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[00:00:26] <Cahaan> spoiler!
[00:00:36] <wjp> spoiler?
[00:00:43] <Cahaan> dead spark
[00:00:56] <wjp> it's not a plot death
[00:00:57] <Cahaan> spark is the name of the little boy in part1 :]
[00:01:05] <wjp> just a death-by-headlesses :-)
[00:01:23] <wjp> we're well aware of who Spark is ;-)
[00:01:30] <Cahaan> lol ^^
[00:01:38] <wjp> in fact, we've been getting him killed a couple of dozen times tonight :-)
[00:01:59] <Cahaan> :(((( videgames are violent
[00:02:02] <Cahaan> jk
[00:02:41] * wjp adds some extra debugging output
[00:03:10] <wjp> of course we can't add any extra debugging output to the release version that's broken
[00:03:15] <wjp> :/
[00:03:22] <Dominus> I was about to say that
[00:03:35] <Dominus> hm,, well, we can
[00:03:58] <Dominus> we have the source nicely on SF
[00:04:14] <wjp> well, yes, and I have it here too
[00:04:27] <wjp> although I kind of doubt it's the code
[00:06:07] <wjp> but I guess it won't hurt to try
[00:06:14] <Dominus> I'm compiling from source again to see what happens
[00:09:04] <Dominus> any idea why makefile.mingw is missing from the source we released?
[00:09:27] <wjp> because it's missing from the EXTRA_DIST list in Makefile.am?
[00:11:13] <Cahaan> o_O
[00:14:21] <Dominus> bah our released source is seriously broken
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[00:15:24] <Dominus> win_midiout.h is missing as well
[00:15:36] <wjp> Kirben just added Makefile.mingw :-)
[00:16:10] <wjp> hm, k, I'll add win_midiout.h
[00:16:31] <wjp> the .cc too?
[00:16:37] <Dominus> yes
[00:18:47] <wjp> ok, resurrect works here in release sources
[00:19:22] <Dominus> still compiling
[00:20:31] <wjp> k, I added win_midiout.*
[00:21:08] <wjp> I think this clearly shows how many people compile their own windows binaries ;-)
[00:22:30] <Dominus> yup
[00:22:39] <Dominus> release cvs works here as well
[00:22:50] <Dominus> meaning no NPC #128
[00:23:17] <Dominus> I *think* the only ones compiling it on windows are kirben, colourless and me
[00:23:50] <Dominus> sometimes I think we should have kirben make the release :-)
[00:26:00] <Dominus> so, do we agree that msvc screwed up the release?
[00:28:34] <servus> While I have you here, though, WJP: How do I use the digital sound fx pack I downloaded for Exult? The original sound fx (nor the music!) work. I got the ogg music to work, but there is no reference as to where to put the digital sound fx flx anywhere.
[00:29:44] <Dominus> http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#wave_sfx ?
[00:30:05] <wjp> you can put them anywhere, as long as you put the right path in your exult.cfg
[00:30:31] <Dominus> or as it says at the link, put them in your data dir and write the name of the pack
[00:30:35] <servus> Ah. I looked through the config and found no such thing. I was looking at the wrong docs then
[00:30:39] <wjp> Dominus: yeah, I'll chalk it up to a compiler error for now
[00:30:48] <wjp> s/to/as/
[00:30:57] <wjp> thanks for the testing
[00:31:26] <Dominus> np, time to go to sleep now :-)
[00:32:00] <wjp> yes, me too :-)
[00:32:19] <Dominus> servus: you okay with the sfx?
[00:33:04] <Dominus> anyway, good night.
[00:33:17] <servus> Yay.
[00:33:27] <Dominus> Colourless: the zips will stay so, happy testing tomorrow
[00:33:29] <servus> I realize now that I've never gotten it to work in Exult ever. Thanks
[00:33:37] <Dominus> he he, np
[00:33:40] <Dominus> bye
[00:33:59] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("a pooka invited me for a drink")
[00:34:10] * servus wonders what the heck a pooka is
[00:34:49] <servus> http://googlism.com/index.htm?ism=pooka&type=2 "pooka is a strangely designed mutt who just happens to be in anya's path to her past"
[00:36:53] <wjp> everything2.com had a few hits on it too
[00:37:18] <servus> Googlism is more random
[00:37:36] <servus> everything2.com/index.pl is croaking on me!
