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[09:58:59] <Razimus> hey
[09:59:02] <Razimus> anyone here
[09:59:14] <Fl00der> hi
[09:59:33] <sbx> yo
[09:59:43] <sbx> you the UO guy?
[10:00:31] <Razimus> you the irc guy?
[10:00:35] <Razimus> heh...
[10:01:03] <sbx> nope
[10:01:11] <sbx> i just play one on tv
[10:01:12] <Razimus> well I'd probably rather play ultima 7 online but since it doesn't exist
[10:01:51] <Razimus> I was just lookin for the biggest ultima channel on irc
[10:02:07] <Razimus> this one is kinda big
[10:02:07] <sbx> hmm
[10:02:13] <sbx> mostly idlers
[10:02:36] <Razimus> well 2 non
[10:02:51] <Razimus> I noticed #ultima on efnet was taken over
[10:02:58] <sbx> ?
[10:02:59] <Razimus> probably years ago heheh
[10:03:58] <sbx> didn't know about it
[10:04:02] <sbx> you a dragon?
[10:04:09] <Fl00der> me neither
[10:04:39] <Razimus> me?
[10:04:46] <Fl00der> yes you
[10:05:01] <Razimus> I wish, on the chinese calendar I'm a ram
[10:05:18] <Razimus> slightly better than a goat
[10:05:38] <Razimus> heh... yea I'm a dragon Dr. Pepper Dragon
[10:05:39] <sbx> only slightly?
[10:05:58] <sbx> that sounds familiar
[10:06:08] <sbx> not to mention the fact that I'm drinking Dr. Pepper right now
[10:06:13] <Razimus> heh
[10:06:30] <sbx> did you contact wintermute?
[10:06:30] <Razimus> it wasn't too roleplayish so I changed to razimus
[10:06:39] <sbx> hehe
[10:06:47] <Razimus> yea I emailed him
[10:06:52] <sbx> did he reply?
[10:06:58] <sbx> that's what I meant
[10:07:00] <Razimus> just emailed him like 30mins ago
[10:07:11] <sbx> oy
[10:07:12] <sbx> k
[10:07:23] <Razimus> I invited him to gmail so when he sees spam isn't insane he'll check his mail more often hopefully
[10:08:12] <sbx> yep I use gmail too
[10:08:28] <sbx> you read his reply on the forum right?
[10:08:36] <Razimus> yea
[10:08:54] <sbx> well I never played UO
[10:09:01] <Razimus> some dude I saw said 'you realise his last post was over a year ago right??? and he replied heh funny
[10:09:34] <Razimus> well you missed out on gettin ripped 10$ a month
[10:10:11] <sbx> free shards any good?
[10:10:24] <Fl00der> most of them sucks
[10:10:32] <Fl00der> but there are good shards too
[10:10:34] <Razimus> the uo pre-alpha client project seems possible to me but not much interest at the moment
[10:10:34] <Fl00der> or was
[10:10:52] <Fl00der> buy WoW :)
[10:11:04] <Fl00der> it's good :)
[10:11:06] <sbx> I don't really have time to play MMORPGs.
[10:11:41] <Razimus> wow has annual fee, wait til guild wars, no monthly fee
[10:11:46] <sbx> maybe I'll play it a bit
[10:11:55] <sbx> anyone played Neocron?
[10:12:03] <Razimus> nope
[10:12:06] <Fl00der> Guild Wars is too much combat
[10:12:16] <Fl00der> i mean there is too much combat
[10:12:21] <Razimus> too much combat? what do you prefer?
[10:12:26] <Razimus> heh...
[10:12:30] <sbx> I always thought Warcraft was all about combat. But I've heard WoW is completely different.
[10:12:47] <Fl00der> I prefer, adventure and easy life
[10:12:51] <Razimus> dancing in the flower fields playing with the unicorns? pvp is the best part...
[10:13:00] <Fl00der> go fishing, make food, make potions
[10:13:07] <Fl00der> etc.
