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[00:17:18] * Darke bows. Hi!
[00:17:42] <wjp> morning
[01:07:03] <wjp> ugh... 3am
[01:07:18] <wjp> bah, time goes too fast at night :-)
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[01:07:28] * Darke grins.
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[01:51:32] <Darke> Hi.
[02:02:12] <Kirben> Hi
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[02:02:29] <TheAvatar> hi
[02:02:32] <TheAvatar> ?name
[02:02:32] <exultbot> Greetings Avatar. I am called Exultbot.
[02:02:35] <TheAvatar> ?job
[02:02:35] <exultbot> My job is to write down everything you say.
[02:02:38] <TheAvatar> ?bye
[02:02:38] <exultbot> Goodbye, Avatar.
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[02:07:23] <sb-x> ?b0rk3n
[02:08:45] <Darke> Hello.
[02:12:38] <hebble> ?write
[02:12:41] <hebble> ?everything
[02:13:02] <hebble> ?Exultbot
[02:13:02] <exultbot> Exultbot is written in Perl by Willem Jan Palenstijn.
[02:13:13] <hebble> ?Avatar
[02:13:24] <hebble> ?Willem
[02:13:26] <hebble> ?Perl
[02:14:08] <sb-x> hebble what did your patch do?
[02:14:45] <hebble> I added some optional tags to the config file to facilitate shared use of read-only STATIC directories.
[02:15:35] <sb-x> Isn't static already read-only?
[02:16:39] <hebble> Yes, probably, but it was previously assumed that static lived in the same directory as gamedat and the save files, which made it inconvenient for users to share. Now they can put the save games in their home directories, and still use the same static data.
[02:17:04] <sb-x> Ah
[02:17:29] <sb-x> Sounds more convenient. I never had the problem because there's only two users on this box (me and myself).
[02:18:11] <hebble> Same here, actually. ;) But it was something I thought should be possible, and I like to try to keep my system configured cleanly.
[02:20:29] <sb-x> are you going to add any more features?
[02:34:29] <sb-x> hebble
[03:00:22] <sb-x> I'm testing my window manager out.
[03:00:24] * sb-x bows.
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[03:05:21] <thomaz> hi]
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[10:41:32] <wjp> hi
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[11:44:11] <wjp> hi
[11:46:39] <Fingolfin> hi
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[11:46:58] <matto> fingolfin! wjp!
[11:47:10] <wjp> matto!
[11:48:34] <Fingolfin> matto!!!!!
[11:48:53] <matto> Fingolfin: http://www.d-l-p.com/community/board/default.asp?Action=ViewMessage&MessageID=24287&Archive= I read this and thought of you :)
[11:49:00] * Fingolfin is almost done with vol 2 of WoT, vol 3 already laying there; and 4&5 are soon to be ordered :-)
[11:49:13] * Fingolfin surfs
[11:49:35] <Fingolfin> <g>
[11:49:39] <wjp> like it so far?
[11:49:39] <matto> vol 2 was pretty good if I recall
[11:49:55] <Fingolfin> love it so far :-)
[11:50:02] <Fingolfin> matto: I have no clue what porting Daphne would involve
[11:50:22] <matto> Fingolfin: probably a lot of headache hehe
[11:50:37] <wjp> wow, they're _paying_ for it?
[11:50:42] <matto> a) endian issues (mac is big endian right?), b) mpeg2 optimization issues (no mmx? no yuv acceleration?)
[11:50:56] <Fingolfin> Altivec
[11:50:59] <Fingolfin> MMX, eat your shorts =)
[11:51:13] <Fingolfin> endian, yeah, PPC on Mac is set to big endian mode by default, so yeah
[11:51:31] <matto> my z80 core I wrote has a #define statement to make it big endian but it has never been tested.. in theory it should work
[11:51:35] <wjp> it can do little endian too?
[11:51:49] <matto> the other cores.. I have no idea how to make them big endian as I didn't add them, another guy did.. and he just got them from gpl'd sources
[11:52:31] <Fingolfin> where's daphne CVS ? :-)
[11:53:34] <matto> export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs@daphne.rulecity.com:/cvs/daphnecvs
[11:53:34] <matto> cvs login (password is cvs)
[11:53:34] <matto> cvs -z3 checkout -P daphne
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[11:58:08] <MOMO> aaaaaaaaaa
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[11:58:37] <wjp> huh?
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[12:09:13] <Colourless> hi
[12:09:58] <wjp> hi
[12:10:04] <matto> hi
[12:10:47] <Fingolfin> hi
[12:14:21] <Colourless> jeff made a mistake in his gltest2 program... he used delete on an array, not delete [] :-)
[12:18:02] <wjp> hm, exult doesn't even build here anymore :-(
[12:18:59] <Colourless> i wouldn't know if exult built here.... i haven't tried to build it in ages
[12:19:07] <wjp> can't find ft2build.h
[12:19:08] <wjp> hmm
[12:21:22] <wjp> seems to be a packaging error for freetype-devel
[12:22:54] <wjp> ok, works after upgrading to latest freetype .rpm
[12:26:56] <Colourless> jeff's png io funcs look to be rather useful * 2002-04-12 : Added "Comments" section and "Revision History"
[12:26:59] <Colourless> opps
[12:27:05] <Colourless> oops even :-)
[12:27:27] <Colourless> just ignore all that :-)
[12:32:34] <Fingolfin> matto: is a parallel port required?
