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[00:01:16] <Waz> Its not so bad. You get free travel miles for every deed done.
[00:03:02] <Waz> And you don't have to pay for fillups on rental cars.
[00:17:23] <Waz> anyone compile exult?
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[13:21:08] <Colourless> hi
[13:24:28] <fingolfin> hi
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[14:58:07] <Colourless> had any problems with my changes from yesterday?
[14:58:29] <fingolfin> uhm, didn't try them yet :)
[14:58:33] <fingolfin> will try it now
[14:58:37] <fingolfin> after the rebuild :)
[14:58:38] <Colourless> why you :)
[14:58:48] <fingolfin> which will take me some time
[14:59:02] <fingolfin> oh I thought you asked the channel in general...
[14:59:19] <fingolfin> anyway I need to try out, I haven't tried exult for almost a week!
[15:00:04] <Colourless> well, often I'm like that too. :)
[15:02:41] <fingolfin> uh, and I installed a new SDL version... and now exult reconfigured... guess it'll recompile all, sigh
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[15:39:26] * Fingolfin is away: I'm busy
[15:39:55] <Colourless> how descriptive
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[15:41:02] <wjp> hi
[15:41:08] <Colourless> hi
[15:41:45] <wjp> argh... just received a reply to an email I sent last week...
[15:42:01] <Colourless> and it was?
[15:42:17] <wjp> market.diabloii.net/economy/index.shtm sends a Content-Type: text/plain header, which obviously causes the page to be displayed in text in most browsers (except IE...)
[15:42:53] <wjp> so, I sent the webmaster an e-mail explaining this, and suggesting that he either rename the file to .shtml, or change the apache configuration to recognize .shtm as text/html
[15:42:58] <Colourless> badly configured server
[15:43:01] <wjp> right
[15:43:20] <wjp> and now he just replied that he renamed the _entire_ site to .shtm
[15:43:31] <wjp> and he hopes that will fix it
[15:43:41] <wjp> (which it didn't, obviously)
[15:44:42] <wjp> I kind of feel bad about him having done all that work to "fix" it, while it would've been fixed by a small modificiation to httpd.conf
[15:45:59] * Colourless decides to see what happens when he runs the website through the html validator
[15:46:24] <Colourless> obviously it failed because of content type :)
[15:46:29] <wjp> so it did
[15:47:01] <wjp> I'll mention validator.w3.org in my next email :-)
[15:47:31] <Colourless> heh, i wouldn't, you don't know how bad the site is contructed
[15:47:37] <wjp> hmm, good point
[15:50:07] * wjp mirrors page on his univ. account and validates it
[15:51:09] <wjp> ouch
[15:51:19] <Colourless> :)
[15:51:48] * wjp tries different HTML version
[15:52:11] <wjp> didn't help much :/
[15:52:24] <Colourless> well iframe is never going to pass :)
[15:53:50] <wjp> iframe? I don't see any
[15:54:01] <Colourless> i've got them all over the place
[15:54:36] <wjp> no, wait, there's 2
[15:54:38] <Colourless> obviously it detected I had ie when I downloaded it
[15:54:40] * wjp is blind
[15:54:49] <Colourless> maybe not :)
[15:55:08] <Colourless> usually they are used with advertising
[15:55:43] <wjp> does it look like it's SSI-processed to you?
[15:56:05] <wjp> the <!--webbot... > thingies look kind of SSI
[15:56:41] <Colourless> yeah, i say it is
[15:56:57] <wjp> so he should probably enable SSI for that extension too
[15:57:02] * Colourless thinks for a moment
[15:57:03] <wjp> or wait.. it's used for ads...
[15:57:10] <wjp> maybe I should 'forget' to mention it :-)
[16:01:43] <wjp> what surprises me is that it does get recognized as an index file
[16:02:14] <wjp> the default config just lists .html, .htm, .shtml, .php, .php4, .php3 and .cgi files as index files
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[16:11:05] <TonyHoyt> Hello people. What's new?
[16:11:26] <wjp> hi Tony
[16:11:33] <Colourless> hi
[16:11:44] <TonyHoyt> So what's new?
[16:12:06] <wjp> lots of stuff :-)
[16:12:18] * Colourless points TonyHoyt to exult's ChangeLog :)
[16:13:52] <TonyHoyt> I've been looking. I do notice there's been a flurry of changes.. Although that seemst typical with you guys of late :-)
[16:14:38] <Colourless> bug fixes are pretty much all that's being done
[16:15:48] <TonyHoyt> *nods* Is si completely playable without cheating at this point or that unknown?
[16:15:54] <Colourless> it's unknown
[16:18:38] <Colourless> which is somewhat of a good thing because it means that no one is far enough a long to reach a problem.
[16:18:42] <TonyHoyt> Long game to play to try and figure that out.. but okay.. I'll assume that quite it's at least almost fully playable.
[16:18:58] <TonyHoyt> HOw about the spells? How are they comeing along? MOre usecode blues there?
[16:20:13] <Colourless> spells are pretty much ignored.
[16:21:46] * Fingolfin is back (gone 00:42:20)
[16:23:52] <TonyHoyt> Oh well. Nobody likes the spells or too hard to use in real time anyway so why bother with them? :-/ I know my time with U7 was mostly with weapons.
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[17:30:22] <wjp> strange... did you see the "bugs in BeOS version" thread on the forum
[17:30:25] <wjp> ?
