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[10:22:20] <Dominus> hi
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[10:58:16] <fingolfin> hi Dominus
[10:58:23] <Dominus> hi
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[12:41:23] <Colourless> hi
[12:44:05] <fingolfin> hi
[12:45:30] <Colourless> today was the first day in a long while where I didn't receive any emails
[12:51:38] <fingolfin> woa
[12:52:21] <Colourless> you always have to wonder... was the mail server broken :)
[12:52:45] <fingolfin> =)
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[13:44:52] <SharpTooth> Hello all.
[13:45:14] <Colourless> hi
[13:46:07] <SharpTooth> Quiet as usual? <grin>
[13:48:03] <fingolfin> well
[13:48:11] <fingolfin> if we have something to discuss, it is not quet
[13:48:23] <fingolfin> but why talk if there is nothigng to talk about?
[13:48:36] <SharpTooth> Point noted.
[13:48:42] <Colourless> :)
[13:49:09] <SharpTooth> You do realise that we're talking about not talking?
[13:51:39] <fingolfin> well, that is something to talk about, isnīt it?
[13:51:58] <Colourless> such conversations never last though
[13:52:07] <fingolfin> yeah
[13:52:14] <fingolfin> grmbl, I can install Perlīs libnet
[13:52:19] <fingolfin> it fails the test for SNPP and PH
[13:52:35] <fingolfin> no surprise, the tar ball I got does not contain them, but it *does* contains tests for them,, weird
[13:53:21] <Colourless> could be worse, could still require it, have no tests, and just die for seemingly no reason
[13:54:59] <fingolfin> =)
[13:55:10] <fingolfin> I had to dig into the source to find out which test was failing, actually :)
[13:55:25] <fingolfin> but it seems they seperetated SNPP and PH in their own packages...
[13:55:30] <fingolfin> but forgot to add dependencies
[13:55:30] <fingolfin> sigh
[13:55:40] <Colourless> heh
[13:56:24] <fingolfin> however, the new packages do depend on libnet!!! ARGH
[13:56:35] <fingolfin> so the only problem is they forgot to remove the tests
[13:59:13] * fingolfin submits a bug report
[14:49:43] <Colourless> damn, found an annoying bug with our handling of Animated IFIX objects... quite literally, we don't actually animate IFIX objects.
[14:50:09] <Dominik> oops
[14:50:12] <Colourless> if we were animation some things would look so terrible
[14:50:24] <Colourless> let me rewrite that :)
[14:50:55] <Colourless> if we were animating IFIX object, some things would look so terrible, such as the fountains in Fawn
[14:59:20] <fingolfin> hey! dancer just commited something to CVS!
[14:59:39] <Colourless> yeah, I noticed
[14:59:40] <fingolfin> last time before was 14th of June
[15:01:54] <Colourless> my new Animated_ifix_objects are working very nicely :)
[15:03:43] <fingolfin> cool :)
[15:44:59] <Dominik> dancer is doing even more
[15:46:24] <fingolfin> yeah.
[15:46:28] <fingolfin> but not saying hello, sob
[15:52:16] <Dominik> yeah, I winder why
[15:53:07] <Dominik> wonder actually
[16:11:38] <Dominik> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=460361&group_id=2335&atid=102335 a bug submitted by me about temperature check in SI
[16:11:55] <Colourless> :)
[16:12:08] <Colourless> not supported at this stage
[16:12:11] <Kefka> Morning all
[16:12:12] <Dominik> should we kill those two bugs above it?
[16:12:31] <Dominik> Colourless: I guessed as much, only wanted to remind
[16:12:46] <Dominik> Kefka: hi, itīs actually evening
[16:12:53] <Dominik> :-)
[16:13:03] <Kefka> oh really? :)
[16:13:17] <Colourless> it's 1:42 am here
[16:13:31] <Dominik> :-)
[16:13:33] <Colourless> so, it's technically morning :)
[16:14:25] <Kefka> Dominik: did you get Dominus from that Mage that identifies items in UW1?