[12:33:00] <matto> Fingolfin: no
[12:33:10] <Fingolfin> so I can just insert an "empty" driver?
[12:33:13] <matto> yeah
[12:33:37] <matto> serial port is not required either
[13:26:45] <Fingolfin> damn, that was good. (WoT #2 :-) Satisfying end
[13:26:57] <wjp> where did that one end?
[13:27:32] <Fingolfin> battle in Falme
[13:27:40] <Fingolfin> Rand fights the dark one in the sky
[13:27:51] <wjp> ooh, right
[13:28:10] <wjp> pretty good part, yes :-)
[13:30:27] <Fingolfin> *and* I finally have a way to play DivX completly smoothly here. Well, I could play them before, but there is a bug in QuickTime regarding AVI containers, which cause the sound to be out of sync, or missing at all
[13:30:39] <Fingolfin> now I have this app which turns an DivX AVI into a 3ivX .mov :-)
[13:30:58] <wjp> _why_?
[13:31:07] <wjp> .mov? ugh :-)
[13:31:09] <Fingolfin> it's funny, tehre is another bug in QuickTime it seems: if I have the video at 100% (no scaling), it's veeery slow. If I scale it to 101%, or anything, it's way faster
[13:31:19] <wjp> huh?
[13:31:27] <Fingolfin> .mov is the "native" format of QuickTime, and the natural video format on MacOS, AVI isn't
[13:31:30] <Fingolfin> yeah
[13:31:37] <Fingolfin> it seems at 100% scaling, video accel is turned off
[13:32:06] <Fingolfin> pretty nasty bug :-) But I view my videos at double size normally anywawy, or screen filling. And it's really *much* faster when scaled. Weird
[13:33:26] * wjp wonders when WoT part 10 is going to be released... *sigh*
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[13:34:14] <wjp> wb
[13:34:27] <Colourless> hi
[13:34:36] * Darke bows. Hi.
[13:35:00] <Darke> Network 'problems'. <grin> I'm still fiddling but at least I can irc.
[13:36:01] <Fingolfin> wjp: from what I read, WoT starts to drag a bit in 6-9 ... maybe he should get to an end in 10 :-) I do like long series, but at some point, it's annoying if you never get to the final conclusion
[13:36:33] <wjp> 6-8 were kind of slow, but 9 was a _lot_ better again
[13:37:47] * wjp _really_ liked the ending of 9 :-)
[13:42:08] <Fingolfin> well, I'll see :-)
[13:42:16] <Fingolfin> or rather, read
[13:46:22] * wjp feels the sudden urge to re-read WoT again
[13:46:54] <wjp> maybe this summer
[13:52:51] <matto> I liked how Artur Hawkwing was described as having a voice accustomed to giving orders
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[14:08:36] <matto> I just played diablo 2 under linux
[14:08:50] <matto> too bad I stopped playing that game a while ago :(
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[14:52:08] * Darke sighs and hopes he's not going to disappear _again_. "Hello again." <grin>
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[16:35:08] * wjp notices Colourless is in the Authors file of the "underworld adventures"
[16:35:28] <wjp> have you been seeing other ultima projects behind our back? ;-)
[16:36:00] <Colourless> xmidi code
[16:36:22] <Colourless> i don't have anything to do with it really
[16:36:23] <wjp> ah, so I see
[16:37:29] * wjp wonders how to build that thing
[16:38:21] <wjp> no Makefiles or anything, hmm
[16:39:22] <Colourless> msvc
[16:39:49] <wjp> the hacking/ subdir does have a dsw and several dsp's yes
[16:39:53] <Colourless> in win32 there are some projects and workspaces
[16:42:59] * wjp wonders why he doesn't have an SDL_opengl.h file
[16:44:39] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:01:28] <Colourless> what ver of SDL do you have?
[17:27:17] --> Dominus has joined #exult
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[17:27:23] <wjp> 1.2.2
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[17:27:32] <wjp> hi
[17:27:32] <Dominus> hi
[17:27:34] <Dominus> ?exult
[17:27:34] <exultbot> Exult is a project to create an Ultima 7 game engine that runs on modern operating systems, capable of using the data and graphics files that come with the game. See http://exult.sourceforge.net/ for more information.
[17:27:36] <Colourless> hi
[17:27:42] <Colourless> wjp: you may need 1.2.3
[17:27:42] <wjp> hm, I see it is in the latest CVS
[17:27:43] <Dominus> ?pentagram
[17:27:54] <Dominus> :-)
[17:27:58] <Colourless> ?version
[17:27:58] <exultbot> The latest official version of Exult is: 0.96beta1
[17:28:06] * wjp hides
[17:28:16] <Dominus> exultbot: you are sooo out of date, aren't you?
[17:28:20] <Colourless> i knew the version was just about a bit :-)
[17:28:26] <Colourless> s/about/out/
[17:28:58] * wjp sighs at latest post on the forum
[17:29:59] <Dominus> spaces in path names are really unnerving
[17:30:15] <Colourless> the problem is 'not' in conf
[17:30:19] <Dominus> I think I have the perfect answer
[17:30:20] <Colourless> that is the really annoying prat
[17:30:56] * Colourless has an idea....
