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[00:15:03] <servus> Those people on #udic are... annoying...
[00:28:54] <Sevalecan> yeah
[00:36:46] <SB-X> #udic?
[00:36:51] <SB-X> how/
[00:36:54] <SB-X> ?
[00:39:55] <servus> On another IRC server.
[00:39:59] <servus> Just a bunch of spamming stupid bots.
[00:40:09] <SB-X> I joined the UDIC years ago and have never been active and don't even have the same email address anymore.
[00:40:24] <servus> It's unforgiveably rude to have a timed spam on a server like that, so that any real conversation might be lost in the fold.
[00:40:24] <SB-X> oh
[00:40:33] <servus> I never got a response back from my join request!
[00:40:35] <servus> Did you?
[00:41:00] <SB-X> I don't remember. I just know I got added to the list.
[00:41:26] <servus> Well I didn't, and the list is password-protected now so I cannot even check!
[00:41:34] <SB-X> really?
[00:41:37] <SB-X> I don't have a password.
[00:41:38] <SB-X> what are they spamming?
[00:41:54] <servus> Nonsense about dragons (the scaled kind)
[00:42:25] <servus> http://udic.org/members/
[01:01:17] <SB-X> what's the point on being on a big member roster if nobody but members can see it?
[01:01:30] <SB-X> well nm, at least they updated their site
[01:01:35] <servus> Blh.
[01:02:49] <SB-X> their newsgroup is almost entirely OT spam
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[03:36:39] <Sevalecan> we could always start.... the ultima.. erh... avatars
[03:36:40] <Sevalecan> ;P
[03:57:20] <servus> Yeah! Dragons are just for avatar-murderin'!~
[04:06:00] <SB-X> Colourless is still here.
[04:06:55] <Colourless> course i'm still here!
[04:09:01] <servus> Colourless is something of a celebrity. He has precided over international delegations.
[04:09:30] <Colourless> damn straight
[04:09:57] <Colourless> one day everyone will know my name and want to meet me, or be me
[04:10:30] <servus> They will want to meet your name!
[04:13:53] <SB-X> Notice he doesn't deny that dragons enjoy murdering avatars.
[04:14:12] <servus> I meant that avatars DO the murderin'!
[04:14:30] <servus> How often do you find a peaceful dragon? Best to kill 'em first and try to talk to 'em later!
[04:14:40] <SB-X> Hmm... do you have a sleep potion handy?
[04:14:58] <servus> In Zu!
[04:15:46] <SB-X> What about Zu Ylem?
[04:16:16] <servus> Whatever. The Zu rune is about as common as Moo and Meow :p
[04:18:11] <SB-X> Penumbra has some Zu Ylem and a dragon in storage.
[04:28:30] <SB-X> I thought I remembered reading that Q-Bert was a mantra somewhere.
[04:29:58] <servus> Q-Bert is who you must remember while saving Britannia in UW2
[05:09:38] <SB-X> I'll keep that in mind.
[07:10:13] <servus> Heh. OK I got a response email back about the UDIC thing :P
[07:10:26] <Sevalecan> ah, you in?
[07:11:50] <servus> Yeah, but no T-shirt :P
[07:12:09] <servus> Got my physics working "OK", too, but only by disabling a failsafe :|
[07:12:19] <servus> Stupid problem has been nagging me for over a month
[07:18:28] <SB-X> yay
[07:18:31] * SB-X bounces a ball.
[07:19:39] <servus> It bounces! And it only sometimes breaks :P
[07:19:52] <servus> I even support an UW spell already... Uus Des Por :P
[07:21:07] <SB-X> What's that mean?
[07:21:14] <servus> Bounce :)
[07:21:24] <servus> You cast it and you bounce around like 'a resilient sphere'.
[07:21:39] <SB-X> yay
[07:22:47] <SB-X> Uus=Raise Des=Lower Por=Movement
[07:23:05] <SB-X> I looked it up in the U6 compendium.
[07:25:03] <servus> Up-Down Movement, yeah. It's Nystul's invention.
[07:25:57] <SB-X> He never fully recovered from the anti-magic field. :\
[07:25:59] <servus> I like Arx Fatalis' magic-casting system. I had already thought of something similar (but rather different, none-the-less)
[07:26:21] <SB-X> drawing runes?
[07:27:07] <servus> Yeah, that was cool I thought :), but there are more interesting ways that I can think of, but gesture-based.
[07:40:55] <servus> Does Sourceforge support SVN yet?
[07:45:14] <SB-X> Subversion?
[07:45:19] <servus> Right
[07:46:09] <SB-X> no idea
[07:48:33] <SB-X> the last sourceforge.net update said they will soon be providing more details regarding their upcoming Subversion offering
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