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[07:01:34] <sbx> WTF Soul
[07:01:35] <sbx> hi
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[07:09:56] * Darke bows, "Hi all."
[07:11:34] * sbx bows, "Hi Darke."
[07:12:46] * sbx compliments Darke on his new log color.
[07:13:17] * Darke bows and thankfulfluffs, he thinks pink is rather appropriate. <grin>
[07:17:27] <sbx> did you add a new output format to ucxt?
[07:19:00] <sbx> at the moment the small program i made checks for %<number> and %<number>b (to define the output format)
[07:19:00] <Darke> <earperk> No, not that I know of. I fixed -fa's output in relation to the callis and calli opcodes though.
[07:19:15] <sbx> you mentioned intrinsics
[07:20:11] <Darke> Ahh... ok, '%i1' in the output string says to reference the 'intrinsic name' and output that, rather then the intrinsic number as it was in the previous 'version'. (It fixed a 'bug' I had forgotten about.)
[07:22:16] <sbx> What was the bug?
[07:25:55] <Darke> The original ucdump and wud output the 'intrinsic name' rather then just it's number. It made things a lot more readable, and I had just forgotten about it. <grin>
[07:27:36] <sbx> When the functions are named (for -fz no doubt), will externs in -fa be listed with those names too?
[07:29:38] <Darke> sbx: Not likely, I'll probably just drop them into the comments section.
[07:31:05] <sbx> alright
[07:32:05] * Darke would probably have put the 'intrinsic names' into the comments section as well, except he's trying to keep the -fa output format similar to wuc/ucdump.
[07:35:57] <sbx> did you remove the semicolons from lines without comments?
[07:37:44] <Darke> I haven't yet. I've just got to sit down with wud and work out which ones don't have comments and which ones I've yet to add comments for.
[07:49:02] <Darke> Just did some modifying of opcodes.txt and removed a lot of the 'useless' comments. There are still a few blank ones, but I still need to add data for most of those.
[07:51:58] <sbx> is it on the CVS?
[07:52:45] <Darke> Not yet. I'm still testing it.
[07:53:33] <sbx> tool to edit Conf/ will be nice, the person that made the Amiga port of Exult made an Exult config tool i think
[07:58:45] <sbx> do you know about TSR programming in DOS?
[07:59:01] <Darke> <grin> It's nothing like that though, just a 'simple' commandline thing intended (for me anyway) to be used in scripts and stuff.
[07:59:13] <Darke> I've never done any TSR programming in dos.
[07:59:23] <sbx> yes but still usefull...
[07:59:44] <sbx> Hmm.. maybe you know this anyway, is it possible to make something that can monitor another program's system calls and intervene?
[08:00:53] <sbx> or even just monitor another program
[08:05:15] <Darke> Yes. <grin> I don't know how though, there are debuggers that do that, so it's not impossible.
[08:05:36] <sbx> like Ultima VI...
[08:05:56] <sbx> so what is the problem with making a program that plays SFX for ultima vi?
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[08:06:38] <wjp> hi
[08:06:41] <sbx> hi
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[08:11:55] <Darke> Hi wjp.
[08:12:17] <Darke> sbx: Sorry, I don't get where you're coming from.
[08:13:05] <sbx> Darke: I mean, could load up a program at the start that plays some wave SFX whenever the pc speaker is used?
[08:15:10] <Darke> No idea sorry. I'm guessing that it would be possible though.
[08:16:18] <sbx> hmm it would be good :-)
[08:16:21] * sbx would love that.
[08:21:45] <wjp|work> I'm not sure if pc speaker access can be easily trapped
[08:22:08] <wjp|work> interrupt calls are easy to catch in DOS, though
[08:22:27] <wjp|work> just hook into the interrupt vector. There's even an interrupt call that does that for you, IIRC
[08:32:31] <sbx> hehe
[08:32:32] <sbx> ok
[08:33:02] <sbx> i dont have time to try that now it was just an idea :-)
[08:33:22] <sbx> maybe sometime later
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[08:46:26] <sbx> WTF
[08:46:46] <sbx> hi Soul|LOVE
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[09:37:54] * Darke bows to matto.
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[10:15:47] <Dominus> hi all
[10:16:13] * Dominus looks at Darke's pink footprints and grins :-)
[10:16:50] * Dominus wonders if Soul|LOVE is in talkative mode
[10:17:16] * Dominus wants play Underworld on his XP...
[10:17:31] * Dominus waits for someone to wake up
[10:17:54] <wjp|work> hi
[10:18:00] <Dominus> hi
[10:21:20] * Darke delayedbows, "Hi."
[10:21:32] <Dominus> he
[10:29:13] <sbx> hi
[10:29:20] <Dominus> hi
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[11:04:56] * Darke greetingsbows to Wumpus.
[11:05:04] * Wumpus waves to darke
[11:05:11] <Wumpus> SI is still eminently crashable :)
[11:05:31] <sbx> hi Wumpus
[11:05:43] <Wumpus> `lo sbx
[11:05:52] * Darke points to the sign that says "BETA" in 6 foot high letters. <grin>
[11:06:08] <Wumpus> :-)
[11:06:39] * Darke just thinks that Wumpus enjoys stating the obvious. <grin>
[11:07:06] <Wumpus> anyway, it doesn't say beta, it says CVS :)
[11:07:20] <Wumpus> (in even bigger, uglier letters ;-p)
[11:07:56] <Dominus> hi
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[11:13:28] * sbx tries Ultima6 on C64.
[11:16:05] <sbx> it is like playing an NES
[11:16:28] <sbx> heh
[11:18:58] * Wumpus ponders
[11:19:23] <Wumpus> SS isn't really all that good, is it ? :/
[11:19:50] <Dominus> Hey, I liked it!
[11:20:37] <Wumpus> well its a bit of a break from the heavily plot driven main game, but its a bit too much of a dungeon crawl i found :|
[11:21:14] <Dominus> but the dungeons are really good, mazelike and quite difficult
[11:21:27] <sbx> haha
[11:21:39] <Dominus> ?
[11:21:47] <sbx> just thinking...
[11:22:04] <sbx> ...the dungeons are not one of my favorite parts of ultima games
[11:22:06] <sbx> :-)
[11:22:47] <sbx> especially in U7 when they started to make it seem like a puzzle game
[11:22:56] <Dominus> hm, I think the dungeons pre-U7 were quite good
[11:23:13] <Dominus> the dungeons in U7 were to "flat" to my liking
[11:23:14] <Wumpus> actually BG I found to be a good mix; you could go on a bit of a dungeon slog when you were in the mood for a distraction.....
[11:23:38] <Wumpus> whereas in SS, you get dumped in, and more or less had to do them all :(
[11:23:40] <sbx> u6 dungeons are "flat" in view but there are stairs and ladders
[11:23:58] <sbx> Wumpus: i went through dungeons for profit
[11:25:07] <Dominus> sbx: with flat I meant that there were no ladders or stairs (not much anyway)
[11:25:11] <Wumpus> yeah that too
[11:25:16] <Wumpus> but ifound money to only rarely be an issue
[11:26:05] <Dominus> playing with exult I first noticed that there is not much need for money in U7 (in SI even less so)
[11:26:13] <Wumpus> heh yeah
[11:26:18] <Wumpus> in SI you can sell your own mother :)
[11:26:22] <Wumpus> well, if she were there,a nyway
[11:26:52] <Dominus> yeah, but you find so much money and you only need it to fill your spellbook
[11:27:00] <Wumpus> *nod*
[11:27:06] <Wumpus> its nice to accumulate though :)
[11:28:17] * sbx can't figure out the keys in U6 for C64.
[11:28:48] <Dominus> don'T u have to use the joystick?
[11:29:12] <sbx> i am using an emulator
[11:29:44] <Dominus> but still, even in the emu you would probably have to use the joystick (eulated joy)
[11:29:59] <Dominus> but wait, I have the U6 c64 reference book right here
[11:30:54] <sbx> battle is weird
[11:31:36] <Dominus> ok, it says: either use the joystick (good as you can asign keys for that in the emu, I bet) or the keboard with following keys:
[11:32:31] <Dominus> + upper left, - up, (pond sign) upper right
[11:33:34] <Dominus> (arrow up) right, = down right, ; down, : down left, @ left
[11:34:16] <Dominus> to see the inventory click the commodore key + number of the player
[11:34:36] <sbx> thanks i figured out i can use numpad for joystick 2
[11:35:13] * sbx doesn't have a commodore key. :-)
[11:35:13] <Dominus> with ctrl you detach the crosshair
[11:35:13] <sbx> i was trying to use those other keys for movement, it was hard
[11:35:22] <Dominus> sbx: look at the emulator which key emulates the commodore key
[11:35:54] <sbx> im not trapped in the inventory yet
[11:35:56] <Dominus> to attach the crosshair press ctrl again, to choose an item under the crosshair press return
[11:36:45] <wjp|work> gtg; bye
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[11:36:45] <Dominus> oh,m commodore key shows the stats and shift the inventory :-)
[11:36:45] <sbx> why do you have this book? do you have u6 and a c64?
[11:37:22] <Dominus> a friend had it and when I collected all the Ultima he gave it to me
[11:37:31] <Dominus> a collection of U4-U6
[11:37:51] <sbx> did you play?
[11:38:10] <Dominus> Do you need the other commands (like A-attack, B- begin/break off combat and so on?
[11:39:08] <Dominus> Nope, I only tried U4 on the C64 but as I didn't have the reference book then or even the docs, I didn't have a clue of what this game was all about
[11:39:10] <sbx> no
[11:39:23] <sbx> thanks
[11:39:24] <sbx> hehe
[11:39:32] <sbx> u6 is nowhere near as good as it is on pc
[11:39:50] <sbx> well maybe it is near as good, but it isnt as good
[11:40:01] <Dominus> well, I did take a look once (with an emulator) but it wasn't my game on C64
[11:40:20] <Dominus> I mostly played the LAst Ninja series on C64
[11:41:19] * sbx might just be having a hard time because of the joystick emulation.
[11:42:12] <Dominus> I wouldn't bother though
[11:43:10] <sbx> the castle has a courtyard
[11:43:10] <sbx> in PC it had a indoor foyer
[11:43:19] <Dominus> oh, well
[11:45:17] <matto> Dominus!!
[11:45:26] <sbx> you have to put populace disk in just to talk
[11:45:30] * Dominus hides again
[11:45:33] <matto> sbx!!
[11:45:42] <sbx> matto!!
[11:45:42] <Dominus> matto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[11:45:49] * matto grins
[11:46:31] <Dominus> sbx: that disk swapping is just too bothersome for me, but with a good emulator you can assign more drives and have the disk in those drives already and have it load automatically
[11:46:42] * Darke sweeps up all the extraneous exclamation marks littering the floor.
[11:47:04] <sbx> the crystal ball doesnt work
[11:47:17] * Dominus looks at Darke's pink footprints again and has to stop from bursting into laughter
[11:47:30] <matto> hee hee Darke!
[11:48:10] <Dominus> matto: I'm at chapter 31 now (my girlfriend needed me for a lot of work at her place so the reading is much slower than usual :-( )
[11:48:14] * Darke thinks it's better having pink footsteps then icky pink human feet.
[11:48:43] <sbx> the chests of drawers are all facing south
[11:49:15] <sbx> treasure chests have big cube outlines
[11:49:15] * Dominus wonders how Darke knows that Dominus has pink feet, he could have dark ones
[11:49:19] <matto> Dominus: I don't remember what's happening in chapter 31
[11:49:47] <Dominus> matto: not much, it's after they fled the palace on the plains
[11:49:52] <matto> ah ha
[11:50:01] <sbx> all of lord britishes stuff is on the floor
[11:50:29] <Dominus> sbx: that's where thy probably got the idea for iolo's hut in U7
[11:50:59] <sbx> hehe ... i wondered about that
[11:52:03] <Dominus> nah, he is just the "normal" untidy male after his wife went on a long holiday (to SI)
[11:52:22] <Wumpus> :)
[11:52:34] <Wumpus> was there a reason why iolo was in trinsic?
[11:52:37] * sbx thinks their marriage can't be so good.
[11:52:39] <Wumpus> (at the start of BG?)
[11:52:54] <sbx> guenno goes off on journeys and iolo wanders around aimlessly
[11:53:25] * Wumpus wonders just how well Rocco did know Gwenno :)
[11:54:24] <sbx> Use-a telescope.
[11:54:25] <sbx> "Not possible!"
[11:55:03] <Dominus> sbx: their marriage can't really be good. In U9 iolo disappears but gwenno doesn't bother to go after him or even to join the avatar to help looking for him. And afterwards iolo is in the upper part of the house and never looks in to Gwenno (in the lower part of the house)
[11:55:19] <Wumpus> hehe :)
[11:55:30] * Wumpus thinks Gwenno is pining for Rocco :)
[11:55:49] <Dominus> Wumpus: who is rocco again?
[11:55:49] <sbx> hmm
[11:56:00] <Wumpus> dominus- the owner of the (SI) Blue Boar on Moonshade
[11:56:08] <sbx> i heard the NPC's in U9 do not have schedules is that true?
[11:56:10] <Dominus> ah okay
[11:56:18] <Dominus> sbx: true
[11:56:27] <sbx> :-(
[11:56:54] <sbx> what is the point of playing if i cant follow people around and see what they do
[11:56:57] <Wumpus> :)
[12:00:07] * sbx answers copyright questions.
[12:02:57] * sbx calls Lord British Mr. Nose.
[12:03:08] <sbx> "Who told thee of that nickname!?"
[12:03:23] <Wumpus> i ought to sit down sometime and finish off the debian exult-tools stuff
[12:03:38] <Dominus> sbx: :-)
[12:04:01] <sbx> only bad thing about u6 IMO is you cant go on the roofs
[12:04:11] <Wumpus> hehe
[12:05:55] * sbx gets out of the castle.
[12:07:44] <matto> Wumpus: yes... that would be outstanding
[12:12:17] * sbx gets bored of C64 U6 but decides it is still better than SNES U7.
[12:12:27] <sbx> Wumpus: are you gonna put ucxt in?
[12:12:44] <Wumpus> i'm only going to have two packages; the main one, and tools
[12:13:18] <Wumpus> the main one is whats available already... the tools one i have the basics for, just need to add ucxt and some other stuff
[12:13:43] <sbx> that is what i meant
[12:14:13] <Wumpus> as i said earlier, gimp plugin is not going to be anywhere though
[12:14:27] * Wumpus also wants to add stuff to do a debug buidl, and also to make sensibly versioned CVS builds
[12:14:28] <sbx> I dont remember, why not?
[12:14:47] <Wumpus> there's no current gimp package for debian, so it'd break dependencies :(
[12:15:10] <Wumpus> (the current debian gimp package is 1.0.4 or something like that; i have one i compiled myself in stow... stow is great :))
[12:15:19] <sbx> stow?
[12:15:24] <sbx> what is that?
[12:15:37] * sbx compiled his Gimp too.
[12:15:50] <Wumpus> tool for managing /usr/local stuff... basically you have a /usr/local/stow directory with subdirectories for each package, and it manges symlinks and stuff so it looksl ike you have it all in /usr/local ...
[12:15:57] <Wumpus> makes adding and removign stuff soooo much less painful :)
[12:16:16] <Wumpus> well, in most cases, anyway
[12:18:22] <sbx> hey i wanted one of those
[12:18:23] <sbx> !
[12:18:26] <sbx> where can i get stow?
[12:18:45] <sbx> or something similiar
[12:18:47] <Wumpus> *things* you use slackware?
