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[14:51:55] <TiGSTeR> hail, Avatars
[14:53:05] <Flooder> hail
[14:53:26] <TiGSTeR> well met, Flooder
[14:54:01] <Flooder> well met, TiGSTeR
[14:55:30] <TiGSTeR> did you finish U7?
[14:56:25] <Flooder> yea, The Black Gate part, but about 5 years ago or more :P
[14:56:47] <Flooder> now and then have been playing just for fun it and just messing around world :P
[14:57:06] <TiGSTeR> hehe - I got very far, but got stuck making that potion on that ghost island :P
[14:57:19] <Flooder> aa
[14:57:22] <Flooder> Skara Brae
[14:57:25] <TiGSTeR> yeh - it is fun just to roam around
[14:57:29] <TiGSTeR> yeh that :)
[14:58:22] <Flooder> actually
[14:58:43] <Flooder> I did started playing U7 Main quest again few years ago, but I got stuck on Skara Brae :D
[14:58:53] <TiGSTeR> LOL
[14:58:57] <Flooder> and never continued it :)
[14:58:57] <TiGSTeR> also :)
[14:59:03] <Flooder> yep
[14:59:27] <TiGSTeR> hehe - how good is exult? I couldnt believe it!
[14:59:34] <TiGSTeR> near perfect
[14:59:41] <Flooder> Exult is great
[15:00:17] <TiGSTeR> did you play U8 Pagan too?
[15:00:36] <Flooder> nope, but I have played U9 and finished that one
[15:01:08] <TiGSTeR> oh ok - my sister finished U9 - she said it was very easy
[15:01:16] <Flooder> and U7 forge of virtue addon I also have finished and I have played but not finished U7: Serpent Isle
[15:01:39] <Flooder> yep. U9 is very easy but it's good game
[15:01:56] <Flooder> IMO, U7: The Black Gate is the best ultima
[15:01:57] <TiGSTeR> you should try Pagan U8 - it's really good
[15:02:12] <Flooder> yea. maybe I will someday :)
[15:02:38] <Flooder> Have you finished U8?
[15:02:41] <TiGSTeR> have you heard of Pentagram?
[15:02:51] <Flooder> yea and tested it. I like it
[15:03:04] <TiGSTeR> I also got very far, but got stuck with the sorcerers
[15:03:08] <Flooder> :)
[15:03:09] <TiGSTeR> yeh its really good
[15:03:19] <TiGSTeR> the only thing I dont like is the lack of NPCs
[15:03:25] <TiGSTeR> there are so many in U7
[15:03:29] <Flooder> agree
[15:03:33] <TiGSTeR> but still U8 is an amazing game
[15:03:36] <TiGSTeR> I recommend it
[15:03:45] <TiGSTeR> especially if you liked 7 and 9
[15:04:06] <Flooder> yea well , I have played every ultima but actually finished 7 and 9 only :)
[15:04:16] <Flooder> started my Ultima experience on C64 (commodore 64) :))
[15:05:27] <TiGSTeR> ah ok
[15:05:29] <TiGSTeR> lol
[15:05:38] <TiGSTeR> the original ultimas didnt quite do it for me
[15:05:42] <Flooder> hehe
[15:05:42] <TiGSTeR> but from 7 I loved them
[15:05:45] <TiGSTeR> 7,8 and 9
[15:05:50] <Flooder> I understand. more graphic :D
[15:06:24] <TiGSTeR> exactly - but apperintly they are re-doing the old ultimas with better gfx
[15:07:05] <Flooder> yea.
[15:07:06] <Flooder> http://nuvie.sourceforge.net/
[15:07:09] <Flooder> that one is for Ultima 7
[15:07:12] <Flooder> ultima 6
[15:07:41] <Flooder> hmm. I hope it's not illegal to paste links around here :P
[15:07:59] <TiGSTeR> of course not
[15:08:09] <TiGSTeR> as long as its not priracy
[15:08:54] <Flooder> but yea. I think there are a lot of remake of some ultima game with better gfx, but most of those project to do it just don't come to complete stage
[15:09:33] <TiGSTeR> yeh well - I was very dissapointed with Exile - remake for U8 - it just closed down
[15:09:40] <Flooder> yea
[15:09:56] <Flooder> Are you new on this channel?
[15:09:57] <Flooder> btw
[15:09:57] <TiGSTeR> btw if you play U8
[15:09:57] <Flooder> :)
[15:10:02] <TiGSTeR> heh
[15:10:08] <TiGSTeR> I dont often come here
[15:10:19] <Flooder> yea. well as you see. no much talking here usually :)
[15:10:34] <Flooder> but, please continue
[15:11:07] * Baastuul picks up Flooder and throws him into a woodchipper!
[15:11:20] * Flooder ducks
[15:11:34] <Baastuul> Quack.
[15:11:38] <Flooder> :P
[15:11:44] <TiGSTeR> in U8 - if you play it - find Mythran as soon as possible
[15:11:46] <Baastuul> What is the Finnish equivalent of a duck's "quack"?
[15:12:00] <TiGSTeR> and look out for telepads
[15:12:06] <Flooder> hmm
[15:12:11] <TiGSTeR> cause Mythran gives you a recall item so you can teleport
[15:12:19] <TiGSTeR> to the telepads
[15:12:25] <TiGSTeR> otherwise
[15:12:30] <TiGSTeR> you make the mistake I made
[15:12:35] <Flooder> Baastuul: there is no actually so called official term that I know, but maybe "Kvak"
[15:12:40] <TiGSTeR> you go very far and you cant teleport back
[15:13:16] <Flooder> TiGSTeR: alright, thanks for the tip :)
[15:13:26] <TiGSTeR> there are telepods in most main places
[15:13:28] <TiGSTeR> cool np :)
[15:13:34] <Flooder> Baastuul: you actually remembed that I live in Finland, nice :)
[15:13:39] <Baastuul> Of course!
[15:13:45] <Baastuul> I do not speak with too many Finns.
[15:13:51] <Baastuul> In fact, I think you are only one of two Finns I know online.
[15:14:01] <Baastuul> Well, only one of two Finns that I know at all.
[15:14:01] <Flooder> and you live in USA on Washington but not on that capital city? or something ?
[15:14:30] <Baastuul> Yeah, I live in the state of Washington, which is on the opposite side of the country from the capital city.
[15:14:35] <Flooder> right :)
[15:15:03] <Flooder> but hey, USA is going to take army back from Iraq if Bush doesn't do anything to stop it
[15:15:04] <Baastuul> What is the name of the city you live in, again? Yvlieska?
