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[12:30:06] <Kevadelo> Hello.
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[14:40:17] <wjp> hi Ryan
[14:40:41] <Colourless> hi
[15:29:59] <Colourless> been to the jackchaos fourms?
[16:02:59] <wjp> couple of hours ago, yes
[16:03:47] <Colourless> did you see the post about someone having a problem going into the knights test in SI?
[16:04:18] <wjp> just reading it now
[16:06:50] <wjp> hmm.. can you give me some copy prot. answers?
[16:07:12] <wjp> manual is too far away :-)
[16:11:06] <Colourless> yeah I can
[16:11:24] <wjp> nm, I already got them correct :-)
[16:11:31] <Colourless> :)
[16:11:46] <wjp> manual was easier to find than I thought :-)
[16:12:01] <Colourless> heh
[16:12:20] <wjp> what about the knight's test post btw?
[16:14:08] <Colourless> happens to me as well
[16:16:06] <wjp> did the picklock shape change from BG -> SI?
[16:16:28] <Colourless> shouldn't have
[16:16:58] <wjp> hmm... p didn't work on a chest
[16:17:04] <wjp> but now it does work
[16:18:42] <wjp> hmm... a reasonably useful thing to add would be unlimited savegames
[16:20:15] <Colourless> yeah it would
[16:21:05] * wjp is talking to Marsten in the crypts...
[16:24:16] <wjp> "couldn't we wait at the pub in town?" ;-)
[16:24:32] <Colourless> NO!
[16:24:51] <wjp> ok, it crashed
[16:25:20] <wjp> well, it's looping anyway
[16:25:29] <Colourless> yeah, infinite loop
[16:26:01] <wjp> dinner's ready
[16:26:02] <wjp> bbl
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[16:32:36] <DraX> ok, i got SDL to link by disabling nasm :)
[16:32:43] <DraX> downloading current Exult source now
[16:35:58] --> Nadir has joined #exult
[16:36:25] <Nadir> I was expecting a release party :)
[16:36:50] <Colourless> Like the last one?
[16:37:04] <Colourless> Hi BTW
[16:37:25] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[16:37:29] <wjp> hi Nadir, DraX
[16:38:29] <DraX> ok, i got the source on my laptop :)
[16:38:37] <DraX> i can do a built tonight i think
[16:38:59] * DraX is hungry
[16:39:22] * wjp gives DraX some of the leftover cookies from the last release
[16:40:20] * Colourless things that DraX shouldn't eat them
[16:40:50] <Colourless> THINKS not THINGS
[16:40:53] <wjp> they may be bug-infested ;-)
[16:41:10] * wjp has to go
[16:41:12] <Nadir> PAAAAAAARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:41:14] <Colourless> :) yeah, maybe
[16:41:17] <DraX> wjp, cya man.
[16:41:25] <wjp> I'll be back later tonight I think
[16:41:31] <DraX> fucking va community router was out
[16:41:33] <wjp> wouldn't want to miss the release ;-)
[16:41:37] <DraX> my email was down for 16 hours
[16:41:37] <wjp> see you later
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[16:51:52] --> TonyHoyt has joined #Exult
[16:51:57] <TonyHoyt> HEllo people.
[16:52:03] <Colourless> hi
[16:52:15] <TonyHoyt> What are you guys up to? Much?
[16:52:48] <Colourless> HAVING A PARTY!
[16:53:07] <TonyHoyt> *laughs* Ohhh well then, mind if I join?
[16:53:56] <Colourless> by all means. it's pretty quite though. not a word was typed for 10 minutes before you arrived
[16:54:26] <TonyHoyt> Ehhh, quiet party. We need some blackjack and hookers.
[16:54:43] --> Dominus|cooking has joined #Exult
[16:54:52] --- Dominus|cooking is now known as Dominus
[16:55:07] <Dominus> You wanna party?
[16:55:18] <Dominus> hi gang
[16:55:20] --- Colourless is now known as The
[16:55:22] <TonyHoyt> Hello.
[16:55:30] --- The is now known as TheDealer
[16:55:41] <TheDealer> who wants to play?
[16:55:47] <TonyHoyt> Ya, We'll have our own party, With blackjack and hookers.... But I can deal without the blackjack. j/k
[16:55:54] <TonyHoyt> Hit me!
[16:56:03] <Dominus> splut
[16:56:07] * TheDealer deals TonyHoyt 2 cards
[16:56:16] <Dominus> hit me
[16:56:19] <TonyHoyt> Ouch! *Peaks under the cards*
[16:56:25] * TheDealer deals Dominus 2 cards
[16:56:28] <TonyHoyt> Rummy!
[16:56:29] * TheDealer deals himself 2 cards
[16:56:39] <TheDealer> The dealer has an 8
[16:56:40] * Dominus raises 2
[16:57:23] <TheDealer> well, do yon want another card?
[16:57:31] * TonyHoyt peaks at his cards agian.. "Hit me!"
[16:57:35] <Dominus> hm, yep
[16:58:06] * TheDealer deals out another card to TonyHoyt
[16:58:23] <TonyHoyt> Which ones are face up?
[16:58:48] <TheDealer> huh?
[16:58:54] * TonyHoyt peaks at his cards...
[16:58:56] <TonyHoyt> Hit me!
[16:59:02] <Dominus> hit me!
[16:59:02] * TheDealer deals out another card to TonyHoyt
[16:59:13] * TheDealer deals out another card to Dominus
[16:59:14] * TonyHoyt peaks at his cards...