[12:18:58] <Wumpus> s/things/thinks/
[12:19:18] <Wumpus> i dunno where the homepage for itis; most distros should ahve a package for it... its just a (set of?) perl scripts :)
[12:19:19] <sbx> yes, i read about 2 things like that that people with slackware used
[12:19:39] <sbx> what kinda keywords would i type at google?
[12:20:06] <Wumpus> http://www.gnu.ai.mit.edu/software/stow/stow.html.
[12:20:26] <Wumpus> (you could type that into google, but its probably easier just to go there ;-p)
[12:20:46] * sbx goes.
[12:20:47] <sbx> thanks!
[12:20:54] <Wumpus> np :)
[12:21:11] <Wumpus> getting compiles to work the "right way" takes a little practice, but its worth it :)
[12:21:53] <Wumpus> (sometimes getting to install to the right place is a bit fiddly... but the docs for stow give good examples of how to do it for "easy" cases and some harder ones)
[12:22:08] <sbx> do you just do --prefix?
[12:22:24] <sbx> with configure scripts
[12:22:30] <Dominus> isn't the gimp plugin easily built via Gimp itself? At least that'S the impression I got when I tired to gather knowlwdge on how to build a win32 port of the gimp plugin (as this one is far too advanced and not easy)
[12:23:01] <Wumpus> you mean using gimptool and such?
[12:23:03] <Dominus> ignore me
[12:23:09] <Dominus> yeah
[12:23:11] <Dominus> basicly
[12:23:16] * Wumpus is displeased iwth his experience of gimptool
[12:23:57] <sbx> if people wanted to do that they wouldnt need the gimp plugin in a package anyway would they?
[12:24:51] <Dominus> that's why i wondered if it makes sense to have a pre built gimp plugin int hose tools
[12:25:07] <Wumpus> well yeah..
[12:25:14] <Dominus> but that's me speaking while having no expereince with gimptool
[12:25:34] <sbx> does the gtk+ for win32 work?
[12:25:39] <Wumpus> well, you still need source and stuff to compile using gimptool...
[12:26:51] <Dominus> sbx: i think it does
[12:27:14] <Dominus> but I gave up on gimp then
[12:27:28] <sbx> last time i checked the page for the port it seemed like the guy who ported it to win32 could care less if it worked
[12:29:02] <Dominus> sbx: that's the problem, I contacted this guy and asked him how to go about compiling a plugin for win32 and he basicly said, "too advanced, tell me which one"
[12:29:27] <Dominus> then it didn't work and he never wanted to go into it some more
[12:31:47] <sbx> :-(
[12:32:08] * sbx doesn't use Gimp much anyway.
[12:32:51] <Soul|LOVE> hi
[12:32:55] <Wumpus> ooh look at all this
[12:33:09] <Wumpus> shp2pcx, expack, splitshp, ucc, ucxt...
[12:33:12] <sbx> I bring you LOVE!
[12:33:22] <Darke> Hi LOVE. <grin>
[12:33:31] --- Soul|LOVE is now known as Soul|NOTLOVE
[12:33:33] * Wumpus returns it and demands a refund for the faulty merchandise
[12:34:20] <sbx> anyone ever known of Anonymous posters on message boards talking to themselves pretending to be different people?
[12:34:46] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: where is your page?
[12:35:00] <Soul|NOTLOVE> which?
[12:35:13] <sbx> the site you host
[12:35:15] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: how about that stuff for Underworld :-)
[12:35:25] <Soul|NOTLOVE> http://soulharvester.idleplay.net
[12:35:32] <Soul|NOTLOVE> http://xradiox.idleplay.net
[12:35:40] <Soul|NOTLOVE> http://asd.idleplay.net
[12:35:41] <sbx> which one has Ultima screenshots?
[12:35:44] <Soul|NOTLOVE> http://sil.idleplay.net
[12:35:52] <Soul|NOTLOVE> none
[12:35:55] <sbx> what about idleplay.net ? :P
[12:35:59] <sbx> oh :-(
[12:36:10] <Soul|NOTLOVE> you mean that big pack of buliding the house?
[12:36:23] <sbx> no i still have that
[12:36:28] <sbx> dont you have other funny screens?
[12:36:39] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yes but not available yet
[12:37:19] <sbx> how long has Google had "Fresh!" labels on sites?
[12:38:36] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: did yoi find out what ems you used to get Underworld playing in XP yet?
[12:38:46] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i haven't
[12:39:37] <Dominus> And any luck on playing sondeffects and speech of U8 correctly on Xp (as I'm "Dominik" mentioned on the vdms compatibility list I'm wondering)
[12:39:51] <Soul|NOTLOVE> nope
[12:39:56] <Soul|NOTLOVE> well i get screechs
[12:39:59] <Soul|NOTLOVE> but not actual sound
[12:40:06] <Soul|NOTLOVE> and i get music
[12:40:21] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: that is why it is labeled 2incompatible" on that page :-)
[12:40:29] <Dominus> music was always fine there
[12:40:30] <matto> vdms!
[12:40:39] <sbx> vdms!
[12:40:52] <Dominus> ?
[12:40:53] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no, it said on that page that it worked
[12:40:59] <Soul|NOTLOVE> but that's pry before XP
[12:41:23] <Dominus> hm?
[12:41:29] * matto pries Soul|NOTLOVE's pry from his fingers
[12:41:41] <matto> Dominus: he meant "probably"
[12:41:41] <Dominus> it says music works but speech and sfx are not
[12:42:19] <sbx> "Bart! I don't want you prying and jimmying!"
[12:43:06] <Dominus> but yep, you are right, it lists sfx as working as well but those are semi working and not just screeches :-)
[12:43:10] * Wumpus hmms at the discussion board
[12:43:21] <Wumpus> ... and decides his interest in following it just hit zero
[12:43:32] <Wumpus> :P
[12:44:27] * Wumpus goes to play SI instead... got my real treasure room now, but still have a lot of loot sitting in the monitor crematorium, and can't bring it in yet since i haven't got back to monitor in the main game (just about to go and find some mandrake roots for my spell book)
[12:44:47] <matto> oooh SI
[12:44:52] <matto> I'd like to start a SI game myself
[12:44:54] --- Wumpus is now known as Wumpus_SI
[12:44:58] <matto> but I am not sure how to circumvent the copy protection
[12:45:03] <Wumpus_SI> hmm
[12:45:09] <Wumpus_SI> bash: exult: command not found
[12:45:16] <Wumpus_SI> you don't own a copy? :P
[12:45:23] <matto> I have the ultima collection on cd
[12:45:27] * Dominus wonders why matto needs to circumvent the copy protection
[12:45:30] <matto> I don't think it came with any book manual
[12:45:43] <Wumpus_SI> but the origin page has the answers, doesn't it?
[12:45:46] <Wumpus_SI> it did once upon a time, anyway
[12:45:49] <matto> Dominus: copy protection is evil
[12:45:55] <Dominus> Wumpus_SI: only those for BG
[12:46:06] <Wumpus_SI> oh :|
[12:46:08] <matto> they should design copy protection to expire after 2 years or so :)
[12:46:13] <sbx> i have answers
[12:46:20] <sbx> or you can search
[12:46:21] <sbx> :P
[12:46:30] <Dominus> well, matto, you do know how to operate google, don't you
[12:46:43] <matto> Dominus: why yes, I do
[12:46:45] <Dominus> sbx: no posting of it here! (logs)
[12:46:56] <Wumpus_SI> :)
[12:46:57] <Dominus> matto :-)
[12:47:28] <sbx> i wouldve messaged him, but yeah he can go googling for it :-)
[12:47:34] <Wumpus_SI> if you make your answer 69, 42, and 666, then it gets you past it regardless of the questions ;-p
[12:47:46] <Wumpus_SI> (of course, i think at most two of those are actually possible answers, but hey :P)
[12:48:01] <matto> eh? are you just teasing me? hehe
[12:48:06] <sbx> i think the questions in si are hard to memorize(since i never memorized them)
[12:48:11] <Wumpus_SI> matto- :) just feeding the logs :)
[12:48:31] * matto feeds Wumpus_SI to the flames as a log
[12:48:52] <Dominus> matto: just three words in google provided me with all the answers I needed
[12:48:56] <Dominus> even 42
[12:49:27] <matto> Dominus: thanks, I will google
[12:50:19] <Dominus> questions to all: should I add in the faq under compile issues to remember using always the new flexes?
[12:51:25] * Darke nods, makes sense.
[12:51:32] <sbx> where do i get them?
[12:51:42] <sbx> when i compile/install exult it complains bad crc
[12:51:48] <sbx> :O
[12:51:59] <Dominus> sbx: when you compile these should be in the data folder (automatically)
[12:52:52] <Dominus> or you download the win32 snapshot, decompress the exe it with some unzipper
[12:53:18] <sbx> i think they are in data
[12:53:47] <sbx> hrmm no they are installed too
[12:54:03] <sbx> weird
[12:54:09] <matto> Wumpus_SI: did you create this debian exult package?
[12:54:29] <matto> err
[12:54:29] <Wumpus_SI> "this' one? tehre are two at the moment, the one on the exult webpage is mine, yes
[12:54:32] <matto> the one on the exult page
[12:54:38] * Dominus is watching stupd talkshows on TV
[12:54:50] <Wumpus_SI> does it not work? i tested it (briefly) and all *seemed* well...
[12:55:08] <matto> it says it needs libsdl1.2 ... I have libsdl1.2debian or something like that installed
[12:55:14] <Wumpus_SI> hrmm
[12:55:17] <matto> I'm not sure what the difference is
[12:55:18] <Wumpus_SI> i fixed that
[12:55:22] <Wumpus_SI> i thought?
[12:55:28] <sbx> Dominus: what talkshows?
[12:56:13] * Wumpus_SI checks
[12:56:58] <Dominus> sbx: stupid ones :-) with all the heartfelt terror and such and so
[12:57:18] <matto> Wumpus_SI: I'm not sure why I have the "debian" version of the sdl package installed ...
[12:57:27] <Wumpus_SI> (I also tried using sdl1.2 stuff with sdl1.2debian with mixed success.. seems there's something a little seedy there)
[12:57:35] <matto> oh wait.. yes I am sure
[12:57:42] <matto> it's because there is no libsdl1.2 package hehe
[12:57:55] <matto> oh you're using woody
[12:57:59] <matto> I am using unstable ...
[12:57:59] <Wumpus_SI> matto- very recently, the libsdl in 'woody' (or 'testing') went from libsdl1.2 to libsdl1.2debian and a bunch of subpackages
[12:58:20] <Wumpus_SI> yeah, testing has libsdl1.2debian now too, though
[12:58:24] <matto> I see
[12:58:32] <Wumpus_SI> and it should work, even with a newer version... if not, thats seedy
[12:58:53] <Wumpus_SI> just dLing whats on the webpage to see whats up (yay modem)
[12:58:56] * Dominus thinks he has to include that volume stuff as well in the FAQ (the one Soul|NOTLOVE answered on the forum)
[12:59:12] <matto> matt:/home/matt# dpkg -i exult_0.96beta1_i386.deb
[12:59:12] <matto> (Reading database ... 42046 files and directories currently installed.)
[12:59:12] <matto> Preparing to replace exult 0.96beta1 (using exult_0.96beta1_i386.deb) ...
[12:59:12] <matto> Unpacking replacement exult ...
[12:59:12] <matto> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of exult:
[12:59:13] <matto> exult depends on libsdl1.1; however:
[12:59:17] <matto> Package libsdl1.1 is not installed.
[12:59:19] <matto> exult depends on libsdl1.2; however:
[12:59:21] <matto> Package libsdl1.2 is not installed.
[12:59:27] <Wumpus_SI> thats an old pakcage :P
[12:59:39] <Wumpus_SI> exult_0.96beta1-1_i386.deb is the current one...
[12:59:40] <matto> I got it off the web page right now
[12:59:55] <Wumpus_SI> hmm thats odd, because what i'm getting right now is the newere one... weird
[13:00:06] <Wumpus_SI> well, frmo the filename anyway
[13:00:41] --> wjp has joined #exult
[13:00:41] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to wjp
[13:00:46] <Wumpus_SI> brr
[13:00:46] <wjp> hi again
[13:00:52] <Dominus> wb
[13:00:55] <Wumpus_SI> oh fsck
[13:01:04] <matto> Wumpus_SI: ok I was going from the exult page, but from the SF page I see the newer package
[13:01:05] <matto> wjp!!!
[13:01:50] <wjp> matto!!!!!
[13:02:03] <matto> Wumpus_SI: it works!! :)
[13:02:27] * Darke bows to wjp, "Hi."
[13:02:28] * Dominus is going to enter a new feature request: viewing the codex of wisdom using the lenses in the shrine
[13:02:45] <-- Wumpus_SI has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[13:08:22] <matto> Dominus: I have defeated the copy protection
[13:08:48] <sbx> mwahaha
[13:09:12] <Dominus> matto: I don't want to hear about your pirated version and how you defeated it
[13:09:28] <Dominus> matto: that cheap shot at a funny joke had to be :-)
[13:12:36] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[13:12:36] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[13:12:45] <Colourless> hi
[13:12:56] <sbx> hi
[13:13:06] <Darke> Hi Colourless. <bowfluff>
[13:13:07] <Dominus> hi Colourless
[13:13:22] * Dominus GLIDES over to Colourless
[13:13:35] <Dominus> hint hint
[13:13:46] <Colourless> now, what the heck is a bowfluff? :-)
[13:14:07] <Colourless> yeah well if you like fullscreen opengl apps crashes on exit, i don't think you want it yet
[13:14:25] <Colourless> i'm also pretty sure that alt-tabbing on XP won't be pretty
[13:14:27] <Dominus> but it's going somehwere isn't it?
[13:14:36] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[13:14:38] <Wumpus> wtf is going on
[13:14:45] <matto> good heavens, I saved a game and exult proceeded to crash
[13:14:48] <matto> (or exit)
[13:14:52] <Dominus> as long as it doesn't crash XP I don't care much about "looks"
[13:14:54] * Wumpus gets out a giant club and beats the stuffing out ofuni
[13:15:08] <matto> ============================
[13:15:08] <matto> An exception occured:
[13:15:08] <matto> Error opening file /dosf/serpent/exult00si.sav
[13:15:08] <matto> errno: 2
[13:15:08] <matto> Error Description: No such file or directory
[13:15:09] <matto> ============================
[13:15:36] <matto> Dominus: what are you doing meddling around with XP?
[13:15:39] <Colourless> oh it should crash xp
[13:15:42] <Darke> Colourless: Accidental, think of how well a 'foot tall' rabbit (SharpTooth) would bow. It's a meta thing. <grin>
[13:16:03] <sbx> wb Wumpus
[13:16:04] <matto> I saw a rabbit hopping around in exult... it made good food
[13:16:25] <Dominus> matto: I actually like XP (only my graphic card drivers don't like it much)
[13:17:47] <-- Wumpus has left IRC (Client Quit)
[13:17:57] --> MichaelZ has joined #exult
[13:17:58] --- MichaelZ is now known as Wumpus
[13:18:00] <sbx> what is good about WINXP?
[13:18:06] <Wumpus> matto- so did that package work any better for you?
[13:18:18] <matto> Wumpus: yes.. it seems to work fine
[13:18:24] <Wumpus> okie cool :)
[13:18:26] <matto> I seem to not have write access to my serpent directory for some odd reason
[13:18:39] <Wumpus> are you able to update the exult.sf.net/downloads (or whatever) page?
[13:18:51] <Wumpus> hmm, well, that shouldn't ahve anything to do with the package....
