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[13:01:59] <sty_work> hi
[13:02:03] <Colourless> hi
[13:22:00] <sty_work> the windows version doesn't clean the video after playin' the intros
[13:23:11] <Colourless> they should do
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[13:31:17] <sty_work> ciao
[13:31:24] <Colourless> hi
[13:31:57] <Nadir> hi
[13:33:33] <Nadir> sty: some repaint issues in intros/menus were fixed in CVS last week by wjp
[13:33:55] <Nadir> there are problems with the BG intro at resolutions greater than 320x200
[13:35:40] <Nadir> I got the Jawbone !!!!!
[13:35:53] <Colourless> so, what did you do?
[13:36:12] <Nadir> Talked to everyone in Moonshade. I don't know what triggered things
[13:36:50] <Colourless> could have been talking to the Mage Lord
[13:37:14] <Nadir> maybe
[13:38:06] <Nadir> the Vision of Avatar/Petra on Monk's Isle is a bit wrong.
[13:38:49] <Nadir> shouldn't it be right against the wall ?
[13:39:18] <Colourless> yeah it should be
[13:39:32] <Nadir> It's also a bit too quick
[13:40:05] <Nadir> the vision appears in line with the altar, which i guess is two/three tiles off
[13:41:20] <sty_work> font position/type/color in SI plates are wrong
[13:41:30] <Nadir> sty: yeah, a bit
[13:42:05] <Colourless> put it on the sourceforge bug list
[13:43:43] <Nadir> actually the vision appears between the 1st and 2nd rows of seats
[13:43:56] <sty_work> ... put it on the ritz ... uh thcha thcha ..
[13:48:02] <sty_work> fire creatures in lava dungeonz also don't attack 'coz they can't run on lava
[13:49:39] <Nadir> where the hell are the mandrake roots around the swamp in Monk's Isle ?
[13:50:10] <sty_work> they 're all'around it
[13:50:16] <Colourless> they are spawned my usecode eggs
[13:50:22] <Nadir> can't see any...
[13:50:25] <Colourless> s/my/by
[13:50:33] <sty_work> not inside it (if my memory does'nt fail)
[13:50:40] <Nadir> col: aha !
[13:51:18] <Nadir> (sorry I'm used to X-Chat's name completion. My last message was meant for colourless.
[13:51:39] <Colourless> i think I knew you were talking to me
[13:51:50] * Colourless checks the name list
[13:51:58] <Colourless> only 1 col* name
[13:52:04] <Colourless> ;-)
[13:52:46] <Nadir> what types of eggs are they ?
[13:53:04] <Colourless> usecode eggs
[13:53:29] <sty_work> i confirm the missing cleanup after intro in the windows version only
[13:53:44] <sty_work> maybe a SDL porting bug
[13:53:54] <Colourless> shouldn't be
[13:54:23] <sty_work> checkout by yrself
[13:54:23] <Nadir> :) silly. I meant which type of usecode eggs ? proximity ? plot-driven ? time ?
[13:54:35] <Nadir> sty: what resolution are you running ?
[13:54:37] <Colourless> i will
[13:54:42] <sty_work> windowed 320x200
[13:54:47] <Colourless> BG?
[13:55:02] <Colourless> nadir: i've no idea, they are plot driven
[13:55:02] <sty_work> SI
[13:55:50] <Nadir> sty: what scaler are you using ?
[13:55:58] <sty_work> point
[13:56:02] <sty_work> (da best)
[13:56:07] <sty_work> :)
[13:56:27] <Nadir> sty: I just watched that under W2000. It was perfect
[13:57:17] <sty_work> aw f*** if i don't show you , you're not happy ....
[13:57:45] <Nadir> describe the problem EXACTLY
[13:59:50] <sty_work> this is the last CVS
[13:59:55] <sty_work> compiled with CYGWIN
[14:00:19] <Colourless> grab a screenshot
[14:00:56] <sty_work> w2000
[14:01:02] <Colourless> 126 KB! Use GIF or PNG next time
[14:01:35] <sty_work> JAWHOL my fuhrer! :)
[14:02:34] <Colourless> that's not our bug
[14:02:50] <sty_work> as i said, maybe SDL version bug
[14:03:16] <Nadir> try downloading Kirben's latest build and see if you can reproduce it with that
[14:03:34] <sty_work> ok
[14:04:55] <Colourless> what version of SDL are you using?
[14:06:34] <Colourless> You don't have Silver Seed!?!?
[14:06:50] <sty_work> SDL-devel-1.2.1-mingw32.tar.gz
[14:07:19] <sty_work> no , i don't have silver seed
[14:10:39] <Nadir> colourless: I decided to create some Mandrake roots using the shape browser, as I couldn't find any around the swamp (???). Fedabiblio tells me he wants them FRESH :)
[14:11:33] <Colourless> onlt the roots spawned by the usecode eggs will work
[14:11:47] <Nadir> Damn ! What have(n't) I done...
