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[00:31:47] --- Colourless has changed the topic to: The legends are true. Thus *is* the topic!
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[02:01:09] <Elizabeth> Thus is?
[02:01:29] * Elizabeth slaps Colourless around a bit with a large trout
[02:12:47] <servus> I can't believe you killed the legendary topic.
[02:13:39] <servus> It's like you made a sign that says, "This IS the real, living Lord British!"... and then dropped it on his head!
[02:33:35] <Elizabeth> I did all that by pointing out a typo?
[02:33:37] <Elizabeth> wow
[02:33:42] <Elizabeth> thats power
[02:36:01] <servus> I was referring to the topic.
[02:37:00] <Elizabeth> oh lol
[02:37:03] <Elizabeth> i didnt kill it
[02:37:05] <Elizabeth> ic
[02:51:37] <shazza> i was going to say "wow, lord british, that's the guy from a game i played"
[02:51:41] <shazza> until i realised this is #exult
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[04:31:30] <Elizabeth> .
[04:32:18] <Baastuul_> Hail!
[04:32:21] <Baastuul_> >:O
[04:32:23] --- Baastuul_ is now known as Baastuul
[04:32:26] <Elizabeth> hey
[04:32:30] <Elizabeth> whats up with you
[04:32:35] <Baastuul> AccursŔd underscore, get ye gone to the netherworld from whence ye came!
[04:34:29] <Elizabeth> mkay
[04:34:34] <Elizabeth> oh fuck
[04:34:40] <Elizabeth> was family guy on tonight?
[04:34:43] <Elizabeth> did I just miss it?
[04:35:21] <Baastuul> Yeah, probably. I don't know. Everything was a rerun tonight, anyway.
[04:53:26] <SB-X> you missed it an hour and a half ago
[04:53:58] <SB-X> but there's a repeat later
[06:03:13] <Baastuul> Whaaaaaaooooooooo÷.
[06:08:12] <Elizabeth> they dont show repeats of the new ones
[06:17:16] <SB-X> i dont know, i dont watch fox
[06:17:28] <SB-X> talking about adult swim
[06:19:14] <Baastuul> smegma
[06:20:34] <SB-X> goatmilk
[06:22:09] <Baastuul> dung udder
[06:22:41] <SB-X> ...
[06:22:59] <servus> Gargoyle boy! Gargoyle boy!
[06:23:02] <Baastuul> So, SB-X, been playing any games lately?
[06:23:04] <servus> Thou art a gargoyle boy!
[06:23:10] <Baastuul> -______-
[06:23:25] <SB-X> occassionally
[06:23:27] <Baastuul> I always found it satisfying to murder Garrett.
[06:23:37] <SB-X> Call of Duty 2 and SimCity 4
[06:24:27] <SB-X> not to be confused with Garrett from Thief 2 which I was still playing as recent as a month ago
[06:24:41] <Baastuul> :o
[06:24:46] <Baastuul> I have never really played any of the Thief games.
[06:24:55] <Baastuul> I have yet to play Call of Duty 2. I loved Call of Duty and the expansion pack, though.
[06:25:02] <Baastuul> Sim City 4 is really cool, too.
[06:25:38] <Baastuul> anglais
[06:25:38] <SB-X> ive got a town called Smallbanks with Mayor Simcola, and one nearby called Smallbanks Hills with Mayor Simcola
[06:25:47] <Baastuul> :O
[06:25:57] <Baastuul> I really wish they had a random city name generator or something.
[06:26:01] <SB-X> i havnt figured out how to get over 1000 profit a month from taxes
[06:26:08] <SB-X> hehe, yeah that would be funny
[06:26:30] <servus> When I play Civilization IV with my friend, most of my cities end up with names like "Moo", "Arf", and "Ruff", much to his dire consternation.
[06:28:40] <Baastuul> My feathers would be quite ruffled as well!
[06:28:42] <SB-X> I would liberate your cities and wipe out their populations for that.
[06:30:26] <servus> He always tries to culturebomb me.
[06:30:37] <Elizabeth> oh lots of talking here now
[06:30:38] <Elizabeth> wow
[06:30:40] <Elizabeth> shocking
[06:30:55] * servus affixes a joy buzzer to Elizabeth's enter key.
[06:38:18] <Elizabeth> culturebomb?
[06:38:26] <Elizabeth> wtf is that?
[06:38:46] <Elizabeth> is that like talking shit about a culture?
[06:39:10] <servus> It is a term I just made up to confuse you.
[06:42:01] <Baastuul> For some reason it feels strange seeing cuss words in this channel.
[06:42:07] <Baastuul> It seems like this channel has never had cuss words in it before.
[06:42:23] <Baastuul> Elizabeth brings with her the taint of colorful language!
[06:42:29] <servus> You have defiled the sanctity of this Fellowship.
[06:42:30] * Baastuul melts like a Puritan upon seeing female ankle.
[06:42:35] <servus> Let's sing a sea shanty!
[06:42:40] <Baastuul> Let's.
[06:42:48] <servus> Shut up Spark.
[06:43:56] <Baastuul> What I found interesting was that Spark, when he asks to join with you, says that he doesn't eat a lot because he's small.
[06:44:05] <Baastuul> But what I find is that he seems to be the hungriest party member.
[06:44:09] <servus> He is a liar. A plump liar.
[06:44:29] <servus> He has less pixels with which to store valuable body fat.
[06:44:56] <Baastuul> I wonder if Spark had a German accent which was perpetually sounding as if it were in a state of being muffled by an eclectic assortment of pastries and baked goods from Frau Olga's Bakery.