[17:31:03] <Dominus> http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#path_config
[17:31:10] <Dominus> notice the NOTE!!!!
[17:31:13] <wjp> interesting paths to install things: bg in c:\documents and settings\owner\desktop\ultima7/static/, si in C:\Program Files\Exult/static/sispeech.spc
[17:31:33] <Dominus> yeah, that was my first thought as well
[17:32:57] <Dominus> it might evne be that he tries to run it not as owner but as some other user and therefore gets problems in playing BG...
[17:33:19] <Colourless> no
[17:33:27] <Colourless> that is not the problem
[17:34:22] <Colourless> the problem is with spaces in the dir name, and I have an idea what it might be
[17:34:27] <wjp> Dominus, Colourless: you probably don't have any problems with spaces, right?
[17:34:45] <Colourless> not everytime i've checked
[17:34:57] <Colourless> but i'm trying something a little bit different this time
[17:35:13] <Dominus> I tried once and didn't see a problem but I might check again with some special cases like f:\this is exult\
[17:35:28] <Dominus> and \the black gate\ and Serpent Isle\
[17:37:06] * Dominus just read the logs
[17:37:28] <wjp> Colourless: what are you trying?
[17:37:57] <Dominus> Colourless: if you have something to do with the Underworld adventures then why does it crash everytime you change the tune? :-) (I guess becuase it's buggy)
[17:38:02] <Colourless> a few things
[17:38:27] <Colourless> basically i'm thinking the reason for the crash is the gamedat dir isn't being created
[17:39:19] <Colourless> but it works with everything i try...
[17:41:17] <wjp> unsurprisingly it manages to create /data/the black gate/gamedat here too
[17:41:51] <wjp> you use XP pro, right?
[17:41:55] <Colourless> yeah
[17:41:59] <wjp> Dominus: you too?
[17:42:22] <Dominus> though I noticed one thing that it doesn't find the *.flg files in spaces paths
[17:42:28] <Dominus> wjp: yes
[17:42:51] <wjp> I guess it would be possible that the mkdir call works differently in xp home/pro
[17:43:18] <Colourless> well we 'could' just add quotes to all the file names when doing a get_system_name for windows users
[17:44:22] <Colourless> as far as I know, all win32 functions can use quoted filenames
[17:44:40] <Colourless> infact Microsoft recommends it in some circumstances
[17:44:44] <Dominus> so I tried with "this is exult\the Blackgate" and "the Serpent Isle" and deleted the gamedat dir and the only problem is that viewing endgame is sudenly not an option anymore
[17:45:13] <Colourless> it's actually 'unsecure' to not use quotes when executing a program with spaces in the filename
[17:45:44] <wjp> one of our windows admin accounts at the univ always complains about being unable to find "C:\Program" at startup :-)
[17:46:12] <Colourless> exactly that problem
[17:46:56] <Colourless> you could create a c:\program.exe and it will be executed instead of "c:\program files\dir\app.exe", if it isn't quoted
[17:48:32] <wjp> do XP pro/home use different filesystems?
[17:48:45] <wjp> (NTFS/FAT?)
[17:48:50] <Colourless> no, they should use the same fs
[17:48:59] <Colourless> by default though from what i know, they prefer NTFS
[17:49:23] <wjp> brb
[17:50:52] <Dominus> Colourless: I'm curios, are you using Ntfs or Fat32?
[17:51:02] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[17:51:32] <Dominus> hi Fingolfin
[17:51:35] <Colourless> fat32 on c drive, ntfs on d
[17:51:35] <Fingolfin> yo
[17:51:40] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Fingolfin
[17:54:02] <wjp> b
[17:54:12] <wjp> hi again
[17:57:28] <wjp> "Never mind...fixed it" ?? what kind of a reply is that?
[17:57:53] <Dominus> a bad one
[17:59:33] <Colourless> no, i have no idea what is actually causing the problem
[18:00:01] <Dominus> what's up with the *flg detection?
[18:00:17] <Colourless> adding quotes indicently doesn't help as it seems that the functions don't like quotes
[18:00:25] <Colourless> Dominus: flg detection works here
[18:00:34] <wjp> could you add quotes in get_system_path?
[18:00:46] <Dominus> the endgame.flg as well? Credits showed up but not the endgame one
[18:01:11] <Colourless> actually let me just try something...
[18:01:28] <Colourless> btw the code for both is the same
[18:01:48] * wjp nods
[18:01:58] <wjp> if quotes.flg works endgame.flg should work as well
[18:03:07] <Dominus> aehm, I confused credits and quotes
[18:03:31] <Colourless> are you sure you even have the 2 flg files in your static dir?
[18:03:34] <Dominus> both quotes and endgame don'T show up when I make my path /the Blackgate
[18:03:52] * Colourless is confuse those 2 files go in the u7dir according to exult
[18:03:55] <Dominus> I just tested without spaces they are there with they aren'T
[18:04:05] <wjp> not in static, in savegame
[18:04:22] <Colourless> yeah
[18:04:31] <wjp> oh, wait, you already said that
[18:05:08] <wjp> this is somewhat promising
[18:05:18] <Colourless> what is your exact path?