[15:15:14] <Flooder> Ylivieska
[15:15:15] <Flooder> :)
[15:15:20] <Flooder> small city
[15:15:23] <Baastuul> I always forget how to spell it.
[15:15:26] <Flooder> hehe
[15:15:35] * Baastuul curses his missing "i" from the spelling!
[15:15:39] <TiGSTeR> hey baas - you played U7, U8 and U9?
[15:15:42] <Baastuul> Of course!
[15:15:50] <TiGSTeR> hehe
[15:15:53] <TiGSTeR> did you beat them>?
[15:16:04] <Baastuul> Ultima VIII was actually the first Ultima game I played, but The Black Gate is my favorite one.
[15:16:20] <TiGSTeR> yeh much more NPCs in U7
[15:16:29] <Baastuul> For some reason, I was never able to beat the eighth one.
[15:16:42] <TiGSTeR> the 8th one is DAMN difficult
[15:16:43] <Baastuul> I preferred to just mess around in the game world.
[15:16:52] <Baastuul> I always got lost in the catacombs.
[15:16:56] <TiGSTeR> hehe
[15:17:07] <Baastuul> I had to cheat to beat Ultima IX, unfortunately.
[15:17:07] <TiGSTeR> did you find Mythran?
[15:17:13] <Baastuul> I disliked the spell system immensely.
[15:17:25] <Flooder> Baastuul: haa, black gate is also my favorite one
[15:17:37] <Baastuul> Yeah, he is the old mage who lives out on the plateu or whatever it is called, right?
[15:17:42] <Baastuul> Plateau, even.
[15:17:43] <TiGSTeR> if you dont find Mythran in U8, your screwed
[15:17:47] <Flooder> Baastuul: but Ultima IX is easy
[15:17:50] <TiGSTeR> yeh thats him
[15:18:26] <Baastuul> Flooder, the first time I played Ultima IX was on a really lousy computer too, so it was nearly impossible for me to fight a battle at all. It got to the point where I just wanted to know how to game would end, so I figured out how to activate the cheats.
[15:18:35] <Flooder> oh, I see :)
[15:18:42] <Baastuul> I am a dastardly cheater!
[15:18:48] <Baastuul> I have been thinking of playing the game again, though.
[15:18:50] <Flooder> actually whole Ultima series ends in U9 :(
[15:18:59] <Baastuul> Not if you count Ultima Online!
[15:19:03] <TiGSTeR> hehe
[15:19:04] <Baastuul> (Just kidding, of course,)
[15:19:09] <Flooder> well I meant Story, pffft :)
[15:19:25] <TiGSTeR> Utlima Online and all those other online RPGS and dangerous!
[15:19:35] <TiGSTeR> ppl loose their lives to them!
[15:19:36] <TiGSTeR> :)
[15:19:36] <Baastuul> But surely Lord British being killed by a player exploiting a bug is part of the storyline!
[15:20:07] <Flooder> There are now great Fan made patches to U9 which fixes a lot of bugs
[15:20:14] <Flooder> when U9 was released it was way too buggy
[15:20:25] <Baastuul> Yup.
[15:20:32] <TiGSTeR> some ppl play online RPGs all day long!
[15:20:50] <Flooder> yea. I played WoW 1 year and half
[15:21:04] <Flooder> But it's not as fun as playing U7 :)
[15:21:19] <Flooder> WoW = World of Warcraft
[15:21:33] <TiGSTeR> imagine an online rpg based on U7 platform
[15:21:39] * Flooder drools
[15:21:43] <TiGSTeR> hehe
[15:22:09] <Flooder> actually someone was making Online version or has done somekind for U6 or at least for some Ultima game...
[15:22:28] <Baastuul> I was tired of MMOGs a couple of years before they hit the "mainstream" (in the sense that almost everybody on the street knows about them), but I look into some every so often. The last one I played was Rappelz.
[15:22:33] <Flooder> I don't tho think that there is working one...
[15:23:03] <Baastuul> Yeah, I remember somebody working on a project a few years ago to make an online Ultima VII world, but I am not sure on the status of that.
[15:23:13] <Flooder> yea
[15:23:26] <TiGSTeR> in my opinion, the ultimate rpg EVER is REAL LIFE ;)
[15:23:34] <Flooder> someone was also working to put together Black Gate world and serpent isle, but I think that project is dead too
[15:23:39] <Flooder> TiGSTeR: haha
[15:23:45] <TiGSTeR> hehe
[15:23:48] <TiGSTeR> I'm serious
[15:23:57] <Baastuul> Man, real life is too full of anxiety and worries. I would prefer to escape and rot inside my house all day long and then die a bloated, corpulent creature.
[15:23:58] <Flooder> but it's too dangerous to mess around in real world :D
[15:24:03] <Flooder> like rob a bank and...
[15:24:04] <Flooder> ;)
[15:24:11] <TiGSTeR> yeh other than the crime
[15:24:43] <TiGSTeR> well
[15:24:49] <TiGSTeR> thats how I see Life anyway
[15:25:32] <Baastuul> I agree with you, actually, although I am not sure if I would want to call it a game.
[15:25:37] <Flooder> hehe.
[15:25:59] <Baastuul> But maybe we are all just characters in somebody's SimCity game.
[15:26:01] <TiGSTeR> well - it's more like an adventure
[15:26:20] * Baastuul sees an enormous bulldozer icon hovering over his house.
[15:26:27] <TiGSTeR> lol
[15:26:29] <Flooder> haha
[15:26:37] <Flooder> btw
[15:26:44] <Flooder> TiGSTeR: where you from?
[15:27:00] <TiGSTeR> Flooder: South Africa - you?
[15:27:11] * Baastuul gasps.
[15:27:14] <Flooder> well I meant Finland few times as well as Baastuul mentioned it
[15:27:21] <Flooder> TiGSTeR: wow, that's interesting
[15:27:27] <TiGSTeR> thanx :)
[15:27:33] * Baastuul runs up to you with a microphone demanding your opinion on Thabo Mbeki and the crime rate of South Africa.
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[15:27:48] --> Lord_Nightmare has joined #exult
[15:27:51] <TiGSTeR> all I can say is that it's being dealt with!
[15:27:58] <Flooder> :D
[15:28:09] <Baastuul> Increase the salaries of the corrupt police officials!
[15:28:22] <TiGSTeR> nah - i wouldnt worry about it
[15:30:09] <Baastuul> What part of South Africa are you from?
[15:30:18] <TiGSTeR> but yeh - its fun to steal in RPGs - do stuff you would never do in real life
[15:30:22] <Baastuul> I talk with a fellow from Johannesburg and one fellow from Pretoria (I think).
