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[03:43:51] <ShadwChsr> hey :)
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[06:12:53] <ShadwChsr> anyone here?
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[08:50:43] <ShadwChsr> you here darke?
[08:56:01] <Darke> For particularly idle values of 'here', yes. *grin*
[09:06:36] <ShadwChsr> ;)
[09:06:46] <ShadwChsr> how do I define a loose function in a header file?
[09:06:53] <ShadwChsr> I THOUGHT i knew, but its spewing errors at me
[09:07:00] <ShadwChsr> bool fileExists(string filePath);
[09:07:02] <ShadwChsr> isn't that it?
[09:07:16] <ShadwChsr> and then do a bool fileExists(string filePath) { } in the source file?
[09:07:55] <Darke> What compiler are you using? And what version?
[09:08:07] <ShadwChsr> vc++6 SP 5
[09:08:30] * Darke urks and hunts for a VC++ coder. *grin*
[09:08:41] <ShadwChsr> says "syntax error: missing ';' before identifier 'fileExists'
[09:08:45] <Darke> Have you included the <string> header file?
[09:08:54] <ShadwChsr> *whistles innocently*
[09:08:57] <ShadwChsr> :)
[09:09:00] <Darke> `#include <string>` that is. *grin*
[09:09:05] * Darke snickers.
[09:09:35] <ShadwChsr> now it is, but still not workin ;)
[09:09:40] <ShadwChsr> The error is with the "bool"
[09:12:38] <ShadwChsr> I hate being a newbie
[09:12:39] <ShadwChsr> LOL
[09:12:55] <ShadwChsr> I was actually good at programming before I touched c++ ;)
[09:15:41] <Darke> bool? That's part of the language it shouldn't be complaining about it. *ponder*
[09:15:54] <ShadwChsr> i changed it to a char and it got past that error :P
[09:16:02] * Darke blinkblinks.
[09:16:25] <ShadwChsr> well, it gave me new errors to do with the fact code was trying to use it, but the fact it is a different error is kinda scary ;P
[09:17:07] <Darke> Curious.
[09:17:08] <ShadwChsr> now i changed it back to a bool, rebuilt, and now its telling me a class somewhere else is unhappy.. that was fine before
[09:17:16] <ShadwChsr> I think I'm missing a } somewhere important ;)
[09:17:24] <Darke> Sounds like it. *grin*
[09:18:03] <ShadwChsr> ahah
[09:18:11] <ShadwChsr> I ALWAYS forget to do that....
[09:18:22] <ShadwChsr> when I define a class in a header, i forget to put the ; after the }
[09:18:29] <ShadwChsr> as in
[09:18:29] <Darke> Semi colon at the end of a class declaration?
[09:18:30] <ShadwChsr> class whatever
[09:18:30] <ShadwChsr> {
[09:18:31] <ShadwChsr> };
[09:18:32] <ShadwChsr> :P
[09:18:36] <Darke> Yup. *grin*
[09:18:37] <ShadwChsr> grrr hehe
[09:19:09] <ShadwChsr> ok evil question #2
[09:19:16] <ShadwChsr> how do I do constants in a class? :)
[09:19:34] <ShadwChsr> static const char Something[] = {'a','b'}; doesn't work
[09:19:35] <ShadwChsr> :(
[09:19:44] <ShadwChsr> *kicks crappy non-standard compiler
[09:20:43] <Darke> Nah, that's the logical one. *grin* You need to declare the `static const char Something[];` in the class, and `static const char ClassName::Something[] = {'a','b'};` outside it, usually in the .cpp file.
[09:21:10] <ShadwChsr> Tried that :)
[09:21:40] <Darke> Maybe stick a 2 inside the []'s? Like [2]?
[09:21:55] <ShadwChsr> "FileIdent is not a member of ResourceFile"
[09:21:57] <ShadwChsr> even though it is
[09:22:18] <ShadwChsr> *sigh
[09:22:21] <ShadwChsr> time to go to bed
[09:22:24] <ShadwChsr> another stupid easy error
[09:22:30] * Darke ponders.
[09:22:31] <Darke> Night!
[09:22:37] <ShadwChsr> Its giving an error because fileident isn't a member of resource file
[09:22:46] <ShadwChsr> it's a member of ResourceFileHEADER
[09:22:47] <ShadwChsr> :)
[09:23:15] * Darke ahhs.
[09:23:36] <ShadwChsr> god I feel like an idiot ;)
[09:23:42] <ShadwChsr> always the easy ones you miss ;P
[09:23:52] <Darke> Yup!