[18:05:29] * Dominus meant that without spaces he has the option to view them and with it he hasn't
[18:05:47] <Dominus> f:\spiele\exult\blackgate
[18:05:58] <Dominus> or f:\spiele\exult\the blackgate
[18:06:25] <wjp> Colourless: how about changing the output of the is_installed functions to indicate the result?
[18:06:35] <wjp> might help to narrow it down a bit
[18:06:45] <Dominus> and in exult.cfg just: <path> the blackgate </path>
[18:07:03] <Dominus> (if I use the spaces path
[18:07:05] <Dominus> )
[18:07:27] <wjp> Dominus: do you compile exult yourself?
[18:07:33] <Dominus> yep
[18:07:46] <Dominus> though the last compile was...
[18:07:54] <Dominus> 10.04.
[18:08:07] <wjp> nothing in this area changed since then, AFAIK
[18:09:08] <Dominus> how about yours Colourless?
[18:09:15] <Colourless> dominus: i want you to try a version of exult i just compiled. it will output all the results of the "get_system_path" functions
[18:09:30] <Dominus> np
[18:09:40] <Colourless> i've been trying with RC1 and a version i compiled just now
[18:10:59] * Dominus is getting out of his DCC-car and tries if opusshing helps a bit
[18:11:15] <Dominus> ah, pushing I meant :-)
[18:11:16] <wjp> *grin*
[18:11:34] <wjp> I think you should pull, in this case :-)
[18:11:38] <Colourless> hmm that is going rather slowly
[18:11:48] <Dominus> and it is getting slower
[18:12:02] <Dominus> we've always had problems with dcc we two
[18:14:01] <Colourless> actually those speeds are pretty good for a modem :-)
[18:14:13] <Dominus> he he
[18:18:44] <Dominus> ahhhh
[18:18:49] <Dominus> I found the error
[18:18:55] <Colourless> what is it?
[18:19:19] <Dominus> I didn't notice that exult now puts in the savegame_path tag in the exult.cfg
[18:19:21] <Dominus> :-)
[18:19:37] <Dominus> should it do that on its own?
[18:19:49] <Colourless> it automatically adds it
[18:20:03] <Dominus> I didn't put it there and therefore assumed I don't have it and don't need to change it
[18:20:54] <Colourless> i think it shouldn't be doing that actually
[18:21:00] <Colourless> it's likely to cause issues
[18:21:13] <wjp> we need to talk the path stuff through sometime
[18:21:15] <Dominus> yeah, just like it did with me right now
[18:21:34] <Dominus> especially if it's not in the Docs :-)
[18:21:54] <Colourless> i'll stop it from doing that
[18:22:01] <Colourless> anyone disagree?
[18:22:11] <Dominus> nope
[18:22:18] <wjp> yes
[18:22:40] <wjp> I really don't like the savegames going into the main game dir by default
[18:23:10] <Colourless> well you can add in *nix specific code to stop it doing that
[18:23:36] <wjp> wouldn't it be cleaner to make a savegames/ dir behind the game dir?
[18:23:50] <wjp> with the gamedat directory behind that, possible named 'quicksave'?
[18:23:57] <Dominus> yeah, but THAT would definitely cause issues
[18:24:06] <wjp> so? :-)
[18:24:21] <Colourless> we are supposed to fixing problems... not causing them
[18:24:44] <wjp> we are? :-)
[18:24:45] <Colourless> i know, I just stop exult from writing the savegame field in windows. ok :-)
[18:24:51] <Dominus> I would recommend that for the 1.0 release so everyone uses new games :-)
[18:25:14] <Colourless> i'll also add in some code to get exult to always convert long filenames into short names
[18:25:18] <Dominus> I meant wjp's suggestion
[18:25:35] <wjp> hm, would making the default savegame directory '.' work?
[18:25:59] <Colourless> that is generally unwise
[18:26:55] <wjp> hm, ok, let's just leave it out while we keep the savegames in the game dir
[18:27:32] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[18:28:39] <Colourless> line 176 and 177 of game.cc... comment out, or just do #ifndef WIN32
[18:28:44] <Colourless> quick i need an answer :-)
[18:28:52] <wjp> comment out
[18:29:03] <Colourless> ok
[18:29:17] --> Dominus has joined #exult
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[18:29:27] <wjp> but I'd still really like to change it to 'savegames/' or something before 1.0... :-)
[18:29:44] <Colourless> yeah, i guess that would be ok
[18:30:00] <Colourless> but not right now. we should give people a fair amount of warning when we do it
[18:30:12] <Dominus> damn, a mpg2 player just crashed my scsiport...
[18:30:24] <Dominus> and bluescreened me
[18:41:05] <Colourless> now that i've committed that, I'll get back to what i was doing before...
[19:05:09] <Colourless> is there an easy way to get the next biggest number that is a power of 2 (from another number)?
[19:06:00] <wjp> try all powers of two?
[19:06:25] <Colourless> yes, that is simple, but it's not exactly neat :-)
[19:06:39] <wjp> didn't some assembly languages have an opcode for it?
[19:06:57] <wjp> 'get highest bit' or something?
[19:07:09] <wjp> (not that that helps, of course...)
[19:07:14] <Colourless> yeah possibly
[19:07:21] <Colourless> i think i've got it.
