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[11:36:31] <Quester> hi
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[13:15:54] <Colourless> hi
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[13:20:49] <Colourless> so, in the last few days we've had Ember, and now Jett.... I wonder when Darke will come back to his computer :-)
[13:21:57] <Colourless> or I wonder, if he loses his connection again, will he then become Darke, or some other 'creature'
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[19:47:22] <dex> hello :)
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[20:38:51] <WishStone> Hmmm... *looks around*
[20:38:56] <WishStone> *sees a tumbleweed blow past*
[20:39:00] <WishStone> Woha, empty here ;]
[20:43:05] <wjp> hi
[20:43:17] <WishStone> Huhu W :]
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[23:38:28] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[23:38:44] <Fingolfin> hiya
[23:39:04] <wjp> you were quite fast on that gui bugreport last night :-)
[23:39:06] * Fingolfin wanted to say "Nice topic" but then noticed that there is no topic
[23:39:22] <wjp> works fine with current anoncvs, btw
[23:39:22] <Fingolfin> just by chance since I was looking at some other bug reports at that time
[23:39:27] <Fingolfin> cool
[23:39:31] <wjp> (not really surprising :-) )
[23:39:46] <Fingolfin> I even know how that bug was introduced <sigh>
[23:40:17] <Fingolfin> we really need to do a "bug fest" or so, ScummVM bug tracker is growing quite fast again =)
[23:41:09] <wjp> hand out free copies of scummvm, bass and fotaq to people that submit the most (proper) bug reports or something? :-)
[23:42:11] <wjp> or s/submit/fix/, I guess :-)
[23:42:19] * wjp should read before replying... *sigh* :-)
[23:45:29] <Fingolfin> well I should have called it "fix fest" or "anti bug fest" :-)
[23:47:25] <wjp> btw, totally OT: I'm graduating in 11 days :-)
[23:47:36] <Fingolfin> woo-hoo!!!
[23:47:37] <wjp> currently finishing up the last parts of my master's thesis
[23:47:45] <wjp> starting a phd position in april
[23:48:00] <Fingolfin> wow, mucho cool :-)
[23:48:14] <Fingolfin> what was your master thesis about again (I am sorry, my memory... so bad... <sigh>)
[23:48:42] <wjp> galois theory of radical field extensions (i.e., adding roots to a field)
[23:48:56] <Fingolfin> ah yeah right
[23:49:01] <Fingolfin> I remember now :-)
[23:49:10] <wjp> specifically the image of the galois group of such an extension in the automorphism group of the unit group of the field
[23:49:23] <wjp> (yikes, that's one long sentence :-) )
[23:49:46] <Fingolfin> I actually did a bit in that direction (well... galois theory, field extensions, that is ;-) when I was in Eindhoven :-)
[23:49:59] <Fingolfin> :-)
[23:50:11] * Fingolfin wonders what non-mathematicians would think about that sentence ;-)
[23:50:28] <wjp> I don't think they would think about that sentence :-)
[23:50:33] <Fingolfin> <g>
[23:51:18] <Fingolfin> it's such a nice way to make people not listen to your conversaiont... just start with some stuff about automorphisms, holomorph functions, etc., and everybody will either run away, or completely ignore you =)
[23:51:23] <Fingolfin> anyway, this is very nice
[23:51:59] <Fingolfin> are you going to celebrate ? where are you doing your PhD, also in Leiden? And when will you get the fields medal?
[23:52:32] <Fingolfin> (my guess: yes, yes, later ? :-)
[23:52:42] <wjp> not really planning on any major celebration, but will probably do at least something with a couple of friends; yes; no comment :-)
[23:53:40] <Fingolfin> do you get grades on your master's, too?
[23:53:49] * wjp nods
[23:54:12] <Fingolfin> anyway, this is of course quite an important point in your life. My congratulations again :-). For me, it'll probably 1-1.5 more years before I (hopefully) reach that point
[23:58:15] <wjp> do you already have any plans for after that?