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[08:03:12] --- Topic for #exult is: Exult, an engine that plays U7 data files. Please read the documentation and the FAQ!!! (no more fluffing)
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[08:03:23] <wjp> hi :-)
[08:03:36] * Darke hops over and patpats the bot. "Nice to see you returned."
[08:04:32] <exultbot> good to be back :-)
[08:06:41] <Darke> Much further progress since the end of yesterday's logs in relation to u8's usecode? <grin>
[08:07:04] <wjp> well... no :-)
[08:10:14] <Darke> It shouldn't be too difficult to add u8extract as a 'load file' option to ucxt. It's more of a question of whether we should 'pollute' the exult branch with a u8opcodes.txt and associated data. <grin>
[08:12:09] <wjp> hmm, I think I could figure out the lengths of the remaining unknown opcodes pretty easily
[08:20:46] * Darke nods.
[08:22:32] <Darke> Do you want to hack the 'new' opcodes.txt file yourself? Or shall I? <grin> I'm tempted to convert opcodes.txt into a conf/ file before I do that though.
[08:23:24] * wjp takes a look at the opcodes.txt format
[08:24:09] * Darke waits for wjp to run screaming in horror. There is only about 3 columns though that you will 'need' to modify.
[08:24:31] * wjp does a cvs update here first
[08:24:43] <wjp> which reminds me...
[08:24:47] --- wjp is now known as wjp|work
[08:24:52] <wjp|work> I'm technically working atm :-)
[08:25:04] * Darke snickers.
[08:25:27] <Darke> You are? What a... surprise. <grin>
[08:25:34] <wjp|work> user support...
[08:25:45] <wjp|work> lots of free time in between users :-)
[08:26:09] <Darke> <grin> That sounds like a 'fun' job.
[08:26:17] <wjp|work> it is :-)
[08:26:45] <wjp|work> there's some basic sysadmin tasks involved too. (which means I have root here ;-) )
[08:26:59] <Darke> Because you get to spend most of the day being paid to hack your own 'fun' projects?
[08:27:10] <wjp|work> (here = the math department at our univ., btw)
[08:27:21] <wjp|work> Darke: shhh :-)
[08:27:29] * Darke snickers.
[08:29:21] <wjp|work> hmm, there's no 'long' datatype
[08:30:00] <wjp|work> (4 bytes)
[08:32:19] <Darke> http://www.hut.fi/~jtpelto2/ultima4/media.html Wow. I didn't know about this project.
[08:32:35] <wjp|work> wow
[08:32:40] <Darke> (long) Give me a few minutes and there willl be. <grin> Anything else?
[08:32:49] <wjp|work> impressive screenshots
[08:34:03] <Darke> Yes, very impressive. And it actually looks like they're running the game as well, not just a demo. I wonder if it'll actually get released or that EA will complain.
[08:34:46] <wjp|work> development diary was last updated yesterday, it seems, so it's still 'alive' too
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[08:37:53] <wjp|work> Darke: also, U8's var offsets are only 1 byte
[08:38:32] <Darke> Hi Kirben.
[08:38:41] <Kirben> Hi
[08:39:31] <wjp|work> hi
[08:40:36] <wjp|work> but I guess for now it's probably easiest to just name it a 'byte'
[08:40:39] <Darke> wjp: No problem. Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be able to 'configure' almost all the variable sizes and such, through a conf/ file, once I integrate u8 into things. <grin>
[08:41:03] <wjp|work> :-)
[08:41:18] <Darke> <nod> Just call it byte for the moment. The descriptors are just that. To ease human 'readability'.
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[10:30:49] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[10:43:45] * Darke unidles and greetingsbows to Wumpus.
[10:43:58] * Wumpus bows to darke
[10:45:03] * Wumpus has been discovering that a number of the things that i thought were exult bugs for SI are in fact, SI bugs :P
[10:45:24] * Darke sighs, O@H had lost it's International net link. It's 'just' returned, and it's still going up and down.
[10:45:54] <Wumpus> hehe
[10:46:19] <Wumpus> that is being discussed in the windowlet below this one too; however, a number of people are saying they've had no problems....
[10:46:26] <Wumpus> so maybe its not whatever they claim it is :P
[10:47:08] <Darke> I've just had problems with lost DNS and lost international link. <shrug> Don't know.
[10:57:49] <-- Darke has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
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[11:01:37] * Darke thinks this copy of linux needs a serious reinstall. It would appear he's corrupted something badly, X+KDE is doing some funky stuff. Perhaps he should try out debian this time.
[11:02:08] <Wumpus> hehe, having some trouble with konqueror myself just now
[11:02:16] <Wumpus> most likely because i don't have all of kde isntalled :|
[11:02:34] <Wumpus> it doesn't know any user agent strings... a minor annoyance, but i need it just now, grr..
[11:03:17] <Darke> My problem, which has happened twice, is that I switch desktops, and it drops me cleanly to the console. It's kind of weird.
[11:03:39] <Wumpus> ouch :|
[11:03:56] <Wumpus> do you usually use startx of kdm (or xdm or gdm or whatever)?
[11:04:00] <Wumpus> s/of/or/
[11:04:09] <Darke> It's not too bad, since it's a clean 'close everything and exit', rathen then crash everything... but it's a bit annoying.
[11:04:15] <Darke> 'startx'.
[11:05:35] <Wumpus> ah, well then it may just be kde dying...
[11:05:45] <Wumpus> ie X may be Doing The Right Thing
[11:06:31] <Wumpus> (not that that is much help, admittedly :P)
[11:07:05] * Darke nods.
[11:16:53] <wjp|work> Darke: did you see the U8 'loop' code I posted yesterday?
