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[00:00:04] <Flyn> hold on
[00:00:09] <Flyn> the one i just sent you
[00:00:10] <Flyn> isnt good
[00:00:33] <wjp> ah, I see... Ryan disabled it rather sneakily...
[00:00:53] <Dominus> Fingolfin: <em> bold, cursiv, 14 pt, <Exult/> actually I donīt know, I think I would prefer not to distinguish it at all for now (shows to much of my bad wrting, Exult that, Exult this...)
[00:01:38] <Fingolfin> Dominus: maybe only uses it in a few places...
[00:01:42] <wjp> hmm... ok, now I need to get the position right
[00:02:01] <Fingolfin> dominus: you can easily change the markup used for it, go for this:
[00:02:02] <Fingolfin> <xsl:template match="Exult">
[00:02:02] <Fingolfin> <em>Exult</em>
[00:02:02] <Fingolfin> </xsl:template>
[00:02:17] <Fingolfin> Dominus: bad to say "14pt" ...
[00:02:26] <Fingolfin> Dominus: at least as long as we don't use CSS
[00:02:34] <Dominus> *ducks his head
[00:02:43] <Fingolfin> Dominus: you don't know which font sizes a possible faq visitor uses
[00:03:00] <Fingolfin> Dominus: better to use say <font size="+1"> or so.. I'll try it
[00:04:01] <Flyn> wjp: isnt the default necklace position good?
[00:04:19] <wjp> yes, but the trick is getting it there :-)
[00:05:47] <Flyn> heh
[00:06:37] <Flyn> btw
[00:06:40] <Flyn> another bug report
[00:06:53] <Flyn> the juke box in SI keeps disappearing
[00:07:01] <Flyn> as if it is missing an animation frame
[00:07:36] <Flyn> and the grandfather clock keeps changing direction
[00:09:33] <wjp> ok, I submitted another bug report to SF
[00:10:00] <Flyn> SF?
[00:10:14] <wjp> sourceforge
[00:10:22] <wjp> you can add bugreports yourself there too, btw
[00:10:28] <wjp> http://www.sourceforge.net/bugs/?group_id=2335
[00:10:41] <Flyn> ah
[00:10:48] <Flyn> who looks at the reports?
[00:10:57] <wjp> we do
[00:11:07] <Dominus> hopefully all who submit bugs :-)
[00:11:14] <wjp> it's a convenient place for storing them. (so that we don't forget about it)
[00:11:22] <Flyn> ah
[00:11:28] <Flyn> heh
[00:11:36] <Flyn> Hows the gorget coming>?
[00:11:49] <wjp> I'm moving it pixel by pixel :-)
[00:11:55] <wjp> the size is correct, btw
[00:13:14] <Flyn> good
[00:13:32] * wjp moves it another pixel to the left
[00:13:35] <Flyn> heh
[00:13:44] <Flyn> its only 11X7
[00:13:50] <wjp> ok, this looks ok
[00:14:06] <wjp> or maybe it should go back 1 pixel to the right
[00:14:30] <Flyn> heh
[00:14:34] <Flyn> can i see how it looks?
[00:14:54] <wjp> should the brightest spot be slightly to the left or to the right of the nose?
[00:15:05] <Flyn> hmm
[00:15:06] <Flyn> hold on
[00:16:17] <Kirben> new snapshots online
[00:16:35] <Flyn> left
[00:16:39] <wjp> could you try creating a new game when there's no gamedat directory?
[00:16:44] <wjp> (Kirben)
[00:16:58] <Flyn> me?
[00:17:06] <Fingolfin> can I see the gorget somewhere?
[00:17:07] <Flyn> ah
[00:17:14] * Flyn kicks self.
[00:17:15] <Kirben> ok
[00:17:44] <wjp> Fingolfin: I see you cleaned up a bit after me :-)
[00:18:30] <Kirben> works fine
[00:18:41] <wjp> great
[00:18:56] <wjp> (It was broken on Linux a couple of hours ago)
[00:19:26] <Kirben> hmm getting another weird problem though
[00:19:29] <Flyn> wjp : did you get the left?
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[00:20:09] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[00:20:09] <Kirben> http://io.spaceports.com/~kirben/test.jpg
[00:20:13] <wjp> Flyn: yup, I think I got the correct position now
[00:20:21] <Flyn> great
[00:20:23] <Flyn> can i see?
[00:20:38] <Kirben> npc images and text are showing up in weird places sometimes lately
[00:22:41] <Flyn> wjp : can i see it somehow in the game?
[00:23:14] <-- wjp has left IRC (Ping timeout for wjp[1dyn67.ogt.casema.net])
[00:23:52] <Flyn> ah
[00:24:19] --> wjp has joined #exult
[00:25:01] <Kirben> hmm real bad that one, I can't een accept majors offer
[00:25:11] <Kirben> een=even
[00:25:30] <Flyn> wb
[00:25:36] <wjp> thanks
[00:25:54] <Flyn> wjp : can i see the gorget somehow in the game?
[00:26:41] <wjp> yes, I'll send you a screenshot of gorget + magic gorget when I get the magic one done
[00:26:53] <wjp> right now it's recompiling because of Max's changes :-)
[00:27:06] <Fingolfin> what? who said my name?
[00:27:14] <wjp> that would be me ;-)
[00:27:17] * Fingolfin was called by the auto-highlighter
[00:27:18] <Flyn> great
[00:27:19] <Fingolfin> ah
[00:27:20] <Flyn> heh
[00:27:24] <Fingolfin> yes, i am evil
[00:27:36] * Flyn kicks Fingolfin right in the nadgers, thinks about the whole matter, looks the word "Nadgers" in a dictionary only to find its the name of a mountain range in Pakistan.
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[00:27:43] <Flyn> ah well
[00:28:03] <Fingolfin> it hurt anyway
[00:28:05] <Fingolfin> <sob>
[00:28:19] <wjp> lol
[00:28:44] * Flyn grins.
[00:29:42] <Dominus> Fingolfin: how to set <em> bold and +1 or +2 - you know?
[00:29:56] <Fingolfin> dom: yeah
[00:30:11] <Fingolfin> I tried +1 and IMHO it does not look good, but try yourself... wait a sec...
[00:30:13] <Dominus> tel me, tell me - pleaaaaaaase
[00:30:28] <Dominus> donīt forget bold and kursiv
[00:30:39] <wjp> ...still compiling...
[00:30:44] * wjp yawns
[00:30:49] <Flyn> heh
[00:30:51] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[00:30:52] <Fingolfin> Dom: look for a template looking like this:
[00:30:55] <Dominus> * dominus yawns
[00:30:56] <Flyn> how long does it usually take?