[13:18:52] <Dominus> Colourless: well, do you think it iwill improve in time (like a good whiskey getting better while laying there untouched :-)) or is it like the people on the x3dfx board claim only improving if you have the d3d source as well
[13:19:11] <Wumpus> since that stuff is only set in the config file, and installed entirely by you, in theory...
[13:19:21] <matto> right
[13:20:19] <Dominus> sbx: XP is as good as W2k IMO and if you set it to behave a bit with all those graphical animations it is not slower
[13:21:13] <Colourless> dominus: having the Direct3d source isn't really required. If alt-tabbing does crash, i'll have to put in a work around
[13:21:47] <sbx> Dominus: i never used W2k is it like nt?
[13:22:12] <Dominus> sbx: I never used NT :-)
[13:22:36] <Dominus> Colourless: way cool
[13:23:01] <Dominus> Colourless: if you get it to work you are my hero
[13:23:12] <sbx> what is good about W2k then?
[13:23:35] <Colourless> glide2x will take some time. the sources i've got are really ancient
[13:23:37] <matto> Dominus: is it better than win2k?
[13:23:54] <Dominus> sbx: it is basicly an improved NT4 SP6 (I think)
[13:24:10] <matto> I ran by Thoxa and she never appeared hee hee
[13:24:31] <sbx> mwahaha
[13:24:38] <Dominus> matto: then you didn't get the hourglass and you are screwed .-)
[13:24:42] <matto> hehe.. I just went back and she showed up
[13:25:04] <Wumpus> what happends if you don't have the hourglass and get killed? :P
[13:25:11] <sbx> Dominus: is winxp blue?
[13:25:51] <Dominus> matto: to me XP is better, I tried XP, and then played back my W2k backup and after two hours I went back to XP
[13:26:04] <Dominus> sbx: what do you mean?
[13:26:05] * Darke considers the installation he saw was very, very blue.
[13:26:14] <Wumpus> thought... it'd be nice if exult didn't allow you to bring up menus when the pallete was faded to black :)
[13:26:44] <sbx> Dominus: what Darke said :-)
[13:27:07] <-- Wumpus has left IRC ("BRB (I hope)")
[13:27:23] * Colourless is currently running in 98 so he can attempt to find what's going wrong with glide fsaa screenshots
[13:27:38] <Dominus> sbx, Darke: you can easily disable those designs or download or make(not so easy) your own design and make it look like kde or MacOS or whatever you like
[13:28:15] <Dominus> Colourless: there is something wrong?
[13:28:19] * Darke knows. <grin>
[13:28:23] <sbx> what WM do you use Darke?
[13:28:30] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[13:28:36] <Wumpus> yay normaliy
[13:28:49] <Colourless> dominus: yeah, they don't work ;-)
[13:29:07] <Colourless> i only get half the samples (always have actually)
[13:29:17] <Dominus> btw, Colourless or wjp, that some screenshots of Exult say "screenshot" on the screenshot is quite annoying in my view
[13:29:42] <sbx> hehe
[13:29:56] <Wumpus> were there special conditions for the mandrake roots you need for the spellbook? like, i know you need three "Fresh' ones, but do you have to pick them at a certain time (midnight?)
[13:30:00] <Colourless> well, i didn't take them
[13:30:31] <Dominus> Colourless: I meant in general
[13:30:39] <Colourless> ah
[13:30:49] <Colourless> you don't like the feedback?
[13:31:01] <Dominus> Wumpus: you need to talk to one of the monks so he tells you when the right time is
[13:31:08] <Wumpus> ah okay
[13:31:15] <Wumpus> that would explain why fedabiblio won't tell me :)
[13:31:31] <Dominus> Colourless: I like the feedback but on some screenshots it also states it on the screenshot itself
[13:31:32] * Wumpus thought I had just forgotten what he sadi earlier
[13:31:49] <sbx> just press screenshot key twice
[13:32:01] <Dominus> Colourless: I noticed this a lot on screenshots by Soul|NOTLOVE
[13:32:06] <sbx> haha
[13:32:08] <sbx> me too
[13:32:13] <sbx> :-)
[13:32:14] <Dominus> sbx: a workaround but not a solution
[13:32:15] <Wumpus> anyone here who can fix webpagse on exult.sf.net?
[13:32:27] <sbx> Dominus: that is not a workaround, i was explaining how to repeat the problem
[13:32:36] <Dominus> sbx: ah, sorry
[13:32:44] <Wumpus> ya, pressing it the first time gives the result you *want* :)
[13:32:45] <sbx> workaround: just press screenshot key thrice
[13:32:51] <sbx> or once
[13:32:51] <sbx> hehe
[13:32:58] <Wumpus> pressing it twice, gives the second one with the "screenshot" albel
[13:33:02] <Wumpus> thrice wouldn't work :P
[13:33:26] <Dominus> Wumpus: I can change the webpage
[13:33:32] <sbx> "New! Google offers complete 20-year Usenet Archive with over 700 million messages"
[13:33:39] <Dominus> you need the download point somewhere else?
[13:33:51] <Wumpus> dominus- on the downloads page, the Debian Woody deb still points to the old one
[13:33:58] <Wumpus> wjp uploaded a new one a while back
[13:34:11] <Wumpus> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/exult/exult_0.96beta1_i386.deb should be http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/exult/exult_0.96beta1-1_i386.deb
[13:34:37] <sbx> http://www.google.com/googlegroups/archive_announce_20.html
[13:35:00] <Wumpus> if you could update that it'd be cool; it was asignificant bug in theo lder package, hehe :|
[13:35:24] <sbx> Wumpus: your pkg should be in the repositoruy
[13:35:57] <Wumpus> sbx- uhh, its not at the moment, because there is an official maintainer, and i don't feel like jumping through the hoops to become one myself at this time....
[13:36:30] <sbx> Wumpus: you already said that... excuses... excuses... excuses :-)
[13:36:37] <Wumpus> :P
[13:36:56] <sbx> hmm actually "i don't feel like it" isnt a real excuse even
[13:37:00] <sbx> hehe
[13:37:04] <Wumpus> indeed :)
[13:37:30] <Wumpus> hmm the "real" maintainer hasn't update it to the beat yet, hehe
[13:37:32] <Dominus> Wumpus: done
[13:38:02] <sbx> Wumpus: what is the "real" maintainers version? and when are you going to announce to him that you are taking his position?
[13:38:26] <Wumpus> i really ought to get in touch with him, paticularly since my packages are an epoch ahead of his, which is a Bad Thing (TM)... Dancer had some v0.99 at some point :| which was dodgy
[13:38:34] <Wumpus> 0.94alpha5
[13:39:12] <sbx> tell him resistance is futile
[13:39:20] <sbx> or i mean "please update your packages"
[13:39:21] <Wumpus> :P
[13:39:24] <matto> hey look, it's Spektor, treasurer of Monitor
[13:39:26] <Wumpus> its not though :)
[13:39:38] <Wumpus> matto?
[13:39:47] <sbx> resistance is tiresome
[13:39:53] <Wumpus> dominus- cool, thanks muchly :-)
[13:39:56] <matto> I'm talking to people in Monitor
[13:40:15] <Wumpus> s/treasurer/lord high chief embezzler/ :P
[13:40:30] <matto> is he a bad guy?
[13:40:36] <Dominus> matto: it's so nice that you are telling us your SI playing step by step :-)
[13:40:39] <Wumpus> oh
[13:40:43] <Wumpus> you'ev never played before?
[13:40:50] <matto> Wumpus: yes I've played when the game was brand new
[13:40:58] <matto> but that was many years ago
[13:40:59] <Dominus> matto: don'T listen to them, Spektor is a nice guy
[13:41:03] * Wumpus shuts up, in that case :) you'll see in due course
[13:41:06] <Dominus> and easy to bribe :-)
[13:41:41] <sbx> yes dont say anything i never played through
[13:42:01] <matto> I remember a few things about SI but not too much
[13:42:08] <Wumpus> you all should! its good!
[13:42:27] <Dominus> SI is a nice experience
[13:42:48] * sbx wonders if he will like it as much as BG.
[13:42:50] * Darke has never played through, but doesn't really care, he enjoys talking to people about movies or games or whatever, more then he does actually watching the movie or playing the game. <grin>
[13:43:31] <sbx> heathen!
[13:43:52] <sbx> heretic!
[13:44:08] <sbx> hypocrite!
[13:44:15] <sbx> and whatnot
[13:44:19] <Wumpus> danj- but you're *normal* in this channel :P
[13:44:19] * Darke giggles.
[13:44:28] <Wumpus> berr
[13:44:39] <sbx> Darke: what WM do you use?
[13:45:23] * Dominus still thinks that a comment from Colourless should be in the quotes: sth like he never understood how game develpors never actually played the game until he began working on Exult :-)
[13:45:25] <Darke> sbx: No idea. <grin> Any specific way of finding out?
[13:45:53] * Darke considers X to be just a way of having a dozen terminal windows viewable on the screen at once.
[13:46:44] <sbx> ps ax?
[13:47:42] <Colourless> :-)
[13:48:04] <Wumpus> okay, this is interesting... I arrive in Monk ISle at a time when they are all schedule to be having a sermon thingie, but noone is in the hall... I go away and come back, and there they all are
[13:49:04] <sbx> http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=8909122102.aa06567%40SMOKE.BRL.MIL
[13:49:19] <Darke> sbx: Is KDE the value you're looking for? <grin> I know there's sawfish, blackbox, and whatnot (if I've remembered their names correctly), I just don't know their 'relationship' with everything else in the windowing environment.
[13:49:40] <Wumpus> yeah, KDE is a window manager :)
[13:49:44] <sbx> no...
[13:49:49] * Wumpus uses windowmaker, yayyyyy yum! :)
[13:49:52] <sbx> well...
[13:50:01] <sbx> Darke: KDE used kwm and kwin in different versions but you could pick a different one if it is compatible
[13:50:10] <Wumpus> oh, hmm
[13:50:14] <Wumpus> oh ofc
[13:50:16] <Wumpus> bah :)
[13:50:20] <sbx> i think, i dont use kde anymore
[13:50:29] * sbx is using Blackbox.
[13:50:47] <sbx> Wumpus: but i have windowmaker installed
[13:51:08] <Wumpus> hehe
[13:51:09] * sbx changes to it now.
[13:51:13] * Wumpus never really tried much else....
[13:51:43] <Wumpus> I played around originally, with quite a few, and was reasonably satisfied with wmaker, and there i stayed :) never tried blackbox, although a few people at uni swear by it
[13:51:46] <Wumpus> or should that be at it? :P
[13:52:15] <sbx> i swear by it
[13:52:41] <sbx> or whatever
[13:52:41] <sbx> heh
[13:53:13] <sbx> uh oh wmaker wont start
[13:53:33] * sbx swears at his computer.
[13:53:47] * Wumpus imagines th ecomputer swearing back :)
[13:53:49] * Darke just uses KDE because he was recommended it as being the most minimal fuss to configure from 'default' to 'usable' and he agrees. <grin>
[13:54:06] <sbx> hrmm
[13:54:14] <Wumpus> bah, 'sif you'd bother configuring whtaever :)
[13:54:27] <sbx> Wumpus: it wants me to run wmaker.inst cause i deleted GNUstep directory :P
[13:54:39] <Wumpus> hehe *srhug* :P
[13:54:49] <Wumpus> yeah, thats where it keeps it config stuf
[13:54:50] <Wumpus> +f
[13:55:37] <sbx> uh
[13:56:15] <Wumpus> *shrug*
[13:56:26] * Wumpus would be inclined to go "why bother" and go on using <whatever> :)
[13:56:31] <sbx> it iiiis wiildy channgiiing wwiinodoww foocuus!
[13:56:40] * Darke agrees with Wumpus. <grin>
[13:56:55] <Wumpus> "wildly"?
[13:57:00] * Wumpus loves sloppy focux
[13:57:02] <Wumpus> focus even
[13:57:07] <sbx> helllop
[13:58:05] <sbx> iii meean i am llossssing annd gaiinnniing foocuus!
[13:58:15] <sbx> rappidlllyy
[13:58:23] <Wumpus> !
[13:59:16] <Darke> 'sloppy focus'?
[13:59:37] <Wumpus> similar to focus follows mouse, but lazier :P
[13:59:49] <Wumpus> (if you move onto the background, the focus stays where it was)
[14:00:00] <sbx> uh i had to go back to bbox
[14:00:09] <Wumpus> :)
[14:00:09] <sbx> i dont know what happened, the focus kept flickering
[14:00:17] <Wumpus> *shrug*
[14:00:31] <sbx> i had to hold down keys to get anything into xchat
[14:00:35] <Wumpus> weird stuff like that happends to me when i have gpm and X at the same time... *Shrug*
[14:00:41] <sbx> ooh
[14:00:48] <sbx> anyway, why did it put all my dialogs in the same workspace?
[14:00:55] <sbx> or whatever wmaker calls it
[14:01:23] <Darke> Wumpus: Ahh... that's the focus I have set.
[14:01:57] <sbx> Wumpus: by dialogs i meant windows
[14:02:10] <Wumpus> sbx- um, I don't think the "which window belongs to which workspace" ever survives a change between window managers, does it?
[14:02:17] <Wumpus> (At least in my experience)
[14:02:41] <sbx> i guess i dont change window managers enough
[14:03:05] <Wumpus> hehe i don't much either, its just from the few times i did try :)
[14:03:10] <Wumpus> a loong time ago :
[14:03:14] <Wumpus> anyway, back to playing :)
[14:03:17] --- Wumpus is now known as Wumpus_SI
[14:03:24] <Wumpus_SI> now that the network seems to be working again
[14:03:44] <sbx> you need the network for SI?
[14:04:51] <Wumpus_SI> no :P but i was DLing stuff
[14:07:25] <sbx> does anyone still use Gopher?
[14:07:46] * Wumpus_SI used it once :)
[14:07:48] <Wumpus_SI> ever
[14:08:22] * sbx too.
[14:08:26] <sbx> well twice i guess
[14:08:32] * Darke remembered he used to get some old rpg material from a few gopher sites when he first 'found' the internet.
[14:08:34] <matto> I never used it
[14:08:39] <matto> I remember people talking about it though
[14:09:00] <matto> actually I did try to use it a few times
[14:09:08] <matto> I'd run "gopher" and I'd get a menu of about 10 uninteresting looking subjects
[14:09:11] <matto> :)
[14:09:22] <sbx> but is it still used?
[14:09:45] <matto> well I'm sure someone out there is running it!
[14:09:48] <Darke> Still used.
[14:09:56] <matto> looks like it's available in the old apt-get archive
[14:10:49] <Wumpus_SI> gopher? hehe :)
[14:10:57] <sbx> i see
[14:11:03] <sbx> http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=1991Sep10.020238.4751%40cs.umn.edu
[14:11:10] <Wumpus_SI> more or less everyone winds up dead in the end, in SI, right?
[14:11:34] <Dominus> Wumpus_SI: we agreed not to spoil too much, didn't we :-)
[14:11:35] <sbx> ???
[14:11:46] <Wumpus_SI> oh
[14:11:51] * Wumpus_SI hmms and looks innocent
[14:12:02] <matto> well thanks a lot for ruining it!!!
[14:12:07] <sbx> Wumpus_SI: do you represent any sort of furry creature?
[14:12:14] <matto> :)
[14:12:29] * matto never completed SI but he did get to the great white north
[14:14:30] <Wumpus_SI> sbx- occasionally :P
[14:15:35] * sbx wants to know so he can go outside and shoot said furry creature.
[14:15:59] * Darke giggles.
[14:16:19] * matto fires up Exult and promptly slaughters a few rabbits
[14:16:24] <matto> mmmm good food!
