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[13:10:17] <artaxerxes> hi all
[13:10:57] <sbx> hi artaxerxes
[13:12:38] <wjp> hi
[13:12:57] <wjp> somebody posted an arm/zaurus patch on the forum a few days ago
[13:13:35] <artaxerxes> that was quite a while if you check the timestamp of the first post
[13:13:42] <artaxerxes> the latest reply just posts a patch
[13:14:00] <wjp> which is why I said 'patch' ;-)
[13:14:48] <artaxerxes> oups! I really should read till the end of the line... ;-)
[13:17:57] <artaxerxes> IIRC it changes the "__zaurus__" ifdef into __arm__
[13:18:03] <wjp> yes
[13:21:22] <artaxerxes> at first glance I wouldn't see an issue with this. Of course, I must make sure the crosscompiler defines "__arm__". I can't vouch for that.
[13:24:16] <wjp> easy to check
[13:24:33] <wjp> "g++ -E -dM - < /dev/null" should do the trick
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[13:26:23] <sbx> hi Colourless
[13:26:37] <Colourless> hi
[13:26:55] <artaxerxes> hi
[13:27:32] <wjp> hi
[13:27:33] <artaxerxes> wjp: all good... it's in it
[13:27:50] <artaxerxes> [zaurus@tor-web-997 zaurus]$ /opt/Embedix/tools/arm-linux/bin/g++ -E -dM - < /dev/null
[13:27:53] <artaxerxes> #define __linux__ 1
[13:27:56] <artaxerxes> #define __ARM_ARCH_4__ 1
[13:27:58] <artaxerxes> #define __arm_elf 1
[13:28:01] <artaxerxes> #define arm_elf 1
[13:28:04] <artaxerxes> #define __arm__ 1
[13:28:06] <artaxerxes> #define linux 1
[13:28:08] <artaxerxes> #define __arm 1
[13:28:11] <artaxerxes> #define __arm_elf__ 1
[13:28:14] <artaxerxes> #define __GNUC_MINOR__ 95
[13:28:16] <artaxerxes> #define arm 1
[13:28:19] <artaxerxes> #define __CHAR_UNSIGNED__ 1
[13:28:21] <artaxerxes> #define __unix 1
[13:28:24] <artaxerxes> #define __unix__ 1
[13:28:26] <artaxerxes> #define __APCS_32__ 1
[13:28:29] <artaxerxes> #define __GNUC__ 2
[13:28:31] <artaxerxes> #define __linux 1
[13:28:34] <artaxerxes> you'll notice the very pesky "#define arm 1" which used to break exult
[13:28:36] <artaxerxes> #define __ELF__ 1
[13:28:39] <artaxerxes> #define unix 1
[13:28:41] <artaxerxes> (for the posterity)
[13:29:49] <Colourless> hmmm. A compiler really shouldn't automatically define a keyword that doesn't start with _
[13:29:49] <wjp> exult still compiles with 2.95?
[13:30:42] <Colourless> even arm_elf could cause problems, in very specific conditions :-)
[13:30:53] <artaxerxes> apparently it does. I don't really have a choice anyways. The latest version of the crosscompiler is for 2.95.
[13:32:55] <wjp> really? that's surprising
[13:33:13] <Colourless> i wouldn't have thought that
[13:33:23] <Colourless> gcc is upto 3.4 now
[13:33:33] <Colourless> shouldn't you be able to build the cross compiler yourself?
[13:33:45] <wjp> surely some gcc 3.x has an arm backend?
[13:33:55] <artaxerxes> check out google. It'll tell you how much of a pain it is.
[13:35:32] <Colourless> I'm guessing that you get a Z SDK from Sharp itself
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[14:36:12] <artaxerxes> Colourless: I'll check out if there is a SDK I could use from Sharp.
[14:36:23] <artaxerxes> wjp: why wouldn't exult compile with 2.95?
[14:36:39] <Colourless> cause none of us use it :-)
[14:36:59] <wjp> pentagram doesn't, for one
[14:38:16] <Colourless> 2 reasons for that, templates and STL
[14:44:54] <artaxerxes> weird. I thought I had successfully compiled and run pentagram before.