[14:16:39] <Nadir> If I toggle the eggs view, I see them around the swamp. Should dbl-click do anything ?
[14:17:26] <Colourless> doulble clicking usecode eggs doesn't always work
[14:17:32] <Nadir> in fact
[14:18:15] <Colourless> i've no idea what is required to get them to show
[14:18:28] <Nadir> damn damn damn
[14:18:43] <sty_work> still need an in-game debugger ???? :))))
[14:19:03] <Colourless> no
[14:19:35] <sty_work> maybe i'ts triggered when you ask fedab. about the notebook
[14:20:26] <Nadir> I have talked to him
[14:20:55] <Nadir> have you found the mandrake roots playing with exult ?
[14:21:06] <sty_work> yea, but maybe there's some intrinsic to implement
[14:21:22] <Colourless> it works
[14:21:30] <Colourless> not that I've done it
[14:21:42] <Colourless> other's have done it. WJP has a savegame with the roots
[14:22:00] <Colourless> he fixed spellbook creation with it
[14:23:50] <Colourless> i think you need to talk to one of the monks about it
[14:24:40] <sty_work> i've always find the mandrake without speaking with monks
[14:27:16] <Colourless> ok, the spawning is also time specific
[14:28:03] <Nadir> It is tide-related. A monk tells you about it.
[14:28:09] <Colourless> yeah
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[14:29:04] <wjp> hi
[14:29:08] <sty_work> ave
[14:29:08] <Colourless> i changed the time to 8 am, and they are there
[14:29:26] <Colourless> hi
[14:30:22] <wjp> mandrake roots?
[14:30:26] <Colourless> yeah
[14:30:49] <wjp> hmm, time-related... so that's it
[14:30:57] <Colourless> it probably would have been easier to just look at the usecode function
[14:32:58] <wjp> the usecode eggs call get_timer(0001)
[14:35:42] <wjp> looks like the condition for the roots is flag(0x26C) || get_timer(0001) > 5
[14:37:13] <Nadir> there is a monk who tells you about mandrake roots and even tells you what the right time to get them is. I just talked to him and used ctrl+t to skip ahead in time until he told me: go now !
[14:40:37] <Colourless> it stopped working after I loaded a saved game
[14:40:48] <wjp> do we save timers?
[14:40:53] <Colourless> probably nor
[14:41:04] <Colourless> like we don't save scheduled usecode
[14:41:41] <Colourless> no, they are saved
[14:44:37] <wjp> I wonder when flag 0x26C (620) is supposed to be set
[14:45:32] <wjp> ah, the conversation with the monk sets it
[14:45:46] <wjp> ("The tides are in convergence. If thou desirest....")
[14:47:50] <wjp> and timer 1 is only set in that conversation too
[14:47:57] <sty_work> i've always find the mandrake without speaking with monks
[14:48:04] <wjp> yeah, me too, IIRC
[14:48:49] <sty_work> i mean, in the original game
[14:49:01] <wjp> me too :-)
[14:49:11] <wjp> can you see the state of timers/flags in the original?
[14:49:20] <Colourless> nope
[14:49:22] <Colourless> doesn't let you
[14:49:38] <Colourless> the option is in the cheat menu, but it doesn't work
[14:49:42] <wjp> we can get flags from the savegames, right?
[14:50:07] <Colourless> i would think so, but don't ask me where
[14:50:28] <Colourless> the format isn't the same as exult
[14:50:57] <sty_work> wjp: don't you think that an in-game-breakpointable usecode debugger can be useful ?
[14:51:24] <wjp> sty_work: I guess it could. I wonder if it's worth the effort at this point, though
[14:52:04] <sty_work> thinking about an eventual generic RPG engine, it worths
[14:52:39] <wjp> I see
[14:53:18] <Colourless> the open source way: if you want it, you can do it ;-)
[14:54:41] <Nadir> sty: if you're willing to write one...
[14:54:55] <Nadir> I can't cast any spells...
[14:55:48] <wjp> what's wrong?
[14:57:09] <Nadir> I have the spellbook by Fedabiblio. I have black pearl and spider silk, but when I double click on Transcribe nothing happens...
[14:57:37] <wjp> I get a pointer
[14:58:20] <sty_work> is there somewhere a newer version of the filespecs by O.Marcoux ?
[14:58:56] <wjp> and now it suddenly stopped working...
[14:59:14] <wjp> sty_work: the specs for which file are you looking for?
[14:59:15] <Nadir> the one inside exult's CVS is more up to date
[15:01:02] <wjp> hey, Jeff didn't specify the reagents for some SI spells
[15:01:09] <Nadir> ah !
[15:01:22] <wjp> and he put the '0' entries in the wrong spots
[15:01:40] <wjp> you currently need bloodmoss & sulf. ash for transcribe :-)
[15:02:03] * wjp fixes that
[15:02:16] <Nadir> how many of those are wrong ?
