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[00:55:37] <wjp> I have to go; night
[00:55:39] <-- wjp has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[01:24:06] <SB-X> :-(
[01:37:35] <SB-X> ?date
[01:37:36] <exultbot> It is now Sun Nov 18 01:37:36 2001 (GMT).
[02:38:34] <SB-X> bye matto
[02:38:36] <SB-X> exultbot: bye
[02:38:36] <exultbot> goodbye!
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[03:32:15] --> Darke has joined #exult
[03:32:23] <Darke> ?logs
[03:32:23] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/exultlog.php3
[03:34:32] * Darke pawwaves. "Hi! Bye!" <grin>
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[11:24:36] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[11:37:23] * Darke bows, "Hi."
[11:37:32] <Colourless> hi
[11:37:48] --- Darke is now known as SharpTooth
[12:36:03] --> wjp has joined #exult
[12:36:08] <wjp> hi
[12:36:49] <Colourless> hi
[12:41:24] <SharpTooth> Hi.
[12:52:56] --> SB-X has joined #exult
[12:53:05] <SB-X> hi
[12:53:12] <SharpTooth> Hello.
[12:53:14] <Colourless> hi
[12:55:52] * SharpTooth bows. Got to go. Bye!
[12:56:04] <Colourless> bye
[12:59:28] <SB-X> exult rocks!
[12:59:31] <SB-X> i be back later :)
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[14:07:14] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[14:07:23] <Fingolfin> lo
[14:07:31] <Colourless> hi
[14:07:43] <Colourless> the zutil problem should now by fixed
[14:07:48] <Fingolfin> seems as if SourceForge mailing lists are not working?
[14:07:51] <Fingolfin> ah
[14:07:53] <Fingolfin> yeah
[14:07:59] * Fingolfin just did a CVS update
[14:08:03] * Fingolfin recompiles
[14:08:25] <Fingolfin> when did you check that in?
[14:08:45] <Colourless> about 90 minutes ago
[14:31:01] <Fingolfin> still didn't get any commit mails
[14:31:10] <Fingolfin> did you?
[14:31:16] <Colourless> no i haven't
[14:31:22] <Fingolfin> I am not getting any mails from Sourceforge mailing lists for the past 5 hours
[14:41:43] * wjp just got an e-mail from the ML
[14:43:24] <Fingolfin> yes, mails are now coming in
[14:43:31] <Fingolfin> I just got 30 mails from various SF mailing list
[14:43:32] <Fingolfin> s
[14:43:35] <wjp> :-)
[14:43:47] * wjp only got 5... *sniff*
[14:43:49] <Fingolfin> looking at the headers, there was a delay inside of valinux, of up to 7 hours in one case
[14:43:56] <Fingolfin> and I am constantly getting more
[14:44:23] <Fingolfin> my guess is that a mail exchange server there stopped working or so, causing a major mail stack up, and it will take some time for them to deliver all the messages no
[14:44:53] <Fingolfin> I am still missing at least 8 mails
[14:48:04] <Fingolfin> another 6 just came in
[14:48:38] <Colourless> so wjp, who were the 5 emails from... me? :-)
[14:48:44] <wjp> yeah :-)
[14:48:46] --> sbx has joined #exult
[14:48:49] --- sbx is now known as SB-X
[14:49:25] <Colourless> me too :-)
[14:49:26] <Fingolfin> hm
[14:49:39] <Fingolfin> configure.in wasn't updated to not check for zutil.h anymore it seems?
[14:50:04] <Colourless> don't look at me. i've no idea how that stuff works
[14:50:09] <Fingolfin> fine :)
[14:50:16] <Fingolfin> I am fixing that now and try again...
[14:50:17] <wjp> fixed
[14:50:23] <SB-X> lo #exult
[14:50:27] <Fingolfin> hi
[14:50:27] <wjp> hi
[14:50:28] <Colourless> hi
[14:50:37] <Fingolfin> hmm... mid?
[14:50:49] <wjp> mid?
[14:51:00] <Colourless> care to say a little more?
[14:51:05] <Fingolfin> oh I just got Ryan's mail to the ML from 12:27 =)
[14:51:18] <Fingolfin> hi mid lo
[14:51:38] <Colourless> gee, that was so lame :-)
[14:52:06] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[14:52:18] <SB-X> :-|
[14:52:59] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[14:53:11] <Fingolfin> cool, xchat crashed with a *CORBA* error...
[14:53:22] <wjp> hmm, how nice
[14:53:37] <Fingolfin> and now X11 thinks Capslock is on when it is actually off... so Ihave to type with Caps Lock on in XFree86 if I don't want to shout =)
[14:53:48] <Fingolfin> Corba error of course is from Gnome
[14:53:49] <Fingolfin> :)
[14:54:01] <SB-X> i disabled gnome support... seeing as how i dont use gnome
[14:54:38] <Fingolfin> GOTTA RESTART X11
[14:54:44] <Fingolfin> ups, sorry
[14:54:45] <Colourless> what's this unstable open source software... wait, such a comment is more suitable for Slashdot:-)
[14:54:46] <Fingolfin> hm
[14:54:53] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Client Quit)
[15:04:31] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[15:05:21] <wjp> wb
[15:05:28] <Colourless> wb
[15:05:31] <Fingolfin> thx
[15:18:08] <SB-X> has anyone seen any Ultima VI remakes besides that 3D one?