[16:14:43] <Dominik> one moment
[16:19:28] <Colourless> dom: those 2 should be killed and added to the 'general save game corruption' bug
[16:19:47] <Colourless> as that's what the are
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[16:49:11] <Colourless> brb
[16:49:28] <Dominik> Kefka: sorry, I was on the phone. See http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a9848357/htms/photos/rasta.jpg - a friend made a black&white print of that and put something about "Pope Dominus ..." beneath it
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[16:58:23] <Colourless> b
[16:58:50] <Dominik> wb
[16:58:57] <Colourless> thx
[16:59:03] <Kefka> Dominik: ah.. ok
[17:00:12] <Dominik> :-)
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[17:55:10] <fingolfin> bbl
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[17:55:15] <Colourless> k
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[18:19:53] <wjp> hi
[18:19:58] <Colourless> hi
[18:20:02] <Dominus> hi
[18:20:16] * wjp notices Dancer is still alive
[18:20:29] <Colourless> as has everyone else :)
[18:22:07] <wjp> btw, 1:42am is technically night ;-)
[18:22:20] <Colourless> and morning too :)
[18:22:28] <Colourless> very early morning :)
[18:26:12] <Colourless> hmmm. You know, I have never tried attempting to kill Lord British in Serpent Isle before.... so I just tried and I could... of course, Exult gives him a body (the wrong body) which I don't think it's meant to
[18:26:37] <Dominus> the trapper body?
[18:26:42] <Colourless> yeah
[18:26:58] <Dominus> seems to be the default "wrong body"
[18:27:30] <Colourless> exult uses a table to look up the bodies in, the trapper is probably either the first or last body in the table
[18:27:33] <Dominus> like ghosts donīt disappear but leave a dead trapper behind
[18:28:08] <Colourless> LB doesn't look like he's meant to leave a body either. He is supposed to 'wake up' and disapper it seems (from what he said)
[18:28:14] <Dominus> jeff mentioned a flag for npcs or monsters that donīt leave a body
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[18:29:12] <Colourless> wb
[18:29:20] <wjp> hi
[18:30:15] <Colourless> damn, the game doesn't let you sleep when you are in the realm of dreams... :)
[18:30:28] <wjp> I wonder why :-)
[18:30:47] <Dominus> why shouldnīt it let you sleep while dreaming? :-)
[18:31:11] <wjp> then you can have a nice dream about dreaming to be dreaming to be sleeping or something :-)
[18:32:08] <fingolfin> hi
[18:32:17] <fingolfin> hehe
[18:32:33] <fingolfin> wjp: what did you write exultbot in? perl using Net::IRC or C or what?
[18:32:41] <wjp> plain perl
[18:32:46] <Dominus> "a man was dreaming of being a butterfly. The butterfly went to sleep and dreamt of being a man. The man woke up and didnīt know whether he was a man or a butterfly dreaming of being a man"
[18:32:46] <wjp> not using any packages
[18:33:05] <fingolfin> īk
[18:33:24] <wjp> well... except the Socket, AnyDBM_File and POSIX, packages
[18:33:32] <wjp> s/X,/,/
[18:33:35] <wjp> ugh...
[18:33:42] <wjp> s/X,/X/, actually :-)
[18:37:07] <fingolfin> =)
[18:37:14] <fingolfin> you use some sort of DB for the logging?
[18:37:25] <wjp> no, just for the ?seen stuff
[18:37:42] <wjp> it logs directly to file
[18:41:41] <fingolfin> hmm
[18:41:47] <fingolfin> and it changes the file for every day?
[18:41:59] <fingolfin> do you log HTML or does your PHP convert it to HTML?
[18:42:28] <wjp> I log HTML
[18:42:54] <fingolfin> īk
[19:00:56] <wjp> bbl
[19:01:14] <Colourless> k
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[19:47:11] <wjp> b
[19:47:17] <Colourless> wb
[19:47:21] <wjp> thx
[20:08:48] <wjp> I have to go
[20:08:49] <wjp> g'night
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[21:08:40] <Colourless> i think i'll be going now
[21:08:50] <Dominus> sleep well
[21:08:58] <-- Colourless has left IRC (to leave i do)
[21:11:02] <Fingolfin> Dominus: oohhh... now we are completly alone in here..
[21:11:08] <Fingolfin> except for chimera|wookin, Kefka, SharpTooth and x-bow
[21:11:11] <Fingolfin> and exultbot :)
[21:11:23] <Dominus> who are all pretty quiet
[21:11:40] <Dominus> we arenīt, are we?
[21:13:17] <Kefka> BOO!
[21:13:36] * Dominus is very scared now
[21:13:48] <chimera|wookin> Fingolfin!!!
