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[15:57:57] <Fingolfin> yo
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[17:32:40] <wjp> hi
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[18:24:54] <Curiousis> anyone I can ask a silly Exult studio question?
[18:25:33] <wjp> hi
[18:25:33] <wjp> sure
[18:25:55] <Curiousis> How come missile eggs set southwest shoot south, eggs set south shoot southeast and eggs set southeast shoot south?
[18:26:07] <Curiousis> err southeast shoots east I mean
[18:26:18] <Curiousis> yet eggs set to north shoot north
[18:28:00] <wjp> well, um, because of a bug somewhere? :-)
[18:29:40] <Curiousis> thats what I figured, I put in a bug report
[18:30:16] * wjp wonders where direction is stored
[18:30:44] <wjp> ah, there
[18:33:03] <Curiousis> it surprised me the first time, I didn't know why my fireballs always went in the wrong direction
[18:34:14] <wjp> ok, let's see... 0 = north, 1 = northeast, 2 = east, 3 = southeast, etc...
[18:35:57] <wjp> now let's see what exult studio produces
[18:36:37] <wjp> hm, what's a sensible shapenum for a missile egg?
[18:37:39] <wjp> hm, yes, it produces a wrong value
[18:37:49] <Curiousis> 1 makes fireballs, 3 makes lightning, and 6 will make you arrows
[18:38:32] <wjp> it kind of uses the wrong image for a missile egg, doesn't it?
[18:38:41] <wjp> a 'u'?
[18:39:26] <wjp> hehe, there's no East in the selection box :-)
[18:40:10] <wjp> no wonder everything was off by one after east
[18:40:22] <Curiousis> yeah a u isn't very proper. Thats of course propably the root of the problem
[18:40:40] <Curiousis> I can't believe I didn't notice that, I just knew something was fishy
[18:41:13] <wjp> ok, fixed that
[18:41:19] <wjp> now let's see about a better image for missile eggs
[18:42:20] <Curiousis> maybe an arrow (using the graphic thats fired)
[18:42:44] <wjp> the chioces in this shape (275) are pretty limited
[18:42:50] <wjp> s/chio/choi/
[18:42:56] <wjp> guess we should look for another shape for this
[18:43:25] <wjp> how about 200?
[18:44:12] <Curiousis> thats works.
[18:45:09] <wjp> some of the missile traps in BG have frames from that one (the arrows)
[18:45:23] <Curiousis> ok
[18:45:30] <wjp> question is what to do with missile traps firing in SE/NE/NW/SW directions :-)
[18:45:53] <wjp> hm, our missile traps seem to be firing a bit rapidly
[18:46:22] <Curiousis> Yeah, but you can slow em' down. Another thing I noticed giving them a speed of 0 crashes Exult
[18:48:04] <Curiousis> i suppose you can make a whole bunch of crisscrossing angled traps to make interesting patterns.
[18:53:52] <wjp> hm, would you use frame 0 or 1 for 'party-member' missile eggs?
[18:54:47] <Curiousis> frame 1. It looks appropriate and will be easy to see
[18:56:29] <wjp> ok, done
[18:57:42] <Curiousis> what about a speed of 0 on missile traps crashing Exult?
[18:57:59] <wjp> probably a division by zero somewhere
[18:58:28] <Curiousis> sounds reasonable.
[18:59:23] <wjp> you mean the 'delay' field?
[18:59:50] <Curiousis> yes, it'd probably be good if you just made it so a delay of 0 was automatically changed to 1
[19:00:05] <wjp> hm, not a division by zero
[19:00:10] <wjp> it doesn't crash here, btw
[19:00:28] <wjp> it does go into an infinite loop
[19:00:46] <Curiousis> neither are particularily nice
[19:01:09] <wjp> yeah, but the former is a lot easier to debug :-)
[19:01:22] <Curiousis> true
[19:02:36] <wjp> is it me or is that delay of 1 'second' a lot shorter than 1 second?
[19:02:54] <Curiousis> it really is.
[19:03:22] <wjp> looks like tenths of a second
[19:04:31] <Curiousis> i would say so. for me it makes a steady stream of fire.
[19:04:38] <wjp> hm, I see...
[19:04:56] <wjp> after a missile egg fires, it just adds itself back to the queue at time 'now + delay'
[19:05:29] <Curiousis> that would do it.
