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[01:13:52] * sbx forgot how arrays work.
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[01:19:54] <servus> What do you mean, sbx. how arrays work?
[01:20:06] <servus> They are pointers to contiguous areas of allocated memory.
[01:22:33] <sbx> Yes... I tried to build a two-dimensional array with X increasing to the right, and Y increasing by each row.
[01:22:33] <sbx> Then I realized that makes backwards results. :)
[01:23:58] <sbx> The formatting I used was like a string array { {n,n,n,n,n},\n{n,n,n,n,n} }.
[01:24:41] <sbx> It should be { { n,n,n,n,n,\nn,n,n,n,n } }.
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[01:27:41] <sbx> Wait... that's the same. Well whatever.
[01:27:56] <Baastuul> Lies!
[01:30:09] <servus> You never need a 2D array :-)
[01:31:52] <sbx> Baastuul: It passed the Test of Truth.
[01:31:52] <sbx> Why don't I need a 2D array?
[01:31:52] <sbx> well
[01:31:52] <sbx> guess I dont *need* it
[01:31:53] <sbx> it looks nice
[01:34:40] <sbx> Yes it works just fine as a 1D array, but pretending to be a 2D array. Thanks.
[01:41:46] <servus> What are you making, sbx?
[01:42:09] <servus> 2D arrays [x][y] are the same as 1D array [x+width*y]
[01:50:40] <sbx> In Nuvie, changed the mouse-cursor displayed when hovering over the maparea to check a static array instead of so many if/else checks.
[01:57:38] <servus> ah.
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[02:00:37] <sbx> <sbx> now it looks just like u6
[02:00:59] * sbx didn't notice his internet disconnected.
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[03:31:16] <kozebamze> Hello.
[03:31:23] <kozebamze> Are there anyone here?
[03:42:51] <kozebamze> Exult3D is über Ko0l, but when will it be done?
[03:42:57] <kozebamze> :\
[03:43:19] <kozebamze> How many people are working with it?
[03:43:39] <kozebamze> I need to find some links, man
[03:47:29] <servus> I'm the only one working on it
[03:47:35] <servus> It's done when it's done
[03:47:38] <servus> I'm mostly adding content right now.
[03:47:43] <kozebamze> OK. :D
[03:47:45] <servus> There are just a few things I want to add, programming-wise.
[03:47:58] <kozebamze> I wish there was something I could do to help out, you know.
[03:48:20] <kozebamze> But don't have any programming skills
[03:49:03] <kozebamze> servus: you should recruit more people
[03:49:09] <kozebamze> to your team..
[03:49:22] <kozebamze> It's a big game..
[03:50:12] <servus> I've been looking
[03:50:26] <kozebamze> ok
[03:50:26] <servus> The programming is really a one-man job, it wasn't much.
[04:06:46] <Lord_Nightmare> kozebamze: you forget that its not a reimplementation of all the game data, its just a new renderer for the old data. the 3d heightmap data was already there. what servus is working on right now is finding and replacing graphics which don't look correct when 'extruded' to 3d, with real 3d models.
[04:07:08] <Lord_Nightmare> like trees, lamps, pillars, rocks, people, etc.
[04:07:55] <kozebamze> I could model a candle for you :P
[04:08:21] <kozebamze> but then I will have to learn, er, 3D studio max and stuff.. :\
[04:08:51] <kozebamze> Lord_Nightmare: It's a lot of graphics.. :\
[04:09:18] <Lord_Nightmare> i can make a candle: 6 sides, 2 4-point polys for the top, 2 for bottom, and a single always-facing-front texture 'floating' above it for the flame
[04:09:29] <kozebamze> hehe, nice ;D
[04:09:52] <Lord_Nightmare> if the engine doesn't allow that type of texture, it can be done with two or three 'asterisked' textures
[04:10:36] <servus> Yep.
[04:10:42] <servus> I already made candles.
[04:11:25] <servus> The engine does not allow for particle systems [yet]
[04:11:54] <Lord_Nightmare> does the engine do stencil shadows yet?
[04:12:10] <servus> Hehehe. No.
[04:12:20] <servus> Before I do that, I need to work on improving speed :-)
[04:13:11] <Lord_Nightmare> it COULD, since a lightsource is centered on a particular model (like a candle or lamp) and you just place the center of the light at the center of the lamp/candleflame/etc
[04:13:37] <servus> I know
[04:13:42] <servus> I WILL have dynamic lighting
[04:13:49] <servus> With vertex lighting.