[00:38:22] <wjp> hm, it was working 2 minutes ago
[00:38:35] <servus> It's giving me a 500
[00:38:41] <wjp> me too, currently
[00:38:45] <servus> Works now
[00:39:05] <servus> Googlism said hobgoblin too
[00:39:06] <wjp> anyway, I should really be going :-)
[00:39:08] <wjp> night
[00:39:20] <servus> Night
[00:39:25] <servus> Need anymore art? P
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[04:05:20] <Baastuul_> Dammit.
[04:05:26] <Baastuul_> My ISP is teh worst evar.
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[12:44:36] <wjp> hi
[12:44:38] <Colourless> hi
[12:45:52] <wjp> that resurrection bug appears to be specific to the msvc-built release
[12:47:30] <Colourless> i'll have to take a look
[12:47:52] <Colourless> any specific way required to kill him?
[12:48:09] <wjp> you can get that .zip that dominus made last night
[12:48:48] <Colourless> and what?
[12:49:35] <wjp> and load the "after LB's boring speech" savegame
[12:50:09] <Colourless> is the savegame itself broken?
[12:50:13] <wjp> no
[12:50:34] <wjp> at least, the npc num associated with the body is correct when I load it in linux
[12:51:07] <Colourless> ok, so i'll need to load that savegame, and then get the body?
[12:51:11] <wjp> yes
[12:51:29] <wjp> it's in the west part of destard, with the long vertical passage with headlesses and a chest
[12:51:48] <wjp> after getting the body, take it to LB, put it on the floor, and have LB resurrect
[12:52:06] <wjp> it seems to produce NPC# 128
[12:52:28] <wjp> the weird thing is that the savegame format can't represent NPC# 128 as an npc for a dead body
[12:53:40] <Colourless> it would be 'real' nice if exultbot could highlight urls :-)
[12:57:34] <wjp> well, it would be possible, if I can find a good regexp for urls
[13:02:17] <Colourless> exult crashed :-)
[13:02:56] <Colourless> (when i attempted teleporting to the western part of destard)
[13:03:31] * Colourless builds a debug build
[13:08:18] <Colourless> well, i'm getting a crash in Mouse::set_speed_cursor() but i think that would be unrelated
[13:08:49] <wjp> is that the one I fixed in CVS?
[13:08:58] <Colourless> i have no idea
[13:09:11] <Colourless> it's with a freshly updated version
[13:09:23] <Colourless> line 318 mouse.cc
[13:09:41] <Colourless> crashing in the dynamic cast
[13:09:41] <wjp> hm, wait a sec... do you have a problem with dynamic_casts?
[13:09:56] <wjp> I just realized we were trying to avoid dynamic casts
[13:10:12] <Colourless> gee
[13:10:30] <Colourless> this is not correct
[13:10:54] <Colourless> runtime type info isn't enabled (required for dynamic casts)
[13:11:19] <wjp> remove the first check if the dynamic_cast is non-zero and replace the second dynamic_cast with a static_cast
[13:11:29] <Colourless> no it shouldn't matter
[13:11:34] <Colourless> compiler settings weren't correct
[13:11:57] <Colourless> the reason for no dynamic casts in pentagram is disabling them makes the program faster :-)
[13:12:14] <wjp> well, if this is the only reason you need RTTI, might as well get rid of that dynamic_cast
[13:12:22] <wjp> it was a static_cast before, anyway
[13:12:43] <wjp> (only it wasn't sufficiently checked in advance if it actually was a Combat_schedule
[13:12:46] <wjp> )
[13:12:58] <Colourless> yes it is the only reason
[13:13:21] <Colourless> jeff and i actually went through and got rid of all the other dynamic casts... seems you introduced one :-)
[13:13:28] <wjp> yes, I did
[13:13:28] * Colourless forgot he had done that
[13:13:37] * wjp forgot you had done that, too :-)
[13:14:25] * Colourless just enables rtti for now
[13:19:30] <Colourless> well that is useful, works fine in a debug build. now to test a release build
[13:20:44] <Colourless> going to make finding the ressurect problem difficult
[13:25:41] <Colourless> unless i'm missing something, it is also working in release builds too
[13:27:18] <Colourless> i'll try with 1.1.9rc1
[13:28:32] <Colourless> and 1.1.9rc1 is broken
[13:29:39] * Colourless trys another build
[13:33:49] <Colourless> ok, build didn't work
[13:34:11] * Colourless now need to know what is the difference between his 'release' and 'release install' builds
[13:34:35] <wjp> 'release' and 'release install'?
[13:34:51] <Colourless> just 2 different builds that i have
[13:35:06] <wjp> and you use the latter one for official releases?
