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[09:05:10] <Nadir> Hi Kirben
[09:10:56] <Kirben> Hi
[09:56:31] <Kirben> hmm lock up
[09:57:33] <Nadir> where
[09:57:39] <Kirben> Exult currently locks up on exit via Alt-X
[09:58:16] <Kirben> using old saved game, will try fresh
[09:58:33] <Nadir> Works for me
[10:00:25] <Kirben> same with fresh game
[10:00:29] <Kirben> weird
[10:01:02] <Nadir> windows-only...
[10:01:27] <Nadir> Do you compile with debugging turned on ?
[10:03:05] <Kirben> just using exact settings in makefile.cygwin
[10:03:37] <Nadir> do you have gdb ?
[10:04:18] <Kirben> no
[10:04:42] <Kirben> I can try and find copy though
[10:05:28] <Nadir> Maybe you should get it. Make sure you compile exult with NO optimizations. (there must be no -O2 switches). Then run exult through gdb
[10:05:44] <Nadir> When it crashes you can use "bt" in gdb to get a stack trace.
[10:12:42] <Kirben> hmm what files does gdb consist of ?
[10:13:11] <Nadir> I believe you only need the gdb executable
[10:13:19] <Kirben> ah good
[10:13:41] <Nadir> Although I don't know whether the cygwin supports thread debugging
[10:26:40] <Kirben> how do i start exult via gdb ?
[10:29:02] <Nadir> type ./exult.exe at the gdb prompt
[10:29:46] <Kirben> (gdb) ./exult.exe
[10:29:46] <Kirben> ./exult.exe
[10:29:46] <Kirben> Undefined command: "". Try "help".
[10:29:46] <Kirben> (gdb)
[10:29:55] <Nadir> sorry
[10:29:58] <Nadir> run ./exult
[10:30:07] <Nadir> run ./exult.exe
[10:30:28] <Kirben> (gdb) run ./exult.exe
[10:30:29] <Kirben> run ./exult.exe
[10:30:29] <Kirben> Starting program: ./exult.exe
[10:30:29] <Kirben> No executable specified, use `target exec'.
[10:30:48] <Kirben> maybe this gdb version isn't compatible with MinGW32 2.95.2-1 snapshot
[10:31:58] <Nadir> at the bash prompt try "gdb exult.exe"
[10:32:47] <Kirben> $ gdb exult.exe
[10:32:47] <Kirben> GNU gdb 4.18
[10:32:47] <Kirben> Copyright 1998 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
[10:32:47] <Kirben> GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are
[10:32:47] <Kirben> welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions.
[10:32:49] <Kirben> Type "show copying" to see the conditions.
[10:32:53] <Kirben> There is absolutely no warranty for GDB. Type "show warranty" for details.
[10:32:55] <Kirben> This GDB was configured as "i386-mingw32"...(no debugging symbols found)...
[10:32:57] <Kirben> (gdb)
[10:34:09] <Nadir> Are you running gdb on the stripped exult.exe ?
[10:35:19] <Kirben> oops
[10:38:50] <Kirben> hmm no help since its lock up, not crash
[10:39:08] <Nadir> running windowed ?
[10:39:10] <Kirben> I have to kill exult off and gdb sees that as normal exit
[10:39:19] <Kirben> running full screen
[10:40:00] <Nadir> run windowed. When it locks up switch to the gdb window and CTRL-C. This will interrupt the app. At this point type "bt"
[10:43:19] <Kirben> odd, as soon as I switch programs exult quits
[10:45:54] <Nadir> Does the lock up happen after you confirm Alt-X ?
[10:48:13] <Kirben> yes
[10:52:16] <Nadir> before starting exult put a breakpoint in exult.cc at line 434 (delete gwin)
[10:52:54] <Nadir> then "run" it. "break 434" will do.
[10:54:22] <Kirben> what exactly do I add ?
[10:55:10] <Nadir> gdb ./exult.exe
[10:55:13] <Nadir> break 434
[10:55:15] <Nadir> run
[10:59:10] <Kirben> Do I need ot edit exult.cc though ?
[10:59:19] <Kirben> (gdb) break 434
[10:59:19] <Kirben> break 434
[10:59:19] <Kirben> No line 434 in file "//c/GCC-2.95.2-1/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/i386-mingw32msvc/2.95.2
[10:59:19] <Kirben> /../../../../include/g++-3/iosfwd".
[11:03:17] <Kirben> hmm noticed new bug, can give items to npcs
[11:05:52] <Nadir> break exult.cc:434
[11:06:28] <Kirben> (gdb) break exult.cc:434
[11:06:28] <Kirben> break exult.cc:434
[11:06:28] <Kirben> No symbol table is loaded. Use the "file" command.