[11:17:19] <Darke> I do remember looking at it, I don't remember much about it though. <grin>
[11:17:57] <wjp|work> radical guess: U8 uses some kind of 'scripting language in a scripting language' for loops
[11:18:44] <wjp|work> an opcode like "loop over all objects for which 'expression'", where 'expression' is in a different language
[11:18:45] <Darke> <blink> That's going to be... interesting.
[11:19:23] <wjp|work> reason: the 74 opcode seems to have a 'printable' character as argument
[11:19:48] <wjp|work> also, the "push shape number of coins" (in the abacus code) is not followed by any intrinsic calls
[11:20:06] <wjp|work> also, there's no checks for shape number inside the loop itself
[11:20:50] <wjp|work> so I'm thinking the '74' opcode builds some kind of condition for objects
[11:21:01] <Darke> Weird. I can kind of understand why they would do that.
[11:21:23] <wjp|work> (also, opcodes 70 & 73 seem to be loop-related too)
[11:22:27] <wjp|work> (one of the chars in that expression is '=', btw)
[11:23:51] <wjp|work> anyway, I'll have to find some more loops before I can be sure
[11:26:20] * Darke nods. This is certainly going to be interesting to puzzle out.
[11:26:31] <Wumpus> already bored of exult ? :)
[11:26:53] <wjp|work> gtg; bye
[11:26:58] <-- wjp|work has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[11:26:59] <Darke> wjp|work: Bye!
[11:27:15] <Darke> Wumpus: Not really. <grin> More of an interesting mental problem.
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[12:04:22] <Darke> Hello Colourless. <bow>
[12:04:23] <Colourless> hi
[12:05:43] <Colourless> one wonders why sbx is calling himself rip_exultbot
[12:06:25] * Darke grins, "No idea. Perhaps we should ask him when he awakens."
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[12:48:37] <Darke> Colourless: That time of the night again? <grin>
[12:49:24] <Colourless> it's called i'm using up all my bandwith so my connection starts to drop packets
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[13:13:09] <Sentack> Hello people. What's new?
[13:13:35] <Darke> Hello. <bow> Nothing of particular 'newness' that I can think of. <grin>
[13:13:57] <Colourless> hi
[13:14:01] <Sentack> Pentagram sounds cool though :-)
[13:14:36] * Wumpus hmms.. i have a hound of doskar in my SS treasure room :)
[13:14:53] <Wumpus> he seems to be there permanenlty now :)
[13:15:40] <Sentack> Another bad Moble?
[13:16:47] <Wumpus> moble?
[13:17:25] <Sentack> npc
[13:17:41] <Wumpus> nah, its normal-ish
[13:17:51] <Wumpus> ie, i summoned im down there once, i just expected he'd disappear eventually
[13:18:02] <Colourless> no, he wont
[13:18:16] <Colourless> he's actually a normal npc from memory
[13:18:26] <Wumpus> ya
[13:18:38] <Colourless> unless he has a schedule that will move him somewhere else, he'll just stay there
[13:20:33] <Wumpus> hehe Celia/Selene/whatever her other name is has an interseting speech if you kill her while she's at the sleeping bull :P
[13:20:53] <Colourless> :-)
[13:22:12] <Wumpus> "See how i reward those who *FAIL ME*"
[13:23:22] <Wumpus> (yes, i'm still at this point... had a few diversions :P)
[13:30:58] <-- Wumpus has left IRC ("good night")
[13:31:42] <Sentack> Got to go guys bye.
[13:31:43] <-- Sentack has left IRC ("ircII EPIC4-1.0.1 -- Are we there yet?")
[13:54:18] * Darke considers that altering ucxt so it doesn't do 'n' (where 'n' is statistically about 6 x 1.5) string comparisons for _each_ opcode loaded from USECODE, is probably going to make it run just a bit quicker...
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[14:06:58] <wjp> hi
[14:07:04] <Colourless> hi
[14:07:13] <Darke> Hello again. <bow>
[14:07:21] --- Darke is now known as Darke|idle
[14:08:13] --- RIP_exultbot is now known as sbx
[14:08:25] * sbx notices exultbot is alive and quietly sweeps his nick under the rug.
[14:09:03] <sbx> hi *innocentwhistle*
[14:09:52] <wjp> looks like the 'public release' of that u7 online thingie is going to be soon
[14:11:20] <wjp> Colourless: btw, about NPC > 255 in the "Found the problem" thread: Vasculio = 294
[14:11:48] <Colourless> he is?
[14:11:57] <wjp> maybe there's another Vasculio in there, though
[14:12:26] <Colourless> there is a vasculio in the room of the dead
[14:13:44] <Colourless> and he's 294
[14:16:36] <Colourless> of course his usecode is buggy and manange to freeze the game
[14:17:37] <wjp> well, you're not supposed to be able to talk to him, right?
[14:17:50] <wjp> (ie. he's hostile)
[14:18:07] <Colourless> well, once you actually meet him he's always hostile
[14:18:49] <Colourless> so yeah, you can't talk to him
[14:24:19] * sbx hugs exultbot.
[14:29:17] --- Darke|idle is now known as Darke
[14:30:50] * Darke thinks sbx is a bit... overly attached to the bot.
[14:32:20] * wjp is writing a new opcodes.txt
[14:32:42] <sbx> well
[14:32:43] <Darke> sbx: ucxt should run a bit faster on your system after I commit these changes to it. <grin>
[14:33:08] <sbx> only bottleneck was the loading of the entire usecode afaik
[14:34:01] <sbx> about exultbot, as you can imagine, it is sad to see him miss... *counts* ... ... ... hours of conversation just because he netsplits and doesn't come back and wjp doesn't bother to check on him :-)
[14:34:01] <Darke> Yep. <grin> Check my comment from just before you unidled. That should speed things up a bit.