[15:30:33] <TiGSTeR> at the moment, JHB
[15:31:51] <Baastuul> Are you thinking of moving?
[15:32:22] <Flooder> about stealing, my favorite class in RPG's is Thief/Assasin :)
[15:32:39] <Baastuul> I am unimaginative in RPGs, so I tend to just play warriors and paladins and the such.
[15:32:59] <Flooder> brutal warrior with no brains :P
[15:33:04] <Baastuul> Yeah, exactly.
[15:33:13] <Baastuul> Me Brutus, me crush you, me eat you, hyukhyukhyuk.
[15:33:18] <Flooder> :D
[15:33:29] <TiGSTeR> hehhe
[15:33:30] <TiGSTeR> yeh
[15:33:35] <TiGSTeR> I AM moving
[15:33:36] <TiGSTeR> :)
[15:33:41] <TiGSTeR> to the states
[15:33:51] <Baastuul> In Finnish, is there a way of making oneself sound dumb like how in English one would say "me crush you" instead of "I crush you"?
[15:34:04] <Flooder> yes
[15:34:06] <Baastuul> Cool, where in the States are you thinking of moving to?
[15:34:47] <Flooder> Baastuul: I think it sounds even more stupid in finnish than in english :D
[15:35:08] <TiGSTeR> West Coast - CA - Lancaster
[15:36:02] <Flooder> CA = california?
[15:36:10] <TiGSTeR> yes
[15:36:16] <Flooder> hmm and Lancaster is city?
[15:36:33] <Flooder> or ? :)
[15:36:42] <TiGSTeR> well...more like a suburb
[15:37:18] <TiGSTeR> anywaz
[15:37:19] <TiGSTeR> gtg
[15:37:23] <Flooder> ok
[15:37:26] <Flooder> see ya
[15:37:37] <Flooder> actually
[15:37:38] <Flooder> farewell
[15:37:40] <Flooder> :P
[15:37:48] <Flooder> ment to said
[15:37:51] <Flooder> saqy
[15:37:53] <Flooder> say
[15:37:54] <Flooder> lag
[15:37:55] <Flooder> sorry
[15:38:06] <TiGSTeR> Yes my friends, rest and heal, so you are strong and ready to face the perils before you - pleasant dreams! :)
[15:38:13] <Lanica> Wow...activity.
[15:38:13] <TiGSTeR> Farewell Avatars!
[15:38:17] <Flooder> :)
[15:38:18] <-- TiGSTeR has left IRC ()
[15:38:24] <Lanica> I was just thinking about Exult online :)
[15:38:34] <Lanica> It'd be fun just for a place to gather socially.
[15:38:38] <Flooder> agree
[15:38:48] <Flooder> shoo, go make one then
[15:38:51] <Flooder> :P
[15:38:55] <Lanica> Then maybe a few features could be added that would allow people to alter certain parts of the world.
[15:38:56] <Lanica> heh
[15:39:13] <Lanica> It'd be real cool if they could add their own graphics in...woo.
[15:39:22] <Flooder> heh
[15:40:03] <Flooder> mm
[15:40:06] <Flooder> coffee is ready :)
[15:40:40] <Lanica> heh
[15:40:59] <Lanica> I wish I could get paid to work on Exult...then my life would be awesome :)
[15:41:29] <Sevalecan> I wish I could get paid to sit here and program on whatever I want whenever I want
[15:43:31] <Lanica> That would be nice too
[15:43:36] <Lanica> But Exult is awesome :)
[15:43:43] <Lanica> I'd like to get paid for working on Exult mods as well :)
[15:44:19] <Lanica> Right now I'm self-employed (I have been for almost a year) ... but I need to get a job now, since the game I was working on is most likely not going to sell, mostly due to a defunct platform.
[15:44:46] <Lanica> Its not really defunct, but publishers don't want to pay to make GBA games, because its more expensive than the DS, but the DS market is flooded.
[15:45:44] <Lanica> I also do web hosting services...so if I could sell enough services, then that would also allow for me to work on something else :)
[15:52:20] <Flooder> Lanica: oh you are part of Exult team?
[15:55:28] * Lanica nods.
[15:56:13] <Flooder> :)
[15:56:20] <Baastuul> How difficult would it be to create an "Exult Online"?
[15:56:31] <Flooder> Lanica: well thanks to you and to whole team once again for making Exult :)
[15:57:09] <Flooder> Lanica: and are you anytime soon planning to release new official exult
[15:57:10] <Flooder> ?
[15:57:50] <Flooder> still seems to be 1.2 official version
[16:00:20] <Flooder> nobody has answered for that question yet :P
[16:00:24] <Flooder> at least that I know
[16:03:11] <Lanica> oops sorry, had to idle
[16:03:12] <Lanica> just a sec
[16:03:19] <Flooder> no problem :)
[16:03:28] <Lanica> I'm not sure when they're releasing the next official version.
[16:03:38] <Flooder> ok
[16:03:43] <Lanica> I'm new to the team, and have been working on the Pocket PC port.
[16:03:58] <Flooder> oh I see. Thanks for answering anyway
[16:04:28] <Lanica> Baastuul: As I described, just for social interactions ... probably not too hard....probably could have something done in a week. I don't think it would be pretty though :)
[16:05:05] <Lanica> There's still bugs and such...and I'm not sure what the target features for 1.4 are ...
[16:05:27] <Flooder> alright
[16:05:39] <Lanica> Its probably documented somewhere...
[16:06:43] <Lanica> Have you tried asking your question on the forum or on the mailing list?
[16:06:58] <Lanica> The senior members could probably better answer your question.
[16:07:44] <Flooder> Lanica: well no because I'm not that interested about that because Beta is playable :)
[16:08:03] <Lanica> Heh
[16:08:27] <Lanica> What OS are you running?
[16:08:28] <Flooder> and I'm too lazy to register to forum :P
[16:08:32] <Flooder> XP
[16:09:17] <Flooder> hmm. now that you mentioned that thing. I wonder if exult will work yet on Windows Vista
[16:09:33] <Lanica> I think it does...but Exult Studio has some issues I believe.
[16:09:37] <Flooder> ok
[16:09:48] <Flooder> I'm planning to get Vista on Christmas or early 2008
[16:09:55] <Lanica> Why?
[16:10:18] <Flooder> Want to experience good bugs of new windows I guess :P
[16:10:27] <Lanica> I see
[16:10:34] <Lanica> You'll need more memory probably.
[16:10:49] <Lanica> Though I guess you could turn off all of the "new pretties" and it would be about the same as XP.