[14:45:20] <Colourless> pentagram old... Or Pentagram New (and improved!!!)
[14:45:52] * Colourless votes that we should start pentagram versioning at 2!
[14:59:16] <sbx> Will there be a Pentagram Lite? (with 50% less depth)
[15:02:43] <wjp> oh, we already have that :-)
[15:02:58] <Colourless> hehe
[15:03:20] <Colourless> don't want combat? No worrys!
[15:04:13] <wjp> only 50% chance of being able to climb stairs? Consider it done!
[15:04:24] <Colourless> No AI? It's a deal!
[15:04:57] <wjp> no intro or ending movies? Not a problem!
[15:05:15] <Colourless> No Jumping? Uh, sorry, no can do... :-)
[15:05:54] <wjp> no post-patch jumping ;-)
[15:06:01] <Colourless> :-)
[15:06:04] <sbx> I really must try it then.
[15:06:29] <Colourless> No speech or sound effects? You'll never even know they existed!
[15:07:34] <Colourless> It's Pentagram Options!
[15:09:09] <sbx> I get the feeling all those options are disabled whether I like it or not.
[15:09:18] <artaxerxes> I hope there is 0% financing available....
[15:09:42] <sbx> hehe
[15:09:44] <Colourless> No financing requird.... it's free for the first 5 billion customers!
[15:09:58] <Colourless> with life time replacement upgrade !
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[15:10:39] <dex909> hello :)
[15:10:41] <Colourless> come assembled or in parts :-)
[15:10:52] <dex909> iīve not been here for a while ;)
[15:11:08] <Colourless> hi
[15:11:23] <dex909> my obvious question: any news about pentagram on pocket pc? ;)
[15:11:41] <Colourless> sure... i can compile it to that platform
[15:11:54] <dex909> last time you said "no" :)
[15:11:58] <Colourless> doesn't mean it's playable
[15:12:01] <artaxerxes> dex909: we're actually talking about financing for it! ;-)
[15:12:03] <dex909> ah
[15:12:12] <dex909> oh really? :)
[15:12:32] <artaxerxes> no
[15:12:38] <artaxerxes> just kidding
[15:12:47] <artaxerxes> <@Colourless> No financing requird.... it's free for the first 5 billion
[15:12:50] <artaxerxes> customers!
[15:12:54] <dex909> so my chances to play pagan on my asusa620 today are still very low ;)
[15:12:57] <Colourless> i could give you an exe that would let you run it, but running is only half of it. You might have problems doing much of anything in the game, and you'll have a really hard time trying to quit
[15:13:08] <dex909> mmh
[15:13:10] <dex909> reset
[15:13:10] <dex909> :)
[15:13:19] <artaxerxes> Colourless: sounds like Windows!
[15:13:24] <dex909> yes :)
[15:13:46] <dex909> actually, i wouldnīt mind beeing not able to do anything except running around - if..
[15:13:50] <dex909> there would be sound :(
[15:13:52] <dex909> and i BET
[15:14:01] <Colourless> Same with Exult. Compiles, but running it isn't great at the moment
[15:14:02] <dex909> you canīt include that.
[15:14:12] <Colourless> need to add in support for the soft keys and rotation
[15:14:30] <Colourless> Got music!
[15:14:32] <dex909> and sound is MOST important. gfx may be old by now but sound never gets old ;)
[15:14:35] <dex909> WHAT??
[15:14:37] <dex909> music?!?!
[15:14:42] <dex909> youīre kidding again ;9)
[15:14:46] <sbx> I like the U8 graphics
[15:14:50] <Colourless> actually, i'm not
[15:14:57] <dex909> yes i like the u8 gfx too!!
[15:15:02] <dex909> like the isometric style :)
[15:15:21] <dex909> so you mean, you have it compiled, it shows some gfx AND has music??
[15:15:33] <Colourless> Pentagram contains an emulated FM Synth and Timitidy for systems that don't have have native midi
[15:15:41] <dex909> you MUST be kidding!
[15:15:44] <dex909> yes i know that.
