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[00:00:52] <Kirben> I will do the same with tools, when first 1.1.0cvs version is released too.
[00:01:51] <Dominus> should I remove the Studio 0.99.2 when I change stuff around later?
[00:02:25] <Kirben> No, wait until I update snapshots.
[00:02:31] <Dominus> ok
[00:03:31] <Dominus> btw, with including the readme in the sdl-mixer.zip did you mean the readme that comes with the devel stuff for sdl mixer ? or just to copy the dll into exult dir?
[00:04:20] <Kirben> there should be a file similar to readme-sdl.txt
[00:04:47] <Kirben> That must be bundled with the dll, I can't recall the exact filename though.
[00:04:57] <Dominus> yeah, there is
[00:05:05] <Dominus> I'll put that in
[00:05:28] <Kirben> I can create a self extractor for it later too.
[00:06:17] <Dominus> if you want I can just make a place-holder in the webpage
[00:06:40] <Dominus> with exult_sdl_mixer.exe
[00:06:57] <Kirben> ok thats all we need at moment.
[00:08:11] <Kirben> If you put zip online before next snapshot was updated we might get more ogg not working reports.
[00:08:34] <Dominus> yep
[00:11:00] <Kirben> Actually better make that sdl_mixer.exe, since I will be uploading a exult_sdl_mixer.zip file with header/lib soon too.
[00:11:17] <Dominus> understood
[00:14:10] <Dominus> argh, I should do a an update of the web cvs first, I think...
[00:14:42] <Kirben> I find it best to keep double directories of everything myself.
[00:15:09] <Kirben> One for compiling/messing around with and one for uploading updates only..
[00:15:58] <Dominus> I do that only for the stuff I change normally (e.g. /docs/xml)
[00:18:22] <Dominus> hm, what should I write in the text? "required file for Digital Music support" )
[00:18:25] <Dominus> ?
[00:19:13] <Kirben> The sdl_mixer.dll will be required to run that snapshot...
[00:19:34] <Dominus> ah true
[00:20:06] <Dominus> "required file for the binary snapshot" ?
[00:21:08] <Kirben> 'Required file for Exult 1.1.x Snapshots'
[00:21:51] <Dominus> and that it will be! :-)
[00:39:19] <Dominus> hmm, Kirben, you should do a ./update.sh next time to give everyone the rights to write to certain directories... :-)
[00:42:43] <Kirben> ok
[00:43:53] <Dominus> I'm not sure if the stuff I did worked now as it isn't shown in the download page but I suspect it'S not showing a download link if there is no file at all
[00:44:32] <Kirben> Yes, the download link is only shown if the file exists.
[00:45:22] <Dominus> the file has got to be sdl_mixer.exe , just so you remember, when you put it there
[00:46:02] <Kirben> ok
[00:53:56] <Dominus> so, first devel-1-00 comitt by me :-)
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[02:11:28] <armav> hi
[02:11:33] <Dominus> hi
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[03:26:56] * Darke Exult!s at Dominus' prompting.
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[03:32:24] <sbx> Hel.. ?
[03:32:29] <sbx> hi
[03:32:47] <sbx> ooh im looking at the logs of yesterday
[03:32:53] * sbx slaps himself in the forehead.
[03:34:56] <sbx> are you awake Darke?
[03:38:05] * Darke is awakeish. *grin*
[03:38:09] * sbx prods Darke with a Pointy Stick(tm).
[03:38:11] <sbx> ah
[03:38:17] * Darke wonders why sbx is slapping his forehead.
[03:38:39] <sbx> i wanted to join the conversation with you and Dominus and Kirben
[03:38:42] <sbx> but that was yesterday
[03:38:43] <sbx> :)
[03:39:34] <Darke> The stuff about ultima versions, spanish, etc? *grin*
[03:40:17] <sbx> I don't remember what I had to say about it now.
[03:40:19] <sbx> *frown*
[03:42:55] * sbx yawns.
[03:43:10] <sbx> Good $timeofday.
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[07:11:28] <wjp> hi
[07:11:46] <Darke> Hello.
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[07:40:28] <wjp> hi
[07:40:46] <Kirben> Hi
[07:41:14] <Darke> Hi.
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[08:54:48] <Kirben> darn secure ftp upload to sf is extremely slow
[08:58:11] <Darke> Just ftp? Or is everything slow?
[08:58:46] <Kirben> seems to be the shell upload only.
[09:32:05] * Darke nods. Appears to be. cvs and webpages seem to be working fine.
[09:54:26] <Kirben> I will have to leave exult snapshots until another day, since upload is really bad (keeps timing out).
[09:55:14] <Darke> No problem. I hope they fix it soon.
[09:55:25] <Kirben> I really hope SF fix the issue soon too.
[10:31:55] * wjp has to go
[10:31:56] <wjp> bye
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[10:37:55] * Darke has to sleep. *grin* Night!
