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[01:41:32] <wepy> Marzo: I have a new bug.. using new gcc
[01:41:35] <wepy> (4.2.4)
[01:41:58] <wepy> shoot.. maybe i need to use gmake
[02:02:27] <wepy> hey it built!
[02:03:03] <wepy> but the midi is all weird sounding.. i think timidity needs configuration
[02:09:37] <wepy> oh this is great it's working!
[02:10:14] <wepy> if I can make a package for OpenBSD 4.6, would you put it on your Downloads page?
[02:19:55] <wepy> small problem.. no sound effects :| but music..
[02:28:10] <wepy> got that..
[02:29:18] <wepy> any good way to turn the music volume down?
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[03:22:24] <wepy> will there be a release soon?
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[20:52:15] <Dominus> hey marzo, check your spam filter, maybe it is swallowing the ml...
[20:52:57] <Dominus> curiosly I got your reply to Jeff's first reply before his reply hit the ML - the archive also saw your reply first :)
[21:06:07] <Marzo> The first thing I checked was the spam filter
[21:06:26] <Marzo> Then I checked the spam folder anyway
[21:06:34] <Marzo> Finally, I checked to see if I was still subscribed
[21:06:48] <Marzo> I have no idea really why I am not receiving those messages
[21:07:16] <Marzo> Except maybe that SF may or may not be having issues with Yahoo Mail
[21:08:20] <Dominus> that may be
[21:08:58] <Dominus> maybe assign another email account to the ML...
[21:09:23] <Marzo> Aye, I just did that too
[21:10:17] <Dominus> On the other hand, I tend to forget to tell the os x mail app to use my sf account when sending to the ML and at first my mail bounces always :)
[21:13:39] <Dominus> I'm really dead tired now but we *should* get some plan underway for a release, for stuff that really needs to be done and such… maybe get the oldbies who managed the old releases to have their say as well :)
[21:14:10] * Dominus glances quickly at wjp but only for a fracture of a second
[21:14:13] <Dominus> :)
[21:15:13] <Marzo> "fracture"? Did the second break midway? :-)
[21:15:43] <wjp> somebody rang?
[21:16:01] <Marzo> Aye ^
[21:16:16] <Marzo> We have been talking of making of a release
[21:16:34] <wjp> I'm all for that :-)
[21:16:43] <Dominus> :)
[21:17:14] <wjp> although I really have no idea how stable things are currently
[21:17:16] <Marzo> Shall we number it 1.5? It should definitely be higher than SVN.
[21:17:31] <Dominus> I'm all for 1.5
[21:17:31] <wjp> agreed
[21:17:48] <Marzo> Naturally, we should go over the bug list
[21:18:03] <Dominus> Exult seems to be stable in regard to the u7 stories
[21:18:05] <Marzo> And I think some people reported having completed the game since we put the call for it in the Phorum
[21:18:51] <Dominus> of course my main offender, the switching to fullscreen and the strange point scaler stuff are bugging me :)
[21:18:53] <Marzo> Aye, there it is: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=331732&t=331732
[21:19:11] <Marzo> What strange point scaler stuff?
[21:19:31] <Marzo> Re: the full screen switch: it is not like it worked in 1.2 either...
[21:19:33] <Dominus> I have it on the log somewhere in this channel, a moment, please...
[21:21:13] <wjp> did we ever figure out a cause/workaround?
[21:21:23] * wjp vaguely remembers a palette issue?
[21:21:27] <Marzo> Probably buggy code
[21:21:56] <Marzo> I never really looked into it; maybe compare to how DOSBox does it reveals the cause
[21:22:11] <wjp> ah yes, SDL_HWPALETTE
[21:22:15] <wjp> 4/5 jan
[21:22:21] <Marzo> (that next-to-last statement should have been accompanied by a smiley)
[21:23:43] <Dominus> the fullscreen switching seems to not work because of the SDL_HWPALETTE, or whatever malignant manor found out
[21:24:20] <Dominus> interestingly it is only affecting on OS X with the low game resolutions, at 640x400 upwards it works
[21:25:55] <Dominus> AND fullscreen does not "work" - meaning messed up palette - for me on OS X with the scalers point/interlaced/scale2x
[21:26:24] <Dominus> possibly a 8bpp mode issue on OS X for some graphics drivers, Radeon for me...