[14:16:33] <Wumpus_SI> bah, nothign as harmless as a rabit :P
[14:16:41] * matto double clicks on a bucket of blood and puts the cursor on Iolo
[14:17:03] <Wumpus_SI> hehe
[14:17:28] <sbx> "Foul miscreant!"
[14:17:30] <matto> is it just me, or are the compainions a bit more chatty in exult than they were in the original?
[14:17:46] <Wumpus_SI> hehe I don't think so :)
[14:19:38] <Wumpus_SI> stupd similar looking NPCs
[14:25:01] <sbx> http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=6487%40cernvax.cern.ch
[14:25:45] <Dominus> he he
[14:27:35] * Darke is in absolute awe, and wonders where on _earth_ they located copies of these archives.
[14:28:04] * sbx shrugs.
[14:28:06] <matto> I wonder if any of my old DOOM posts on usenet are there.. hehe
[14:28:12] <sbx> there are peoples names with links at the bottom of the main page
[14:28:45] <sbx> heh
[14:28:49] <sbx> matto: with the name matto?
[14:29:27] <matto> no
[14:29:31] <matto> I really couldn't tell you what name I used
[14:30:10] <matto> people were challenging other people to see if you could finish the final level on Episode 1 in doom (e1m8?) with just a pistol
[14:30:24] <matto> I practiced at it and finally recorded a demo of me doing it which I then uploaded
[14:30:28] <sbx> you cannot or you will not tell me? :-)
[14:30:31] <sbx> wow
[14:30:36] <sbx> where ? hehe
[14:30:47] <matto> some newsgroup when doom was brand new
[14:31:06] <sbx> the final level was e1m9
[14:31:27] <matto> wasn't that the secret level?
[14:31:30] <Dominus> I would really like to search the groups the other way round (listing the oldest on top)
[14:32:31] <sbx> matto: oh yeah
[14:32:40] <sbx> maybe the advanced search does it
[14:33:11] <Dominus> hmpf, doesn't
[14:34:52] <Colourless> got to restart
[14:34:56] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("brb")
[14:39:37] * sbx finds his greeting message to the UDIC.
[14:40:42] <sbx> hmm
[14:40:46] <sbx> i was told to get a real newsreader :P
[14:42:16] <sbx> 23 Oct 1996
[14:43:28] <Darke> sbx: FYI, I just committed the changes to opcodes.txt to clean up all the empty comments that are never going to have comments. (Umm... yeah, right, that made sense.)
[14:44:57] <sbx> cool
[14:44:57] <sbx> ok
[14:45:00] <sbx> thanks
[14:48:30] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[14:48:30] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[14:48:41] <Colourless> i am back :-)
[14:48:51] <Dominus> wb
[14:49:07] <sbx> wb
[14:49:45] * Darke notices and accidently splashes some pink paint on Colourless' tail.
[14:50:05] <Colourless> why you!
[14:50:09] <sbx> accidently?
[14:50:21] * Darke attempts to look innocent.
[14:51:49] * Darke thinks someone really needs to change the topic. <innocenwiggle>
[14:52:23] --- Colourless gives channel operator status to Darke
[14:52:26] <Colourless> change it then
[14:52:43] * Darke ponders what he'll set it to.
[14:54:44] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[14:55:19] <sbx> "Colourless has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) <fluff>"
[14:55:40] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[14:55:40] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[14:55:55] <sbx> wb
[14:56:05] <Colourless> :-)
[14:56:09] * Darke bows.
[14:57:14] <Darke> Better. <nod> The topic really _should_ have some reference to ultima in it. <grin>
[14:57:51] <sbx> ooh ooh
[14:57:53] <sbx> http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&threadm=6ufuv3%248ea%243%40newton2.pacific.net.sg
[14:58:50] <Dominus> cool
[14:59:16] <Colourless> note to self: it is a bad idea to attempt to access more vsa100 chips than are phyiscally on the board ;-)
[14:59:16] <Dominus> "Its still in beta, IIRC"
[14:59:28] <Dominus> RoTFL
[14:59:45] <Dominus> Don't you have enough already ? :-)
[15:00:03] * Darke giggles, "And that's _still_ true."
[15:00:24] <Colourless> i attempted to read from 33 chips ;-)
[15:00:24] <Dominus> at that time it wasn't even alpha :-)
[15:00:47] <Dominus> 33? are you crazy :-)
[15:01:01] <Colourless> it was an accident :-)
[15:01:18] <Colourless> i only wanted to actually read from one
[15:01:34] <Dominus> as long as you don't fry your card :-)
[15:12:39] <-- Wumpus_SI has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[15:18:24] * Darke wonders if an enum called 'DoOp' will cause anyone to cringe. <grin> (Along with DoListPair and DoList.)
[15:19:20] * Darke points out this is how you can tell a 'quick hack' from a real program. <grin>
[15:22:11] <sbx> what would that do?
[15:24:34] <Darke> Just for this 'quick hack' of a command line conf/ editor. DoOp is the operation (currently 'add' or 'remove') DoListPair consists of a pair<> consisting of a DoOp and a vector of strings with are the parameters to the operation (for example add takes two parameters, rem takes one), DoList is a list of all the operations to be carried out that have been listed on the command line.
[15:26:07] <sbx> there is a 'rem'?
[15:26:21] <wjp> remove?
[15:26:30] <sbx> oh
[15:26:48] <sbx> heh
[15:27:12] <Darke> Yep. 'remove' is the long form of 'rem'. <grin> Think of any other synonums you might randomly grasp at when trying to execute this program?
[15:27:25] <wjp> 'rm' obviously :-)
[15:27:28] <sbx> del?
[15:27:55] <Darke> Done, done. 'create' for add is the only one I can think of at the moment.
[15:28:01] <sbx> new?
[15:28:31] <Darke> Done. Thanks. I suppose 'mk' could be a nice counterpart to rm? <grin>
[15:32:02] <sbx> "That 80s Show"??
[15:32:05] * sbx shudders.
[15:32:09] <Darke> I've also got '-a' and '-r' for the more option orientated folk. <grin>
[15:33:02] <sbx> Darke: are the others options? (--add, --remove)
[15:33:20] <Darke> No. Just straight words at the moment.
[15:33:30] <sbx> ?
[15:33:36] <sbx> oh
[15:33:38] <sbx> k
[15:34:41] <Darke> I'm looking at it 'reading': cmanip exult.cfg add "config/video/scale_method" "interlaced"
[15:35:10] * wjp would really like a "modify" option
[15:35:21] <sbx> i guess if "add" et al HAS to be there, then the -- option specifier isnt necessary
[15:35:45] <sbx> what would modify do?
[15:35:51] <Darke> Which can be extended to: cmanip exult.cfg add "config/video/scale_method" "interlaced" remove config/disk/game/blackgame/patch
[15:35:57] <wjp> change the value of a key
[15:36:04] <sbx> that is not what add does?
[15:36:07] <Darke> 'add' also 'modifies' at the moment.
[15:36:23] <wjp> how about adding 'modify' as a synonym for 'add'? :-)
[15:36:40] * Darke considered having add throw an error if the key was already there, but it's too... pointless? <grin>
[15:36:44] <Darke> wjp: Done.
[15:37:00] <sbx> add about 60 synonnyms and in usage: say "figure it out"
[15:38:22] <Darke> <grin> If you didn't realise it, I'm trying to get it to the point where the entire documentation says: "type 'cmanip' and read what it says."
[15:38:53] <wjp> how about "type 'cmanip' followed by what you want to do in plain english"? ;-)
[15:39:37] <Darke> wjp: Which is what more-or-less what 'usage' says. <grin>
[15:39:46] <wjp> cmanip please add the key "config/debug/ultrasecretcheatmode" with the value "on" to "~/.exult.cfg"
[15:39:46] <wjp> ?
[15:40:24] <Darke> wjp: That, strangely enough would be do-able.
[15:40:27] <sbx> $ cmanip Please remove config/disk/game/blackgame/patch from my exult configuration file(exult.cfg). Thanks!
[15:40:44] <sbx> hmm mine is harder to do :P
[15:41:41] <Darke> Not really. Look for the '.cfg' or 'exult', and the slashes. The 'remove' bit is easy.
[15:42:27] * Darke considers that if you presume the file to already exist, it becomes a lot easier.
[15:42:41] <sbx> well i only put the part in parenthesis to help it out
[15:42:46] <sbx> what if that is gone?
[15:43:14] <Darke> sbx: Then you default to 'exult.cfg' <grin>
[15:43:40] <wjp> and what if my config file is named 'please' ? ;-)
[15:44:00] <Darke> wjp: You lose. <grin>
[15:44:07] <wjp> drat :-)
[15:44:26] * wjp renames please back to .exult.cfg
[15:44:27] <sbx> $ cmanip Say, are you a real program or a quick hack? OOps, that is beside the point... what I want you to do is take one of the thingies.. uhm, keys(?) out of my Ultima VII engine file! It is the one that controls all sound stuff. Just take the whole thing out. Tell Patrick this is a nice tool. Thanks again!
[15:44:40] * Darke considers for a second integrating ai into his 'quick hack'. Only for a second. <grin>
[15:46:00] <sbx> DarkeSpeech 2001
[15:46:13] <Dominus> fluffyspeech
[15:47:41] * Darke did consider getting a business name of 'FluffComp consulting' at one point in time to see how much paperspam and coldcalls he gets to it.
[15:50:42] <Darke> Any synonums for 'verbose' you can think of? <grin>
[15:51:18] <wjp> '--informationoverdose"
[15:51:37] * wjp wonders why he used two different types of quotes
[15:51:43] <Darke> 'dump-entire-contents-of-conf-file-to-cout'
[15:51:50] <wjp> `--spam-me'
[15:52:22] <Dominus> spam-me looks nice :-)
[15:52:23] * Darke thinks he'll stick with -v and verbose.
[15:54:36] * Darke would rather not tempt fate. He gets enough completely useless spams for human pheronomes, and ugly, naked, furless, female humans in his email already. <grin>
[15:56:59] <sbx> pheronomes?
[15:57:26] <sbx> heh
[15:58:19] <Darke> pheromones. My fingers appear to be rather confused tonight. <grin>
[16:01:45] <sbx> that makes me think of something funny i just read on usenet
[16:02:02] <sbx> ..but I think it's probably best I don't paste it. :-)
[16:02:09] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ferognomes
[16:02:25] <Darke> Any idea why the conf/ files don't have support for passing std::string? No one ever uses it I'm guessing. I don't suppose anyone will complain if I add the appropriate public functions? <grin>
[16:02:43] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: what have you been doing ? :P
[16:02:59] <Darke> Soul|LOVE: Gnomes that you can attract by magnets? Sounds fun. <grin>
[16:03:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> pete's brew, pete's wicked brew, pete's summer brew
[16:03:41] <Soul|NOTLOVE> who the fuck is pete? fuck pete.
[16:03:46] <sbx> does the F in the elemental table for Iron stand for Ferrite?
[16:04:51] <Darke> 'Fe' IIRC. I've got a web-link to a table around here somewhere...
[16:04:58] <sbx> Fe yes
[16:05:20] <sbx> which would still apply to my question :-)
[16:07:10] <Darke> sbx: Yes.
[16:07:20] <sbx> yay
[16:07:30] <sbx> I mean thanks.
[16:08:21] <Darke> http://www.webelements.com/ Cool. Found it again.
[16:08:45] <sbx> Does that say that too?
[16:09:50] <Darke> <grin> Didn't check. It just happens to have a nice overview of each element in it, so it should mention it.
[16:10:57] <sbx> what web browsing software do you use?
[16:11:43] <Darke> konqueror and mozilla, and the occasional lynx and netscape4.
[16:12:21] <sbx> oh you must have a nice computer
[16:12:22] <sbx> :-)
[16:12:31] <sbx> mozilla and kde
[16:12:31] <sbx> hehe
[16:12:36] * Darke looks innocent.
[16:12:53] <matto> I use the SharpTooth Browser
[16:14:15] <sbx> when is SharpTooth coming back?
[16:14:17] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[16:14:45] * matto looks at Darke
[16:14:58] <matto> I think Darke devoured SharpTooth
[16:15:07] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[16:15:07] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[16:15:16] <Dominus> wb Colourless :-)
[16:15:30] * Darke shrugs, "Whenever he feels like coming back? <grin> Some days writer feels more like one character then another."
[16:15:36] <Dominus> what did you do now to your computer ? :-)
[16:16:12] <sbx> wb Colourless
[16:16:26] * Darke bows to the bouncy dragon.
[16:16:33] <sbx> ahh "F" is an element too :P
[16:17:17] <wjp> 'Fe' = Ferrum (Latin)
[16:17:22] <wjp> F = Fluor(ide?)
[16:17:32] <sbx> eh
[16:17:33] <sbx> oh well
[16:18:03] <sbx> but Ferrite what is that?
[16:18:11] <wjp> dunno
[16:18:18] <sbx> i have an antenna made out of it
[16:18:44] <Darke> http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?ferrite
[16:19:26] <sbx> ooh
[16:19:38] <wjp> it does contain iron ions :-)
[16:19:50] <sbx> makes sense thanks
[16:19:50] <sbx> yes
[16:20:20] <Soul|NOTLOVE> r
[16:20:22] <wjp> what's the english word for 'F', btw?
[16:20:29] <wjp> fluoride?
[16:20:31] <sbx> Flourine?
[16:20:41] <Colourless> Flourine
[16:21:02] <wjp> s/ou/uo/ ?
[16:21:05] <Darke> Hmm... it doesn't look like conf/ supports a way to remove tags... Methinks this quick hack is going to be a less then quick hack.
[16:21:35] <sbx> wjp: yes
[16:21:50] <sbx> Darke: can you call it a program now?
[16:23:07] <Darke> sbx: Not really. <grin> I'm just going to have to modify conf/ for my own nefarious purposes. Considering I was writing this quick hack to make it easier to test a modification to conf/ in the first place, this should be interesting.
[16:23:13] <wjp> hey, webelements.com even has the dutch names of the elements. Nice :-)
[16:28:18] <sbx> did people use "superBeta" in 1990?
[16:29:29] <wjp> superBeta?
[16:29:38] * sbx shrugs.
[16:31:48] <sbx> hi-fi vcr
[16:34:13] <sbx> http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/7556/betagal.html
[16:35:04] * Darke thinks he's going to have to rewrite some of the public interface to conf/ once he's finished this, he's passing std::string.c_str() to a function that only accepts char *'s and the 'first' thing the function does is to copy the char * to a std::string.
[16:35:11] <Dominus> ah, beta
[16:35:22] <wjp> related to betamax?
[16:36:20] <sbx> yes?
[16:36:51] <sbx> anyway i just mentioned because i read a message dated 1990 where someone had recorded something and they say "thanks to my trusty superBeta!"
[16:37:04] <sbx> (an ep of the simpsons)
[16:38:17] <sbx> "(all thanks to my great superBeta and its frame by frame)"
[16:39:02] <sbx> that site with pictures btw also has text about why this guy thinks beta is better than vhs :-)
[16:41:20] <sbx> and there is a Betamax webring
[16:41:25] * sbx boggles.
[16:41:54] <Colourless> hey dominus, you wouldn't beleive it, but i just found a bug in glide that was preventing me from having 100% working FSAA. It turns out that 2 of the chips weren't getting the correct settings. :-( That bug is fixed now, or at least I know what was causing it. :-)
[16:42:53] <sbx> Colourless: what are you doing with glide?
[16:42:58] <Colourless> fixing it :-)
[16:43:12] * Darke must sleep now. "Night all."
[16:43:23] <-- Darke has left #exult ()
[16:43:42] <sbx> for what?
