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[11:12:19] <Colourless> hi
[11:24:24] <Colourless> impressive:
[11:24:27] <Colourless> C:\UC\Exult\objs\objs.cc(395) : fatal error C1001: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR
[11:24:27] <Colourless> (compiler file 'msc1.cpp', line 1794)
[11:24:27] <Colourless> Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++
[11:24:27] <Colourless> Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information
[11:30:25] <Colourless> there's more as well :)
[11:30:30] <Colourless> C:\UC\Exult\usecode\ucsched.cc(74) : fatal error C1001: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR
[11:31:04] <Colourless> C:\UC\Exult\effects.cc(151) : fatal error C1001: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR
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[12:47:46] <wjp> hi
[12:48:05] <wjp> ooh, an internal compiler error. how nice :-)
[12:48:17] * wjp got one with gcc once. (in usecode.cc)
[12:48:42] <Colourless> :)
[12:49:41] <wjp> btw, have you seen my great dagger & magic boomerang? ;-)
[12:50:09] <Colourless> i haven't, yet... just finished compiling
[12:50:26] <wjp> oh, and the caddellite helmet of course
[12:52:24] <Colourless> not bad
[12:52:28] <Colourless> (helmet)
[12:52:48] <wjp> I liked my first try better, but then gimp crashed :-(
[12:52:54] <Colourless> i remember
[12:54:20] <wjp> oh, that reminds me, I should fix the plugin to catch that
[12:54:55] <Colourless> boomerang is nice
[12:55:51] <Colourless> great dagger is good also.
[12:55:56] <Colourless> Good work :)
[12:56:09] <wjp> thanks :-)
[12:57:04] <wjp> we need to move them from exult.flx, though
[12:57:14] <wjp> bg_paperdoll.flx?
[12:57:20] <Colourless> yeah
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[12:57:53] <wjp> hi Max
[12:57:59] <fingolfin> lo
[12:57:59] <Colourless> those internal compiler errors that I got with MSVC were actually the reason I stopped trying to get it to work that last time i tried
[12:58:00] <Colourless> hi
[12:58:07] <fingolfin> hrm
[12:58:15] <fingolfin> seems the script is not working properly
[12:58:35] <wjp> maybe it's because your nick is 'fingolfin' and not 'Fingolfin'?
[12:58:42] <fingolfin> eek
[12:58:45] <fingolfin> yes
[12:59:13] <fingolfin> brb
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[12:59:52] <fingolfin> hrm
[13:00:16] * fingolfin curses xchat, then thinks a bit and gets to the conclusion it is his fault propably anyway ;)
[13:00:40] <fingolfin> it does not remember the case it seems, hrm
[13:00:41] <wjp> did you change nickserv.pl to say 'fingolfin' ? (lowercase)
[13:01:01] <wjp> or you can change it to math case insensitive
[13:01:13] <fingolfin> no, I changed xchat to log me in as Fingolfin (upper case) but for some reasons, it forgets it alll the time
[13:01:35] <wjp> oh, s/math/match/
[13:02:05] <fingolfin> one last try, brb
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[13:02:36] <Fingolfin> strange...
[13:02:40] <Fingolfin> I will check nickserv.pl
[13:02:47] <wjp> did you load the script?
[13:03:17] <wjp> (is it listed under Scripts&Plugins->info->perl list?)
[13:04:08] <Fingolfin> yes, I already confirmed it is loaded
[13:04:15] <Fingolfin> and I changed my nick in it to Fingolfin
[13:04:20] <Fingolfin> but it gets not triggered, hrm
[13:04:44] <Fingolfin> hm, this is version 1.4.3 of xchat, could that be a problem
[13:04:51] <wjp> probably not
[13:05:07] <wjp> try unloading it and reloading again
[13:05:51] <Fingolfin> it is loaded, I reloaded it
[13:05:55] --- Fingolfin is now known as Test
[13:05:58] --- Test is now known as Fingolfin
[13:06:07] <Fingolfin> no triggering
[13:06:37] <wjp> no "--- identifying with nickserv..." string?
[13:06:54] <Fingolfin> can you give me the URL again? maybe something got broken when I dowloaded it on my mac and moved it here
[13:07:04] <wjp> www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/nickserv.pl
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[13:10:28] <Fingolfin\> no good typing me doing am ! ;)
[13:11:20] <wjp> :-)
[13:15:55] --- Fingolfin\ is now known as Fingolfin
[13:16:42] <Colourless> poor fingolfin :)
[13:17:32] <Fingolfin> it works now
[13:17:34] <Fingolfin> hi ryan
[13:17:50] <wjp> what was wrong?
