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[08:04:21] <wjp> hi
[08:07:37] <Kirben> Hi wjp
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[08:35:56] <sb-x> hi
[08:36:58] <sb-x> ?date
[08:36:58] <exultbot> It is now Tue Mar 12 08:36:58 2002 (GMT).
[08:37:09] <sb-x> exultbot: hi
[08:37:09] <exultbot> Hi sb-x!
[08:37:16] <sb-x> :-)
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[10:58:06] <V0|D> hi
[10:59:03] <sb-x> hi V0|D
[11:04:03] <wjp> hi
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[12:39:15] <Colourless> hi
[12:39:59] <wjp> hi
[12:48:14] <sb-x> hi
[13:25:47] * Colourless has to answer a questionare for a job, and he really doesn
[13:25:55] <Colourless> 't know what to answer :-)
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[13:37:20] <wjp> what kind of questiona(i?)re?
[13:37:55] <sb-x> Have you been convicted of a felony in the past 18 months? Answer: No
[13:38:36] * Colourless copies and pastes
[13:38:36] <wjp> lol
[13:38:36] <Colourless> there's only 6 questions....
[13:38:36] <Colourless> What games coming out do you think will be cool?
[13:38:36] <Colourless> What games are their favourites, why? Brief analysis of what appeals to you.
[13:38:36] <Colourless> What piece of code are you particularly proud of, why?
[13:38:36] <Colourless> Why do you want to get into the games industry?
[13:38:36] <Colourless> What other hobbies do you have, besides playing games :) ?
[13:38:38] <Colourless> Have you had any form of employment previously?
[13:38:54] <wjp> uh
[13:38:59] <wjp> umm
[13:39:01] <sb-x> 3 is easy, exult :P
[13:39:19] <Colourless> well, i've written some really 'bad' code in exult :-)
[13:39:33] <wjp> well, go fix it then ;-)
[13:40:14] <Colourless> really that question is the only one i would say i am stuck on. the others aren't so hard really
[13:40:22] <sb-x> heh
[13:40:44] <sb-x> Where are you trying to get hired?
[13:40:46] <Colourless> there isn't a specific piece of code that I can think of that i'm overly proud of
[13:40:52] <Colourless> irrational games
[13:42:59] <sb-x> What have they made?
[13:43:23] <Colourless> System Shock 2.... and yesterday their second game Freedom Force when gold
[13:43:47] <sb-x> ooh
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[13:57:30] <wjp> hi
[13:57:35] <Fingolfin> yo
[13:57:35] <Colourless> hi
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[14:00:07] <sb-x> hi
[14:23:22] <sb-x> bye
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[16:00:20] <wjp> time to go home
[16:00:21] <wjp> bye
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[16:22:01] <wjp> hi again
[16:23:16] <Fingolfin> yo
[16:23:23] <Colourless> wb
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[17:25:20] <wjp> oh, hi Soul. Got my email, I guess? :-)
[17:25:25] <Soul|AFK> yups
[17:25:34] <Soul|AFK> just in time for me to sleep too
[17:25:35] <Soul|AFK> gnite
[17:25:40] <wjp> night
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[18:42:40] <wjp> hi
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[18:42:49] <wjp> ...and bye
[18:42:52] <Colourless> :-)
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[18:43:27] <Valliant> Hi all
[18:43:27] <wjp> ...and hi again :-)
[18:43:40] <Colourless> :-)
[18:43:41] <Colourless> hi
[18:43:44] <Valliant> Hows everybody?
[18:43:50] <Colourless> good
[18:43:53] <Valliant> :)
[18:43:53] <wjp> pretty good, thx
[18:44:12] <Valliant> So ...
[18:44:34] <Valliant> Anything important happening ;)
[18:45:00] <wjp> we're just gearing up to release the next beta tomorrow
[18:45:17] <Valliant> Well, Id say that's important
[18:45:21] <Valliant> :)
[18:45:30] <Colourless> yep it is :-)
[18:45:51] <Valliant> I just grabbed today's snapshot
[18:45:52] * wjp notices some posts on the forum by a certain "Valliant Dragon"
[18:45:58] <wjp> not a coincidence I guess? :-)
[18:45:58] <Valliant> :)
[18:46:10] <Valliant> My nicks supposed to be that here
[18:46:18] <Valliant> My client trunc'd it :P
[18:46:21] <wjp> too long, and spaces aren't allowed
[18:46:28] <Valliant> Yeah
[18:46:34] <Valliant> This is good enough
[18:46:35] --- Colourless is now known as ColourlessDragon
[18:46:41] <wjp> ok, not too long
[18:46:42] <wjp> :-)
[18:46:42] <ColourlessDragon> long enough for my name
[18:46:49] --- ColourlessDragon is now known as Colourless
[18:46:50] <Valliant> So,
[18:46:56] * wjp is still pretty sure about the space thingie, though
[18:47:02] <Colourless> yeah no spaces
[18:47:11] <Valliant> So ...