[06:45:07] <Elizabeth> cuss words?
[06:45:10] <Elizabeth> when did I cuss?
[06:45:15] <servus> There is a famous German boxer in Savage Empire.
[06:45:39] <Baastuul> I played maybe about a quarter of Savage Empire before giving up. I liked camping and eating fish though. I looked forward to it, but then my supplies would always run low.
[06:46:11] <servus> I managed to beat SE my third time through. The first two times my save game had gotten corrupted and I gave up in frustration.
[06:46:12] <Elizabeth> lol
[06:46:16] <Elizabeth> you liked campiing and fishing?
[06:46:24] <Elizabeth> youre talking about a game?
[06:46:26] <Elizabeth> hahaha
[06:46:27] <Elizabeth> wow
[06:46:52] <SB-X> Now whenever I play U7 I'll always imagine Spark talking with a German accent, while he's stuffing food into his mouth.
[06:47:11] <Baastuul> And that is how the game is meant to be played, SB-X.
[06:47:13] <servus> I imagine him as more of a Sean-Astin-as-seen-in-The-Goonies.
[06:47:30] <Baastuul> Elizabeth, well, it wasn't so much the idea of camping out, but imagining my characters stuffing their faces full of fish during the night.
[06:47:35] <Elizabeth> hey whats original game whose entry line was All You Base Are Belong To Us
[06:47:40] <Baastuul> Xerowing
[06:47:42] <SB-X> Zerowing
[06:47:56] <Baastuul> Er, yes, Zerowing.
[06:47:59] <SB-X> Xenogears
[06:48:07] <Baastuul> No, wait. Zero Wing.
[06:48:15] <Baastuul> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_Wing
[06:48:37] <SB-X> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenogears
[06:48:51] <Elizabeth> hehe cool
[06:48:58] <Baastuul> Why are you linking to Xenogears, SB-X?
[06:49:22] <Elizabeth> glad I asked...I never would have thought of that name...I guess it was really a total blank on that one
[06:49:23] <SB-X> its relevant
[06:49:32] <SB-X> it's*
[06:49:33] <Elizabeth> anyone ever played that game?
[06:51:16] <Baastuul> I have never played Zero Wing, no. :)
[06:51:57] <SB-X> The player, a "Zig" fighter ship, has several ways to attack: ... # Grabbing a smaller enemy and throwing it at another enemy, similar to the Kirby games. ...
[06:52:20] <Baastuul> MOVE "ZIG"
[06:52:22] <Baastuul> MOVE "ZIG"
[06:52:24] <Baastuul> MOVE "ZIG"
[06:52:24] <Baastuul> MOVE "ZIG"
[06:52:27] <Baastuul> YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DOING
[06:52:27] <Baastuul> MOVE "ZIG"
[06:52:55] * servus moves.
[06:52:58] <Baastuul> thx
[06:53:11] * servus burrows into Baastuul's spiny skull.
[06:55:50] * Baastuul peels and scratches at the bug mounds in order to squeeze out the strange burrowing life forms.
[06:58:15] <servus> Betanansancttymuusuuslor, wisex maniuussancttym corportnoxvasexrelsanctex innox ortuusrel noxantyminvasex tymortnoxgravuusex!
[07:12:01] <SB-X> "Baastuul, we must converse in our native tongue!"
[07:13:12] <Baastuul> Icelandic?
[07:52:00] <Colourless> pfft so yes I did typo the topic... but who cares!
[07:54:31] <SB-X> I thought you were being poetic.
[07:54:36] <Colourless> the topic still makes sense :-)
[07:55:33] <Colourless> sounds better with Thus, than it would have with This too
[07:59:56] <SB-X> And thus it shall stand.
[08:17:46] * Colourless deletes a post containing links to lesbian porn from the forums...
[08:18:53] <Colourless> I never considered that people might be visiting the exult forums looking for meds, porn and the variety of other things that the spammers have been posting
[08:18:57] <Colourless> but I could be wrong
[09:04:08] <Elizabeth> lol
[09:04:14] <Elizabeth> im here for porn
[09:04:18] <Elizabeth> doncha know
[09:04:20] <Elizabeth> haha
[09:09:28] --> weedar has joined #exult
[09:30:14] <Colourless> yeah well, as a male i can not possibly consider what female types actually want...
[09:30:14] <Colourless> looking for porn in computer game related forums could be why the porn industry is unable to really sell porn to females
[09:31:26] <Colourless> perhaps I 'should' have left the spam after all. i could be totally skewing their statistics and they'll never know the truth!
[09:38:54] * Darke2 suspects you have more then enough qualifications to assess the appropriateness. After all, I'd expect a sizable proportion of 'lesbian porn' would be examined by males, whom for some reason are lusting over that which has no interest in them, for they are male.
[09:39:12] <Darke2> In any event a more on-topic way to acquire 'lesbian porn' would be to play serpent isle as a female, so you're fully justified in removing it as off topic anyway. *nodnod*
[09:41:15] <weedar> Colourless: thank you for your greeting the other day, hope you got my belated one as well
[09:42:07] <weedar> Darke2: it is possible to do the barkeeper in Monitor as a female?
[09:46:22] <Darke2> Dunno. I've never actually tried. The only reason I remember the other one was that I recall it being part of the plot. *grin*
[10:04:16] <Colourless> sex in monitor is purely hetro
[10:08:11] <weedar> The exult team should fix that bug
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[15:12:32] <servus> For the record, female avatars can have a multi-click relationship with sheep.
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