[13:35:09] <Colourless> yeah
[13:36:02] <Colourless> release uses minimize size and doesn't have inline function expansion
[13:38:19] * Colourless sets release install to use minimize size
[13:38:47] * Colourless curses the MSVC6.0 SP5 optimizer... he has had no end of problems with it
[13:42:16] <Colourless> and using 'minimize size' got rid of the problem
[13:48:20] <Colourless> btw, wjp, the fighter that gets ressurected has 'flashing pixels'
[13:48:35] <wjp> yes, I noticed that too last night
[13:48:40] <wjp> I wasn't happy about that :-)
[13:49:15] <Colourless> better fix it before the natives find out. Revenge of the 'unmentionable' is not wanted :-)
[13:49:39] <wjp> but how do I fix that without breaking the juggernaut hammer again? :-)
[13:50:00] <wjp> maybe it should only be a range of 2?
[13:50:31] <Colourless> well, maybe make all npcs shapes be rendered using xform ?
[13:50:54] <wjp> but then she would be partially transparent?
[13:51:06] <Colourless> well spark is rendered using forced xform
[13:53:01] <Colourless> shapevga.cc:119
[13:53:01] <Colourless> // set Spark to translucent. Otherwise his pant will palette-cycle
[13:54:44] <Colourless> it's the same problem, just a different shape
[13:55:40] * wjp nods
[13:56:16] <wjp> forcing xform on all npcs might be best, yes
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[14:06:47] <SB-X> I have 50 of SI's global flags described now in my notes.
[14:06:56] <wjp> cool :-)
[14:06:57] <SB-X> ways to go
[14:07:30] <wjp> did you already get/copy those I found while looking at Xenka's 'sacrifice' option?
[14:07:52] <SB-X> no
[14:08:00] <SB-X> if I search exult forum will I find more?
[14:08:48] <SB-X> including those
[14:08:58] <wjp> http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=17630&t=17630
[14:09:17] <SB-X> ok
[14:09:18] <SB-X> thanks
[14:25:28] <SB-X> How does the game know you get an object, and what function it should call for it? There is always some egg under the object?
[14:26:03] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[14:26:27] <wjp> if it sets a flag I think it has an egg under it
[14:26:50] <SB-X> so in that thread how does it know to call 0x6ac?
[14:26:55] <SB-X> does the egg set that in its data?
[14:26:58] <wjp> yes
[14:27:17] <SB-X> ah ok
[14:27:42] <SB-X> How hard would it be from the engine perspective to support banquet usecode where the each block of dialog is said when the player picks up or eats some food on the table (on top of an egg)?
[14:28:11] <SB-X> you would have to let the player use/get things but not walk around
[14:28:36] <wjp> hm, I don't think there's a 'mode' for that
[14:28:39] <Colourless> that wouldn't currently be supported byt the engine
[14:28:57] <SB-X> you probably read the documents saying this is what the designers wanted originally
[14:28:59] <wjp> you could have random pieces of food disappear during the banquet, though :-)
[14:29:14] <SB-X> yes that works
[14:29:30] <SB-X> i guess they wanted it more interactive
[14:30:10] <SB-X> and in Moonshade when someone ate some food the automotans brought more
[14:30:31] <SB-X> so you could pick up more food from the same egg and get more dialog
[14:35:52] <SB-X> ~~ ~~PHIL'S GUIDE TO UNFINISHED USECODE~~ ~~by Phil*~~ An enlightening discourse on the enigma of usecode.~Beginning with the heretofore unresolved mysteries of global variables...*Page 2*Page 3*Page 4*Page 5*Page 6*Page 7
[14:36:06] <wjp> yes :-)
[14:41:12] <SB-X> does U8 have as many or more error/debugging strings in its usecode? like this... "Failure in Brendan2Usable(_Action) because we couldn't find the guard that is supposedly pathfinding to the door." ...and... "Failure in CleanUpTournament() because we couldn't push an item into the ethereal void. We were doing this during the transfer of inventory from the chest into the student."
[14:41:42] <SB-X> though I don't see them in BG
[14:41:49] <SB-X> as many
[14:42:43] <Colourless> i can't recall actually seeing any in u8
[14:43:55] <SB-X> :\
[14:43:59] <SB-X> those are fun
[14:48:28] <SB-X> they left stuff in from BG
[14:50:04] <SB-X> random barks from fellowship gargoyle, is that in SI anywhere?
[14:50:11] <SB-X> i havn't finished it yet
[14:50:15] <SB-X> but Palos is dead already
[14:52:35] <SB-X> haha, a set of functions dedicated only to giving the lengthy explanation of the fellowship philosophy
[14:53:07] <SB-X> so that's why everyone said the same thing
[14:53:37] <SB-X> I bet Artaxerxes knows a lot about this, he must have read nearly all of SI usecode.