[11:08:07] <Nadir> file exult.exe
[11:11:50] <Nadir> Let's wait for ryan, and he can step through it.
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[11:18:54] <Kirben> system collasped
[11:18:54] <Nadir> wb
[11:19:12] <Kirben> will try again
[11:20:42] <Nadir> ?seen colourless
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[11:22:18] <Kirben> hmm gdb crashed
[11:22:28] <Kirben> this is all I got:
[11:22:29] <Kirben> (gdb) bt
[11:22:30] <Kirben> bt
[11:22:30] <Kirben> #0 Play () at exult.cc:434
[11:22:56] <Kirben> also before that:
[11:22:57] <Kirben> Breakpoint 1, Play () at exult.cc:434
[11:22:58] <Kirben> 434 exult.cc: No such file or directory.
[11:22:58] <Kirben> Current language: auto; currently c++
[11:23:45] <Nadir> that is not very useful. Let's just wait for Ryan
[11:25:59] <Kirben> ok
[11:26:09] <Kirben> guards still seem buggy too
[11:26:59] <Kirben> http://io.spaceports.com/~kirben/guards.jpg
[11:27:07] <Nadir> Hmm, there is a bug in cvs, whose summary is "bug". How useful
[11:27:26] <Kirben> original seems to limit them while exult doesn't
[11:27:56] <Kirben> maybe user just submitted bug before finished writing
[11:35:45] <Kirben> odd, Iolo doesn't seem to mind stealing as much in Exult either
[11:40:06] <Kirben> even more guards http://io.spaceports.com/~kirben/guards.png
[11:40:20] <Kirben> I wonder how many it would take before exult overloaded
[11:43:04] <Nadir> That's quite a few !
[11:47:53] <Kirben> yes sure a lot of them in there
[11:54:53] <Kirben> anyone working on combat at moment ?
[11:57:04] <Kirben> NPCs still need a defence added, I used to like going to castle and causing chaos by attacking all in mass melee
[11:57:27] <Kirben> slows down too much under u7run
[12:00:09] <Kirben> I don't mean to rush, just miss that feature
[12:05:13] <Nadir> We depend on Jeff for some things...
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[12:13:24] <Colourless> hi
[12:14:35] <Nadir> hi ryan.
[12:15:01] <Nadir> Kirben has been having problems with Exult hanging when quitting on Win32
[12:15:51] <Nadir> oh, btw, good work on the custom paperdolls
[12:16:39] <Colourless> i've been having problems as well. i haven't had it actually hang though. it appears swapping tasks resolves the problem. I'll need to look more at it though
[12:17:52] <Kirben> yes swapping tasks works for exult window size but not full-screen
[12:17:53] <Colourless> yeah, just checked then. as soon as i task swap, it quits
[12:18:46] <Colourless> it did it in fullscreen for me as well
[12:22:20] <Colourless> most odd.
[12:22:34] <Nadir> mem corruption ?
[12:22:40] <Nadir> or SDL ?
[12:23:00] <Colourless> i wouldn't think either personally
[12:23:22] <Colourless> does it every time
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[12:42:10] <Nadir> I see wjp fixed my plugin to support origin on all shapes
[12:43:34] <Colourless> yes. the hoe of destruction shape was wrong
[12:46:59] <Nadir> We need to see if the plugin can be compiled under win32
[12:48:50] <Nadir> And we should create a web page with the missing shape. A table with shape name, BG shape and closest SI match.
[12:49:25] <Nadir> You should also remove "Needs art" from "Hoe of destruction" in paperdoll_gump_info.cc
[12:50:07] <Colourless> ah yes.
[12:50:51] <Colourless> web page shouldn't be too hard to do
[12:54:30] <Nadir> And we shouldn't really put paperdoll shapes in exult.flx.
[12:54:53] <Colourless> yes i know
[12:55:09] <Colourless> we need a file name
[12:57:46] <Nadir> bgpaperdoll.flx
[12:58:16] <Colourless> .vga would be better, since it only contains shapes
[13:01:59] <Nadir> Sure, it's just a flex file with a different extension isn't it ?
[13:02:14] <Colourless> yes
[13:02:25] <Nadir> bgpaperdoll.vga ?
[13:02:42] <Colourless> should be ok
[13:02:52] <Nadir> and a directory under exult or under "exult/data" ?
[13:03:04] <Colourless> exult/data
[13:03:48] <Nadir> maybe what is in data now should go into a "exult/data/exult" and then we can have "exult/data/bgpaperdoll", etc.
[13:06:05] <Colourless> yeah, sounds like an idea.