[09:23:53] <ShadwChsr> you as in general, not you specifically ;)
[09:24:09] <Darke> 'You' in specific in this case. *grin*
[09:25:13] <ShadwChsr> woohoo 0 linker errors
[09:25:15] <ShadwChsr> ;)
[09:25:33] <ShadwChsr> Time to go to bed before I mess it up more ;)
[09:25:41] <ShadwChsr> thanks for your help!
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[12:25:08] * Jett sighs and apparently is a rather bouncy bu... err... panther. *tailswish*
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[12:55:54] <Niko-> hello
[12:56:08] <Niko-> anyone here?
[13:03:58] <Jett> 'ello.
[13:04:31] * Jett is somewhat here, as long as his net connection lasts anyway. *glares at modem*
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[13:04:55] <Niko-> have you received any bug reports about si, temple of ethicality?
[13:05:05] <Jett> Hi Colourless!
[13:05:08] <Colourless> hi
[13:05:10] <Jett> Not that I'm aware of.
[13:05:43] <Niko-> well im having somekinda problem there
[13:05:50] <Niko-> i supposed you have finished si?
[13:05:57] <Niko-> -d
[13:06:24] <Colourless> if you have submitted the bug, then it's in the 'system', we don't get notification though
[13:07:16] <Niko-> well i havent submitted anything. yet. i was hoping to get some answers here :o)
[13:08:57] <Niko-> so is it ok to ask here or will you get pissed or something?
[13:09:21] <Colourless> i would hope i wouldn't :-)
[13:09:29] <Niko-> heh
[13:09:40] <Niko-> well anyway
[13:10:07] <Niko-> in temple of ethicality, theres this test
[13:10:20] <Niko-> first you have to save a man from firefield and so on..
[13:10:50] <Niko-> and theres this batlin
[13:11:03] <Colourless> yep i remember it
[13:11:10] <Niko-> when i pop up into batlin room
[13:11:21] <Niko-> i lose about half of my health at first fireball
[13:11:33] <Niko-> or whatever he throws at me
[13:11:41] <Niko-> and then nothing
[13:12:14] <Niko-> i cant beath him, or he cant beat me. so im kinda stuck there :)
[13:12:31] <Colourless> hmm
[13:12:40] <Niko-> and i do not have god mode on..
[13:12:46] <Colourless> submit a bug report on sourceforge with a savegame
[13:13:06] <Colourless> you should just fight him, and you will eventually 'lose'
[13:13:15] <Niko-> yep i know
[13:13:26] <Colourless> he will ask a number of question and you must continue to fight
[13:13:38] <Niko-> i think losing should happen in 5 minutes? :)
[13:14:06] <Niko-> when i start fighting, he just keeps saying something, but he doesnt ask any questions
[13:14:44] <Colourless> hmm, something is possibly screwing up
[13:15:12] <Niko-> i heard somewhere that there are several points in the game where avatar could become immortal
[13:15:32] <Colourless> yeah your tournament flag gets set
[13:16:16] <Niko-> hmm what ? :)
[13:16:16] <Colourless> go into the cheat menu (F2), then NPC 0, then modify flags
[13:17:13] <Niko-> and there?
[13:17:46] <Colourless> you should see: [3] Tourna.
[13:17:46] <Niko-> tourna.y
[13:17:50] <Niko-> i suppose its that
[13:17:52] <Niko-> yes
[13:17:59] <Colourless> press '3'
[13:18:01] <Niko-> so thats somekinda god mode?
[13:18:07] <Colourless> yep
[13:18:28] <Niko-> heh you know what
[13:18:34] <Niko-> nothing happens when i press 3 =D
[13:18:53] <Colourless> it doesn't change?"
[13:19:28] <Niko-> yep, nothing happens, even 3 doesnt appear at the command line
[13:19:33] <Colourless> are you pressing numpad or keys alone the top?
[13:19:47] <Colourless> numpad wont work
[13:20:32] <Niko-> im using laptop so i dont really have numpad
[13:20:48] <Colourless> ah, ok then, we'll have to do it the 'hard' way
[13:20:58] <Niko-> sound intrestin
[13:21:00] <Niko-> g
[13:21:02] <Colourless> type in an '*'
[13:21:04] <Niko-> damn typos..
[13:21:13] <Niko-> in f2 menu?
[13:21:19] <Colourless> yeah
[13:21:29] <Colourless> under npc, flags
[13:22:01] <Colourless> you should then be asked for a flag number...
[13:22:13] <Niko-> first i have to find out how i can type * in the game..
[13:22:30] <Colourless> should be the 8 key on the top of the keyboard
[13:23:01] <Niko-> yes that was it
[13:23:16] <Niko-> now it asks for flag number
[13:23:28] <Colourless> ok, you now need to edit flag 29
[13:23:54] <Niko-> and unset flag?