[14:58:16] <Darke> IIRC, there's a few debugging statements in the various u8-engine games, I can't think of anything in specific atm though.
[14:59:13] <Darke> The 'problem' is that it looks like the original usecode-script format supported essentially #ifdef preprocessor directives so large chunks of code were commented in/out if debugging mode was on. There's quite a few odd looking functions as a result of that.
[14:59:26] <Colourless> u8 engine also had a comprehensive debugging system
[14:59:48] <Colourless> u7 did not
[15:00:00] <Darke> Integrated into the engine, which was *also* almost completely #ifdefed out. *grin*
[15:00:01] <wjp> I can understand wanting a debugger when dealing with complex multithreaded usecode :-)
[15:02:16] * Darke returns to his slumber. *fwump* Night!
[15:04:00] * SB-X returns to playing SI.
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[15:06:14] <Colourless> i get 103 warnings attempting to compile exult with msvc.net
[15:06:29] <Colourless> most of them are signed unsigned mismatches in comparisons
[15:07:13] <Colourless> 2x warning C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned type, result still unsigned
[15:07:39] <Colourless> and the rest are conversions to smaller types with possible losses of data
[15:09:04] <Colourless> and res'ing spark works fine
[15:09:30] <Colourless> i'm thinking perhaps we should no longer support MSVC6
[15:09:55] <wjp> fine by me :-)
[15:11:18] <Colourless> as such, we should have a RC2 before release
[15:11:50] <Colourless> that should probably be soon
[15:12:31] <Colourless> i'd say sometime in early march
[15:46:27] <wjp> maybe earlier
[15:46:34] <wjp> as in next week or something :-)
[17:13:02] <wjp> btw, my support request about the late download mirror syncing was closed today
[17:17:32] <Colourless> wow
[17:18:46] <wjp> hm, I'm getting a "redirection limit exceeded" for exult.sourceforge.net/forum
[17:19:29] <wjp> ah, apparently there's a scheduled downtime currently
[17:19:54] <wjp> (hardware upgrade for the project DB servers; yay :-) )
[17:45:44] <wjp> want me to remove that dynamic_cast, btw?
[17:47:45] <wjp> hm, I guess I should also commit that missing ShapeID::has_trans initialisation
[17:52:37] <Colourless> yeah i would like you to remove it
[17:58:44] <wjp> done
[17:59:26] <Colourless> thanks
[18:09:18] <wjp> dinner; bbl
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[18:50:28] <wjp> back
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[19:17:45] <Dominus> hi
[19:22:28] <wjp> hi
[19:22:42] <Colourless> hi
[19:25:33] <Dominus> it's good to have a release candidate pahase after all
[19:26:45] <wjp> yes :-)
[19:27:23] <wjp> btw, the tracker has another bug I can't reproduce in it: cloning the avatar can apparently crash exult
[19:29:23] <Dominus> works with the self-compiled rc1
[19:30:31] <Colourless> cloning avatar?
[19:30:52] <Dominus> and also with the release version itself
[19:30:54] <wjp> yeah, the spell clone
[19:31:47] <Dominus> we'll definitely need a savegame
[19:31:55] <wjp> already asked for one
[19:32:04] <wjp> but it's an anonymous report
[19:33:41] <Dominus> I think having a dozen clones of the avatar and all around makes it fairly safe to say it "normaly" works
[19:42:05] <Dominus> oh, wjp and servus: a pooka is a magical creature, a shapeshifter, famous in the James Stewart movie "Harvey"
[19:42:55] <wjp> the seven foot tall invisible rabiit? :-)
[19:43:01] <wjp> s/bi/bb/
[19:43:15] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts invisibility")
[19:44:32] <Dominus> yup, that one, seven foot and 3 inch
[20:15:53] <wjp> hm, I guess I'll close these resurrection bugs
[20:16:46] <Dominus> agreed
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[23:49:33] <Baastuul> Hullo.
[23:50:05] --> MaxHC has joined #exult
[23:50:17] <Baastuul> Hi, MaxHC>
[23:50:21] <MaxHC> hello
[23:50:25] <wjp> hi
[23:50:47] <MaxHC> i downloaded exult today and found ultima VII really interesting :-)
[23:53:05] <Baastuul> You never played it before?
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[23:59:03] <MaxHC> i have
[23:59:15] <MaxHC> but it's been a long time
[23:59:47] <MaxHC> i was a big ultima 6 fan 10 years ago