[15:18:37] <SB-X> the one using DS engine
[15:18:49] <Colourless> can't say I have
[15:18:57] <wjp> me neither
[15:18:58] <Colourless> now, i assume you do mean 6
[15:20:13] <SB-X> yes... I would like to see someone do it in a Exult-type engine... if only exult could have multiple game maps, or planes
[15:20:39] <SB-X> then it would be possible to do it very close to the original
[15:25:56] <Fingolfin> argh! what is this!
[15:26:05] <Colourless> what?
[15:26:06] * Fingolfin watches exult fail to link due to some weird compiler flags
[15:26:19] <SB-X> that is on MacOS right?
[15:26:24] <Fingolfin> why is it adding -Wl,-Bstatic -lz -Wl,-Bdynamic ? didn't do that before my last CVS update
[15:26:26] <wjp> let me guess.. -Wl,-Bdynamic?
[15:26:27] <Fingolfin> OS X
[15:26:30] <Fingolfin> yes
[15:26:40] <wjp> that's to link it statically to -lz
[15:26:47] <Fingolfin> where is that shit comming from now? I am not on a Slowlaris or Linux box
[15:26:53] <Fingolfin> that's non-portable
[15:27:01] <wjp> well, isn't that how gcc does things?
[15:27:04] <Fingolfin> no
[15:27:11] <Fingolfin> that is how gcc does things on maybe a few platforms
[15:27:31] <Fingolfin> what do you think was the reason libtool was made? because stuff like this is done different on each system :)
[15:27:32] <wjp> ok, so I'll make it check not only for gcc, but also for linux
[15:27:54] <Colourless> i'm pretty sure such things wouldn't work here either :-)
[15:27:58] <Fingolfin> I will check if there is a way to tell libtool to try to static link a specific lib
[15:29:18] <SB-X> is there a flying contraption in SI?
[15:29:40] <SB-X> i know that has nothing to do with zlib sorry :-)
[15:29:42] <Colourless> no
[15:29:53] <Colourless> nothing flying in SI
[15:30:14] <SB-X> i wonder why not
[15:30:17] <wjp> we could of course just link -lz dynamically
[15:31:28] <Fingolfin> that wouldn't hurt me on OS X, since every OSX has libz 1.1.3 installed
[15:31:56] <wjp> I seem to remember that we decided on static linking, but I can't really remember why
[15:32:12] <Fingolfin> I am right now wondering about SDL, though.... I think that should be static linked, to make sure the game runs on all systems... and right now, I am not fully sure if it already is or not...
[15:32:23] <Fingolfin> partially because of the special way OS X deals with dynamic libs
[15:32:28] * Fingolfin runs otool to find out
[15:33:15] <wjp> SDL is linked dynamically on linux, btw
[15:33:34] <Fingolfin> is that a good ida
[15:33:38] <Fingolfin> idea even
[15:33:56] <Fingolfin> I know that Loki static links their games, to prevent shared lib install nightmares for users
[15:34:36] <SB-X> i didnt know you could static link nonfree software to LGPL stuff
[15:34:55] <wjp> sure, as long as you also provide a dynamically linked version
[15:35:08] <SB-X> i meant Loki
[15:35:12] <wjp> yeah, me too
[15:35:13] <SB-X> ok
[15:37:05] <wjp> I don't see any libtool options that seem to allow per-library static linking
[15:39:40] <Fingolfin> there is no difference between dynamic and static linking as far as the GPL is concernced I think
[15:39:42] <Fingolfin> and SDL is LGPL not GPL
[15:40:07] <Fingolfin> and LGPL has the sole purpose of not enforcing the license of stuff linked against LGPLed libs
[15:40:14] <Fingolfin> (as compared to GPL)
[15:40:50] <wjp> I'm pretty sure LGPL also requires a way to relink against an updated version of the LGPL'ed library
[15:41:35] <Fingolfin> wjp: will you fix configure.in?
[15:41:40] <Fingolfin> wjp: that might be, yeah
[15:41:55] <wjp> sure, when we decide on what we want to do :-)
[15:42:31] <wjp> just keep everything dynamic?
[15:45:28] <Fingolfin> well, at least on OS X, I see no way around that just for now
[15:49:21] <wjp> ok, committed. sorry about that, btw
[15:52:04] <Fingolfin> pfff, against me, your attempts to break CVS are puny! muwahahahah
[15:52:08] <Fingolfin> =)
[15:52:11] <wjp> :-)
[16:30:48] <Colourless> so, is everyone happy now?
[16:32:06] * SB-X shrugs.
[16:32:20] <wjp> I will be when I finish my algebra homework for tomorrow :-)
[16:36:18] <Fingolfin> hmm... I haven't even started on my Algebra homeowkr for tomorrow =)
[16:50:09] <Fingolfin> so, everybody already saw the three Episode II teaseres/trailers?
[16:50:34] <Colourless> nope
[16:50:49] <Fingolfin> hm, they all require QuickTime of course - tough luck for willem =)
[16:50:49] <Colourless> haven't seen any
[16:51:35] <SB-X> couldnt be bothered to
[16:52:49] <Colourless> me too. my connection is to slow for me to be bothered about downloading them.
[16:53:00] <Fingolfin> he ok that is a point =)
[16:54:43] <wjp> how big are they?
