think
[21:35:59] <matto> you can control laserdisc players with serial ports :)
[21:36:29] <matto> what about parallel ports? do macs have those? or are those too obsolete as well
[21:37:13] <Fingolfin> macs never had parallel ports (well, unless you count SCSI, which is parallel, too :-)
[21:37:23] <matto> oh I see
[21:39:18] <Fingolfin> USB, FireWire, SCSI, Video, Audio, all there in my Mac, but no serial/parallel
[21:39:22] <Fingolfin> (oh and ethernet of course)
[21:39:24] <wjp> Fingolfin: "Spaanse vertaling". (no capital Vertaling, btw)
[21:39:53] <wjp> (although it's really 'translation', not 'localization')
[21:40:22] <Fingolfin> wjp: well, I am just "patching" the original dutch translation, so I am not liable for the original mistakes made :-)
[21:40:23] <wjp> localization is probably just 'localisatie' or something.
[21:40:47] <wjp> dutch translation of what?
[21:41:06] <Fingolfin> http://jabberfox.sf.net
[21:41:31] <Fingolfin> haven't worked for quite some time on that, but I just got sent a spanish localiasation, which I am now integrating
[21:45:04] <wjp> "Meer informatie kan gevonden worrden" -> "gevonden worden" (bottom of Credits.rtf)
[21:45:23] <wjp> and please get rid of those capital V's; they look horrible :-)
[21:45:38] <Fingolfin> sure, will do, thanks =)
[21:46:06] <wjp> same for "Ikoontje", and "Vormgeving", btw
[21:46:18] <wjp> (the "Web Vormgeving" one, that is)
[21:46:19] <Fingolfin> done
[21:46:31] <Fingolfin> understood =)
[21:46:50] <wjp> "Web Pagina" should probably be "Webpagina". (not sure on it though, I don't really use dutch computer jargon much...)
[21:47:07] <Fingolfin> neither do I =)
[21:47:13] * wjp wonders why ;-)
[21:48:19] <Dominus> all I could say to the new entry in the forum: huh?
[21:51:18] <wjp> Fingolfin: do any files other than the ones in Dutch.lproj contain dutch text?
[21:51:47] <Fingolfin> nope, he only started translating the main app, but didn't do anything on the plugins
[21:51:53] <Fingolfin> i.e. they are all not translated
[21:51:58] <wjp> k
[21:53:49] * wjp had his 'first contact' with osx today, btw
[21:53:55] <wjp> (20 mins on an ibook)
[21:56:20] <Fingolfin> hehe
[21:56:50] <wjp> I can't say I liked the keyboard and touchpad on it :/
[21:57:26] <wjp> haven't seen many notebooks to compare it with, though
[21:58:15] <wjp> the UI was... interesting, though :-)
[22:03:11] <matto> woohoo! all cpu tests passed! my assembly-optimized z80 core works flawlessly!! *does the happy dance*
[22:07:35] <wjp> Fingolfin: much better now :-)
[22:07:48] <Fingolfin> =)
[22:28:48] <wjp> I have to go
[22:28:51] <wjp> g'night
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[23:31:13] <Dominus> hi Kirben
[23:31:25] <Kirben> Hi
[23:32:51] <Dominus> got my email?
[23:34:21] <Kirben> yes
[23:35:40] <Dominus> After all the time you asked for a link I thought it should be time (as Fingolfin always seemded to miss your asking about it)
[23:41:17] <Kirben> To make it easier maybe adjust the filenames and paths on web site. Called the Pentagram win32 snapshot Pentagramwin32.exe and add extra pentagram directory to web site so changelog name doesn't need to be altered
[23:42:40] <Kirben> The reason been that I turned Pentagram.zip innto Pentagram.exe at the moment and changelog is too easy to muck up
[23:43:43] <Dominus> not so sure if that script that fingolfin made likes another dir in it's path but I can try
[23:44:50] <Dominus> but I see your point
[23:49:40] <Kirben> I will upload new Pentagram.zip, you missed two minor points in it.
[23:49:59] <Dominus> wait a moment
[23:50:08] <Kirben> ok
[23:51:04] <Dominus> hm, to update, I normally need to just type cvs update at the ssh prompt
[23:51:27] <Dominus> what do I need to type to update it with new dirs
[23:51:29] <Dominus> ?
[23:52:21] <Dominus> -q ?
[23:52:43] <Kirben> cvs update -d
[23:52:57] <Dominus> he just figured it out myself
[23:53:45] <Dominus> ok, pentagram dir is there
[23:54:15] <Dominus> do you want the Pentagramwin32.exe and zip there as well?
[23:54:43] <Kirben> Yes might as well have them altogether.
[23:54:50] <Dominus> right
[23:55:18] <Dominus> can you upload them there now?
[23:55:52] <Kirben> ok, just compiling new snapshot now since I somehow missed last few cvs updates (no email)
[23:56:10] <Dominus> yeah, colourless sneaked his midi update in there
[23:56:22] <Dominus> missed it as well