[00:30:56] <Fingolfin> <xsl:template match="ul|ol|li|strong|q|br">
[00:30:56] <Fingolfin> <xsl:copy>
[00:30:56] <Fingolfin> <xsl:apply-templates select="@*|node()"/>
[00:30:56] <Fingolfin> </xsl:copy>
[00:30:56] <Fingolfin> </xsl:template>
[00:31:09] <wjp> Flyn: about 4 minutes for a full compile
[00:31:11] <Fingolfin> dom: the match parameter also contains an "em" for you
[00:31:23] <Kirben> http://io.spaceports.com/~kirben/test2.jpg
[00:31:30] <wjp> Flyn: but I'm compiling with optimisations on this time, so it may take a bit longer
[00:31:33] <Fingolfin> dom: once you found it, remove that em so it looks like what I pasted
[00:31:51] <Fingolfin> Dom: then add the following new template:
[00:31:53] <Fingolfin> <xsl:template match="em">
[00:31:53] <Fingolfin> <b><i><font size="+1"><xsl:apply-templates/></font></i></b>
[00:31:53] <Fingolfin> </xsl:template>
[00:32:02] <Fingolfin> or maybe withouth the <font> stuff ;)
[00:32:05] <Flyn> ah
[00:33:29] <Fingolfin> Kirben: what's the problem?
[00:34:36] <Kirben> Fingolfin: the yes and no options are off screen
[00:35:30] <Fingolfin> Kirben: ups, right! that's bad indeed :/
[00:35:40] <Fingolfin> Kirben: can your reproduce it?
[00:35:54] <Fingolfin> Kirben: also, did you try to use a bigger screen size, just to see what happens?
[00:36:17] <Kirben> will try
[00:36:56] <wjp> hmm.. the magic effect on the gorget is drawn over the face
[00:37:04] <Flyn> hmm
[00:37:08] <Flyn> why is that?
[00:37:13] <Dominus> Fingolfin: now I like it!
[00:37:27] <wjp> because armour is drawn after the body
[00:37:35] <Dominus> Kirben: on higher resolutions it doesnīt happen
[00:37:45] <Flyn> can you think of any solution?
[00:38:16] <wjp> I can think of three :-)
[00:38:27] <wjp> 1: remove the magic effect from the top of the gorget
[00:38:46] <Flyn> 2:?
[00:39:08] <wjp> 2: instead of adding it as a new 'edge' of pixels, change the outer pixels of the normal gorget to blue
[00:39:29] <Flyn> uh
[00:39:32] <wjp> 3: don't do an outline, but add some blue traces to the gorget
[00:39:40] <Flyn> how will that solve anything?
[00:39:42] <wjp> (like the magic leggings)
[00:39:54] <wjp> which one?
[00:40:00] <Flyn> oh
[00:40:00] <Flyn> wait
[00:40:03] <Flyn> i understood
[00:40:06] <Flyn> i'll do 2
[00:40:17] <Kirben> Fingolfin: doesn't reproduce, still strange it happened like that
[00:40:29] <Fingolfin> Kirben: true :/
[00:41:02] * wjp notices he has 24 windows open
[00:41:05] <wjp> ouch
[00:41:11] <Flyn> heh
[00:41:30] <Flyn> willem
[00:41:34] <Dominus> Kirben, Fingolfin: Happens for me on 320x200 as well
[00:41:38] <Flyn> can you send me the compiled version?
[00:41:43] <Flyn> i want to see how it looks
[00:41:54] <wjp> no, sorry, I can't compile a windows binary :-(
[00:43:03] <Flyn> can i compile it somhow?
[00:43:20] <wjp> Kirben? ;-)
[00:44:32] <Kirben> http://io.spaceports.com/~kirben/Exultwin32.exe
[00:44:52] <Flyn> does it have the gorget?
[00:44:54] <wjp> no
[00:44:57] <Flyn> ah
[00:44:59] <Flyn> exactly
[00:46:04] <wjp> ok, I think I've got them now
[00:46:22] <wjp> time to commit...
[00:46:48] <wjp> your name is "Adam Delman", right?
[00:46:55] <Flyn> heh
[00:46:56] <Flyn> yes
[00:46:58] <Flyn> why?
[00:47:02] <wjp> credits :-)
[00:47:12] <Flyn> heh
[00:47:17] <Flyn> but howd you know?
[00:47:23] <Flyn> thanks btw
[00:47:27] <wjp> from your email
[00:47:32] <Flyn> ah
[00:47:33] <Flyn> doh
[00:48:17] <Kirben> old bug report show it ore clearly
[00:48:22] <Kirben> ore=more
[00:48:56] <wjp> eeek, it's 2am already
[00:49:19] <Flyn> bah
[00:49:24] <Flyn> Sleep is for the weak ;-)
[00:49:39] <Flyn> hmm
[00:49:42] <wjp> :-)
[00:49:53] <Flyn> what graphics will i do next?
[00:50:07] <wjp> should we create a new 'artists' section to the exult credits?
[00:50:34] <Kirben> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=212220&group_id=2335&atid=102335
[00:50:54] <wjp> and should I add myself for creating that magic boomerang + great dagger? ;-)
[00:51:02] <Flyn> heh
[00:51:16] <Kirben> Exult shows 2 seperate faces in that situation when it should only show one at a time
[00:51:17] <Flyn> I think I'll do the cleaver now
[00:51:24] <wjp> I've been toying with the death scythe a bit
[00:51:52] <wjp> but it's really hard to create a good dark look
[00:51:52] <Flyn> heh
[00:51:58] <Flyn> Thats gotta be pretty hard
[00:52:00] <wjp> (at least, it is really hard for me)
[00:52:11] <Flyn> though i could do a modified normal scythe
[00:52:19] <Flyn> with effects and stuff
[00:52:28] <wjp> let me know if you want a .pcx of the normal scythe
[00:52:33] <Flyn> yes please
[00:52:36] <Flyn> ack
[00:52:46] <Flyn> I have a quest on UDUO in 10 mins
[00:52:52] <wjp> UDUO?
[00:53:11] <Flyn> Ultima Dragons Ultima Online
[00:53:15] <Kirben> I can dcc saved game if it will help
[00:53:18] <wjp> could you email me about that scythe? Otherwise I'll forget...
[00:53:22] <Flyn> sure
[00:53:31] <Flyn> i'll do it in about 2 hours ;-)
[00:53:35] <wjp> heh :-)
[00:53:38] <Flyn> Well people
[00:53:51] <wjp> good luck on your quest
[00:53:51] <Flyn> Gota close IRC as it lags and crashes UO
[00:53:56] <Flyn> Talk to you tommorow
[00:53:57] <Flyn> Thanks
[00:54:01] * Flyn waves.
[00:54:05] <Flyn> bye
[00:54:06] <wjp> the gorget will be in tomorrow's snapshot, btw
[00:54:08] <-- Flyn has left IRC (Bah is NOT a sheep noise!)
[00:54:13] * wjp wonders if he got that
[00:56:13] <Kirben> maybe even earlier than that
[00:56:28] <Kirben> depeding on when you add it to cvs
[00:56:34] <wjp> 2 minutes ago :-)
[00:56:36] <Fingolfin> Kirben: hm
[00:56:53] <Fingolfin> Kirben: I think I can't help you today, I am pretty tired, did a lot of of (manual!) work today...
