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[11:10:20] <marino> Hi, I just thought I'd tell you guys that the latest 1.5 snapshot is now available on FreeBSD
[11:10:48] <marino> http://www.freshports.org/games/exult
[11:11:27] <marino> There's no maintainer for the port - maybe somebody wants to be its caretaker. My update was probably a one-time thing.
[11:53:33] <Dominus> thanks marino
[11:53:49] <Dominus> did you need to patch anything?
[11:54:15] <Dominus> it's been a while since someone with bsd showed up ;)
[11:54:45] <marino> Dominus: no, it built without patches on both gcc47 and clang33
[11:54:57] <marino> and it supported DESTDIR out of the box
[11:55:38] <marino> all I could do is get the "missing data" screen though. I don't have a copy of U7
[11:55:58] <Dominus> he he
[11:56:31] <Dominus> what brought you to updating Exult then? out of curiosity...
[11:56:31] <marino> there's a "mod option + usecode compiler". I didn't know what that was good for
[11:56:36] <marino> (I can guess)
[11:56:57] <marino> I was a huge ultimata fan back in the day and I didn't want to see the port deleted
[11:57:07] <marino> it hasn't been building on the latest FreeBSD
[11:57:20] <marino> it also builds on DragonFly BSD btw
[11:57:34] <marino> 1.2 is in netbsd's pkgsrc
[11:57:40] <marino> with like 30 c++ patches
[11:57:42] <Dominus> usecode compiler is a tool which is needed to get our mods in working shape.
[11:58:06] <marino> Dominus: would a freebsd user need it? I guess if they want to develop they do
[11:58:24] <Dominus> but the mods can be downloaded from our download page, so no need to
[11:58:44] <marino> but the "mod" is a mod to the commercial data, right?
[11:58:48] <marino> it's not standalone
[11:58:54] <Dominus> i think just for using exult you don't need it
[11:58:56] <Dominus> yes
[11:59:11] <marino> okay, so it installs the base + exult studio
[11:59:18] <marino> the latter is an option, but it's on by default
[11:59:33] <marino> (so that it gets included in binary packages)
[11:59:45] <Dominus> sounds good
[12:00:18] <marino> but yeah, if somebody here likes BSD then they should care for the port and I'd coach
[12:00:34] <marino> I might even play if I ever get time, but I've never had time before so...
[12:00:53] <marino> The playstation2 I bought 9 years ago never got used. :)
[12:01:06] <Dominus> I think no one is using bsd anymore
[12:01:24] <marino> chicken and egg right? it only had 1.2 until today
[12:01:41] <marino> or do you mean, at all?
[12:02:38] <Dominus> afair wjp was using bsd back in abcient days
[12:03:05] <Dominus> the problem is also that we didn't have a full release since 1.2 ;(
[12:03:19] <marino> a release would help
[12:03:26] <Dominus> ;)
[12:03:39] <marino> even a newer RC would help
[12:03:41] <Dominus> definitely...
[12:03:44] <marino> (RC better than snapshot)
[12:04:08] <Dominus> it's just always something coming up that should be fixed...
[12:04:33] <marino> you mean it's never been bug free? :)
[12:04:34] <Dominus> bbl
[12:24:51] <Dominus> marino: never bug free but some bugs would be too embarassing to release with when you know about them ;)
[12:25:59] <Dominus> Marzo: which reminds me, the other night i nticed the difference in triggering the fireball/eyplosions traps and that they fire
[12:26:13] <Dominus> a greater distance than the original
[12:26:53] <Dominus> is this hardcoded in Exult or is trigger distance and length a trap setting?
[13:00:12] <wjp> Dominus: no, I've never really used *bsd much
[13:04:47] <marino> thankfully it builds nicely, at least on FreeBSD and DragonFly. It should on NetBSD as well (guessing)
[13:40:30] <Dominus> wjp, I could have sworn :)
[13:40:45] <Dominus> maybe it was darke, but... :)
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[13:59:21] <sh4rm4> marino, if you search a maintainer, talk to nemysis
[13:59:39] <sh4rm4> he can't get enough of ports
[14:02:24] <sh4rm4> btw Dominus what's needed to get the current svn release-ready ?
[14:03:00] <Dominus> what do you mean? packaging or bugs?
[14:03:09] <sh4rm4> generally
[14:03:21] <sh4rm4> is there a blocker bug ?
[14:04:41] <Dominus> kind of. I'm sure we talked about it before#
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[14:06:33] <marino> sh4rm4: how do you know him? (I know him)
[14:06:51] <sh4rm4> he packages one of my projects
[14:07:12] <marino> i don't really search for a maintainer, I'm just throwing it out there
[14:07:13] <sh4rm4> or maintains the bsd port
[14:07:27] <marino> which one?
[14:07:40] <sh4rm4> proxychains-ng
[14:08:21] <marino> k. is it polished?
[14:08:26] <sh4rm4> yup
[14:08:31] <marino> cool.
[14:09:00] <marino> nemysis doesn't have much standard, some of what he packages shouldn't be in the tree. :)
[14:09:12] <sh4rm4> heh
[14:09:16] <marino> glad to know your project isn't one of those
[14:17:13] <Dominus> sh4rm4: I'd like the sorting bug at the discipline altar be fixed, the trap toggle bug there, too
[14:17:40] <Dominus> and the new Filbercio bug which I can't reproduce...
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[14:18:10] <sh4rm4> ah i see
[14:18:17] <sh4rm4> i wasn't aware of those
[14:18:35] <Dominus> we talked a lot about them :)
[14:18:46] <sh4rm4> maybe when i was not around...
[14:19:08] <sh4rm4> i'm only informed about the automake bug
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[17:28:54] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus: My Oct 20 build couldn't reproduce the issue
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[21:55:46] <Dominus> Malignant_Manor: thanks, couldn't reproduce with current snapshot in Wine...I really wonder why it was happening for him a couple of times...
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