[14:34:19] <sbx> yeah nice
[14:34:22] <wjp> sbx: want me to wake up every hour at night to check on exultbot? ;-)
[14:34:29] <sbx> wjp: yes
[14:34:37] <sbx> wjp: but you are probably joking
[14:34:45] <wjp> think so? ;-)
[14:34:46] * Darke considers the possibility of having another bot look after exultbot, but that is a bit... silly.
[14:34:49] <sbx> heh
[14:34:56] <sbx> heh maybe
[14:34:59] <sbx> MiniMe?
[14:35:10] <wjp> I should really have exulbot ping the server periodically
[14:36:29] * Darke would attempt to commit now, but his international net connection through his provider is still stuffed. <sigh>
[14:36:32] <wjp> Darke: I don't think U8's 'push string' opcode fits in opcodes.txt
[14:36:40] * sbx only counted ~16 hours of lost #exult chat... not *too* bad. :-)
[14:36:46] <sbx> wjp: why not?
[14:36:58] <Darke> wjp: How do you mean?
[14:37:00] <wjp> 16? that can't be... I was only away for about 8
[14:37:17] <sbx> wjp: you were here when he left
[14:37:22] <wjp> I was?
[14:37:35] <sbx> [16:12:14] <wjp> well, ok... I guess I could forgive exultbot for leaving after a netsplit :-)
[14:37:47] <wjp> hmm
[14:38:05] <wjp> what distracted me after that? :-)
[14:38:20] <sbx> Pentagram
[14:38:24] <wjp> Darke: the 0D opcode looks like: "0D xx xx <xxxx bytes of string> 00"
[14:38:48] <sbx> then RFC 2812 hehe
[14:39:15] <sbx> then you left
[14:39:55] <sbx> Darke is gonna implement 4 byte things
[14:40:09] <wjp> good :-)
[14:40:36] <wjp> Darke: what's it going to be called? (the 4 byte datatype)
[14:40:57] <Darke> 'longs' (4bytes) are implemented. I know there's 'special' exception handling for 'infinate' pushes/pops to the stack, I'm wondering if I can extend that to 'loads'.
[14:41:54] <sbx> Darke: what version do you introduce longs?
[14:42:20] <sbx> on my opcodes.txt DataType notes everything byte byte is 2 bytes
[14:42:35] <sbx> s/byte byte/but byte
[14:42:36] <Darke> Bah. I'm an idiot. In the 'data types' column (#7), just add a 'string' type to the end of it. I've already got exception handling for the 'offset' type (it turns the 'relative' to 'literal' automatically), so adding a string exception isn't difficult.
[14:43:21] <Darke> sbx: The version I'm trying to commit, but my net connection won't allow me to. <grin>
[14:45:12] <sbx> Darke: what is wrong with it?
[14:45:14] <Darke> wjp: I'm going to make col #6 redundant sometime in the future, so for that particular opcode, just give the number of bytes in parameters as 4.
[14:46:32] <Darke> sbx: My net connection? My international link is intermittently down due to faults that they are fixing. I can web-browse and such in .au, but outside that doesn't work.
[14:47:06] <sbx> what kinda websites does .au have?
[14:49:42] <sbx> hmm... "Windows Made Easy - Australia's only beginners guide explained in plain English."
[14:49:54] <Darke> sbx: The same kind that anywhere else has? <grin> Most of the websites I visit tend not to be in .au though. I'm more annoyed that I lost irc connectivity and didn't get to say 'night' to a few good friends.
[14:50:25] <sbx> who?
[14:50:42] <Colourless> not us obviously :-)
[14:51:10] <Darke> sbx: Some people I roleplay with. <grin> Not you people, because I'm connected to an australian server.
[14:52:00] * Darke considers the phrase "Some bunnies I roleplay with." would be more accurate.
[14:53:06] <Darke> I just hope they fix this mess before thursday, so I can play a game of the Mage RPG uninterruped. <grin>
[14:53:15] <sbx> where is that?
[14:53:34] <Darke> Which server?
[14:53:41] <sbx> yeah
[14:53:53] * sbx wants to sneak in.
[14:54:17] <Darke> irc.superchat.org <grin>
[14:54:41] * sbx wonders if this 'roleplaying' is really a cover to hide the fact that Darke really _is_ a rabbitish mutant.
[14:56:37] * Darke oh, so, _wishes_ that somedays. Sometimes you just wish you had a nice set of claws to disembowel someone who's annoying you just a little too much. <sigh>
[14:57:09] <sbx> SuperChat is a family network. Is the Mage RPG a family game?
[14:57:12] <sbx> eh
[14:57:23] <sbx> ... :-0
[14:57:42] <sbx> i wonder who that would be
[14:57:52] <Darke> sbx: It depends. <grin> It's on a +s channel anyway, so it's not as if it's actually visible. <innocentwiggle>
[14:59:15] <sbx> heh, that must mean no
[14:59:22] <Darke> It's one of the 'White Wolf' line of RPGs, set in a similar universe to the Vampire ones.
[15:00:38] * sbx doesn't know about any of that. :-(
[15:01:56] <Darke> The current game we're playing is completely Family Friendly(tm). But it can not be if you wish. Without going into detail, Mage includes a (for lack of a better word) 'Class' which is called the Cult of Esctacy. They 'channel' their magic from things that bring strong emotion and 'enjoyment'. ...
[15:02:27] <sbx> Are they like vampires?
[15:03:04] <sbx> the current game your playing could go anywhere im sure :P
[15:03:04] <Darke> Which includes things from the more mundane rock music and such, through to mind altering drugs, hallucinagins and the like, to sex. <grin>
[15:03:46] <sbx> If they channel magic from other peoples' emotion than it is like vampires.