[19:06:36] <wjp> I wonder if I should add a 'times 10' to that delay
[19:07:22] <Curiousis> you would have to try it and see what it looks like. x10 may be a little excessive. Maybe x4 or so
[19:07:56] <wjp> grr... why does probability default to 0?
[19:08:37] <wjp> and why don't I get hurt when I stand in a stream of fireballs?
[19:09:09] <Curiousis> I've noticed that fireballs just don't seem to hurt, but lighting and arrows do (go figure)
[19:09:21] <Curiousis> And probability default to 0 is kind of silly
[19:09:42] <wjp> hm, the fireball traps in despise do hurt me
[19:10:11] <wjp> ouch
[19:10:14] <wjp> try shape number 9 :-)
[19:10:16] <Curiousis> try different shape #s. I've noticed using some shape 3s fireballs hurt and some #s they don't. Go figure?
[19:10:30] <Curiousis> yeah, it romps ya
[19:10:54] <wjp> shape 1 apparently has very poor weapon statistics assigned to it
[19:11:08] <Curiousis> so thats it...
[19:11:47] <wjp> I wonder what shape 1 really means
[19:12:06] <Curiousis> beats me
[19:13:17] <Curiousis> I have another odd type Exult Studio question. How come some monsters such as trolls when placed using a monster spawning egg just stand around comatose, while a ethereal monster gived the same properties does what its told
[19:13:34] <Curiousis> or did I already ask you this another day?
[19:13:39] <wjp> no, you didn't
[19:13:41] <wjp> but I don't know
[19:15:26] <wjp> ah.. it's really simple (that shape number)
[19:15:33] <wjp> it's just a 'normal' shape number
[19:15:41] <wjp> shape 9 is named 'fireball'
[19:15:48] <wjp> right-click on that shape, and select info
[19:15:57] <wjp> then select the 'weapon' tab
[19:17:21] <Curiousis> err.. what shape # is the fireball again?
[19:17:31] <wjp> 9
[19:19:21] <Curiousis> O.K. I see now. cool
[19:19:32] <wjp> but I think some of the info is missing from the weapons tab
[19:19:43] <wjp> I don't see it select a shape number to fire anywhere
[19:19:53] <wjp> (i.e., the actual fireball shape you see when it triggers)
[19:20:42] <Curiousis> i was curious about that too
[19:26:40] <Curiousis> I was also wondering about the exult egg criteria option of "external" and "cached in" Do these involve having other outside factors cause an egg to spawn?
[19:27:01] <wjp> cached in occurs when the egg is loaded into memory
[19:27:30] <Curiousis> O.k.
[19:27:31] <wjp> you'll have to ask Colourless or DrCode for the specifics, but it roughly is when you get within a couple of screens of the egg
[19:28:34] <wjp> I think external means you can only trigger it manually from usecode or other eggs
[19:28:45] <wjp> (but I'm not all too sure)
[19:30:35] <Curiousis> I thought one of them meant triggiering from outside sources, but I wasn't sure.
[19:37:29] <Curiousis> thanks for your help, it was most appreciated
[19:37:49] <wjp> sure, no problem
[19:38:00] <wjp> thanks for the feedback and bug reports :-)
[19:38:57] <Curiousis> when it comes to makeing things crash, I'm an expert
[19:40:00] <Curiousis> actually theres one more thing that was kind of bothering me. How come the Exult egg menu defaults to such a small size?
[19:40:46] <Curiousis> Theres no way to tell of the existance of some of the egg options without manually extending the size of the egg menu
[19:41:04] <wjp> only on windows :/
[19:41:12] <wjp> there are scroll buttons there in linux
[19:41:58] <Curiousis> hmm.. it doesn't matter once you know they're there, but the first time I used the program it confused the bejeesers out of me
[19:42:33] <wjp> it just uses the default width gtk gives to the window based on the contents, I think
[19:44:13] <wjp> it isn't all that hard to make it larger, but it depends on the font size how big it should be
[19:44:52] <wjp> hm, I could make the tabs 'unscrollable', in which case it should automatically make the window larger
[19:45:26] <wjp> could you try if that fixes things in windows?
[19:46:00] <wjp> (open exult_studio.glade, find 'notebook1' in there, and change scrollable from True to False)
[19:46:30] <Curiousis> lemme see...
[19:48:11] <Curiousis> Yeah, that did it perfectly. That option should probably be defaulted to false
[19:49:41] <wjp> k, committed that
[19:58:10] <wjp> I have to go
[19:58:11] <wjp> bye
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