[13:24:01] <Colourless> you should get some message saying it's the 'si_tournament' flag
[13:24:04] <Colourless> yes, unset it
[13:25:50] <Niko-> hmm
[13:26:06] <Niko-> is there some command for saving settings?
[13:26:12] <Colourless> it is automatic
[13:26:22] <Niko-> when i entered batlin room, flag was on again
[13:26:37] <Colourless> hmm, it might be intentionally setting the flag then
[13:27:16] <Niko-> well i disabled that flag again and im fighting batlin but nothing happens
[13:27:29] <Niko-> though half of health is gone
[13:27:34] <Colourless> can he hurt you at all?
[13:28:06] <Niko-> at the beginning yes, but not after first hit
[13:28:35] <Colourless> do you have any sort of armour on?
[13:28:40] <Niko-> nope
[13:28:53] <Niko-> just gold coins, bar and gem and backpack
[13:29:23] <Colourless> might be a screw up in the combat system.
[13:29:36] <Niko-> who knows
[13:29:42] <Colourless> try this. left click once on the batlin npc
[13:29:48] <Colourless> then go into the F2 menu
[13:29:54] <Colourless> go edit a npc
[13:30:04] <Colourless> but don't enter a number, just press Enter when it asks for one
[13:30:18] <Colourless> edit his stats and max them out to 31 for all
[13:31:23] <Niko-> hmm weird, he had only 1 hp
[13:31:57] <Niko-> nope doesnt work
[13:33:21] <Colourless> hmm, submit a bug report with a savegame, can't think of anything else
[13:34:37] <Niko-> heh do you want to give a try? :)
[13:34:50] <Niko-> if i send my savegame to you =D
[13:35:00] <Colourless> i don't even have exult compiled
[13:35:56] <Niko-> ah :)
[13:36:19] <Niko-> any idea if silver seed affects somehow?
[13:36:52] <Niko-> tournament flag goes on when i start fighting with batlin
[13:37:23] <Colourless> no, it shouldn't make any difference
[13:37:39] <Colourless> i doubt the tournament flag is causing the problem, since it just stops you from dying
[13:38:44] <Niko-> intresting is that my hp doesnt go any lower than 15
[13:40:49] <Niko-> should that savegame be before batlin or in that room where batlin is?
[13:41:21] <Colourless> both if possible, but just before would probably be best
[13:42:50] <Niko-> well ill attach savegame just before
[13:44:01] <Niko-> hmm
[13:44:06] <Niko-> maybe i should register somewhere.. ? :)
[13:44:34] <Niko-> new user via sll i suppose..
[13:44:44] <Colourless> that would be a good idea :-)
[13:46:34] <Niko-> damn this gprs connection is slow :)
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[13:53:29] <Niko-> well well im not getting my verification email from sourceforge
[13:55:31] <Niko-> is there any way to submit savegame if you dont have account?
[13:55:57] <Colourless> no there isn't
[13:56:50] <Niko-> umm how long it usually takes to get email from sourcef?
[13:57:14] <Colourless> shouldn't take very long at all
[14:02:43] <Niko-> ok now i got email
[14:07:46] <Niko-> should i assign bug to you ?
[14:12:21] <Colourless> no, leave it unasigned
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[16:35:35] <wjp> hi
[16:35:56] <Colourless> hi
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[16:54:24] <wjp> hm, that was one _fast_ netsplit
[16:55:14] <wjp> btw, tournament flag has to be set in that batlin/ethicality test
[16:55:32] <wjp> it's most likely caused by having a chance-to-hit of very near 0% with bare hands
[16:55:58] <Colourless> yeah, that was my second suspision, hense increasing batlins stats
[16:56:06] * wjp didn't read that far yet :-)
[16:56:49] <wjp> you have to register on SF to attach savegames?
[16:56:53] <wjp> since when?
[16:57:08] <Colourless> yes
[16:57:26] <Colourless> can't attach files unless you are registered and logged in, since always from what I know
[16:57:55] <wjp> you can't attach files to existing reports, but you should be able to attach to new ones
[16:58:11] <wjp> at least you used to be able to
[16:58:18] <wjp> haven't checked in a few months
[17:00:05] <Colourless> when did we have so many bugs on the exult bug list?
[17:00:13] <wjp> oh, you noticed? :-)
[17:00:24] <wjp> I've been scared to look :-)
[17:00:34] <wjp> s/been/been too/
[17:00:47] <Colourless> we hit version 1 and get a billion bug reports, that we would have been expecting to get while we were in alpha and beta
[17:01:02] <wjp> nice, isn't it? :-)
[17:01:30] <Colourless> yeah, just great
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[17:01:52] <wjp> hm, "spellcasting as a weapon" <- done in CVS, right?