[18:47:24] <Valliant> Anything big in the new release?
[18:47:47] <Colourless> hmm, well the latest snapshot should really be virtually the same as the release
[18:47:54] <Valliant> I see
[18:47:56] <Valliant> Well
[18:48:13] <Valliant> Guess I have more reason to see if I cant speed up this compile...
[18:48:20] <Valliant> Im making it from source
[18:48:34] <wjp> linux?
[18:48:45] <Valliant> What else? :-)
[18:48:53] <wjp> good point :-)
[18:48:57] <Valliant> Hehe
[18:49:09] <wjp> compile can be pretty lengthy, yes
[18:49:14] <Valliant> This computer isnt Linux .. but the one I'll be using Exult on is.
[18:49:26] <Colourless> oh quiet you two... you are just jelouse that max and myself can have fast compiles
[18:49:28] <wjp> it should be a lot faster once gcc gets PCH
[18:49:41] <wjp> about 3 minutes here... fast enough for me ;-)
[18:49:46] <Valliant> It should be fast, this is a pretty good computer
[18:50:10] <Valliant> Unfortunately, C++ doesn't like me.
[18:50:46] <Colourless> 3 minutes is pretty good
[18:50:50] <Valliant> One minute... lemme se what I can do here
[18:51:09] <Valliant> There we go
[18:51:16] <Valliant> A few good swift kicks later :-)
[18:51:39] <Valliant> Hey one question ...
[18:51:51] <Valliant> You guys done anything big on Exult Studio recently?
[18:51:57] <wjp> lots
[18:52:08] <wjp> (well, Jeff has, anyway)
[18:52:11] <Valliant> That's good
[18:52:26] <Valliant> I cant get my Exult studio to read anything but the palette file
[18:52:56] <wjp> what happens when you try to do other things?
[18:53:10] <Valliant> Just ... nothing
[18:53:13] <Valliant> :-P
[18:54:22] <wjp> ?
[18:54:48] <Valliant> I click the other buttons .. NPC edit and such and nothing happens
[18:54:58] <wjp> do you have exult running at the same time?
[18:55:15] <Valliant> I tried with it running and w/o it running.
[18:55:25] <Valliant> Just in case that had something to do with it.
[18:55:30] <wjp> it does
[18:55:30] <Colourless> well normally you run exult, then press Ctrl-Alt-M
[18:55:43] <Colourless> exult studio will be loaded
[18:55:45] <Valliant> Yeah
[18:56:02] <Valliant> Well, Ill try it with the snapshot here
[18:56:17] <Valliant> Mighta been something with the last one .. who knows.
[18:57:25] <Valliant> Anyways, I take it you guys have been having fun :-)
[18:59:39] <Valliant> Hey, while Im thinking of it...
[18:59:56] <Valliant> Is there a way to mess around with the paperdoll stuff in Exult Studio?
[19:00:06] <Colourless> no
[19:00:10] <Valliant> Darn
[19:00:24] <Valliant> Back to square one.
[19:00:33] <Colourless> what were you wanting to do?
[19:00:42] <Valliant> Give Sentri a makeover :-)
[19:01:29] <wjp> you want to edit the file data/bg/faces.shp then
[19:01:39] <wjp> (in the exult source)
[19:01:44] <Valliant> I see
[19:01:45] <wjp> no, faces2.shp, sorry
[19:01:46] <Valliant> Okay
[19:01:55] <wjp> if you install the gimp plugin, you can just do this with the gimp
[19:01:58] <Valliant> He looks ... um ...
[19:02:05] <wjp> yeah, I know :-)
[19:02:08] <Valliant> Unusual in BG :-)
[19:02:18] <wjp> I'd do something about it, but I'm not really an artist... :-)
[19:02:31] <Valliant> I could, but until now I didn't know how
[19:02:51] <Valliant> Is the paperdoll stuff for BG in the code then?