[16:59:16] <TonyHoyt> Hit me!
[16:59:19] * TheDealer deals out another card to TonyHoyt
[16:59:26] * TonyHoyt peaks at his cards...
[16:59:29] <TonyHoyt> Hit me!
[16:59:30] * Dominus looks at his cards and sighs
[16:59:35] <Dominus> hit me
[16:59:37] * TheDealer deals out another card to TonyHoyt
[16:59:39] * TheDealer deals out another card to Dominus
[16:59:46] * TonyHoyt peaks at his cards...
[16:59:57] <TonyHoyt> Hit!.. eh.. actually I'll stay.
[17:00:21] <Dominus> q: when you are over 21 do you have to quit or can you bluff the others out?
[17:00:32] <TheDealer> you have to quit :)
[17:00:39] <Dominus> er? shouldnīt have asked that, or?
[17:00:48] <Dominus> damn
[17:00:58] <Dominus> 22
[17:01:11] <TonyHoyt> I got 69, do I win?
[17:01:22] <Dominus> only in bed
[17:01:22] <TheDealer> no, i'm sorry
[17:01:36] <TonyHoyt> Oh well.
[17:01:40] <TonyHoyt> Hit me again then!
[17:02:01] * TheDealer reveals his other card. It's another 8. Dealer scores 16. House WINS!
[17:02:09] <TheDealer> *** GAME OVER ***
[17:02:13] <TonyHoyt> Be funny to put in a blackjack game into Exult for kicks.
[17:02:36] --- TheDealer is now known as Colourless
[17:02:40] <TonyHoyt> Make some money while in the Blue Boar Inn.
[17:03:02] <Dominus> what I would really like to see is the unfinished stuff corrected
[17:03:07] <Colourless> it's not like the game doesn't already have gambling
[17:03:17] <Dominus> having this Emp join you
[17:03:28] <Dominus> or curing cantra from the bane
[17:03:36] * TonyHoyt chuckles at the idea of hacking the gambleing code to always win... *Snickers*
[17:03:51] <Colourless> not sure what's up with the EMP
[17:03:54] <TonyHoyt> You mean doing all the stuff we 'heard' there was the possability of being done?
[17:04:01] <Nadir> gotta go guys.
[17:04:03] <Colourless> Cantra *should* be fixable
[17:04:09] <-- Nadir has left IRC (I feel like dumping a core)
[17:04:13] <TonyHoyt> You are talking about changeing the makeup of the game though to some degree.
[17:04:34] <Dominus> I think there was a rumor that the emp was supposed to join you for that bit which you now use the whistle for
[17:04:52] <TonyHoyt> Now was Cantra a bug or that was just an unfinished story arch.
[17:04:55] <Dominus> TonyHoyt: i know and itīs only a dream
[17:05:00] <Colourless> yeah, there is an inventory Gump for the emp
[17:05:03] <Dominus> I think both
[17:05:19] <TonyHoyt> I know about the gump. That's actually cool to see.
[17:05:34] <Dominus> which # ?
[17:05:40] <DraX> hmm
[17:05:44] <Dominus> if you know whithout checking
[17:05:45] <TonyHoyt> Now try to put that into SI though. Have the Emp there would be odd.
[17:05:57] <Dominus> :-)
[17:06:15] <TonyHoyt> or SI paperdolls in BG that is.
[17:06:25] <Dominus> and I think there was another unfinished story arch with the nadas in SI
[17:06:33] <TonyHoyt> It's funny tot hink of spark in full platemail.
[17:06:39] <TonyHoyt> Nadas?
[17:06:42] <Colourless> Not sure what's up with Cantra. I heard people say it's a bug, other say that she was meant to be part of an unfinished part of the story
[17:06:55] <Dominus> those half snake women
[17:07:02] <Colourless> Naga!
[17:07:10] <Dominus> oops
[17:07:17] <TonyHoyt> That's it, Naga's There was a story arch involveing them?
[17:07:26] <TonyHoyt> Drat. brb guys. Lunch. 30 minutes. Bye!
[17:07:43] <Dominus> I dimly remember something about it on the dragonīs newsgroup
[17:08:17] <Dominus> at least there is already a conversation thread in the usecode (thatīs what I heard from you guys)
[17:08:24] <Dominus> for Cantra, I mean
[17:08:39] <Colourless> yeah, there appears to be.
[17:08:45] <Dominus> I always felt bad that I couldnīt cure her
[17:09:28] <Colourless> so did i. I spent so much time trying and was so frustrated when I couldn't
[17:09:35] <Dominus> that emp stuff could probably done whenever the Exult Studio takes a mor solid state
[17:09:43] <Dominus> me, too
[17:10:51] <Dominus> should there actually be a party if this infinite loop bug is around?
[17:11:50] <Colourless> it's hardly a party any more. :)
[17:12:07] <Dominus> right
[17:12:41] <Dominus> but I was looking forward to this all day :-(
[17:13:06] <Colourless> aww, sorry.