[19:07:51] <Colourless> pow2 = 1;
[19:08:07] <Colourless> while (pow2 < num) pow2 <<= 1;
[19:08:20] <wjp> that's what I said :-)
[19:08:27] <Colourless> yeha
[19:10:50] <wjp> BSR in x86 does something like this, it seems
[19:11:09] <Colourless> i'm not writing this in asm am i :-)
[19:11:17] <wjp> you're not? :-)
[19:11:29] * wjp was just refreshing his memory a bit :-)
[19:12:00] <wjp> sheesh, there's a lot of 'weird' opcodes in x86
[19:12:12] <Colourless> hmm, yes
[19:12:35] <Colourless> things that would never be used unless actually writing in asm :-)
[19:13:17] <wjp> it has opcodes for handling binary coded decimals?? sheesh
[19:14:48] <Colourless> using some of the opcodes (ascii opcodes in particular) is strongly advised again
[19:15:05] <wjp> I wonder why :-)
[19:21:08] * Colourless thinks he's seriously close to actually implementing an OpenGL renderer for pentagram...
[19:21:41] * wjp thinks it might be time to get hardware opengl working soon :-)
[19:23:02] <Colourless> it seems the size of opengl.txt has more than doubled in size
[19:23:42] * Dominus is glad that if Colourless gets opengl working it will work for him too as Colourless id responsible for his opengl driver :-)
[19:23:57] <wjp> :-)
[19:31:09] * Dominus really wonders why Jeff is doing some opnegl stuff for Exult and not Colourless :-)
[19:31:36] <Colourless> well you see, jeff wants to learn opengl :-)
[19:32:08] <Dominus> seem to be the whole reason behind a couple of Jeff's code
[19:32:18] <Dominus> not that I'll ever complain
[19:34:30] <Colourless> you know, there 'may' be some replacement 3d models available sooner that you'd otherwise have thought...
[19:34:56] <Dominus> uh oh
[19:36:31] <Colourless> what do you mean "uh oh"
[19:37:09] <Dominus> that means I can't handle suspense too well :-)
[19:47:30] <Colourless> well that
[19:47:36] <Colourless> 's just too bad
[19:47:45] <Dominus> he he
[19:48:54] <Colourless> the question is should i show you... or keep it to myself?
[19:49:08] --> Dark-Star has joined #exult
[19:49:13] <Dark-Star> Hi
[19:49:17] <wjp> the answers is: you should show us
[19:49:17] <Dominus> show meeeeeee!!!!!
[19:49:17] <Colourless> hi
[19:49:17] <wjp> ;-)
[19:49:20] <wjp> hi
[19:50:05] <Dominus> hi
[19:51:04] <Colourless> well firstly there was this: http://www.users.on.net/triforce/av/
[19:51:23] <Colourless> as you can tell, that is reasonably old
[19:52:07] <Dominus> yeah, I remember that stuff
[19:53:23] <hebble> That's really cool.
[19:56:03] <Colourless> of course there is something else too...
[19:57:59] <Colourless> something newer...
[19:58:24] <Dominus> but let me guess...
[19:58:31] <Dominus> you will not show us :-)
[19:58:32] <Colourless> ok
[19:58:39] <Colourless> if you don't want me to :-)
[19:58:52] * wjp tapes Dominus' mouth shut :-)
[19:59:26] * Dominus wonders why he can't talk but is still able to type
[19:59:34] <wjp> oops :-)
[20:00:44] <Colourless> http://www.users.on.net/triforce/new/ex.jpg :-)
[20:00:53] <hebble> What's up with this? fontgen.cc:31: ft2build.h: No such file or directory
[20:00:53] <hebble> fontgen.cc:32: `#include' expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>
[20:01:25] <wjp> hebble: re-autogen and re-configure
[20:01:32] <hebble> Gotcha. Thanks.
[20:02:48] <Colourless> also, that doesn't even have a texture yet :-)
[20:04:18] <Dominus> I think this'll be veeeeeery interesting
[20:05:09] <hebble> I still get that error after autogen.sh and configure; have the dependencies been changed recently?
[20:06:46] <Colourless> the 3d models are they are only going to look 'really' good IF the screen resolution is high. That causes a problem though because the background graphics are pretty low res
[20:07:12] <Colourless> the 3d models though will have smoother animation regardless
[20:07:16] <Dominus> hmmm
[20:07:39] <Colourless> also you'd want antialiasing really badly if running in a low res :-)
[20:08:17] <Dominus> ah, you know I have this fine graphics crad that does AA really nice :-)
[20:08:27] <Colourless> indeed i do :-)
[20:13:38] <wjp> hebble: that error is freetype2 related
[20:14:14] <hebble> wjp: thanks, I just commented out the #define HAVE_FREETYPE2 line in config.h
[20:14:27] <wjp> do you have a ft2build.h file?
[20:15:39] <hebble> Nope. "locate ft2build" gives no output
[20:15:44] <-- Dark-Star has left IRC ("Client Exiting")
[20:15:46] <Colourless> Dominus: if you want here's a slightly larger image of shanna: http://www.users.on.net/triforce/new/ex2.jpg
[20:16:06] <wjp> you might need to upgrade your version of freetype2
[20:16:16] <wjp> (I had to upgrade it, anyway)
[20:17:01] <Dominus> so when will we see the full fledged Pentagram.exe :-)
[20:17:11] <hebble> It appears that I have freetype 1.3.1, not 2.