[15:02:33] <wjp> 3 circles I think
[15:02:37] <wjp> (3, 4, 5)
[15:02:47] <wjp> he didn't do the ones not in the manual it seems
[15:03:52] <Colourless> hmmm, how are we to work out what spell needs what reagent?
[15:04:03] <Nadir> http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/4006/serpentpillars.txt
[15:04:06] <sty_work> by exclusion
[15:04:07] <Nadir> :)
[15:04:43] <sty_work> you take in the bag 1 piece of every reagent
[15:04:51] <sty_work> cast the spell
[15:04:58] <sty_work> and watch what's left in the bag
[15:05:37] <wjp> Nadir: that's a transcript of the manual
[15:06:05] <Nadir> transcribe is in the manual
[15:06:15] <wjp> yes, but that's not the problem
[15:06:33] <wjp> the problem was that Jeff appended zeroes at the end for every spell not in the manual
[15:06:41] <wjp> and not in the spot where they should be
[15:07:25] <wjp> in the case of the 4th circle everything from 'create soul prism' is one off
[15:07:42] <sty_work> "chill" also
[15:07:56] <wjp> and 'dispel field' and 'summon shade'
[15:08:16] <wjp> ok, I fixed the order now, but I still need the reagents for those 4 :/
[15:09:09] <sty_work> maybe the mage that gives ya the scroll, he teaches you what reagentz you require also
[15:09:24] <Colourless> hmm, you get chill from figidazzi, but you never talk to her about it, shamino gives it to you, but for the rest, i believe the npc who give you the spell will tell you the reagents required
[15:13:45] <wjp> found the reagents for soul prism in usecode...
[15:14:06] <Colourless> how?
[15:14:17] <wjp> grep for 'prism' :-)
[15:15:52] <wjp> dispel might be tricky too. don't you find that on someone's corpse?
[15:16:43] <Nadir> Frigidazzi sex scene hangs forever...
[15:17:20] <Colourless> yeah
[15:17:20] <wjp> found 'summon shade'...
[15:19:09] <Nadir> Plot stops here then ?
[15:19:21] <Colourless> i think so
[15:19:59] <wjp> Chill: garlic, ginseng, worm's heart, according to this site
[15:20:41] <Nadir> for a second there I read "Chilli" as a reagent. A bit of a HOT ingredient for such a cool spell :)
[15:20:55] <wjp> hehe :-)
[15:22:24] <wjp> Dispel field: pearl, garlic, silk, ash
[15:22:43] <wjp> now let's hope this site is correct :-)
[15:23:21] <Nadir> which site ?
[15:23:29] <wjp> http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:dp1WUgfYhLc:mikesrpgcenter.com/ultima7b/spells.html+Serpent+Isle+Reagents+spells+Chill&hl=en
[15:23:40] <wjp> (original site wasn't responding)
[15:23:59] <wjp> google's cache can be very useful :-)
[15:24:11] <Colourless> very
[15:27:12] <Nadir> colourless: I read on exultbot's logs that you were redoing the Gumps stuff
[15:27:19] <wjp> hmm, should I fix the consistently wrong spelling of reagents as 'reagants' ?
[15:27:55] <Nadir> s/reagants/reagents/ is a good idea
[15:28:09] <Colourless> nadir: a little bit
[15:28:56] <Nadir> while you're at it could you please move the coordinates of the "confirmation tick" inside each gump and not in that silly switch statement where it is now
[15:29:21] <Colourless> no ;-)
[15:29:34] <Nadir> please !
[15:30:14] <Nadir> pretty please
[15:30:19] <Nadir> pretty please with sugar on top
[15:30:31] <Colourless> that wasn't what I was doing
[15:30:33] * wjp is reminded of Monkey Island
[15:30:43] <Nadir> wjp: that was the idea :)
[15:31:21] <wjp> something with that talking head, right?
[15:31:36] <wjp> "how to get ahead in navigation" :-)
[15:32:35] <Colourless> 320 mb of ram... 230 used... why the hell is it doing disk paging
[15:33:14] <Nadir> wjp: I think it was the low-fiber pirates
[15:33:51] <wjp> hmm, it's been too long since I played those :/
[15:35:38] <wjp> committed.
[15:36:57] <Nadir> Actually it was Monkey Island 2, I think
[15:37:12] <-- sty_work has left IRC ()
[15:43:54] <Nadir> MI2... I should play that sometime
[15:44:57] <Nadir> we need a new forum (jackchaos is still dead). The problem with SF's one is that it needs registration. Where can we set one up...
[15:46:20] <wjp> good question
[15:47:20] <Nadir> maybe we can host it on our web space. I'm sure there a many open-source PHP forums out there we could use
[15:47:55] <wjp> we should really check the SF terms of service before doing something like that
[15:51:19] <Nadir> wjp: just skimmed through them, and it looks like there is nothing to stop us. The only problem I see is space
[15:54:16] <wjp> yeah
[15:54:21] <wjp> any idea how much we have?