[17:13:22] <Dominus> sniff, ītis alright
[17:13:24] <Colourless> Now, you could change all this, if you go back in time and stop us finding out about the bug, ok :)
[17:13:38] <Colourless> anyway, i think that we'll still release anyway
[17:14:08] <Dominus> well, a new alpha is really needed
[17:14:32] <Colourless> yeah, sure is. It's long overdue
[17:14:49] <Dominus> especially as the last one was more of a fiasco
[17:14:50] <Colourless> the previous alpha has some really really bad bugs
[17:14:57] <Dominus> and people still refering to it
[17:15:06] <Colourless> yeah, :)
[17:15:59] <Dominus> http://www.jackchaos.com/cgi-bin/UltraBoard/UltraBoard.pl?Action=ShowPost&Board=exult&Post=371&Idle=90&Sort=0&Order=Descend&Page=0&Session=
[17:16:15] <Dominus> bug-of-the-year-that-is-_really_-annoying-and-that-is-easy-to-fix-and-that-would-stop-the-game-if_not_fixed
[17:16:34] <Colourless> yeah, i saw it :)
[17:16:42] <Dominus> someone on that board is clayrvoyant
[17:16:58] <Colourless> maybe :)
[17:17:26] <Dominus> or maybe he put the bug in to make the team mad
[17:17:31] <Dominus> conspiracy
[17:18:21] <Colourless> someone trying to prevent Alpha 3
[17:18:52] <Dominus> the government, maybe
[17:18:55] --- Colourless has changed the topic to: It's a conspiracy. Someone put a bug in out code to prevent the Alpha 3 release!
[17:18:55] <Dominus> or the CIA
[17:19:02] <Dominus> :-)
[17:19:04] <DraX> it's origin
[17:19:09] <Dominus> ahhh
[17:19:25] <Dominus> nah, EA
[17:19:36] <Colourless> same thing these days
[17:19:46] <Dominus> sad but true
[17:20:24] <Dominus> I would really like to know if those mails from RG are true and not "forgeries"
[17:20:26] <DraX> god i wish i could draw
[17:20:34] <Dominus> wb
[17:21:07] <Dominus> Colourless: out code?
[17:21:28] <Colourless> suddup
[17:21:36] * Colourless shoots self
[17:21:46] <Dominus> oh no, here we go again
[17:21:53] <Colourless> that was meant to be "shuddup"
[17:22:04] --- Colourless has changed the topic to: It's a conspiracy. Someone put a bug in our code to prevent the Alpha 3 release!
[17:22:19] <Dominus> the evil ops is again telling me what to do
[17:22:28] <Dominus> damn
[17:22:37] <Colourless> i'll force you to be quiet :)
[17:22:46] <Dominus> :-|
[17:24:38] <Dominus> btw, wjp mentions that lockpick key doesnīt work. But it does for me
[17:24:44] <Dominus> w for watch doesnt
[17:24:56] * DraX checks his email
[17:25:01] <DraX> i lost alot of email i bet
[17:25:07] <Colourless> later wjp says it does work
[17:25:08] <DraX> hopefully the mails ervers decided to go thru
[17:25:19] <Dominus> oh, missed that
[17:26:03] <Dominus> Drax: I hope you are not refering to what I just wrote
[17:26:09] <DraX> Dominus, no
[17:26:13] <Dominus> good
[17:26:26] <DraX> Dominus, one of va linuxs community router went out last night
[17:26:28] <DraX> for 16 hours
[17:26:35] <Dominus> :(
[17:26:47] <DraX> so i missed 16 hours of email
[17:26:54] <Dominus> I hate that
[17:27:19] <Dominus> went through this as my ISP changed servers two months ago
[17:27:36] <Dominus> received all my mail about 36 hours later
[17:27:36] <DraX> ya, i use my stampede.org account for most of my email
[17:28:18] <DraX> and stampede is hosted at va linux
[17:28:22] <DraX> so when there community router went out
[17:28:24] <DraX> so did my email
[17:29:39] <Dominus> Colourless: as Jeff now call this bug a feature the rease can go out
[17:29:53] <Dominus> release
[17:30:20] <Colourless> yeah
[17:32:51] <DraX> what is the big :)
[17:32:52] <DraX> bug
[17:33:17] <Colourless> http://www.jackchaos.com/cgi-bin/UltraBoard/UltraBoard.pl?Action=ShowPost&Board=exult&Post=378&Idle=90&Sort=0&Order=Descend&Page=0&Session=
[17:33:23] <DraX> just tell me :)
[17:34:25] --> Cless has joined #Exult
[17:34:54] <Cless> there's an infinite loop that occurs when attempting to start the knights test in SI
[17:35:11] <DraX> damn
[17:35:30] <DraX> i'm gonna take a shower
[17:35:32] <DraX> brb
[17:35:45] <Cless> ok
[17:36:19] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[ppp1867.adelaide.on.net.au])
[17:36:19] --- Cless is now known as Colourless
[17:41:01] <TonyHoyt> Hello me again.
[17:41:11] <Dominus> wb
[17:41:25] <Colourless> hi :)
[17:41:58] <TonyHoyt> Thanks. So ya, What's the deal with the Knight's test bug? That's new as of today?
[17:45:24] --> freedman has joined #Exult
[17:45:32] <freedman> Guess I better duck
[17:45:41] <TonyHoyt> Hello.
[17:45:48] <Colourless> yeah, you had better
[17:45:50] <freedman> Hi.
[17:45:57] * Colourless throws a pie at Jeff
[17:46:04] <freedman> Ducks
[17:46:17] <freedman> Mmmm... apple. Got another?
[17:46:33] <DraX> back
[17:46:39] <Colourless> it was??? :(
[17:46:45] <Colourless> If i had known i wouldn't have thrown it :)
[17:46:52] <TonyHoyt> bw Drax.
[17:47:08] <freedman> Bad day. Work sucks. Then there's that Lazarus business...