[16:10:56] <Flooder> well I think 1 gig is enough
[16:10:58] <Lanica> But as you said, "bonus bugs" :)
[16:11:01] <Flooder> :)
[16:11:02] <Lanica> Should be.
[16:11:27] <Flooder> but yea. I think it will go to summer 2008 until I go for vista
[16:11:35] <Lanica> I'm getting by on 512MB...I really should be using 1GB or more...compiling Exult (with msvc9b1) puts too much of a load on my system :)
[16:11:47] <Flooder> I don't think that there is point of getting it if you don't have Graphic card that supports DX10
[16:11:49] <Lanica> (too much memory load...CPU load is expected)
[16:11:52] <Flooder> :)
[16:11:55] <Lanica> heh
[16:12:45] <Lanica> Unfortunately I'm not sure if I can compile Exult for PocketPC in any other way than using msvc9 ... though I suppose if I had all of the SDKs together and such, it should work...I should try that sometime.
[16:13:23] <Flooder> :\
[16:13:47] <Lanica> It'd be nice if I could get it to compile in another way ... because then I could get the snapshots to upload automatically ... woohoo :)
[16:14:13] <Lanica> Though I suppose I could use msvc9's tools thru the CLI and that would probably help a lot.
[16:14:17] <Lanica> Anyway, I talk too much.
[16:14:36] <Flooder> no you don't :)
[16:14:54] <Lanica> Hrm...would you buy web hosting from this company? http://stellardreams.com
[16:14:54] <Flooder> I talk too much too sometimes :P
[16:15:19] <Flooder> I'm student, so I don't have too much money around :P
[16:15:35] <Lanica> Ok, let's say you were going to be reimbursed or something.
[16:15:36] <Flooder> or are you asking opinion is it good
[16:15:41] * Lanica nods.
[16:15:41] <Flooder> hehe
[16:16:00] <Lanica> Why would you buy from that company? Why would you not?
[16:16:01] <Flooder> well I can't tell. sorry, you must decide yourself now :)
[16:16:35] <Lanica> Ha...I own the company ... I'm just trying to think of ways to improve profits :)
[16:17:10] <Flooder> haha :D
[16:17:13] <Flooder> for real?
[16:17:22] <Lanica> Yup.
[16:17:27] <Flooder> nice
[16:17:37] <Lanica> Thanks.
[16:17:45] <Flooder> well site outfit or how you say, looks good
[16:17:59] <Lanica> I think offering discounts (via coupon codes) might help ... everyone likes to think they're getting a really good deal.
[16:18:01] <Lanica> Thanks.
[16:18:36] <Lanica> I still need to code in coupon codes.
[16:19:10] <Flooder> well advertisement is always good thing :) and of course discounts
[16:19:29] * Lanica nods.
[16:19:31] <Flooder> I'm actually studying marketing and management :P
[16:19:35] <Lanica> I'm using Google AdWords.
[16:19:38] <Lanica> Oh awesome :)
[16:19:50] <Flooder> 2-3 years left
[16:20:00] <Lanica> Ahh, so just beginning then, 'eh?
[16:20:19] <Flooder> yea well not much marketing and management yet, but now it starts on Fall
[16:20:27] <Lanica> Cool
[16:21:16] <Flooder> 2 years I have been studying now but most of my studies (classes?) have been basic stuff, math, physic etc.
[16:21:52] <Lanica> Right
[16:22:28] <Flooder> Hope I graduate some day with good papers :P
[16:23:30] <Flooder> anyway, hope you understood most of what I said, I'm finnish you see, and my english skill isn't yet too good
[16:23:33] <Lanica> Yeah, that would be preferrable :)
[16:23:46] <Lanica> Oh, you're doing fine.
[16:23:48] <Flooder> thanks
[16:24:48] <Lanica> The only thing that made me think you may not be confidence in your English is this: (11:18:38 AM) Flooder: well site outfit or how you say, looks good
[16:25:18] <Lanica> Had you said "well site outfit", I probably would of just figured you got your words jumbled up (as anyone can), and you meant "well outfitted site"
[16:25:38] <Flooder> yeah :)
[16:25:48] <Lanica> So the part "or how you say" is what made me wonder a bit :)
[16:25:59] <Flooder> hehe
[16:26:04] <Lanica> But yes, your English is very good, probably better than most of us Americans :)
[16:26:10] <Flooder> hehe. thanks
[16:26:36] <Flooder> and now most of my studies for these 2-3 years will be in english, so I will learn more :)
[16:26:46] <Lanica> Cool, cool.
[16:27:30] <Lanica> The worst part about learning any other language, is speaking it with a foreign accent. Thats almost as bad as not knowing the language at all, because if its very thick, its very hard for the native speakers to understand.
[16:27:31] <Flooder> but I think that is enough things about my life
[16:27:45] * Lanica shrugs.
[16:27:46] <Flooder> or enough said. pfft.
[16:28:39] <Flooder> yep
[16:28:54] <Lanica> I'm just not sure what to do about advertising.
[16:29:06] <Lanica> I don't want to spend much, as it would be a waste if it didn't work.
[16:29:12] <Flooder> hmm
[16:29:16] <Lanica> But I don't want to spend too little, because if I do, then it still won't work.
[16:29:32] <Lanica> spend much = spend too much
[16:29:35] <Flooder> bright color advertising on some internet sites?
[16:29:40] <Lanica> See...there goes my English...I forgot that "too" word :)
[16:29:47] <Flooder> hehe. I understood
[16:29:48] <Lanica> Perhaps...
[16:30:40] <Lanica> I just assumed Google AdWords would be the right way...but crafty graphical advertisements can provide a little bit more than words ...
[16:30:50] <Flooder> yea...
[16:31:41] <Lanica> I need to appeal mostly to small businesses ... probably the size of 10-20 employees.
[16:31:55] <Lanica> Larger ones are great too, but too large, and they'll have their own server.
[16:32:07] <Lanica> And they won't be looking for a hosting service anyway.
[16:32:12] <Flooder> yeah
[16:32:24] <Lanica> I don't mind the real small business either, but it will generate less revenue.
[16:32:41] <Lanica> Anyway, quick subject change ... what are your favorite Ultima games?
[16:33:36] <Flooder> Ultima 7: The Black Gate is my favorite one.
[16:33:41] <Lanica> Ahh ok.
[16:33:50] <Flooder> I have finished few years ago it and I also have finished U9
[16:33:56] <Lanica> I'm with you right there too. It was my first Ultima, and probably the game that made me REALLY love games.
