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[00:57:55] <i30817> Mmmm... i'd expected that a attacker to the avatar or his party would set their schedule to combat. This doesn't seem to be the case. So i have a situation where i
[00:57:57] <i30817> 1) attack a npc, that calls guards
[00:57:58] <i30817> 2) music pauses
[00:58:00] <i30817> 3) i turn off combat mode
[00:58:01] <i30817> 4) combat schedule ends, music starts again
[00:58:03] <i30817> 5) guards attack me, music (non combat one) keeps on playing because a new battle doesn't start until i turn on combat mode again.
[01:03:18] <i30817> mmm i can make the race condition smaller.
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[02:05:56] <shazza> i want to play ultima 7 now
[03:42:13] <i30817> How can i detect that the avatar has just died and that is the reasons his combat schedule is ending?
[03:43:21] <i30817> i tried gwin->get_main_actor()->is_dead() but it appears to be false when the schedule ending triggers because he was killed..
[05:29:20] <i30817> Question; for Marzo probably. I want to find opponents from *outside* the combat schedule, so i have a sure-fire way of allowing or not music to be played.
[05:30:22] <i30817> Problem is, i can very well be not in a combat schedule at the time, as in, not in 'red arrow mode'.
[05:31:52] <i30817> Any way so i can use the function Combat_schedule::find_foe
[05:32:35] <i30817> even thou the current schedule might not be a combat one (instantiating one?)
[05:33:08] <i30817> This is for the avatar only.
[09:00:02] <i30817> Got a patch. Not sure it applies to a clean working copy due to the way quilt works.
[09:00:23] <i30817> I will attach it to the tracker
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[13:00:44] <i30817> yo @Dominus tried the patch?
[13:36:36] <Dominus> i30817: nope. first time I'm at the machine again and I'm only here to reply to you :)
[13:37:37] <i30817> ahh no pressur, just a query if you'd seen it
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[19:44:36] <i30817> Mmmm there is a problem with sdl pause on the silent mode (not pause when battle, pause when going in and out of focus of exult's window). It resumes the paused audio (presumably because because it pauses when the window loses focus)
[19:46:48] <i30817> And how silly of me, i forgot to remove the cout's from the patch
[20:04:17] <i30817> patch updated on sourceforge
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[21:27:04] <i30817> The ambient setting is not working like i want. It's interrupting the current song, besides that danger thing.
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[22:10:32] <i30817> ya fixed it. It was overlooked code in gamewin.cc
[22:10:41] <i30817> 3rd version incoming
[22:19:22] <i30817> in sourceforge
[22:21:25] <Dominus> I hope I'll have time tomorrow afternoon to test it
[22:21:25] <Dominus> for now I moved it to patches.
[22:31:18] <i30817> There is another place on that file 'gamewin.cc' where the combat music might be triggered on the 'normal' function too. It didn't seem to happen thou
[22:37:37] <i30817> I'm unsure if i should prevent it by using the combat version of the start_music function for that single branch. I think it might be better for marzo to inspect that file gamewin.cc and decide how he wants to proceed - either re-factoring the outside code to use the 'right' version when appropriate (as i did on the cases where there was only one branch in that file); or extend the start_music fun
[22:37:39] <i30817> ctions to recognize the combat tunes internally.
[22:39:27] <i30817> So, i guess i'm asking for marzo to take a look at the gamewin.cc file use of the start_song functions.
[22:42:46] <i30817> start_song => start_music
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