[16:43:56] <Dominus> Colourless: that's great, all those 2many" V5 6k users will thank you probably :-)
[16:43:57] <Colourless> i've got the linux glide sources here and i've gotten it to compile for windows so I can fix up a bug that is causing WinXP to crash. I've also been taking time to fix other bugs that have been annoying me
[16:44:31] <sbx> Colourless: any development project you are using glide with or just for playing games?
[16:44:55] <Colourless> just games
[16:46:01] <Dominus> Colourless: as you have said you have an older source, do you think that you are fixinf already fixed bugs or that you are doing really genuine work
[16:46:08] <Dominus> hmm, badly phrased
[16:46:22] <sbx> Colourless: what is the most obvious bug?
[16:46:35] <Dominus> that it crashes XP :-)
[16:46:53] <sbx> hmm
[16:46:55] <sbx> besides that
[16:46:58] <sbx> :-)
[16:47:05] <Colourless> well, thet Glide3 source i'm using is build 658 (or slightly newer) which i what I normally use.
[16:47:42] <Dominus> ah, you meant that glide2 source, right ? I forgot
[16:47:45] <Colourless> the Glide2 source is something in the 400s
[16:47:56] <Dominus> :-(
[16:48:04] <Colourless> it's 415
[16:48:17] <sbx> does it only crash if you alt-tab?
[16:48:41] <Colourless> normal glide crashes on program startup
[16:49:01] <Dominus> someone hacked it so it only crashed at program end
[16:49:03] <Dominus> :-)
[16:49:21] <Dominus> and colourless is hopefully fixing that :-)
[16:49:41] <Colourless> my glide only crashes when OpenGL programs end, regardless of operating system ;-)
[16:50:14] <sbx> why hasnt someone fixed this before?
[16:50:25] <Dominus> oh, that happens for you on all OS?
[16:50:30] <Colourless> yeah it does
[16:50:44] <Dominus> sbx: 3dfx went out of business
[16:51:21] <sbx> Dominus: hehe i meant the users like Colourless
[16:51:24] <Colourless> in Win98 it doesn't completely crash, and if i run a normal glide app i can recover the system. In XP it dies
[16:52:03] <Colourless> sbx: good question, i can't really answer it
[16:53:18] <Dominus> it really is a good question as 3dfx went out of business 1 year ago. But maybe it is due to that bug "only" occuring for V5 6k of which there are only "beta" boards
[16:53:40] <sbx> oh i have a Voodoo3
[16:55:07] <Dominus> i have a V5 5.5k
[16:55:23] <Colourless> i of course have a v5 6k
[16:56:39] <Colourless> an interesting fact, the reason I have a 6k is because I came up with the idea of Sub sample LOD Dithering. It turns out that just 2 days before these sources were released, 3dfx implimented it into the drivers. I didn't even know they had done it, because they never told anyone!
[16:56:40] <Dominus> I noticed your nice Avatar on the x3dfx board :-)
[16:56:46] <Colourless> :-)
[16:57:40] <Colourless> my avatar being part of the back of my board
[16:58:12] <Dominus> hm, I don't really get the connection with you getting the 6k and you coming up with the sub bla bla. You mean they send you one because of that idea?
[16:58:28] <Dominus> I saw that on those pictures you like to show of that board
[16:59:23] <Colourless> yeah, Quantum 3D sent it to me. The applied for a patent based on the idea and gave me the 6k as a gift. The idea itself is in the public domain BTW
[16:59:45] <Colourless> Q3D just patentet an implimentation
[16:59:47] <Dominus> and what is Sub sample lod dithering? (cool btw that you got it through this :-))
[17:00:10] <sbx> they gave you a 3d card as gratitude for using your idea??
[17:00:25] <sbx> oh public domain
[17:00:48] * sbx should read the end of comments before commenting on them.
[17:01:54] <Colourless> well, the idea is really simple. it's a way of doing a trilinear filtering approximation. what is done is for each subsample (when doing fsaa) the LOD Bias for the texture is shifted slightly
[17:02:29] * Dominus somehow understands a bit
[17:02:55] * sbx understands a bit less.
[17:04:22] <Colourless> :-)
[17:05:51] * Dominus only wonders why the source has fairly up to date glide3 sources but not glide2
[17:09:08] <Colourless> for what ever resaon 3dfx didn't release Voodoo 4/5 Glide 2 Linux sources, which is odd since 99% of all linux programs use glide2, not glide3
[17:09:35] <Colourless> again, the same can be said for Windows as well. few programs use glide3
[17:09:41] <sbx> 99% of all linux programs use glide2?
[17:09:53] <Colourless> that use glide
[17:10:02] <sbx> oh.. you cant compile with either?
[17:10:08] <Dominus> strange
[17:10:24] <Colourless> glide 3 is a but more advanced.
[17:10:34] <Colourless> s/but/bit
[17:10:37] <sbx> hmm but you mean program binaries?
[17:10:47] <sbx> already compiled for glide2
[17:11:13] <Colourless> the vertex formats are different so are some of the function names
[17:11:21] <sbx> oh
[17:11:40] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE why are you idling? :P
[17:12:02] <Colourless> in theory it should be possible to easily wrap glide2 function calls to glide3, or even modify glide3 to act like glide2
[17:13:07] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ??
[17:13:27] <Soul|NOTLOVE> sbx, what do you mean why am I idling? what else would I do when i'm afk?
[17:13:33] <matto> haha
[17:13:37] <sbx> not be afk
[17:13:49] * matto thinks sbx is trying to push Soul|NOTLOVE's buttons and is succeeding
[17:13:59] <Soul|NOTLOVE> not really
[17:14:04] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i woke up pretty upset today
[17:14:13] * sbx was just trying to get Soul|NOTLOVE to not be idle.
[17:14:15] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: why?
[17:14:21] <Soul|NOTLOVE> don't want to go into it
[17:14:34] <sbx> if i say "why?" again will you get mad?
[17:15:15] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no
[17:15:23] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i don't get mad erally
[17:15:23] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: why?
[17:15:25] <Soul|NOTLOVE> really *
[17:15:29] <Soul|NOTLOVE> don't want to go into it
[17:15:52] <sbx> !8ball why?
[17:15:53] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 I CAUGHT COREY WATCHING JAPSCAT!
[17:16:02] <sbx> :-|
[17:16:11] <Soul|NOTLOVE> that's not really the reason
[17:16:18] <sbx> ooh...
[17:16:22] <sbx> what is the reason?
[17:16:26] <Soul|NOTLOVE> don't want to go into it
[17:16:55] <sbx> is it related to #exult?
[17:16:58] <Soul|NOTLOVE> nope
[17:17:14] <sbx> is it related to your lack of food preparation abilities?
[17:17:15] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !rehash
[17:17:23] <Soul|NOTLOVE> nope
[17:17:27] <-- MiniMe has left IRC ("Stats Addon 5.7 By: predator - predator@nwez.com. (Stats Addon 5.7)")
[17:17:30] <sbx> is it related to you?
[17:17:38] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yup
[17:17:38] <Soul|NOTLOVE> wtf
[17:17:39] --> MiniMe has joined #exult
[17:17:42] <Soul|NOTLOVE> why did he quit on rehash
[17:18:08] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !rlc
[17:18:11] <MiniMe> *** Scripts dumped and reloaded
[17:18:16] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !rehash
[17:18:16] <sbx> is it related to your family or friends or girlfriend(s)?
[17:18:18] <MiniMe> Rehashing....
[17:18:21] <MiniMe> Rehash complete!
[17:18:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yeah
[17:18:46] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !gohome -l-r
[17:18:47] <-- MiniMe has left IRC (Client Quit)
[17:18:53] <sbx> is it related to your friends or girlfriend(s)?
[17:18:58] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yup
[17:19:08] --> MiniMe has joined #exult
[17:19:15] <sbx> is it related to your girlfriend(s)?
[17:19:27] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yup
[17:19:43] <sbx> do you have more than one girlfriend?
[17:19:47] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ...
[17:19:53] <Soul|NOTLOVE> where'd you get that idea?
[17:20:35] <sbx> because it is obvious that one of them found out about the other and got mad and you had an argument and thats why you woke up pretty upset
[17:20:41] <sbx> ?
[17:20:49] <Soul|NOTLOVE> lol
[17:20:51] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no
[17:21:11] <sbx> is your girlfriend dead or dying or leaving you?
[17:21:30] <sbx> or all of the above
[17:21:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> lol
[17:21:56] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !gohome -r
[17:21:58] <-- MiniMe has left IRC (Client Quit)
[17:22:11] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmm
[17:22:16] <Soul|NOTLOVE> still not working right
[17:22:17] --> MiniMe has joined #exult
[17:22:25] <sbx> does your girlfriend disapprove of MiniMe?
[17:22:38] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no
[17:22:43] <sbx> is your girlfriend MiniMe?
[17:22:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no
[17:23:28] <sbx> is your upsetness related to your girlfriend's family?
[17:23:33] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no
[17:23:41] <sbx> what about her friends?
[17:23:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !gohome -r-l
[17:23:49] <-- MiniMe has left IRC (Client Quit)
[17:24:03] --> MiniMe has joined #exult
[17:24:06] <Soul|NOTLOVE> fuck it
[17:24:08] <Soul|NOTLOVE> stupid minime
[17:24:13] <-- MiniMe has left IRC (Client Quit)
[17:24:24] --> MiniMe has joined #exult
[17:24:53] <-- MiniMe has left IRC (Client Quit)
[17:24:53] <sbx> I get the feeling you don't want me to find out.
[17:25:21] <Soul|NOTLOVE> and i'll get down on my knees
[17:25:39] <sbx> did you ask her to marry you?
[17:26:26] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no
[17:26:39] <sbx> why not?
[17:26:53] <Soul|NOTLOVE> usless
[17:26:57] <Soul|NOTLOVE> useless rather
[17:27:22] <sbx> because she's leaving you?
[17:28:04] <sbx> ...
[17:28:06] <Soul|NOTLOVE> brb
[17:28:36] <sbx> ok
[17:29:56] <Soul|NOTLOVE> Total: $143.70
[17:30:23] <Dominus> Colourless: about wrapping glide2 to glide3, could it be that this is already done? And maybe you overlooked sth that makes a glide2 from the glide3 sources (I'm speaking without any knowledge again, as usual :-))
[17:31:14] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: i had a joke in there but i wont say it... :-) what does that dollar amount refer to?
[17:31:45] <Soul|NOTLOVE> my phone bill
[17:31:56] <Colourless> dom: don't think so.
[17:31:58] <Soul|NOTLOVE> my power bill was $150
[17:32:40] <sbx> because of the computers? and you cant afford it?
[17:32:49] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no that was totally random
[17:32:57] <Colourless> much is the same between them though
[17:32:57] <Soul|NOTLOVE> just decided to say that
[17:33:03] <sbx> a few days ago you were "luvvin the bills"
[17:33:07] --> MiniMe has joined #exult
[17:33:39] <Soul|NOTLOVE> still am
[17:34:25] <Dominus> Colourless: because looking at the latest W2k beta drivers for the V2 the glide2x.dll is in Version 459 and the glide3x.dll is 670
[17:35:21] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: i wanted you to not be idle so i could say some Simpsons quotes i just read, but since that was several minutes ago I don't have any desire to paste them anymore :P
[17:35:30] <Dominus> Colourless: and then suddenly they have the same version numbers for the V5
[17:35:34] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ah
[17:36:14] * Dominus pokes Soul|NOTLOVE on that Underworld/XP issue :-)
[17:36:27] <Soul|NOTLOVE> other then sending the pif i dunno dominus
[17:36:37] <Soul|NOTLOVE> it doesn't run on any other machine then the server
[17:36:46] <Soul|NOTLOVE> the server has several hundred modifications though
[17:36:49] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i have no idea which one it is
[17:36:56] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: but you got it running on one box, right?
[17:36:57] <Colourless> well, there are heaps of #if defined(GLIDE3) through the glide3 sources
[17:36:58] <sbx> Colourless probably knows why
[17:37:05] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yah
[17:37:52] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: then why not do a mem on the dos prompt to see what else you have running there? Maybe that gives a clue
[17:39:15] <Soul|NOTLOVE> 104876 bytes total continguos memory 1048576 bytes avilable extended memory 1048576 bytes available XMS memory ms-dos resident in high memory area
[17:39:36] <Dominus> aehm more like mem /c
[17:39:51] <Soul|NOTLOVE> system
[17:39:51] <Soul|NOTLOVE> mouse
[17:39:57] <Soul|NOTLOVE> mscdexnt
[17:39:57] <Soul|NOTLOVE> redir
[17:39:59] <Soul|NOTLOVE> dosx
[17:40:05] <Soul|NOTLOVE> CRD
[17:40:09] <Soul|NOTLOVE> CONVTRM
[17:40:14] <Soul|NOTLOVE> EMMSWRP
[17:40:15] <Colourless> 1048576 is only 1 mb of memory
[17:40:23] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ACTX
[17:40:28] <Soul|NOTLOVE> EXIN
[17:40:30] <Soul|NOTLOVE> FREE
[17:40:31] <Soul|NOTLOVE> FREE
[17:40:46] <Dominus> how about that emmswrp? What program is that from
[17:40:52] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no idea
[17:40:53] <Dominus> emms wrapper?
[17:40:56] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i'll find out
[17:40:59] <Soul|NOTLOVE> eventually
[17:41:01] <Dominus> that one could be the solution
[17:41:33] * Dominus googles a bit
[17:42:11] <Colourless> what is the problem?
[17:42:41] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: has Uw1 running on XP and I want to know find out how he got it running
[17:43:01] <Dominus> that's the answer to Colourless' question
[17:44:10] <Colourless> what are the pif settings?
[17:44:17] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: well, how about searching for emmswrp on your computer and see what file it is and where you load it (system.ini or config.nt or whatever)
[17:44:36] <Dominus> Colourless: his pif settings copied to his other XP box didn't run it
[17:44:57] <Dominus> but they were
[17:45:25] <Colourless> could be autoexec.nt or config.nt or even maybe vdms or something
[17:45:36] <Dominus> definetly not VDMS
[17:46:13] <Soul|NOTLOVE> 600k/16k/16k/bitmap only/compat for 98
[17:46:15] <Dominus> Colourless: but that's why I want to find out
[17:47:06] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i will, eventually
[17:47:45] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: if you can just have a look at autoexec.nt, config.nt in your system32 folder
[17:48:24] <Soul|NOTLOVE> all the other machines complain about being out of memory
[17:48:28] <Soul|NOTLOVE> regardless of pif settings
[17:49:16] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: that's the "normal" behaviour of UW on NT :-) and that makes it so interesting how you got it to run on your one system :-)
[17:49:50] <Soul|NOTLOVE> well i'll either find out by thursday or i won't ever
[17:49:50] <Soul|NOTLOVE> cause on thursday i'm wiping that machine
[17:50:00] <sbx> ?
[17:50:13] <sbx> why?
[17:50:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i'm wiping it because on thursday my new HDD will arrive
[17:50:57] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: please find that out before. Many people will be thankfull to you
[17:51:06] <Soul|NOTLOVE> currently there is a 10.8GB and an 8.0GB in there
[17:51:14] <Soul|NOTLOVE> the 10.8 is divded into an 8gb and 2gb
[17:51:20] <Soul|NOTLOVE> it's gonna switch
[17:51:26] <Soul|NOTLOVE> the 8gb is coming out of that machine
[17:51:31] <Soul|NOTLOVE> and going into an older machine
[17:51:37] <Soul|NOTLOVE> then from that older machine is coming out a 2gb
[17:51:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> that 2gb is going to the ultima-archive FTP/HTTP i have
[17:52:09] <sbx> you can find out before then
[17:52:13] <sbx> where is the ultima archive?