[16:34:08] <Flooder> but I do have played every ultima game and started playing ultima on my C64
[16:34:18] <Lanica> I had U9, but I didn't have a computer that could run it for the longest time ... so I let my brother borrow it.
[16:34:22] <Lanica> I should play it sometime I suppose.
[16:34:33] <Flooder> U9 is really easy
[16:35:12] <Flooder> but still good
[16:35:36] <Lanica> Ahh...I heard lots of bad things about it...which is probably why I never tried to play it too.
[16:35:56] <Flooder> well when they release the game, it was full of bugs
[16:36:28] <Flooder> but fans made good patces which fixes most of them if not all
[16:36:30] <Lanica> Right
[16:41:43] <Lanica> I guess I really should be trying a variety of advertising methods
[16:42:03] <Lanica> I think I'll try Yahoo's equivalent of Google's AdWords
[16:42:14] <Lanica> and then try some graphical advertising...though I don't know where to go on that.
[16:42:20] <Lanica> Whats your favorite PC game?
[16:42:34] <Flooder> uh, now you ask too hard :)
[16:42:47] <Lanica> ok...name more than one :)
[16:42:55] <Baastuul> Flooder, what is a good example of what we were talking about previously regarding a Finnish equivalent for the "me crush you" thing?
[16:43:17] <Flooder> Baastuul: one sec, I first will answer to Lanicas question
[16:44:22] <Flooder> Half-Life 2, Fallout 2, Ultima 7 , Grand Theft Auto, Settlers, Lemmings...and so on
[16:44:26] <Flooder> not in that order
[16:45:50] <Flooder> Baastuul: well I'm not sure if I'm 100% right, but "me crush you" "minš murskata sinut"
[16:47:24] <Lanica> Interesting
[16:49:19] <Lanica> Do you play on consoles much?
[16:50:02] <Flooder> yea. I actually don't play on PC nowadays much because upgrading PC cost so much, so I started to play on Consoles
[16:50:09] <Lanica> Right
[16:50:10] <Flooder> I own Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii :)
[16:50:13] <Lanica> Ahh cool.
[16:50:16] <Lanica> I have a Wii
[16:50:27] <Lanica> Woo...it'd be nice to get Exult on the Wii :)
[16:50:51] <Flooder> but of course I play certain games on PC, like U7 and Half-Life 2 and other that are only for PC and better to play on PC
[16:50:57] <Lanica> I'm hoping Nintendo will have development tools more readily available soon.
[16:51:05] <Flooder> Lanica: it would be nice to get Exult for Xbox 360 too :)
[16:51:32] <Flooder> but wii controls for Ultima 7 would be interesting :P
[16:51:32] <Lanica> They haven't in the past, but they seem to be making a lot of changes...they're going to make the virtual console section available for "smaller developers"
[16:51:43] <Flooder> yea, I read about that
[16:51:50] <Lanica> ha...yeah...we could redo the battle engine for the Wii :)
[16:51:52] <Flooder> so there is your chance now to make Exult more famous than ever
[16:52:04] <Lanica> The tools won't be available until next year.
[16:52:10] <Flooder> oh, I see
[16:52:24] <Lanica> I'm sure you won't be able to get the game onto another console unless you have some sort of special tool though...but we'll see how Nintendo does it.
[16:52:32] <Flooder> but I do hope that you will try, I will certainly buy it if you release such thing on wii
[16:52:47] <Lanica> If Nintendo supports the homebrew scene, they will be the ultimate console powerhouse. Microsoft was trying, but Ninteno could do much better.
[16:53:21] <Lanica> Ha. I don't think it will be available for sell, but we'll see....that would require A LOT of work...permissions from Electronic Arts, and the whole Exult team.
[16:53:37] <Flooder> oh right EA
[16:53:44] <Lanica> Yes, Evil Arts.
[16:53:48] <Flooder> I think you should forget it then because of EA :D
[16:53:49] <Flooder> yea
[16:54:06] <Flooder> EA was once good company who didn't care just for money but for gamers too
[16:54:08] <Flooder> and people
[16:54:09] <Flooder> :)
[16:54:11] <Lanica> yeah
[16:54:32] <Flooder> oh god that one was bad english
[16:54:36] <Flooder> sorry
[16:54:37] <Flooder> :)
[16:54:37] <Lanica> I've heard they were actually getting a bit better once Origin had joined them...which is really scary, considering that was some time ago, and how awful they are now.
[16:54:57] <Lanica> Ha...nah, its ok, you forgot 'a' before 'good company'...not hard to do.
[16:56:06] <Flooder> yea
[16:57:19] <Lanica> The other problem with getting Exult on the Wii for free, is that it may be VERY hard to get the Ultima 7 data files on there, legally. Meaning, it may be that every user would have to compile Exult with their own data files and then put it on the Wii.
[16:57:29] <Flooder> yeah
[16:57:35] <Lanica> We'll just have to see how the system is going to work and what hacks will be available, etc.
[16:57:46] <Lanica> We do NOT want Exult to get into legal trouble...that would suck :)
[16:57:52] <Flooder> agree
[16:58:10] <Baastuul> I stopped playing consoles after the NES. :(
[16:58:17] <Flooder> :(
[16:58:28] <Baastuul> Well, I have played consoles over at friend's houses, but I never can get the hang of the controllers.
[16:58:33] <Flooder> I still have NES, C64, Sega 8-bit, :)
[16:58:57] <Lanica> ha
[16:59:18] <Lanica> Baastuul: You've got to try the Wii...in some ways the controls are more complex, yet more simple.
[16:59:39] <Lanica> Thats cool. I wish I still had my NES.
[16:59:53] <Flooder> Because of the controls I bought Wii, if there would been normal pad solution with Wii, I wouldn't never bought it
[16:59:57] <Baastuul> Do you like the Wiimote? (Is that what it is called?)
[17:00:30] <Flooder> IMO, Wii is a great console
[17:00:39] <Flooder> so yes I like the wiimote
[17:00:41] <Baastuul> I have never even seen one in person.
[17:00:43] <Lanica> Yeah, thats what its called.
[17:00:45] <Lanica> Its great.
[17:00:55] <Lanica> Flooder: Have you played "Monkey Ball"?
[17:01:04] <Baastuul> We dun git them newfangled thangs in these here parts, ah tell you whut.
[17:01:09] <Flooder> nope, only Red Steel, Wii sports, Wii play and Zelda
[17:01:17] <Lanica> Baastuul: Where is it you said you're located?
[17:01:27] <Baastuul> Washington. We do get them here, I was just kidding. :)
[17:01:37] <Lanica> Flooder: Oh...you have GOT to play Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz ... rent it if you can't buy it
[17:02:01] <Lanica> Flooder: It is probably the game I've seen that best uses the Wiimote motion sensor.