[10:13:15] <Razimus> is that in wow?
[10:13:18] <sbx> you can play Animal Crossing :)
[10:13:19] <Fl00der> yes
[10:13:23] <Fl00der> :P
[10:13:35] <sbx> ok, how about The Sims Online?
[10:13:37] <Razimus> I never bothered to care about it after quitting uo I decided no monthly fee game was worth playin...
[10:13:55] <Fl00der> WoW is like Runescape with better graphics
[10:14:09] <Razimus> guild wars is gonna be super huge... I believe it will blow away the competition
[10:14:19] <sbx> I prefer playing the easy life in mmorpgs too but I also like massive combat games like star wars battlefront
[10:14:40] <sbx> Runescape is a multiplayer game?
[10:14:45] <sbx> oh I'm thinking of Planescape :p
[10:15:06] <Fl00der> Free Mmorpg but also monthly free
[10:15:27] <Fl00der> you can pay for it and get extra goods but you can play it for free in small window
[10:15:30] <Fl00der> www.runescape.com
[10:15:48] <Fl00der> There are currently 32338 people playing!
[10:15:54] <Fl00der> much players round now there :)
[10:16:05] <Fl00der> around
[10:16:09] <sbx> thanks for the link
[10:16:12] <sbx> what happened to the u5-online game?
[10:16:13] <Fl00der> no problem
[10:16:19] <sbx> run by the guy that worked at origin
[10:16:28] <Fl00der> hmm
[10:16:33] <Fl00der> never heard from it
[10:16:35] <sbx> well it just had u5 graphics
[10:16:39] <Fl00der> I only heard from U6 online
[10:16:50] <sbx> U6O doesnt have enough players
[10:17:14] <sbx> I've got an updated WHO list on my XP desktop and it always says "Kalour (1, dead)"
[10:21:26] <Razimus> I've logged onto U60 a few times but nobody was there
[10:21:39] <Razimus> that Kalour is always there, like a bot or somethin
[10:23:19] <Razimus> I'm tryin to play runescape but it locked up the browser
[10:23:31] <Fl00der> huh?
[10:24:03] <Fl00der> do you have Java
[10:24:08] <Fl00der> it needs java
[10:24:20] <Fl00der> and you can only play it on browser
[10:24:38] <Fl00der> hmm...new servers since I last played it
[10:24:53] <Razimus> yea
[10:24:59] <Razimus> I tried diff shard it worx now
[10:25:10] <Fl00der> ok
[10:25:10] <Razimus> who doesn't have java heh
[10:26:03] <sbx> if you disabled it in opera
[10:29:47] <Fl00der> hrrrr
[10:29:48] <Fl00der> damn cold
[10:30:02] <Fl00der> -20.5'C
[10:30:32] <Fl00der> but sun is shining :)
[10:31:43] <Razimus> heh runescape is funny can it be played in a seperate window?
[10:32:26] <Fl00der> hmm...
[10:32:59] <Fl00der> well you can download it to your PC (runescape.exe) and when you run it, it's still like browser...
[10:33:11] <Razimus> the most advanced java game I've ever played
[10:33:17] <Fl00der> :)
[10:33:30] <Fl00der> it's good game
[10:34:15] <Fl00der> there are lot of cheaters around there. like in every MMORPG
[10:35:15] <Fl00der> well some cheaters, not a lot :P
[10:45:13] <sbx> they try to stop cheaters dont they?
[10:46:04] <Fl00der> well I mean by cheater that they say to newbie: Follow me, newbie: Ok, and then they kill newbie and stole he's goods :P
[10:46:15] <Fl00der> cheater just popped in my mind first :P
[10:46:34] <Fl00der> I don't know is there actually cheaters
[11:26:53] <Razimus> hey how do you close the quest scrollz
[11:27:34] <Razimus> nm I see the tiny close window text
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[11:58:46] <shazza> :o
[12:13:56] <sbx> :d
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