[17:47:33] <TonyHoyt> ?
[17:47:43] * DraX feels squaky clean
[17:48:06] <Colourless> Lazarus business?
[17:48:39] <freedman> On Horizons. It's the U5 3D remake using the 'Dungeon Siege' engine.
[17:48:51] <DraX> 3d
[17:48:51] <DraX> eww
[17:49:20] <freedman> Looks pretty. I did like U9.
[17:49:33] <DraX> freedman, u9 style 3d isn't bad
[17:49:38] <DraX> but like UW is
[17:49:57] <TonyHoyt> Is Dungeon Siege out in any useable format?
[17:50:01] <freedman> The author keeps announcing emails from RG. That's why I'm pissed (well, maybe jealous)!
[17:50:17] <Dominus> Jeff:and what is your business with it?
[17:50:21] <freedman> Tony: Don't know. I'm not even sure what it is.
[17:50:28] <Colourless> no it's not
[17:50:46] <Dominus> okay, the email business
[17:50:47] <Colourless> Dungeon Siege is still in development
[17:51:01] <freedman> Windows only?
[17:51:04] * DraX bid on a keyboard for his HP-UX box
[17:51:05] <Colourless> yeah
[17:51:14] <Colourless> it's being published by Microsoft :)
[17:51:18] <Dominus> Iīm wondering if itīs true, either if he really receives those mails or if they are from an imposter
[17:51:35] <freedman> :-)
[17:52:02] <Dominus> We are the borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile
[17:52:20] <DraX> Dominus, you don't have it right
[17:52:31] <freedman> Heh. Yes, it's unlikely I'd want to use that engine..
[17:52:32] <DraX> it's we are the borg, drop your weapons and lower your sheilds...
[17:52:34] <TonyHoyt> *Shrugs* Who knows. I honestly doubt that RG Cares about any ultima remakes. I think U5 was just too good to even bother remakeing. Or if someone does remake it, make it crossplatform and JUST like the original.
[17:52:44] <Dominus> what is RG actually writing save that he announces that he likes the project
[17:53:05] <freedman> That seems to be about it.
[17:53:09] <DraX> u4 and u7 are the best IMHO
[17:53:17] * TonyHoyt blinks.
[17:53:18] <DraX> but u4 is the first i played
[17:53:19] <Dominus> Tonyhoyt: Iīd be happy if there were a music update for the dos version
[17:53:23] <freedman> I agree. But u5 was great too.
[17:53:32] <DraX> i sucked at u5
[17:53:38] <Dominus> I didnīt get U4 at all in the beginning
[17:53:43] <freedman> BTW, slashdot.org has a discussion about RG.
[17:53:43] <DraX> i always got killed by the shadow lords when ever i entered a city
[17:53:52] <DraX> freedman, slashdot sucks :P
[17:53:54] <Dominus> I played it on the C64 with the discs from a friend
[17:54:01] <Colourless> well, wait till they leave
[17:54:04] <DraX> Dominus, i still have the c64 disks :P
[17:54:17] <Dominus> and had no manual or guide and didnīt know what to do at all
[17:54:24] <DraX> i think i still have the 5 ones also
[17:54:27] <TonyHoyt> U5 was the height of all the ultimas. It took all the good poitns of 4 and made them better, and was so open ended and fun. U7 was.. well... *cough* Not that good.. In my view. Everything went downhill with Ultima starting at U6.
[17:54:47] <DraX> nah, u7 had this amazing interactivity
[17:54:54] <DraX> you wanted bread, you could bake it
[17:54:58] <DraX> thats how games should have been
[17:55:01] <TonyHoyt> And that was fun because?
[17:55:08] <Dominus> I played them all (well not 1-3) when I bought my first PC in 95
[17:55:33] <Dominus> I really liked the Underworlds
[17:55:37] <DraX> TonyHoyt, it gave an interactivty no other game had given
[17:55:41] <DraX> i hated the underworlds
[17:55:44] <freedman> 4-7 were all great. 8 was tolerable, and I still think 9 was great in many ways, even if it was flawed.
[17:55:49] <DraX> the worst of them though is u8
[17:56:00] <TonyHoyt> I don't know why bakeing bread had any meaning in any of the games. It just seemed like over kill in makeing realism where realism wasn't necessary. Such a level of interactivity ment they spent more time doing things that where not necessary.
[17:56:13] <freedman> Yep. I played entirely from the walkthrough, just to follow the story.
[17:56:17] <DraX> TonyHoyt, thats how a game should be
[17:56:18] <Dominus> At least in U9 you are right
[17:56:33] <Dominus> i mean Tony
[17:56:36] <TonyHoyt> I came to terms that U8 was actually fairly good. U3 was the one that sucks the most. U1 is fun, I've never played u2 though.
[17:56:58] <DraX> i don't count 1-3
[17:57:05] <Dominus> me neither
[17:57:05] <DraX> because there not really part of the whole saga
[17:57:09] <freedman> U2 was okay. Haven't tried U3 yet.
[17:57:13] <Colourless> I think Akalabeth was the best :)
[17:57:16] * TonyHoyt shrugs "There ultima to me."
[17:57:25] <freedman> Rogue beats them all!
[17:57:34] <TonyHoyt> zAngband.
[17:57:42] <DraX> bards tale
[17:57:45] <DraX> is the best RPG ever
[17:57:47] * TonyHoyt shivers
[17:58:07] <Colourless> you could at least name titles that have some connection to Ultima :)
[17:58:09] <freedman> Is Bard's Tale worth playing?