[15:15:45] <Colourless> s/timitidy/timidity/
[15:15:50] <dex909> well, but on pocket pc..?
[15:15:52] <sbx> Timidity on Pocket PC?
[15:16:03] <Colourless> yeah
[15:16:13] <Colourless> but Timidity is probably going to be really slow :-)
[15:16:17] <dex909> WOAH!! get me that exe!! iīm officialy betatester now!!
[15:16:26] <dex909> whatīs "really" slow? :)
[15:16:34] <dex909> one frame per second and less?
[15:16:34] <Colourless> hell if i know. I don't have a PPC
[15:16:40] <dex909> well, i do have one :)
[15:16:43] <dex909> the fastest on the market
[15:17:03] <sbx> that would be good to test on then
[15:17:08] <dex909> yep :)
[15:17:23] <dex909> iīd do betatesting for you for free! if it would speed up the development process!
[15:17:45] <artaxerxes> wjp: seems there is no gcc3 crosscompile for Zaurus. SDK is not public and I doubt it will work well (the "Unofficial Zaurus FAQ" has more on it)
[15:18:05] <dex909> i know pagan very good and iīm into pocket pc and also emulation on that platform.
[15:18:26] <Colourless> dex909 i'll give you something 'soon'
[15:18:30] <dex909> mmh
[15:18:33] <dex909> soon? :)
[15:18:46] <dex909> maybe this evening? =)
[15:19:49] <Colourless> i just need to update things to reflect recent changes to pentagram and make sure it compiles, and then i'll put a binary up
[15:20:12] <dex909> would be very nice :) does it take "much" time to do this?
[15:21:31] <Colourless> shouldn't
[15:21:48] <dex909> fantastic :)
[15:22:05] <dex909> well, iīll stay in this channel till late night today.
[15:23:26] <artaxerxes> brb
[15:37:31] <artaxerxes> b
[15:39:23] <sbx> wb
[15:44:20] <artaxerxes> thx
[15:53:24] <dex909> well, the windows pentagram i have (already two months old)
[15:53:30] <dex909> is kinda good :)
[15:53:36] <dex909> you can even play it!
[15:53:45] <dex909> what is actually missing?
[15:54:12] <dex909> no fighting?`
[16:02:02] <wjp> fighting, AI, SFX, voices, climbing, movies, some scripts don't work yet, more interface work, non-english versions, ...
[16:05:55] <sbx> crusader support
[16:06:02] <sbx> oops I'm sorry, that's not planned
[16:06:57] <sbx> not that I've even tried it lately
[16:07:57] <dex909> fighting and ai.. mmh..
[16:08:11] <dex909> is it a long way until this will be implemented?
[16:08:36] <wjp> fighting is at least partially done internally, but AI will probably take some time
[16:09:02] <dex909> and how long would be "some time" ;)
[16:09:07] <wjp> who knows
[16:09:12] <dex909> and exult?
[16:09:24] <dex909> this version has everything already, not?
[16:09:34] <wjp> yeah
[16:09:47] <dex909> but exult can not be ported to pocket pcīs right?
[16:10:15] <dex909> i would betatest both if necessary :)
[16:10:23] <Colourless> 00:44] <Colourless> Same with Exult. Compiles, but running it isn't great at the moment
[16:10:40] * wjp was just about to copy/paste the same line :-)
[16:11:38] <dex909> ah, sorry ;) my fault!
[16:11:49] <dex909> well, i will test both :)
[16:12:14] <dex909> and i will provide help to get it on pocket pc if necessary (even if i donīt know how)
[16:12:57] <dex909> did you know that i "saved" ultima 7 and 8 until a day i can play it "portable"?
[16:13:01] <dex909> this is no joke :)
[16:13:10] <dex909> i didnīt play through pagan or exult
[16:13:13] <dex909> because of that reason.
[16:13:34] <dex909> i want to play through it the first time on anything porable - best would be pocket pc!
[16:13:51] <dex909> well, and i waited QUITE some time now, you surely can imagine ;)
[16:14:24] <dex909> at first i wanted this on gba.
[16:14:31] <dex909> but gba is too weak.