[04:13:59] <Lord_Nightmare> ah
[04:14:00] <servus> Dunno about shadows yet. I don't know how advanced I want to go with the graphics :-)
[04:14:08] <Lord_Nightmare> heh. darkplaces
[04:15:14] <Lord_Nightmare> darkplaces is basically lordhavoc's experiment to see how many different opengl features and extensions he could cram into quake at once. the results are visually stunning but slow as hell on any piece of hardware less than a 2ghz machine
[04:15:59] <Lord_Nightmare> he even added animation interpolation
[04:18:07] <servus> I have a very graphics-intense engine that I can play with if I want to
[04:18:19] <servus> Made it from scratch and it's actually a full game engine now, not just a graphics engine :-)
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[08:48:48] <wjp> hey, Dancer is back :-)
[08:53:41] <servus> You mean Mr. Roboto, AKA Kilroy, Kilroy?
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[12:10:55] <Fl00der> hi
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[16:34:15] * Jammet sneaksneaks in.
[16:34:22] <Jammet> Meooow!
[16:34:37] * Jammet pounces servus_ cheerfully.
[16:37:25] * Jammet sits, fluffs, waiting for something to happen.
[16:38:05] <Jammet> Well, of course I could start talking to myself instead. =) I could tell me that I just wrote an article in the Exult 3D thread. About fractals.
[16:38:58] <Jammet> Cute little bumpy mathematical shapes that would look like mountains. More or less. A few years later, fractals looked a lot like real mountains. Today, they might look good enough and still be rendered nice and fast.
[16:40:19] <Jammet> Numbercrunching, cute little bumpy mathematical shapes that look like mountains, or terrain, or what not.
[16:40:39] <Jammet> All this makes me hungry for a mountain of food.
[16:41:20] <Jammet> How yummy would a mountain of gazelle look like?
[16:41:44] <Jammet> And, could it snug and seamlessy fit into my pocket?
[16:42:01] <Jammet> Darn, got no pockets.
[16:42:05] <Jammet> Meow.
[16:42:52] <Jammet> Okay, so how about a primitive voxel mountain ...
[16:42:57] <Jammet> Naah.
[16:43:28] <Jammet> But Outcast looked so nice with that mixture of models and voxel...
[16:43:47] <Jammet> Naah.
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[16:44:27] <Jammet> Mewl. =( The audience is leaving.
[16:46:19] * Jammet curls up to a ball and sleeps
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[18:08:30] * sbx missed Jammet.
[18:08:54] * sbx throws a ball of yarn at the sleeping Jammet.
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[18:37:57] <EazyCheez> hello willem jan and all
[18:38:39] <sbx> hello
[18:39:50] <EazyCheez> hello our resident gargoyle
[18:39:58] <wjp> hi
[19:03:48] <Fl00der> hi
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[20:52:45] <Dominus> hi
[21:01:07] <servus_> Jammet, mountains look just fine without being fractals :-P
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[21:17:39] <servus_> Jammet, picture of mountains on the phorum.
[21:20:16] <servus_> Holy cow my eBay account balance is high.
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[21:34:54] <sbx> There is an "eBay account balance"?
[21:35:07] <servus> Posting items costs money
[21:35:26] <sbx> oh, sorry I never did that
[21:35:49] <sbx> You must post a lot. Anything interesting up for sale now?
[21:36:10] <servus> Childrens' movies.
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[21:41:08] <servus> I posted something on eBay twice and I can't figure out how to remove it =-/
[21:44:17] <sbx> bid on it
[21:46:07] <servus> I set the price on one of the lots to $999
[21:46:51] <sbx> damn
[21:47:10] <sbx> Do children have that much money for movies?
[21:54:53] <servus> What me really want is your brain! -- Methinks I'll leave ere thou hast the chance to lay your hands upon it!
[22:01:13] <Jammet> Mew?
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[22:01:43] * Jammet blinkies confuzzled because he's front-paw-hugging a ball of yarn for some oddball reason. He claws happily around with it for a while.
[22:02:06] * Jammet nuzzles sbx cheerfully, tangling him up too. =) So there.
[22:05:15] <servus> Braaaaaain.
[22:07:20] * Jammet sniffs curiously.
[22:08:31] <Jammet> I've always wondered what kind of faces people like Lord Gariott would make, looking at their own masterpiece, memories about all the work and how well things turned out in the end. And then seeing it all over again, today, ... and then once more, in 3D.
[22:08:56] <servus> I don't know of Richard Garriot or Warren Spector having seen Exult3D.
[22:09:00] <Jammet> I wish you could invite some of them core team from back then for some kinda classroom meeting for a party.
[22:09:13] <Jammet> I assume they haven't but... just dreaming it up is nice.
[22:09:52] <servus> Would you bring pizza?
[22:10:02] <Jammet> =^_^= I'd bring fresh gazelle.
[22:10:53] <Jammet> I'd tear up Garriot's coat for what he did to snow leopards in U7-2. And then I'd hug Spector for coming up with talking Leopards in UW2.
