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[04:43:32] <Wudan> i got exult3d compiling and have been fiddling with the interface and getting things to draw correctly etc.
[04:43:58] <Wudan> http://mt-wudan.com/projects/exult3d/exult3d0000.png
[04:51:44] <Wudan> http://mt-wudan.com/projects/exult3d/exult3d0001.png
[04:52:20] <Wudan> one of the key things i've done is made the camera 'avatar centric', and limited the rotation to keep it above ground and keep it from swinging all of the place
[04:53:42] <Wudan> getting 2d stuff to render was a bear, strangely enough
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[07:38:51] <servus> Ooh, someone working on Exult3D, neat :)
[07:39:11] <servus> What do you mean by getting 2D stuff to render? All of the gumps and on-screen text should be visible.
[07:42:43] <abp> The ideal cam for Exult 3d keeps being a u8-like cam I think. Also: I should have some VERY old code (date back to 1994 or so) that "un-skews" u7 graphics selectively. Take the walls for instance: the top part must be kept as it is, it is perspective correct. The wall side have must be un-skewed
[07:43:23] <servus> Mm-hm, a similar technique is used to map different sections of 2D walls onto the 3D models.
[07:43:32] <abp> that code tried to search for the point where the top view ends and the side begins, and makes it flat.... like zelda graphics.
[07:43:48] <abp> Really? Never looked at EX3d
[07:44:33] <servus> Since most walls are perfectly isometric, and we know how high each wall is in world units, it's a simple matter to plot the key points on the 2D wall, and use them to transform those trapezoidal segments onto the walls as textures.
[07:45:15] <abp> But it doesn't seem to actually work very well in ex3d. I mean, just look at that couple shots
[07:45:38] <servus> Of course, it's not perfect, but works surprisingly well for a lot the architecture: http://sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/Exult3D-SI-05.jpg and http://sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/Exult3D-SI-06.jpg , for instance.
[07:45:50] <servus> Or http://sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/Exult3D-12.jpg is a good example.
[07:46:06] <abp> that's better indeed
[07:46:37] <servus> That's why a system was put in place to selectively replace U7 shapes with proper 3D models.
[07:48:13] <abp> hm, actually I don't like that much. I mean, replacing stuff with proper 3d models. All the efforts should go in the direction of using the original graphics, imho. For example trees could be replaced by billboards using the unskewed trees themselves. Let me search a pic...
[07:48:56] <abp> this is a very old screenshot of something I was doing years ago, using u7 graphics after passing them through that un-skewer http://pay.lalista.org/ashes_house_normal.jpg
[07:49:19] <servus> Ah, seeing that, I remember you now :)
[07:53:15] <abp> heh, don't remember me for THAT though. The thing did evolve a LOT
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[13:41:26] <Wudan> for aesthetics, most of the little bits and things lying around should be replaced with a 3d model, a lot of things are just hideous to look at right now
[13:42:30] <Wudan> while i was messing around with the 3d view the 2d stuff started to go crazy, the intros themselves never played right, at this point the menus should at least be usable
[13:53:02] <abp> yes but the amount of models that must be created is abysmal
[13:53:59] <abp> I don't want to sound negative or disruptive but I think that despite the efforts a 3d version with all-new 3d models would look... unnatural, toy-like
[13:55:24] <abp> while this http://sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/Exult3D is indeed Ultima VII under a new nice perspective
[13:55:49] <abp> ehm I mean this http://sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/Exult3D-12.jpg
[14:10:52] <Wudan> it's a novel idea though :)
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