[19:03:14] <wjp> our new art is in CVS, if that's what you mean
[19:03:21] <Valliant> Cool
[19:03:29] <Valliant> Time to tinker around some more :-)
[19:03:30] <wjp> look in the data/bg directory
[19:03:44] <Valliant> Okay then, excuse me if I disappear a moment ...
[19:03:50] <wjp> hm, compile took 5:30 minutes, not 3... seems I was a bit confused :-)
[19:03:52] <wjp> ok, cya
[19:05:20] <Valliant> Okay, back
[19:05:24] <Valliant> :-)
[19:05:26] <wjp> well, that was quick :-)
[19:05:36] <Valliant> I love cable connections :-)
[19:06:20] <Valliant> So can I just pop those into the resource editor or do I need a special editor?
[19:08:15] <Valliant> *cough* Hi?
[19:08:34] <wjp> resource editor?
[19:08:36] <Colourless> don't look at me, i can't really help you with Linux/Gimp issues
[19:08:59] <Valliant> Just felt a little awkward at the sudden silence :-)
[19:09:07] <wjp> oh, we have a lot of those :-)
[19:09:14] <Colourless> :-)
[19:09:22] <Valliant> I mean ... can I use the PS plugin or do I need something special?
[19:09:28] <Colourless> there is usually more silence than actual talk
[19:09:35] <wjp> PS? Oh, you want to edit it in windows?
[19:09:48] * wjp passes the question to Colourless :-P
[19:10:00] <Valliant> Whatever works :-)
[19:10:07] <Colourless> well, wjp, you wrote the ps plugin :-P
[19:10:13] <wjp> *cough*
[19:10:20] <Valliant> Im not gonna try editing it in Linux, my Linux machine is slow.
[19:10:23] * wjp decides to ignore that fact ;-)
[19:10:40] <wjp> but, yes, photoshop plugin will work
[19:10:58] <Valliant> Okay
[19:10:59] <Valliant> :-)
[19:11:04] <Colourless> well, Gimp would be slightly better to use than photoshop since it handles mulitple layers in paletted images... photoshop can't
[19:11:12] <wjp> don't forget to read the readme, it has some relevant comments
[19:11:31] <Valliant> PS is okay, just whatever you do don''t try it in PhotoShop Elements
[19:11:33] <Valliant> :-P
[19:11:55] <Valliant> Whowever reads the readme? :-)
[19:12:09] * Colourless things perhaps since photoshop has shocking paletted support, perhaps we should rewrite the plugin to convert to and from 24 bit
[19:12:28] <Valliant> Id have to agree
[19:12:48] <Valliant> However, that would probably be a 20 on the 1-10 difficulty scale.
[19:12:58] <Valliant> At least, I couldn't do that.
[19:13:28] <Valliant> Converting it *to* 24 bit is easy enough. Converting it *from* 32 bit, that's another story.
[19:13:29] <wjp> does photoshop export the relevant colour-mode-changing functions?
[19:13:40] <Colourless> wjp: not sure
[19:13:53] <Valliant> It should
[19:13:57] <wjp> time to take another look at those API docs...
[19:13:58] <Valliant> If you tell it to
[19:14:06] <Valliant> So to speak.
[19:14:17] <wjp> This will create a problem with the palette-cycling, though
[19:14:34] <Valliant> (Dont look at me I have enough trouble figuring out BitBlt in VB)
[19:14:37] <Colourless> it already has problems with palette cycling... hense the unique palette
[19:14:51] <Valliant> Yeah.
[19:15:25] <Valliant> One of these days Im actually going to sit down and program long enough to make a good graphics program.
[19:15:52] <Valliant> PhotoShop would probably have problems with cycling colour items .. like the wands.
[19:16:03] <Valliant> Though I haven't tried editing those.
[19:16:44] <Colourless> photoshop's problems are due to it always working in RGB, even if you are using a paletted image
[19:17:09] <Valliant> Yeah. Thers gotta be an option somewheres to get rid of that.
[19:17:37] <Valliant> Hmm ...
[19:17:49] <wjp> gimp does the same thing :/
[19:18:24] <Valliant> I can imagine.
[19:18:26] <wjp> what we did is alter all the colours slightly, so that no two palette entries have the same RGB values
[19:18:34] <Valliant> I see.
[19:18:38] <wjp> this sort of works-around the problem
[19:18:41] <Valliant> Monkeying with the pallete?
[19:18:56] <Valliant> Hmm ...