[00:57:03] <Fingolfin> I think I'll go to bed anyway folks
[00:57:16] <Kirben> ok submitting bug to database
[00:57:17] <Fingolfin> maybe I'll read a bit more in "The Blood of the Fold" ;)
[00:57:21] <Dominus> sleep well
[00:57:23] <Fingolfin> so cya all ;)
[00:57:24] <Kirben> cya
[00:57:28] <Fingolfin> thx, you too ;)
[00:57:29] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (42)
[00:58:11] <wjp> sleep sounds pretty good right about now....
[01:00:16] <Dominus> wjp: can I dcc you an updated version of the faq.txt to update the one in the cvs?
[01:00:41] <Dominus> (actually it is just faq in the cvs
[01:03:49] <wjp> sure
[01:05:32] <wjp> twice?
[01:05:46] <wjp> or did you change something?
[01:05:47] <Dominus> did it come through the first time?
[01:05:54] <wjp> yeah
[01:06:10] <Dominus> oh, it only showed 96% at my end
[01:06:29] <wjp> last line is "Last modified: 10 March 2001 (GMT)" ?
[01:06:47] <Dominus> yep
[01:06:59] <Dominus> great
[01:07:31] <Dominus> it bothered me a bit that the faq in the cvs was so outdated (it even pointed to the wrong html)
[01:07:36] <Kirben> ok another snapshot soonish
[01:07:47] <wjp> ok, committed the FAQ
[01:08:09] <Dominus> thx
[01:08:17] <wjp> sure, no problem
[01:13:31] <Kirben> Why not automate the adding to faq to cvs every week ?
[01:13:55] <Dominus> becuase I donīt update that often
[01:13:58] <Dominus> :-9
[01:14:03] <Dominus> seriously:
[01:14:20] <Dominus> I didnīt want to set up CVS until now
[01:14:40] <Dominus> but I think I have to
[01:15:12] <Dominus> i have all the docs on how to do it but ...
[01:15:36] <Dominus> I will do it eventually
[01:15:53] <Dominus> imagine, Iīm on the list of the developers and donīt access cvs
[01:15:55] <Dominus> :-)
[01:16:29] <wjp> hehe :-)
[01:18:13] <Dominus> q: on ssh I have to chmod g+w faq.shtml to enable the whole group to overwrite the faq?
[01:19:01] <wjp> yes
[01:19:15] <Dominus> ok, then i did it right :-)
[01:19:40] <Dominus> now I only have to rename my savegames
[01:19:49] <wjp> ot
[01:19:51] <wjp> oops
[01:20:12] <wjp> right now faq.shtml is owned by fingolfin, btw, so it wasn't necessary now
[01:20:51] <Dominus> but I overwrote it just now (see the date in the header)
[01:21:01] <wjp> yes, but it's still fingolfin's
[01:21:03] <Dominus> I donīt get it
[01:21:20] <wjp> Unix-style permissions need some getting used to :-)
[01:21:46] <Dominus> hmpf...
[01:22:11] <wjp> the file 'faq.shtml' is owned by the user 'fingolfin'. The group 'exult' has write-access to that file, and since you're part of that group, you can write to it. This doesn't change the ownership or permissions of the file, though
[01:22:37] <Dominus> ahh
[01:22:53] <wjp> You could delete the file, and then add your own copy. Then it would be yours :-)
[01:23:04] <Dominus> I give up, I gladly hand the ownership over to fingolfin (as long as I can upadte it) :-)
[01:28:08] <wjp> ok, let's see... what was I doing...
[01:29:54] <Dominus> maybe changing the gamedat name?
[01:30:15] <wjp> nah... too late for that :-)
[01:30:30] <wjp> I'll only screw up when I do that now ;-)
[01:30:32] <Dominus> ah, that reminds me of something
[01:30:48] <Dominus> I wanted to say good night
[01:31:08] <wjp> goodnight :-)
[01:31:11] <Dominus> rest and heal, so that you are ...
[01:31:23] <Dominus> able to face the perils befor you
[01:31:29] <Dominus> before
[01:31:34] <Dominus> night
[01:31:36] <wjp> like renaming gamedat :-)
[01:31:40] <Dominus> yep
[01:31:47] <-- Dominus has left #exult
[01:31:47] <wjp> I'm off to bed too
[01:31:55] <wjp> see you later
[01:32:04] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
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[05:52:13] <-- mattownby has left IRC (Laserdisc Arcade Emulation Project: http://daphne.rulecity.com , get your CVS password today! =])
[06:50:05] --- Kirben2 is now known as Kirben
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[09:51:37] --> matt0 has joined #exult
[10:34:40] --> wjp has joined #exult
[10:35:46] <matt0> wjp!
[10:35:56] <matt0> you're up early =]
[10:36:12] <wjp> ugh... don't remind me... ;-)
[10:36:17] <matt0> oh sorry
[10:36:35] * wjp yawns
[10:37:05] <wjp> I just knew I shouldn't have stayed up until 4am ;-)
[10:37:14] <matt0> hehe
[10:37:19] <matt0> in 20 more minutes, it will be 4 AM
[10:37:22] <matt0> for me =]
[10:37:27] <wjp> :-)
[10:44:38] <wjp> from the FAQ: make two subfolders named Blackgate and Serpent (without the quotes of course)
[10:45:59] <wjp> hmm... that section seems to have some more bugs
[11:00:41] --> Flyn_Oakplume has joined #exult
[11:00:50] <Flyn_Oakplume> lo'
[11:00:52] <wjp> morning
[11:01:01] <Flyn_Oakplume> Hows it?
[11:01:11] <wjp> tired :-)
[11:01:34] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[11:01:44] <Flyn_Oakplume> 3 hours of sleep not enough?
[11:02:04] <wjp> it was actually something like 6 1/2 hours :-)
[11:03:06] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[11:03:21] <Flyn_Oakplume> Did you get the magic gorget to work perhaps?
[11:03:28] <wjp> yes
[11:03:35] <wjp> it should be in the snapshot that's online right now
[11:04:00] <Flyn_Oakplume> really?
[11:04:06] <wjp> yup
[11:04:06] <Flyn_Oakplume> i'll run and get it
[11:07:06] <Flyn_Oakplume> heeh
[11:07:17] <Flyn_Oakplume> I'm gonna do the cleaver in a sec
[11:07:39] <wjp> great
[11:08:04] <wjp> you'll need two images for that. One in the right hand (left on screen), and one hanging from the belt
[11:08:12] <Flyn_Oakplume> Righto
[11:08:18] <Flyn_Oakplume> hmm
[11:08:28] <Flyn_Oakplume> how can i see where its hanging on the belt?
[11:09:22] * Flyn_Oakplume throws the cleaver at Willem.
[11:09:46] * wjp barely dodges it
[11:10:34] * Flyn_Oakplume looks at lying on the floor, and disects him.
[11:10:37] <Flyn_Oakplume> Muhahahah!
[11:10:47] <wjp> uh oh
[11:11:00] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[11:11:11] <Flyn_Oakplume> Whats the anchor point for belt items?