[15:04:00] <sbx> s/than/then
[15:04:23] <Darke> No, they aren't like vampires. But according to the 'mythos' Mages are kind of. It's difficult to explain since I don't particuarly want to bore everyone else with the descriptions, and I'm new at it myself so I don't have a very good 'depth' of knowledge.
[15:05:00] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[15:05:25] <sbx> Has anyone in the `White Wolf` world ever opened a portal to Britannia?
[15:06:31] <Darke> It's not so much 'channeling' as needing a 'focus' to perform magic. For example Sons of Ether are the prototypical 'Mad Scientist' role, their focui tend to be 'scientific' instruments and the like.
[15:06:53] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[15:06:53] <Darke> (portal) Not that I know of. <grin>
[15:06:56] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[15:08:59] * Darke has a SoE character, his focus is a set of 'magic' test-tubes.
[15:10:09] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[15:11:36] * sbx gets distracted by a game of True Lies and wonders why zsnes on X is so slow for him.
[15:11:38] <sbx> sorry...
[15:11:46] <sbx> you are focused on test tubes?
[15:11:49] <sbx> what do they do?
[15:11:52] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[15:11:52] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[15:12:14] * Darke watches Colourless bounce rather proficiently. "Are you sure you're not a bunny disguised as a dragon? Or a kangeroo?" <grin>
[15:12:44] <Colourless> yes I'm sure. :-)
[15:15:21] <Darke> sbx: They don't 'do' anything. <grin> They are simply a means to channel your magic. (What your magic can do, is entirely seperate from what your focui are.) For example if I wanted to, say open a hatch that was 'locked', I'd use 'magic' to try to open it. For me, it would be a case of mixing a few chemicals together, and pouring it over the hatch. ...
[15:15:56] <Darke> For someone who's focus was a crystal, they'd probably channel their energy as a beam of light, to 'lase' their way through the hatch.
[15:16:07] <Darke> (That is some sort of corrosive chemicals.)
[15:16:30] <sbx> Darke: So you don't get as much power from test-tubes as the Cult gets from ..euhh .. more physical desires? More a matter of "how you use it"?
[15:17:23] <Darke> Yep. The focus is simply a way of getting in the 'right frame of mind' to do magic. <grin>
[15:17:36] * Darke sighs, he's still netless...
[15:17:50] <Darke> Or at least 'cvs commit' less.
[15:19:12] <sbx> Are you a 'Mad Scientist'?
[15:20:08] <Darke> This current character is just a 'mild mannered lab assistant' type of Mad Scientist. <grin>
[15:21:00] <sbx> You don't end up getting bitten by a radiated spider and gaining the ability to scale buildings... do you?
[15:22:25] <Darke> Nah. I've just got the ability to be completely unnoticed even whem almost everyone is searching the building for me. <grin> I can only be 'noticed' if I'm actually focusing on being seen.
[15:23:24] <sbx> You have an invisibility belt?
[15:25:24] <sbx> You're incredibly skinny?
[15:25:27] <Darke> Nope. It's a 'background' (think special ability) of some Mages (you can choose it at character creation). It's called 'Arcane', one of it's benefits is that it tends to make you 'invisible' to others. You become some what of a rumor. (Think of the rumor of the ancient mage in the tower on the hill type thing in a fantasy RPG game.)
[15:25:46] <sbx> What if your in the same room as them?
[15:26:06] <sbx> your not an ancient mage just his assistant :P
[15:26:25] <Darke> If you were in the same room as them, and you didn't want to be seen, then you're more then likely not goint to be seen. You are just 'overlooked'.
[15:26:45] * Darke has maximum number of points in Arcane.
[15:27:53] <sbx> what do you mean?
[15:28:00] <sbx> "This is not the mage your looking for." ?
[15:28:15] <Darke> They're steriotypically loners, since if they're not paying attention, you just won't see them. <grin> Another example I was given was they tend not to have girlfriends and relationships and such. Because if you're asleep, you're not focusing on being 'seen', so you aren't.
[15:28:16] <Colourless> :-)
[15:28:37] <wjp> hehe :-)
[15:29:20] <wjp> has some similar qualities as a "gray man" in Wheel of Time
[15:29:23] <Darke> Nope. Say you're sitting at your desk in your office, and someone walks through the door and looks around. If you're not paying attention to this person's entrance, or you don't want to be seen. He'll look around, not see you, probably write a note on a sticky pad right next to your computer mouse (that you're using), and leave. All without noticing you.
[15:29:58] <Darke> It's 'magic'. <grin> You're 'aura' is masking your presence, if that makes a bit more sense.
[15:30:14] * Darke hasn't read WoT, so can't say.
[15:30:18] <sbx> Darke: That guy must be blind.
[15:30:32] <sbx> Well if it's magic I guess it is sensible... a little.
[15:31:02] <sbx> Does the RPG take place in modern times?
[15:31:10] <Darke> sbx: Nope. Your 'magic' is making you invisible to him. <grin> It's a bit weird but makes sense in the context of the world.
[15:31:41] <Darke> It depends. Most games seem to run in 'current' time. The one I'm playing in is now+10 years.
[15:32:27] <wjp> so, is Exult still popular then? ;-)
[15:32:40] <sbx> I have not seen many RPGs like that, I remember Shadowrun ran in a near-future punk type setting.
[15:33:04] <sbx> Darke: yeah i guess it makes sense being magic
[15:33:05] <Darke> wjp: Isn't exult-u8 scheduled for about then? <grin>
[15:33:27] * sbx would rather have an exult-u6.
[15:33:32] <Colourless> no, the timeframe was 2014 :-)
[15:33:46] <Darke> sbx: It's kind of magic+'weird science'+science as a setting.