[17:58:09] <TonyHoyt> Gold Box Games... They are said to be some of the best. I've just started Pool of Radiance.
[17:58:16] <Dominus> Donīt shoot me, but Iīm looking forward to the remakes of Last Ninjy and Defender of the Crown
[17:58:20] <DraX> freedman, it's my favorite
[17:58:29] <DraX> freedman, there hard
[17:58:32] <DraX> freedman, very hard
[17:58:36] <DraX> well 1 isn't
[17:58:37] <DraX> but 2 is
[17:58:39] <DraX> 3 is inbetween
[17:58:41] <freedman> I have them at home... Haven't actually played a game in 6 months.
[17:59:14] <DraX> i have all the bardstales, and the construction kit
[17:59:47] <TonyHoyt> But in any case....
[17:59:50] <DraX> might and magic: clouds of Xeen, and Darkside of Xeen are sort of cool
[17:59:50] <freedman> I have them on an "Ultimate RPG Collection" CD, that I bought for UW1&2.
[18:00:10] <Dominus> strangely Iīm always moved more to the old classic games
[18:00:13] <freedman> Shadows Over Riva was pretty good...
[18:00:13] <Dominus> than to the new ones
[18:00:18] * TonyHoyt got the Forgotten Realms collection which has a bunch of RPG's.
[18:00:42] <TonyHoyt> A lot of classic games concentrated on decent plot and Fun combat. All this recent real time crap just isn't fun.
[18:00:42] <DraX> Dominus, same here
[18:00:48] <DraX> but for instance, i perfer fallout over wasteland
[18:01:05] <TonyHoyt> But didn't Fallout come after Wasteland?
[18:01:06] <Dominus> Or take Doom, Quake
[18:01:13] <DraX> TonyHoyt, ya
[18:01:13] <Dominus> the first time it was great
[18:01:19] <freedman> The last game I played was Gabriel Knight 3. Good story, but the 3D made me sick.
[18:01:21] <Dominus> Quake was awesome
[18:01:26] <Colourless> Quake was crap
[18:01:33] <Dominus> but then the follow ups are just more shooters
[18:01:36] <DraX> TonyHoyt, note the but
[18:01:37] <Dominus> :-)
[18:01:52] <freedman> The Wing Commander's were great.
[18:02:03] <DraX> freedman, i don't like that kind of game
[18:02:06] <Dominus> Yep
[18:02:12] <Dominus> I loved them
[18:02:20] <TonyHoyt> Wing Commander was fun.
[18:02:29] <Dominus> another good line gone to waste
[18:02:34] <freedman> Different tastes. I don't care for FPS's.
[18:02:36] * TonyHoyt shrugs
[18:02:41] <DraX> freedman, neither do i
[18:02:54] <TonyHoyt> The developer is still makeing games, I think that's more important then the 'wing commander' name.
[18:02:55] <freedman> My favorite was the first Privateer. Kind of an RPG.
[18:03:04] <Dominus> I loved the FPS while I was working for a bank
[18:03:12] * DraX likes strategy games alot too
[18:03:16] <freedman> Tony: Yes, but it's another MS-owned company.
[18:03:19] <DraX> c&c for instance
[18:03:44] <TonyHoyt> So is Asherons Call and that's a okay game. Although they do seem to be straining the company.
[18:03:59] <Dominus> Tony: and the story was good in the Wc series
[18:04:06] <TonyHoyt> Total Anhilliation(sp)!!!!!!!!
[18:04:11] <DraX> story is really important
[18:04:14] <DraX> TonyHoyt, !!!!!
[18:04:18] * DraX has the box on the floor
[18:04:30] <TonyHoyt> Muah ha ha ha ha, more units then you can shake a stick at!
[18:04:54] <Colourless> Well, it came at a cost. TA was a little slow
[18:04:57] <TonyHoyt> And I don't care how big a stick you got, there where still more units then you could shake a stick at!
[18:05:10] <DraX> you know what sucks though is "The SIms"
[18:05:13] <DraX> man, what a lame game
[18:05:25] <TonyHoyt> Slow? Get me some metal extractors, a bunch of solar panels and Boooya, pumping out all sorts of men.
[18:05:25] <Colourless> The Sims is different :)
[18:05:37] <Colourless> Slow as in the frame rate.
[18:05:39] <Dominus> Didnīt get the hype about sims at all
[18:05:46] <TonyHoyt> The Sim's is something completely diffrent. And the funny thing is, that's more of a roleplying game then most roleplaying games.
[18:06:03] * DraX needs a new mouse pad
[18:06:07] <DraX> this one has mildew on it
[18:06:12] <Dominus> at least todays roleplaying games
[18:06:15] * Colourless doesn't have a mouse pad... optical mouse :)
[18:06:22] <DraX> Colourless, lucky
[18:07:16] <TonyHoyt> The new Optical mouse from MS, is actually kind of nice!
[18:07:29] <TonyHoyt> Sucker doesn't need a metal mousepad to work! Sweet device.
[18:07:40] <DraX> i like the logitech opticals
[18:07:42] <Dominus> Logitech has cordless out
[18:07:55] * DraX remebers the sun opticals
[18:07:56] <DraX> heh
[18:08:15] <freedman> I just had one (Sparc20) removed from my desk.
