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[08:17:12] <wjp> Dominus: it's better to attach patches instead of uploading them to pastebin
[08:28:39] <sh4rm4> especially pastebin.com which is stuffed with ads
[08:31:39] <sh4rm4> btw
[08:31:56] <sh4rm4> wouldnt it make sense to make an enum for stuff like 0x355 ?
[08:32:24] <sh4rm4> enum shapes = { SHAPE_SENTRY = 0x355, ... };
[08:33:05] <sh4rm4> s/=//
[09:35:01] <Dominus> wjp: what can I say? it was late... ;)
[09:35:42] <Dominus> I normally use patch files for the tracker ;)
[09:36:15] <Dominus> what is a good ad-free alternative to pastebin?
[09:36:49] <Dominus> i don't notice ads since I mostly use a blocker
[09:41:51] <wjp> I don't care about the ads too much; it's more the non-permanence
[11:12:44] <sh4rm4> Dominus, sprunge.us
[11:15:23] <Dominus> that's too CLI for me...
[11:15:40] <sh4rm4> you can put the command into a shell script
[11:15:46] <sh4rm4> e.g. pastebin.sh
[11:16:02] <sh4rm4> then: git diff | pastebin
[11:17:24] <Dominus> as I wrote, toooooo CLI for me
[11:18:41] <sh4rm4> ok. other alternatives: pastie.org, codepad, paste.kde.net, ...
[11:19:07] <Dominus> thanks
[11:20:11] <Dominus> ah, yes, pastie. got in contaxct with josh goebel over something else in the past... :)
[11:21:11] <sh4rm4> codepad can even compile and execute your code
[11:21:22] <Dominus> wjp, can you evaluate the Hierophant - Ghost thing for me? And look at the fullscreen/windowed mode message patch? That patch can probably be much smaller :)
[11:21:28] <sh4rm4> there's another one that does that as well, but i forgot the name...
[11:21:41] <Dominus> sh4rm4: I never have runnable code to paste :)
[11:22:05] <sh4rm4> int main() { printf("hello world\n"); // there
[11:22:13] <sh4rm4> }
[11:22:46] <Dominus> ?
[11:23:01] <sh4rm4> example for runnable code for codepad...
[11:24:00] <Dominus> aehm, great, I could have come up with runable code but I don't ever NEED a paste site to paste runnable code
[11:24:24] <Dominus> It's a nice "spielerei" but totally useless for me
[11:25:01] <sh4rm4> ah, ideone.com is the other one
[11:26:22] <sh4rm4> it can for example be useful to check if a code snippet works with a specific gcc version
[11:26:40] <Dominus> *sigh*
[11:26:46] <sh4rm4> or if you dont have a 64bit system to test if the code works as well on 64bits
[11:27:47] <Dominus> I did see that it can be useful for others. No need to explain it that to me
[11:27:58] <Dominus> I just know that it isn't useful for me
[11:28:40] <sh4rm4> ok :)
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