[21:26:40] <Dominus> http://bugs.openttd.org/task/3194 is where I got the information from
[21:26:52] <Dominus> "8bpp modes are deprecated starting in 10.5. CoreGraphics will return them as available in the display list, but many features (e.g. palette animation) will be broken"
[21:29:55] <Dominus> For a release I *think* figuring out a correct way for Exult to behave on newer Windows in regards to storing cfg and files and fixing the fullscreen switching are the main topics (apart from our huge bug tracker)
[21:32:48] <Dominus> since it might take us a while longer to release a new version after this, these issues should be taggled :)
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[21:37:34] <Marzo> Sorry, tried changing to full screen in Exult and was forced to restart X as a consequence
[21:37:48] <Dominus> oh
[21:38:04] <Marzo> Regarding Windows cfg:
[21:38:18] <Marzo> There are two things that have to be tackled
[21:38:32] <Marzo> First is the issue of backwards compatibility
[21:38:56] <Marzo> That is, whether or not Exult would read a cfg file in its current dir
[21:40:05] <Marzo> Changing this could lead to many complaints about the new version "breaking Exult"
[21:40:47] <Dominus> it *should* read a cfg file there but check whether it can write to it and if not create a working (read/write) copy in the new default location
[21:41:29] <Marzo> Aye, that would work
[21:42:00] <Dominus> that's just the first idea that came to mind
[21:42:31] <Marzo> No, it is a very good idea; it solves the other problem before I even stated it :-)
[21:42:53] <Dominus> I'm fine with that :)
[21:43:07] <Marzo> This one was what to do with the cfg created by the installer, which presumably has the correct path settings
[21:43:12] <Marzo> (for the games)
[21:45:54] <Dominus> I think the installer should be adapted to do on Windows Vista/7: check whether an exult.cfg exists - if yes, is it writeable -> if no cfg xists or not writeable, create one in the userspace (wherever that is supposed to be)
[21:46:20] <Marzo> So the basic working steps are: (1) Exult checks for the cfg in the current dir: if present and can read/write, use it; (2) otherwise, check for cfg in new default dir: if present, use it; (3) if we have read-only cwd cfg, but no cfg in user dir, copy it there and use new copy
[21:47:10] <Dominus> yup
[21:47:10] <Marzo> The installer presumably requires admin privileges anyway to install to restricted folders
[21:47:11] <Marzo> Therefore, it will have no problems creating the cfg
[21:47:13] <Dominus> oh, didn't think of that
[21:47:16] <Dominus> true
[21:47:28] <Marzo> Exult is the one that has to decide which cfg to use
[21:47:35] <Dominus> true
[21:47:52] <Marzo> Aye, I will see about implementing that patch then
[21:48:28] <Dominus> (though at least the installer should check whether "we" are on theVista/W7 and create the cfg in the new location)
[21:48:48] <Dominus> The more advanced stuff are savegame/gamedat dir
[21:49:28] <Dominus> obviously needs the same check for writeable
[21:53:40] <Marzo> Actually, we should follow the user decisions for the installer: I don't know if the installer offers the choice to install "for all users" or "only for the current user", but if it does, it should write the cfg to the correct location
[21:54:37] <Marzo> Installing for "all users" should save an appropriate "template" cfg in the install dir with the correct paths set by the installer
[21:54:53] <Dominus> the installer does only ask for the game locations and enters that into the cfg and saves the cfg to the exult location
[21:55:35] <Dominus> under windows up to now it was alaways assumed that game location=savegame and gamedat dir location
[21:55:57] <Marzo> In this case, we should follow the installers' procedure for the start menu icons
[21:56:24] <Marzo> (if it installs for all users, it should install the cfg at the install dir, regardless of where it is)
[21:56:49] <Marzo> Exult will not use the read-only cfg anyway except as an initial template, so it is not much of an issue
[21:58:21] <Dominus> we still have to make the installer handle the savegame/gamedat location because it doesn't do that atm
[21:59:30] <Marzo> Exult is the one that handles that, actually
[22:00:20] <Marzo> The installer only sets <path>
[22:02:09] <Dominus> :) yeah, I was referring to Exult when I wrote
[22:02:09] <Dominus> The more advanced stuff are savegame/gamedat dir
[22:02:09] <Dominus> obviously needs the same check for writeable
[22:04:23] <Dominus> exult needs to do the same check for existing savegame/gamedat as with the exult.cfg
[22:05:23] <Marzo> True
[22:05:51] <Marzo> That can probably be done in gamemgr/modmgr.cc when the settings are read
[22:07:21] <Dominus> with no savegame/gamedat, it needs to decide, user-only space or all-users… that's where the installer comes handy and a question regarding this could probably be added to the installer (and thus wherever exult finds the exult.cfg first (program dir, user dir, all user dir) makes its decision...)