[11:12:05] <wjp> it's usually hanging somewhere on the right (right on-screen)
[11:12:16] <Flyn_Oakplume> ah
[11:12:19] <Flyn_Oakplume> Can you try
[11:12:20] <Flyn_Oakplume> to be
[11:12:23] <Flyn_Oakplume> more accurate?
[11:12:42] <wjp> an example would be good I guess?
[11:13:08] <Flyn_Oakplume> well
[11:13:21] <Flyn_Oakplume> do you know at what pixel the graphics come in?
[11:13:38] <wjp> what do you mean?
[11:13:55] <Flyn_Oakplume> well
[11:14:04] <Flyn_Oakplume> say the paperdoll is 100x100
[11:14:29] <Flyn_Oakplume> say the belt anchor point is at 35X67
[11:14:33] <Flyn_Oakplume> just an example
[11:16:37] <wjp> there's not really an anchor point I think
[11:17:55] <Flyn_Oakplume> what then?
[11:19:18] <wjp> It just draws the hanging-from-belt item on top of the paperdoll, so you can make it look like it's hanging on any part of the belt
[11:20:38] <Flyn_Oakplume> ah
[11:20:39] <Flyn_Oakplume> cool
[11:21:36] <wjp> brb, I'm going to take a shower
[11:21:41] <Flyn_Oakplume> k
[12:02:20] <wjp> b
[12:10:17] <Flyn_Oakplume> wb
[12:10:30] <wjp> thx
[12:10:48] <Flyn_Oakplume> cleaver will be done in a few mins
[12:10:53] <wjp> greast
[12:10:58] <wjp> -s :-)
[12:11:02] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[12:17:18] * matt0 yawns
[12:17:21] <matt0> dang! 5:17 AM!
[12:17:33] <wjp> :-)
[12:24:30] <Flyn_Oakplume> hehe
[12:28:40] <matt0> I'm finished with my list of things that rule =]
[12:28:44] <matt0> I made sure to add Exult to the list hehe
[12:28:57] <wjp> :-)
[12:43:11] <-- matt0 has left IRC (Read error to matt0[1667079149-yippy.dsl.xmission.com]: EOF from client)
[12:43:46] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[12:43:53] <Flyn_Oakplume> are you on auto receive or something?
[12:43:57] <wjp> no, why?
[12:46:41] <Flyn_Oakplume> you accept the file alomst instantly
[12:46:43] <Flyn_Oakplume> so
[12:46:47] <Flyn_Oakplume> what'd you think?
[12:46:56] <wjp> looks very sharp :-)
[12:47:03] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[12:47:08] <Flyn_Oakplume> Seriously
[12:47:14] <Flyn_Oakplume> does anything need to be changed?
[12:47:14] <wjp> seriously
[12:47:46] <wjp> let's see...
[12:47:56] * wjp cross-references the image with a dagger
[12:50:01] <wjp> I'll need to do a bit of editing to make it fit in a hand, but other than that it looks good
[12:50:23] <Flyn_Oakplume> uh
[12:50:28] <Flyn_Oakplume> should i rotate it or anything?
[12:50:55] <wjp> no, it's just that the cleaver is drawn on top of the hand, so I'll have to erase the part that's in the hand
[12:51:01] <Flyn_Oakplume> oh
[12:51:04] <Flyn_Oakplume> i'll do that
[12:51:24] <wjp> k, thanks
[12:54:48] <wjp> new gorget?
[12:54:55] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[12:55:01] <Flyn_Oakplume> i sent it by mistake
[12:55:10] <Flyn_Oakplume> although i did touch up the gorgets a bit
[12:56:13] <Flyn_Oakplume> i'll send them sometime
[12:56:27] <wjp> hey, this is a different cleaver :-)
[12:56:53] <Flyn_Oakplume> well
[12:56:58] <Flyn_Oakplume> I just rotated it a bit
[12:57:11] <wjp> that made it a bit blurry
[12:57:17] <Flyn_Oakplume> hm
[12:57:21] <Flyn_Oakplume> hold on
[12:57:28] <wjp> I have to go :-(
[12:58:07] <wjp> I'll be back sometime tonight
[12:58:20] <wjp> see you later
[12:58:22] <Flyn_Oakplume> ah well
[12:58:23] <Flyn_Oakplume> bye
[12:58:31] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[15:23:56] --> DraX has joined #exult
[15:25:05] <-- DraX has left #exult
[17:04:47] --> wjp has joined #exult
[17:04:53] <wjp> hi again
[17:16:43] <Flyn_Oakplume> wb
[17:16:43] <Flyn_Oakplume> ;-)
[17:17:06] <wjp> thanks
[17:17:44] <Flyn_Oakplume> My parents just came back from a vaction in Switzerland
[17:17:47] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[17:18:53] <Flyn_Oakplume> btw, I redid the cleaver
[17:19:08] <Flyn_Oakplume> Does the cleaver have a belt graphic?
[17:19:22] <wjp> it should have one, yes
[17:19:34] <Flyn_Oakplume> Good, cause I'm doing it now ;-0
[17:19:36] <Flyn_Oakplume> ;-)
[17:19:42] <wjp> heh :-)
[17:35:57] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[17:36:05] <wjp> hi
[17:36:09] <Dominus> hi
[17:39:18] <-- Flyn_Oakplume has left IRC (Ping timeout for Flyn_Oakplume[diup-197-95.inter.net.il])
[17:39:59] --- Dominus is now known as Dominus|cooking
[18:08:02] --> Flyn_Oakplume has joined #exult
[18:08:07] <Flyn_Oakplume> heya
[18:08:31] <Dominus|cooking> wb
[18:09:11] <Flyn_Oakplume> thanks
[18:09:45] --- Dominus|cooking is now known as Dominus|eating
[18:09:50] <Dominus|eating> :-
[18:09:53] <Dominus|eating> )
[18:09:58] <Flyn_Oakplume> bon appetite
[18:10:04] <Flyn_Oakplume> What you eating?
[18:10:05] <Dominus|eating> merci
[18:10:22] * Flyn_Oakplume prods wjp.
[18:10:27] <Flyn_Oakplume> Is he awake?
[18:10:48] <Dominus|eating> a fallafel sandwich (made by myself not from the store around the corner)
[18:10:58] <Flyn_Oakplume> ah
[18:11:00] <Flyn_Oakplume> fallafel
[18:11:17] <Flyn_Oakplume> If you want some of the good stuff, come to Israel
[18:11:24] <Dominus|eating> :-)
[18:11:30] <Flyn_Oakplume> And I'll show you what fallafel is all bout ;-)
[18:12:00] <Dominus|eating> In vienna there is the "Naschmarkt" - good stuff as well
[18:12:01] * wjp stirs... hmmm? what's that?
[18:12:10] <Flyn_Oakplume> graphics
[18:12:19] <Flyn_Oakplume> Naschmarkt?
[18:12:20] <wjp> rar... hmmm...
[18:12:29] <Flyn_Oakplume> bad?
[18:12:37] <Flyn_Oakplume> just much better then zip
[18:13:06] <wjp> I think I've got an unrar lying around somewhere
[18:13:19] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[18:13:24] <Flyn_Oakplume> arent you running linux?