[15:55:02] <Nadir> checking
[15:57:12] <Nadir> Each project hosted on SourceForge.net is given up to 100 MB of disk space for web content hosting.
[15:57:20] <Nadir> that should be enough ;)
[15:57:34] <Colourless> you'd hope
[15:57:36] <Nadir> we can also have a MySQL db
[15:58:10] <Nadir> Well, the jackchaos lot was a bit LOUD
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[16:12:15] <wjp> connection's back ;-)
[16:12:44] <Nadir> re:forums - we should ask Jeff if he thinks it's a good idea to host the forums on our website. We can then decide what software to use. Maybe Jeff is in touch with the owner of Jackchaos
[16:13:10] <wjp> he sent an email to him last week, but no reply yet, last I heard
[16:14:38] <wjp> "I emailed the Jackchaos webmaster, Spanky, 2 days ago, but he hasn't responded. But then, maybe his email is broken:-(" (from friday)
[16:15:17] <Nadir> ah. I'd prefer to have the forums "integrated" with our site anyway. Do we want a DB-based forum software or a file-based one ?
[16:15:59] <wjp> I'm for a DB one
[16:16:30] <Nadir> looked at that phorum thing ?
[16:16:38] <wjp> yeah
[16:17:16] <wjp> looks a lot like the board JC used (wrt functionality)
[16:19:08] <Nadir> jc used ultraboard (which is commercial perl-based software). I don't think SF would like that.
[16:20:17] * wjp nods
[16:20:31] <wjp> commercial as in 'costs money'? :-)
[16:20:36] <Nadir> yep.
[16:20:43] <wjp> bad idea :-)
[16:20:50] * Colourless finally figured out why MSVC was never catching access violations in exult... someone put in a general exception handler, that did nothing.
[16:21:22] <Nadir> SF kicked NASM from the website because their license was not recognized by OSI as Open/Free.
[16:21:35] <Nadir> who is to blame ?
[16:21:50] <Colourless> OSI
[16:22:17] <Colourless> i was actually reading about that yesterday
[16:24:01] <Nadir> I believe SF is right in using OSI as a way to determine Openness. If OSI screws it up it's not SF's fault.
[16:26:32] <Nadir> have you read the proposed "Democratic License" ?
[16:26:46] <Colourless> I haven't
[16:27:39] <Nadir> Good read.
[16:27:53] <Nadir> Colourless: what do you think about forum software ?
[16:28:57] <Colourless> look ok.
[16:28:57] <Colourless> looks ok
[16:28:57] <Nadir> When I say "Good read" it doesn't mean I agree with it.
[16:30:30] <Nadir> Basically every decision is voted for. Think if Exult was developed like that... it wouldn't be anywhere near where it is now.
[16:31:23] <Colourless> for some software that would work
[16:31:31] <Colourless> exult, definitely not
[16:32:59] <Nadir> I guess that would be ok for things like GCC. However GCC already has a steering committee that decides what goes in and what doesn't. It didn't require changes to the GPL...
[16:33:56] <Nadir> gotta go now. 'til tomorrow...
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[16:34:02] <Colourless> cya
[16:36:54] * Colourless thinks this is a problem: Usecode 0 not found.
[16:37:24] <wjp> it is?
[16:37:51] <Colourless> it occured in the middle of the figidazzi scene, which doesn't work
[16:37:59] <wjp> hmm
[16:39:25] * wjp is getting hungry
[16:39:30] <wjp> time for some dinner...
[16:39:32] <wjp> bbl
[16:39:38] <Colourless> cya
[16:39:39] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:21:23] <Colourless> found the problem
[17:21:50] <Colourless> at least, I found 1 problem
[17:36:55] <Colourless> Oh yeah. I got the Sex Scene to work. ;-)
[17:55:25] <wjp|dinner> hey, great! I guess that means the most important part of SI is done ;-)
[17:55:32] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[17:55:33] <Colourless> yep
[17:55:51] <wjp> what did you change?
[17:56:10] <Colourless> it was a problem with si_path_run_usecode
[17:56:35] <Colourless> the 4th parameter in the call was an array, when it was expected to be an int
[17:57:04] <wjp> array with one element?
[17:57:08] <Colourless> 2
[17:57:19] <Colourless> i'm writing an email so jeff can have a look
[17:57:36] <Colourless> 2nd element was 0
[18:11:59] <Colourless> we really need a separate Hack Mover and Map Editor mode. I only just realized that eggs are disabled in Map Editor mode
[18:14:38] <wjp> yeah, I guess we do
[18:17:30] <wjp> want me to do it?
[18:17:40] <Colourless> if you want
[18:17:54] <Colourless> i've got other things I should be doing (aka the stat bars)
[18:18:45] <wjp> map editor should imply hack mover, right?
