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[02:00:30] <blair> anyone know about X-Plane?
[02:01:29] <dancer> I've heard the name, but I can't quite place it.
[02:25:59] <blair> dancer, do you have information about X-plane?
[02:28:55] <dancer> No. All I know is the name.
[02:36:29] * dancer heads to work.
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[04:41:43] <slacked> Heya
[04:41:55] <slacked> is the opengl implementation bug fixed yet?
[04:42:03] <slacked> dancer_ was working on it last night as I recall
[04:42:37] <Kirben> no
[04:43:22] <slacked> drats
[04:43:32] <slacked> well at least the theft system is getting worked on
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[05:31:36] <Colourless> hi
[05:34:04] <blair> hi colourless :)
[05:35:54] <Colourless> there is a reason for the smilie? :-)
[05:42:25] <blair> not. :)
[05:42:45] <blair> i always show my smile face other people. :)
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[07:29:59] <slacked> anyone home?
[07:30:42] * Darke looks around him. Yep, he's in his bedroom at the moment. *grin*
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[10:43:19] <Dominus> hi
[10:44:45] <blair> hiya
[10:45:51] <Darke> Hi!
[10:45:58] <blair> hi darke... :)
[10:46:28] <blair> Today everquest gold edition package arrived to me! :0
[10:47:10] <Darke> Neat. *grin*
[10:47:11] <Dominus> *sniff* that CRusader PSX game auction was canceled because it was not correctly labeled (Age/Violence control)
[10:47:22] <Dominus> And I was leading the auction
[10:47:32] <Darke> Dominus: Oops. Ah well.
[10:47:41] <Dominus> and unfortunately I didn't write down the auctioner's name...
[10:47:45] <blair> but... i haven't account everquest... :|
[10:48:15] * Darke lost his auction for No Remorse, someone slipped in and outbidded him a few seconds before it closed.
[10:48:26] <Darke> s/seconds/minutes/
[10:48:30] <Dominus> ah, you got sniped :-)
[10:49:12] * Dominus has a tendency to bid on items that ebay cancels...
[10:51:03] <Darke> It's almost impossible to get a copy of it around here too. I enquired at pretty much the oldest local chain of computer games stores around here about it, and the store owner (who just also happened to be the owner of the entire chain of 6 or so stores), couldn't even locate a copy of it himself to replace his dead copy. He apparently had to ask a friend to burn a copy for him! *grin*
[10:51:32] <Dominus> of the psx or pc version?
[10:51:40] <Darke> PC. *grin*
[10:52:01] <Darke> PSX/DC too probably, I've not seen a copy of it at all either.
[10:54:09] <Dominus> there are a couple of no regret auctions on German Ebay at the moment
[10:54:26] <Dominus> and Chris de Burgh's LP called Crusader :-)
[10:54:52] * Darke snerks.
[10:59:21] * Darke considers poking around ebay, but decides poking around code is more productive.
[11:08:01] <blair> hey anyone need Crusader: No Remorse?
[11:08:11] <blair> or No Regret? :)
[11:08:11] * Dominus would really like the Wing Commander - Kilrathi Saga compilation but that always goes for over $ 100,- (US) on Ebay...
[11:08:47] <Dominus> I needed them but got them on ebay recently
[11:08:50] <blair> oh my god... gamer pay $100 for buy kilrathi saga?
[11:09:18] <Dominus> it'S a very rare compilation with Windows versions of the games
[11:09:29] <blair> hey i have it :)
[11:09:39] * Darke ouches. Expensive.
[11:09:42] <blair> i'm a fan of Wing Commander Series.. :)
[11:09:55] <blair> my nickname is Commodore. blair... :p
[11:10:40] <blair> i wish that origin make the Strike Commander For Windows. :p
[11:14:55] <Dominus> so blair you really got that Killrathi saga cds? With the windows executables?
[11:15:41] <blair> yes :)
[11:16:09] <Dominus> what OS do you run?
[11:16:47] <blair> windows 2000 pro
[11:18:05] <Dominus> would you mind checking how (or even if) Wing Commader 3 windows version runs on W2k?