[18:13:29] <wjp> yeah
[18:13:30] <Dominus|eating> but zip is much better for everyone (I prefer rar myself)
[18:13:44] <Flyn_Oakplume> zip is faster and more popular
[18:13:57] <Flyn_Oakplume> but has a shitty algorithm
[18:14:00] <Dominus|eating> Naschmarkt - a big market for food - very popular
[18:14:04] <Flyn_Oakplume> ah
[18:14:46] <Dominus|eating> looks good - the cleaver
[18:14:51] <Flyn_Oakplume> Thanks
[18:15:22] <Flyn_Oakplume> is the belt one ok as well?
[18:15:27] <Flyn_Oakplume> It looks a bit wierd to me
[18:15:52] <wjp> hmm, yes, it looks a bit gravity-defying :-)
[18:15:59] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[18:16:04] <Dominus|eating> my thought as well
[18:16:09] <Flyn_Oakplume> hmm
[18:16:47] <Flyn_Oakplume> Don't argue, ITS NAILED THERE!
[18:16:48] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[18:16:58] <wjp> heh :-)
[18:17:14] <Flyn_Oakplume> I'l fix it
[18:17:16] <Flyn_Oakplume> somehow
[18:17:33] <Flyn_Oakplume> hmm
[18:17:35] <Flyn_Oakplume> hold on
[18:18:29] <Dominus|eating> maybe having it fastend on the handle and hanging it upside downß
[18:18:36] <Dominus|eating> ß0?
[18:18:44] <Dominus|eating> ß=?
[18:18:54] <Dominus|eating> 0=0
[18:19:02] <Dominus|eating> 0==
[18:19:06] <Dominus|eating> :-)
[18:19:13] <wjp> hehe :-)
[18:19:32] <Dominus|eating> shouldnīt type while eating
[18:20:03] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[18:31:30] <-- Dominus|eating has left IRC (Read error to Dominus|eating[212186137085.15.univie.teleweb.at]: Connection reset by peer)
[18:31:48] --> Dominus|eating has joined #exult
[18:31:56] <Dominus|eating> pff
[18:36:00] --- Dominus|eating is now known as Dominus
[18:37:28] <Dominus> wjp: if Kirben shows up, can you remind him to include the updated defaultkeys.txt in the Win32 snapshot?
[18:37:51] <Dominus> now that i mentioned it in the FAQ the latest should be in there
[18:37:58] <wjp> k, I'll try to remember
[18:38:01] <Dominus> :-)
[18:38:23] <Dominus> I have to go, meet with some friends round the corner
[18:38:40] <wjp> k, see you later
[18:38:44] <Dominus> good night, good fight
[18:38:48] <Dominus> cu
[18:38:51] <-- Dominus has left #exult
[18:42:32] * Flyn_Oakplume pokes wjp.
[18:42:43] <Flyn_Oakplume> Wake up!
[18:42:48] <Flyn_Oakplume> ah
[18:42:49] <Flyn_Oakplume> good
[18:42:53] <wjp> :-)
[18:42:56] <Flyn_Oakplume> heh
[18:43:53] <Flyn_Oakplume> Well?
[18:45:02] <wjp> looks good
[18:45:24] <wjp> do you have the separate .pcx's?
[18:45:32] * Flyn_Oakplume nods.
[18:45:34] <Flyn_Oakplume> Of course
[18:46:19] <Flyn_Oakplume> BTW, if it doesn't look good or there are things that need fixing, tell me, I won't get hurt :-)
[18:46:46] <wjp> ok :-)
[18:47:20] <Flyn_Oakplume> I'll send you the seperate pcxs one moment
[18:50:20] <Flyn_Oakplume> ok?
[18:51:26] <wjp> excellent
[18:51:32] <Flyn_Oakplume> Thanks
[18:51:34] <Flyn_Oakplume> I think
[18:51:43] <Flyn_Oakplume> I'll do the fellowship staff next
[18:51:50] <wjp> ah, cool
[18:52:23] <Flyn_Oakplume> btw
[18:52:37] <Flyn_Oakplume> is there any way i can see paperdoll graphics in SI with the shape viewer/
[18:52:38] <Flyn_Oakplume> ?
[18:52:45] <wjp> yes
[18:52:58] <Flyn_Oakplume> how?
[18:52:59] <wjp> you can use 'v' to switch files
[18:53:05] <Flyn_Oakplume> ah
[18:53:07] <Flyn_Oakplume> thanks
[18:53:13] <wjp> you do need to be in SI, though
[18:53:22] <wjp> (the file you want is 'paperdol.vga')
[18:53:31] <wjp> dinner's ready; bbl
[18:53:34] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[18:54:20] <Flyn_Oakplume> k
[19:17:35] <Flyn_Oakplume> HAH!
[19:17:42] <Flyn_Oakplume> SPAM WARNING : "DVD hack in 7 Perl lines
[19:17:43] <Flyn_Oakplume> Two MIT programmers have produced a DVD decryption program using only seven lines of Perl code. Their "qrpff" program does the same thing that the DeCSS utility does. Eight movie studios sued and forced 2600 Magazine to remove the DeCSS source code from its Website. The new hack is small enough to include in an e-mail sig files.
[19:17:43] <Flyn_Oakplume> One of the two writers said, "I think there's some value in demonstrating how simple these things really are and how preposterous it is to try to restrict their distribution."
[19:19:46] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[19:20:08] <wjp> a really ugly 7 lines of perl code, though :-)
[19:20:46] --> DraX has joined #exult
[19:20:52] <DraX> hey'hello
[19:21:09] <wjp> hi
[19:21:29] <DraX> wjp, might this sound fixes solve the openbsd problems?
[19:21:50] <wjp> it might, yes
[19:22:09] <DraX> also, was crash on exit in win32 introduced in alpha2?
[19:22:15] <DraX> because it dosen't happen for me in alpha1
[19:22:24] <wjp> I think sometime after alpha2. Not sure, though
[19:22:37] <DraX> oh ok
[19:22:48] <DraX> have you fixed it yet?
[19:23:08] <wjp> it's gone away after going from 44,1 to 22,05 kHz
[19:23:15] <DraX> ahh
[19:23:30] <DraX> dosen't that reduce sound quality
[19:23:57] <wjp> probably, yes :-(
[19:25:09] <DraX> i need to install openbsd-current
[19:25:44] <DraX> could you make me a tarball of cvs?
[19:26:18] <wjp> I think sourceforge has them somewhere; I'll see if I can find the URL
[19:26:24] <DraX> thanks
[19:26:46] <wjp> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cvstarballs/exult-cvsroot.tar.gz
[19:26:51] <DraX> ok
[19:27:00] <wjp> it's 7Mb
[19:27:17] <DraX> forget that
[19:27:38] <DraX> how come the zip on kirbens site is <1meg ?