[18:18:49] <Colourless> yeah
[18:24:15] <wjp> any preference for the key I bind it to?
[18:24:39] <Colourless> nope. I always use f2
[18:25:03] <wjp> that one's taken :-)
[18:25:19] <Colourless> oh ha ha
[18:25:43] <Colourless> you'll want to change line 483 of cheat_screen.cc
[18:26:22] <wjp> I do?
[18:26:32] <wjp> 503?
[18:26:54] <Colourless> yeah
[18:27:01] <Colourless> you want 503
[18:27:15] * Colourless wasnt paying much attention to what he was going
[18:27:16] <Colourless> doing
[18:27:26] <wjp> and 439
[18:27:46] <Colourless> yeah
[18:30:59] <wjp> so.... shift-H?
[18:31:45] <wjp> or use ctrl-alt-m?
[18:31:45] <Colourless> what else it bound to h?
[18:32:04] <wjp> h = help, ctrl-h = cheat help, ctrl-alt-h = heal
[18:32:39] <wjp> how about putting hack-mover back on ctrl-alt-m and using ctrl-alt-e for the editor?
[18:32:44] <Colourless> use alt-h
[18:35:02] <Colourless> is range 248-251 cycled?
[18:35:24] <wjp> not in exult
[18:35:41] <Colourless> it should be
[18:36:15] <Colourless> i noticed some more teleport pads that aren't cycled and they are using that range
[18:36:44] <wjp> what colours are in there?
[18:37:00] <Colourless> yellow and white
[18:37:38] <Colourless> and orange
[18:37:50] <wjp> yeah, that sounds familiar
[18:40:13] * wjp reads ChangeLog: LOL
[18:40:27] <Colourless> :)
[18:42:32] <wjp> committed.
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[19:28:07] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[19:28:16] <Colourless> hi
[19:28:25] <Fingolfin> hiya
[19:28:27] <Fingolfin> Figidazzi sex scene working? hmmmmmm ;)
[19:29:05] <Fingolfin> ryan: I hope your quote holds true: "That wont break anything." ;) but it looks fair enough
[19:30:34] <Colourless> it wont
[19:30:46] <Colourless> it wont break that is
[19:31:25] <Fingolfin> it wont break anything that did run in the past you mean. can you do a formal proof of that? ;)
[19:31:30] * Fingolfin likes to taunt ryan ;)
[19:32:52] <Colourless> formal proof... probably not
[19:33:42] <wjp> hi Max
[19:33:58] <Fingolfin> hi willem
[19:34:48] <wjp> brb
[19:37:08] <matt0> heheeehehe
[19:38:43] <Fingolfin> eeeeeek, a matt0!!!
[19:38:49] * Fingolfin ducks & covers
[19:41:53] * wjp glacial spike's matt0, and finishes him off with a volley of frozen orbs
[19:42:41] <wjp> Fingolfin: you can come out now ;-)
[19:43:01] <Fingolfin> thx
[19:43:04] <wjp> matt0: nothing personal ;-)
[19:43:10] * Fingolfin puts some full rejuvs into his belt
[19:43:22] * Fingolfin shapeshifts to his werewolf form and summons some dire wolves
[19:43:27] <Fingolfin> that is better now ;)
[19:43:39] <Fingolfin> let's kill ryan, err, baal ;)
[19:43:46] * wjp casts energy shield, just to be on the safe side
[19:44:36] <Colourless> grrr
[19:44:51] <Fingolfin> oh.uh, baal is angry
[19:44:54] <wjp> uh oh! we angered him! *casts Town Portal*
[19:44:59] <wjp> :-)
[19:44:59] * Fingolfin casts tp, too
[19:45:06] <Fingolfin> ;)
[19:45:07] <Colourless> you wont take me alive... oh, that half the point isn't it
[19:45:18] * wjp static fields Baal to 25%
[19:45:32] <wjp> hehe, yeah ;-)
[19:45:34] * Fingolfin fury-attacks baal
[19:45:56] * Fingolfin waits for baal to perform his usual self-clone-trick
[19:46:28] * wjp stands back, avoiding the lightning & fireballs, occasionally launching a frozen orb
[19:46:41] <Fingolfin> *whack slash hack*
[19:46:46] <wjp> wow, this is almost better than the real thing ;-)
[19:46:55] <Fingolfin> watch out for the tentacles!
[19:46:57] <Fingolfin> ;)
[19:47:11] <Fingolfin> hey, today he is not teleporting around ;)
[19:48:28] * Colourless think you have mistaken him for some other Baal
[19:48:47] <Fingolfin> ups, wait, that isn't baal!!!
[19:48:51] <wjp> Fingolfin: hmm, maybe we've been playing too much D2...