[13:20:37] <Fingolfin> well, when I transfered the script initially here, it got an erreanours line break in the middle of a statment
[13:21:19] <Fingolfin> anyway, I made a DTD for the FAQ documents
[13:21:24] <wjp> perl is really sensitive to those things :-)
[13:21:27] <Fingolfin> and I also begun working on the Text FAQ XSL file
[13:21:31] <Fingolfin> hehe
[13:22:10] <Fingolfin> so my plan is to also make a "makefile", and upload & install it on the SourceForge server, togehter with Xalan/Xerces (XSL/XML parser)
[13:22:18] <Fingolfin> then we can all manage the FAQ there
[13:22:28] <Fingolfin> it also should be put into CVS maybe, hrm...
[13:22:57] <Fingolfin> the ideal case propable would be to have it all in CVS, and have a cron job at SF that regulary gets the current CVS of the source files, and builds the current FAQ ;)
[13:24:48] --- wjp is now known as wjp|away
[13:24:55] <wjp|away> I'm going to do some more homework
[13:25:03] <wjp|away> bbl
[13:34:58] <Fingolfin> I am going to go hom e now ;)
[13:35:05] <Fingolfin> bbl2
[13:35:05] <Colourless> ok
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[14:44:49] <Colourless> hmmm, why is there no topic set...
[14:45:03] <wjp|away> good question
[14:46:19] --- ChanServ has changed the topic to: Exult, the open source Ultima 7 and U7 part 2 engine
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[16:26:05] <Fingolfin> booo
[16:32:26] <Cless> arrggghh
[16:32:38] <Cless> hehe. a bit late wasn't i :)
[16:34:25] <Fingolfin> hi there
[16:34:29] <Fingolfin> ;)
[16:34:43] <Fingolfin> well, better late than never
[16:34:49] * Fingolfin is downloading emacs for MacOS right now
[16:35:02] <Fingolfin> actually, it just finished ;)
[16:35:15] <Cless> 'they' say that, but i don't know it's it's always worth it :)
[16:40:30] <wjp|away> time for me to go home too
[16:40:42] <wjp|away> bye
[16:40:43] <Cless> ok
[16:40:45] <Cless> cya
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[17:27:43] --> wjp has joined #exult
[17:28:10] <wjp> back, obviously :-)
[17:28:27] <Cless> no, you're not. it's only an illusion
[17:28:51] <wjp> hmm... that could be a problem
[17:29:03] <wjp> any idea how I can get back to my usual, corporeal self?
[17:29:16] <Cless> no
[17:29:18] <wjp> ;-)
[17:30:45] <wjp> I'm writing an email to Philip G about the paperdoll character art, btw
[17:30:54] <Cless> ok
[17:31:42] <Cless> I'm writing code that should fix the old Army of Darkness bug
[17:31:57] <wjp> the endless monsters one?
[17:32:05] <Cless> though, i'm betting it might break Jeff hack to get the Forge of Virtue Love test to work
[17:32:25] <wjp> oh right, that golem thing
[17:32:41] <Cless> yeah.
[17:33:03] <wjp> / Shp, fmale, bsh, bf, hds, hf, hh, ash, af, a2, as
[17:33:13] <wjp> ?
[17:33:23] <Cless> thats for characters
[17:33:38] <wjp> what's the 'b', 'hd', 'h', 'a' ?
[17:34:03] <Cless> it really should read
[17:34:42] <wjp> body, head, arms?
[17:34:43] <Cless> look in Paperdoll_gumps.h
[17:34:56] <Cless> it's all commetned
[17:35:23] <wjp> ah, ok, got it
[17:35:45] <Cless> notice that file is missing from what you wrote, i forgot to add it in
[17:36:23] <wjp> k
[17:37:10] <wjp> it looks like everything except the face is generic
[17:37:28] <Cless> yeah, that shouldn't matter
[17:37:41] <wjp> oh, btw, there's another problem with the gimp plugin I noticed last night
[17:37:57] <wjp> gimp doesn't really seem to support indexed images properly
[17:38:25] <wjp> it appears it stores colours by their RGB value, and thus gets confused when multiple palette entries have the same RGB
[17:38:44] <Cless> thats not good
[17:38:53] <wjp> which made it rather tricky to select the right colours for the palette-rotation
[17:39:12] <Cless> I've known other programs have similar issues
[17:39:30] <wjp> so I'm thinking about changing the in-game palette so that all colours are different
[17:40:03] <wjp> (white could be feffff, fffeff, fffffe, for example)
[17:40:22] <Cless> that would take a little while, would it not?