[19:27:46] <wjp> hmm... good question
[19:28:45] <DraX> just so you know, the SDL audio module thats built is the sun one :) so if you ever want to add sound support
[19:29:14] <wjp> k :-)
[19:29:31] <DraX> not so, when :)
[19:33:31] <DraX> if you want, i can prolly do builds on beos occassionaly to tell you if it works
[19:34:30] <wjp> if it's not too much trouble, thanks
[19:34:53] <DraX> if i can't help, code i can atleast test it on obscure platforms :)
[19:37:07] <wjp> BeOS tends to be a lot more picky about memory-related issues, so that might help with finding memory corruption bugs
[19:38:26] <DraX> wjp, beos is intresting
[19:39:08] <wjp> I don't really have that much experience with it
[19:39:26] <DraX> well, i got it to play around, and grew quite fond of some of it
[19:40:39] <DraX> it's really supposed to be a great platform to develop on
[19:40:53] <DraX> nice API, etc
[19:41:20] <wjp> yes, the API looked very nice. Creating the midi player was really easy to do
[19:58:45] <-- Flyn_Oakplume has left IRC (Ping timeout for Flyn_Oakplume[diup-195-143.inter.net.il])
[20:10:15] <-- DraX has left IRC (bye? ..(sph))
[20:50:40] --> GeeBee has joined #exult
[20:50:57] <-- GeeBee has left IRC ()
[21:05:38] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[21:05:45] <wjp> hi
[21:06:05] <Fingolfin> lo
[21:08:24] <Fingolfin> hm, how can I quickly generate a cleaver and/or a magic gorget to test the new graphics? ;)
[21:08:52] <wjp> shape browser?
[21:09:13] <wjp> shapes 586, 614, 843
[21:09:21] <Fingolfin> that's what I wanted to know, thx ;)
[21:09:28] <Fingolfin> hm
[21:09:38] <Fingolfin> where/how do you integrate those shapes, anyway?
[21:09:46] <Fingolfin> in the Paperdoll_gump file?
[21:09:55] <wjp> Paperdoll_gump_info.cc
[21:10:02] <Fingolfin> ah I see
[21:37:15] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Ping timeout for Fingolfin[p3EE03DE2.dip.t-dialin.net])
[21:42:06] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[21:42:31] <wjp> wb
[21:42:54] <Fingolfin> thx
[21:49:38] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Ping timeout for Fingolfin[p3EE22539.dip.t-dialin.net])
[21:53:05] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[21:53:17] <wjp> crashy?
[21:53:33] <Fingolfin> urg
[21:53:45] <Fingolfin> just found out if you have an outdated exult.flx...
[21:53:47] <Fingolfin> any then exult tries to access the (missing) paperdoll images in it...
[21:53:57] <Fingolfin> that gives wonderfuly access faults/memory overwrites :(
[21:54:14] <Fingolfin> also, the gorgets somehow don't work for me...
[21:54:16] <Fingolfin> I create them, but Avatar won't wear 'em...
[21:54:41] <wjp> are you wearing an amulet?
[21:55:03] <Fingolfin> nope
[21:55:16] <Fingolfin> in fact, I just striped the avatar (in a new game) and will re-try
[21:55:32] <wjp> have you tried both normal and magic?
[21:55:40] <Fingolfin> now it works, hm
[21:55:41] <Fingolfin> strange
[21:56:09] <Fingolfin> what id was magic gorget again?
[21:56:21] <wjp> <wjp> shapes 586, 614, 843
[21:56:40] <Fingolfin> wonderful
[21:56:42] <Fingolfin> works fine now
[21:56:43] <wjp> 843
[21:56:43] <Fingolfin> thx
[21:57:14] <wjp> I received a .zip with the NPC faces too, btw
[21:58:11] <Fingolfin> cool
[21:58:21] <Fingolfin> I read you don't have time for it, though?!
[21:58:29] <wjp> yeah, exam next week
[21:58:36] <wjp> and I'm away next weekend
[21:58:48] <wjp> I might be able to squeeze it in somewhere, though :-)
[21:58:58] <wjp> (when I'm not feeling like studying ;-) )
[21:59:28] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[21:59:37] <Dominus> helllooo
[21:59:43] <wjp> hi again :-)
[21:59:54] <wjp> Kirben hasn't been here yet, btw
[22:00:05] <Dominus> thx, I checked the log :-)
[22:00:09] <Fingolfin> wjp: well, better write a good exam! ;)
[22:00:12] <Fingolfin> hi Dominus
[22:00:34] <Dominus> hi fingolfin, did you get my mail?
[22:00:40] <Fingolfin> Dominus: yeah
[22:00:46] <wjp> hmm, 23:00... time to go to bed
[22:00:49] <wjp> goodnight
[22:00:53] <Dominus> ohhhh
[22:00:58] <Dominus> gīnight
[22:01:01] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[22:01:02] <Fingolfin> sleep well
[22:01:07] * Fingolfin was too slow
[22:01:18] <Fingolfin> about <q> :
[22:01:21] <Dominus> the evil Germans take over the channel
[22:01:23] <Fingolfin> that is a valid HTML tag
[22:01:25] <Fingolfin> ah right ;)
[22:01:44] <Dominus> ? valid html tag
[22:02:46] --> matt0 has joined #exult
[22:02:54] <Fingolfin> well
[22:02:57] <Fingolfin> hi matt0 ;)
[22:02:57] <Dominus> hi
[22:03:06] <Fingolfin> dominus: in HTML, <q> means: quote!
[22:03:06] <matt0> MAX!!!
[22:03:29] <Fingolfin> dominus: e.g. <q>matt0: MAX!!!</q> will be rendered to "matt0: MAX!!!"
[22:03:30] <Fingolfin> <g>
[22:03:39] <matt0> dominus!!!
[22:03:41] <Dominus> not yet
[22:03:54] <Fingolfin> Dominus: ?
[22:04:01] <Fingolfin> Dominus: which brower are you using?
[22:04:13] <Fingolfin> Dominus: it works wonderful for me in NS and IE and Opera and iCab
[22:04:19] <Dominus> hmm, Ie 5.5
[22:04:45] <Dominus> does it show " at the path settings explanation (3 .2)
[22:05:44] <Fingolfin> <q>Blackgate</q>
[22:05:47] <Fingolfin> is rendered to
[22:05:52] <Fingolfin> "Blackgate"
[22:05:52] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error to Dominus[212186137085.15.univie.teleweb.at]: Connection reset by peer)
[22:06:06] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[22:06:07] <matt0> mmmmmmm blackgate
[22:06:45] <Dominus> it was with <xsl:template match="ul|ol|li|strong|q|br"> in the xsl
[22:07:20] <Fingolfin> Dominus: sorry, what do you talk about? ;)
[22:07:35] <Fingolfin> Dominus: you see, I just let <q> stay unchanged
[22:07:46] <Fingolfin> i.e. <q> in the XML file will become <q> in the HTML file
[22:08:00] <Fingolfin> and IE 5.0 (Mac), Opera, iCab, NS, Mozilla all render it right here
[22:08:14] <Fingolfin> and if IE 5.5 on Win doesn't do it, well, then they have a very bad bug in it ;)
[22:09:28] <Fingolfin> Dominus: BTW, I canīt read anything on your homepage
[22:09:36] <Fingolfin> Dominus: black text on almost black ground is hard to read ;)
[22:09:44] <matt0> hehehe
[22:09:48] <Dominus> Fingolfin: now I see!