[17:02:19] <Lanica> Basstuul: Ha! How far are you from Redmond?
[17:02:37] <Baastuul> I live on the other side of the state, actually. Do you know where Spokane is?
[17:02:50] <Lanica> Nope.
[17:02:56] <Lanica> I have a friend that goes to Digipen in WA.
[17:03:09] <Flooder> We can't rent Wii games here in finland :(
[17:03:18] <Lanica> Which is a school that is sponsored by Nintendo I believe.
[17:03:20] <Flooder> at least not yet
[17:03:29] <Lanica> Flooder: Oh...sorry...try to buy it or find someone who has it, and borrow it.
[17:03:34] <Baastuul> Spokane is about three hundred miles due east of Seattle. I live in a town north of Spokane, though.
[17:03:40] <Lanica> ahh
[17:03:48] <Flooder> Lanica: yeah, maybe I will :)
[17:04:14] <Baastuul> Lanica, you had mentioned previously that you do some game programming and the such. Do you have a personal website with information about these projects?
[17:04:23] <Lanica> Baastuul: Well I don't know that the school is actually sponsored by Nintendo, but they work with the shcool a lot.
[17:04:25] <Flooder> It would be nice if Wii could release demo version of games
[17:04:36] <Baastuul> I am not sure if I have actually even heard of Digipen. :o
[17:04:54] <Flooder> Nintendo for wii I meant...
[17:05:17] <Lanica> Baastuul: Actually, I don't. Seems kind of pointless ... most of the publishers I contacted don't even publish game boy advance games anymore.
[17:05:30] <Lanica> Flooder: It would be nice.
[17:05:40] <Lanica> Baastuul: What makes you ask?
[17:06:05] <Flooder> it's also sad that Nintendo releases new games first on USA and we europeans must wait for months to play the game
[17:06:23] <Lanica> The project was a puzzle game, based highly upon the concept of color mixing. The game is about 80% complete, though there's a lot of things that still need to be added and some bug fixes.
[17:06:26] <Baastuul> Lanica, I was just curious in reading more about your projects if you had some information up, I guess! :)
[17:06:58] <Lanica> Baastuul: I can email you a publisher's kit if you like. Its complete with a short playable demo.
[17:07:26] <Baastuul> Would it be possible for you to port your game to another platform or is that too difficult at this point in the project's development?
[17:07:28] <Flooder> what is the game that you are talking about now?
[17:07:34] <Flooder> and for what OS
[17:07:57] <Lanica> Game Boy Advance, Blot, puzzle game
[17:07:59] <Baastuul> Sure, Lanica, I am not sure when I would be able to get around to playing it, but I will take the bait! :)
[17:08:02] <Flooder> Lanica: oh, ok
[17:08:07] <Lanica> We could, but it wouldn't make a lot of sense on PC.
[17:08:07] <Flooder> I don't have GBA
[17:08:12] <Flooder> only big consoles
[17:08:13] <Flooder> :P
[17:08:14] <Lanica> Pocket PC might be do-able.
[17:08:15] <Baastuul> My email address is <redacted>.
[17:08:31] * Flooder writes down baastuul e-mail address for future spam posts
[17:08:34] <Lanica> eww...you probably shouldn't do that...the IRC logs are publically downloadable, which may mean more spam for you :)
[17:08:50] <Lanica> Baastuul: Oh...it'll only take you 5 minutes or so probably.
[17:08:59] <Baastuul> Yeah, I thought about that, but I really do not care all too much in all honesty. :)
[17:09:09] <Lanica> heh
[17:09:10] <Flooder> :)
[17:09:17] <Lanica> Whats another few 100 spam a day, 'eh? :)
[17:09:22] <Baastuul> Yeah, exactly.
[17:09:25] <Flooder> Baastuul: just kidding, don't worry I wont flood your email ;)
[17:09:41] <Baastuul> Nothing like being flooded by a Finnish fellow named Flooder.
[17:09:54] <Flooder> :)
[17:10:01] <Baastuul> Flooder, I recently obtained a copy of The Kalevala.
[17:10:06] <Flooder> ooh, nice
[17:10:31] <Baastuul> I might write a research paper about it for one of the classes I will be taking in the fall. :o
[17:10:37] <Flooder> :)
[17:10:49] <Baastuul> But I also got copies of the Eddas and some of the Icelandic sagas, so I might write my paper about those instead.
[17:10:54] <Flooder> you should also mention where Finland is located ;)
[17:11:06] <Flooder> it seems that some USA people doesn't know shit about geography
[17:11:11] <Baastuul> "Finland are lokated do east of Stalingrad."
[17:11:14] <Flooder> :D
[17:11:25] <Lanica> Baastuul: The e-mail is chugging along.....
[17:11:38] <Baastuul> Okay, thanks! :)
[17:11:38] <Lanica> Sent on my end ....
[17:12:30] <Baastuul> I have my inbox open, so it should arrive soon.
[17:12:47] <Flooder> Finally now there is some activity here but I gtg :(
[17:13:04] <Flooder> But I will be back later!
[17:13:21] <Flooder> Farewell ->
[17:13:26] <Baastuul> Farewell!
[17:13:30] <Lanica> later Flooder!
[17:13:49] <Lanica> Flooder: You're right about USA people and geography.
[17:13:53] <Baastuul> Hmm. I have not received your email, Lanica!
[17:13:55] <Lanica> Most schools here teach very little of it.
[17:14:00] <Baastuul> I wonder what is taking so long.
[17:14:03] <Lanica> maybe its bouncing back to me.
[17:14:14] <Baastuul> Mayhaps!
[17:14:18] <Baastuul> What state do you live in, by the way?
[17:14:24] <Lanica> Its 1MB...but that shouldn't make it take longer, unless your ISP or you scan it.
[17:14:26] <Lanica> Oklahoma
[17:14:37] <Lanica> NE Oklahoma.
[17:14:50] <Baastuul> Nope. Gmail accepts huge attachments, so I have no idea why this one would not go through.
[17:14:51] <Lanica> The mail bounced back
[17:14:59] <Lanica> Illegal Attachment...
[17:15:05] <Baastuul> Alas.
[17:15:08] <Baastuul> What kind of an attachment is it?
[17:15:09] <Lanica> I've had that happen once or twice before
[17:15:11] <Lanica> zip
[17:15:19] <Lanica> Let me upload it somewhere, then I'll link you to it.
[17:17:31] <Lanica> Then I'll need to remove it once you DL it.