[20:17:12] <Dominus> (probably never just to spite me :-))
[20:17:35] <Colourless> well, with no usecode interpreter, there will be no pentagram.exe :-)
[20:17:59] <Dominus> hm, I seem to have forgotten that minor detail
[20:18:11] * wjp should get around to that sometime
[20:18:39] <wjp> I think I'll borrow my callstack code from exult and modify it slightly to allow multiple processes
[20:19:20] <Colourless> exult is proving to be a useful resource for things that can be used by pentagram :-)
[20:20:13] <Dominus> wasn't that the reason someone decided to make the code interchangeable some time ago :-)
[20:21:31] <Colourless> well yeah, but the reason is because we are somewhat lazy and don't want to reintenvt the wheel so to speak :-)
[20:21:47] <Colourless> s/reintenvt/reinvent/
[20:22:12] <Colourless> of course other things we are completely redoing... go figure :-)
[20:22:53] * Colourless decides to be serious now
[20:23:17] <Colourless> some parts of exult are useful, other parts aren't
[20:24:28] <Colourless> incidentlym some of jeff's opengl code looks like it might be useful :-)
[20:24:56] <wjp> let's 'borrow' it :-)
[20:25:37] <Colourless> the useful parts are the intialization code, and the png texture loader
[20:25:39] <Dominus> he he
[20:50:55] <Fingolfin> Dominus: you there?
[20:51:00] <Fingolfin> Dominus: I just looked at docs.dtd
[20:51:10] <Dominus> yep
[20:51:30] <Fingolfin> if you want to say an attribute is optional, do *not* use "", but use #IMPLIED
[20:51:31] <Dominus> on the phone atm
[20:51:42] <Fingolfin> "" would mean an empty default value, but it's note even legal I think
[20:52:01] <Fingolfin> maybe it was even me who did that, I just wanted to clarify it :-)
[20:52:20] <Fingolfin> hm, why do we have extref, extref1, extref2 and extre3 ?!?
[20:52:35] <Dominus> I think it was you
[20:53:13] <Dominus> extref1-3 is to link between our docs
[21:02:13] <Dominus> now I can speak
[21:04:04] <Dominus> extref1 target="header" specifies a header in FAQ so you get a link faq.php#header
[21:04:17] <Dominus> extref2 for Docs and extref3 for Studio
[21:09:37] <Dominus> as for the other dtd stuff, I just copy/pasted from your example without any knowledge of what I'm actually doing :-)
[21:15:47] <wjp> wouldn't it be nicer to name them somewhat more descriptively?
[21:16:32] <Dominus> I'm all open to suggestion, like faqref, docsref, studioref?
[21:16:46] <wjp> sounds good
[21:18:00] <Dominus> I can do that, but I better wait if Fingolfin does something with it first, before I start to change stuff and then have to do a diff
[21:18:02] <Dominus> :-)
[21:18:18] <wjp> good idea :-)
[21:18:34] <Dominus> I *should* do an update anyway
[21:18:43] <Fingolfin> I am not doing anything with our DTD right now
[21:18:49] <Fingolfin> I only looked at it since i was writing some other DTDs
[21:19:16] <Fingolfin> but i don't like having multiple elements all for the same purpose, to be honest =)
[21:20:12] <Dominus> Fingolfin: I'm really no expert at all in this and whenver you have some time and want to change stuff around feel free to do it
[21:20:29] <Fingolfin> hehe ok :-)
[21:20:46] <Fingolfin> my idea would be to have an additional attribute with values "studio", "faq" or "doc"
[21:20:55] <Fingolfin> leaving it out would be normal extref
[21:21:03] <Fingolfin> specificng it would map to the current extref1/2/3
[21:21:05] <Dominus> that does sound good
[21:21:16] <Fingolfin> just tell me what that attribute should be called....
[21:21:51] <Dominus> just those , studio, docs, faq
[21:22:53] <Fingolfin> errr
[21:22:55] <Fingolfin> no I mean
[21:23:11] <Fingolfin> <extref target="bla" bar="faq">
[21:23:14] <Fingolfin> or
[21:23:27] <Fingolfin> <extref target="gargle" bar="studio">
[21:23:59] <Colourless> time for me to depart
[21:24:06] <Dominus> see you
[21:24:15] <Colourless> bye
[21:24:17] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("no comment")
[21:24:20] <Dominus> Fingolfin: don'T get it
[21:24:54] <Fingolfin> well, as I said: I thought about adding an additional (optional) attribute for extref
[21:25:04] <Fingolfin> which you can use to specify to which file it should point
[21:25:22] <Dominus> well I would need all three of those attributes
[21:25:32] <Fingolfin> hu?
[21:25:42] <Fingolfin> how can a ref target *two* different files at once?
[21:25:50] <Fingolfin> I mean these to be the *values* of the attribute
[21:26:02] <Dominus> ah
[21:26:15] <Dominus> or better you are confusing me :-)
[21:26:23] <Fingolfin> like, instead of <extref1 target="sound_setup"> or so you would write <extref file="faq" target="sound_setup">
[21:26:38] <Fingolfin> [23:20 Uhr] <Fingolfin> my idea would be to have an additional attribute with values "studio", "faq" or "doc"
[21:27:24] <Dominus> ok
[21:27:38] <Fingolfin> what's the difference between ref, ref1 and ref2 ?