[19:48:55] <Fingolfin> hehehehe
[19:49:26] * Colourless doesn't play Diablo 2
[19:49:35] <Fingolfin> at least I am compiling SDL 1.2.1 for MacOS ATM (had 1.2.0 all the time), so I do something productive
[19:49:47] <Fingolfin> ryan: you save a lot of time & fun ;)
[19:49:56] <wjp> I just wrote a spline interpolating function... kind of productive too :-)
[19:50:23] <wjp> it works correctly for a spline through (1,1), (2,2), (3,3) and (4,4) ;-)
[19:50:38] <wjp> I think I should probably test some harder cases too :-)
[19:50:51] <Colourless> does it work with any other cases ;-)
[19:50:56] <Fingolfin> oohhh... why.... no other cases will occur in real world anyway ;)
[19:51:07] <wjp> hehe :-)
[19:51:41] <Colourless> to quote you: "can you do a formal proof of that?"
[19:51:45] <Colourless> :-)
[19:51:47] <Fingolfin> I was just asked by the author of gnuboy (Gameboy emu) if I could try a port to MacOS ... ;) ah well, a quick try won't hurt ;)
[19:51:51] <Fingolfin> ryan: sure
[19:51:58] <wjp> hmm, maybe I should write a spline displaying routine too... kind of hard to check non-trivial cases...
[19:52:19] <Fingolfin> ryan: we just need to keep the parameters at the fixed test input, then any other input will be overwritten ;)
[19:52:44] <Colourless> but that isn't exactly real world is it
[19:53:13] <wjp> 'real world' is what you define it to be ;-)
[19:53:25] * matt0 whirlwinds into wjp, killing him in one hit
[19:53:42] <wjp> grmbl
[19:53:42] <Colourless> i guess you could just say that you've got a 99% error margin
[19:53:46] <wjp> energy shield wore out...
[19:54:34] * Fingolfin backs of from matt0
[19:54:46] <wjp> Fingolfin: tp please?
[19:55:02] * Fingolfin use his charged ring to cast iron maiden on matt0
[19:55:06] * Fingolfin opens a tp for wjp
[19:55:19] <Fingolfin> wjp: freeze him to slow him
[19:55:20] * wjp casts energy shield and steps through
[19:55:34] * wjp launches a ton of blizzards on matt0
[19:55:38] * Fingolfin runs at matt0 and starts slashing at him in ultra-fast speed
[19:55:45] * Fingolfin 's armade of creatue does likewise
[19:59:20] <wjp> hmm, (1,1),(2,2),(3,2),(4,1) doesn't produce a smooth spline, but just a bunch of connecting line segments
[20:01:37] --> Copernica has joined #exult
[20:01:51] <Copernica> hello, i'm having a problem with the Test of Love in the FOV
[20:01:57] <wjp> hi
[20:02:06] <Colourless> hi
[20:02:06] <Copernica> i have placed the bucket directly to the south of the Stone of Castambre
[20:02:20] <Copernica> and i armed myself with the pick, entered combat mode, and struck the stone/tree
[20:02:24] <Copernica> however, the bucket didn't fill with blood
[20:02:37] <Colourless> you need to double click the pick
[20:02:37] <wjp> you don't have to enter combat mode
[20:02:45] <Colourless> then click the stone
[20:02:48] <Copernica> ah
[20:03:06] <Copernica> thank you. i thought perhaps it was a bug in the engine ;)
[20:03:18] <Copernica> however, PEBKAC ;)
[20:03:46] * wjp tries to figure that out
[20:03:52] <Copernica> i must say that i'm having a great time replaying u7 with exult. thanks for all the good work.
[20:04:08] <Copernica> PEBKAC = problem exists between keyboard and chair
[20:04:16] <wjp> hehe :-)
[20:04:34] <Colourless> :-)
[20:05:01] <Copernica> well, back to the Test :P
[20:06:39] <wjp> good luck :-)
[20:15:10] <chimera|wookin> no not the test of love!
[20:16:17] <Copernica> hrm
[20:16:24] <Copernica> where is that accursed lever
[20:16:40] <Copernica> isn't one of the companions supposed to say something about that?
[20:16:57] <chimera|wookin> which test is the one where the hood on the floor? is that the test of courage?
[20:17:06] <chimera|wookin> or truth
[20:17:09] <Copernica> truth
[20:17:23] <wjp> what lever?
[20:17:37] <Copernica> anyone remember the precise location of the lever you can pull to reveal the weapons room in the test of love?
[20:17:46] <Copernica> it's partially hidden by a stone or something.
[20:17:47] <wjp> right behind the stone of cassambre
[20:17:52] <chimera|wookin> did you understand what the deal was with that? It never made any sense to me ... how you were supposed to know there was a secret passageway near the hood.
[20:18:08] <chimera|wookin> Copernica: I remember a lever in skara brae to get the Death Scythe :)
[20:18:24] <Fingolfin> now *that* makes sense ;)
[20:18:46] <chimera|wookin> Fingolfin: what?
[20:18:49] <Copernica> yeah, i know of that one, too. near the crypt.