[17:40:34] <wjp> shouldn't be too hard
[17:40:53] <Cless> you could just write a program to detect the duplicated case
[17:40:54] <Cless> s
[17:40:55] <wjp> I'll probably write a small palette modifier program
[17:40:57] <wjp> right
[17:41:14] <Cless> :)
[17:41:39] <wjp> I think the only duplicate colours are in the rotating areas. (wouldn't make much sense otherwise)
[17:42:03] <Cless> you'd be surprised at what you will find :)
[17:42:18] <wjp> heh, true :-)
[17:42:26] <wjp> I could also implement it in the plugin
[17:42:58] <wjp> brb
[17:43:02] <Cless> k
[17:45:53] <wjp> b
[17:46:11] <Cless> wb :)
[17:46:21] <wjp> thx :-)
[17:48:43] <Cless> i'm writing my code to be "wrapped world aware"
[17:49:01] <wjp> ah, excellent
[17:50:02] <wjp> hmm... do you remember any magic cloaks from SI?
[17:50:33] <Cless> no
[17:50:47] <wjp> paperdol.vga sh. 71 seems to be one
[17:51:01] <Cless> yeah, i noticed. It's not used
[17:51:04] <wjp> must have not made it into the game
[17:51:07] <wjp> pity :-)
[17:51:36] <wjp> dinner's ready, bbl
[17:51:38] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:52:23] <Cless> however, i think that might be a mistake. there is an extra type of cloak (403) that appear to be a magic cloak, but doesn't use the magic cloak paperdoll shape
[17:52:51] <Cless> it uses the red cloak paperdoll shape (28)
[18:28:59] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[18:29:12] <wjp> hmm... I see
[18:29:33] <Cless> the only place you find one as far as I know is in one of the cheat spots
[18:29:43] <wjp> why is it called 'Batlin' ? :-)
[18:29:56] <Cless> huh?
[18:29:56] <wjp> must be using the BG text.flx :-)
[18:30:07] <wjp> (exult studio)
[18:30:11] <Cless> ah
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[18:40:47] --> wjp has joined #exult
[18:40:53] <wjp> well.. that was interesting
[18:41:10] <Cless> any idea
[18:41:21] <wjp> I go downstairs for 2 minutes, only to find that I had been disconnected and my machine had crashed
[18:41:45] <wjp> well, not really crashed, X just stopped responding
[18:49:38] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[18:49:54] <wjp> hi
[18:50:03] <Cless> hi
[18:50:42] <Fingolfin> lo
[18:51:12] <Fingolfin> Cless: maybe you should define a macro to change back your name and resend the identification to nickserv? ;)
[18:51:33] <Cless> yes, I could do that, but really, i don't care :)
[18:52:00] <Cless> or i could just do this
[18:52:03] --- Cless is now known as Colourless
[18:55:19] <Fingolfin> hmm
[18:55:24] <Fingolfin> reading about Windows XP
[18:55:40] <Fingolfin> somehow, a lot of what I read there reminds me of MacOS X ;)
[18:55:47] <Colourless> odd that
[18:55:50] <Colourless> ;-)
[18:55:55] <Colourless> especially for Microsoft
[18:56:06] <Fingolfin> yeah, really ;)
[18:57:04] <Fingolfin> woa!
[18:57:09] <Fingolfin> they force you to register!
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[19:12:45] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[19:14:58] <wjp> ok, I added a check if the image is indexed to the gimp plugin
[19:40:36] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Ping timeout for Fingolfin[p3EE22531.dip.t-dialin.net])
[19:57:01] <Colourless> lets see if this works :)
[20:09:54] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[20:47:21] <Colourless> hehe, nope. It crashed :)
[20:47:48] <wjp> what are you trying to do?
[20:48:22] <Colourless> check my fix for the army of darkness problem
[20:48:50] <wjp> ah
[20:52:42] <Colourless> i see why as well :)
[20:53:13] <Colourless> forgot the %c_num_shunks
[20:59:13] <Colourless> now i've got an infinite loop
[20:59:28] <wjp> :-(
[21:08:33] <Fingolfin> tsa
[21:08:38] <Fingolfin> inf loop -> bad
[21:12:57] <Colourless> i know the cause of that, now to fix it :)
[21:24:19] <Colourless> seems to work. The fix needs improving though
[21:25:05] --> Kirben has joined #exult
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[21:56:36] <Fingolfin> hrm
[21:56:42] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[ppp916.adelaide.on.net.au])
[21:56:42] <Fingolfin> I am somehow nervous...
[21:56:59] <Fingolfin> ...and now Ryan dies again, which amplifies my fears ;)
[21:57:15] <wjp> heh :-)
[21:58:14] <Fingolfin> Anyway, I write my CS exam tomorrow! starting 15:00
[21:58:20] <Fingolfin> I know I should know everything..