[17:17:41] <Lanica> I sent you an email with the link and a bit of instruction.
[17:18:51] <Baastuul> Received!
[17:18:53] <Baastuul> Thanks!
[17:18:56] <Lanica> gmail might of rejected it because the ZIP file contained an executable or batch file.
[17:18:56] <Lanica> np
[17:19:01] <Baastuul> The file has finished downloading, so I will install it now.
[17:19:05] <Lanica> Thanks
[17:19:54] <Baastuul> I have opened run.bat!
[17:20:40] <Lanica> and hopefully it runs :)
[17:24:01] <Baastuul> I could see how this could be addicting!
[17:24:16] <Lanica> Yep...there's plenty of levels and abstact level ideas left too.
[17:24:24] <Lanica> And background ideas too.
[17:24:39] <Baastuul> If I have completely messed a level up, how can I restart the level?
[17:24:53] <Lanica> I believe its the 's' key on the keyboard
[17:25:00] <Baastuul> Ah-ha! Cool.
[17:25:04] <Lanica> Please note, thats a debug reset, which is why you have lives left
[17:25:10] <Lanica> and its also not a perfect reset
[17:26:09] <Lanica> The instructions.txt file has a bit of additional info if you haven't looked at it.
[17:26:17] <Baastuul> Yup, I have it open.
[17:26:22] <Lanica> ok, good.
[17:26:25] <Baastuul> SEE 'EM WHY?
[17:26:30] <Baastuul> I assume that means "cyan, magenta, yellow"?
[17:26:44] <Lanica> Wow, you're quick...yes it does :)
[17:26:46] <Lanica> CMY :)
[17:26:51] <Baastuul> hehehe
[17:26:58] <Baastuul> Does it mean I have to assemble the colors in that particular order?
[17:27:04] <Lanica> Nope
[17:27:16] <Lanica> Hrm...I had per-level instructions somewhere...
[17:27:30] <Lanica> just press start and it should give you a general idea of what you're supposed to do.
[17:27:44] <Lanica> err
[17:27:47] <Lanica> start...uhm
[17:27:51] <Lanica> I think thats the enter key
[17:28:01] <Lanica> Yes, enter.
[17:28:07] <Lanica> Sorry, its been awhile since I've worked on it :)
[17:28:35] <Baastuul> Ah-hah!
[17:30:54] <Baastuul> Hmm.
[17:31:06] <Baastuul> I made green on this one level, but it must not be recognizing the color as green.
[17:31:08] <Lanica> Yes?
[17:31:14] <Lanica> Which level?
[17:31:42] <Baastuul> I am not sure what number the level is, but it asks me to make green.
[17:31:47] <Lanica> Press enter
[17:31:48] <Baastuul> Oh, wait.
[17:31:49] <Baastuul> Level 6!
[17:31:52] <Lanica> ok
[17:31:55] <Lanica> Just a sec
[17:32:28] <Lanica> Go over the color (the Blot) and press "x" .. it should tell you what % match it is.
[17:32:45] <Baastuul> 92%! :o
[17:33:03] <Lanica> heh
[17:33:07] <Baastuul> Do you think you will eventually add sound to this game?
[17:33:20] <Lanica> uhm
[17:33:31] <Lanica> There should be sound...crap...it must be off by some other setting
[17:33:40] <Baastuul> Hmm! I will look around.
[17:33:45] <Lanica> click Options, Sound, On
[17:33:59] <Baastuul> Yup, just found it.
[17:34:01] <Baastuul> Sorry 'bout that.
[17:34:09] <Lanica> Crap...I think I sent it to a publisher that way...thats not good.
[17:34:10] <Lanica> oh well.
[17:34:41] <Lanica> Ha...how did you get a 92% match of green on that level?
[17:35:40] <Baastuul> I am not entirely sure, but I basically just merged all the colors together until all I had left was one red blot.
[17:35:54] <Baastuul> I am not sure the order I did it in. :(
[17:35:54] <Lanica> Ahh ok
[17:35:59] <Lanica> Playing with the system...thats fine
[17:36:11] <Lanica> Depending upon the order, you will get different results
[17:36:23] <Lanica> In real color mixing, this would not occur...well...it could, but not that easily
[17:36:32] <Lanica> Whats not being taken into account is the amounts of color
[17:36:41] <Lanica> The game assumes you mix exactly half of each color, each time.
[17:36:44] <Baastuul> The blots remind me of the dough in Ultima VII.
[17:36:47] <Lanica> Otherwise you'd have a huge blot :)
[17:36:48] <Lanica> hehe
[17:36:53] <Baastuul> I am on level 9 now!
[17:37:10] <Baastuul> I enjoy the music.
[17:37:11] <Lanica> Yeah...they should probably be animated or something...but I figured that could be done later.
[17:37:13] <Lanica> Thanks
[17:37:16] <Lanica> I didn't write the music
[17:37:38] <Lanica> I'm not great at graphics, but I really have no music creating ability :)
[17:37:43] <Baastuul> hehehe
[17:39:32] <Baastuul> The only thing I am wondering about is how one would go about restarting the level without the "S" debug thing.
[17:39:51] <Lanica> Oh, there needs to be a menu.
[17:40:11] <Lanica> And that menu needs to have a few other options as well.
[17:40:42] <Lanica> Really sucks that I didn't have the sound on for the publishers, unless they turned it on...that music could sell the game :)
[17:41:31] <Baastuul> Yup, I really like it. Who made it for you?
[17:41:54] <Lanica> Uhm...heh
[17:42:15] <Lanica> Someone who frequents ModArchive....wow...I can't remember his name...
[17:42:35] <Lanica> brb
[17:43:46] <Lanica> back
[17:43:51] <Lanica> Syphus is what he goes by
[17:43:52] <Baastuul> Hail!
[17:44:11] <Baastuul> It is an enjoyable game.
[17:44:31] <Baastuul> It seems like the perfect game to play at an airport or something.
[17:45:19] <Lanica> Yeah
[17:45:45] <Lanica> Its a good time filler.
[17:45:58] <Lanica> A load/save feature would need to be implemented I suppose.
[17:46:02] <Baastuul> I am not sure if you would like the association, but it seems like the type of game that could do well on Yahoo! Games.
[17:46:22] <Lanica> Yeah, it could.
[17:46:36] <Baastuul> It is way cooler to get it sold for a Nintendo system of some sort, though. :)
[17:46:40] <Lanica> There's still a lot of work left to do...I'd need to get picked up by a publisher before I could do that probably. Unless Yahoo! does advanced funding.
[17:46:44] * Lanica nods.