[16:55:54] <wjp> Mbs, 10's of Mbs, 100's of Mbs?
[16:56:39] <Colourless> i would say 10's of MBs
[16:56:59] <wjp> running quicktime in wine is... interesting
[16:57:24] <wjp> all 'static' display data on my entire screen is wiped
[16:57:50] <SB-X> you run QT in wine?
[16:58:03] <wjp> trying to :-)
[16:58:21] <wjp> it's not really working :/
[16:59:26] <Fingolfin> =)
[16:59:36] * wjp gets latest wine cvs
[16:59:55] <Fingolfin> they are just to big as MPEG2, I already tried that... could of course reduce the res.. hm
[16:59:56] <wjp> it's been more than a month since I did a cvs update, so who knows :-)
[17:00:52] <Fingolfin> nobody, but my educated guess is that it won't help too much
[17:01:12] <wjp> yeah, I'm afraid so
[17:01:41] <wjp> I could always use my parents' pc, though :-)
[17:02:03] <Colourless> doesn't yours have Win2k?
[17:02:08] <wjp> yeah, it does
[17:02:19] <wjp> but walking down some stairs is quicker than rebooting :-)
[17:02:22] <Colourless> or did you remove it?
[17:02:22] <Colourless> or am i just completely mistaken :-)
[17:02:55] <Colourless> :-)
[17:03:44] <Fingolfin> you are Colourless
[17:04:02] <wjp> wasn't there this 'crossplatform' plugin that enabled you to use windows plugins in linux?
[17:04:22] <Colourless> so?
[17:04:46] <wjp> isn't there also an QT plugin for windows? :-)
[17:05:32] * Colourless was talking to Fingolfin :-)
[17:05:47] <wjp> yeah, I figured that out 2 seconds after pressing enter :-)
[17:06:58] <Colourless> :-)
[17:08:57] * SB-X just crashed exult_studio.
[17:09:19] <wjp> hmm, apparently quicktime works if you directly specify a .mov file on the commandline
[17:09:40] <Colourless> how?
[17:09:58] * wjp guesses Colourless is talking to SB-X? ;-)
[17:10:27] <Colourless> yes
[17:10:32] <SB-X> oh
[17:10:52] <SB-X> in SI mode i clicked the font vga file in the menu
[17:11:17] <Colourless> that's a known problem :-)
[17:11:22] <SB-X> Shape Files/font0000.vga
[17:11:24] <SB-X> ah
[17:11:58] <Colourless> the question is why does it crash exultstudio, and not exult
[17:12:40] <wjp> why would it crash exult?
[17:12:59] <Colourless> well, why does it crash exultstudio?
[17:13:17] <wjp> not a clue :-)
[17:13:48] <Colourless> anyone ever tired to find out? :-)
[17:15:11] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:15:25] <wjp|dinner> maybe I'll take a peek later tonight
[17:17:33] <SB-X> ah how useful... you can pickup the teleport item eggs :-)
[17:17:55] <SB-X> but it usually just gives me garbage
[17:18:54] <SB-X> and rocks
[17:53:31] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[17:58:14] <wjp> funny... the .shp in font0000.vga causes the gimp plugin to enter an infinite loop
[17:59:33] <wjp> ...which would probably be because it's not a valid shape
[18:03:09] <SB-X> wjp do you know a program to play introsnd.dat at proper speed?
[18:03:22] <SB-X> besides exult
[18:04:17] <SB-X> i did cat ~/ultima7/bg/static/introsnd.dat > /dev/dsp already :-)
[18:04:41] <wjp> I hardly know anything about the audio formats that U7 uses
[18:05:11] <SB-X> oh... sending it to device makes it real slow
[18:05:16] <SB-X> (it is spookier than in the game)
[18:08:54] <SB-X> ooh creepy "cat ~/ultima7/bg/static/u7speech.spc > /dev/dsp"
[18:11:25] * SB-X wonders why the Guardian laughs so much.
[18:21:05] <-- Fingolfin has left #exult ("Client Exiting")
[18:55:10] <-- SB-X has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[19:02:32] <wjp> funny.. the string "font0000.vga" only occurs in serpent.ofx
[19:03:03] <Colourless> hmmm
[19:03:22] <wjp> serpent.ofx is a windows executable
[19:03:50] <wjp> "OriginFX"
[19:04:05] <wjp> hmm, could that be that Origin screen saver?
[19:04:29] <Colourless> dll i believe
[19:04:41] <Colourless> it is that origin screensaver
[19:09:53] <wjp> I guess our shape file reader should be a bit more robust
[19:10:18] <Colourless> maybe
[19:20:43] --> SB-X has joined #exult
[19:45:21] --> EvilMe has joined #exult
[19:45:33] <wjp> hi
[19:45:45] <Colourless> hi
[19:46:04] <SB-X> hi
[19:46:24] <EvilMe> hi
[19:46:26] --- EvilMe is now known as _Kreed_
[19:48:49] <_Kreed_> testing new filter :D
[19:48:57] <Colourless> what is it?