[11:18:45] <blair> oh...
[11:18:56] <blair> dominus i checked it...
[11:19:00] <blair> not running... :(
[11:19:05] <Dominus> grr
[11:19:31] <blair> so i installed windows 98 & windows 2000 in my hard disk. :|
[11:19:48] <blair> i made multi-booting system in my computer...
[11:20:16] <Kirben> does compatbility mode make any difference ?
[11:20:16] <Dominus> I've been looking everywhere for this because I have severe problems running the WC3 dos version on XP. The SVGA is not working and hence it looks quite shitty...
[11:20:48] <Kirben> if game needs vesa, try vbeplus
[11:20:54] <blair> yes.. you're correct. :)
[11:20:58] <Kirben> and run full screen
[11:21:09] <Dominus> Kirben: I think I tried everything
[11:21:49] <Dominus> It has something to do with my V5 drivers not allowing the specific svga res required by WC3 on XP
[11:21:58] <blair> hey dominus, using windows 98 :)
[11:22:07] <Dominus> works nicely on Windows ME
[11:22:26] <blair> but win me is junk OS... :P
[11:22:29] <Dominus> blair: yes, but I like to do more things than just boot to play a game
[11:22:46] <Dominus> blair: Me is okay if stipped down with 98lite
[11:23:40] <blair> win me korean version is very junky os...
[11:24:01] <Kirben> Why use 98lite ? its more likely to cause more problems and can turn off just about anything by system.
[11:24:05] <blair> every work, every down... and every Blue Screen... :|
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[11:24:46] <Dominus> Kirben: I used it to get a very small OS for emergencies
[11:26:21] <Dominus> Kirben: if you are interested in a mscdxnt replacement (hopefully more compatible with dos mscdex): http://vogons.zetafleet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=503
[11:27:48] <Kirben> Looks interesting but not much changed yet, I heard someone was working on that.
[11:28:16] <Dominus> the 3rd version is supposed to be much better
[11:28:48] <Dominus> but I don't have a game that has problems with mscdexnt, so i can't really tell
[11:29:22] <Kirben> I have two
[11:29:48] <Dominus> which ones?
[11:29:49] <Kirben> inherit the earth and world of xeen cds, rpgs with full voice.
[11:30:35] <Dominus> I'm sure the guys over at vogons will like to hear how they work with sapucdex :-)
[11:31:13] <Dominus> Vogons is overall a good place to get help on old PC games
[11:32:00] <Kirben> yes, I often check out vdmsound forums.
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[11:32:50] <Dominus> yes, vdms is a project I closely follow
[11:32:58] <Kirben> world of xeen has other xp issues though, the non-talkie version produces blank screen for some odd reason. Game runs fine just can't see a thing...
[11:33:14] <Dominus> :-(
[11:33:31] <Dominus> he he "game runs fine"
[11:41:36] <Dominus> I can't wait for Dosbox to get in some useful state
[11:43:43] <Kirben> Yes it looks promising, although last release broke some games.
[11:44:47] <Kirben> No luck with SAPUCDEX, no log file either so I guess its not related to cd driver.
[11:45:02] <Dominus> bad
[12:04:19] * Dominus is going home to Germany on Thursday and hopes he doesn't forget his full Ultima 8 CD ... again...
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[12:07:07] <Dominus> hey ho
[12:07:15] <Colourless> hi
[12:07:17] <Darke> Hiya.
[12:08:11] <Dominus> Colourless: what's new on the GlideXP front?
[12:08:16] <Colourless> nothing
[12:08:31] <Dominus> he
[12:08:35] <Colourless> haven't touched it in ages. everything seems to be working just fine
[12:45:15] <Colourless> ah, i currently just have too much available cash for my own good.... i can just feel it attempting to make me spend it... on say something like a R9700pro... but i attempt to resist
[12:45:42] <Dominus> I know how you feel
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[12:46:44] <Nadir> hi all
[12:46:49] <Colourless> hi
[12:46:50] <Dominus> hi
[12:48:05] <Colourless> Dominus: I know that at some stage i will probably buy one, but at the moment, i very much need a new case and power supply first. my current one will sort of get fried by a R9700pro should i get one :-)
[12:48:19] <Dominus> he
[12:48:31] <Dominus> I'll wait for the prizes to drop a little more
[12:48:42] <Dominus> christmas time or shortly after
[12:48:46] <Nadir> about the serpent not appearing for some, have you seen Neutronium's post ?
