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[00:13:48] <Kirben> no
[00:24:15] <slacked> well Kirben, don't you think it's about time already?
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[00:26:20] <Darke> AFAIK, DrCode is the only person working on OpenGL.
[00:26:29] <slacked> k
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[12:46:49] <Colourless> hi
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[12:50:25] <wjp> hi
[12:50:51] <Colourless> hi
[13:00:51] <Darke> Hi.
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[14:56:56] <dancer> Kirben2: You awake?
[14:57:00] <wjp> hi :-)
[14:57:25] <Kirben2> yes
[14:57:26] <dancer> wjp: Sorry about that. My memory isn't what it was. Come to think of it I don't think it ever was what it was.
[14:57:37] <wjp> dancer: no problem :-)
[14:57:54] <wjp> I actually was using windows when I started working on Exult, so that may be why
[14:58:01] <dancer> Kirben2: Need someone to provide a little info for the O'Reilly CVS book.
[14:58:09] <dancer> wjp: I bet that's what I'm remembering.
[14:59:00] <Kirben2> I know little about cvs
[14:59:31] <dancer> Essentially, my original email more or less read:
[14:59:35] <dancer> blah blah blah
[14:59:37] <dancer> I've got a favour to ask. My wife's writing the O'Reilly book on CVS.
[14:59:38] <wjp> lol
[14:59:40] <dancer> She's nearly finished, in fact. Just a couple more chapters to go. What
[14:59:42] <dancer> we need for it is a bit more information on CVS (and/or CVS+SSH) under
[14:59:44] <dancer> MAC and WIN32. Particularly the issues and/or problems involved in
[14:59:46] <dancer> getting it set up and in regular use.
[14:59:48] <dancer> blah blah.
[15:00:15] <dancer> yammer yammer, dribble dribble dribble.
[15:00:21] <dancer> That pretty much sums it up.
[15:00:23] <Kirben2> I'm not one to ask, I just use it under cygwin/msys which works same way as on unix.
[15:00:54] <Kirben2> never tried outside cvs client or wincvs gui
[15:00:58] <dancer> Dang. I'm looking for a native windows user. Though I admit they are getting harder to find in dev every year.
[15:01:12] * wjp points at Colourless
[15:01:44] <dancer> wjp: Let me guess. Colourless is idle and poking him with a big stick won't help.
[15:01:54] <wjp> well, we can try ;-)
[15:02:05] * wjp pokes Colourless with an exceedingly big stick
[15:02:08] * dancer pokes. Engh. Engh.
[15:03:17] * Darke paws dancer a cattle^Wdragon prod. That might help.
[15:03:55] * Colourless isn't very happy at being poked with a stick, nor a prod
[15:04:12] <wjp> oooh, it did work! :-)
[15:04:28] <Darke> Hey! I didn't prod you! *innocentlook*
[15:04:30] * wjp makes a mental note of that ;-)
[15:04:33] * Darke makes notes for next time.
[15:04:36] <Colourless> hey, i can't help you either dancer
[15:04:54] <dancer> Another one, huh? What do you use?
[15:05:02] * wjp thinks
[15:05:24] <Colourless> i use the command line cvs (comes with wincvs) :-)
[15:05:28] <wjp> I'm pretty sure vividos from uwadv uses a gui cvs thingie (tortoisecvs, specifically)
[15:05:42] <wjp> but he isn't here atm
[15:05:56] <dancer> Colourless: Any issues or problems, cross-platform or otherwise?
[15:08:04] <Colourless> nope, works the same as the *nix ones. the only thing you need to be careful is just problems with line endings. wincvs automatically converts dos line endings to unix style when committing and unix to dos when updating/checking out. this isn't exactly much of a issue, except that binary files will break badly if committed as text
[15:08:16] <Darke> There's a #cvs, with a total of exactly one person on it. *grin*
[15:08:56] <dancer> I thought I'd get better results within the team.
[15:09:37] <Darke> No problem. I was just amused that a #cvs existed. *grin*
[15:10:00] <Colourless> so Darke, was the one person *YOU* :-)
[15:10:29] <Darke> Colourless: Nope. It's most likely an instance of Chanbot. *Grin*
[15:11:17] <Colourless> :-)
[15:11:54] <Colourless> of course dancer remember that I do 'not' use the GUI.
[15:13:38] <dancer> No, that's alright. Actually, I'd like to hear from both. Setup is less of a problem (we've covered setting up GUI cvs clients under windows) than other issues (Windows' Patented Inconsistant Filename Capitalisation Scheme, perhaps, line-ending issues, and the like)
[15:14:45] <Colourless> only real issue i had was getting ssh
[15:15:24] <Colourless> finding it compiled for windows wasn't exactly easy when i first got it
[15:15:34] <Colourless> might be different now though
[15:16:33] <dancer> Getting an ssh transport installed and working is still something of a challenge.
[15:17:04] <dancer> Putty's plink.exe solves _almost_ all of the problems.
[15:17:20] <dancer> Well, that and pagent.
[15:19:36] <dancer> Hrm. It's 2:20am, Monday morning. That can mean only one thing.
[15:20:12] <dancer> Time to go shopping. BBiaB.
[15:20:16] <dancer> Pants. I need pants.
[15:20:21] * Darke laughs!
[15:22:59] <Colourless> crazy victorians
[15:24:58] * Darke ehs? He thinks 2am in the morning is a perfect time to go pant hunting. Be sure to take the extra-strength tranqueliser darts, pants can get _real_ mean when they're disturbed. *wizenod*
[15:26:09] <Colourless> i feel i must seriously question your wisdom sometimes... but for now, I'll believe you
[15:47:00] <dancer> Urf. Tired. Bed now.
[15:47:13] <dancer> Darke: Indeed. Pants can turn on you.
[15:47:38] <dancer> Colourless: Actually, I'm a Brisbanite. I'm just adoring 24hr supermarkets.
[15:47:40] <Colourless> cya
[15:48:47] * dancer wooshes off to bed.
[15:48:49] <dancer> Woosh.
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[15:49:48] <Colourless> omg, there is another one of you strange Queenslanders!
[15:56:43] * Darke laughs and would _love_ 24hour supermarkets.
[15:56:58] <Darke> Yes, apparently there is. Small world innit? *grin*
[15:57:01] <Colourless> got one nearish to me
[15:59:00] <Darke> There's only 'corner store' type 24 hour supermarkets around here. Redicuously expensive and rare. Even the inner city coles/woolworths/etc don't stay open past 9pm at night (or didn't when I lived in there). Which got rather frustrating when you were sleeping from 9am-5pmish. *grin*
[15:59:23] <Colourless> :-)
[15:59:33] <Colourless> there is a 24 h coles near me
[15:59:46] <Darke> Myers/kmart/bigw don't stay open past 5pmish, except on late night shopping days when they'll be open 'til 9pmish.
[15:59:55] * Darke envies.
[16:00:57] <Colourless> everything else though are the 5/6pm except for 9pm on thurs for suburbs and 9pm on fri for the cbd
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