[19:49:01] <_Kreed_> hm
[19:49:09] <_Kreed_> well i just saw something like it yesterday
[19:49:17] <_Kreed_> it kinda distorts the screen with noise
[19:49:21] <_Kreed_> but it looks nice
[19:49:23] <_Kreed_> weird actually
[19:49:25] <Colourless> hmmm
[19:49:45] <_Kreed_> i'm tweaking it a bit
[19:49:57] <_Kreed_> (and it's superfast)
[19:49:59] <_Kreed_> :D
[19:50:07] <Colourless> :-)
[19:50:12] <_Kreed_> e.g.
[19:50:17] <_Kreed_> uniform/linear
[19:50:41] <_Kreed_> it introduces some noise
[19:50:45] <_Kreed_> but i find it acceptable
[19:50:51] <_Kreed_> i'll grab a screen
[19:50:54] <Colourless> ok
[19:55:02] <_Kreed_> who wants a screen?
[19:55:14] <Colourless> i do
[19:55:18] * wjp raises hand :-)
[19:55:54] <SB-X> me
[19:55:58] <Colourless> so speedy :-)
[19:56:06] <wjp> aye, that was kind of fast :-)
[19:56:56] <_Kreed_> well it's a bit uglier zooming in
[19:57:09] <wjp> looks interesting
[19:57:17] <_Kreed_> well get this
[19:57:21] <Colourless> you sure JPEG is the right format to use ?
[19:57:29] <SB-X> png?
[19:57:32] <_Kreed_> it can be achieved by changing 1 (yes one) line in the bilinear filter
[19:57:34] <Colourless> aritfacts everwhere
[19:57:38] <_Kreed_> ah..
[19:57:39] <_Kreed_> yes
[19:57:43] <_Kreed_> that's what i mean
[19:57:45] <_Kreed_> it creates em
[19:57:56] <_Kreed_> but it's noise
[19:57:58] <_Kreed_> not artifacts
[19:58:07] <_Kreed_> noise == good
[19:58:07] <SB-X> is it faster?
[19:58:11] <_Kreed_> brain am ignore
[19:58:18] <_Kreed_> artifacts am annoying
[19:58:26] <SB-X> heh
[19:58:27] <Colourless> yeah but i'm seeing JPEG artifacts, not noise
[19:58:30] <_Kreed_> (excuse the l33t sp34k)
[19:58:33] <_Kreed_> hm..
[19:58:45] <_Kreed_> i don't have png in this pic editor..
[19:58:55] <wjp> anything non-lossy?
[19:59:05] <_Kreed_> bmp :D
[19:59:07] <_Kreed_> tiff
[19:59:08] <_Kreed_> gif
[19:59:15] <_Kreed_> well gif is kinda lossy
[19:59:18] <wjp> gif? it's 8 bit?
[19:59:31] <_Kreed_> tga
[19:59:37] <Colourless> tga
[19:59:40] <SB-X> tga
[19:59:47] <wjp> sure, why not
[19:59:55] <Colourless> but do not send it to me by DCC :-)
[20:00:20] <Colourless> i don't think i have the bandwith for a tga :-)
[20:01:08] <SB-X> it will take me a little bit of time to get it too
[20:01:19] <_Kreed_> hn
[20:01:24] <_Kreed_> i can pry download gimp faster and make it png
[20:01:34] <wjp> do you have imagemagick?
[20:01:41] <_Kreed_> newp
[20:02:08] <wjp> (or the 'convert' utility specifically)
[20:03:17] <_Kreed_> 750 kb
[20:03:20] <_Kreed_> .tga
[20:03:41] <_Kreed_> i hope it's rle compressed :D
[20:03:50] <wjp> good enough for me
[20:03:55] <SB-X> sure
[20:04:25] <wjp> I doubt rle will do much if you introduce noise
[20:04:59] <_Kreed_> wow
[20:05:01] <_Kreed_> that was fast
[20:05:21] <_Kreed_> 1 second for 750 kb
[20:05:27] <wjp> ouch
[20:06:03] <_Kreed_> doh
[20:06:08] <_Kreed_> i sent it too myself by mistake :/
[20:06:14] <wjp> that would explain :-)
[20:06:18] <_Kreed_> don't talk while i'm trying to select your name :D
[20:06:20] <Colourless> hehe
[20:06:56] <SB-X> it will take me a few min
[20:09:17] <wjp> interesting look, but only if the pixels are sufficiently small
[20:09:25] <_Kreed_> yeah..
[20:09:39] <SB-X> how fast is this filter?
[20:09:53] <_Kreed_> it should be about as fast as bilinear
[20:59:35] <_Kreed_> is there an fps counter somewhere?
[20:59:50] <Colourless> no there isn't
[21:00:11] <Colourless> exult also doesn't attempt to run as fast as possible, it attempt to run at about max 20fps
[21:01:43] <_Kreed_> ah..
[21:02:11] <wjp> you could time a for(int i=0;i < 100; i++) gwin->show(1); or something
[21:02:54] --- wjp is now known as wjp|away
[21:02:57] <wjp|away> bbl
[21:04:46] <_Kreed_> hm..
[21:05:08] <_Kreed_> anyone want to try the changes i made (simple 3 line fix in scale.cc) ?
[21:05:41] <Colourless> i can't right now, i'm about to leave.
