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[06:20:57] <KnightCaptain> Using the 2016-12-03 build my automatons are taking heat damage in Furnace. If they're immune to cold, shouldn't they be immune to heat too?
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[10:20:02] <Dominus> grrr.... when you start a game in --edit mode the "skip the intro scene" option should be turned off :(
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[11:41:51] <Dominus> Wjp, marzo, I think I wonder everytime when I use the --buildmap command, but shouldn't it stitch the maps together into one big map?
[11:43:07] <Dominus> And if it screenshots the ifix/ireg "regions" the numbering is off (not corresponding to the ifix number)
[11:44:24] <Dominus> And --buildmap 0 --mapnum 1 segfaulted at some point while --buildmap --mapnum 1 worked (with my recent mod's second map)
[12:25:34] <wjp> the reason for not doing that at the time was that image viewers had issues with images of such sizes
[12:25:54] <wjp> but machines have much more memory nowadays of course
[12:42:08] <Dominus> Wjp: so it is not supposed to stitch the pics to one big picture? My documentation is wrong ;)
[12:43:49] <Dominus> And funny that pcx is now an obscure format. Not every graphics program knows how to handle it anymore...
[12:59:01] <Dominus> wjp, could the buildmap feature be changed to use the same numbering as the u7ifix and u7ireg files? http://exult.sourceforge.net/studio.php#ifix_iregs
[12:59:31] <Dominus> these number from left to right and then go to next "line"
[13:00:31] <Dominus> while buildmap numbers from top to bottom and then moves to the right
[15:12:01] <Dominus> regarding map-editing, I may try to implement switching scaler via +/- when in map-edit mode. Quickly "zooming" in or out is a nice usability feature when doing that
[15:12:51] <Dominus> without checking whether display is ok but only in point (or interlaced/bilinear - though only point is really useful)
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[21:54:28] <wjp> Dominus: the filenames are set by snprintf(fn, 15, "u7map%x%x.pcx", x, y); in exult.cc