[17:01:53] <wjp> hi
[17:01:53] <Cryptstoned> hmm
[17:01:56] <Cryptstoned> exult 0wnz
[17:02:12] <wjp> thanks, I think :-)
[17:02:23] * wjp is never too sure about all that 1337-stuff
[17:02:24] <Colourless> wjp: yes in 1.1 it should work
[17:02:38] * Colourless doing the wjp humble thing: yes we know it owns
[17:02:59] <wjp> is 'owning' good? :-)
[17:03:13] <Colourless> oh of course
[17:03:21] <Colourless> you want to be doing the owning
[17:03:30] <Colourless> and you do not want to be owned :-)
[17:03:39] <wjp> makes sense :-)
[17:03:42] <wjp> Cryptstoned: thanks :-)
[17:04:25] <Colourless> "1 0wn j00 a55 b107c4" is an example of a generic l33t insult :-)
[17:04:41] <Colourless> s/j00/j00r/
[17:04:56] <wjp> parse error in 'b107c4' :-)
[17:05:00] <Colourless> yep, you can upload a file without being logged in
[17:05:27] <Colourless> biotch = bitch
[17:08:07] <Cryptstoned> hmm
[17:08:12] <Cryptstoned> when i say own
[17:08:20] <Cryptstoned> i mean it in the best possible way...
[17:09:03] <wjp> Colourless: want that 'visible tiles outside dungeon' bug?
[17:09:13] <wjp> I seem to remember we already knew about it, though
[17:09:45] <Colourless> yes, assign it to me, so i can have the pleasure of resolving it as 'invalid' if my current assumption about it is correct
[17:09:45] <wjp> http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/cave.png
[17:10:11] <wjp> that .png has been there for quite a long time, it seems :-)
[17:10:51] <Colourless> yeah it's been there a while.
[17:11:11] <Colourless> you never manage to explain why the screen was offset like that though
[17:11:30] <Colourless> the problem can't actually be fixed
[17:11:34] <wjp> hm, yes, it isn't exactly centered, is it?
[17:11:44] <wjp> of course it's too long ago to remember why now :-)
[17:12:36] <Colourless> it's always a good thing when we get the same 'bugs' as the original did. i even checked the original to make sure that it produced the squares too, and it very much did
[17:20:01] <wjp> I kind of expected that :-)
[17:26:59] <wjp> Colourless: did you see the 'crash after char. creation' bug?
[17:27:14] <wjp> it was apparently sfx-conversion related
[17:27:38] <Colourless> no i haven't seen it, and it really makes no sense
[17:28:17] <Colourless> the thing about sfx conversion is, it's part of an unsupported aspect of exult (midi sfx)
[17:29:05] <wjp> so would it cause any crashes when it was set without that being compiled in, maybe?
[17:29:24] <Colourless> i can not see any reason why it would
[17:35:15] <wjp> ooooh, a reproducable crash
[17:35:22] <wjp> (SI alternate intro in 1.1.x)
[17:36:56] <wjp> hm
[17:37:01] <wjp> set_palette(0) looks kind of wrong
[17:37:10] <wjp> 'void set_palette (unsigned char palnew[768]);'
[17:37:23] <Colourless> hmm, no it shouldn't be doing that
[17:37:32] <wjp> set(0) seems more likely
[17:37:38] <Colourless> it's trying to set the game palette 0
[17:37:58] <wjp> set_palette should maybe be private
[17:38:50] <wjp> hm, merge conflicts
[18:00:44] <Colourless> i think i'll go now
[18:00:47] <Colourless> cyq
[18:00:48] <Colourless> cya
[18:00:50] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts invisibility")
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[18:40:47] <Curryous> hello
[18:44:02] <wjp> hi
[18:45:07] <Curryous> Wow, updates to pentagram. Scary!
[18:47:01] <wjp> yes, it is, isn't it? :-)
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[19:43:39] <phxl> hi hi
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[22:44:06] --> ILOE has joined #exult
[22:44:29] <ILOE> anybody know how to open .flx files?
[23:07:41] <ILOE> allo?
[23:12:30] <matto|wookin> no... no I don't
[23:14:49] <ILOE> yeah particularly the ultima ix ones
[23:17:32] <ILOE> know anyone who does?
[23:17:38] <ILOE> erm, might
[23:18:51] <ILOE> well if anyone knows, please e-mail lostlyre@hotmail.com
[23:18:58] <ILOE> thx
[23:19:04] <-- ILOE has left IRC ()