[12:48:56] <Nadir> about the differences between SI and SS ?
[12:49:01] <Darke> Hi.
[12:49:10] <Dominus> Nadir: that looks rather interesting
[12:49:14] <Colourless> i've seen it. there shouldn't be any differences in ss other than the parts they added
[12:50:03] <Colourless> the only existing thing to be modified would be karnax's usecode
[12:50:20] <Colourless> and that 'other' monk
[12:51:03] <Nadir> I only have SS here so I couldn't really compare them
[12:51:25] <Colourless> i only have ss too
[12:52:07] <Dominus> ok, all who have SI without SS please hold up your hand!
[12:52:17] * Dominus sees no one holding up his hand...
[12:53:07] <Colourless> as far as I am concerned, there is no problem, but that is just me :-)
[12:53:17] * Darke waves his paw. He's got the Spanish version of SI, but it's certainly not one you would want to compare with. *grin*
[12:53:36] <Colourless> we know for sure that is not the final version of si
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[13:09:11] <Nadir> that usenet post is just irritating
[13:09:24] <Colourless> which post?
[13:10:10] <Nadir> http://groups.google.it/groups?dq=&hl=it&lr=&ie=UTF-8&selm=gt4vsugfu6vh5qu67vsk1788r07fh865in%404ax.com
[13:10:58] <Colourless> this persons is more than just irritating
[13:11:15] <Nadir> have we met him in the past ?
[13:11:25] <Colourless> no idea
[13:12:24] <Nadir> yes, on the forum
[13:12:30] <Nadir> http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/search.php?f=1&search=schumacher&globalsearch=0&match=1&date=0&fldauthor=1
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[13:14:51] <Colourless> i see
[13:15:27] <Nadir> but you know, I can be even MORE irritating :)
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[13:15:50] <Colourless> well then, consider me to challenge you :-)
[13:17:46] <Nadir> shall we have a vote for "Most annoying Exult user" ?
[13:18:03] <Nadir> actually it would be nice to have a "Most useful user" for the best bug reports
[13:18:14] <Nadir> and have him included in the credits as a grand prize :)
[13:18:23] <Nadir> s/him/him\/her/
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[14:31:03] * Darke wanders off to sleep. Night!
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[15:34:36] * artaxerxes is BAWLING... Sharp just released the new zaurus sl-5600!
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[16:04:18] --> SB-X has joined #exult
[16:04:24] <SB-X> yo
[16:04:26] <SB-X> artaxerxes?
[16:11:40] --> scatt3rp has joined #exult
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[16:11:59] <scatterp> hi
[16:12:07] <scatterp> any one here?
[16:12:07] <SB-X> yo
[16:12:12] <scatterp> cool
[16:12:17] <scatterp> looking for a matlab help channel
[16:12:30] <scatterp> noticed you guys talking about it in a log
[16:12:36] <scatterp> i googled
[16:12:53] <SB-X> wasnt me
[16:13:00] <scatterp> hold a sec
[16:13:02] <SB-X> whats matlab?
[16:13:11] <scatterp> <wjp> we have Maple and Matlab
[16:13:19] <scatterp> err i dont have a clue
[16:13:26] <scatterp> its some kind of programing language
[16:13:32] <scatterp> to do with maths
[16:15:04] <SB-X> when did he say that?
[16:15:22] <scatterp> yesterday
[16:16:37] <SB-X> in exult logs?
[16:17:05] <SB-X> that was 23 Sep 2002
[16:17:10] <SB-X> i googled :)
[16:17:12] <scatterp> yeah
[16:18:17] <SB-X> what about #math?
[16:18:26] <scatterp> dunno
[16:18:30] <scatterp> havent tryed it
[16:18:36] <SB-X> heh
[16:18:38] * SB-X shrugs.