[21:13:49] <Kefka> mwahaha
[21:14:19] <Fingolfin> =)
[21:14:32] * Fingolfin has a strong heart, that just saved his life
[21:20:15] <chimera|wookin> any linux users here? hehe
[21:20:38] <chimera|wookin> I am trying to run a remote X application and I think I'm doing it right but it's not working
[21:21:38] <Kefka> i am a linux user, but i don't know about running remote x applications, sorry
[21:28:16] <Fingolfin> hey, did I tell you guys that I fixed SDLīs keyboard input on MacOS X, and that the same fix will be easiyl applied to MacOS 9?
[21:28:32] <Fingolfin> that means, the old issues where y and z are swapped on german keyboards is gone on MacoS * ! yay
[21:28:32] <Fingolfin> :)
[21:28:52] <Dominus> hrmpf - not in Win32
[21:29:03] <Dominus> he he
[21:29:24] <Fingolfin> Dominus: well... I would try that, but I have a) no windows box (ok, I do have an emulator) and b) no idea about the needed windows api
[21:29:39] <Fingolfin> but if you want, go to #sdl and try to harass some people :) or try on the SDL mailing list
[21:29:43] <Dominus> ah, donīt worry
[21:30:01] <Dominus> Iīll only hear the first rule of open source
[21:30:04] <Dominus> :-)
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[21:33:22] <Fingolfin> hehe
[21:34:59] <Fingolfin> Dominus: but it pays off... like this from SDLīs CREDITS file:
[21:35:01] <Fingolfin> * Max Horn and Darrell Walisser for unflagging work on the MacOS X port
[21:35:10] <Fingolfin> or being mentioned on http://www.libsdl.org/cvs.html
[21:35:18] * Fingolfin likes to brag, obviously 8-)
[21:35:27] <Fingolfin> sign of bad charachter :)
[21:35:34] <Dominus> I noticed your name before in the credits :-)
[21:35:55] <Dominus> I'm proud enough to be in Exults credits
[21:35:57] <Fingolfin> really? but how, I think I am only in CVS so far...
[21:36:00] <Fingolfin> yeah :)
[21:36:13] <Fingolfin> I remeber the first time i was in mentioned in a credits list, that wsa cool
[21:36:14] <chimera|wookin> Fingolfin is in the sdl credits? yes!!
[21:36:25] <Dominus> I sometimes take a look at the cvs changelog for SDL
[21:36:27] <chimera|wookin> I am proud to be in dominus's FAQ!
[21:36:31] <Fingolfin> was for a small programm for my HP48 calculator (really a pocket computer)
[21:36:35] * chimera|wookin looks at clock
[21:36:39] <chimera|wookin> ayyeeeeiiaaa! I'm late!
[21:36:39] <Fingolfin> chimera|wookin: yeah!
[21:36:43] <Fingolfin> chimera|wookin: :)
[21:37:01] <Fingolfin> itīs nice to be in the Domīs credits! and I honestly mean this
[21:37:12] <Dominus> :-)
[21:37:24] <chimera|wookin> yes! I was pleased when my brother told me my name was there
[21:37:31] <chimera|wookin> I went and checked immediately when I heard the news :)
[21:37:36] * Fingolfin 's secret goal is not world domination; it is to be listed in every single credits file on this planet
[21:37:44] <Dominus> hehe
[21:38:17] <Fingolfin> am getting my hand dirty again... this time trying together with finlay doobie (and hopefully soon others) to port GTK to Quartz
[21:38:26] <Fingolfin> Quartz is the graphics backend of OS X
[21:38:33] <Fingolfin> there is already GTK for OS X, but it requires X-Window
[21:39:34] * Dominus clubs Fingolfin and reminds him to work exclusively for Exult and no other projects until approved by all Exult team members
[21:39:45] <Dominus> :-)
[21:39:48] * Fingolfin looks saddednd
[21:39:53] <Fingolfin> hmm
[21:40:11] <Fingolfin> we thought about using alternative scripting languages, right? well...
[21:40:26] <Fingolfin> http://www.swig.org
[21:40:28] <Dominus> ok, if it's that important to you, you may work on others
[21:40:41] <Fingolfin> Dominus: oh you are so generous! you are my hero! :)
[21:41:00] <Dominus> I canīt bear to see you saddened
[21:51:29] <Dominus> got to reboot now
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[21:53:02] <chimera|wookin> LOL!
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