[16:14:43] <dex909> and one day i saw exult on the zaurus thingie :)
[16:15:56] <sbx> i wouldn't do that
[16:16:05] <dex909> do what?
[16:16:19] <sbx> not play the games if I had them
[16:16:46] <dex909> well as for pagan, i tried and played it years ago.
[16:16:51] <dex909> but didnīt play through.
[16:17:33] <dex909> and then i didnīt play it for some time, and i had that idea, since then i did not touch ultima 8 again :)
[16:18:14] <sbx> oh yeah I guess I did that for u8
[16:18:19] <sbx> but that is because I found it boring
[16:18:57] <sbx> and only played some of it, maybe I will play it completely someday
[16:21:47] <dex909> iīve heard many times that u7 is better :)
[16:22:01] <sbx> i think so
[16:22:05] <dex909> well, as exult is more complete than pagan, i should be glad or not? ;)
[16:22:46] <dex909> i mean, surely exult would work even better on ppc than pentagram, because pentagram isnīt even finished for other platforms!
[16:23:33] <Colourless> neither will run well
[16:23:56] <Colourless> they both will not currently be playable on PPC
[16:24:07] <Colourless> lack of 'interface'
[16:25:51] <dex909> sure
[16:26:22] <dex909> well, you could replace the mouse by the stylus and use a virtual keyboard like in "castce" for example :)
[16:26:33] <dex909> do not know how to code that of course..
[16:26:48] <Colourless> stylus already works as mouse
[16:26:58] <Colourless> and virtual keyboard needs to be coded in :-)
[16:27:13] <dex909> is this hard?
[16:27:18] <dex909> the virtual keyboard?
[16:27:42] <Colourless> not especially
[16:27:47] <sbx> is there a common virtual keyboard for PPC apps or do you have to create it from scratch?
[16:31:54] <dex909> well, as i said, i can only help you with testing on my machine, not much more :-/
[16:34:30] <Colourless> For exult and pentagram we'd need our own
[16:34:50] <dex909> mmh, probably right.
[16:34:54] <Colourless> the build in On screen keyboard is the wrong orientation
[16:35:12] <dex909> i know :)
[16:35:22] <dex909> well, but you could use it for testing in the beginning!
[16:35:32] <dex909> itīs better than no keyboard at all!
[16:36:13] <sbx> bbl
[16:36:15] --- sbx is now known as sbx|afk
[16:37:26] <wjp> dinner, bbl
[17:06:55] <artaxerxes> you guys wouldn't know of a way to return to _normal_ the order of the "ok/cancel" buttons in firefox 0.8? I've search on the about:config and on the web to no avail.
[17:07:19] <artaxerxes> (precision: currently shows "cancel/ok". I want "ok/cancel")
[17:07:44] <artaxerxes> I've poked around with gconf also to no avail.
[17:11:20] <wjp> firefox uses gconf?
[17:11:27] * wjp hopes not
[17:13:08] <artaxerxes> I was just trying
[17:13:26] <artaxerxes> (since I know GNOME's layout is like that too)
[17:13:41] <wjp> I hadn't actually noticed anything about the order of ok/cancel
[17:13:44] <artaxerxes> Anyways, after refining my google search, I've found the solution
[17:13:58] <artaxerxes> Add this to userChrome.css
[17:13:58] <artaxerxes> .dialog-button-box {
[17:13:58] <artaxerxes> -moz-box-direction: reverse;
[17:13:58] <artaxerxes> -moz-box-pack: center;
[17:13:58] <artaxerxes> }
[17:14:00] <artaxerxes> .dialog-button-box spacer {
[17:14:03] <artaxerxes> display: none ! important;
[17:14:06] <artaxerxes> }
[17:14:23] <artaxerxes> from: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=233893
[17:14:34] <wjp> I really should read up a bit on that whole xul/chrome stuff
[17:17:58] <artaxerxes> ok, let's try it out
[17:20:45] <artaxerxes> btw, thunderbird 0.6 is pure gold when connecting to an Exchange server
[17:21:04] <artaxerxes> I especially love the IMAP IDLE mode support.