[19:19:19] <Colourless> well, it ensure that the colour that is selected to draw with, is actually the colour that is drawn. if 2 entries have the same colour, only the first will ever be drawn
[19:19:42] <Valliant> Oh. I get it. Kinda
[19:19:47] <Valliant> :-)
[19:20:14] <Valliant> I just trying to think if theres an editor that doesn't force you into RGB
[19:20:38] <Colourless> nothing modern
[19:20:49] <Colourless> AFAIK
[19:21:01] <Valliant> Wally is a good one, it'll only use the colours in the palette. Downside is it's meant for texturing work.
[19:21:22] <Valliant> That is, level-making for 3D games.
[19:22:34] <Valliant> It doesn't support 24-bit editing, though seeing that we'd be doing it for a 256 clolur game, that wouldn't matter much.
[19:22:54] <Colourless> yeah, thinking about it, wally might work pretty well
[19:23:05] <Valliant> Know where the site is?
[19:23:10] <Valliant> I can grab it for ya.
[19:23:40] --> Dominus has joined #exult
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[19:23:45] <wjp> hi
[19:23:47] <Dominus> hi
[19:23:52] <Valliant> www.telefragged.com/wally
[19:23:54] <Valliant> Oh sorry
[19:23:55] <Valliant> Hi
[19:23:58] <Colourless> give me the url... :-)
[19:24:50] <Dominus> Valliant: something obvious (and it is in the FAQ for a change :-)), Studio will only come up when pressing Ctrl+Alt+M if you have cheats enabled in Exult
[19:25:02] <Valliant> Yeah
[19:25:14] <Dominus> and exult studio and exult_studio.glade need to be in the path
[19:25:16] <Valliant> I meant in that it don't work when it does
[19:25:36] <wjp> actually, exult_studio has to be in the path, exult_studio.glade in the data dir
[19:25:43] <wjp> (right?)
[19:25:48] <Colourless> yeah
[19:25:53] <Dominus> aehm, right
[19:25:55] <Valliant> Yeh
[19:25:58] <Colourless> though, exult studio won't even run if that's not the case
[19:25:58] <Valliant> Anyways
[19:26:04] <Valliant> :-)
[19:26:17] <Valliant> I meant that it runs fine,
[19:26:31] <Colourless> so can you use the shape viewer?
[19:26:33] <Valliant> The only thing it'll let me do is edit the palette
[19:26:49] <Valliant> Which wasn't exactly what I was looking at doing.
[19:27:10] <wjp> just tried it: if I run exult studio through ctrl-alt-M, and double click the avatar, the npc editor pops up
[19:27:26] <Valliant> Cool.
[19:27:37] <Valliant> I just use the cheat menu for NPC edits.
[19:27:55] <Colourless> exult studio has a nicer interface :-)
[19:28:00] <Valliant> True enough
[19:28:03] <Dominus> a lot nicer
[19:28:08] <wjp> hm, would be nice if escape works in the edit dialog
[19:28:14] <Valliant> Interface doesn't matter to me much, its the functionality :-D
[19:28:18] <Colourless> oi, don't pay out my npc editor :-)
[19:28:29] <Dominus> oops, sorry
[19:28:33] <Colourless> it's functional... in the cli interface sort of a way :-)
[19:28:47] <Valliant> Yup.
[19:28:50] * Colourless notes redundant interface
[19:28:55] <Valliant> One beef though ...
[19:29:18] <Colourless> what.... not all the options work yet ? ;-)
[19:29:18] <Valliant> In the original U7 you could use the cheats to force other guys into your party.
[19:29:27] <Valliant> Like LB :-D
[19:29:59] <Dominus> wjp, Colourless, so if the Code is "frozen" (meaning that Kirben doesn't do any snapshots at the moment) I can level up the FAQ, Docs as well?
[19:30:09] <Dominus> in the source at least
[19:30:24] * wjp nods, yeah, I guess so
[19:30:29] <Valliant> Well, you could just release snapshot binaries
[19:30:39] <wjp> eh?
[19:30:46] <Valliant> You'd have to remember Linux though.
[19:30:52] <Colourless> snapshot binaries report the wrong version number
[19:30:54] <Dominus> eh?
[19:30:57] * wjp isn't likely to forget about linux
[19:31:03] <wjp> ;-)
[19:31:06] <Valliant> ':-)
[19:31:23] <Colourless> well, linux is always the first version to get released
[19:31:28] <Valliant> :-)
[19:31:33] <Valliant> Yup.
[19:31:47] <Valliant> It's the only one that needs to be released ;-)
[19:32:07] <Dominus> hm, should I also update the Web CVS but not update the actual web?