[21:05:53] <_Kreed_> :\
[21:06:25] <Colourless> if you paste the changes here, i'll look at it later, if someone else (wjp?) doesn't
[21:07:40] <SB-X> i shouldnt because even bilinear is too slow for me
[21:09:16] <_Kreed_> well it's just an expirement :D
[21:09:17] <_Kreed_> ok
[21:09:19] <_Kreed_> in scale.cc
[21:09:36] <_Kreed_> Scale_2xbilinear
[21:09:57] <_Kreed_> replace line 924: *to++ = manip.rgb(*ar, *ag, *ab);
[21:09:59] <_Kreed_> with
[21:10:35] <_Kreed_> *to++ = manip.rgb(
[21:10:35] <_Kreed_> (((*ar)<<2) +((*ar)<<2) + (*cr+*br) )>> 3,
[21:10:35] <_Kreed_> (((*ag)<<2) +((*ag)<<2) + (*cg+*bg) )>> 3,
[21:10:35] <_Kreed_> (((*ab)<<2) +((*ab)<<2) + (*cb+*bb) )>> 3);
[21:10:42] <_Kreed_> :/
[21:10:44] <_Kreed_> stupid tabs
[21:10:46] <_Kreed_> heh
[21:11:02] <Colourless> i:-)
[21:11:02] <_Kreed_> well this is really a crazy expirement ..
[21:11:30] <Colourless> it should paste ok into the file
[21:12:14] <Colourless> ok, i'll try that later.
[21:12:28] <_Kreed_> :)
[21:13:55] <Colourless> so, what is this filter/scaler called? :-)
[21:14:57] <_Kreed_> dunno
[21:15:01] <_Kreed_> hm..
[21:15:14] <_Kreed_> i'm not sure if it's that great either
[21:15:19] <_Kreed_> i'm gonna try some more stuff
[21:15:42] <Colourless> :-)
[21:19:01] <Colourless> also one thing, can you by any chance supply us with ASM versions of your other scalers? it's been talked about before and it might be something that we might include as an option
[21:19:36] <_Kreed_> heh
[21:19:45] <_Kreed_> they're not exactly boundary safe :D
[21:20:16] <_Kreed_> easiest way to get em is via the zsnes sources..
[21:20:32] <_Kreed_> my HD is a mess right now
[21:20:36] <Colourless> is it gpl?
[21:20:41] <_Kreed_> zsnes is
[21:20:44] <_Kreed_> yes
[21:20:46] <SB-X> thats the program i was talkin about earlier... zsnes.. that went smooth for me
[21:20:56] <SB-X> but exult scaled is a pain :-)
[21:21:06] <_Kreed_> zsnes uses mmx scalers
[21:21:13] <_Kreed_> exult uses C + lots of templates
[21:21:42] <_Kreed_> zsnes.sourceforge.net
[21:22:05] <Colourless> ok thanks
[21:22:09] <Colourless> chances are and ASM scalers will not be seen in exult till after the 1.0 release... but you never know
[21:22:39] <SB-X> actually i never tried the linux zsnes heh
[21:22:49] <SB-X> last one i used was for DOS
[21:22:57] <Colourless> good, zsnes is GPL
[21:23:23] <_Kreed_> yep
[21:23:31] <_Kreed_> amazes me how they maintain that beast
[21:23:44] <_Kreed_> > 80% is asm
[21:23:48] <SB-X> it became GPL (semi)recently didnt it?
[21:23:59] <_Kreed_> a good year ago i suppose
[21:24:07] <_Kreed_> or maybe not
[21:24:11] <_Kreed_> but it's been a while
[21:24:22] * SB-X hasn't used it in a while then.
[21:24:32] <_Kreed_> heh
[21:24:44] <_Kreed_> well i hang in #zsnes (efnet, not opn) 24/7
[21:24:51] <_Kreed_> and i haven't used it in months either :D
[21:25:19] <Colourless> i downloaded zsnes to play 1 game... ultima 7 :-)
[21:25:29] <_Kreed_> lol
[21:25:38] <_Kreed_> funny actually
[21:25:47] <Colourless> probably wasn't worth the effort really :-)
[21:25:47] <_Kreed_> first thing i downloaded when i had internet
[21:25:50] <_Kreed_> was snes9x
[21:25:56] <_Kreed_> to play FF3 and Chrono Trigger
[21:26:17] <_Kreed_> and for my first ever programming project
[21:26:24] <_Kreed_> i made an unofficial GUI for it using the sources
[21:26:48] <_Kreed_> and those scalers started as a side project
[21:26:58] <_Kreed_> to get better gfx in snes games
[21:27:09] <Colourless> well, now half the emulators out there use your scalers :-)
[21:27:14] <_Kreed_> nah
[21:27:23] <_Kreed_> i haven't seen a single version of MAME use it
[21:27:38] <_Kreed_> stretchmame etc
[21:27:42] <Colourless> :-)
[21:28:17] <SB-X> _Kreed_: are you Derek Liauw Kie Fa?
[21:28:45] <_Kreed_> yes
[21:28:49] <SB-X> cool... i shouldve figured that out earlier
[21:28:58] <SB-X> great work
[21:29:18] <_Kreed_> lol
[21:29:23] <_Kreed_> it's funny
[21:29:48] <_Kreed_> i made those scalers even though i got like 12-15 fps in games
[21:29:55] <_Kreed_> on my old k6-233
[21:29:59] <Colourless> heh :-)
[21:30:07] <_Kreed_> and i kept making em slower :D
[21:30:24] <Colourless> what computer you got now?