[21:58:38] <wjp> what's it about?
[21:58:48] <Fingolfin> and even if not - the exam is made such that if you get only 90 of 150 points, you still get a 1 / A
[21:58:57] <Fingolfin> it is about really basic stuff
[21:59:32] <Fingolfin> Java (evaluate expressions, data types etc.), Abstract Data Types (lists, stacks, trees etc.)
[21:59:43] <Fingolfin> also formal proofs :/
[21:59:47] <Fingolfin> but only a few
[21:59:55] <Fingolfin> functionals
[22:00:10] <Fingolfin> well, and a lot of other stuff, but all basics
[22:00:35] <Fingolfin> I mean, like questions about binary tree ("Is this tree balanced? What is the size? What are the leaves")
[22:00:43] <wjp> should be doable :-)
[22:01:03] <Fingolfin> so, the only thing that could be a problem is finding a loop invarient or so - but I could get a straight A w/o doing *any* of the formal proof stuff
[22:01:08] <Fingolfin> well, it should certainly be doable
[22:01:36] <Fingolfin> but somehow, I am still nervous, don't ask me why ;) I know it is silly. For other exams, OK, but this is really ridicolous simple
[22:01:42] <Fingolfin> still I am.....
[22:01:44] <Fingolfin> grrrrr
[22:01:50] <Fingolfin> anyway
[22:01:51] <wjp> :-)
[22:02:07] <Fingolfin> I struggle with my XSLT for the text FAQ :/
[22:02:16] <Fingolfin> it does not strip white spaces as I want it to :(
[22:02:32] <Fingolfin> guess I should get some example XSL files that do text output... all I saw so far only output HTML or XML
[22:02:52] <wjp> I see
[22:04:54] * wjp is writing a really inefficient program to 'unique-ify' a palette
[22:06:37] <wjp> worst-case O(n^3) with n = 256
[22:06:50] <wjp> average case O(n^2)
[22:07:02] <Fingolfin> hrm
[22:07:15] <Fingolfin> well, how often do you have to run it?
[22:07:36] <wjp> once for every palette I want to use in the plugin
[22:07:56] <wjp> (ie. almost never)
[22:10:40] <Fingolfin> then it is OK
[22:10:47] <Fingolfin> hey, I found a great FAQ to XSL, yippie ;)
[22:11:01] <wjp> excellent
[22:13:18] <wjp> on the other hand, I might incorporate it into the plugin itself someday
[22:13:58] <wjp> ah well, 16E6 operations isn't that much anymore :-)
[22:22:27] <Fingolfin> hehe
[22:22:35] <Fingolfin> ah, I think I found a solution to my problem!
[22:22:37] <Fingolfin> not nice, but shoudl work
[22:23:43] <Fingolfin> eeek
[22:23:45] <wjp> hmm... how do I generate a series of colour values that differ slightly from a given colour, ordered by increasing difference...
[22:24:11] <wjp> eeek?
[22:24:11] <Fingolfin> now I have another problem - how to insert breaks into lines that are longer than 80 chars?!? hrm
[22:24:17] <wjp> isn't there some kind of post-processor you can use?
[22:24:22] <Fingolfin> well, sure
[22:24:31] <Fingolfin> but it would be nice to have it integrated <g>
[22:24:34] <wjp> :-)
[22:24:43] <Fingolfin> but let's think about that later
[22:39:23] <wjp> hmmm... why isn't this stupid thing working?
[22:41:50] <wjp> ah, initializing variables will help :-)
[22:44:21] <Fingolfin> <g>
[22:46:42] <wjp> oh, this is one of those 6 bit/colour palettes
[22:46:57] * wjp replaces all 255's with 63's :-)
[22:48:33] <wjp> ok, that did it
[22:49:09] <Fingolfin> you are sloppy today, willem! ts ts ts ;)
[22:49:21] <wjp> yeah... I need some sleep :-)
[22:49:21] <Fingolfin> it already worked after only two changes, that is not good... err bad enough
[22:49:52] <Fingolfin> sleep...
[22:50:08] <Fingolfin> good idea maybe - after all I need to get up at 7 AM and write and exam at 3 PM
[22:50:14] <Fingolfin> so I better go to bed now ;)
[22:50:18] <Fingolfin> cya tomorrow or so
[22:50:23] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (42)
[22:50:24] <wjp> ok, bye, good luck
[22:50:29] <wjp> too late :-(
[23:11:13] <wjp> I should go to bed too
[23:11:15] <wjp> bye
[23:11:19] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)