[19:32:18] <Valliant> That would work
[19:32:30] <Valliant> I'd note that you're doing that in the News though
[19:32:43] <Valliant> Would'nt wanna mislead or confuse anyone.
[19:32:53] <Dominus> Valliant: I
[19:33:05] <Dominus> 'm only responsible for the FAQ and Docs
[19:33:19] <Dominus> curently those are in the exult CVS and the Web CVS
[19:33:31] <Valliant> I see.
[19:33:45] <Valliant> That would work then.
[19:33:56] <Dominus> our actual homepage is updated via CVS so if I update the CVS and not the web, no one should get confused
[19:34:05] <Valliant> Just my two cents worth.
[19:34:19] <Dominus> (unless those more advanced people that get the source via anonymous CVS
[19:34:21] <Valliant> :-)
[19:34:24] <Dominus> :-)
[19:34:25] <Valliant> I can
[19:34:28] <Valliant> :-)
[19:34:29] <Dominus> I know
[19:34:38] <Valliant> I just don't.
[19:34:44] <Valliant> Too lazy.
[19:34:46] <Valliant> :-)
[19:34:47] <Colourless> you know, those sorts of people are more likely to be reading the docs and the faq ;-)
[19:35:01] <Dominus> true enough
[19:35:06] <Valliant> One would hope so
[19:35:13] <Colourless> you could probably update the docs and faq on the main site with new version and no one would probably notice :-)
[19:35:21] <Dominus> he he
[19:35:26] <Valliant> Hehe
[19:35:48] <Colourless> funny, but sad... and probably true
[19:35:48] <Valliant> Funny thing is, that's most likely true.
[19:36:03] <Valliant> Same time? :-)
[19:36:13] <Colourless> according to me, i was first
[19:36:17] <Dominus> should I? :-)
[19:36:33] <Colourless> omg
[19:36:34] <Colourless> [19:35:48] <Colourless> funny, but sad... and probably true
[19:36:34] <Colourless> [19:35:48] <Valliant> Funny thing is, that's most likely true.
[19:36:47] <Valliant> :-D
[19:36:52] <Colourless> exult bot says I was first, but only be the tinyest of margins :-)
[19:37:04] <Valliant> Miliseconds?
[19:37:21] <Valliant> Erm ... *scratches head as he tries to remember whats beyond that*
[19:37:54] <Dominus> microseconds?
[19:38:05] <Colourless> followed by nanoseconds
[19:38:23] <Valliant> :-D
[19:38:53] <Valliant> On to more interesting/pressing/intellectual/anything but this... conversation
[19:39:06] <Valliant> Where were we ...
[19:39:17] <Colourless> hey, just screwing with the #exult signal to noise ratio :-)
[19:39:49] <Dominus> I actually got a mail today "This is a IE 6.0 patch
[19:39:49] <Dominus> I expect you would enjoy it."
[19:39:59] <Dominus> he he
[19:40:03] <Colourless> ooh, enjoy :-)
[19:40:04] <Dominus> deleted instantly
[19:40:08] <Valliant> Someone at Microsoft is on crack.
[19:40:18] <Colourless> i've been getting lots of 'exe' files in my email lately
[19:40:32] <Valliant> I don't touch exe files in mail with a pointy stick.
[19:40:32] <Colourless> or vbs files, or bat files
[19:40:51] <Colourless> all attempting to desguise themselves as a different files type
[19:41:10] <Valliant> Gotta love those people who program viruses eh?
[19:41:10] <Colourless> these are all from people i've never even heard of before, sent to multiple email addresses
[19:41:48] <Valliant> Seeing as I have my email in big blue letters on my site, I get a lot of that.
[19:41:53] <Valliant> :-/
[19:41:54] <Dominus> who do they take us for? Stupid?
[19:42:00] <Valliant> Yup.
[19:42:04] <Colourless> well yes they do
[19:42:11] <Valliant> I send them a little something back *wink wink*
[19:42:19] <Dominus> me not stupid, me is using MS Windows :-)
[19:42:57] <Valliant> *grins smugly, says nothing*
[19:42:57] <Colourless> :-)
[19:43:27] <Valliant> Well, I don't suppose any of you would have happened to see my site? :-)
[19:43:39] <Colourless> nope
[19:43:45] <Colourless> can't say I even know what it is :-)
[19:43:52] <Valliant> Hehe.]
[19:44:04] <Dominus> wjp: how about making an anouncement in the Dragons Newsgroups about Pentagram being availlable as snapshot?
