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[08:09:44] <Telemacho> hi there ;) Any of you two know how the npc scheduling work ?
[08:11:34] <Darke> Hi. And Nope. *grin*
[08:12:07] <Telemacho> damn ;) you know if there is some documentation on it yet ?
[08:13:13] <Darke> I'm guessing the documentation is the sourcecode and what you can guess from ES. *grin* Any docs, if there are any, would be in the docs/ directory of the sourcecode.
[08:13:45] <Telemacho> argh ;) the source... oh well :)
[08:14:17] <Telemacho> the exult source has grown to a size where it's near impossible to get the hang of it without spending a few days
[08:15:34] <Telemacho> Hmm.. would Jeff be the man to ask then? I'm working on some NPC stuff for the Ultima1 remake and was just looking for a highlevel description of how the schedule was set and the scripts invoked in U7
[08:15:46] <Telemacho> for inspiration ;)
[08:15:49] <Darke> *nod* It's somewhat problematic and needs a little tidying. *grin*
[08:16:23] <Darke> *nod* Jeff would be the person to ask. I'd suggests on the forums or on the exult-general mailing list (probably the list would be better).
[08:17:37] <Telemacho> hmm.. you're on usecode disassembly huh.. what exactly are you working on? A usecode to source translator ?
[08:18:55] <Darke> Yep. *grin* I'm a little distracted with doing the same thing to u8's usecode at the moment, but I hope to finish off u7's sometime in the future.
[08:19:30] <Darke> More specifically a 'decompiler' then a disassembler, we have those already. *grin*
[08:19:55] <Telemacho> ok cool ;) actually I got that idea some time ago... my thoughts was that it might even improve the stability of Exult..
[08:20:37] <Telemacho> because if you can decompile, then compile to usecode again using your own usecode compiler.. then you know for certain the structure of the usecode..
[08:21:14] <Telemacho> of course if compile(decompile(usecode)) == usecode then you wont gain anything
[08:21:57] <Darke> They had most of the usecode structure fairly down pat before I came along to try and do it. It's certainly going to help pentagram though, since I'm walking through fixing 'bugs' in our interpretation of the opcodes as we go.
[08:22:32] <Darke> (compiler(decompile(usecode))==usecode) And that's ultimately exactly what you want. *grin*
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[08:27:05] <tm> hmm.. sometimes I hate my ISP ;)
[08:27:24] <Darke> *grin* That is a 'minor' problem.
[08:28:11] <tm> anyway I didnt see if you answered if the Origin usecode has been optimized ?
[08:28:33] * Darke didn't see the question. *grin*
[08:28:40] <tm> oh ;)
[08:28:50] <Darke> But the answer is 'no, thankfully'. *grin*
[08:29:31] <tm> heh... nice. Then you should able to create a quite exact mapping back to source format
[08:30:56] <tm> anyway thanks for the pointers.. will try and ask Jeff about the schedules..
[08:31:06] <Darke> *nod* And there's also a spanish BG (IIRC) that we located a few months ago, which apparently doesn't 'exist', but it includes debugging opcodes in it. That'll help work out how the 'script coders' structured their source too.
[08:31:21] <Darke> *nod* No problem. Bye.
[08:31:25] <tm> hope you get U8 up and running sometime too.. actually I kinda liked it when I finally got into it (and past the jumping stuff=
[08:31:41] <matto> U8!
[08:32:00] * Darke hopes so too. Although he's never actually played U8. *grin*
[08:32:01] <matto> ?seen dominus
[08:32:01] <exultbot> dominus left IRC around Wed Jun 12 02:27:44 2002 (GMT) ("Exult! Exult! Exult!")
[08:32:49] <tm> I think I started it 2 or 3 times before I finally played it to the end.. the other times I got annoyed in the catacombs...
[08:32:51] <tm> *wave*
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[10:14:32] <Sorbox> oy
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[10:15:41] <Darke> 'ello.
[10:15:41] <sbx> nickserv is lagged
[10:15:41] <Darke> Yep. He's probably still recovering from 'yesterday's services torture. *grin*
[10:19:48] <sbx> * Dominus cheers for Microsoft: another score for the coming Empire :-)
[10:19:50] <sbx> <-- Dominus was kicked from #exult by wjp (watch it ;-))
[10:19:55] * sbx laughs.
[10:20:10] * Darke plays the Imperial March.