[13:07:55] <Nadir> It even *looks* like one :)
[13:08:12] <Colourless> no, i disagree
[13:08:17] * Colourless laughs
[13:08:21] <Colourless> witty aren't i
[13:08:30] <Nadir> very.
[13:08:34] <Nadir> :|
[13:09:08] <Nadir> kirben was here earlier with a new screenshot/bug
[13:09:17] <Colourless> guards?
[13:09:24] <Nadir> yep
[13:09:32] <Colourless> looked like he attacked someone. Bad avatar!
[13:10:18] <Nadir> If we change their swords to drinks it would look like a Fellowship guard party
[13:10:48] <Colourless> :)
[13:11:10] <Nadir> avatar "Hey, that guard is hitting me with his Martini"
[13:11:53] <Colourless> hehe
[13:14:10] <Colourless> a guard wouldn't drink a Martini. :)
[13:18:28] <Nadir> A Shirley Temple then
[13:18:59] <Nadir> new job tomorrow!
[13:19:34] <Colourless> hehe, if you say so :)
[13:19:38] <Colourless> new job?
[13:20:17] <Nadir> yes
[13:20:35] <Colourless> what is it then
[13:21:10] --> fingolfin has joined #exult
[13:21:19] <Nadir> Tech responsible for media division at a system integrator
[13:21:30] <Nadir> hi max
[13:21:41] <Colourless> hi
[13:21:48] <fingolfin> hi there
[13:21:52] <fingolfin> I am in here from universitz
[13:22:05] <fingolfin> anyone knows xchat in here? ;)
[13:22:13] <fingolfin> grrr
[13:22:23] <Nadir> I have xchat. Doesn't mean I know it.
[13:23:01] <Nadir> Let me guess, you're not on your trusty Mac
[13:23:19] <fingolfin> hehe, right
[13:23:26] <fingolfin> well, I never used xchat before
[13:23:42] <fingolfin> and the keyboard layout is english, hence some keys are mixed up and not where I expect them to be
[13:24:20] <Nadir> wjp knows how to do scripts for it
[13:24:23] <fingolfin> Nadir: can you tell me how to set up a script that gets executed when I log in to a certain IRC server?
[13:24:28] <fingolfin> ah
[13:24:43] <fingolfin> well, I guess I can find out, but I thought someone here could tell me the shortcut ;)\
[13:24:50] <Nadir> You can use Perl & Python for that
[13:24:55] <fingolfin> jameson is sitting a few meter away from me, BTW ;)
[13:24:58] <fingolfin> hrm
[13:25:08] <fingolfin> I only want an IRC script ...
[13:25:23] <Nadir> Tell him to join us
[13:25:30] <fingolfin> hehe
[13:28:54] <Nadir> fingolfin: is that a Sun Ultra you're on there ?
[13:34:52] <fingolfin> yes it is
[13:35:00] <fingolfin> oh folks, nice greetings from jameson
[13:35:08] <fingolfin> we both gotta go now to our lectures ;)
[13:35:10] <fingolfin> cya later
[13:35:14] <Colourless> cya
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[13:37:45] <Nadir> I'm leaving too. Last day here !
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[14:31:17] <Colourless> you're back :)
[14:31:45] <Nadir> well, I've got nothing to do....
[14:32:24] <Colourless> :)
[14:47:28] * Nadir has updated his Advogato page
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[15:02:42] <Nadir> You're impersonating Ryan again !!!
[15:03:09] <Cless> i killed him. He is no more. I'm comming after you next. Muhahah
[15:45:47] <Cless> scared you did I? :)
[16:03:02] <Nadir> Just saying goodbye to everyone. I am now without car, without phone and soon without pc.
[16:04:14] <Cless> interesting day to start a new job. Why thursday?
[16:09:58] <Nadir> It was either the 1st or the 15th
[16:10:10] <Nadir> (two week granularity)
[16:10:42] <Cless> that makes sense
[16:11:22] <Nadir> gotta go.
[16:11:23] <Nadir> bye
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[16:30:09] <wjp> hi
[16:30:18] <Cless> hi
[17:19:30] <wjp> time to go home; bye
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[17:48:16] * wjp is running win98 currently :-)
[17:48:27] <Cless> not even I do such things
[17:48:43] <wjp> what do you use? win2k?
[17:48:48] <Cless> yep
[17:49:05] <wjp> maybe I should see if I can get configure to work here
[17:53:24] <wjp> mingw32 is just a compiler (and bintools) and cygwin is a 'full' environment, right?
[17:53:38] <Cless> yes
[17:55:08] <wjp> I just download&run the setup.exe they have on their homepage I suppose?