[21:30:39] <_Kreed_> (that was 2-3 years ago)
[21:30:41] <_Kreed_> 2os[Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.0 - 2195)] 2uptime[1d 23h 25m 15s] 2cpu[1-AMD , 995MHz, 64KB] 2mem[Usage: 146/192MB (76.04%) [||||||||--]]
[21:30:46] <SB-X> ...
[21:31:09] * SB-X still has his old computer. :-)
[21:31:18] <_Kreed_> well
[21:31:18] <Colourless> ha, i've got more ram than you :-)
[21:31:24] <_Kreed_> yeah
[21:31:28] <_Kreed_> i recently upgraded
[21:31:34] <_Kreed_> i used to have 256 mb
[21:31:40] <_Kreed_> but this mobo has only 2 SDR slots
[21:31:55] <Colourless> only 2?
[21:31:58] <_Kreed_> yep
[21:32:09] <_Kreed_> i'll add a 512 DDR when i get cash
[21:32:21] <_Kreed_> or money in the bank rather
[21:32:27] <_Kreed_> it's not safe to walk with cash :D
[21:32:58] <Colourless> :-)
[21:33:11] <Colourless> i've had $700 in my pocket once
[21:33:21] <_Kreed_> only?
[21:33:28] <_Kreed_> i've had 3000 guilders in my pocket once
[21:33:28] <Colourless> yeah only :-)
[21:33:41] <_Kreed_> to buy a computer
[21:33:46] <Colourless> in cash???!
[21:33:48] <_Kreed_> yes
[21:33:49] <_Kreed_> cash
[21:34:03] <Colourless> that is quite a bit :-)
[21:34:09] <_Kreed_> ah
[21:34:20] <_Kreed_> well it's when i moved out to study at the university
[21:34:27] <_Kreed_> parents gave me money for a computer
[21:34:53] <_Kreed_> of which after 2 years, most components have been replaced
[21:35:06] <_Kreed_> hd, vid card, mobo, cpu, ram etc
[21:35:18] <Colourless> yeah seems to happen that way.
[21:36:39] <_Kreed_> um
[21:36:40] <_Kreed_> erratta
[21:36:46] <_Kreed_> i think i screwed up on that paste..
[21:36:58] <Colourless> you did?
[21:38:19] <_Kreed_> yep
[21:38:31] <_Kreed_> stupid makefile
[21:38:46] <_Kreed_> i have to delete imagescl.o manually everytime..
[21:38:49] <Colourless> :-)
[21:39:04] <_Kreed_> i think i might've changed something, 'tested' it
[21:39:13] <_Kreed_> only to not have compiled the right version
[21:39:24] <_Kreed_> *to++ = manip.rgb(
[21:39:24] <_Kreed_> (((*ar)<<2) +((*ar)<<1) + (*cr+*br) )>> 3,
[21:39:24] <_Kreed_> (((*ag)<<2) +((*ag)<<1) + (*cg+*bg) )>> 3,
[21:39:24] <_Kreed_> (((*ab)<<2) +((*ab)<<1) + (*cb+*bb) )>> 3);
[21:40:01] <Colourless> heh, ok :-)
[21:43:04] <_Kreed_> hm..
[21:43:17] <_Kreed_> this version is more convergent toward bilinear
[21:43:24] <_Kreed_> that is, compared to the screenshot
[21:43:29] <_Kreed_> less artifacts
[21:43:47] <_Kreed_> but the nice 'rounding' (or blurring if you will) isn't as great :/
[21:44:15] <_Kreed_> you get different results by modifying the factors etc..
[21:46:18] <Colourless> ok, well, i have to be going now
[21:46:31] <SB-X> :-|
[21:46:50] <Colourless> cya
[21:47:14] <_Kreed_> bye
[21:47:22] <SB-X> bye
[21:47:24] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("need sleep")
[21:48:02] <SB-X> i wonder if something would explode if i played with the scale code, not knowing C++
[21:48:18] <_Kreed_> heh
[21:48:20] <_Kreed_> nah
[21:48:24] <_Kreed_> just replace that line
[21:48:34] <_Kreed_> (and make a backup)
[21:48:35] <_Kreed_> :D
[21:48:51] <_Kreed_> i could send you an .exe
[21:49:01] <_Kreed_> but it's 3 megs
[21:49:07] <SB-X> that is ok, i am not in windows anyway
[21:49:14] <_Kreed_> ah..
[21:49:57] <_Kreed_> well i just use c++ compiler, and write c
[21:50:02] <_Kreed_> just because it bitches less
[21:50:06] <SB-X> does ZSNES scale or somehow apply the filter at the normal screen res?
[21:50:26] <_Kreed_> um
[21:50:34] <SB-X> that stuff you pasted looks like C within C++ :-)
[21:50:37] <_Kreed_> the original image is 256x239
[21:50:56] <_Kreed_> and it's scaled twice the size -> directly to screen
[21:51:05] <SB-X> oh
[21:51:11] <_Kreed_> at least i think
[21:51:25] <_Kreed_> i haven't integrated the scalers myself
[21:51:32] <_Kreed_> and my asm isn't THAT good
[21:51:45] <_Kreed_> you're in quite for a shock if you see the source for the first time
[21:52:09] <SB-X> i dont know asm at all
[21:52:14] <SB-X> just push pop mov add and such
[21:52:23] <SB-X> i made a hello world once :-)
[21:52:52] <matto> asm rules!!