[16:18:45] <SB-X> [20:57:52] <Fingolfin> interesting there is a #math, lol
[16:18:59] <scatterp> its seems empty too
[16:19:00] <scatterp> lol
[16:19:21] <scatterp> ive done a list on efnet dalnet undernet and nothing
[16:19:22] <SB-X> wjp said he would be back in a week or so
[16:19:27] <scatterp> danm
[16:19:29] <SB-X> it should be less time than that
[16:19:31] <scatterp> thats a long time
[16:19:32] <scatterp> heh
[16:19:33] <SB-X> so you can ask him then
[16:19:43] <SB-X> i just hope exultbot doesn't die before that
[16:20:37] <scatterp> why
[16:20:43] <scatterp> cant you guys get another bot ?
[16:21:17] <SB-X> exultbot is a good one
[16:21:56] <scatterp> its not oped ?
[16:22:13] <SB-X> it is for logging
[16:22:25] <SB-X> not protection
[16:22:26] <SB-X> i guess
[16:24:54] <scatterp> its like
[16:25:03] <scatterp> every website that mentions matlab
[16:25:06] <scatterp> is a danm uni
[16:25:14] <scatterp> .edu
[16:25:26] <scatterp> the language must suck so much
[16:25:35] <scatterp> no one even wants to talk about it
[16:25:48] <SB-X> i think it is a software program
[16:25:51] <SB-X> why do you want to talk about it?
[16:26:27] <scatterp> one of my friends frinds is stuck
[16:27:44] <SB-X> http://www.mathworks.com/access/helpdesk/help/techdoc/matlab.shtml
[16:28:15] <scatterp> thats web help
[16:28:25] <scatterp> i need some thing a little interactive
[16:29:54] <scatterp> >> for i=2:21,
[16:29:55] <scatterp> y(i) = y(i-1) + h*(x(i-1)^2 - y(i-1)^2);
[16:29:55] <scatterp> end
[16:29:55] <scatterp> >> plot(x,y)
[16:29:55] <scatterp> >> plot(x,y,'go')
[16:29:55] <scatterp> >> plot(x,y,'go',x,y)
[16:29:59] <scatterp> doesnt look that bad
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[17:02:41] <Dominus> hi all
[17:02:48] * Dominus pets the good bot
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[17:06:36] * Colourless is back
[17:06:45] <Dominus> hi oh not so coloured one
[17:06:53] <Dominus> what brings you back at this time?
[17:07:08] <SB-X> hi GNUChild Dominus and Colourless
[17:07:10] <SB-X> bye
[17:07:12] <-- SB-X has left IRC ("X-Chat [1.6.4]")
[17:07:17] <Dominus> he
[17:07:45] <Colourless> why not, i was just watching a dvd and quit irc because i didn't see a need for it to be open :-)
[17:08:14] <Dominus> sounds ok :-)
[17:08:42] <Colourless> :-)
[17:09:28] <Colourless> dvd's with mpeg artifacts are... disappointing
[17:09:46] <Dominus> ugh, yes
[17:09:55] <Dominus> what did you watch?
[17:10:07] <Colourless> Farscape Episode 1.3
[17:10:33] * Dominus has watched all Farscape up to 4.11 and loves it
[17:10:41] <Dominus> to bad they are going to can it
[17:10:44] <Dominus> AFAIK
[17:11:18] <Dominus> One advice never watch the dubbed German version (though I'd really wonder if you did that :-))
[17:11:23] * Colourless has only watched upto 2.24 due to the fact the television network here only played season 1 and 2
[17:11:35] <Dominus> ah, bad
[17:11:47] * Colourless bought the Season 1 Collectors Box set
[17:12:10] * Dominus has made use of his cable connection and the truck that sometimes passes his house and looses all kinds of things
[17:13:03] <Colourless> no sort of pay television for me.