[22:08:48] <Dominus> that user stuff is confusing :)
[22:09:29] <Dominus> MS should have left it at XP level - everyone an admin by default with huge security risk :)
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[22:10:16] <Malignant_Manor> Wow, Marzo actually agrees on a release now.
[22:10:55] <Dominus> it was mostly me not agreeing on a release without proper tests :)
[22:11:02] <Dominus> hi Malignant_Manor :)
[22:11:26] <Dominus> not agreeing=being cautious
[22:11:27] <Marzo> I actually had no problems with a release
[22:11:30] <Malignant_Manor> Well, Marzo was always saying not when still developing.
[22:11:53] <Malignant_Manor> but testing seems to be extremely low
[22:12:20] <Marzo> While I would have preferred to finish up a few things first, I realized that they are like put band-aids on an axe wound
[22:12:36] <Marzo> :-)
[22:13:16] <Dominus> (where the foot lies a couple of *feet* away from the rest of the leg...)
[22:14:12] <Dominus> better a release soonish than never releasing again :)
[22:14:55] <Malignant_Manor> I've been procrastinating on the darn template graphics. The arrow in flight stuff had deterred me, and I've put it off for months.
[22:15:01] <Marzo> Moreover, a new release will put 1.2 to rest
[22:15:20] <Malignant_Manor> I'm going to look at a few issues on the tracker.
[22:15:20] <Marzo> No more bug reports about bugs fixed ages ago
[22:15:23] <Dominus> and it really needs to be put to rest
[22:16:35] <Malignant_Manor> It also means much less testers for svn since a release version of the two popular mods will likely be done.
[22:16:50] <Dominus> and… the Windows Vista and 7 situation is manageable but not ideal the current way
[22:17:59] <Malignant_Manor> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2903975&group_id=2335&atid=102335 should likely be fixed
[22:18:10] <Malignant_Manor> *already fixed*
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[22:20:11] <Dominus> the next time I have time to check things will be on sunday (my daughter is here overnight <- reason I have to catch some sleep now:) and we are painting the bedroom on saturday/sunday) but I'll go through the bug tracker as well then
[22:28:28] <Malignant_Manor> The screenshot doesn't seem to use the right palette in OpenGL when saved while the avatar is invisible.
[22:36:20] <Marzo> The screenshot grabs what is displayed on-screen
[22:36:25] <Marzo> Literally
[22:36:34] <Marzo> (in OpenGL)
[22:36:51] <Marzo> It saves an RGB (unpaletted) pcx in OpenGL mode
[22:37:12] <Marzo> It *should* save the right colors
[22:39:42] <Malignant_Manor> But, then Exult palettes it.
[22:40:03] <Malignant_Manor> to what the current palette is.
[22:41:02] <Malignant_Manor> I'll have to check the actual png when invisible.
[22:46:19] <Malignant_Manor> It saved an indexed shp file.
[22:56:56] <Malignant_Manor> It happens with point too. I guess, it is just an issue with the fact that Exult only displays the one palette at a time so the invisibility ones are displayed improperly.
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