[21:53:06] <SB-X> matto!!
[21:53:10] <matto> SB-X!!
[22:33:12] --- wjp|away is now known as wjp
[22:36:30] <_Kreed_> wb
[22:36:35] <wjp> thanks
[22:37:51] <SB-X> have any of you seen the SNES version of Ultima VII?
[22:38:08] <wjp> I've heard some dreadful stories about it, but I've never seen it myself
[22:38:51] <SB-X> You are fortunate to not have gone near it
[22:39:13] <matto> snes version of U7, eh?
[22:39:19] <matto> I think I have all the snes roms on cd-rom ..
[22:39:23] <matto> maybe I should check it out :)
[22:39:36] <SB-X> Colourless reminded me of that crap hehe
[22:39:41] <SB-X> noo
[22:39:45] <SB-X> throw the cd away
[22:39:47] <SB-X> burn it
[22:39:57] <_Kreed_> snes has good games
[22:40:00] <_Kreed_> don't burn it yet
[22:40:16] <SB-X> imo the loss of all the good ones is insignifigant
[22:40:19] <_Kreed_> i practically grew up with it
[22:40:21] <SB-X> compared to the horror of SNES u7
[22:40:26] <_Kreed_> lol
[22:40:29] <_Kreed_> i never played it
[22:41:08] <SB-X> i actually played it before playing the PC version... its laughable...
[22:41:40] <SB-X> you can tell they COULD have made it better, even with the cartridge limitations, but they didnt
[22:42:24] <SB-X> and of course its censored, so Christopher the blacksmith was actually kidnapped
[22:43:25] <SB-X> you probably dont care to hear all the other problems
[22:44:12] <_Kreed_> nope
[22:46:51] <SB-X> :-)
[22:47:30] <matto> hahaha
[22:47:49] * matto breaks out his snes cd's
[22:49:27] <matto> hehe.. Ultima - Runes of Virtue
[22:49:32] <matto> Ultima 6
[22:49:32] <matto> Ultima 7
[22:49:45] <matto> looks like they had a japanese version also
[22:50:00] <SB-X> i like u6 on snes but it is severely limited
[22:50:23] <SB-X> graphics are much better
[22:51:10] <SB-X> but no portraits
[22:57:03] <matto> wjp: are you there?
[22:57:08] * wjp nods
[22:57:13] <wjp> not for long anymore, though
[22:57:19] <matto> doh!
[22:57:30] <matto> do you remember much about book 3 in sword of truth, Blood of the Fold ?
[22:57:39] <wjp> I might
[22:57:44] <matto> I am re-reading it and I stumbled upon a section that was never explained
[22:57:52] <wjp> page?
[22:57:58] <matto> oooh page! one moment
[22:58:54] <matto> page 152
[22:59:19] <wjp> end of chapter 17?
[22:59:19] <matto> an unidentified figure blocks Tobias's path
[22:59:24] <matto> yes
[22:59:32] <matto> I kind of got the hint that this figure was Richard
[22:59:40] <matto> but ... there isn't enough evidence to say for sure ...
[22:59:51] <matto> if not Richard, who could it be?
[23:02:16] <wjp> hmm, good question
[23:03:54] <wjp> mord-sith maybe?
[23:04:08] <matto> doesn't it identify the figure as male?
[23:04:24] <matto> hmmmm
[23:04:26] <wjp> no
[23:04:27] <matto> Berdine?
[23:04:33] <matto> it could be Berdine! you're right!
[23:04:34] <wjp> in fact it seems to avoid gender
[23:05:06] <wjp> 'figure', 'face', 'dark shape'
[23:05:06] <matto> ah ha
[23:05:10] <matto> you're right.. it must be Berdine
[23:05:25] <matto> because right after that point is when she starts behaving strangely
[23:05:34] <wjp> yeah, the hints at using magic against him/her
[23:05:47] * wjp nods
[23:06:14] <matto> also do you know what Lunetta did to Richard to make him lust after that lady? Duchess Lumholtz?
[23:06:42] <wjp> yes, a ... umm... what's-its-name spell
[23:06:45] <matto> I've already kind of figured out the answer, but I only figured it out this second time reading it
[23:06:48] <matto> glamour
[23:06:51] <wjp> right
[23:07:09] <matto> Verna has this page-long discussion about the glamour spell ... hehe
[23:08:15] <wjp> wasn't that where she said there had only been one that had actually cast it?
[23:08:21] <wjp> (and she was banished for that)
[23:08:29] <matto> yes
[23:08:45] <matto> do you think there is a connection there? I didn't see one
[23:09:23] <wjp> I remember thinking about a connection
[23:09:42] <wjp> but I can't remember if that's because it just occured to me, or because I saw some evidence for it
[23:11:27] <matto> page 182
[23:12:30] <matto> hmm it never says her name
[23:13:10] <wjp> it does say that her mother wasn't gifted
[23:13:29] <wjp> was there any mention of Tobias & Lunetta's mother being gifted?
[23:13:43] <matto> it says her mother wasn't gifted?