[10:21:28] <sbx> Darke does Og know any of the Cyclops from U7?
[10:22:28] <Darke> Probably. *grin* That's why I shouldn't be let near an email account (or for that matter an irc server) with a blinding headache. Things like that are created. *grin*
[10:23:35] <sbx> hmm :)
[10:23:45] <sbx> What is the difference between ASCII and XML anyway?
[10:24:21] <Darke> I'll let you figure it out. *grin*
[10:25:25] <sbx> Sounds like the difference between a computer game and Ultima.
[10:26:28] <Darke> Yeah. I figure they mean something like `"foo","bar","baz"` deliminated records.
[10:26:54] <sbx> Yeah
[10:29:57] <sbx> When Crusader crashes it gives errors with the source filename like FILE.C
[10:30:05] <sbx> Did U8 do that?
[10:30:25] <Darke> It probably should. It has filenames like that in it's datasegment.
[10:30:48] <sbx> So that could be why they left them in the release
[10:31:21] <sbx> ?seen matto
[10:31:21] <exultbot> matto is right here!
[10:31:54] * Darke nods. More then likely.
[10:32:16] <sbx> You never played U8?
[10:32:24] <Darke> Nope.
[10:32:40] <sbx> I never got much further than Tenebrae.
[10:32:46] <sbx> the only city i think
[10:33:32] * sbx actually did more in SI, and that's not much!
[10:34:14] * Darke snickers.
[10:36:23] * sbx wonders why there aren't any publicly known military armoured mechs.
[10:37:00] <sbx> what kinda crap army is this anyway? if i were running things we would have walking robots
[10:37:04] <sbx> ;)
[10:37:13] <sbx> <-- played too much crusader
[10:37:15] <Darke> Because walking on two legs is an inherently inferior method of transportation then tracked or wheels for 99% of applications? *grin*
[10:37:47] <sbx> no no in mission 4 theres a Thermotron factory
[10:37:50] <sbx> its amazingly fast
[10:37:55] <sbx> walks like an ostrich
[10:38:08] * Darke nods.
[10:38:58] <sbx> look at those sony sdr dancing robots... now imagine if 5000 of those dropped in on parachutes, and in the middle of their dance cannons came out of their chests and starting spraying everywhere
[10:39:22] <sbx> thats military genius if I ever seen it
[10:40:31] * Darke snerks.
[10:41:57] <sbx> In Crusader 2 there are giant walking machines with men inside controlling them. I found this out because if you enter the cheat code from Crusader a message appears saying "You did realize we would have changed the cheats didn't you?!" and you get teleported to a room full of the giant machines shooting at you.
[10:43:18] * Darke read about that one on a newsgroup posting. It was amusing. *grin*
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[11:56:58] <Colourless> hi
[11:58:52] <sbx|xbs> hi
[12:13:32] <sbx|xbs> im going to go play Syndicate Wars
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[16:23:03] <DoubleOBond> hey
[16:23:16] <DoubleOBond> I submitted a bug, but it didn't show on the list
[16:23:25] <DoubleOBond> http://sf.net/bugs/?group_id=2335
[16:24:06] <DoubleOBond> its the one about fighting on the boat and being able to move while standing
[16:24:28] <DoubleOBond> this is Roman
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[16:25:56] <Roman-> apparently you two are aac
[16:26:02] <Roman-> away and coding
[16:26:47] <Colourless> i'm here. try submitting again
[16:27:22] <Colourless> just remember, if you aren't registered with sourceforge you can't attach files the thte bug reports
[16:28:50] <Roman-> ok I just submitted it and the page is blank at bottom says done
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[16:34:35] <Roman-> ok I put it in
[16:34:42] <Roman-> Item Successfully Created
[16:34:46] <Roman-> but it isn't shown
[16:35:20] <Roman-> oh lol, they are there...you should delete the nobody ones
[16:35:32] <Roman-> since I wasn't logged in, the save files aren't attached
[16:36:34] <Roman-> you there
[16:36:35] <Roman-> ?
[16:38:23] <Colourless> you need to lean patience
[16:38:45] <Colourless> it is not unreasonable for someone to not answer instantly
[16:39:30] <Roman-> thanks dad
[16:40:42] <Roman-> well, I am outta here, I gotta go do some coding...later
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[16:40:58] <Colourless> i am not your dad... i am an exult developer... therefore i am a god ;-)
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