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[04:49:30] <servus> Darke2: There are an *awful lot* of chewed-up bodies in places that only some creepy-crawly thing could have dragged them, but there just wasn't enough supernatural stuff going on to justify it (I'm at Interval 6)
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[07:57:23] <servus> BAASTUUL, THIS IS GOD. I HAVE AN ECHO MACHINE. FEAR ME-me-me-m-m-me...
[08:05:52] * servus hoof-hoof-hoofs around in tiny circles before laying down for bed
[10:02:21] <Darke2> servus: I found FEAR got better around then, it's mix of combat and 'fear' properly balanced and it's suspense sequences better timed. Around there were the only two times I was properly scared/shocked in the entire game, and neither of them were after a particularly long suspense sequence (only, like 30 seconds into one?).
[10:02:52] <servus> What's with the ninjas? I don't think we NEED ninjas. We need ghosts and zombies! Less ninja, more zombie!
[10:04:41] <Darke2> Heh. Most of the reviews were complaining about the fact the ninja dudes weren't used more often. I was glad they weren't, because after the third of fourth I already had "how to easily kill them with minimal/no damage" down to an artform. If they used them too often it'd just be boring. *grin*
[10:04:52] <Darke2> s/of/or/
[10:04:54] <servus> The game is way too easy
[10:05:03] <servus> I'm playing on the hardest mode, and always have 10 medkits and 150 health...
[10:05:17] <servus> Another peeve: Melee is absolutely useless (except against ninjas)
[10:06:01] <Darke2> Oh, it gets harder later. I played on normal I think, and I had health issues and deaths happen a few times in the later areas. But I never dropped below around 5-6 medkits.
[10:06:14] * Darke2 nods. Melee seems almost worthless. You never have problems with ammo anyway.
[10:06:42] <servus> Yeah. Medkits are too plentiful; I usually have to leave them on the table...
[10:07:18] <servus> One annoying thing: No one dies with a headshot - not even unarmoured humans, when I'm using what appears to be a 150 millimeter round *grin*
[10:07:20] <Darke2> Apparently you can stand still for a bit when you're below a certain health level and you'll heal back up to 100 but I never used it.
[10:07:25] <Darke2> Heh.
[10:07:32] <servus> The "Penetrator".
[10:07:45] <servus> I didn't realize that I could drop my pistols for another rifle until interval 6...
[10:07:58] <Darke2> There's a plasma railgun type thing later that'll kill in one hit. *grin*
[10:08:04] <servus> You RUINED it!
[10:08:14] <Darke2> Bah! *grin*
[10:08:28] <servus> This is just like when my brother told me there was an electric lightning gun in Wolfenstein 3D
[10:08:40] <servus> There turned out to actually be one in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and I wasn't even surprised.
[10:09:09] * Darke2 used pistols, a penetrator and a shotgun until he located his first rocket launcher then swapped to primarly using a shotgun. Boy is that mean.
[10:09:47] <servus> Yeah... I used pistols for the first two intervals, but it's too weak on the hardest mode... headshots should be headshots should be headshots.
[10:09:48] <Darke2> I found the rapid shot weapons lower then the penetrator to be useless, they were so inaccurate.
[10:10:05] <servus> I use the G2A2 a lot...
[10:10:22] <Darke2> Which one was that one? The one that could be zoomed in like a sniper rifle?
[10:10:52] <servus> No. The G2A2 was the second rifle you get in the game, after the useless MP5-clone submachine gun
[10:11:28] <servus> The one with a scope is called the "ASP Rifle", and is fairly weak, but more importantly impossible to find ammo for, and thus a waste of a slot
[10:11:40] <servus> The game really does not require a scope...
[10:11:40] <Darke2> Ah. The one a step below the penetrator then, essentially?
[10:11:43] <servus> Yes
[10:12:51] <servus> Anyway, the game is too easy. I'm not sure what they could do to make it more challenging, but they should have a hard mode. The enemies don't even react in slo-mo mode!
[10:14:17] <servus> I'm still peeved that Gamespot strongly implied that there was coop play! When can we get a single-player-coop-mode game? Surely it cannot be *that* difficult. Grr!
[10:15:08] <servus> Shall we Deathmatch sometime later, Bunny? : o)
[10:19:32] * servus sticks the bunny's ears to the wall with two large shiny metal rods that seem far larger than the rifle barrel they came out of, and nods off to sleep *yawn*
[10:20:15] <servus> http://dickhunt.ytmnd.com/ LOL! (Despite the name, it's work-safe)
[10:20:56] <servus> OK, really now, night, no, really, yeah, *zzz*
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[10:32:23] <Darke2> servus: Given they hacked single-player-coop onto the end of System Shock 2 as a patch I don't see how it could be too difficult. Then again, Shock didn't have the cutscene trigger things happening, that could stuff things up.
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[16:34:23] <servus> Darke2: If a crappy Half-Life 2 mod made in days can provide rudimentary coop, and another mod can give Half-Life 1 (pretty decent now!) coop, then it's obvious that developers just don't give a whit, for whatever reason. A pity! Well, I must be off, bon voyage a moi!
[16:35:32] <SB-X> It was a similiar situation for Doom 3.
[16:35:41] <SB-X> bye
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