[20:20:34] <Copernica> hrm
[20:20:38] <Copernica> supposedly it's just north of the stone
[20:20:43] * Copernica goes to look again
[20:22:06] <Copernica> i'm just not seeing it. i remember doing it when i played through the game in dos.
[20:22:12] <Copernica> is it implemented in exult?
[20:22:24] <wjp> it's behind it, to the right side, IIRC
[20:22:29] <Copernica> hrm
[20:22:58] * wjp sees it
[20:23:32] <wjp> it's right next to the top 'blood vein'
[20:23:57] <wjp> and directly to the left of a small grey pebble
[20:24:06] <wjp> (there's only one visible pixel)
[20:24:27] <Fingolfin> heheh
[20:24:38] * Fingolfin reboots, brb
[20:24:41] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (42)
[20:26:53] <Copernica> heh
[20:27:12] <wjp> found it?
[20:28:15] <wjp> http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/exult002.png, marked by a red circle
[20:32:23] <Copernica> thanks
[20:32:27] <Copernica> i found it, yah
[20:32:44] <Copernica> the blood vein helped
[20:33:14] <Copernica> i'm kind of disappointed that the Death Scythe isn't cooler-looking with paperdolling ;)
[20:33:34] <wjp> we don't have any custom art for that one yet :/
[20:33:51] <wjp> feel free to take a shot at it, if you want ;-)
[20:33:55] <Copernica> what kind of art do you use?
[20:34:07] <Copernica> i'd be interested to give it a try
[20:34:07] <wjp> what do you mean?
[20:34:41] <Copernica> well, i suppose it's sort of an open-ended question, but how does paperdolling work with relation to armaments?
[20:34:43] --> Nadir has joined #exult
[20:35:02] <Copernica> i suppose it could be extended to anything, really, armor, jewelry, etc.
[20:35:06] <Nadir> hi
[20:35:18] <wjp> do you have SI?
[20:35:20] <Copernica> yes
[20:35:23] <wjp> I guess you do...
[20:35:34] <wjp> (since you have paperdolls in the first place :-) )
[20:35:41] * Copernica nods
[20:35:45] <wjp> anyway, if you go to SI's shape browser (ctrl-b)
[20:35:59] <Nadir> Colourless: thanks for the sex scene
[20:35:59] <chimera|wookin> mmmmm shape browser
[20:36:02] <wjp> and switch to paperdol.vga (a couple of 'v's)
[20:36:09] <Nadir> (I know that sounds a bit dodgy :)
[20:36:11] <Colourless> Nadir: no problem ;-)
[20:36:20] <wjp> Nadir: lol
[20:37:22] <Colourless> nadir: the fix only required 1 line to be changed
[20:37:42] <Colourless> of course, i spent over an hour staring at usecode output
[20:38:02] <chimera|wookin> anyone remember the gypsies in Ultima 6 near Paws who make sexual advances on you?
[20:38:20] <Nadir> Worldforge Acorn 0.4 is out !!!
[20:38:56] <Copernica> does the avatar get a chance to have sex in u8? he's bending all the other virtues. :P
[20:39:05] <Colourless> no he does not
[20:39:06] <Copernica> in u7, you get the bordello in buc's den.
[20:39:16] <Copernica> in si, you get what's-her-name, filbercio's mistress.
[20:39:20] <Copernica> and in u9, it's raven.
[20:39:30] <wjp> Copernica: don't forget Lucilla in SI :-)
[20:39:30] <Copernica> also the whore in buc's den :P
[20:39:42] <Copernica> Lucilla? which one was that?
[20:39:48] <Colourless> bar maid
[20:40:06] <Copernica> hrm, i don't remember her making any advances.
[20:40:15] <Colourless> she does
[20:40:16] <Copernica> isn't lucilla the one at the blue boar in britain in u7, too?
[20:41:00] <Colourless> if you are female, Brendann comes on to you in Monitor in SI
[20:41:21] <Colourless> Lucilla doesn't
[20:41:41] <wjp> Blue Boar in U7: Lucy & Jeanette
[20:41:43] <chimera|wookin> the avatar gets Raven in U9? hehe
[20:42:03] <Copernica> yeah
[20:42:12] <Colourless> i would argue he doesn't
[20:42:22] <Copernica> how so?
[20:42:26] <wjp> she gets him?
[20:42:30] <Copernica> haha
[20:42:45] * wjp rubs arms... ouch!
[20:42:55] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[20:43:03] <wjp> wb
[20:43:09] <Colourless> that just it, you have no idea what actually happens then
[20:43:12] <Fingolfin> thx
[20:43:14] <Fingolfin> hi tristan
[20:43:19] <Nadir> hi fingolfin
[20:43:23] <Colourless> wb
[20:43:40] <Copernica> bah, time to get ready for work
[20:43:51] <Copernica> thanks for all the help
[20:44:13] <Nadir> Colourless: how many other usecode functions used the intrinsic you fixed ?