[15:34:37] <sbx> Darke: magience
[15:34:39] * Darke considers it's kind of like Shadowrun, without the heavy Cyberpunk stuff.
[15:35:05] <sbx> What kind of culture do they have in 10 years if not the obligatory cyberpunk style.
[15:36:03] <sbx> White Wolf does take place in a post-apocalypse setting doesn't it?
[15:36:45] <Darke> sbx: What kind of culture did we have 10 years ago? <grin> The thing is, it's dependant upon the Storyteller. The currrent world is just similar but with a few differences.
[15:38:39] * Darke sighs, he _really_ needs the net right about now so he can pull up some references. He wonders what the 'status' of this outrage is at the moment.
[15:38:46] <sbx> Hmm.. sounds kinda mundane.
[15:38:54] <sbx> Darke: outrage=outage?
[15:39:27] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[15:39:31] <Darke> (outrage/outage) Same thing, IIRC.
[15:39:42] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[15:39:47] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[15:39:48] <sbx> heh ok
[15:40:03] <Darke> (mundane) Well, only if you don't consider it's a world full of 'mundanes' and you're a bunch of magic users... sure it's mundane. <grin>
[15:41:21] <sbx> Have you ever known someone to make a portal to another, more fantastic, realm to get away from all the mundanes?
[15:41:29] <sbx> or is that against the rules
[15:41:34] <Darke> The things is, you're also not limited to 'this' world. Since you're dealing with magic, why not create a 'magical'/'weird science' sailing ship to sail between the stars? <grin>
[15:42:12] <wjp> because the gamemaster/storyteller doesn't feel like thinking up alien worlds? ;-)
[15:42:46] <sbx> You could take a ship to 'Serpent Isle', its already all thought up and waiting.
[15:42:50] <Darke> wjp: This one did. <grin> We just escaped from one, and are currently sitting on an Ethership sailing above it.
[15:43:17] <wjp> hostile aliens, I take it? :-)
[15:43:27] <sbx> Ethership? hehe.. what would that look like?
[15:43:49] <Darke> (Ethership) Think Spelljammer, if you've played that rpg. <grin>
[15:43:54] <Colourless> a lowly mundane probably couldn't see it
[15:44:00] * sbx guesses a hostile alien has stowed away on the ethership and will make a surprise entrance sometime soon.
[15:44:27] <Darke> wjp: The planet had a few yes. <grin> There's one of them wounded on the ethership that we're trying to find and work out what to do with, once we find it.
[15:44:28] <sbx> Spelljammer nope
[15:44:42] <sbx> Hey I was half accurate!
[15:44:46] <sbx> :P
[15:45:51] <Darke> Think old sailing ship, complete with sails, made of wood/metal/unknown. It has a 'sphere' of air around it, so it doesn't have to be enclosed to space, and it has a gravity plane so you know which way is up and down. It's a Sons of Ether creation.
[15:47:46] <sbx> wood/metal/unknown = unmetood
[15:48:00] <sbx> Ohh.. I was hoping for something mechanical looking. :-)
[15:48:37] <sbx> With submarine type decks and a big computer interface.
[15:48:48] <sbx> On a giant control deck.
[15:49:12] <sbx> And a huge engine room with steam and presses and computer controlled gravity well generators.
[15:49:14] <Darke> It depends, each one is 'unique'. <grin> Some might have massive 'steam engines' attached to the back as it's propulsion. Oh, they certainly have computer interfaces, but they'd be hidden nicely in taste with the decor, under wooden pannels.
[15:50:14] <Darke> Nah, that's what the ships of one of the other factions (I can't remember it's name) look like. You need to think 'excentric'. <grin>
[15:50:34] <sbx> excentric = eccentric?
[15:50:51] * Darke nods, typo, keys are too close. <grin>
[15:51:32] <sbx> What is the purpose of the factions?
[15:52:30] <Darke> <grin> No idea really. They are just 'there'. As I mentioned earlier, I don't know much in depth about this universe, just enough to start playing the game, and I'm learning more as I go.
[15:52:43] <Darke> There is probably a reason, I just don't know it.
[15:53:10] <sbx> Do they do anything?
[15:54:14] <Darke> They all have a different goal, and they all have different specialities, for example SoE specialise in the 'Matter' sphere of magic. As in manipulation/creation/destruction of 'non-living' objects.
[15:54:37] <Darke> Which is why they make good 'weird scientists'.
[15:55:10] <sbx> Do the mundane people know about them?
[15:56:19] <Darke> From the background I know, nope. But I don't know the reason why, I've been trying to get to a couple of webpages that I know of to find more information to give you, but I'm being rather annoyed at my isp at the moment.
[15:57:52] <sbx> Why don't you use wjp as a proxy?
[16:00:11] <Darke> sbx: How do you mean? I can't connect directly to him, since he's outside the country. What I need to do is to bounce off a competing isp's servers, if they actually have external access working also.
[16:01:24] <sbx> Darke: Make it So
[16:03:08] <Darke> No can do. <grin> I don't know of any proxy's I can easily 'borrow'. So I'm stuck for the moment, being able to talk to you, just not talk to the rest of the world. <innocentwiggle> Feel special?
[16:04:38] <sbx> Strangely I don't.
[16:05:20] * Darke feels all nice and warm and fuzzy... but that's probably just his fur coat.
[16:05:46] * sbx gives Darke a carrot.
[16:06:12] * Darke nibbles on the proffered carrot. "Thanks!"
[16:07:00] * wjp looks at the depressingly empty list of opcodes
[16:07:10] <wjp> *sigh*
[16:08:08] <Darke> Empty list of opcodes? <grin>
[16:08:25] <wjp> well, it's not empty, but there's not really much in there
[16:08:31] <sbx> SMTH1 SMTH2 SMTH3 SMTH4 SMTH5 and so on :-)
[16:08:57] <wjp> I think I have about 40-50 in 00 - 7F
[16:09:13] <wjp> (40, 50 decimal)
[16:10:10] * Darke snickers.