[17:13:05] <Dominus> In German all that humor between the characters is misteriously lost. Some dubbed series and movies are quite ok but Farscape really suffered
[17:13:22] * Dominus meant his cable internet connection :-)
[17:13:29] <Colourless> ah, i see :-)
[17:16:26] <Dominus> But Farsape is really strange. They stopped after 4.11 for over 4 months and continue beginning of next year or so.
[17:16:58] * Colourless meant thaht he's seen up to 2.22 not 2.24 (there are only 22 episodes per season)
[17:17:05] <Dominus> Probably because Sci-Fi channel said it would no longer buy it and they have to restructure the series to bring it to an end..,.
[17:17:25] <Colourless> actually series was cancelled after the filming of season 4 was completed
[17:17:36] <Colourless> the series (for a bit of a change) doesn't have any conclusion :-)
[17:17:50] <Dominus> oh, thanks for the info
[17:18:12] <Dominus> even worse as I imagine they did a cliffhanger again :-)
[17:20:46] <Colourless> when it was shown on free to air tv here, they did it really strangely. The played all of season one with an episode every sat night (8:30pm). Then they played half of season 2 (about 6 months later) with an episode every sat afternoon (5pm). Then the second half of the season 2 was played over a months period on random days of the week at either 10:30pm or 11pm. It was really really annoying. That would have occured about a year ago
[17:21:10] <Dominus> very strange indeed
[17:21:45] <Colourless> well, it's even stranger if you consider that the television network broadcasting it, actually helped produce the show
[17:22:01] <Dominus> but the Austrians topped that with their airing of Voyger on the free channel
[17:22:37] <Dominus> they aired up to the cliffhanger with the borgs (episode 3.26) and never continued it :-)
[17:23:17] <Colourless> now though, one of the pay television networks here has begun showing it starting with Season 2. Episode 2.4 (Crackers don't matter) was shown tonight and I recorded it at a mates place.
[17:23:25] <Colourless> hehe
[17:23:29] <Colourless> classic
[17:23:39] <Colourless> well, it's just as bad for me with farscape
[17:25:36] <Colourless> the final episode of season 2 is where the implant is removed from John's head, Aeryn is killed, and Scorpius kills the surgoen working on John so he can no longer speak.
[17:25:49] <Colourless> i *don't* know what happens after that :-)
[17:25:56] * Dominus does
[17:26:10] <Colourless> if you tell me, i will search you out and kill you :-)
[17:26:20] <Dominus> wel the story goes on with ...
[17:26:31] <Dominus> :-)
[17:26:49] <Colourless> well anyway, here is an example of some of the artifacts on the dvds http://www.users.on.net/triforce/baddvd.jpg
[17:27:26] * Dominus nods
[17:29:46] <Colourless> that picture shows Aeryn and Chianna in episode 1.17 Through the Looking Glass. There aren't that many instances where there are artifacts, but when there are screen flashes (what is shown in that pic) or fast pans, the screen begins to become artifacted
[17:30:18] <Dominus> are you watching on a DVD player or via PC?
[17:30:39] * Colourless has both
[17:31:18] * Dominus wonders which bank Colourless recently robbed and why he didn't buy a pocket-pc to port Exult to it...
[17:32:09] <Colourless> because a ppc would really be a waste of money for me to buy :-)
[17:32:18] <Colourless> it would be a very very expensive toy
[17:32:38] <Dominus> yeah, my thoughts as well
[17:33:19] <Colourless> i got my dvd drive in april 1998 (about) and my mum and step dad bought the dvd player earlier this year.
[17:33:40] <Dominus> wow that dvd-drive is old
[17:34:12] <Colourless> well, i bought a dvd drive since back then i was still using a 2x cd-rom drive :-)
[17:34:18] <Colourless> no, that is not a typo :-)
[17:35:11] <Colourless> it's the an old Creative/Panasonic 2x DVD drive that came with a DXR2 hardware decoder
[17:35:22] * Dominus only got a dvd drive recently when he got his mum to buy him that shiny toy-sony-vaio-C1-series as birthday/xmas/whatever present for the past three years...
[17:36:32] <Colourless> ah, i've played many a region 1 disks in my drive. now it's set to region 4, but that's only because my Farscape disks are region 4
[17:37:00] <Dominus> region 4 is Austrialia?