[17:47:01] <Lanica> Once I get on their good graces, it'll be much easier to develop for the newer systems...like the Wii :)
[17:47:03] <Lanica> or the DS.
[17:47:13] <Baastuul> Do you have a lot of game ideas for the Wii?
[17:47:14] <Lanica> We're not officially licensed...though it doesn't matter if we find a publisher.
[17:47:30] <Lanica> Oh yeah...especially one of my employees (well..friend really)...he's got a lot of ideas.
[17:47:43] <Lanica> I don't like to think about them though....because I feel like my hands are tied
[17:47:50] <Baastuul> He is the dreamer, you are the worker!
[17:48:03] <Lanica> Oh, I have dreams too.
[17:48:36] <Lanica> I also have another guy, who is pretty much the Lead Designer of most projects, except for this. He's an excellent writer...
[17:48:52] <Lanica> We had a lot of stuff going for a RPG, but we figured we could more easily do the puzzle game than the RPG.
[17:49:06] <Baastuul> Is it one of your ultimate goals to develop an RPG, though?
[17:49:06] <Lanica> There's so many code and assets that are required for a RPG
[17:49:09] <Lanica> Yes.
[17:49:20] <Lanica> The puzzle game was supposed to help be the step-up to the RPG.
[17:49:29] <Baastuul> Al-Qaeda seems pretty good at making RPGs.
[17:49:30] * Baastuul rimshots.
[17:49:31] <Baastuul> Hyurk.
[17:49:46] <Lanica> heh...what?
[17:49:48] <Baastuul> Man, that was a lame joke.
[17:49:53] <Baastuul> Rocket-propelled grenades, of course!
[17:49:56] <Baastuul> The other RPG.
[17:49:57] <Lanica> oh...hehe
[17:50:26] <Baastuul> Although the idea of al-Qaeda putting out an Islamic fundamentalist RPG would be pretty funny, I guess!
[17:50:29] <Lanica> BTW, Syphus's website is at: http://syphus.untergrund.net/ ... he may have other music that you'll enjoy.
[17:50:35] <Baastuul> Openšng!
[17:50:37] <Lanica> hehehe yep.
[17:50:38] <Baastuul> What do you think of OC ReMix?
[17:50:56] <Lanica> Love it.
[17:51:06] <Lanica> I have all of the mario & zelda ones DLed...and some others as well.
[17:51:09] <Baastuul> Syphus has an interesting color scheme!
[17:51:21] <Baastuul> I enjoy the Chrono Trigger remixes the most, I think, but there are so many of them.
[17:52:11] <Lanica> Yeah...that's been changed recently.
[17:52:22] <Baastuul> What do you mean? (It has been a long while since I have downloaded anything from the site.)
[17:52:39] <Lanica> I meat Syphus's color scheme...I think its been changed recently.
[17:52:45] <Lanica> meat=meant
[17:53:06] <Baastuul> Oh, I see what you mean! I thought you meant that the head of OC ReMix decided there were too many Chrono Trigger remixes, so he went through and deleted the crappy ones.
[17:53:29] <Baastuul> What type of music do you tend to listen to the most?
[17:54:26] <Lanica> Mostly rock, a bit of rap. I don't care for most of the mainstream stuff, of either one, especially rap.
[17:54:53] <Lanica> I'm pretty sure Syphus is a guy...but from the pink, kind of makes him look like a girl :)
[17:55:26] <Baastuul> Yeah, a little bit! Or maybe emo.
[17:55:46] <Lanica> ha...could be that.
[17:56:10] <Lanica> I'm a guy, BTW. I know Lanica is a girls name, but I made up the name before I knew of that...I think I even searched the Internet for it first.
[17:56:25] <Lanica> According to the rules of today, Lanica is a combination of Lana and Monica.
[17:56:53] <Lanica> brb...dog needs out....then I'll need to go for a bit longer after that.
[17:57:05] <Baastuul> I was thinking perhaps you were a girl when I saw your name first (considering the "a" ending), but I saw your real name in the email sender field.
[17:57:09] <Baastuul> Okay!
[17:57:16] <Baastuul> Actually, I never heard the name Lanica before.
[17:57:19] <Lanica> Oh yeah, thats right.
[17:57:34] <Baastuul> Anyway, talk with you later! :)
[17:58:54] <-- ettin has left IRC (No route to host)
[18:00:02] <Lanica> ok...back for a bit
[18:00:14] <Lanica> So what sort of music do you normally listen to?
[18:01:48] <Lanica> ok...going for a bit longer now
[18:01:49] <Lanica> later
[18:03:15] <Baastuul> Ambient electronica, dream pop, and '90s alternative rock are my favorite genres, I suppose!
[18:40:31] --> ettin has joined #exult
[18:41:32] <Lanica> back
[18:41:39] <Lanica> 90s alternative is nice :)
[19:47:37] --> ettin_ has joined #exult
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[21:31:20] <pupnik> np: Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations - Bedazzled
[21:32:35] <pupnik> Baastuul: Meat Beat Manifesto, The Orb were big in my day
[21:32:52] <pupnik> np: Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations - Bedazzled http://youtube.com/watch?v=c1pW7T7MbZQ
[21:50:55] <Baastuul> What kind of music did they do?
[21:51:48] <pupnik> well i give you two of their best links
[21:53:06] <pupnik> http://youtube.com/watch?v=woCX7s_cTl4 Early MBM
[21:53:25] <pupnik> Notice this video director also invented the 'matrix spin'
[21:55:10] <pupnik> http://youtube.com/watch?v=EHT6eioxXJQ then this song will forever be associated with being young and the world was still new for me...
[21:55:21] <pupnik> when this album came out it was like a whole new world (1991)
[21:57:36] <Baastuul> Interesting.
[22:02:32] <pupnik> You will never be able to hear those sounds and ideas for the first time again though.
[22:02:32] --> SB-X has joined #exult
[22:02:45] <pupnik> Now all those ideas have spread through the world through the past 16 years
[22:02:49] <pupnik> so it's not new anymore.
[22:03:18] <SB-X> hello
[22:03:26] <Baastuul> Ess bee ecks.
[22:03:46] <Flooder> ugh
[22:04:16] <SB-X> interesting conversation here for once!
[22:05:02] <pupnik> :) Ultima 7 was 90s so it fits
[22:05:33] <pupnik> Lots of creative stuff happening that decade. It was a good time.
[22:05:43] <Flooder> agree
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[23:38:01] <Flooder> uh oh, must go to sleep now
[23:38:07] <Flooder> 2:38 AM :P
[23:38:25] <Flooder> night, ->
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