[19:44:22] <Colourless> eh, we don't want people to actually use it yet
[19:44:23] <Valliant> Well, its, very originally named "Valliant Dragon's homepage"
[19:44:41] <Colourless> oh
[19:44:42] <Valliant> Oops, stray comma.
[19:44:50] <wjp> Dominus: I got one of those e-mails too just now
[19:44:51] <Valliant> Its on the ring of Dragons.
[19:45:01] <Colourless> my page is called the The Colourless Page
[19:45:18] <Valliant> Lemme guess ... black and white? :-)
[19:45:23] <Colourless> yes :-)
[19:45:33] <Valliant> I may have seen it before ...
[19:45:34] <Colourless> links are blue though
[19:45:38] <Dominus> my homepage is called Maeaehh
[19:45:55] <Valliant> Probably somewhere in between gazing longingly at Televar's site.
[19:46:00] --> sb-x has joined #exult
[19:46:02] <Valliant> Damn those graphics are good.
[19:46:02] <sb-x> hello
[19:46:06] <Valliant> Hi
[19:46:07] <Colourless> wb
[19:46:10] <Dominus> hi
[19:46:21] <Valliant> Colourless: Is your site in the Ring of Dragons?
[19:46:35] <Colourless> no it's not
[19:46:45] <Colourless> really has nothing to do with ultima :-)
[19:46:52] <Valliant> Heh
[19:46:54] <Dominus> Mine neither evn though I'm a Dragon as well :-)
[19:46:55] <Valliant> True enough
[19:47:07] <Valliant> Mine does. Kinda/sorta/maybe.
[19:47:11] <Dominus> so we have at least 4 Dragons here, don't we?
[19:47:24] <sb-x> I'm Berg Dragon
[19:47:28] <Dominus> 5
[19:47:31] <Valliant> Well, Im a Dragon-to-be until the welcome team wakes up.
[19:47:40] <Valliant> Ive been waiting ...
[19:47:45] <Valliant> Well, a while.
[19:47:48] <Dominus> ah, so you are not an actual Dragon yet :-)
[19:47:49] <Colourless> i was dragon to be for about 3 months :-)
[19:47:54] <Dominus> not quite hatched
[19:47:58] <Valliant> I could believe that.
[19:48:07] <sb-x> hmm, actually I may be a dragon to be
[19:48:11] <sb-x> for a few years now
[19:48:12] <Dominus> for me it was around that time span as well
[19:48:16] <sb-x> as I have never posted to rgcud
[19:48:17] <Colourless> i emailed one of the site admins and told them that i had been waiting
[19:48:27] <Valliant> Site admin being ... who?
[19:48:34] <Valliant> :-/
[19:48:34] <Colourless> i was a dragon within about 2 days
[19:48:35] <sb-x> (never posted about being a dragon i think)
[19:48:42] <sb-x> heh
[19:49:00] <Valliant> I only know a few dragons ...
[19:49:21] <Colourless> i only 'know' the dragons that work on exult :-)
[19:49:28] <Valliant> Britannia's Crusading, Televar, and a few others I can't remember their painfully long names.
[19:49:32] <Valliant> :-)
[19:49:53] <Valliant> All the short names were taken, I was amazed to no small end this wasn't.
[19:50:44] <Valliant> Well, if anyone wants to check out my site, its at www.ultimadragon.0catch.com
[19:50:52] <Valliant> If today's bandwidth isnt whacked.
[19:51:07] <Colourless> uh it is
[19:51:18] <Valliant> Well, lemme check
[19:51:44] <Valliant> Damn that was fast.
[19:51:46] <Valliant> Oh well.
[19:51:48] <sb-x> what is there?
[19:52:02] <Valliant> Guess that just means my site's popular ... or something.
[19:52:23] <Dominus> or you have insane huge graphics and sounds :-)
[19:52:25] <Valliant> Some maps .. a bit on U7 spellcasting .. some music ..
[19:52:51] <Valliant> Its only about 7.5 megs total .. including the useless stuff on the server I don't ues ;-)
[19:53:16] <Valliant> Time to check the stats ...
[19:54:02] <Valliant> Sometimes when I log on that screen goes away, for some strange reason or another.
[19:54:24] <Valliant> Well, that explains it ...
[19:54:50] <Valliant> Only 44 unique visitors and 19 megs of bandwidth used though
[19:55:01] <Valliant> Im supposed to have 3 gigs a month on this account
[19:55:29] <Dominus> sniff, no one respo9nded to my extremely sarcastic post on usenet yet. I feel overlooked (though wjp remarked on it) :-)
[19:55:33] <Colourless> 20 Meg Limit Exceeded!
