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[21:25:52] <Dominus> wjp or Marzo, can one of you glance at this http://pastie.org/9774953 ?
[21:26:25] <Dominus> this is the changes to the cheat screen to allow a teleport menu (and showing the geographic coordinates)
[21:27:18] <Dominus> right now only teleport to npc and dec coords works but I tried to keep it as clean as possible before trying to work on teleport to geo and hex
[21:27:35] <Dominus> I'd like to commit that before going on
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[21:40:45] <wjp> looks basically ok
[21:40:48] <wjp> a few strange things
[21:41:09] <wjp> Actor* actor should probably move from TeleportLoop to TeleportActivate
[21:41:31] <wjp> you define input[17] but then only use it for 5
[21:41:56] <wjp> and very minor, there's also some inconsistent spacing of code lines
[21:43:52] <Dominus> I was a bit puzzled of the actor and other ints in TeleportLoop that get declared in Activate or Check anyway but saw it in at least one other loop and then just did it as well
[21:44:58] <wjp> the difference is that some of the screens belong to an actor, and some don't
[21:45:20] <wjp> with respect to actor, it should look more like NormalLoop
[21:45:44] <wjp> and then put an Actor* actor at the top of TeleportActivate instead of as an argument
[21:46:18] <wjp> (i.e., just move that line from TeleportLoop to TeleportActivate, and remove it as a function argument of TeleportActivate)
[21:46:28] <Dominus> k
[21:46:33] <Dominus> understand
[21:49:54] <Dominus> wjp, if I change the 17 input to char input[5]; does this also affect the for (i = 0; i < 17; i++) input[i] = 0; ?
[21:50:14] <Dominus> it's one of the things I don't understand what it does but I needed it to clear the prompt
[21:50:24] <Dominus> so I copy/pasted it
[21:51:11] <wjp> yeah, just change the 17 to 5 there too
[21:51:24] <wjp> it just clears the input buffer
[21:53:51] <Dominus> hmm I recall I needed it for some reason in both the loop and activate but now it works with just the one at the end of TeleportActivate
[21:54:46] <wjp> at the top of loop, you mean?
[21:55:18] <Dominus> yeah, as I have it in the diff
[21:55:19] <wjp> if you don't put it there, the buffer will be uninitialized when you start the screen, so it might end up with random garbage
[21:55:45] <wjp> but of course whenever you're _testing_ it'll just randomly work ok :-)
[21:55:57] <Dominus> thanks, that might be what I found out previously
[21:57:24] <Dominus> so that's what I corrected and found some spacings that I corrected http://pastie.org/9775026
[21:59:26] <Dominus> wjp, format question, further up in the code we have something like case 's': // Set Flag
[21:59:56] <Dominus> the comment is spaced instead of tabbed - should I honor this as well?
[22:01:30] <wjp> not sure if Exult is very consistent there
[22:01:56] <Dominus> probably not. we are inconsistent through that file already
[22:01:56] <wjp> just try to match the rest of the file
[22:02:14] <wjp> or at least match the rest of the function :-)
[22:02:26] <Dominus> ( mean some comments are above the case and some are behind... :))
[22:02:52] <Dominus> ok, will match it with the spaces
[22:03:00] <wjp> I haven't tried running it, but it looks ok
[22:03:08] <wjp> nice work
[22:03:25] <Dominus> thanks, means a lot to me :)
[22:04:11] <Dominus> I'll probably be going to nag you for help with getting the hex and geo to work but that is for another day and I'll try to mess with it myself first :)
[22:04:59] <wjp> sure
[22:11:38] <Dominus> committed!
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