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[03:13:39] <FuriousGeorg1> Hey do any of you folks know whether or not you can use the latest version of Pentagram to run Crusader:No Remorse /No Regret?
[03:14:16] <Darke2> Nope. It doesn't support it at the moment.
[03:14:38] <FuriousGeorg1> Damn
[03:14:48] <Darke2> doxbox will play them apparently.
[03:14:51] <FuriousGeorg1> Yah
[03:14:52] <FuriousGeorg1> I know
[03:14:56] <FuriousGeorg1> but its slow
[03:15:07] <FuriousGeorg1> I'm tryin to get them to run well on my p600
[03:15:08] <FuriousGeorg1> eheh
[03:15:10] <Darke2> I figured that. *grin*
[03:16:32] <Darke2> There's a lot of small stuff required to get the crusaders to work with pentagram. Or old map viewer program would display the maps but because the sprites are (IIRC) twice the size, there's lots of things required to get it to work with pentagram. Not to mention there's a completely different control scheme required compared to u8.
[03:16:58] <FuriousGeorg1> Yah
[03:17:05] <FuriousGeorg1> I was just being hopeful
[03:17:12] <FuriousGeorg1> I saw the screen shots and figured maybe
[03:17:16] <FuriousGeorg1> they'd gotten it working
[03:20:05] <FuriousGeorg1> So do you work on the project at all? or are you just an enlightened user?
[03:20:59] * Darke2 works on it, for small values of 'work' recently. *grin*
[03:22:31] <FuriousGeorg1> awesome
[03:23:42] <FuriousGeorg1> How much work remains to be done to make it fully work for U8?
[03:26:49] <Darke2> Unsure. wjp will be able to answer that when he wakes up. IIRC, he's trying to work out how to support the japanese version of u8 the last day or so. *grin*
[03:32:04] <FuriousGeorg1> eheh cool
[03:32:08] <FuriousGeorg1> Well thanks for the info
[03:32:19] <FuriousGeorg1> I'll see ya around
[03:35:39] <Darke2> Bye!
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[07:31:57] <FuriousGeorg1> Hey I've got a quick question...
[07:32:15] <FuriousGeorg1> I'm just supposed to put all the game files in the game data path right?
[07:32:39] <FuriousGeorg1> emerged Exult on my Gentoo box and its giving me trouble
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[22:07:11] <servus> I was watching my friend play World of Warcraft, and saw someone say to someone else, "You aggro my heart". Sweet googly-moogly.
[22:07:19] <Baastuul> I say!
[22:42:12] <da5id> XD
[22:44:08] <Baastuul> Dafiveid.
[22:44:16] <Baastuul> Decinqueid.
[22:44:21] <da5id> stupified?
[22:44:25] <Baastuul> dungpapa
[22:45:14] <da5id> cognosco.
[22:45:26] <Baastuul> >:OOOOO
[22:45:55] <da5id> 3
[22:46:29] <Baastuul> k
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