[18:08:29] <DraX> freedman, i want an ss20 :)
[18:08:42] * TonyHoyt 's got two suns around him now. One has an old optical mouse. *Shivers*
[18:09:01] <freedman> It's about as fast as a 486. But someone else has it already.
[18:09:41] <Colourless> i've actually got 3 optical mouse here
[18:10:05] <TonyHoyt> Anyone know if there is an optical mouse that has some sence of force feedback enabled?
[18:10:13] <DraX> TonyHoyt, the logitech
[18:10:14] <Dominus> logitech
[18:10:19] * TonyHoyt starts chuckleing himself.
[18:10:20] <Dominus> :-)
[18:11:01] <freedman> How about one that jumps up and bites when I make a coding error.
[18:11:01] <TonyHoyt> Okay I have to bring this up, You guys read about the review where RG Said he's thinking about gathering his old crew to make a new company and start up project 'X'?
[18:11:10] <freedman> Yes.
[18:11:24] <Colourless> yeah
[18:11:27] <TonyHoyt> Anyone also hear what some of the rumors are about that game?
[18:11:39] <Colourless> i know a little
[18:11:49] <TonyHoyt> What have you heard?
[18:11:50] <Dominus> all very fishy
[18:11:50] <freedman> Another MMORPG. Maybe with more stories?
[18:11:57] <DraX> mmo?
[18:12:17] <TonyHoyt> I heard one that sound soo perpostrious it can't be true...
[18:12:18] <freedman> Whatever...Massive MultiPlayer..
[18:12:32] <DraX> freedman, oh god
[18:12:35] <TonyHoyt> mmo -> massively multiplayer online.
[18:12:35] <DraX> freedman, not another one
[18:12:38] <Dominus> i donīt like those multiplayer games
[18:12:39] <Colourless> MMORPG, set in a near future SI themed environment. Aimed to be a party based adventure
[18:13:06] <freedman> Yes. Sort of an online D&D?
[18:13:06] <Colourless> SI = SciFi
[18:13:13] <Dominus> I wish companies would do more single player stuff
[18:13:22] <DraX> Dominus, ya!
[18:13:26] <TonyHoyt> One rumor includes it's attempting to be more for the casual player and powergamers would not gain anything out of it.
[18:13:59] <TonyHoyt> Anyone hear the rumor being spread around at Lum the Mad's site?
[18:14:06] <Dominus> ?
[18:14:09] <Colourless> another thing that i heard was that RG wanted to link the economey in the game with the real world so things like trading on ebay are only allowed, they are part of the game
[18:14:36] <Colourless> "are only" should be "are not only"
[18:14:37] <DraX> Colourless, god that sucks
[18:14:39] <TonyHoyt> Ya, have people basicly be able to make a real living with the game. Which is.. very odd to say the least.
[18:14:58] <Dominus> scary even
[18:15:22] <Dominus> but playing UO was scary as well
[18:15:27] <TonyHoyt> on Lum they talk about that one reason it's called X is that it's got a lot of x-rated themes in it. Specificly, cybersex.
[18:15:34] <Dominus> all that time wasted on a character
[18:15:49] <Dominus> bs IMO
[18:16:09] <Colourless> TH: Yeah, i heard that one as well. i think RG actually did say that about possibly having cybersex there
[18:16:50] <DraX> this game is gonna be quite lame it seems
[18:17:31] <freedman> My opinion too.
[18:17:36] <Dominus> I donīt trust RG anymore
[18:17:48] <DraX> brb
[18:17:52] <DraX> gonna get a glass of water
[18:18:10] <TonyHoyt> The only reason I thought that was the idea of that and expanded forcefeedback controls as well. *Shivers*
[18:18:14] <freedman> Sounds like he's lost his creative edge...
[18:18:34] <Colourless> what makes you say that?
[18:18:54] <TonyHoyt> I think he's finaly fliped his lid. Although that might happen after makeing that many games in the same dam world.
[18:18:55] <Dominus> what was the last game that was actually by him?
[18:19:30] <freedman> IMO, he should try to create a new world for a single-player game.
[18:19:33] <TonyHoyt> Garrett strongly lost interesting in Ultima once UO came out and he found a new area of interest.
[18:19:52] <Dominus> but he lost it befor
[18:19:58] <freedman> Making money:-) UO has been VERY profitable.
[18:21:02] <Dominus> I think that RG has lost interst in Ultimas a long time ago and just wanted to get rid of this world
[18:21:05] <TonyHoyt> I think more he saw the idea of groups of people playing a game to be more interesting. To be honest I think what he saw was a very pretty vision of table top games on computers but it was all a twisted sick dream that should never come true.
[18:21:26] <DraX> ultima was an amazing story
[18:21:33] <DraX> but you can see that he wanted to get awa
[18:21:39] <DraX> 7p2
[18:21:40] <DraX> 8
[18:21:42] <DraX> even 9
[18:21:46] <DraX> are not britinnia
[18:21:49] <freedman> Yes! Look how it's influenced us!
[18:21:58] <Dominus> :-)
[18:22:04] <TonyHoyt> The Ultima series individual where cool. Connected it just doesn't make sence nor that interesting.
[18:22:28] <DraX> TonyHoyt, i'm really a story guy, so i like to know everything that goes on
[18:22:33] <Colourless> IMO 9 got screwed up because they made it be in britannia
[18:22:34] <DraX> and i think ultima had that
[18:22:38] <TonyHoyt> 7p2 was Spectors baby, and that game rocked.
