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[09:17:39] <Dominus> wjp, do you have time to look at http://pastie.org/8543388 ? <- patch to make cross compiling easier (with preparations :))
[09:21:22] <wjp> it might be good to say in the error messages that expack and head2data can be created by natively compiling exult
[09:22:14] <Dominus> yeah, thanks. Wasn't sure on what all to pack in there
[09:22:44] <wjp> at a quick glance the rest looks ok, but I didn't test anything
[09:23:34] <Dominus> I tested with building for OS X ppc which is a cross compile and building for 64bit and 32bit on OS X which is native
[09:24:04] <Dominus> should I indent the Configure Status part of my changes?
[09:25:57] <wjp> that would be more consistent yes
[09:27:04] <Dominus> will, do, I wondered because parts of the "Configure Staus" thing is not indented (most likely to make the echo blabla easier to measure:))
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[09:36:37] <Dominus> ah, found on problem. for some reason configure now doesn't exit with the message but some configure line error
[09:37:01] <Dominus> ./configure: line 418: test: cannot: integer expression expected
[09:37:02] <Dominus> ./configure: line 421: files: Is a directory
[09:37:28] <Dominus> line 418: as_status=$1; test $as_status -eq 0 && as_status=1
[09:49:34] <Dominus> hmm... puzzling
[09:52:59] <wjp> try looking for the word 'cannot'
[09:53:36] <wjp> and maybe missing semicolons in tests or such
[09:55:31] <Marzo> Dominus: in AC_MSG_ERROR, wrap the error message in square brackets
[09:56:56] <Marzo> (in both cases)
[09:59:44] <Dominus> yeah, seems to work now. I found the square brackets part eventually but in the search had done other stuff that messed other things up :)
[09:59:52] <Dominus> thanks Marzo and wjp
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[13:05:59] <Dominus> comitted
[13:12:05] <Dominus> that was not as painful as I expected it to be. Thankfully I was able to look up how glib2 does it
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