[17:55:13] <wjp> (cygwin, that is)
[17:55:18] <Cless> no idea, I don't use it
[17:55:30] <Cless> i would guess so
[17:57:56] <wjp> hmmm... this looks like it's going to be a big download :-(
[17:59:23] <Cless> Mingw32 is fairly small
[17:59:41] <wjp> I think I already have that somewhere
[18:01:09] <Cless> :)
[18:02:27] <wjp> now does not appear to be a good time to download things :-)
[18:03:28] <Cless> heh :)
[18:05:45] <wjp> 4 Kb/s... ah well... guess I'll be stuck in windows for while :-)
[18:06:13] <wjp> time for some dinner; bbl
[18:06:18] <Cless> k
[18:23:39] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[18:24:18] <Fingolfin> lo
[18:24:23] <Fingolfin> back home ;)
[18:24:23] <Cless> hi
[18:41:52] <Fingolfin> wjp: you are an xchat guru, right? ;) I want to know how I can make it to send a specific command to the server when I connect to it
[18:45:29] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
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[18:56:16] <wjp> hi Max
[18:56:36] <wjp> Fingolfin: let me guess? an nickserv identification?
[18:56:39] <wjp> s/an/a/
[18:56:43] <Fingolfin> right
[18:56:54] --> Cless has joined #Exult
[18:56:55] <wjp> I've already written a script for that
[18:57:01] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[ppp552.adelaide.on.net.au])
[18:57:06] <Cless> now that was annoying
[18:57:13] <wjp> problem is, I'm not in Linux atm
[19:01:10] <wjp> rebooting... brb
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[19:13:57] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[19:14:31] <wjp> Fingolfin: http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/nickserv.pl
[19:15:02] <Fingolfin> wjp: hi, wb, b, thanx ;)
[19:15:08] <wjp> :-)
[19:30:45] <Fingolfin> I assume that I have to replace "nickname" and "password" , right? (I haven't tried it yet, I get back to the university machine tomorrow)
[19:31:08] <wjp> yup
[19:41:18] <Fingolfin> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1000213441
[19:41:18] <Fingolfin> <g>
[19:43:05] <wjp> lol
[19:50:51] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|pizza
[19:51:04] * wjp just had pizza too :-)
[19:51:15] * Cless didn't
[20:19:35] --- Fingolfin|pizza is now known as Fingolfin
[20:19:37] <Fingolfin> hmmm, yummy
[20:20:10] <Cless> don't tease, it's not nice :)
[20:20:18] <Fingolfin> <g>
[20:33:07] * wjp screams
[20:33:26] <wjp> I just made a caddellite helmet for the paperdolls...
[20:33:39] <wjp> but it seems the gimp plugin is not yet entirely stable :-(
[20:33:53] <Cless> that required a scream?
[20:34:02] <Cless> that would require a screm
[20:34:11] <Cless> scream even
[20:34:23] <wjp> crash on save :-(
[20:35:17] <Fingolfin> errr
[20:35:23] <Fingolfin> it was your first save?
[20:35:25] * Fingolfin hopes not
[20:35:36] <Fingolfin> is there autosave in GIMP ?
[20:35:39] <wjp> first save for the helmets, but not for the plugins
[20:35:46] <wjp> hmm... autosave... good question
[20:35:52] * wjp crosses fingers
[20:36:42] <wjp> hmm, I don't see anything :-(
[20:36:57] <wjp> oh, wait a sec... maybe it's because I converted the images to truecolor
[20:37:13] <wjp> brb
[20:37:50] <Fingolfin> who wrote that plugin? cless?
[20:38:22] <Cless> me, no way.
[20:41:00] <Fingolfin> who did?
[20:43:51] <wjp> Tristan I think
[20:44:11] <wjp> yup, Tristan. (it's at the top of the file)
[20:44:21] <Cless> that was easy :)
[20:44:47] <wjp> hmm... how do I detect if the image is indexed?
[20:44:52] * wjp checks gimp headers
[20:45:58] <wjp> oh boy... there's a _lot_ of gimp headers...
[20:46:37] <wjp> thank god for grep :-)
[20:47:31] <Fingolfin> brb
[20:47:33] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (42)
[20:52:49] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[20:53:16] <Fingolfin> back
[20:53:22] --> matt0 has joined #exult
[20:57:10] * wjp tries again
[21:01:32] <wjp> hmm.. I liked the last try better :-(
[21:30:54] <Fingolfin> gotta go to bed
[21:30:55] <Fingolfin> cya tomorrow
[21:30:58] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (42)
[21:44:28] <Cless> cya. going to bed
[21:44:33] <-- Cless has left IRC (it's too late)
[23:37:55] <wjp> time for me to go to bed too
[23:38:00] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[23:38:50] --> Kirben has joined #exult