[17:21:44] <artaxerxes> ok, the fix does work
[17:38:22] <Colourless> ok, now lets see if I can compile pentagram for a real PPC device
[17:41:34] <dex909> ok :) iīm here!
[17:42:05] <dex909> please also try to compile exult! i can test this one too :)
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[17:45:26] <Colourless> not yet for exult. You are unlikely to even be able to start a game, so i wont bother
[17:47:00] <dex909> oh
[17:47:10] <Colourless> you need a keyboard :-)
[17:47:16] <dex909> ah yes..
[17:47:35] <dex909> well, and you canīt use the "wrong placed" built in keyboard?
[17:47:49] <dex909> just to be able to start a game, i mean.
[17:48:29] <Colourless> no
[17:49:08] <Colourless> i also think there are some 'issues' with relative paths going on
[17:49:17] <Colourless> so it's probably not a good idea to use it
[17:49:21] <dex909> oh ok ;)
[17:49:39] <dex909> ah, itīs always such a looong way..
[17:50:07] <Colourless> i've kind of worked around what appears to be in pentagram, but exult is a bit different and working around it will be a bit more difficult
[17:50:37] <dex909> ah, i see, great for pentagram anyways :)
[17:50:53] <dex909> itīs just that pentagram is not finished to be playable yet.
[17:51:51] <Colourless> yeah well neither will be playable on pocketpc yet
[17:52:18] <dex909> of course :)
[17:52:27] <dex909> well, i just want to help
[17:52:33] <Colourless> i can run them fine in the emulator, but that's because my keyboard and 3 button mouse work :-)
[17:52:35] <dex909> because you do not have a pocket pc yourself.
[17:52:51] <dex909> awww that was harsh :-/
[17:52:57] <dex909> you lucky guy
[17:53:28] <dex909> well, i guess it will take years to get it working then :-/
[17:54:03] <wjp> how are your C++ skills? :-)
[17:54:45] <Colourless> pentagram on PPC is going to be 'icky' unless i have a stroke of genius. I really don't know if it has enough keys to make ultima 8 playable
[17:55:05] <dex909> what do you mean wjp?
[17:55:40] <dex909> i just think it will take years :( if colourless says itīs not easy, than it must be REALLY hard.
[17:55:52] <Colourless> if you want to download pentagram i've built it here: http://www.users.on.net/triforce/pentagram_ppc2k3.zip
[17:56:15] <dex909> great :)
[17:56:20] <dex909> i will test it at once!
[17:56:25] <Colourless> files.txt contains what files from ultima8 you'll need to run
[17:57:09] <dex909> i already read it, thanks ;)
[17:57:18] <dex909> itīll take some minutes..
[17:57:31] <Colourless> just so you know, you'll need to maintain the directory structure
[17:57:33] <dex909> have to transfer all the files
[17:57:41] <dex909> yes, of course ;)
[17:57:55] <Colourless> the location of the whole lot shouldn't matter
[18:01:02] <Colourless> for just starting up it doesn't appear that pentagram needs much memory
[18:02:04] <dex909> got around 59
[18:02:08] <dex909> free
[18:02:15] <dex909> just some seconds
[18:02:17] <Colourless> that would be more than enough :-)
[18:02:28] <dex909> 400mhz xscale (arm)
[18:04:28] <dex909> well, it does not start ;)
[18:04:40] <Colourless> any reason why?
[18:04:54] <dex909> iīll check
[18:05:09] <Colourless> it should have created a few files in \
[18:05:37] <Colourless> stdout.txt, stderr.txt should contain 'something'
[18:07:02] <dex909> the exe is not executable
[18:07:05] <dex909> you tab on it
[18:07:12] <dex909> and nothing happens
[18:07:16] <dex909> USUALLY
[18:07:25] <dex909> this means, a file is missing
[18:07:27] <wjp> tab on it?
[18:07:39] <Colourless> it might just be doing nothing
[18:07:41] <dex909> tap
[18:07:54] <wjp> oh, right, that makes more sense :-)
[18:07:54] <dex909> mmh
[18:08:22] <Colourless> look for stderr, stdout files in "My Device" or somewhere
[18:08:23] <dex909> i am not a native english speaker, sorry ;)
[18:08:55] <dex909> stderr
[18:09:02] <dex909> and stdlog are there!
