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[01:39:11] <i30817> Hey Marzo. Found out __why__ we didn't notice the mouse warping.
[01:39:13] <i30817> I didn't have 'fast mouse in fullscreen' enable in the options. It only happens then.
[01:39:38] <i30817> Seems like sdl wraps back to the center if it detects it going over the edge
[01:39:50] <i30817> And those maths allow it somehow
[01:40:09] <i30817> It doesn't happen if you disable fast mouse
[01:40:35] <i30817> Also it only happened in the right edge of the screen
[01:40:58] <i30817> The 'pausing' i reported on the top part may be gnome-shells fault.
[01:42:04] <i30817> Remember that i said gnome shell didn't hide the top panel in fullscreen? I think part of the game window is under the top panel. The mouse just 'stops' when it tries to go in that direction
[01:42:36] <i30817> Dreaming of implementing a turnbased combat mode.
[01:43:34] <i30817> Would need to change stuff pretty radically; not only combat.cc thou. Things like controllable npcs and initiative.
[01:47:43] <i30817> Not to mention AI.
[01:48:09] <i30817> Of which combat.cc doesn't appear to have a hole lot.
[02:30:31] <i30817> Tried to check the behaviour of the 'pause' with or without the env var.
[02:30:33] <i30817> It doesn't really happen without it: SDL and the 'warp' with SDL_MOUSE_RELATIVE=0 seems to be trying to make the cursor not go outside of the screen bounds
[02:30:34] <i30817> But it seems to have a bug for the upper edge; it doesn't allow for horizontal vector adjustements? Thus 'freezing'? (just theorizing)
[02:30:52] <i30817> The other edges move ok.
[02:31:41] <i30817> Of course, SDL is bugged anyway with gnome-shell; so maybe it's caused by that other bug with the top panel.
[02:33:05] <i30817> Reported that one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/1088462
[02:37:12] <i30817> I like gnome shell, except for these dumb bugs. And no way to close all examplars of a program, for instance nautilus or gedit.
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[19:45:43] <wjp> Dominus: I just run irssi on a vm
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[23:10:02] <Dominus> wjp, the reason I'd be interested is because my machine is not always running 24/7 and has flaky internet connection. It would be an option for when I'm not at home, though
[23:11:08] <Dominus> Marzo, I wrote something for you in the bots absence. there is also now some xbrz which seems to be again a bit better than xbr...
[23:11:08] <Dominus> some examples at http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?p=287313#287313 (topic is about adding xbrz to dosbox)
[23:13:17] <Dominus> hmm, the interview... seems I have not much of an input clue. need to look at it again in a few days...
[23:51:13] <wjp> of course exultbot decided to take the day off just when I was in Paris for the day
[23:51:34] <wjp> I should maybe move exultbot to my other vm
[23:51:59] <wjp> this one's host has apparently been crashing a few times per year