[17:52:27] <Soul|NOTLOVE> well technically it's private, but as long as you don't tell i won't stop you
[17:52:51] <Soul|NOTLOVE> so far it just has akala, u1-u8, uw1, uw2, martian, SE, etc, for nearly all platforms
[17:52:55] <Soul|NOTLOVE> http://ultima-archive.idleplay.net
[17:53:27] <sbx> ok it is just between you and me
[17:53:30] <Dominus> :-) as long as you don't tell
[17:53:32] <sbx> *wink wink, nudge nudge*
[17:53:36] <sbx> :P
[17:53:38] <sbx> hehe
[17:53:59] <sbx> is there any docs or maps there?
[17:54:42] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yeah
[17:54:49] <Soul|NOTLOVE> so far the pc versions all have the docs from the cd
[17:54:53] <Soul|NOTLOVE> in .doc and .txt
[17:55:00] <Soul|NOTLOVE> eventually i'll throw in everything i find
[17:55:05] <sbx> i mean like walkthroughs and things
[17:55:09] <Soul|NOTLOVE> so far it's just the game themselves
[17:55:14] <Soul|NOTLOVE> oh, sure, if I ever find time
[17:55:24] <Soul|NOTLOVE> or someone else to throw it up there
[17:55:39] * Dominus wonders why Soul|NOTLOVE does need 2GB for that
[17:55:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i don't
[17:56:13] <sbx> !8ball why does Soul|NOTLOVE need 2GB for that?
[17:56:13] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 IRLYES!
[17:56:15] <Soul|NOTLOVE> but the HDD that ultima-archive is on is a 500mb compressed 3,200 RPM drive that is very old
[17:56:36] * Dominus nods understanding
[17:56:37] <Soul|NOTLOVE> btw it's this machine
[17:56:43] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ultima-archive is also my irc slave machine
[17:56:50] <Soul|NOTLOVE> 64mb ram 100mhz processor
[17:56:51] <sbx> !8ball HOHO MADROX LEIK HORSE PRON ?
[17:56:51] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 OMGOOSES
[17:57:05] <sbx> !8ball nevermind
[17:57:05] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 OMGOOSES
[17:57:15] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ..
[17:57:18] <Soul|NOTLOVE> twice in a row
[17:57:26] <Soul|NOTLOVE> that's exceedingly rare
[17:57:32] <sbx> !8ball Am I special??
[17:57:33] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 PLZ DIE A HORRIBLE GRUESOME DEATH
[17:57:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> LOL
[17:57:39] <sbx> !8ball Is that a no?
[17:57:39] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 STFU NEB
[17:57:46] <sbx> !8ball NO U
[17:57:46] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 NO
[17:57:54] <sbx> !8ball sbx > MiniMe
[17:57:54] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 HOHO BOOGEY R GHEY
[17:58:02] <sbx> !8ball HOHO ATARI R GHEY
[17:58:03] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 LEAVE ME ALONE UR GHEY IRL
[17:58:05] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: do you have access to your machine with that XP ? And if, can you send me some of the files in question?
[17:58:16] * Dominus has fixed his dcc problem
[17:58:38] <sbx> !8ball PLZ DIE NO ONE LIKES U
[17:58:39] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 DARKE HITS ON INNOCENT LITTLE RABBITS
[17:58:47] <sbx> !
[17:58:49] <sbx> hahaha!
[17:58:55] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i'm using both, but the XP machine is currently closed other tneh HTTP/FTP/IRC
[17:58:57] <Colourless> haha
[17:59:09] * sbx knew that about Darke BTW.
[17:59:23] <Colourless> ?seen Darke
[17:59:23] <exultbot> darke left #Exult around Tue Dec 11 16:43:23 2001 (GMT)
[17:59:28] <sbx> !seen Darke
[17:59:29] <MiniMe> I saw Darke leaving #exult at 08:40am on 11 December 2001.
[18:00:07] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: your bot should have some kind of timezone indication
[18:00:30] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i wrote everything myself, didn't exactly go for complete ness
[18:00:41] <Dominus> just a suggestion :-)
[18:00:42] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i got bored with minime about two months ago and have hence added little to him
[18:00:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i lose interest easily :/
[18:01:11] <sbx> "Hehe a butterfly!"
[18:01:19] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmm
[18:01:20] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[18:01:20] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Fingolfin
[18:01:24] <Colourless> hi
[18:01:24] <Dominus> that'S why I bother you so much with the Underworld stuff :-)
[18:01:25] <sbx> hi
[18:01:45] <Soul|NOTLOVE> took all the children and then we died
[18:01:45] <Fingolfin> hi
[18:01:57] <Dominus> hi
[18:02:19] <sbx> hi
[18:03:52] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hahahahahahahaha
[18:06:44] <sbx> Homer: "Marge, please, old people don't need companionship. They need to be isolated and studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use."
[18:06:54] <Dominus> bah, if you search for ems wrapper on google you find a lot of cigar references
[18:13:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> minime runs without any fans at all O_o
[18:13:39] <Dominus> so Soul|NOTLOVE, I have to bother you until thursday?
[18:13:45] <Soul|NOTLOVE> pry
[18:14:26] <Dominus> so, when do you have access to those files again (autoexec.nt, config.nt, system.ini, win.ini)?
[18:14:42] <Soul|NOTLOVE> right now, but i'd have to switch modes, which i dun want to do ATM
[18:15:05] <Dominus> pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!
[18:15:18] <Dominus> later then?
[18:15:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> pry
[18:15:30] <Dominus> aargh
[18:15:33] <Dominus> :-)
[18:18:42] <sbx> oof!
[18:24:02] --> Darkatom has joined #exult
[18:24:13] <Darkatom> hi
[18:24:17] <Soul|NOTLOVE> indeed, herro
[18:24:24] <sbx> hi
[18:24:53] <Dominus> hi
[18:25:29] <Colourless> hi
[18:25:52] <Darkatom> i don't understand something about exult
[18:25:59] <Soul|NOTLOVE> oh dear
[18:26:24] <sbx> ?
[18:26:41] <Darkatom> is the U7 source code available?
[18:27:05] <Darkatom> (my english isn't very well)
[18:27:07] * Dominus ponders how to answer this nicely
[18:27:14] <Soul|NOTLOVE> No.
[18:27:19] <sbx> no
[18:27:43] <Darkatom> then
[18:27:51] <Darkatom> how programmers did exult?
[18:28:12] <Colourless> reverse engineering
[18:28:35] <Dominus> read the FAQ, especially http://exult.sourceforge.net/faq.php#NCF to get to know about the source :-)
[18:28:44] <Darkatom> ok
[18:29:17] <Colourless> that means work out how the original games functioned, then we attempted to replicate that behaviour as best we could
[18:29:58] <Soul|NOTLOVE> damnit
[18:30:00] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i hate this thing
[18:30:07] <sbx> HEATENS?
[18:30:12] <Soul|NOTLOVE> heathens!
[18:30:17] <Darkatom> have u developed the game again then?
[18:30:27] <Dominus> the engine
[18:30:29] <sbx> exult is it's own engine
[18:30:41] <sbx> it runs with files from u7
[18:30:50] <Darkatom> yes, the engine i mean
[18:31:25] <Colourless> yes we did
[18:31:37] <Darkatom> then u can make the game to work faster?
[18:32:24] <Colourless> easier said than done
[18:32:28] <Dominus> Well, actually we make the game run slower on modern computers
[18:32:30] <sbx> it runs the same speed u7 ran on the right machine(if you use the same screen mode)
[18:32:46] <Darkatom> I've dicovered a bug, (that's what i think)
[18:33:14] <Dominus> shoot, what is it?
[18:33:37] <Darkatom> first i have to say
[18:33:52] <Darkatom> i haven't finished playing the game
[18:34:25] <Darkatom> in Britannia
[18:34:58] <Darkatom> there is a house
[18:35:15] <Darkatom> with 2 gargoyles
[18:35:29] <Darkatom> do you know what i refer?
[18:35:31] <Dominus> "there is a house in Bri - tania, they call it rising sun...."
[18:35:44] <Dominus> yeah
[18:35:48] <Darkatom> ok
[18:35:54] <Darkatom> i was near that house
[18:35:57] <Soul|NOTLOVE> the one in NE britain I think he means?
[18:36:16] <Darkatom> yes
[18:36:22] <Darkatom> i was near there
[18:36:27] <Darkatom> and
[18:36:28] <sbx> in the city britain?
[18:37:32] <Darkatom> then i jumped directly to another site
[18:37:43] * wjp is back
[18:37:44] <Soul|NOTLOVE> didst thou fly?
[18:37:53] <Darkatom> no
[18:37:56] <Darkatom> fly?
[18:38:03] <Soul|NOTLOVE> Iolo has been known to fly
[18:38:05] <sbx> maybe you have an old version with the cheat room bug
[18:38:15] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: i would like to make Iolo fly away sometimes
[18:38:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> yes, as would I
[18:38:24] <Soul|NOTLOVE> and in fact, I did
[18:38:33] <sbx> i dont disbelieve it
[18:38:44] <sbx> er.. coming from you i bet that is true
[18:38:44] <Darkatom> cheat root? is that a room with runes and teleports?
[18:38:54] <Soul|NOTLOVE> you got it!
[18:39:04] <Darkatom> hehe
[18:39:10] <Darkatom> is that a bug?
[18:40:13] <Dominus> could you reproduce it, meaning, could you make it happen again? Otherwise it can be hard for us to reproduce
[18:40:41] <wjp> what version of exult are you using? (if you haven't said so already)
[18:40:47] <Darkatom> does somebody speak spanish?
[18:41:04] <wjp> no hablo espanol, or something :-)
[18:41:10] <Darkatom> it'll easy for me to speak in spaish
[18:41:17] <Darkatom> :)
[18:41:28] <Darkatom> ok, i'll try to explain it in english
[18:41:39] <Darkatom> i was near the gargoyles house
[18:41:44] <Darkatom> ok?
[18:41:59] <Dominus> well, I got that part, but where near?
[18:42:00] <sbx> you explained it
[18:42:05] <Dominus> right, left, up, down
[18:42:12] <Darkatom> do u understand appeared?
[18:42:26] <sbx> you mean teleported?
[18:42:37] <Darkatom> Dominus: right
[18:42:52] <Darkatom> next to the door
[18:42:58] <Darkatom> yes! teleported
[18:43:01] <Colourless> if you turn on eggs, you should probably see a teleporter
[18:43:07] <Darkatom> then i was directly teleported
[18:43:20] <Darkatom> into a room
[18:43:42] <Dominus> hm, I don't see a teleporter there
[18:43:47] <Dominus> what room?
[18:43:48] <Darkatom> Colourless: is what i'm saying a bug or and egg?
[18:43:54] <Darkatom> a room
[18:43:58] <Darkatom> with
[18:44:12] <wjp> Dominus: behind the tree
[18:44:14] <Darkatom> the bests things of the game, i think
[18:44:32] <Darkatom> do u want a screenshot?
[18:44:47] <sbx> it is a cheat
[18:44:56] <Dominus> Darkatom: that is an easter egg
[18:44:57] <wjp> Darkatom: what version of exult are you using?
[18:45:17] <Darkatom> wait
[18:45:18] <sbx> Darkatom: you can get there in Trinsic by going behind the chimney on the Blacksmith's house
[18:45:59] <Dominus> Darkatom: with the beta1 you shouldn't have that problem
[18:46:10] <Darkatom> exult-0.94alpha5-win32.exe
[18:46:20] <sbx> that is old version
[18:46:28] <Dominus> download beta 1 from our website http://exult.sf.net
[18:46:29] <sbx> get 0.96beta1 (i think?)
[18:46:43] <Darkatom> i've downloaded it
[18:46:59] <Dominus> install it then
[18:47:02] <Darkatom> but i haven't tried
[18:47:04] <Darkatom> it
[18:47:13] <Soul|NOTLOVE> you should always try newer versions
[18:47:20] <Darkatom> but i'm under LInux now
[18:47:24] <Soul|NOTLOVE> at least the newest official releases, if not the snapshots
[18:47:29] <Darkatom> is Linux version in beta phase now?
[18:47:33] <sbx> yes
[18:47:44] <sbx> redhat and debian are up to date
[18:47:46] <Dominus> hm, don't want to be rude, but we say in the FAQ (section bugs) to always try the latest version before reporting bugs
[18:47:48] <Darkatom> is that the same that the windows beta?
[18:48:00] <Dominus> it's all beta1
[18:48:06] <Darkatom> Dominus
[18:48:11] <sbx> Dominus: heh should he start a new game? :-)
[18:48:37] <Darkatom> i didn't say "I have discovered a bug.."
[18:48:51] <Darkatom> i said: "I think I ..."
[18:49:13] <Soul|NOTLOVE> [10:33am] <Darkatom> I've dicovered a bug, (that's what i think)
[18:49:17] <Darkatom> (that's what i think)
[18:49:20] <Soul|NOTLOVE> :P
[18:49:24] <Darkatom> :P
[18:49:27] <Soul|NOTLOVE> :b
[18:49:29] <Dominus> but the same holds true for that
[18:49:36] <sbx> :d
[18:49:41] <wjp> :q?
[18:49:45] <Darkatom> :F
[18:49:48] <Darkatom> :)
[18:49:50] <Soul|NOTLOVE> D:
[18:50:20] <sbx> Mmmm smiley
[18:50:44] <Soul|NOTLOVE> 8===D D: <-- "Help help!"
[18:50:58] <Dominus> as with many programs (especially those that are in alpha/beta stage) first try the new version, saves you comments like mine
[18:50:59] <Soul|NOTLOVE> Notice the look of utter despair on that mans' face
[18:51:18] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: it looks like a robot
[18:51:25] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ...
[18:51:28] <Dominus> and I really didn't want to be rude to you - just pointing out to read the FAQ
[18:51:36] <Darkatom> ok
[18:51:40] <sbx> Darkatom: start a new game with the beta
[18:51:43] <Darkatom> i have another question
[18:51:51] <Soul|NOTLOVE> someone has another answer!
[18:52:10] <Darkatom> have u repaired the flashing points on the Spike ass?
[18:52:18] <wjp> yes, we have
[18:52:19] <Dominus> argh
[18:52:22] <Darkatom> ok
[18:52:24] <Darkatom> thanks
[18:52:32] <Dominus> sparks ass!!!! It's haunting me :-)
[18:52:50] <wjp> Darkatom: we have a thread with over 100 posts on this topic on our discussion board :-)
[18:53:02] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !m
[18:53:03] <Darkatom> hehe, i now
[18:53:20] <sbx> it was fixed over 2 months ago wasnt it?
[18:53:33] <Soul|NOTLOVE> reoccuring nightmare
[18:53:41] <Darkatom> the last version i've downloaded
[18:53:57] <Darkatom> includes the Spark's flashing ass
[18:53:59] <wjp> sbx: fixed 3 november
[18:54:26] <Dominus> Darkatom: that was because we have had no official release in that time
[18:54:37] <Darkatom> ok
[18:54:42] <wjp> the last version's filename is exult-0.96beta1-win32.exe, btw
[18:55:05] <Darkatom> the last version I'VE downloaded
[18:55:07] <Dominus> but we are doing continuos updates to the code and cvs is alwasy with the latesst fixes and bugs
[18:55:13] <Darkatom> I mean
[18:55:25] <Dominus> wjp: he said he's now using linux
[18:55:36] <wjp> Dominus: he did? oh, ok. missed that
[18:55:40] <Darkatom> and what with it?
[18:56:14] <wjp> I mentioned a windows filename. My mistake
[18:56:25] <Darkatom> is my english bad?
