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[00:00:36] <dingo^> this is last week's cvs snapshot
[00:00:46] <dingo^> release doesnt run on this arch
[00:01:07] <dingo^> (but this isn't tremendously powerful hardware, its an intel XScale, no where near an i386)
[00:01:34] <dingo^> i can set fps to 100 if i could, its no different
[00:01:57] <dingo^> fps i imagine is a timer that limits going forward to the next frame if a time has not been met
[00:02:09] <dingo^> i presume when that check is done, its been long past the time even for 5fps
[00:02:21] <dingo^> but running may still help get me farther per frame?
[00:02:36] <dingo^> or is running just increasing fps of the player... in which case fps is not any faster
[00:02:51] <dingo^> i seem to recall little avatar's feet just bicylcing away when i ran
[00:03:27] <dingo^> i'd like to start diving into the code myself
[00:03:32] <dingo^> but im a traditional C programmer
[00:03:44] <dingo^> Či like pointer math and structs and things
[00:03:46] <dingo^> malloc
[00:04:04] <dingo^> i get kindof grossed out at the abstractedness and unnecessary complexity of cpp
[00:04:14] <dingo^> and frankly, i dont understand cpp
[00:04:58] <dingo^> i tutored it for 3 or 4 years, but every year the courses changed to new books, and theres so many methods and properties to mess with in the most simplest of classes, i get thourhoughly confused
[00:05:06] <dingo^> never wrote a cpp program more than 1,000 lines
[00:05:14] <dingo^> c, however, i have managed to write well over 50k
[00:05:26] <dingo^> and keep it manageable with seperate files and a Makefile
[00:05:56] <dingo^> but the little i've seen in exult by debugging has just made me want to drink myself drunk if i had to understand something as much as the pathing
[00:06:07] <dingo^> :D
[00:07:45] <servus> Hopefully the pathfinding is in one module then, eh? :)
[00:08:14] <dingo^> hopefully its plain C logic and not objects and templates and class abstraction :)
[00:08:28] <dingo^> in the former case, i may do some looking and maybe helping
[00:08:41] <dingo^> in the later, screw that!!
[00:09:44] <servus> There isn't really any templating in the Exult code I work with. There is a lot of abstraction, but mostly where it makes sense. For a large multiple-developer project, it's fairly clean. *eyebrow raise*grin*
[00:11:11] <dingo^> lol
[00:11:25] <dingo^> ````````cvs is fucking great isn't it?
[00:11:38] <dingo^> i even use cvs to manage dns entries for a dns server :D
[00:11:56] <servus> Hm, my largest personal C++ project is around 32,000 lines. My largest PHP project is around 75,000 lines.
[00:12:02] <dingo^> have all the dns servers replicate it down via shell scripts and ssh
[00:12:14] <dingo^> php drives me a bit crazy too :)
[00:12:25] <dingo^> its ok though
[00:12:29] <dingo^> i picked it up in like 3 hours
[00:12:34] <servus> Well, you can write elegant and... less than elegant... programs in any language.
[00:12:40] <dingo^> after 1 hour of documentation, i just started making stuff up -- and it was there
[00:12:47] <dingo^> its close enough to C to be friendly to me
[00:13:08] <dingo^> i really enjoy python
[00:13:22] <dingo^> i do alot in python that i used to do in C, and very very rapidly
[00:13:30] <dingo^> its very nice to have an interactive interpreter as well
[00:13:48] <dingo^> and it does object oriented stuff very nicely, even threading and things, that in CPP or php would be very gross looking
[00:14:09] <servus> I'll continue to write hacking programs in C. Old habits. *pokepokes darke and grins*
[00:14:25] <dingo^> oh? not cpp?
[00:15:05] <servus> Well, C-ish CPP, so that I can use things like midfunction declarations if I feel like being sloppy, I guess..
[00:15:16] <dingo^> mm, we can be good friends, then :)
[00:15:44] <dingo^> even when i do win32 programming (i write alot of dll's at work to make the VB lackies do powerful stuff) -- I use visual C++, and sometimes have to use C++ headers (not by choice)
[00:15:54] <dingo^> and its compiled with a C++ compiler -- but its almost always mostly stdio.h :)
[00:16:11] <dingo^> i do late-binding of DLL's and do a pointer to an exported function from other dll's
[00:16:19] <dingo^> and fill it up and call it
[00:16:37] <dingo^> i cant stand that .net stuff -- i still use Visual studio 6.0
[00:18:10] <servus> I didn't realize that midfunction declarations were prerequisite - nay, essential and entirely sufficient - for the "good friends" relationship to take place.
[00:18:43] <dingo^> i use char *
[00:18:46] <dingo^> and pointer math to move around
[00:18:59] <dingo^> for strings
[00:19:15] <dingo^> i dont know quite what you mean by "midfunction declaration"
[00:19:28] <dingo^> is that like the (for int i=1;;) stuff in the middle of no where?
[00:20:51] <servus> Well, if that were C, maybe :)
[00:21:03] <servus> Never mind me. I'm being silly.
[00:25:38] <dingo^> damn, my exult segfaulted
[00:25:46] <dingo^> and its the binary without debug i was hoping to get speed out of
[00:26:20] <dingo^> in that damn cooky place with the sultan who has invisble servants and a bunch of rings
[00:26:26] <dingo^> those damn doors i know play tricks on the pathfinding
[00:26:36] <dingo^> they open and close when you get around then and do funky stuff
[00:26:41] <dingo^> confuses the crap out of my party
[00:26:48] <dingo^> makes it lock up alot
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[00:27:07] <dingo^> ... but failed to find path.
[00:27:11] <dingo^> (repeat 300x times :)
[00:27:48] <dingo^> its just like a word document, save often and you're ok :D
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[00:31:25] <servus> Unless it crashes during saving, which seems to happen to me on a statistically improbable basis.
[00:33:27] <dingo^> oh no, that would hurt!
[00:39:56] <dingo^> my detroit tigers are going to the world series
[00:40:03] <dingo^> (I live in Flint, MI)
[00:40:29] <servus> I have no idea what you just said, sorry.
[00:42:18] <dingo^> american baseball, not from the US?
[00:47:25] <servus> I don't attend sporting events, nor do I have a television. I'm in California, but otherwise shut off, I'm afraid.
[00:48:05] <dingo^> i dont have a tv either, radio
[00:48:15] <dingo^> you're a linux guy arn't you
[00:48:28] <dingo^> linux people are like bsd people -- except bsd people have kissed girls :)
[00:49:31] <dingo^> saw that quote today and i couldn't help but laught
[00:49:40] <dingo^> should be on linuxisforbitches.com, if that page is still around
[00:51:45] <servus> I've kissed girls, but I make a point not to.
[00:54:14] * dingo^ elbows servus
[00:54:16] <dingo^> im just messin around
[00:54:37] <servus> I'll just say that I'm sure my love life is more interesting than you assume, and leave it at that. : o)
[01:47:02] <dingo^> damn every "bug" that crashes my exult is a smashed stack
[01:47:04] <dingo^> which really sucks
[01:47:10] <dingo^> because a backtrace can't... backtrace
[01:47:19] <dingo^> because the damn stack is smashed!
[01:47:32] <dingo^> i wonder if its a gcc bug on arm in actuality
[01:47:43] <dingo^> with something in particular that exult does
[01:48:12] <dingo^> nothing else in userland has ever segfaulted on me, but nothing else I use is C++ code
[01:48:37] <dingo^> or this funky gmake magic for that matter
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