[16:10:35] <wjp> OTOH, that's about the only ones I've encountered so far
[16:10:54] * wjp wonders where the others are hiding
[16:11:31] <Darke> Where they can jump out and do the most damage, and the most inopportune moment.
[16:11:44] * wjp was afraid of that
[16:15:31] * Darke decides that laughing evily would be... impolite at this point in time.
[16:16:32] <wjp> good :-)
[16:20:32] <sbx> can I ?
[16:20:44] <Darke> sbx: Feel free.
[16:21:04] * wjp hovers mouse over 'kick'
[16:21:21] * sbx opens his mouth but sees wjp and shuts it quickly.
[16:22:42] <sbx> just play ultima7/bg/static/u7speech.spc to get enough evil laughter for a day
[16:24:46] <-- Darke has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[16:25:12] --> Darke has joined #exult
[16:37:37] <Darke> sbx: I finally managed to commit. <grin> Feel free to grab it and test the theoretically 'faster' ucxt out.
[16:40:14] <sbx> ok
[16:40:23] * wjp didn't know ucxt was slow
[16:40:29] <sbx> not really
[16:40:35] <wjp> or was it 'fast' and now 'faster'? :-)
[16:40:56] <Darke> wjp: There is just a long pause on load up as it parses the file. I'm pretty sure it's a bit faster now. <grin>
[16:47:37] <sbx> how would i go about converting a voc file to wav with sox?
[16:48:24] <sbx> sox -t voc infile -t wav outfile does nothing, and adding the -V options says skipping unknown block code 127
[16:51:28] <sbx> i guess noone has experience with this
[16:53:19] * Darke shakes his head. No idea.
[16:54:05] <wjp> only thing I know about sox is that it is way too picky about the order of its arguments
[16:56:22] <sbx> who likes the music of the 80's?
[16:58:01] * Darke bows. "That would possibly be me." <grin>
[16:59:09] <sbx> I saw an informercial with a guy saying "Don't you remember the music of the 80's?" :-)
[16:59:53] * Darke snickers.
[17:11:55] <sbx> hehe alt.culture.us.1980s
[17:12:00] --> Sentack has joined #Exult
[17:12:12] <Sentack> Hello again people.
[17:12:16] <Colourless> hi
[17:12:17] <wjp> hi
[17:12:32] <sbx> hi Sentack
[17:12:33] * Darke greetingsbows, "Hi."
[17:12:49] <Sentack> So what brought up the who Ultima 8 bit might I ask?
[17:13:12] * Darke blames wjp.
[17:13:30] * wjp puts on his best imitiation of Darke's "completely innocent" face
[17:13:48] <sbx> the contrived innocence is there, but the fluff is gone
[17:13:51] <Sentack> Tired of Ultima 7 perhaps?
[17:14:11] <Darke> wjp: Given my... success at that. You may wish to try imitating someone else's 'innocence'. <grin>
[17:14:24] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[17:14:24] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Fingolfin
[17:14:40] <sbx> hi Fingolfin
[17:14:49] <Fingolfin> lo
[17:14:54] <Colourless> hi
[17:15:01] <Darke> Hello.
[17:15:26] <Fingolfin> so, how far can I play in Pentagram already? Do you support the updated version of U8, or do I have to use the buggy original?
[17:15:32] <Fingolfin> Can I use the german version? :
[17:15:34] <Fingolfin> :)
[17:15:46] * wjp dusts off the large trout
[17:15:53] <Fingolfin> it's nice that you are going to add multi player support, very good
[17:15:54] <Fingolfin> aaargh
[17:15:59] * Fingolfin runs for cover
[17:16:09] * wjp picks up the cover and throws it at Fingolfin
[17:16:25] <wjp> (the cover was probably bigger than the trout, right? ;-) )
[17:16:28] * Fingolfin is now completly covered from the cover and has a hard time to recover
[17:16:30] * Darke would help beat Fingolfin senseless (or rather more senseless then he already is <grin>) but he is Doing Stuff(tm).
[17:16:30] <Fingolfin> *cough*
[17:16:39] <Fingolfin> Darke: traitor!
[17:16:48] <Fingolfin> Darke: after all you told me that they would add the MP support!
[17:17:16] * Darke persists in looking innocent, despite the fact noone seems to believe him.
[17:17:57] <Colourless> it's true we will, but no one was supposed to know, not even the non existant developers :-)
[17:18:30] <Fingolfin> super double secret
[17:18:36] <Fingolfin> I see, like some companies do it
[17:18:39] <Sentack> Well if the non existant developers are non existant, then they won't know will they?
[17:18:47] <Colourless> no
[17:18:49] <Fingolfin> they have projects os secret not even the developers working on it know it exists :)
[17:19:02] <Fingolfin> which of course leads to some problems
[17:19:06] <Fingolfin> e.g. when they try to make a release
[17:19:57] <sbx> gee
[17:20:02] <Sentack> How are you supposed to release when nobody knows they are working on it?
[17:20:14] <wjp> that would be one of the problems :-)
[17:20:20] <sbx> Am I the only one here who thinks U8.. erm.. "sucked"? |;-)
[17:20:22] <Sentack> I can just see it now.. You write code... but then don't know what it's goin to be used for...
[17:20:34] <Sentack> U8 had some fun magic systems though.
[17:20:34] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:20:39] <Sentack> Hey it wasn't U3 okay.