[18:56:31] <Dominus> no
[18:56:34] <sbx> no
[18:56:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> is mine?
[18:56:36] <wjp> it's perfectly understandable
[18:56:46] <Dominus> we understand you quite well
[18:56:54] <Darkatom> i don't know if yours does
[18:57:23] <sbx> Soul|NOTLOVE: NO U
[18:57:24] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[18:57:34] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i think it's marmalade time
[18:57:41] <sbx> ?
[18:57:44] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: youhr Eanglisch sackz
[18:57:44] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ok
[18:57:47] <Darkatom> what's marmalade time?
[18:57:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> plz work
[18:57:50] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !marmalade
[18:57:50] <MiniMe> Stretching, filing, against her skin, blessed are those, who are not kin, in sin we breathe, in sex we tie, duct tape her legs, to the red sky, foolsome flesh allowances, the pansies raided the pantry of, garbadrine dreams, promiscuous, delight, deny not the flavor, custard dreams, abusing, musing, marmalade flesh, naked spread am I... am I..
[18:57:50] <MiniMe> Actors of the the tragic fanthom, extend your legs for great saturn, brown table tops scream for cover, at the sight of your new lover, if today I die, and can't deny, the poison chosen, for tonight, borrowed dreams, hollowed reveries, metal pillows, pewter yellows, furry roadkill, house on the hill, pouring gravy, on her thighs still.
[18:57:57] <Soul|NOTLOVE> flood testing
[18:58:05] <sbx> that was only 2 lines
[18:58:09] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i know
[18:58:20] <Soul|NOTLOVE> personal
[18:58:23] <Dominus> copy/paste some code :-)
[18:58:25] <Darkatom> where r u from?
[18:58:41] <sbx> copy/paste some of Darke's exultbot exploit code
[18:58:56] * wjp is from the Netherlands
[18:59:01] <MiniMe> .timer 1 1 msg $nick 11--------- Stats ---------
[18:59:02] <MiniMe> if %underline == $null { set %underline OFF }
[18:59:02] <MiniMe> .timer 1 2 msg $nick 4Underline Letters Kick -9 %underline
[18:59:02] <MiniMe> if %color == $null { set %color OFF }
[18:59:02] <MiniMe> .timer 1 3 msg $nick 4Color Letters Kick -9 %color
[18:59:02] <MiniMe> if %caps == $null { set %caps OFF }
[18:59:04] <MiniMe> .timer 1 4 msg $nick 4Capitol Letters Kick -9 %caps
[18:59:06] <MiniMe> if %ad == $null { set %ad OFF }
[18:59:08] <MiniMe> .timer 1 5 msg $nick 4Advertising Kick -9 %ad
[18:59:08] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmm
[18:59:10] <MiniMe> if %swear == $null { set %swear OFF }
[18:59:12] <MiniMe> .timer 1 6 msg $nick 4S
[18:59:15] <Darkatom> all of u are from Europe?
[18:59:20] <Soul|NOTLOVE> nay thou
[18:59:20] * Dominus and Fingolfin are from Germany
[18:59:21] <sbx> no
[18:59:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i r b frum NW oregon
[18:59:31] * sbx is from USA
[18:59:37] <Soul|NOTLOVE> oregon pwns u
[18:59:39] <Darkatom> ok
[18:59:42] <Dominus> Colourless (when he doesn't bounce from the Channel) is from Australia
[18:59:45] <sbx> me > you
[18:59:48] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[18:59:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> nay
[18:59:54] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[18:59:56] <sbx> hi Colourless
[18:59:58] <wjp> wb again :-)
[19:00:00] <Colourless> hi :-)
[19:00:01] <sbx> i mean ReHi
[19:00:24] <Dominus> wb Colourless (messing some more with the glides? :-))
[19:00:27] * Colourless blames openprojects for that
[19:01:04] <Colourless> ping timeout... bah!
[19:01:27] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !currentuser
[19:01:28] <MiniMe> 50:Soul|NOTLOVE!*Soulio@webster-dsl-bridge-50.web-ster.com | Soul|NOTLOVE!*Soulio@12.111.175.***
[19:01:56] <Darkatom> I have questions frecuently
[19:02:04] <sbx> hehe Soulio
[19:02:08] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !lastuser
[19:02:09] <MiniMe> 50:Soul|LOVE!*Soulio@webster-dsl-bridge-50.web-ster.com | Soul|LOVE!*Soulio@12.111.175.***
[19:02:10] <Darkatom> see, now I have another one
[19:02:29] <Darkatom> On my old computer
[19:02:40] <Darkatom> a 333 Mhz with 160 MB ram
[19:02:55] <Darkatom> exult runs slowly with
[19:03:17] <Dominus> disable scaling
[19:03:17] <Darkatom> bilinear or similar
[19:03:28] <Dominus> or set it to point
[19:03:47] <Darkatom> point graphics are the worst
[19:03:54] <sbx> my computer is 200MHz with 40MB ram
[19:04:08] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !lastremoteuser
[19:04:09] <MiniMe> 50:Alusair*SweetCaff@*.houston.rr.com | Lisa*SweetCaff@*.
[19:04:10] <Dominus> or try with speed setting
[19:04:56] <sbx> !seen Soul|NOTLOVE
[19:04:56] <MiniMe> 14 Soul|NOTLOVE is in the channel 11 #exult
[19:05:17] <Colourless> ?seen Soul|NOTLOVE
[19:05:17] <exultbot> soul|notlove is right here!
[19:05:23] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen BillNye
[19:05:25] <MiniMe> 14Sorry 15(>>11 Soul|NOTLOVE 15<<)14 there has been no action recorded for 11 BillNye 9MM멯 ..
[19:05:28] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmm
[19:05:31] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i need to change that
[19:05:51] <Colourless> !seen Colourless
[19:05:52] <MiniMe> 14 If you don't know where Colourless is you are 9>>Truly Stupid<<
[19:06:00] <Colourless> :;-)
[19:06:04] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmmm
[19:06:10] <Darkatom> i must leave
[19:06:12] <Colourless> much more interesting than what exultbot would say :-)
[19:06:21] <Darkatom> bye
[19:06:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ?seen Soul|NOTLOVE
[19:06:22] <exultbot> That's you!
[19:06:26] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmm
[19:06:27] <sbx> BillNye doesn't get any action
[19:06:29] <Soul|NOTLOVE> byesir
[19:06:32] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen Alusair
[19:06:32] <Colourless> bya
[19:06:32] <MiniMe> I last saw Alusair changing their nick to Alusair|WhatEver at 11:51am on 05 December 2001.
[19:06:43] <-- Darkatom has left IRC ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.1")
[19:06:49] <Soul|NOTLOVE> he's out of sync with his soulnet counterpart
[19:06:53] <Soul|NOTLOVE> stupid minime
[19:06:54] <Soul|NOTLOVE> i hate you
[19:07:33] <Dominus> http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=1991Oct5.054106.4647%40klaava.Helsinki.FI
[19:07:49] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen MiniMe
[19:07:50] <MiniMe> 14 MiniMe is in the channel 11 #exult
[19:08:34] <Dominus> should be something like: can't you see me ? You're stupid
[19:08:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen ad8oasd
[19:08:36] <MiniMe> 14Sorry 15(>>11 Soul|NOTLOVE 15<<)14 there has been no action recorded for 11 ad8oasd 9MM멯 ..
[19:08:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen Soul|NOTLOVE
[19:08:48] <MiniMe> 14 If you don't know where Soul|NOTLOVE is you are >>Truly Stupid<<
[19:08:54] <Dominus> !seen cless
[19:08:55] <MiniMe> I last saw Cless changing their nick to Colourless at 08:00am on 10 December 2001.
[19:09:04] <sbx> Dominus: hehe i read that too
[19:09:05] <Dominus> their?
[19:09:20] <Soul|NOTLOVE> that's what it's supposed to be
[19:09:20] <Soul|NOTLOVE> their
[19:09:28] <sbx> his
[19:09:37] <Dominus> its :-)
[19:09:40] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no, cause then i'd have to put his/her
[19:09:51] <sbx> what Dominus said
[19:10:56] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen as9df8y
[19:10:57] <MiniMe> Sorry Soul|NOTLOVEthere has been no action recorded for as9df8y
[19:11:09] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen as9df8y
[19:11:10] <MiniMe> Sorry Soul|NOTLOVEthere has been no action recorded for as9df8y
[19:11:13] <Soul|NOTLOVE> AHRHARg
[19:11:28] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen as9df8y
[19:11:28] <MiniMe> Sorry Soul|NOTLOVEthere has been no action recorded for as9df8y
[19:11:40] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen as9df8y
[19:11:41] <MiniMe> Sorry Soul|NOTLOVE-there has been no action recorded for as9df8y
[19:11:48] <Dominus> !seen AHRHARg
[19:11:48] <Soul|NOTLOVE> that'll do
[19:11:48] <MiniMe> Sorry Dominus-there has been no action recorded for AHRHARg
[19:12:46] <Dominus> !seen SharpTooth
[19:12:47] <MiniMe> Sorry Dominus-there has been no action recorded for SharpTooth
[19:12:56] <Dominus> ?seen SharpTooth
[19:12:56] <exultbot> sharptooth left #exult around Tue Dec 4 17:20:21 2001 (GMT)
[19:13:16] <Soul|NOTLOVE> minime first came in here around the 8th i think
[19:13:33] <Dominus> I know :-) That was just a cheep joke
[19:13:49] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmm
[19:13:52] <sbx> why not Sorry Dominus, but there has been no action recorded for SharpTooth. ?
[19:13:53] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen Soul|LOVE
[19:13:54] <MiniMe> I last saw Soul|LOVE changing their nick to Soul|NOTLOVE at 04:30am on 11 December 2001.
[19:14:01] <Soul|NOTLOVE> hmm
[19:14:03] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ok
[19:14:04] <Soul|NOTLOVE> 1 secks
[19:14:31] <Soul|NOTLOVE> 1 secks
[19:14:31] <sbx> !Seen SoulHarvester
[19:14:32] <MiniMe> I saw SoulHarvester quitting IRC at 02:28 am on 07 December 2001, with the quit message "Going home: Soul|LOVE commands !gohome to soulharvester.idleplay.net"
[19:14:34] <Dominus> !seen SoulHarvest
[19:14:35] <MiniMe> Sorry Dominus-there has been no action recorded for SoulHarvest
[19:14:35] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !seen Soul|LOVE
[19:14:35] <MiniMe> I last saw Soul|LOVE changing their nick to Soul|NOTLOVE at 04:30am on 11 December 2001.
[19:14:40] <Colourless> ?seen Colourless|Away
[19:14:40] <exultbot> I haven't seen colourless|away lately
[19:14:52] <sbx> !seen Colourless|Away
[19:14:52] <MiniMe> Sorry sbx-there has been no action recorded for Colourless|Away
[19:15:26] <Colourless> those are the responses i would expect as well. :-)
[19:15:29] <Dominus> argh, we are trully making the logs unreadable :-)
[19:15:55] <Colourless> could be worse
[19:16:24] <Dominus> like tons of code, or what?
[19:16:42] <sbx> !8ball Are we making the logs unreadable?
[19:16:42] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 A WINNAR IS SOUL
[19:16:51] <sbx> congrats Soul|NOTLOVE
[19:16:55] <MiniMe> on 1:JOIN:#: { writeini -n seen.ini $nick date I saw $nick joining $chan at $asctime(hh:nntt) on $asctime(dd mmmm yyyy)(PST) $+ . }
[19:16:55] <MiniMe> on 1:QUIT: { writeini -n seen.ini $nick date I saw $nick quitting IRC at $asctime(hh:nn tt) on $asctime(dd mmmm yyyy)(PST) $+ , with the quit message $1- }
[19:16:55] <MiniMe> on 1:PART:#: { writeini -n seen.ini $nick date I saw $nick leaving $chan at $asctime(hh:nntt) on $asctime(dd mmmm yyyy)(PST) $+ . }
[19:16:56] <MiniMe> on 1:NICK: { writeini -n seen.ini $nick date I last saw $nick changing their nick to $ne
[19:17:15] <Dominus> ok, you are right it could be worse .-)
[19:17:33] * wjp wonders if exultbot should start ignoring minime :-)
[19:17:45] <sbx> !8ball Should exultbot start ignoring you?
[19:17:46] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 LANDO TOUCHES LITTLE MUNGOS
[19:17:58] <Dominus> along with !8ball
[19:18:03] * exultbot takes that as a yes ;-)
[19:18:03] <sbx> exultbot: Does Lando touch little mungos?
[19:18:17] <exultbot> who?
[19:18:21] <exultbot> what?
[19:18:25] <sbx> exultbot: LANDO
[19:18:30] <Dominus> ?who
[19:18:35] <Dominus> !who
[19:18:41] <Dominus> he he
[19:18:51] <sbx> exultbot: HOHO MADROX R LEIK HORSE P0RN
[19:18:54] <sbx> !users
[19:18:58] <sbx> !help
[19:19:03] * exultbot blinks... huh?
[19:19:11] <Soul|NOTLOVE> use !commands for minime
[19:19:19] <sbx> exultbot: WJP > U
[19:19:24] <sbx> !commands
[19:19:38] <sbx> !games
[19:19:39] <Dominus> !help
[19:19:48] <sbx> !roflaids
[19:19:48] * MiniMe hands sbx a bottle of ROFLAIDS!
[19:20:00] * sbx hands exultbot a bottle of ROFLAIDS!
[19:20:05] <sbx> !rollsoulsdice
[19:20:08] <sbx> :P
[19:20:10] * exultbot wonders what he just got
[19:20:12] <sbx> !rollthedice
[19:20:13] * MiniMe rolls a 5 and a 3!
[19:20:21] <Dominus> !commands
[19:20:29] <sbx> exultbot: *shrug*
[19:20:43] <sbx> exultbot: merry christmas
[19:20:43] * exultbot gives the ROFLAIDS! back to Minie
[19:21:04] <exultbot> or MiniMe, whatever :-)
[19:24:05] <sbx> is TiVo a verb?
[19:24:23] <Soul|NOTLOVE> noun
[19:24:48] <wjp> some digital VCR-like thingie
[19:24:50] <Colourless> TiVo is a device
[19:25:03] <Colourless> uses a hard drive
[19:25:16] <sbx> bah
[19:25:21] <sbx> i know what it is a noun
[19:25:23] <Soul|NOTLOVE> therefore it is a noun
[19:25:26] <sbx> but is it *also* a verb?
[19:25:33] <wjp> if you want it to be, sure
[19:25:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> can you TIVO?
[19:25:44] <Soul|NOTLOVE> when's the last time you tivo'ed
[19:25:49] <sbx> Do you uhh, TiVo?
[19:25:58] <wjp> I TiVo-ed this show last night?
[19:26:24] <sbx> "I TiVo at 60x speed through the commercials"
[19:26:26] <Colourless> can someone attempt to explain what this code does???
[19:26:26] <Colourless> lodBias = ((lodBias << (32-6)) >> (32-6));
[19:26:39] <sbx> hehe
[19:27:05] <wjp> it kills the upper 32-6 bits of lodBias (assuming it's a 32 bit integer)?
[19:27:16] <Colourless> it is
[19:27:28] <Fingolfin> hmm
[19:27:42] <matto> Fingolfin!!!!
[19:27:44] <Colourless> so, why wouldn't &63 work?
[19:27:51] <wjp> not a clue
[19:27:54] <sbx> hehe
[19:28:20] <Fingolfin> Colourless: it would, but but ... erhm.. well...
[19:28:24] * Fingolfin scratches his head
[19:28:30] <Fingolfin> that would be to simple, wouldn't it?