[18:09:05] <dex909> but empty
[18:09:08] <dex909> stdout
[18:09:12] <dex909> says
[18:10:06] * Colourless waits
[18:10:10] <dex909> initialising sdl creating kernel... creating filesystem... virtual patch ".":\Speicherkarte\U8P Creating Configuration...
[18:10:24] <dex909> "speicherkarte" is my memory card.
[18:10:40] <Colourless> you do know, that you can transfer those files from the ppc to your computer, then load them up :-)
[18:10:45] <dex909> i can not install it on the main memory, this might be a problem.
[18:10:52] <dex909> sure
[18:10:54] <dex909> but not now.
[18:11:00] <Colourless> and then copy and paste them to here :-)
[18:11:04] <dex909> itīs not connected to my comp directly.
[18:11:38] <dex909> i can connect it permanently, to speed things up, one second
[18:11:44] <dex909> here we go
[18:13:11] <dex909> Initialising SDL...
[18:13:11] <dex909> Creating Kernel...
[18:13:11] <dex909> Creating FileSystem...
[18:13:11] <dex909> virtual path ".": \Speicherkarte\U8P
[18:13:11] <dex909> Creating Configuration...
[18:13:22] <Colourless> anything else?
[18:13:29] <dex909> nope
[18:13:45] <dex909> thatīs all. tried several times.
[18:13:49] <Colourless> hmm
[18:13:49] <wjp> and stderr is empty?
[18:14:31] <dex909> yes
[18:14:54] <dex909> 0 bytes.
[18:15:35] <Colourless> well, i'm guessing it didn't crash. Should have brought up an 'error' message otherwise
[18:15:49] <dex909> yep
[18:16:08] <Colourless> i'll need to put in some extra code to create more debugging messages
[18:16:11] <wjp> I don't really see any error conditions around that point that should cause it to quit normally
[18:16:12] <Colourless> but not tonight
[18:16:30] <wjp> maybe some function calls in setupVirtualPaths
[18:16:49] <dex909> maybe it is the location of the files
[18:16:50] <wjp> or did you replace that by "." ?
[18:17:24] <dex909> i do not have it on the pocket pc, but on the external memory card.
[18:17:24] <Colourless> no, that that's correct
[18:17:28] <dex909> oh
[18:17:28] <dex909> ok
[18:17:39] <Colourless> as i said. i was 'working around' a relative path problem :-)
[18:17:52] <dex909> well, iīll check back tomorrow ;)
[18:18:12] <Colourless> i mounted . as a virtual path in pentagram :-)
[18:18:44] <dex909> oh
[18:18:47] <dex909> ok
[18:20:14] <Colourless> as far as i would be able to tell, pentagram exited gracefully during startup, but without giving an reason why. I'm guessing it actually crashed :-)
[18:21:19] <wjp> is there a command prompt you can run it from that might give errors on a terminal?
[18:21:39] <Colourless> no :-)
[18:22:10] <Colourless> the device doesn't even have a keyboard wjp :-)
[18:22:17] <Colourless> how are you going to use a terminal :-)
[18:22:22] <wjp> virtual keyboard? :-)
[18:22:39] <wjp> probably not the most efficient way :-)
[18:22:54] <wjp> any remote debugging tools?
[18:22:56] <Colourless> some 'other' WinCE devices to have a terminal AFAIK
[18:23:06] <Colourless> yeah EMVC does remote debugging
[18:25:30] <dex909> well, got to go! iīll check back tomorrow if i have the time ;)
[18:25:40] <Colourless> cya
[18:26:59] <Colourless> heh. I never knew, I can actually use perl an php on my personal webspace
[18:27:19] <wjp> bye
[18:27:22] <wjp> nice :-)
[18:27:35] <Colourless> not that i'm going too
[18:27:54] <-- dex909 has left #exult ()
[18:28:03] <Colourless> i mean, i don't even use css :-)
[18:28:05] <wjp> oh, speaking of php, I upgraded/unified the exultbot log pages this week
[18:28:15] <Colourless> yes i noticed some changes :-)
[18:28:30] <wjp> oh, you did? there weren't supposed to be any noticable changes
[18:28:54] <Colourless> well, the line at the top of the page is a difference :-)
[18:29:12] <Colourless> #exult logs
[18:29:21] <Colourless> #exult@irc.freenode.net logs for 12 May 2004 (GMT)
[18:29:22] <Colourless> Archive Today Yesterday Tomorrow
[18:29:22] <Colourless> Exult homepage
[18:29:30] <wjp> hm?