[19:55:34] <Colourless> This site has exceeded its limit of 20 MB of transfer per day. The account can be upgraded to a paid account to increase the transfer limit to 3 Gigs of transfer per month in your 0catch.com user tools section.
[19:55:45] <Valliant> Well, that's a problem
[19:55:54] <Valliant> Cause I upgraded it the second day
[19:56:07] <Valliant> Well, time to annoy the service reps again ;-)
[19:56:22] <Dominus> how much is it?
[19:56:57] <Valliant> Depends on the plan thingy. I signed up with one of their 'partners' to get it free.
[19:57:11] <Valliant> God, I hate ads.
[19:57:15] <sb-x> I like http://www.modwest.com
[19:57:30] <Valliant> Hmm...
[19:57:38] <Valliant> Okay, someone explain this to me ...
[19:58:08] <Valliant> I have 44 unique visitors today that used 18 megs of bandwidth.
[19:58:27] <Valliant> Yesterday I had 89 unique visitors that used 15 megs of bandwidth.
[19:58:43] <Colourless> someone downloaded lots
[19:58:45] <Valliant> Somethings fishy there, and it ain't my lunch.
[19:59:15] <Valliant> Unless they swiped every picture on the site five times over, I don't see how It would go up that much.
[19:59:18] <Dominus> maybe someone found your unused stuff and downloaded it
[19:59:25] <Valliant> Heh.
[19:59:54] <Valliant> They cant poke around FTP unless they know my password.
[20:00:08] <Valliant> Hmm...
[20:00:15] <Valliant> I know ... time to check something.
[20:02:07] <Valliant> Now as it takes forever and a day to load my stats page ...
[20:02:47] <Valliant> Graphics are about 3 megs of the site, and that includes duplicate stuff that's kicking around thanks to MSWord
[20:03:01] <Valliant> (stupid Microsoft, etc.)
[20:03:24] <Valliant> And the background music is a whole, whopping 7 kilobytes.
[20:03:55] <Valliant> (notes the awkward silence again)
[20:04:35] <sb-x> How does a dynamically linked library export things besides putting pointers in a monolithic structure that gets passed through the _init or whatever the entry point is?
[20:04:43] <Valliant> Hmm
[20:04:50] <Valliant> If your using Pascal, just use
[20:05:09] <Valliant> <function name> EXPORT <library name> <funtion reference>
[20:05:10] <Colourless> sb-x depends on the operating system i guess
[20:05:25] <Valliant> VB is harder, if you don't know what youre doing.
[20:05:31] <Valliant> :-)
[20:06:11] <Valliant> C++, unless someone has invented something I don't know about, youd have to rely on the previously mention monolithic structure
[20:06:16] <Valliant> :-/
[20:06:26] <sb-x> i do plain C
[20:06:48] <Valliant> Well, that Im not sure about.
[20:06:57] <Valliant> I never really did "plain" C
[20:07:03] <Valliant> Im C++ all the way.
[20:07:07] <Colourless> in windows it's real simple
[20:07:34] <Valliant> Windows. Bleh.
[20:07:41] <sb-x> i do plain linux
[20:07:45] <Colourless> requires 2 function call in the application, and using __declspec(dllexport) in the dll
[20:07:55] <Valliant> "Plain" everythign, eh?
[20:07:57] <Colourless> windows is 'much' better doing that "-)
[20:08:04] <sb-x> hmm
[20:08:06] <sb-x> ok thx
[20:08:11] <Valliant> Yeah.
[20:08:18] <Valliant> Gotta give Microsoft that.
[20:08:21] <Valliant> If nothing else.
[20:08:34] <Valliant> Linux is easy, just kind of ....
[20:08:40] <Valliant> Whats the word ...
[20:08:50] <Valliant> Archaic? Yeah that sounds right.
[20:09:01] <sb-x> i read that Bill Gates is a member of the free software trinity
[20:09:24] <sb-x> because Microsoft products helped inexpensive PC style hardware along in the market
[20:09:37] <sb-x> the other two were listed as Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman
[20:09:39] * sb-x shrugs.
[20:09:55] <Valliant> *sigh*
[20:10:06] <sb-x> I don't think they want to be in a trinity, or a cadre, or a posse, or anything with gates. :)
[20:10:28] <Valliant> I get kind of tired of hearing evering Bill Gates has "done" to "improve" the software market.