[17:20:47] <sbx> heh
[17:20:57] <sbx> sucked as an ultima that is
[17:21:17] <Fingolfin> I liked U8 overall; it was my first Ultima after all :) it is a long way from U7, but IMHO it had its points
[17:21:21] <Colourless> you are obviously a "pre-patch" player
[17:21:28] <Fingolfin> I was very disappoitned that they dropped the add-on :/
[17:21:28] <Sentack> <laughs>
[17:21:51] <Fingolfin> I was a die hard pre-patch player, btw, gosh, that was *hard*. so much easier after the patch, it almost felt like I was cheating :)
[17:21:57] <sbx> i have the patched version but i never got far
[17:22:04] <sbx> didnt bother to
[17:22:22] <Sentack> I finished the game. It was fun in the end.
[17:22:38] <Fingolfin> In fact, I would be happy to have a map browser, could take the CD from the shelf and look at the stuff again :)
[17:23:01] <Sentack> But ya, I when I finaly got a computer that coudl run it well, it was post patch by the time I got to the jumping sections.
[17:23:22] <Sentack> A map browser would be cool.
[17:23:27] <Colourless> I started playing it pre-patch on a 386, but it just got too hard. So, i left it for a some years and played it with the patch and really quite liked it
[17:24:33] <sbx> 567 are my favorites and worth playing through again :-)
[17:24:45] <Sentack> Actually I remember playing most of it on my 386. <Sigh> Oh what lovely times.
[17:24:53] <Sentack> 5 is the best imho.
[17:25:46] * Sentack wonders where he can get a copy of 5 at the moment.. although he has it on 2 cd's at home... there at home....
[17:26:13] <Sentack> now to be really silly, There's a game to reengineer for kicks.
[17:26:24] <sbx> Isn't someone doing that?
[17:26:33] <sbx> What is Lazarus doing?
[17:27:08] <Colourless> waiting for vaporware to condense
[17:27:27] <Sentack> Hissssssssss Lazarus. Hissssssssss eeeeeeevil!
[17:27:40] <Sentack> I just found out that they are re-writing a lot of the dialog for that game.
[17:28:16] <Sentack> Keep the art, or use the new u4 art for crying out loud but Don't change the game much beyond that! Hmm New u7 style interface with U5? <chuckles>
[17:28:17] <sbx> Oh yeah DS.
[17:28:48] <Sentack> What's the site for Ultima remakes?
[17:28:52] <sbx> Sentack: That is what I want for U6, keeping as much of the original stuff as possible.
[17:29:13] <Sentack> Found it.
[17:29:31] <Sentack> Hmmm I liked the plot and things of u6. Didn't like hte graphics through.
[17:29:53] <Sentack> A funny time between cga and vga. ega had some of hte worse color combinations on earth.
[17:30:38] <Colourless> you didn't play u6 in vga?
[17:30:38] <sbx> I thought the graphics were fine(256 color) but it's the screen size and step-by-step walking I would like to get rid of by porting it to Exult.
[17:30:52] <sbx> The SNES port is better in that aspect.
[17:30:56] <Colourless> exult still has step by step walking :-)
[17:31:27] <sbx> Well all walking is step by step I suppose. :P
[17:32:49] <Sentack> Perhaps I only saw it in ega mode. In any case, It wasn't my cup of tea. Then again if someone got a u6 engine working, it might be easy to port to the other two Worlds of Ultima games.
[17:32:52] <matto> anyone messed around with usleep much? I've been experimenting with it and it seems that you can't sleep for anything less than 20 ms at a time
[17:34:59] <sbx> No I've never had to make anything sleep for just a few ms (or I would just use select i guess).
[17:35:23] --> Darkatom has joined #exult
[17:35:33] <matto> hmm... I'd like to make a process sleep for 1 ms
[17:35:41] <sbx> hehe
[17:35:48] <Darkatom> hi
[17:35:51] <matto> 20 ms slices isn't good enough
[17:36:15] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[17:36:18] <Sentack> Dam that small? Why that small? Doing a multi-tasking application of some sort?
[17:36:20] <sbx> hi darkatom
[17:36:26] <matto> a video running at 24 fps changes every 33 frames or so... so if you slept two slices instead of 1, you'd be on the wrong frame
[17:36:45] <Colourless> hi
[17:36:48] <matto> I'm trying to stop video from playing too long
[17:36:58] <matto> err I meant.. the video changes every 33 ms or so
[17:37:00] <matto> not 33 frames
[17:37:14] <Sentack> <Scraches his head> Okay, well perhaps there's another way to do it other then waiting in small increments of time.
[17:37:21] <sbx> just dont put more frames than necessary?
[17:37:26] <matto> I could also not sleep at all ... but that would waste valuable cpu cycles
[17:37:34] <Darkatom> can i ask a question about the game (not exult)??
[17:37:41] * Sentack shrugs
[17:37:49] <matto> sbx: surely you must know that that's not an option :)
[17:37:51] <Sentack> Hmm wish I was helpfull but.. I'm not.
[17:38:04] <sbx> if you are writing the video player or whatever it is
[17:38:13] <Colourless> you can ask a question... doesn't mean we'll answer it :-0
[17:38:31] <sbx> Darkatom: Dominus might run in and say RTFM but you can still ask. :-)
[17:38:47] <Darkatom> thanks the
[17:38:49] <Darkatom> then
[17:38:52] <Darkatom> ok
[17:39:58] <Darkatom> how do u call that people as Batlin?
[17:40:11] <Darkatom> (I don't know how it is called in english)
[17:41:26] <sbx> Fellowship?
[17:41:29] <matto> hmmmmmm...