[18:22:38] <freedman> If there were a plot to these online games... Is there?
[18:22:50] <Colourless> Spector rules :)
[18:23:00] <DraX> 7p2 is awesome
[18:23:02] <DraX> i perfer it to 7
[18:23:13] <Dominus> I think they try to but itīs hard to get a party going with everybody logging on as he pleases
[18:23:31] <TonyHoyt> I say SI is the only real reason Exult should be completed. *chuckles* Becuse I'm sure as hell not playing u7p1 again.
[18:24:00] <Dominus> And Iīd never arrange my schedule so as to be able to meet someone in, say Uo to play some plots for days
[18:24:11] <freedman> We could make Exult multi-player... Maybe I should duck again.
[18:24:24] <DraX> freedman, i think mp on a SMALL scale would be cool
[18:24:27] <TonyHoyt> YOu know what online game has it right though, Neverwinter Nights. Don't play in huge settings. Be a party that play the true heros in a realm And let them individualy play out the story. And let players tell there own stories dammit!
[18:24:28] <Dominus> that was all refering to Freedmans Online game question#
[18:24:37] <Colourless> over a lan it might be fun.
[18:25:00] <DraX> freedman, like if the three people in my family
[18:25:03] <DraX> all played the same game
[18:25:03] <Dominus> yep, lan īd be good
[18:25:06] <freedman> Neverwinter does sound promising.
[18:25:09] <DraX> and we should be our own party
[18:25:11] <TonyHoyt> Exult in a NWN format would be cool. 4 players and a GM.
[18:25:13] <DraX> that would be cool!
[18:25:20] <DraX> NWN?
[18:25:21] <freedman> Is NWN playable already?
[18:25:29] <Dominus> think not
[18:25:30] <TonyHoyt> Never Winter Nights. Not out yet. Sounds promiseing.
[18:25:56] <TonyHoyt> But the key problem they have is trying to make the tools as gracefull and as powerfull as they can be. So that gm's can do anything they want easly.
[18:26:10] <DraX> TonyHoyt, and also be a player
[18:26:22] <Colourless> i think that NWN might end up being clumsy for the GM.
[18:26:56] <freedman> What about dealing with time/space? Like, if my char. is questioning an NPC, but you're doing something else at the time...
[18:26:58] <TonyHoyt> If it is, NWN being clumsy, then it'll flop. Unless they have some dam devoted players out there who really want to make there own worlds. Lord knows how that game really works.
[18:26:59] <Dominus> I think that vampires had already a good storytelling tool for Lan and Internet
[18:27:42] <freedman> Another old-timer is trying to do something similar: http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20010409/adams_01.htm
[18:27:44] <TonyHoyt> Freedman: A gm can only do one thing at a time, just like a real table top game. but I suspect he can allow the npc's to generate some predefined speach.
[18:29:08] <freedman> Suppose we're all U7BG companions. I'm Iolo, talking to one NPC, and you're Shamino, talking to another. Can we make sense out of this? Maybe save the conversations for review?
[18:29:11] <TonyHoyt> But thinks like shops and such are done via in game interface.
[18:29:37] <Colourless> possibly the game will pause during conversations?
[18:29:45] <TonyHoyt> Freedmen: I don't know much in the way of details, I can only speculate at this point.
[18:29:51] <Colourless> the Baldurs Gate games do this
[18:29:56] <TonyHoyt> I doubt it will pause but we'll see.
[18:30:07] <freedman> Something to think about... while I try to fix the infinite loop tonight:-)
[18:30:27] <Dominus> what about the release?
[18:30:35] <Dominus> when this loop is fixed?
[18:30:50] <freedman> If it's an easy fix, I'll still release source tonight, with binaries tomorrow.
[18:31:08] <DraX> freedman, i can get openbsd and freebsd bins
[18:31:09] <DraX> tonight
[18:31:10] <freedman> Does this bug happen in BG. Like when you use a bucket on a well?
[18:31:48] <TonyHoyt> Anyone have any idea where the bug is from?
[18:31:52] <Colourless> jeff: checking it right now
[18:32:21] <Dominus> iīm stuck at the introduction... waiting...
[18:32:41] <DraX> loading exult
[18:33:25] <Dominus> nope not crashing
[18:33:32] <freedman> Tony: I've been making 'little' fixes for SI.
[18:33:48] <Colourless> no crashes
[18:33:54] <DraX> no crashes
[18:34:07] <TonyHoyt> Sweet sweet.
[18:34:16] <Colourless> i think it's just that one spot in SI
[18:34:24] * TonyHoyt reads some more articals in Gamasutra. He forgot how cool this site is.
[18:34:30] <freedman> Maybe pathfinding...
[18:34:49] <Colourless> i think it may have been doing it for a while
[18:34:54] <freedman> Yes, Gamasutra is great. Lots of job-postings too.
[18:35:15] <freedman> It's been a while since I've tried Knight's Test, at least 2 weeks.
[18:35:27] * TonyHoyt likes the articals in Game Dev Mag. Although recently they've gone way spacey.
[18:37:19] * DraX just stepped on two SIMMs
[18:37:22] <DraX> it hurt
[18:37:33] <Colourless> did you kill them
[18:37:52] <DraX> Colourless, didn't break them, but there prolly already bad
[18:37:55] <DraX> if there laying on my floor
[18:38:20] <DraX> i have two boxes that take simms, and there both of commision
[18:38:32] <DraX> unless you include this little fileserver, which takes 30pins
[18:38:57] <Colourless> had a 486 with 8 30pin sims
[18:39:05] <Colourless> all 1 mb
[18:39:26] <DraX> actully i have a 486 mobo in my drawer that takes 30's
[18:39:37] <freedman> Lunch. BBL.