[22:10:01] <Dominus> IE 5.5 seems to have a bug there
[22:11:18] <Dominus> hm, I donīt have much black text there on my homepage
[22:11:32] <Dominus> thatīs what you get when you use Frontpage :-(
[22:12:12] <Dominus> the text is supposed to be mostly white on redbrown background
[22:12:30] <Dominus> not counting the background pictures
[22:13:04] <Fingolfin> well
[22:13:12] <Fingolfin> it is definitly not white in IE 5 and in Opera ;)
[22:13:24] <Fingolfin> on the "front" page, anyway
[22:13:26] <Fingolfin> the others pages vary
[22:13:40] <Dominus> strange it was right in IE5 but that was the Win32 version
[22:16:04] <Dominus> thatīs a jpg on how it always looked for me
[22:18:12] <Dominus> Fingolfin?
[22:23:47] <Dominus> matt0: in case you wondered, it really was you that got me started on writing the FAQ. There was this guy on the boards who asked a lot of questions on how to do what that were all explained in previous threads and I said "well I guess there should be a FAQ" your answer "you are perfect for it - do it!"
[22:33:06] <Fingolfin> back
[22:33:17] <Dominus> .-)
[22:33:17] <Fingolfin> sorry, my mom just arrived with a friend, and we were chatting ;)
[22:33:33] <Fingolfin> matt0: DUDE!!!!
[22:33:43] <Fingolfin> matt0: you are even harder asleep than me, right? ;)
[22:33:51] <Fingolfin> Dominus: can you dcc again?
[22:33:56] <Dominus> can I send you a screenshot of how it looks on my browser?
[22:34:01] <Dominus> via dcc?
[22:34:44] <Fingolfin> just reading the section on you HP about the long island game ...
[22:34:50] <Fingolfin> you cheat! but I would do the same ;)
[22:34:59] <Fingolfin> I would also take Tolkien & Sword of Truth with me, though ;)
[22:35:11] <Fingolfin> and I fully agree, taking them all would be much nicer ;)
[22:35:20] <Fingolfin> also I fear the island would get quite crowded ;)
[22:35:23] <Dominus> mhm, it would
[22:35:54] <Dominus> when I wrote this I hadnīt touched the "Sword of truth" yet
[22:37:39] <Fingolfin> hehe
[22:37:43] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|dinner
[22:37:56] <Dominus> yummy at 23:37?
[22:37:58] <Fingolfin|dinner> I know it is late for dinner, but I am hungry anyway ;)
[22:41:37] <matt0> Fingolfin|dinner: no I was watching a divx in linux hehe
[22:41:58] <matt0> Dominus: yeah that was a classic hehehe
[22:42:18] <matt0> I was just going by the rule "He who has the idea, volunteers to implement it" hehehehe
[22:44:40] <Dominus> I know! :-)
[22:45:15] <Dominus> I didnīt take it serious, but then I was answering so many questions at that time I really began thinking on it
[22:45:44] <Dominus> and then this guy who asked all that questions wanted to do a FAQ...
[22:46:03] <Dominus> itīs still somewhere on Jackchaos
[22:46:05] <Dominus> :-)
[22:46:17] <Dominus> what did you watch?
[22:46:37] <matt0> an old cartoon from 1984 hehe
[22:47:13] <Dominus> DivX is great, isnīt it?
[22:47:21] <matt0> I am a big fan of laserdisc arcade games and they made a cartoon series based on the game Dragon's Lair.. a guy has some of these episodes available for download so I watched one of them hehe
[22:47:24] <matt0> it was pretty bad =]
[22:47:57] <Dominus> ? the cartoon or the quality?
[22:48:04] <matt0> well both
[22:48:08] <Dominus> :-)
[22:48:22] <matt0> I had expected to watch all of the episodes
[22:48:27] <matt0> but it was rather boring
[22:48:43] <matt0> so I don't know if I can force my way through the rest of them
[22:49:05] <Dominus> One time I heard about this Star Wars Holyday Special and was exulted when I saw it posted in one of the Newsgroups
[22:49:18] <Dominus> Now, I canīt bring myself to watch it
[22:49:26] <matt0> why?
[22:49:32] <Dominus> itīs so bad quality
[22:49:37] <matt0> ahh
[22:49:47] <Dominus> kept on a VHS for about 20 years
[22:49:51] <matt0> hehehe
[22:49:57] <Dominus> and then ripped on a VCD
[22:50:02] <matt0> yeah same with these episodes... on VHS... then transferred to divx
[22:50:03] <Dominus> unbearable
[22:50:23] <matt0> they are 100-200 megs each
[22:50:33] <matt0> I can't even watch them in windows anymore
[22:50:38] <Dominus> for how many minutes?
[22:50:48] <matt0> well... it probably ran 30 minutes with commercials
[22:50:55] <matt0> so maybe 20-25 minutes?
[22:51:05] <Dominus> with commercials - who did this conversion?
[22:51:12] <Dominus> very bad
[22:51:21] <matt0> oh they removed the commercials
[22:51:21] <Dominus> it should be about 70 megs
[22:51:32] <Dominus> an still watchable
[22:51:40] <Dominus> if it were aired nowadays
[22:51:44] <Dominus> :-(
[22:52:02] <matt0> hehehe
[22:52:34] <Dominus> Iīm often downloading Futurama eps which go at about 70 megs
[22:52:42] <matt0> yesterday I made a list of "things that rule" and I put exult on the list.. http://www.rulecity.com hehe
[22:52:50] <Dominus> :-)
[22:52:55] <matt0> oh really? I wouldn't mind downloading some simpsons episodes...
[22:53:07] <Dominus> a friend of mine specialised in this
[22:53:14] <Dominus> he has a lot of them
[22:53:26] <Dominus> via newsgroups and ftp
[22:54:16] <Dominus> Iīm specialised in Star Trek
[22:54:18] <Dominus> :-)
[22:54:29] <Dominus> as I just saw you put on ruling as well
[22:54:34] <matt0> hehehe
[22:55:12] <Dominus> I liked the Disneys Robin Hood
[22:55:14] <Dominus> a lot
[22:55:39] <Dominus> Queensryche!!!!!
[22:55:52] <matt0> queensryche rules!!!! hehe
[22:55:57] <Dominus> I see
[22:56:07] <Dominus> I saw them once on a festival
[22:56:21] <Dominus> just right after the blach Metallica album came out
[22:56:29] <matt0> ah ha
[22:56:36] <matt0> that must've been around the Promised Land album days
[22:56:54] <Dominus> Q ruled. the drummer did thid thing with throwing the sticks in the air and catching them right in time
[22:57:13] <Dominus> all the following bands tried as well and failed miserably
[22:57:15] <Dominus> .-)
[22:57:18] <matt0> hehehehe
[22:57:21] <Dominus> Lars Ulrich included
[22:57:32] <Dominus> Metallica was really bad at this festival
[22:57:39] <matt0> I've never been close enough to see him do any tricks
[22:57:42] <matt0> never got good enough seats =(
[22:57:59] <Dominus> on a festival you just have to be tough
[22:58:01] <Dominus> ho ho ho
[22:58:39] <Dominus> following Q Mötley Crüe played and some guy threw up all over my pants
[22:58:41] <Dominus> :-(
[22:59:06] <Dominus> 7th Septembre ī91
[22:59:58] <matt0> they all played at the same event?