[17:37:06] <Colourless> yep
[17:37:11] <Colourless> Australia actually :-)
[17:37:18] <Dominus> he
[17:38:00] <Dominus> I acquired "DVD Region-Free" to handle the region stuff
[17:38:14] <Colourless> the state of DVD players in .au land is a little strange. It is almost impossible to buy a player, regardless of store, that isn't region free. All the players are region free :-)
[17:38:53] <Dominus> Who would want to have a region-locked player anyway?
[17:39:02] <Colourless> got something to do with region coded being classed as preventing parallel importing which is allowed
[17:39:08] <artaxerxes> Hi guys
[17:39:12] <Colourless> hi
[17:39:21] <Dominus> hi
[17:39:36] <artaxerxes> I'm trying to locate a region-free DVD player here in Canada and I'm having headaches with that!
[17:40:06] <Dominus> artaxerxes: you might want to have a look at certain sites as well that tell you how to unlock the player on your own
[17:40:34] <artaxerxes> true... I'd love to have a macrovision-free one either... just because!
[17:41:04] <Dominus> artaxerxes: a good place to start is http://firmware.inmatrix.com/
[17:41:22] * Colourless can turn macrovision off with his Dxr2 card
[17:41:36] * artaxerxes drools again... :)
[17:41:43] <Dominus> Myself I didn't have much luck with his drive as it isn't patchable...
[17:42:02] <Colourless> Dxr2, great tv quality, really really shitty monitor display, and annoyingly poor analog audio output
[17:42:14] <Dominus> he he
[17:42:39] <Colourless> it's got Digital output too, but i don't have a DD5.1 receiver
[17:43:28] <artaxerxes> I actually was looking for a stand-alone macrovision-free, region-code free DVD player! :)
[17:45:12] <Colourless> getting macrovision free is likely to get more difficult over time
[17:45:18] <Dominus> I thought that link may link you to some infos...
[17:45:34] <Dominus> or at least other links to pursue
[17:45:35] <Colourless> Dominus: it's for pcdvd stuff only
[17:46:03] <artaxerxes> yup... I'm looking at the links though
[17:47:21] <Dominus> "OMG this is the best gift one can give, portable Ultima7" he he
[17:48:14] <Colourless> hmm, imo it's not, but then, i'm probably somewhat normal
[17:48:43] <Dominus> I really can't play Exult anymore
[17:49:06] <Dominus> even though I haven't managed to beat BG yet with Exult
[17:49:14] <artaxerxes> "OMG this is the best gift one can give, portable Ultima7".. where does that come from? Forum?
[17:49:27] <Dominus> artaxerxes: yep Shamino 69
[17:49:59] <Colourless> exult is only fun to screw around with for me now. I know *too* much about BG and SI for it to be really fun anymore :-(
[17:50:29] <artaxerxes> Shamino69 sure has a lot of energy!
[17:50:46] <artaxerxes> Colourless: give it a rest for a year or 2... it'll come back
[17:50:49] <Dominus> there was one interesting thing found by Moscow Dragon recently in .series! wait for me to dig it up...
[17:51:22] <Dominus> go to Trinsic moongate
[17:51:22] <Dominus> then go west till the forest will end, the sextant coords are 130S 1W
[17:51:22] <Dominus> raise the small rock
[17:51:32] <Dominus> a key is under it
[17:51:33] <Dominus> it opens the Mack's shed with the Hoe Of Destruction
[17:51:35] <Colourless> i've played that same parts of the games far too many times. I know far too well how to finish the game. My memory for stupid trivial things is just too good.
[17:51:40] <Dominus> same 2 keys (this one and from dead trout near Lock Lake) open the Trinsic
[17:51:40] <Dominus> secret chest under the maple tree just NW to this key at 128S 3W.
