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[09:33:20] <GitHub> [exult] DominusExult pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/exult/exult/compare/fc6962d4136a...7acb4f6a0604
[09:33:20] <GitHub> exult/master 3cf3560 DominusExult: Hopefully fixing the Travis test I broke yesterday
[09:33:20] <GitHub> exult/master 7acb4f6 DominusExult: If both SDL 1.2x and 2.x are present, SDL2 is now the default
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[09:57:07] <travis-ci> exult/exult#44 (master - 7acb4f6 : DominusExult): The build is still failing.
[09:57:07] <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/exult/exult/compare/fc6962d4136a...7acb4f6a0604
[09:57:07] <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/exult/exult/builds/190893443
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[09:58:25] <Dominus> why oh why?
[10:16:23] <Dominus> te ogg m4 thing, it seems
[10:38:45] <Dominus> yeah, libglade2 should have pulled in pkgconfig but it didn't so the the build failed at finding the ogg stuff. at some point we should maybe fail more gracefully at that :(
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[10:52:01] <travis-ci> exult/exult#45 (master - 788c8b4 : DominusExult): The build was fixed.
[10:52:01] <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/exult/exult/compare/7acb4f6a0604...788c8b49912a
[10:52:01] <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/exult/exult/builds/190905730
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[19:35:27] <KnightCaptain> I was going to post a thread about my planned new mod, but my browser crashed. Is that a bad sign or what?
[19:36:25] <KnightCaptain> I think my next submission to SIfixes will be my last, I'll fork off from that. Cheers!
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[19:36:46] <Dominus> :)
[19:37:06] <Dominus> Probably best as your goals are expanding way beyond the SI fixes intentions
[19:37:46] <Dominus> but keep us posted, especially your global flags list is what *I* like to know more about :)
[19:38:17] <Dominus> but but... where did you go? :)
[19:40:47] <Dominus> wjp, do you have time to glance at my patch at http://pastebin.com/PTagNWSC whether you notice any blunders?
[19:41:55] <Dominus> intention of this patch is to be able to adjust scale value with +/- but only in map-edit mode, with scaler point
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[20:14:25] <KnightCaptain> Dominus, I'll email you the flag list.
[20:18:27] <KnightCaptain> I'm uploading my SIfixes work in progress so you can see the other findings. But it's a lot of good stuff that should help Marzo's UCXT naming too.
[20:21:43] <KnightCaptain> I've synced my work in progress here: https://github.com/KnightCaptain/exult/tree/ss_npcs/content/sifixes/src
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[21:29:00] <Dominus> he he, missed you again
[21:29:18] <Dominus> very nice list of global flags and very very nicely commented
[21:29:30] <Dominus> will need to adapt that to the autonotes
[21:30:08] <Dominus> you don't happen to want to do that for BG as well? :)
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[22:49:27] <KnightCaptain> Does anyone use the autonotes feature? It doesn't seem to be enabled by default?
[22:49:50] <KnightCaptain> Also, some of the flags are set/unset so they don't quite do the journaling well.
[22:50:22] <KnightCaptain> (I tend to log off when AFK.)
[22:51:17] <KnightCaptain> I potentially could do it for BG, but there's so little to fix there. The sed replacement script might work well for helping someone else do it though.
[22:51:33] <KnightCaptain> Plus, don't you want to see my mod progress?
[22:52:05] <KnightCaptain> I wonder if I can get enough done so you can announce it at the convention in California?