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[00:42:35] <KnightCaptain> @Dominus, I think I figured out how to do the Skullcrusher automations. The function for their eggs object#(0x6B9) seems to have an error it in. I'm not sure what, but it seems if I swap it out via new Usecode I can cause those eggs to "wake them up".
[00:42:55] <KnightCaptain> Is there a way to tell how many times such an egg is used on the map?
[00:58:15] <KnightCaptain> Also, it looks like the IDENT function for NPCs is used by Johnson (265). When you start a new game, he should be IDENT 15 and then after you finish hearing his one-sided conversation he becomes a 16. Then if you try to talk to him again, his speech is different. It seems to be part of the Pikeman shape.
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[05:09:50] <KnightCaptain> What's the right way to make an NPC attack? This doesn't seem to work:
[05:09:52] <KnightCaptain> GUARD21->set_oppressor(AVATAR);
[05:09:53] <KnightCaptain> GUARD21->set_schedule_type(IN_COMBAT);
[05:23:58] <KnightCaptain> Looks like you need to also GUARD21->set_alignment(EVIL);
[06:02:21] <KnightCaptain> This won't work: if ((npcNearbyAndVisible(GUARD17)) && (!GUARD17->get_schedule_type(WAIT)))
[06:03:41] <KnightCaptain> Yet this does: if ((npcNearbyAndVisible(GUARD17)) && (GUARD17->get_schedule_type(!WAIT)))
[06:04:09] <KnightCaptain> Weird, most get_ commands use the ! before the NPC.
[06:22:39] <KnightCaptain> And it appears you cannot set the alignment for automations to Good via set_alignment. Only adding them to the party works. :(
[07:01:23] <KnightCaptain> And GUARD21->set_oppressor(AVATAR); is not working. :(
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[15:52:30] <Dominus> hmm, I just took a look into how to recognize the official localized games.
[15:53:10] <Dominus> they only have their names in MAINSHP.FLX
[15:58:27] <Dominus> I wonder if I can just "plug" that in when we select the exultmsg.txt file to use the loacalized one if string found pforte/puerta/porte/isla in there
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[17:33:56] <KnightCaptain> Marzo, Dominus, I was able to bring the Skullcrusher automatons to life by fixing their eggs and NPC code. Can you pull from this branch? https://github.com/KnightCaptain/exult/tree/Skullcrusher-Automatons
[17:34:26] <KnightCaptain> I didn't want to put it in my master so as to not complicate the existing pull request further.
[18:24:19] <Dominus> :)
[18:24:54] <Dominus> so you needed to touch the egg on the map or is there usecode attached to it that you could adapt?
[18:28:05] * Dominus thinks he needs to "plug" that language check in modmgr so to display another bunch of information in our stdout... (language English/Spanish/French/German)
[18:30:10] * Dominus looks at KnightCaptain's code and sees no map change :)
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[19:06:18] <KnightCaptain> There is usecode attached so no map edit is required. =)
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[19:15:50] <Dominus> great work!
[19:16:25] <Dominus> I appreciate that you are fixing SI in all these places... makes you realize what has been going wrong there...
[19:31:07] <KnightCaptain> It's pretty amazing to "Help" it along.
[19:31:24] <KnightCaptain> Thanks sir!
[19:31:58] <KnightCaptain> MM's cloak check seems to work pretty well. I'm adapting it for one of the other Gwani where it doesn't work either.
[19:32:40] <KnightCaptain> Hopefully by doing the Skullcrusher guys as a different branch it will make it easier for Marzo to check. I probably still use more comments than he'd like though.
[19:34:39] <KnightCaptain> I was looking at Crowley's post about making Gorn join in BG, and I realized how much more work that would be since there's not a well-maintained equivalent to SIfixes for BG.
[20:39:43] <KnightCaptain> Thanks to Malignant Manor's fix for Bwundiai, I was able to copy it into a file for Mwaerno as well since that cloak check is also broken. This also allows Mwaerno to be MET as well as some minor spelling corrections and notes.
[20:39:43] <KnightCaptain> https://github.com/KnightCaptain/exult/tree/Gwani-Cloak-Checks
[20:50:33] <Dominus> Did you expand on it? Because Malignant mentioned other stuff would trigger the check as well with his quick version
[21:15:17] <KnightCaptain> Not on the checks themselves, no. He looks for the Cloak shape, Gwani frame, and Pelt Shape, Gwani frame.
[21:15:56] <KnightCaptain> What MM's notes state is he left in the "incorrect" checks for the Pelt shape, Leopard Rug and a water tile.
[21:17:20] <KnightCaptain> Removing/replacing the checks for those would require re-writing the entire STARTED_TALKING section, so it was easier under Bwundiai's code to just leave them and the conversation.
[21:18:26] <KnightCaptain> Since my code for Mwaerno includes the full conversation under STARTED_TALKING I don't believe the invalid checks will remain, although I didn't specifically test it.
[21:19:50] <KnightCaptain> From checking out Bwundiai's original code starting at line: void Func0490 object#(0x490) ()
[21:21:32] <KnightCaptain> It looks like the conversation there is pretty short too. I could re-write it since it's short, but the likelihood anyone is going to be carrying the right leopard rug shape and run into this is pretty small.
[21:28:29] <KnightCaptain> Comments on the includes in usecode.uc have been updated.
[22:06:50] <KnightCaptain> @Dominus, I am running into your issue with Bwundiai endlessly talking in the unmodded game.
[22:08:01] <KnightCaptain> Recreate -> New Game -> Use editor to give Leopard Rug head-down shape -> Pickup rug -> teleport near first Gwani cave -> Endless talk from B.
[22:08:19] <Dominus> Ha!!!
[22:08:26] <Dominus> ;(
[22:08:40] <KnightCaptain> Also, I'm testing the new convo code now. :)
[22:09:19] <KnightCaptain> B is an unusual NPC because he has talk in his schedule.
[22:09:37] <Dominus> I started a new game, teleported to the ice cave with the ghost and dead trapper, grabbed a gwanni cloak from there, teleported to B and was hit by it...
[22:10:10] <Dominus> Thanks for explaining the check issue MM mentioned. I misunderstood that
[22:10:38] <KnightCaptain> What I've found is once you've talked to him once without the offending check, he goes to Shy and has a schedule.
[22:11:05] <KnightCaptain> So I guess this was Origin's way to make sure he was the first one you met, so you'd know to take off the Gwani cloak before talking to anyone else.
[22:11:21] <Dominus> Hmm might be the reason that this was broken in the original ;)
[22:13:06] <Dominus> "We still have that gwanni in a loop complaining about gwanni pelts!" "Can you fix it?" " not really fast!" "Then skip this check!"
[22:13:45] <Dominus> Btw, if you are fixing him, you might as well fix the incorrect checks ;)
[22:14:03] <Dominus> But I'm not the one coding ;)
[22:14:41] <KnightCaptain> When I did Mwaerno, I think replacing his entire STARTED_TALKING removes it. In fact let me try it now.
[22:14:46] <KnightCaptain> For B that is.
[22:15:41] <Dominus> I'm off again. Let me know! (Just write here, I always read the logs)
[22:15:48] <KnightCaptain> Yes, re-writing the convo fixes it, so the Leopard Rug head-down shape does not trigger it.
[22:16:09] <KnightCaptain> But now I have to write his schedule since that is triggered by his STARTED_TALKING.
[22:16:12] <KnightCaptain> Cheers mate!
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