[17:51:56] <artaxerxes> :)
[17:52:39] <Dominus> that key was new to me (though I found the key in the fish befor)
[17:52:54] <Colourless> strange stuff there
[17:53:21] <artaxerxes> I think a utility should be made to retieve every single object (shape) with its coordinates and its properties (values etc)
[17:55:18] <Colourless> you will have a huge list of items :-)
[17:55:31] <artaxerxes> :)
[17:57:13] <Dominus> he he, rendering order strikes again
[17:57:37] <Dominus> I went to the place with that key and accidently grabbed the big stone next to it
[17:57:47] <Dominus> of course the "too heavy" came
[17:58:08] <Dominus> but then the key was drawn over the correct stone suddenly...
[17:58:28] <Dominus> then I got closer and it was beneath again...
[17:59:25] <Colourless> i really don't know what exactly exult's problems with rendering order are. what confuses me even more is that click detection (may have been fixed now) doesn't always match what you can see on screen
[17:59:29] <artaxerxes> Colourless: if I arrange myself so that the zaurus port can play the ogg files, will it be possible to hear the introductory scenes in ogg or I'm missing something?
[17:59:45] <Colourless> artaxerxes: i don't know anything about the oggs
[18:00:13] <Dominus> artaxerxes: yes the intro is supplied in ogg as well
[18:00:46] <artaxerxes> neat
[18:00:56] <artaxerxes> I think it'll be my next step then
[18:02:45] <Dominus> did you know that beneath three trees to the NE in Trinsic there is a bed?
[18:03:06] <Colourless> can't say i do
[18:03:39] <Colourless> artaxerxes: didn't you say that sound really drains the batteries in the z?
[18:03:43] <Dominus> might be because of an old savegame I just realize
[18:03:58] <artaxerxes> yup...but you can play with the power supply attached!
[18:04:15] <Colourless> well, you know, i would then play with a computer, but hey, that's just me
[18:04:33] <artaxerxes> light takes quite some power too, so the best is to play in the dark.
[18:04:56] <artaxerxes> .. with the minimum backlight
[18:05:03] <Colourless> :-)
[18:05:36] <artaxerxes> honestly, I played the whole SI on my zaurus without the music and I didn't die!
[18:05:51] <Dominus> you must have cheated then
[18:05:56] <Dominus> not died oncE?
[18:05:59] <Dominus> :-)
[18:06:04] * Colourless agrees with Dominus
[18:06:07] <artaxerxes> :)
[18:06:21] <artaxerxes> can load/save be considered cheating?! :)
[18:06:49] <Colourless> technically yes it is cheating
[18:06:50] <Dominus> no, but you died :-)
[18:07:15] <artaxerxes> since the z can play ogg files with integer only decompressor, I bet it will be more responsive and less power hungry as the FMOPL
[18:07:46] <Colourless> artaxerxes: i doubt that.
[18:09:42] <Colourless> but we'll see. you are over estimating the amount of floting point maths that fmopl acutally uses. it executes maybe 10 floating point instructions per every note on, that's it
[18:12:00] <artaxerxes> but Shamino69's comment is true. When everything is on (music + sfx + high FPS), the sound is quite choppy.
[18:12:17] <artaxerxes> ogg is for music AND sfx ?
[18:12:24] <Colourless> only music
[18:12:29] <artaxerxes> hmmmm
[18:12:36] <Dominus> some little sfx I think
[18:12:59] <Dominus> there was something Simon mentioned with ogg and sfx
[18:13:05] <Dominus> can't remember what
[18:19:51] <Colourless> my dvd setup is a little annoying. i can get 4 channel output from my pc, and it sounds real nice, but from the stand alone player i get better visual quality. ah well, so be it.
[18:33:42] <Colourless> i think i'll go again, time time not to come back
[18:33:44] <Colourless> .quit\
[18:33:46] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts invisibility")
[18:35:42] <Dominus> bbl
[18:35:46] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("enough for now")
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[22:48:28] <SB-X> hi again
[22:49:58] <SB-X> artaxerxes?
[22:52:15] <SB-X> hmm
[22:52:54] <SB-X> if Dominus reads this: OGG music in Exult is used for chirping birds and coastal sounds too
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[23:28:38] <Fingolfin> ji
[23:28:40] <Fingolfin> hi I mean =)