[17:41:30] <Darkatom> yes
[17:41:43] <sbx> that is what its called
[17:42:04] <Darkatom> ok,
[17:42:34] <Darkatom> Batlin has told me that i have to read the Fellowship book
[17:44:06] <Sentack> Got to run. Bye guys
[17:44:08] <-- Sentack has left IRC ("ircII EPIC4-1.0.1 -- Are we there yet?")
[17:44:20] <-- Darkatom has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[17:46:57] * Darke must disappear now, this 'sleep' creature is attacking him. "Night all."
[17:47:08] <-- Darke has left #exult ()
[17:47:14] <sbx> :-(
[17:55:29] --> Darkatom has joined #exult
[17:55:32] <Darkatom> hi again
[17:55:34] <wjp> wb
[17:55:49] <Darkatom> do you remember what I was asking?
[17:56:10] <wjp> last thing I heard you say is:
[17:56:14] <wjp> <Darkatom> Batlin has told me that i have to read the Fellowship boo
[17:56:18] <Darkatom> yes
[17:56:18] <wjp> k
[17:56:31] <Darkatom> yes it is
[17:56:39] <Darkatom> where can I find it?
[17:56:50] <wjp> it's the game manual
[17:57:19] <Darkatom> ok
[17:57:25] <Darkatom> and
[17:57:33] <Darkatom> I have another question
[17:58:02] <Darkatom> there are some blue balls
[17:58:02] <Darkatom> that flies
[17:58:42] <Darkatom> how can I speak to them?
[17:59:03] <wjp> someone in the game will tell you when you need to talk to them
[17:59:06] <wjp> (and how)
[18:01:43] <-- Darkatom has left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[18:06:33] --> sbx_ has joined #exult
[18:08:23] <-- sbx has left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[18:10:52] --- sbx_ is now known as sbx
[18:14:54] <wjp> Strange. I've been receiving a lot of Amy Lear's posts to the ML twice, recently.
[18:16:05] <sbx> Strange.
[18:26:38] <-- matto has left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[18:27:08] --> matto has joined #exult
[18:34:06] <-- matto has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[18:34:25] --> matto has joined #exult
[18:39:57] --> sbx_ has joined #exult
[18:40:18] <sbx_> !
[18:40:23] <sbx_> oops
[18:42:05] <-- sbx has left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[18:42:08] <wjp> hey... this suddenly makes sense... what I thought had to be some intrinsic call turns out to be a usecode call to a wrapper function around an intrinsic
[18:43:05] --- sbx_ is now known as sbx
[18:43:19] <sbx> does u7usecode do that ever?
[18:43:39] <wjp> probably. Don't know any concrete examples, though
[18:45:28] <sbx> what made you think it had to be some intrinsic call to begin with?
[18:48:04] <sbx> if it looks like the other calls
[18:48:07] <wjp> it was where Darion sold you some armour. Something had to add the armour to your backpack
[18:49:13] <sbx> wouldnt you check to see if its referencing a function first?
[18:49:16] <Colourless> what do you mean wrapper?
[18:50:01] <wjp> Colourless: from what I can tell, the 'wrapper' takes as parameters things like count, shape & frame, and adds that to your backpack, if possible
[18:50:31] <Colourless> so it is just a usecode function?
[18:50:38] <wjp> yes
[18:50:49] <sbx> that is what i would assume
[18:51:11] <Colourless> serpent isle did somethings like that with the 'get_path_egg' function.
[18:51:11] <wjp> well, in U7 this would've been a direct intrinsic call
[18:51:28] <wjp> Colourless: yeah
[18:51:29] <sbx> oh i am not too familiar with it obviously :-)
[18:55:14] <sbx> Is it generally unwise to statically link glibc?
[18:57:39] <sbx> is that even possible? :-)
[18:58:16] <wjp> sure, it's possible
[18:58:22] <wjp> not many people seem to do it, though
[18:59:53] <sbx> anything wrong with doing that besides filesize?
[19:06:07] * sbx downloads Opera TP6.
[19:19:02] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC ("cya")
[19:24:11] --> rovragge has joined #exult
[19:24:13] <rovragge> hi
[19:24:36] <rovragge> have trouble entering the tetrahedron generator on dagger isle, I am wearing the ethereal ring.
[19:25:27] <rovragge> oops nothing
[19:26:03] <Colourless> what did you do wrong?
[19:26:28] <sbx> "This big monster won't let me get any further! What's his problem?"
[19:26:41] <sbx> :-)
[19:27:19] <rovragge> Colourless: when wearing gloves, ring was removed (?!)
[19:30:06] <sbx> there is only a slot for 'hand stuff'
[19:30:10] <sbx> i think
[19:31:05] <sbx> cant remember now :P
[19:31:08] <rovragge> sbx: no it worked now... confusing
[19:31:22] <Colourless> in BG you can't wear gloves and rings at the same time
[19:53:38] <sbx> http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/1214.mplayer.html
[20:10:36] <sbx> bah
[20:10:37] <sbx> :P
[20:33:07] <Colourless> time to go
[20:38:00] <sbx> cya
[20:38:17] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("bye")
[20:51:41] <-- rovragge has left IRC ("\0")
[21:01:35] <-- S|NOTLOVE has left IRC ("haha pwnd")
[22:29:02] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Sleep")
[22:36:26] <sbx> It's just you and me exultbot...
[22:36:32] <sbx> ... oh and that guy in the corner.
[22:36:41] * sbx looks at matto.
[22:36:48] * sbx shrugs. :-)
[22:36:51] <matto> hi
[22:37:00] <sbx> hi
[22:37:04] <matto> you have to but say my name and I will be summoned here :)
[22:37:16] <sbx> maybe i shouldve said ottam
[22:37:34] <sbx> only me and exultbot would know what it meant
[22:38:13] <sbx> :D
[22:52:31] <matto> yeah :)
[22:53:37] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[22:53:38] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Kirben