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[13:03:39] <Colourless> hi
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[16:56:42] <Fingolfin> yo
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[16:56:48] <Colourless> hi
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[20:13:54] * Darke pawwaves. Hello again.
[20:20:49] <Colourless> hi
[21:43:15] <Colourless> time to go
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[22:24:04] <armav> hi everyone
[22:24:42] <Darke> Hi.
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[23:16:59] <Kirben> hmm sf seems worse, can't even get cvs response.
[23:17:39] * Darke was having problems getting to www.sf.net/projects/* earlier too.
[23:19:16] --> sbx has joined #exult
[23:19:18] <sbx> lo
[23:19:57] <Darke> Hi.
[23:20:32] <sbx> Why is there a 1.0.x snapshot and a 1.1.x snapshot when the official version is 0.99.1RC2?
[23:20:48] <sbx> oh wait
[23:20:50] <sbx> yeah nm
[23:20:50] <sbx> heh
[23:21:01] <sbx> i had numbering backwards in my head
[23:21:39] * Darke ahhs.
[23:22:03] <sbx> 0.99 is the already released
[23:22:09] * Darke turns sbx's head around backwards to make it match the numbering.
[23:22:13] <sbx> the snapshots are what is being developed, and hasnt been released yet
[23:22:14] <sbx> i got it
[23:22:19] <sbx> Darke: thanks!
[23:22:20] <sbx> :)
[23:22:27] * Darke snickers.
[23:22:31] * sbx turns his body around to match.
[23:25:06] * Darke notes, incase he hasn't said it before, that he _likes_ U8's usecode. *grin* Despite the fact it has a few ideosyncracies.
[23:26:32] <sbx> how do you read it?
[23:26:44] <sbx> a hexadecimal viewer of some sort
[23:26:46] <sbx> ?
[23:27:23] <sbx> FOLD
[23:27:25] <sbx> ?
[23:27:26] <sbx> :)
[23:27:54] <Darke> A hex viewer, 'disasm' and 'fold'.
[23:28:32] <sbx> i use hexdump on some files, but i've never _liked_ its output at all :)
[23:28:37] * Darke actually tends to use the 'disasm' imbedded in 'fold' more then the program called 'disasm'. *grin*
[23:28:45] <sbx> oooh imbeded tools
[23:28:54] <sbx> imbedded
[23:28:56] <sbx> embedded?
[23:29:24] <Darke> It's more of a `#include "disasm.cc"` embedding rather then a 'true' embedded tool. *grin*
[23:29:32] * Darke noddles. Typo.
[23:31:41] <sbx> if i try `#include "exult.cc"` in a random application, can i get an embedded Exult in that app? :)
[23:31:47] * Darke was a little surprise at just how little modifications were necessary to 'embrace and extend' ./disasm so he could just #include it. All he needed to do was to rearrange a few function declarations and add a few #defines. *grin*
[23:32:09] <Darke> I think the answer to that is 'no'. *grin*
[23:32:17] <sbx> what did you have to do?
[23:32:21] <sbx> does disasm.cc have main()
[23:32:33] <sbx> you would have to get rid of that
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[23:33:13] <Darke> *nod* I'm even using ./disasm's main() function. *grin*
[23:33:18] <sbx> ...
[23:33:27] <sbx> do you have a main in fold?
[23:33:38] <Darke> Nope.
[23:33:48] <sbx> oh :P
[23:34:00] <sbx> you could instead make a libu8disasm.a and use it in both
[23:34:35] <sbx> or just disasm.o
[23:34:42] <sbx> but archives are more fun :-)
[23:35:23] <Darke> What it effectively does, is as 'disasm' decodes each function, it stores the opcode it decodes into an array, then once it's read and output the entire class, it calls a fold() function which 'folds' it and outputs the 'correct' script code.
[23:35:51] <Darke> Won't work. I would have to duplicate 90% of the code anyway, which is something I'm trying to avoid. This way I'm duplicating almost nothing. *grin*
[23:36:30] <sbx> i always like doing that, having common libs
[23:36:52] <sbx> so fold is just a program for embedding disasm into?
[23:37:04] <sbx> sounds like without disasm fold does nothing
[23:37:19] <Darke> I'm doing it this way solely to avoid duplicating the 'readfunction' function, which contains a giant switch which contains most of the knowledge of the usecode imbedded into it. *grin*
[23:39:59] <Darke> Nah. Compared to ./disasm, fold does everything. *grin* I'm 'only' doing it because I don't want to have to duplicate the knowledge into a 3rd or 4th place (UCMachine/disasm/docs (currently unwritten)/fold).
[23:40:24] <sbx> I thought DrCode contained most of the knowledge of the usecode?
[23:41:00] * Darke is not sure DrCode has even looked at U8's usecode. *grin*
[23:41:07] <Darke> U7 though, most certainly. *grin*
[23:45:08] <sbx> oh yeah
[23:45:13] <sbx> What does he think of Pentagram?
[23:47:33] <Darke> No idea. I haven't asked and I don't remember him mentioning anything about it. *grin*