[17:30:32] <Colourless> yeah
[17:31:48] <wjp> the scaler could be a corrupter shape file I guess
[17:31:53] <wjp> corrupted, even
[17:32:12] <wjp> missing heads are really strange, though
[17:32:16] <Colourless> are you sure you didn't mess up the flex building?
[17:32:30] <Colourless> or the header files created when building the flexes
[17:32:39] <wjp> no, I can't remember if I ever tried a paperdoll in alpha5
[17:33:04] * wjp wishes he could mount his BeOS partition
[17:33:49] <Colourless> if the flex is the wrong file, that could explain the problems
[17:34:01] <wjp> but not the faces
[17:34:10] <Colourless> yeah it could :)
[17:34:18] <wjp> how?
[17:34:52] <wjp> he reports Avatar's head is missing too
[17:35:35] <Colourless> i added the faces of the avatar, shamino, dupre and iolo to one of the flexes we generate (exult_bg from memory) so the stat bars will work
[17:35:41] <wjp> uh oh
[17:36:04] * wjp reboots
[17:36:05] <wjp> brb
[17:36:10] <Colourless> ok
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[17:39:05] <wjp> funny... video menu works for me
[17:39:26] <wjp> hmm, I don't have SI installed in BeOS
[17:39:45] <wjp> face bars work though
[17:41:29] <Colourless> hmmm. I guessing the problem is simple the wrong flex files are being used
[17:41:47] <wjp> that would probably be it
[17:41:52] * wjp checks .flx files in .zip, to make sure
[17:41:56] <Colourless> exult wouldn't compile with the wrong headers
[17:42:01] <Colourless> so it's not the headers
[17:42:23] <wjp> md5sums match
[17:42:48] <wjp> my binary is the same as the one in the alpha5 .zip too
[17:43:03] <wjp> so I guess he still has some old data files installed somewhere
[17:43:13] <wjp> rebooting back to linux...
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[17:43:17] <Colourless> ok
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[18:11:07] <Colourless> i'm thinking, perhaps we should embed the creation time into the flex files, and output it to the headers so we can then verify that the flex files actually match the version of Exult. A warning/error should be output if they are different
[18:11:29] <Fingolfin> sound good
[18:11:33] <Fingolfin> sounds good even
[18:17:20] <wjp> yeah, this would be useful
[18:22:56] <Colourless> i'm thinking that just using time() should be ok.
[18:23:29] <wjp> yeah, I guess
[18:23:57] <wjp> generating a random 16-byte number should work too (the MS way ;-) )
[18:24:25] <Colourless> :-)
[18:24:27] <Fingolfin> :)
[18:24:37] <Colourless> any idea how they generate that number?
[18:24:54] <Colourless> they say the number will always be unique
[18:25:46] <wjp> hmm... if you generate it using a random generator that stores a seed in 32/64 bit, the resulting number won't have any more 'randomness' than that
[18:26:00] <wjp> I hope the VB generator is better than that :-)
[18:27:20] <wjp> anyway, using the time should be fine... would allow us to display a sensible error/warning too
[18:27:35] <Fingolfin> yeah
[18:28:05] <Colourless> error if the flex is older and warning if the flex is newer?
[18:28:36] <wjp> I'd say either warning or error on both
[18:28:50] <Colourless> perhaps I should email the idea to the list before implementing it
[18:30:13] <wjp> how about always reporting an error if the wrong version is used, and having a cmdline switch to ignore it?
[18:30:43] <wjp> although; aborting on startup could be confusing on systems without a console (win32)
[18:30:44] <Colourless> can do that
[18:32:01] <Colourless> it's a bit kludgy but we could create a system specific error function that would display a message box for Win32
[18:32:16] <Fingolfin> hm
[18:32:22] <Colourless> the error function would be a generic function for any sort of fatal error in exult
[18:32:25] <Fingolfin> this would be nice indeed
[18:32:39] <Fingolfin> it also quits w/o warning if it can't find any flex file right now
[18:32:58] <Fingolfin> and this error function will not only be implemented for Win but also for MacOS (X) :)
[18:33:13] <wjp> I think I've read several mails on the SDL ML about this kind of thing
[18:33:15] <Fingolfin> something that puts up an alert box "Exult wasquite because ..."
[18:33:35] <Fingolfin> wjp: you mean we are not the first to have this genious idea? =)
[18:33:47] <wjp> :-)
[18:34:03] <Fingolfin> ARGHHHH it seems that exult doesn't like libtool 1.4c very much
[18:34:09] <Fingolfin> or vice versa
[18:34:16] <wjp> what's the problem?
[18:35:15] <Fingolfin> it has problems with the conveniance libs
[18:35:26] <Fingolfin> that is not very surprising to me, though
[18:35:48] <Fingolfin> there are multiple errors in libtoo-head-cvs, on darwin, that is why I have libtool-head-CVS installed
[18:36:03] <Fingolfin> cause I am one of the unfortunates who are trying to fix those libtool issues
[18:41:07] <TonyHoyt> Got to go guys. Nice seeing you all.. bye.
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[20:14:32] <chimera|wookin> hi!
[20:15:11] <Colourless> hi :)
[20:41:38] <wjp> I have to go
[20:41:39] <wjp> g'night
[20:41:45] <Colourless> cya
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[21:52:55] <Colourless> got to go
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