[19:28:39] <sbx> aah screw it and go simple
[19:28:42] <Fingolfin> the compiler couldn't really show off how well it optimizes this way =)
[19:28:48] <sbx> =)
[19:28:54] <Colourless> negetives?
[19:28:57] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|dinner
[19:29:20] <sbx> endianness?
[19:29:25] <sbx> wait nm
[19:36:40] <Colourless> ok, can someone say what the effect of doing doing a right shift on a negetive number is?
[19:37:22] <sbx> makes it non-negative and increases it's value?
[19:37:28] * sbx shrugs.
[19:38:21] <wjp> I guess it should shift in ones from the left
[19:38:36] <wjp> not really sure, though
[19:38:47] <Colourless> if it does, that would make sense
[19:39:20] <Colourless> the entire code fragment looks like this:
[19:39:20] <Colourless> lodBias = _grTexFloatLODToFixedLOD(fvalue);
[19:39:20] <Colourless> /* Sign extend it. */
[19:39:20] <Colourless> lodBias = ((lodBias << (32-6)) >> (32-6));
[19:39:20] <Colourless> lodBias += _GlideRoot.environment.lodBias;
[19:39:21] <Colourless> if(lodBias > 0x1f) lodBias = 0x1f;
[19:39:22] <Colourless> if(lodBias < -0x20) lodBias = -0x20;
[19:40:04] <Colourless> _grTexFloatLODToFixedLOD returns a value between 0 and 63 (32-63 are 'negetive')
[19:41:23] <wjp> is lodBias a signed or unsigned int?
[19:41:35] <Colourless> it's signed
[19:41:51] <wjp> so it tries to shift something into the sign bit?
[19:41:56] <Colourless> yeah
[19:43:00] <wjp> that would do the trick then
[19:43:17] <wjp> it would've helped if you pasted that line of comment initially, btw ;-)
[19:44:40] <Colourless> i've got to wonder if a better solution could be done. this is the _grTextFloatLODToFixedLOD function
[19:44:40] <Colourless> FxU16
[19:44:40] <Colourless> _grTexFloatLODToFixedLOD( float value )
[19:44:40] <Colourless> {
[19:44:40] <Colourless> float num_quarters;
[19:44:40] <Colourless> int new_value;
[19:44:42] <Colourless> num_quarters = ( value + .125F ) / .25F;
[19:44:44] <Colourless> new_value = ( int ) num_quarters;
[19:44:46] <Colourless> new_value &= 0x003F;
[19:44:48] <Colourless> return new_value;
[19:44:50] <Colourless> } /* _grTexFloatLODToFixedLOD */
[19:45:06] <Colourless> yeah probably :-)
[19:45:23] <wjp> what's LOD anyway?
[19:45:31] <Colourless> Level of Detaik
[19:45:35] <wjp> ah, right
[19:45:35] <Colourless> Detail even ;-)
[19:45:45] * wjp knew that once :-)
[19:47:36] <wjp> ok... why do they drop the sign first, and then extend it back later?
[19:48:34] <Colourless> i have no idea. incidently _grTexFloatLODToFixedLOD is only actually called once
[19:48:40] <wjp> ?!
[19:48:47] <wjp> mildly weird
[19:49:26] <Colourless> i think i might rewrite things a little
[19:50:10] * Dominus wonders how that glide3x.dll will look and work afterwards :-)
[19:51:21] <wjp> interesting way of doing things... first calculate the proper signed 32 bit value, chop off the first 26 bits, cast it to an unsigned 16 bit int, cast it back to a signed 32 bit, and then add the lost bits back
[19:51:47] <wjp> ah well... like Fingolfin said: would've been too easy otherwise :-)
[19:57:25] <Dominus> !8ball , do you think I can bpther Soul|NOTLOVE now?
[19:57:26] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 ONLY FAGATES USE 8BALL TO ANSWER QUESTIONS
[19:57:54] <Colourless> i take he means no :-)
[19:58:02] <Dominus> !8ball , I meant bother :-)
[19:58:02] * MiniMe looks in the 8 Ball and the answer is... 3 TEH KID EATS STEAMING POO
[19:58:16] * Dominus thinks Colourless is right
[19:59:32] * Colourless thinks exultbot need an 8ball too :-)
[19:59:49] <Dominus> with quotes from usecode :-)
[20:04:10] * Colourless think wjp is ignoring us
[20:04:53] <wjp> :-)
[20:05:58] <Soul|NOTLOVE> 05(13Bandwidth05) Currently:(130 cps05) 05~13{05Polaris IRC 200113}05~
[20:12:00] <wjp> http://www.input-entertainment.de/laser/ <-- fun little flash game
[20:13:31] <Dominus> hm, minime not responding?
[20:16:39] * sbx should've left hours ago.
[20:16:39] <sbx> ?date
[20:16:39] <exultbot> It is now Tue Dec 11 20:16:39 2001 (GMT).
[20:16:44] <sbx> good evening
[20:16:46] <wjp> night
[20:16:48] <-- sbx has left IRC ("Push push push, add jmp mul pop, push call sub mod, in smth say...")
[20:16:50] <Colourless> cya
[20:18:10] <Dominus> wjp: funny game
[20:18:17] <wjp> yeah :-)
[20:19:04] * wjp is at level 23 atm
[20:19:38] * Dominus is level 4
[20:19:41] <Dominus> :-(
[20:19:55] * wjp started saturday :-)
[20:25:19] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !marmalade
[20:25:19] <MiniMe> Stretching, filing, against her skin, blessed are those, who are not kin, in sin we breathe, in sex we tie, duct tape her legs, to the red sky, foolsome flesh allowances, the pansies raided the pantry of, garbadrine dreams, promiscuous, delight, deny not the flavor, custard dreams, abusing, musing, marmalade flesh, naked spread am I... am I..
[20:25:19] <MiniMe> Actors of the the tragic fanthom, extend your legs for great saturn, brown table tops scream for cover, at the sight of your new lover, if today I die, and can't deny, the poison chosen, for tonight, borrowed dreams, hollowed reveries, metal pillows, pewter yellows, furry roadkill, house on the hill, pouring gravy, on her thighs still.
[20:34:29] --- Fingolfin|dinner is now known as Fingolfin
[20:34:37] <wjp> wb
[20:35:20] <Fingolfin> thx
[20:35:42] <Soul|NOTLOVE> The kombucha mushroom people!
[20:36:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> I got a gun the other day from Sako, it's cute, it's small, fits right in my pocket
[20:37:08] * Fingolfin listens to LotR sound track and likes it
[20:37:52] <Dominus> no wonder you wrote on your homepage (which doesn't mention Exult) that you like such music :-)
[20:40:16] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ?!
[20:40:19] <Soul|NOTLOVE> what homepage?
[20:43:46] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: I could answer you but after that I would have to kill you :-)
[20:44:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> What do I feel?! What do I say?!! Fuck you and it all goes away!
[20:44:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> In the end it all goes away!
[20:44:36] <Soul|NOTLOVE> In the end it all goes away!
[20:44:42] <Soul|NOTLOVE> How do I feel!?!?!?!> AHA*HAFAH#RH*H$JF$WJKF
[20:44:47] <Dominus> ?
[20:44:53] <Soul|NOTLOVE> The kombucha mushroom people!
[20:44:55] <Soul|NOTLOVE> Sitting around all day
[20:45:02] <Soul|NOTLOVE> Let your mother pray
[20:45:07] <Soul|NOTLOVE> ... sugar!
[20:45:17] <Dominus> www.quendi.de
[20:45:27] <Soul|NOTLOVE> well i'm not there all the time you know, some people, some people, some people
[20:45:37] <Soul|NOTLOVE> they call it insane! yeah, they call it insane :(
[20:45:55] <Dominus> wjp: I can't figure out number 8, I'm going to cheat now
[20:45:55] <Soul|NOTLOVE> I play russian roulette everyday, a man's sport, with a bullet called life!
[20:46:12] <wjp> looks
[20:46:16] <wjp> oh, that one
[20:46:20] <wjp> how are you going to cheat?
[20:46:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> you know that every time i try to go where i really want to be, it's where I already am, cause I'm already there!
[20:46:33] <Dominus> wjp: hint
[20:46:48] * wjp looks
[20:46:51] <wjp> umm...
[20:46:56] * wjp never noticed that button
[20:47:03] <Dominus> he he
[20:47:14] * wjp needs a hint on 23
[20:48:18] <wjp> nah... I won't give in...
[20:48:24] * wjp tries again
[20:49:42] <Fingolfin> hu, 23? 8? what are you guys talking about?
[20:49:47] <wjp> http://www.input-entertainment.de/laser/
[21:06:47] <Dominus> i'm givng up at level 10
[21:07:03] <Dominus> or maybe you can help me (password svga)
[21:13:10] * wjp looks
[21:13:12] <wjp> oh.. that one
[21:13:28] <wjp> I was stuck at it too, until I noticed the extra row and column of space 'outside' the structure
[21:13:56] <wjp> (btw, you can go to earlier levels without needing a password)
[21:13:59] <Dominus> I still don't get it
[21:14:21] <Dominus> ah got it
[21:16:04] <Dominus> wow, the next one looks really puzzling
[21:16:56] <Fingolfin> 8 was nice, dunno why Dominus cheated, though :)
[21:17:57] <Dominus> :-)
[21:19:10] * wjp passed 23 with the hint
[21:19:20] <wjp> still horrible... even with the hint
[21:20:26] <Dominus> that's the nice thing about the hint. it doesn't give too much away
[21:20:46] <Fingolfin> 9 was lame compared to 8
[21:21:09] <Fingolfin> but the turning of pieces is quite slow for me (maybe just IE on this box)
[21:21:15] * Fingolfin hasn't yet tried a hint
[21:21:28] <Fingolfin> but then I am only at 10 now =)
[21:21:30] <Fingolfin> nice game, BTW :)
[21:24:33] <wjp> Fingolfin: slow for me too
[21:24:43] <wjp> (then again, everything flash-related is slow here)
[21:25:03] <Dominus> for me it is also slow
[21:26:37] <Fingolfin> true :)
[21:26:45] <Fingolfin> at 11 now
[21:27:12] <Dominus> if you got that, please take a screen shot
[21:27:17] <Dominus> :-)
[21:27:26] <Dominus> I'm really getting worse at this
[21:32:09] <Fingolfin> I get all except for 11 ATM ;)
[21:32:17] <Fingolfin> insert a "one" in there
[21:32:20] <Fingolfin> at the right spot
[21:32:39] <Dominus> he, me too
[21:33:58] <Fingolfin> and I can do that in at least two different ways =)
[21:34:21] <Fingolfin> hm, if I'd combine the two...
[21:35:52] <Fingolfin> to combine the two ways, I need one more mirror :) lol
[21:36:06] <wjp> want a possible hint?
[21:36:32] <Dominus> me, yes
[21:37:24] <Fingolfin> ah got it
[21:37:26] * wjp takes a good look
[21:37:27] <Fingolfin> solved w/o any hint
[21:37:39] <Fingolfin> Dominus: still want a shot? :)
[21:37:40] * Dominus thinks about giving up
[21:37:48] * Dominus sobs
[21:37:49] <wjp> ah, got it too
[21:37:53] <Dominus> Fingolfin: yes
[21:38:10] <Dominus> that'S the last one for today
[21:38:31] <wjp> I actually had some mirrors left in some of the later levels, btw
[21:38:52] <wjp> pity you can't transfer those spare mirrors to the next level :-)
[21:39:01] <Fingolfin> ddcing it, Dominus
[21:39:13] <Fingolfin> Dominus: you have to move one mirror, I am not telling you which =)
[21:39:39] <Fingolfin> wjp: hehe :)
[21:39:44] <Dominus> ah, my problem were the first two
[21:41:09] <Fingolfin> 12 is super easy
[21:41:14] <Fingolfin> Dominus: mine, too :)
[21:41:32] <Dominus> Fingolfin: haven't looked hard at 12 but it looked very easy
[21:46:55] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: can I bother you now?
[21:50:20] <Fingolfin> all on 13, except one... hm :)
[21:50:28] <Fingolfin> somehow this seems to repeat :)
[21:50:44] <Dominus> as I said I stoped after 11 :-)
[21:50:44] * Fingolfin notices the spare mirror...
[21:51:01] * Fingolfin moves it and is done with 12
[21:51:03] <Fingolfin> 13 even
[21:51:22] * wjp looks at 13
[21:52:37] <Fingolfin> 14 is dead easy
[21:52:48] <wjp> yeah
[21:52:51] <Fingolfin> much much easier than 10, 12 oe 13
[21:52:57] <Fingolfin> I wonder what those bombs in it are good for :)
[21:52:58] <wjp> probably just to introduce the 'new concept' there
[21:53:10] <Fingolfin> ?
[21:53:17] <wjp> (3 beams through one bulb works too)
[21:53:23] <Fingolfin> ah ok yeah
[22:03:23] <wjp> solved 24 with hint...
[22:03:39] <wjp> it's starting to get a bit too complex to be fun :-(
[22:04:44] <Dominus> ok, I'm just going away for some moments (and Fingolfin don't ever tell me again how busy you are) :-)
[22:04:55] <wjp> hehe :-)
[22:04:57] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE:I'll be back to bother you :-)
[22:05:19] <Dominus> bbl
[22:05:24] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("got to play Exult now")
[22:20:43] <wjp> and that was 25... yay :-)
[22:21:19] * wjp should port this to SDL and create a level editor :-)
[22:38:22] * wjp should also go to bed
[22:38:24] <wjp> goodnight
[22:38:47] <-- wjp has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[22:57:17] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[22:57:17] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dominus
[22:57:32] <Dominus> hi again
[22:58:03] <Colourless> hi
[22:58:15] <Dominus> you are still awake?
[23:04:22] <Soul|NOTLOVE> !record lastremoteuser readthis.log
[23:04:26] <MiniMe> *** Data from v(lastremoteuser) recorded and being logged to C:\WINXPZ\BOTS\MINIME\READTHIS.LOG
[23:05:09] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: can I bother you now? :-)
[23:05:13] <Soul|NOTLOVE> no
[23:05:18] <Soul|NOTLOVE> you can try
[23:05:22] <Dominus> sniff
[23:05:35] <Dominus> as usual about that XP/Uw stuff
[23:06:59] <Fingolfin> wb Colourless
[23:07:40] <Dominus> Soul|NOTLOVE: would you mind looking up your stuff fin autoexec.nt/config.nt /system.ini now?
[23:08:14] * Dominus wonders why Fingolfin wb Colourless
[23:09:51] * Colourless too
[23:10:24] * Dominus has to reboot
[23:10:29] <Dominus> brb
[23:10:39] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("got to play Exult now")
[23:12:49] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[23:12:49] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dominus
[23:13:01] <Dominus> b
[23:14:15] <Fingolfin> Dominus: I mean "wb Dominus, but hit "C<tab" instead of "D<tab" :)
[23:14:48] <Dominus> he he, I guessed that
[23:27:51] <Dominus> Fingolfin: on ZDF just starts "Ein einfacher Plan" (a simple plan) - it was a good book, guees I'll have to watch that now :-)
[23:30:45] * Fingolfin switches
[23:30:58] * Fingolfin turns on VT
[23:31:22] <Dominus> it is a bit slow but if you like Fargo, you will like this as well (if it is anything like the book)
[23:55:39] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC ("good night")
[23:59:39] <Dominus> ok, I'm off, too now. Soul|NOTLOVE: I#ll try to get the files tomorrow then :-)
[23:59:43] <Dominus> bye
[23:59:47] <Dominus> !bye
[23:59:58] <Colourless> i'm off now too :-)