[23:00:44] <Dominus> Black Crowes, Queensryche, Mötley, Metallica and AC-DC in Mainz, Germany
[23:01:26] <Dominus> 15 years old I was at that time :-)
[23:02:25] <matt0> wow
[23:02:30] <matt0> that must've been a HUGE concert
[23:02:44] <matt0> I don't hear much from Black Crowes and AC/DC anymore hehe
[23:02:47] <matt0> or Motely crue for that matter
[23:03:21] <Dominus> Only that the drummer shot a nice video with Pam :-)
[23:03:27] <matt0> hehehe
[23:03:46] <matt0> I've heard a lot of motely crue songs and I've pretty much decided that they are not very talented at all
[23:04:12] <Dominus> I donīt listen to tehm at all nowadays, I dinīt care for BC at all, and as for ACDC, I wish I could have seen Bon Scott
[23:04:32] <Dominus> Bon Scott ruled
[23:06:05] <matt0> hehe
[23:06:17] <matt0> I've been to a Metallica concert and 2 Queensryches
[23:07:08] <Dominus> After the black one I didnīt care much for Metallica anymore (ever seen www.paylars.com :-)?)
[23:07:13] <matt0> actually 3 Queensryche concerts
[23:07:25] <matt0> I went to the black album concert
[23:07:37] <Dominus> and I havenīt listened to Queensryche for ages
[23:07:38] <matt0> I got their S&M album and their new song No Leaf Clover I think is pretty cool
[23:07:50] <matt0> Queensryche's new stuff isn't very impressive
[23:08:03] <matt0> they lost Chris De Garmo, their best song writer
[23:08:35] <Dominus> I drifted up to more alternative music, the so called "progressive" isnīt for me
[23:08:56] <Dominus> actually I listen to all kind of music
[23:09:12] <Dominus> as long as there is some feeling coming over
[23:23:48] --- Fingolfin|dinner is now known as Fingolfin
[23:23:50] <Fingolfin> back
[23:24:08] <Dominus> wb
[23:24:36] <Fingolfin> Dominus: 70 MB per Futuram?
[23:24:39] <Fingolfin> Futurama even
[23:24:46] <Fingolfin> Dominus: I get them 216 MB a piece ;)
[23:25:01] <Dominus> then its vcd, huh?
[23:25:06] <Fingolfin> Am still missing numbers 10-17 though, but I have all otherers till 37 ;)
[23:25:14] <Fingolfin> MPEG actually, from VCD
[23:25:24] <Fingolfin> but downloaded 'em ;)
[23:25:34] <Dominus> I have all of season 1&2 in real player media
[23:25:54] <Dominus> and all of season 3 so far in DivX
[23:25:54] <Fingolfin> yeah, me too
[23:26:17] <Fingolfin> my cousing made me a special double CD box with the first 30 episodes as RP files ;)
[23:26:22] <Fingolfin> with nice cover art etc. ;)
[23:26:23] <Dominus> and all of Voyager and nearly all of DS9 and TnG in DivX :-)
[23:26:28] <Fingolfin> cool
[23:26:33] <Fingolfin> can you email me those? ;)
[23:26:39] <Dominus> np
[23:26:43] <Dominus> Iīll dcc them now
[23:26:45] <Dominus> :-)
[23:27:15] <Dominus> thatīs about the one thin I like about Austria
[23:27:24] <Dominus> Chello Cable internet
[23:29:12] <Fingolfin> hehe
[23:29:17] <Fingolfin> how fast?
[23:29:26] <Fingolfin> oh, that reminds me, I wanted to put the FAQ into CVS!
[23:29:33] <Fingolfin> dom: is the version you sent me the latest?
[23:29:45] <Dominus> yep!
[23:30:13] <Dominus> 35k down, 6k up
[23:31:19] <Dominus> Iīm going to set up CVS as well in the near future (this week) so I can do this as well
[23:35:24] <Fingolfin> cool!
[23:35:42] <Fingolfin> I have T-DSL btw, which yields up to 100K down and 12 K up - in theory at least ;)
[23:36:07] <Fingolfin> actually, I am able to attain that speed sometimes, but often servers are too slow, or the connection between europe and US or whatever ;)
[23:36:16] <Dominus> I just checked IE 5.5 and Frontpage only like " instead of <q>
[23:36:41] <Fingolfin> hrm
[23:36:42] <Fingolfin> bad
[23:36:55] <Dominus> Yep, DSL is what Iīm trying to get as soon as I move to Berlin
[23:37:08] <Fingolfin> tough luch then I guess ;)
[23:37:15] <Fingolfin> you'll be number 500,001 on the line ;)
[23:37:36] <Dominus> in Austria DSl is also faster but has a 1gig download īlimit
[23:38:52] <Dominus> There was a great time here about a year ago, when you could bypass the upload limit by using the ARP command. 1MB upload!!!
[23:38:56] <Dominus> that ruled
[23:40:21] <-- matt0 has left IRC (Laserdisc Arcade Emulation Project: http://daphne.rulecity.com , get your CVS password today! =])
[23:43:14] <Fingolfin> cool
[23:43:49] <Dominus> imagine people connecting to you in Napster with T3
[23:44:07] <Dominus> expecting normal download from a normal cable user
[23:44:18] <Dominus> and woosh full download speed
[23:45:50] <Dominus> how far has your xsl for text advanced?
[23:49:33] <Fingolfin> well
[23:49:43] <Fingolfin> it is not working that well, and for reasons ..
[23:50:02] <Fingolfin> XSL is not very well suited on its own for producing formatted text output
[23:50:34] <Fingolfin> it rather wants to produce unformatted output, and then have some "rendered" make it look well
[23:50:45] <Fingolfin> e.g. produce HTML and let the browser care for the actual formating
[23:51:11] <Fingolfin> maybe I would be better of writing an XSL that produces TeX output...
[23:51:29] <Fingolfin> that could then be rendered using tex, either to DVI or Postscript or PDF or, well, text ;)
[23:52:10] <Dominus> so far it is no problem to make a txt file by copy and paste and some cosmetic changes
[23:52:44] <Dominus> btw, the W3C validation has some complains about the faq
[23:53:11] <Dominus> all in line 454
[23:56:18] <Fingolfin> hmmm
[23:56:27] <Fingolfin> wait a moment
[23:57:17] <Fingolfin> what line is that exactly? (content?)
[23:57:19] <Fingolfin> and what error?
[23:57:41] <Dominus> http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fexult.sourceforge.net%2Ffaq.shtml
[23:57:59] <Dominus> must be the endline
[23:57:59] <Fingolfin> brb