[20:44:30] <Colourless> no idea, i didn't check
[20:45:55] <wjp> that functions is called _very_ often
[20:46:07] <wjp> s/functions/function/
[20:46:55] <wjp> 159 times, in fact
[20:47:08] <Nadir> Would that fix the somewhat odd behaviour at Fawn's trial ?
[20:47:12] <Colourless> that's quite a few
[20:47:21] <Colourless> no idea, it might
[20:47:23] <Nadir> Colourless: you're our hero !
[20:47:43] <Colourless> :)
[20:47:43] <wjp> but most calls probably use the already-working calling style
[20:50:03] <Colourless> probably
[20:50:36] <wjp> but the Avatar not opening doors sounds like it could very well be fixed by this
[20:50:55] <Colourless> how so?
[20:51:11] <wjp> well, that sounds like something for a path_run_usecode
[20:51:23] <Colourless> after the moonshade trial the avatar didn't open a door
[20:51:33] <Nadir> Colourless: I was just going to say that
[20:51:39] <wjp> even with the fix?
[20:51:53] <Colourless> well yeah, no way to get to the trial
[20:52:03] <wjp> right :-)
[20:54:32] <Nadir> I am now in Dungeon Freedom
[20:54:46] <Colourless> have fun.
[21:04:33] * wjp thinks his spline routine is working much better now
[21:06:40] <wjp> Fingolfin: do you have time to go kill Andariel tonight? ;-)
[21:07:17] <Fingolfin> wjp: hm, if we can do it quickly ;) but I didn't play anymore since our last game, so I am still at clvl 35 or so
[21:07:33] <wjp> I did a few levels last night (39 now)
[21:08:45] <Nadir> what are you two talking about ?
[21:08:51] <wjp> Diablo 2
[21:09:24] <Nadir> ah
[21:09:54] * wjp takes a quick peek at monster levels in acts 5 normal & act 1 nightmare
[21:11:12] * Nadir is downloading Acorn 0.4
[21:11:59] <wjp> Acorn 0.4?
[21:12:56] <wjp> Fingolfin: act 5 is 31-43, act 1 34-45
[21:14:14] <Fingolfin> hmmm
[21:14:50] <wjp> judging from that, it's probably to stay in act 5 until ~clvl43, and then rush through act1
[21:15:01] <wjp> 'probably best', that is
[21:15:26] <Nadir> wjp: http://www.worldforge.org/images/screenshots/vacantshop.jpg
[21:16:25] <wjp> looks pretty good
[21:16:34] <Colourless> needs shadows
[21:16:36] <wjp> UClient <- online?
[21:16:52] <Nadir> yep
[21:17:13] <wjp> Colourless: yeah, it does
[21:18:43] <Nadir> good graphics though
[21:18:43] <Colourless> looks kind of strange without them, the world doesn't really seem real
[21:19:09] <Colourless> other than that, yeah, graphics do look good
[21:19:32] <wjp> Fingolfin: act 2 NM starts at 45
[21:19:57] <Nadir> It did have shadows at some point. Maybe they were buggy and they disabled them temporarily
[21:20:15] <Fingolfin> wjp: ok
[21:20:23] <Fingolfin> so letīs play act 5, I like it more anyway ;)
[21:20:32] <wjp> better items ;-)
[21:20:36] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|Diablo2
[21:20:44] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> yeah
[21:20:48] <Nadir> Acorn is just a demo of what WorldForge will be like. Sort of a proof of concept
[21:20:48] <wjp> rebooting to windows...
[21:20:56] <wjp> see you later
[21:21:20] * wjp makes a note to check out worldforge tomorrow :-)
[21:21:25] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> hehe
[21:21:28] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[21:21:47] * Colourless thinks it time he left to go to bed
[21:22:03] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> ryan: how late is it over there?
[21:22:13] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> hmmm
[21:22:13] <Colourless> 6:51 am
[21:22:18] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> I think it is rather time to get up ;)
[21:22:23] <Nadir> :)
[21:23:06] <Colourless> well, i'll be off now
[21:23:08] <Colourless> cya
[21:23:14] <Nadir> good ... night
[21:23:21] <-- Colourless has left IRC ([6:52])
[21:23:55] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> heheh
[21:23:58] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> there he goes ;)
[21:24:13] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> luckily, I will write my exam on wednesday not on tuesday ;)
[21:24:44] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> woa
[21:24:55] <Fingolfin|Diablo2> d2 is surprising me, already *20* level 99 players :/
[21:28:55] <-- Fingolfin|Diablo2 has left IRC (playing Diablo 2)
[22:54:37] <-- Nadir has left IRC (Pleasant dreams, Avatar... hehehehehe)
[23:27:01] <-- chimera|wookin has left IRC (So many rubes in this world who need to be dealt with ... and I don't have time to do the dealing. http://www.rubecity.com)
[23:27:17] --> chimera|wookin has joined #exult