[18:39:42] <-- freedman has left IRC (Leaving)
[18:40:04] <DraX> i missed TONS of email
[18:40:12] <DraX> i hope it still gets to me
[18:40:32] <TonyHoyt> What happened?
[18:40:38] <TonyHoyt> brb, getting a soda.
[18:44:03] <TonyHoyt> back.
[18:45:14] <Colourless> nothing happened while you were away :)
[18:45:24] <TonyHoyt> I see.... *Ponders*
[18:45:44] <TonyHoyt> Anyone try working any further with ExultStudio?
[18:46:12] <Colourless> nope
[18:46:35] <DraX> TonyHoyt, one of VA Linux's community routers went out
[18:46:44] <DraX> so all my email to drax@stampede.org wasn't routed
[18:47:02] <TonyHoyt> That looked so dam cool I wish someone would finish that up and see about a windows port.
[18:47:14] <TonyHoyt> DraX: That stinks. So you haven't been getting your e-mail recently?
[18:47:22] <DraX> TonyHoyt, 16 hours it was out
[18:47:40] <TonyHoyt> Ouch, That's nasty.
[18:49:41] <DraX> god
[18:49:45] <DraX> i went to the kitchen to get water
[18:49:53] <DraX> and i spent 10 minutes doing something else
[18:49:58] <DraX> and forgot all about the water
[18:49:58] <DraX> brb
[18:50:45] <DraX> there
[18:50:46] <DraX> got my water
[18:53:01] <DraX> i want carrot juice
[18:53:24] * DraX is going to go make carrot juice
[18:53:33] <TonyHoyt> !?
[18:53:36] <TonyHoyt> Oooooooooookay.
[18:57:09] <DraX> carrot juice is good!
[18:57:31] <TonyHoyt> Excuse me while I enjoy my Mountain Dew.
[19:01:54] <DraX> eww
[19:02:11] <DraX> i'm not much for vegetable oil in my soda
[19:03:00] <TonyHoyt> Eh, well Tastes good to me! And speaking of Vegetable oil. What's that your drinking? Okay it's not soda but... *Shrugs*
[19:03:21] <Colourless> hehe
[19:04:13] <DraX> carrot juice
[19:04:17] <DraX> it's juiced carrot
[19:05:23] <Colourless> what are the chances that carrot, a vegetable, has vegetable oil in it?
[19:05:52] <TonyHoyt> I don't know... What denotes Vegetable oil to begin with *Shrugs* Just wondering.
[19:06:13] <DraX> Colourless, carrots are REALLY low in oil
[19:06:25] <DraX> plus, to make oil you have to press something under high preasure
[19:07:22] <Colourless> Drax: that's not true for biochemistry
[19:08:20] <DraX> Colourless, ya i guess it's not
[19:08:30] <DraX> but seeds are usally what you get oil from
[19:08:35] <DraX> seeds and beans
[19:08:56] <Colourless> yeah, true.
[19:09:53] <DraX> anyway, i enjoy my carrot juice, don't screw it up for me :)
[19:11:00] <TonyHoyt> *chuckles*
[19:11:10] <TonyHoyt> Don't mind me I was just reading a quick artical on Black & White.
[19:11:56] <TonyHoyt> Ahhh. Makes me want to read more on Neural Nets. But, I need to work. *Sigh*
[19:16:14] <Colourless> i think a friend of mine is studying neural nets are university... at least he was doing a report on them
[19:17:20] <TonyHoyt> From what I've read there fairly fasinating and quite cool but it's how to apply them that kind of eludes me.
[19:18:52] --> Cless has joined #Exult
[19:19:15] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[ppp1631.adelaide.on.net.au])
[19:19:16] --- Cless is now known as Colourless
[19:21:12] <TonyHoyt> wb.
[19:22:55] <Colourless> didn't know i left :)
[19:23:39] * TonyHoyt shrugs
[19:23:52] <TonyHoyt> Second can of soda.. make me... sleepy.. Zzzzzz
[19:24:39] <Colourless> i wont be here much longer though. ISP going to start replacing it's core router and it's beginning to get pretty late over here
[19:25:46] <Colourless> heh. what am I say, it is late... so late it's early :)
[19:26:14] * TonyHoyt chuckles
[19:26:25] <TonyHoyt> I"ll head out as well. I'll see you later Colourless.
[19:26:37] <TonyHoyt> have fun with your 3d project. Comeing out well I hope.
[19:26:39] <Colourless> cya
[19:27:12] <-- TonyHoyt has left #Exult
[19:30:40] <-- Colourless has left IRC (I should go now)
[19:34:36] <-- DraX has left #exult
[19:40:30] <Dominus> oops, all alone now
[19:40:34] <-- Dominus has left IRC ()
[21:40:21] --> chimera|wookin has joined #exult
[22:25:53] --> wjp has joined #exult
[23:07:39] <chimera|wookin> W J P ! ! !
[23:15:57] <wjp> C H I M E R A | W O O K I N ! ! !
[23:16:03] <wjp> ;-)
[23:16:08] <wjp> hi
[23:17:25] <wjp> I'm tired
[23:17:32] <wjp> think I'll go to bed
[23:17:41] <wjp> bye
[23:17:45] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)