[18:29:53] <Colourless> ah ha!
[18:29:58] <Colourless> you made a typo :-)
[18:30:02] <Colourless> can you find it?
[18:30:15] <wjp> sounds like I screwed up with the title tags
[18:30:18] <Colourless> :-)
[18:30:18] <wjp> let's have a look
[18:31:08] <Colourless> i see this:
[18:31:09] <Colourless> <head<title>
[18:31:24] <wjp> hm, my source window doesn't show that
[18:31:31] <wjp> but maybe mozilla is automatically correcting that
[18:31:44] <Colourless> lets see what wget says
[18:31:51] <wjp> indeed
[18:32:08] <wjp> I'm pretty sure it'll be correct with wget now too :-)
[18:32:33] <Colourless> so it is :-)
[18:33:06] <wjp> the good part is that it now only took only one change to fix all pages at once :-)
[18:33:13] <wjp> s/only //
[18:33:34] <Colourless> the bad part being that only one problem affected all pages
[18:37:02] <Colourless> mozilla is obviously a bad browser. It's promoting non standard code by automatically fixing that problem :-)
[18:37:33] <wjp> yes, rather annoying feature while making web pages
[18:46:15] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[18:46:16] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dominus
[18:46:33] <Colourless> greetings
[18:46:46] <Dominus> hi
[18:47:01] <wjp> hi
[18:47:43] <artaxerxes> hi
[18:47:54] <Dominus> oh hi arta
[18:48:08] <Dominus> did you see the patch for zaurus on the forum?
[18:48:14] <wjp> yes, he did :-)
[18:48:27] <Dominus> I guess I should read the log now?
[18:48:29] <Dominus> :-)
[18:49:17] <Colourless> there is a lot of talk about not too much
[18:54:52] <artaxerxes> aka much ado about nothing... ;-)
[18:56:05] <Dominus> the stuff about PPc is interesting
[18:56:46] <wjp> is pocketpc really called ppc often?
[18:56:56] <wjp> I keep thinking powerpc when I see ppc...
[18:57:30] <Dominus> don't have one, so I have only the knowledge people throw at us here and at the forum
[18:58:00] <Dominus> but fingolfin complained that they stole the PPC from PowerPC
[18:58:32] <Colourless> yeah ppc is often used to mean Pocket PC
[19:09:45] <artaxerxes> I've got this absolutely undetectable and unsquishable bug, like I've never seen before, in my full_export function (in PHP) to export all usecode function as a .tar.gz.
[19:10:01] <artaxerxes> (for my translation page)
[19:10:34] <artaxerxes> exactly one function messes up and does not export properly and I can't see why
[20:02:24] --- sbx|afk is now known as sbx
[20:02:30] <sbx> im back
[20:02:48] <wjp> artaxerxes: hm, want me to take a look?
[20:07:03] <wjp> sbx: wb :-)
[20:12:11] <artaxerxes> wjp: sure, if you want!
[20:48:14] <-- sbx has left IRC ()
[21:08:39] <artaxerxes> bye all
[21:08:41] <-- artaxerxes has left IRC ("leaving")
[21:11:01] <Colourless> i should be going too
[21:11:02] <Colourless> cya
[21:11:06] <wjp> night
[21:11:11] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts invisibility")
[21:11:24] <Dominus> me also
[21:11:26] <Dominus> bye
[21:11:31] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("a pooka invited me for a drink")
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[22:11:31] <-- whuzza has left #exult ()
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