[20:10:40] <Valliant> Notice the quotation marks.
[20:10:44] <Valliant> :-/
[20:11:26] <sb-x> .NET!
[20:11:35] <Valliant> Id like to hear a little more about some of the other 'pioneer' people, so to speak.
[20:11:46] <Valliant> Such as Turing, for AI.
[20:11:47] <Colourless> so, why hasn't someone to do with linux created a system similar to windows LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress()
[20:12:06] <Valliant> Um ...
[20:12:08] <sb-x> is dlopen like LoadLibrary?
[20:12:10] <wjp> dl_open, dl_something
[20:12:12] <sb-x> and dlsym?
[20:12:14] <Valliant> Can I have a life line?
[20:12:19] <wjp> oh, right, without the _
[20:12:54] <Valliant> Well, Im lucky enough to of kept all those little module-libray-unit thingys they make you do in Computer Science.
[20:13:04] <Valliant> Well, most of them.
[20:13:10] <sb-x> Valliant: over my head sorry :)
[20:13:25] <Valliant> Hehe.
[20:14:16] <Valliant> Well, I made a assembly unit I made in pascal that'll load the specified library.
[20:14:24] <Valliant> *I have
[20:14:34] <Valliant> (darned grammar/typing)
[20:14:59] <sb-x> What else can Pascal do?
[20:15:11] <Valliant> Pascal is good for structured programmin.
[20:15:34] <Valliant> Borland's Delphi practically lives to do database programming.
[20:15:51] <Valliant> Makes me wonder why I even bothered with Excel :-)
[20:16:42] <Valliant> It's a pretty good way to cut your teeth, so to speak, in programming.
[20:16:54] <Valliant> I taught myself how to program using Pascal.
[20:17:04] <Valliant> *looks at the time*
[20:17:10] <Valliant> Well, I gotta go folks.
[20:17:25] <Valliant> Hope I haven't tormented you guys too much :-)
[20:17:31] <Valliant> Cya'll
[20:17:44] <-- Valliant has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[20:18:22] <Dominus> I'm also putting in a "why does Exult crash everytime I try to save?" warning
[20:20:56] <sb-x> "because you didn't read this faq earlier, shame on you"
[20:21:21] <Dominus> no this is actually a problem with exult
[20:21:39] <Colourless> do you have the secret to what it is?
[20:22:09] <Dominus> corrupt savegames can trigger this behavior and people should be made aware not to play on and experience a crash everytime they save
[20:22:51] <Dominus> as people seem to think it's normal and play endlessly on and much later end up with an even more serious problem
[20:24:16] <Dominus> It's actually a problem with MS as people tend to think that it'S normal that a program craps out everytime :-)
[20:24:30] <wjp> maybe rephrase the question as: "What should I do when Exult keeps crashing when I try to save?" ?
[20:24:41] <Dominus> yeah
[20:31:24] <sb-x> Is it possible to add support for the characters that don't go in savegame name currently?
[20:31:54] <Colourless> we have limitation on the characters
[20:32:12] <sb-x> :\ I figured
[20:34:09] --> MisterP has joined #exult
[20:38:42] <sb-x> hi
[20:47:59] <MisterP> hi
[20:48:02] <MisterP> Exult rocks
[20:48:06] <Colourless> :-)
[20:48:08] <Colourless> thanks
[20:48:10] <Dominus> hi
[20:49:01] <-- MisterP has left IRC ("W00t!!!")
[20:50:20] <sb-x> ...okay
[21:02:50] --> MisterP has joined #exult
[21:06:03] <Colourless> hi
[21:09:48] <MisterP> hi again
[21:22:28] <Dominus> aehm, can someone take a look at our nice forum?
[21:22:43] <Colourless> why?
[21:22:51] <Dominus> is it just me or is there nothing in there right now?
[21:23:08] <Dominus> oh, now it's back
[21:34:44] <-- MisterP has left IRC ("W00t!!!")
[21:39:55] --> MisterP has joined #exult
[21:45:44] <Colourless> i should be going
[21:45:49] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("no comment today")
[21:55:07] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("Exult! Exult! Exult!")
[22:15:47] <-- MisterP has left IRC ("W00t!!!")
[22:34:11] * wjp should go
[22:34:13] <wjp> bye
[22:34:15] <-- wjp has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[23:16:09] <sb-x> i think i should leave
[23:16:13] <-- sb-x has left IRC ("...")