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[12:49:40] <wjp> hi
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[13:14:32] <Colourless> hi
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[15:11:36] <Dominus> hi
[15:12:07] <Dominus> Colourless: did you see my qestion in my last ml post?
[15:13:09] <Dominus> about <dual_opl> in exult.cfg
[15:13:14] <wjp> Dominus: I tinkered with the docs .xsl's a bit
[15:13:29] <Dominus> I saw the changelog
[15:13:30] <wjp> I think they turned out rather nice :-)
[15:13:48] <Dominus> I've still got to look at the actual result :-)
[15:14:42] <wjp> let me help: http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#exult_config
[15:14:56] <Dominus> already lading :-)
[15:15:01] <Dominus> loading even
[15:15:25] <Dominus> and thanks for fixing some typos
[15:17:02] <Dominus> oh forgot to give some patch-path example
[15:17:27] <wjp> that's in the studio docs, isn't it?
[15:17:38] <Dominus> true
[15:18:01] <wjp> probably better if it's just there
[15:18:05] <Dominus> but I might have to mention it in the further directory stuff
[15:19:05] <Dominus> we might actually offer the sf-island patch for download some day and those who don't read the readme that comes with it miht bother to read the documentation :)
[15:19:41] <wjp> the .xml format for the <configdesc> tag changed quite a bit, btw
[15:19:56] <wjp> but it should be clear how it works
[15:20:14] <Dominus> yeah, I'll take a closer look when I'm at a bigger screen
[15:21:17] <Dominus> if i don't get it I'll ask, but I think i will get it
[15:22:57] <Dominus> it would be nice if one could just copy/paste the cfg example without the comments....
[15:24:33] <wjp> yes, the thought crossed my mind
[15:24:48] <Colourless> lets see...
[15:25:14] <Colourless> dominus it is still used
[15:25:53] <wjp> but doing that is a bit tricky
[15:25:57] <Dominus> ok, and only when driver is set to fmsynth, right ? (before it was conversion but you cleaned that up)
[15:26:13] <Colourless> yes
[15:26:20] <Dominus> Colourless: nice job of cleaning it up, btw
[15:26:48] <Dominus> wjp, does our exult.cfg support comments?
[15:27:01] <wjp> yes
[15:28:22] <Colourless> xml comments though?
[15:28:24] <wjp> standard <!-- blah --> ones
[15:29:15] <Dominus> maybe we can have the example comments look the same way. But as they are standard they will probably get ignored by the conversion as well...
[15:30:28] <wjp> well, not if we let the conversion produce the comments :-)
[15:31:01] <Dominus> nod
[15:32:41] <Dominus> well, that would at least allow us to have it all copy pasted and work. it would still look ugly but never mind that :-)
[15:33:42] <Dominus> with exult --clean we then let exult clean the exult.cfg of comments
[15:34:11] <Dominus> and with exult --save exult will save the worldd and end all global conflicts....
[15:34:58] <Dominus> exult --end will have to be hidden as it will destroy the earth...
[15:35:51] * Dominus thinks he all his command line proposals should be ignored....
[15:36:26] <Colourless> ya think?
[15:36:46] <Dominus> :)
[15:37:25] <Dominus> at least until i have something serious to say
[15:39:40] <Dominus> ok, I'm not really sure that we really need to have those comments converted. Those people who actually get the idea of copy/pasting from the example are bound to be able to deal with the comments
[15:40:15] <Dominus> anyway, I need to go again.
[15:40:19] <Dominus> see you
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[15:46:04] <wjp> hmm
[15:46:32] <wjp> I wonder how copy/paste behaviour would change if I removed the table and gave all comments a position: absolute style
[15:46:51] <wjp> quite possibly it would ignore the comments when copy-pasting the main text
[15:52:28] <Colourless> why can you use <pre> tags?
[15:53:24] <wjp> oh, I probably could
[15:54:02] <wjp> originally I din't because I was having some trouble with getting the xslt to treat whitespace correctly
[15:54:31] <wjp> but I solved that for the converter to text already, so it should work for the html converter too, I guess
[16:03:49] * Darke executes `./exult --end`, thus destroying the earth, and making the point moot whether the documentation is up to date or not!
[16:17:34] <Colourless> was there really a reason to do that?
[16:18:34] <Darke> I'm a lazy bunny?
[16:19:07] <Darke> Then again, it really isn't my job to update the docs, so I'm really not saving myself any effort. Hrm...
[16:20:31] <Colourless> like i didn't know you were lazy
[16:20:51] <Darke> From a 'Bad Bunny List: "I will not plot evil while looking cute. I will only plot evil while assuming the vulture-bunny look."
[16:25:05] * Darke plots evil whilst sleeping. Night!
[16:26:05] <Colourless> you do evil really badly :-)
[16:26:31] <Darke> Which is why I'm a good bunny! *innocentlook*
[16:26:38] <Darke> Anyway, naptime! Zzzzz...
[16:29:01] <Colourless> you see, you are not an evil bunny, more of just 'a naughty bunny
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[19:12:50] <wjp> hm, using position:absolute div's in the middle of a <pre>..</pre> will not prevent them from being copy-pasted along with the rest of the text
[19:13:01] <wjp> (in galeon, anyway)
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