[22:11:02] * Jammet giggles.
[22:11:05] <Jammet> Nevermind that.
[22:11:10] <servus> I don't think we could have that party, then.
[22:11:27] <Jammet> Cheer up =). I wouldn't be at the party. You would be.
[22:11:42] <servus> Those 'talking leopards' are Trilkhai, descendants of the Kilrathi, which are in turn descendents of the Kzinti
[22:11:46] <Jammet> I'm not a member of your team nor of the ...forefathers over there.
[22:11:59] <servus> And Blacky is still thirsty.
[22:12:03] <Jammet> Thank you for the names. =)
[22:13:29] <servus> I asked a nearby wisp
[22:14:13] <Jammet> Seriously, I'd love it if something like that ever happened. At least so that some of them take a look at what they have done, and what you have done, so you're all kind of united in the sense that everyone feels just how heartwarming it is to be able to look at this and know how many people are enjoying it. Right now.
[22:14:54] <Jammet> A kind of sentimental moment.
[22:15:03] <servus> Where do the slaughtered gazelle corpses come in?
[22:15:22] <Jammet> =^_^= Nowhere there. I'm just a leopard mew cat.
[22:16:00] <Jammet> Sorry if this ain't your kinda melody. =) It was just a random thought. The meeting.
[22:16:01] <servus> What about the poor gazelles?
[22:16:21] * Jammet mrows cheerfully, and has to live and eat to live.
[22:16:33] <servus> What about celery and lettuce?
[22:16:38] <servus> You could eat that
[22:16:41] <Jammet> They live, too =^_^=.
[22:16:47] <Jammet> Sure, but I'm a cat. =P
[22:16:52] <servus> My cat eats grass.
[22:17:13] <Jammet> So it can throw up hairballs and better get the yummy meat done in it's stomach.
[22:17:27] <servus> Yechh
[22:17:33] <Jammet> =^_^= Welcome, truth.
[22:17:49] <servus> My cat eats beanbag pellets too, what about those?
[22:18:03] <Jammet> Some cats eat just about everything just to see what happens. =)
[22:18:22] <Jammet> Some make habits of it. Just like... yoou.
[22:18:28] * servus pokes Colourless in the logfile and asks him if his Visual Studio 2003 recompiles *every* file whenever he makes a change to a .cc.... it's very frustrating./
[22:18:42] * Jammet paces in a circle around sbx.
[22:18:42] <servus> I don't eat everything I see
[22:18:50] <servus> Mostly because I know what'll happen if I do
[22:18:51] <Jammet> Work on that. =)
[22:19:05] <servus> Nope
[22:19:13] * Jammet purrrs and noddles.
[22:22:03] * servus hmms
[22:22:10] <servus> The tops of mountains don't wanna render.
[22:22:15] <servus> Oh I probably know why
[22:22:16] * servus ughs
[22:23:23] <servus> The 3D Studio Max SDK ticks me off sometimes.
[22:33:13] <servus> Jammet, do you pick fights with dogs?
[22:33:30] <servus> I bet you killed your poor dog at the beginning of Ultima IX.
[22:36:35] * Jammet would probably use a cheat to have the dog go it's own way. =)
[22:36:55] <Jammet> But I restart nethack over and over and over again so I get a cat.
[22:37:04] <servus> That's even worse! You didn't give the dog a fighting chance!
[22:37:27] <Jammet> =^_^= Tough luck.
[22:37:32] * Jammet grooms softly.
[23:14:48] <sbx> hi Jammet
[23:15:04] <sbx> Finish SI yet?
[23:16:22] * sbx Kzinti's.
[23:16:25] <sbx> Excuse me.
[23:18:05] <servus> Huh?
[23:18:09] <servus> Kzinti is the plural.
[23:18:17] <servus> The singular is Kzin, afaik.
[23:18:52] <sbx> Is Draalthi plural of Draal?
[23:19:00] <sbx> That's a ship class isn't it?
[23:19:17] * sbx pulls random terms out of his vague WC memory.
[23:19:52] <servus> It's all ripped off from Larry Niven's tales of Known Space.
[23:20:31] <sbx> I don't read enough sci-fi, but Freenode filled me in on the details of Larry Niven's books,
[23:20:34] <sbx> .
[23:20:50] <sbx> And KORNBLUTH, CYRIL M. too.
[23:22:00] <servus> Eh?
[23:22:13] <servus> Don't get on a HAMACKE kick.
[23:22:21] <sbx> he's best known for his biting social
[23:22:24] <sbx> - satire and his collaborations with Pohl and with Judith Merril
[23:22:38] <sbx> I can't believe you're not familiar with him.
[23:23:22] <servus> Yeah, I've heard of him
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