[21:27:51] <Dominus> that was what I got but I didn't get the question after that
[21:28:03] <Dominus> let me see
[21:29:09] <Fingolfin> well, the attribute has a name; like we have a "target" attribute. I know which *values* the new attribute would have (doc|studio|faq), but wondered what *name* it should have... hm
[21:29:31] <Dominus> ref outputs refs in the form of 4.1, ref1 outputs 4.1. headername
[21:29:40] <Dominus> ref2 is for section names
[21:30:20] <Dominus> ref2 would be 4. sectionname
[21:30:26] <Fingolfin> ref2 is only used in one place it seems. I think it maybe should be called section_ref or so...
[21:30:33] <Dominus> yeah
[21:31:38] <hebble> I just submitted a new path-handling patch to sf.net. This fixes the "is_installed issue
[21:32:29] <hebble> It also cleans up path handling in general by eliminating (as far as I can tell) any hard-coded paths outside of config-file default vlaues.
[21:34:04] <Fingolfin> Dominus: ah, you don't use <ref target="foo">Some text</ref> anymore?
[21:34:36] <Dominus> Fingolfin: too much typing in the changes section
[21:34:59] <Fingolfin> nah that is OK - I just want to remove this feature then, unless you think it should stay
[21:35:18] <Dominus> no, don't think it is needed
[21:35:18] <wjp> hebble: cool, I'll take a look right away
[21:35:33] <hebble> OK, take your time. :)
[21:35:53] <Dominus> Fingolfin: now that I understand your quest for the name I'd suggest doc=
[21:38:10] <wjp> hebble: I like the foo_STATIC idea
[21:38:27] <wjp> hebble: however, wouldn't it be cleaner to remove the path part from the is_installed() call?
[21:38:51] <wjp> hebble: after all, the caller shouldn't really have to specify where the game can be found, right?
[21:40:47] <hebble> wjp: Yes, you're probably right. I was reluctant to change the Game interface.
[21:41:05] <wjp> is_installed isn't really used anywhere
[21:41:19] <hebble> OK, shall I make that change and resubmit?
[21:41:36] <wjp> I'm not sure what Jeff intended with the function. It makes sense for the BGGame and SIGame classes, but not at all for the devgame class
[21:42:28] * wjp thinks about it for a moment
[21:43:19] * Fingolfin wonders: sectref or sectionref or ... ?
[21:43:30] * wjp greps through the full source while he's at it
[21:43:53] <Dominus> Fingolfin: sectionref or better section_ref
[21:44:06] <wjp> ok, I don't see any problems with changing the is_installed signature
[21:44:21] <Dominus> Fingolfin: if you are trying to make it more understandable
[21:44:25] <Fingolfin> yeah
[21:44:46] <wjp> I'd say change the BG_Game/SI_Game ones to take no parameters, and remove the DEV_Game one altogether
[21:45:33] <wjp> (although that last one is already in a #if 0... better just leave it then)
[21:47:00] <hebble> OK, will do.
[21:48:02] <Fingolfin> BTW, I am now using xsltproc (from libxslt), it's WAY faster than Xalan or Saxon (or any other Java based XSL/XML parser I guess :-)
[21:48:31] <Fingolfin> dunno if it works on Win, though
[21:48:59] <Dominus> so far it seems that Xalan is the best for the crossplatform purpose
[21:49:31] <Dominus> I had strange results using Saxon
[21:50:10] <Fingolfin> I just switched the Fink web page generation code from Saxon to xsltproc, output is almost identical, but the processing speed is 10x faster or more
[21:50:30] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[21:50:30] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Kirben
[21:50:56] <Dominus> hi Kirben
[21:51:03] <Kirben> Hi
[21:51:05] <wjp> hi
[21:58:45] <hebble> wjp: I just put a revised patch up.
[22:00:24] <Fingolfin> Dominus: values for attribute "doc": faq, readme, studio ? or do you want "doc" instead of readme?
[22:01:12] <Dominus> readme is fine
[22:01:19] <Dominus> though..
[22:01:34] <Dominus> docs would make sens in regard to the naming of the xml files
[22:04:23] <wjp> hebble: shouldn't the <PATCH> 'alias' only be added the relevant game-specific path exists?
[22:07:31] --> vividos has joined #exult
[22:07:42] <wjp> hi
[22:07:47] <vividos> hi!
[22:08:08] * wjp wonders where he saw the combination vividos/fink before
[22:08:14] <wjp> xu4? uwadv?
[22:08:19] <vividos> yes :)
[22:08:32] <wjp> which one?
[22:08:42] <vividos> I just read your messages on the exultlog and decided to visit this channel :)
[22:08:47] <vividos> uwadv :)
[22:09:22] <Dominus> ah
[22:10:34] * wjp should probably upgrade his SDL to try to compile uwadv
[22:10:34] <vividos> you all tried that uwadv-preview-stuff?
