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[16:14:09] <pupnik> me ponders
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[17:55:18] <Darklock> "On September 28, 2007, Space Adventures announced that Garriott would fly to the International Space Station in October 2008 as the sixth space tourist. He will launch onboard Soyuz TMA-13, and will land with Soyuz TMA-12." O.o
[18:00:17] <pupnik> cool
[18:04:05] <Darklock> that is Richard, not his astronaut father ;)
[18:04:17] <pupnik> his dad was an astronaut?
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[18:04:38] <pupnik> cool
[18:04:44] <Darklock> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owen_K._Garriott
[18:04:58] <Darklock> do not ask me why they shortened Kay to K. ;)
[18:05:20] * pupnik ponders working on exult again
[21:17:41] <pupnik> mmm coffee tastes better when it's not too strong
[21:38:27] * ParuNexus orders a exult coffee =P
[21:44:37] <pupnik> :/
[21:44:49] <pupnik> want to help make it faster on Nokia 770?
[21:44:58] <pupnik> it's too annoying to play right now
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[21:52:26] <ParuNexus> not that good at testing, sadly and no cell(assuming nokia 770 is a cell phone)
[21:53:17] <pupnik> no it's a little linux handheld computer
[21:53:40] <pupnik> very inexpensive now too :)
[21:54:13] <pupnik> i don't like games on phones - display too small
[21:54:19] <ParuNexus> don't realyl do much hand held electronics
[21:55:01] <pupnik> i understand
[21:55:10] <pupnik> for me the 770 has replaced my laptop most of the time
[21:55:11] <ParuNexus> aside from a ds i don't do hand held devices
[21:55:19] <pupnik> ah that seems to be very popular
[21:55:49] <ParuNexus> yeah so are mp3 players but i never needed one
[22:00:58] * pupnik heads to shrine of sacrifice
[22:05:07] <pupnik> oh and i really need to play the original more to learn how it ought to play
[22:05:41] <pupnik> i found a key under a bucket in the paws slaughterhouse, is it supposed to open his locked door?
[22:10:13] <pupnik> the moving items around code is slower than i want
[22:10:31] <pupnik> for e.g. picking up an item and moving it to the pack i only get about 5 fps or less
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