[22:10:52] <wjp> 1.2.4 has just been released, so I guess now would be a good time
[22:10:53] <Dominus> I did try
[22:11:00] <vividos> I downloaded the SDL-devel-vc6-something
[22:11:08] <hebble> wjp: you're right re: PATCH. I was hoping get_system_path would handle that for me. :(
[22:11:27] <wjp> hebble: I just changed it locally, btw
[22:11:30] <Dominus> Telemachos of the U1 remake remarked that it looked very familiar to his UW viewer
[22:12:03] <vividos> well, he uses the same data
[22:12:27] <Dominus> he he
[22:12:41] <Dominus> I had it crash a view times already
[22:12:52] <vividos> with the midi playing?
[22:13:02] <Dominus> changing the music is not really supported, right ?
[22:13:05] <Dominus> :-)
[22:13:18] <vividos> well, it should :) it worked on my machine
[22:13:31] <vividos> how does it crash exactly?
[22:13:43] <Dominus> If I had one piece of music playing and then changed it crashed
[22:13:57] <Dominus> like I press 1 -> music plays
[22:14:09] <Dominus> then press 9 -> crash
[22:14:16] <vividos> can you perhaps send me the text of the crash window?
[22:14:31] <Dominus> I think it just disappears
[22:14:34] <Dominus> wait...
[22:14:38] <vividos> hmm do you have win2k?
[22:15:05] <Dominus> unknown other exception!
[22:15:10] <Dominus> in stdout
[22:15:13] <Dominus> XP Pro
[22:18:00] <vividos> hmm that's bad
[22:18:55] <vividos> anyway, thanks for the bug
[22:19:40] <Dominus> I didn't report it as I thought that you don't need that kind of bug reports in pre-alpha
[22:20:15] <vividos> that's ok, better than fixing it in a release candidate :)
[22:21:18] <vividos> btw, the only reason why colourless is in the authors file is because I borrowed the exult xmidi code
[22:21:25] <Dominus> rest assured I would report it before that
[22:23:56] <hebble> wjp: Looks like it might be a nice idea to add textpack and ipack to tools/.cvsignore
[22:24:55] <wjp> they aren't yet?
[22:25:24] <wjp> hm, looks like it
[22:26:33] <Dominus> cvsignore for pentagram could use an update as well
[22:27:25] <wjp> ugh... my exult tree is such a mess
[22:27:40] * wjp carefully sifts out the right files to commit
[22:28:32] <hebble> Where is the pentagram cvs?
[22:28:43] <wjp> in the exult cvs; modulename pentagram
[22:29:35] <hebble> Ah. Thanks.
[22:30:26] <Fingolfin> Dominus: OK my changes are now in CVS, have a look (and I found out that having the "" in the DTD *is* OK)
[22:31:09] <vividos> ok, I'm off again. I think I will visit #exult more often
[22:31:35] <wjp> bye
[22:31:36] <Dominus> Fingolfin: ok will look
[22:32:21] <vividos> ok, bye!
[22:33:15] <-- vividos has left #exult ()
[22:33:51] <wjp> hm, do any of you have admin access to the patch tracker?
[22:34:01] <Dominus> nope
[22:34:02] <wjp> hebble: I just commited your patch. Thanks!
[22:34:27] <hebble> You're welcome!
[22:35:08] <wjp> hm, wait, I should change the debug output for is_installed too, while I'm at it
[22:35:45] <Dominus> hehe, I probably shouldn't do a CVS update while compiling the thing, right? :-)
[22:35:55] <wjp> bad idea :-)
[22:37:47] <Dominus> Fingolfin: did you update the extref stuff in the xml iles already or do I have to do it?
[22:38:09] <Fingolfin> I did it already, i.e. it "compiles" fine for me, and also validates
[22:38:20] <Dominus> okay
[22:43:35] <Dominus> Fingolfin: when I'm feeling like it I will try to put some refernces into the /docs/xml/readme
[22:43:47] <Fingolfin> 'k
[22:43:47] <Dominus> describing what does what, roughly
[23:03:07] <Dominus> hm, Fingolfin, another idea, I have for the http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#exult_config, how about having something like <line2> tag, that makes it in a different colour so people can see it is optional (or even <opt>)
[23:03:22] * Dominus is just bad in phrasing atm
[23:04:09] <Fingolfin> I know what you mean
[23:04:11] <Dominus> example: I'm going to add save_path, static_path, gamedat_path and want it to show it is optional
[23:04:13] <Fingolfin> I would make it an attribute
[23:04:25] <Fingolfin> i.e. <line optional="true"> or something
[23:05:17] <Dominus> would you care to add it?
[23:06:27] <Dominus> I'm not sure on the colour
[23:09:28] <wjp> hm, oops, have to get up again in 6 hours
[23:09:32] <wjp> g'night
[23:09:36] <Dominus> bye
[23:09:39] <-- wjp has left IRC ()
[23:13:43] <matto> ?seen Dominus
[23:13:43] <exultbot> dominus is right here!
[23:13:53] <Dominus> matto!!!!
[23:13:57] <matto> dominus!!!!
[23:33:18] <Dominus> hebble: okay if I refer to you as Hebble in the Documentation?
[23:35:46] <matto> hehe
[23:38:55] <hebble> Dominus: sure.
[23:39:12] <Dominus> okay
[23:42:21] <Dominus> Fingolfin: if you are doing the stuff above I would also like a third colour for stuff you can do from inside Exult :-)