[23:13:51] <matto> I only see it saying that Verna's mother wasn't gifted
[23:14:06] <wjp> oh, right
[23:14:23] <wjp> read too quickly :-)
[23:14:46] <matto> wait.. it does say a name.. Valdora
[23:15:02] <matto> Valdora vowed undying vengeance.
[23:15:15] * wjp nods
[23:17:12] <matto> I enjoy reading from Tobias's warped perspective
[23:17:13] <wjp> in one of the later books, wasn't there someone who was torturing one of the prelates (Ann or Verna?) because of something that happened earlier
[23:17:23] <matto> the way he views everything.. it's really itneresting
[23:17:25] <wjp> the old woman with the granddaughter who were selling cakes
[23:17:33] <matto> he loved his sister.. loved her enough to slit her throat himself if he had to
[23:17:36] <matto> hehe
[23:17:41] <wjp> :-)
[23:17:46] <matto> ooooohh yes I forgot about the old woman
[23:17:49] <matto> what's the deal with her?
[23:18:06] <wjp> not sure
[23:18:09] <matto> I don't think that was a later book, I think that was _this_ book
[23:18:16] <matto> toward the end
[23:18:28] <wjp> page 320
[23:18:32] <matto> hehe
[23:18:32] <wjp> "Valdora"
[23:19:11] <wjp> bingo :-)
[23:19:43] <matto> cha-ching
[23:19:49] <matto> how did you find page 320 so quickly? hehe
[23:20:00] <wjp> it fell open on that page :-)
[23:20:26] <matto> so what was the deal with her anyway? Richard was nothing but nice to her, but as I recall, she is an enemy to him in the end
[23:20:57] <matto> "You have brought me more satisfaction than you could know." sounds like she is preparing to do something bad to him :(
[23:21:16] <wjp> who killed her in the end?
[23:21:32] <matto> I don't remember.. I remember she was torturing Ann in the keep or something
[23:21:39] <matto> nathan might've killed her...
[23:21:56] <matto> zedd was lying unconscious in the doorway
[23:21:58] <matto> ann collared him
[23:22:05] <wjp> yes, but that collar didn't do much :-)
[23:22:11] <matto> hehe..
[23:22:52] <wjp> 433
[23:23:00] <wjp> no, nm
[23:23:31] <wjp> I just saw 'Holly' mentioned there
[23:23:40] <matto> hmm what was holly doing there
[23:24:27] <wjp> that's where the palace just exploded
[23:25:28] <matto> hehe
[23:25:37] <matto> it must be before that part
[23:26:56] <wjp> before 346
[23:27:19] <wjp> 336
[23:27:39] <wjp> well, 337
[23:28:20] * matto flips pages
[23:29:02] <wjp> Nathan saves Ann
[23:30:15] <matto> sure enough
[23:30:44] <_Kreed_> hm
[23:30:48] <_Kreed_> what book are you talking about?
[23:31:01] <wjp> the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
[23:32:32] <_Kreed_> heh
[23:32:35] <_Kreed_> k..
[23:32:38] <_Kreed_> books
[23:32:51] <_Kreed_> last one i read for fun was 6 years ago or so
[23:32:59] <_Kreed_> the rest have been mandatory high school books
[23:33:02] <_Kreed_> and study books :\
[23:37:35] <wjp> you should try some nice fantasy books sometime :-)
[23:37:50] <wjp> I can really recommend Eddings, Jordan & Goodkind
[23:38:07] <_Kreed_> lol
[23:38:09] * SB-X likes Tolkien.
[23:38:19] <wjp> too short :-)
[23:38:20] <_Kreed_> i have to enroll to the local library first
[23:38:33] * matto started reading from page 336 and kept reading
[23:38:46] * wjp wonders when part 7 is going to be released here
[23:38:48] <matto> this is good stuff :)
[23:38:58] <SB-X> last novel i read was over a year ago
[23:39:10] <SB-X> far from Fantasy :P
[23:39:50] <wjp> ugh... 00:40 already
[23:39:55] <wjp> I should really go to bed
[23:40:01] <_Kreed_> ik ook :D
[23:40:06] <wjp> :-)
[23:40:16] <_Kreed_> tomorrow 10:30 lecture
[23:40:17] <wjp> ook weer leuk vroeg college? :-)
[23:40:24] <matto> eh?
[23:40:25] <_Kreed_> yep
[23:40:26] <wjp> 9:00 for me :-(
[23:40:32] <_Kreed_> fundamentale informatica
[23:40:36] <matto> ah ha.. another .nl person :)
[23:40:38] <wjp> oh, fun
[23:40:40] <_Kreed_> turing machines
[23:40:45] <_Kreed_> :\
[23:40:50] <wjp> no, really fun
[23:40:55] <_Kreed_> hm..
[23:40:55] <SB-X> hehe
[23:40:57] <matto> turing machines, eh?
[23:41:07] <wjp> theoretical CS is the best part :-)
[23:41:12] <_Kreed_> heheh
[23:41:14] <matto> interesting enough for a day or two of learning but not a whole semester.. arrgh
[23:41:14] <_Kreed_> well
[23:41:17] <wjp> of course, I'm a bit biased since I'm a math & CS student
[23:41:20] <_Kreed_> it's better than the social stuff
[23:41:27] <_Kreed_> IMO
[23:41:32] <wjp> much better, yes :-)
[23:41:40] <_Kreed_> i'm a CS student
[23:41:57] <wjp> Delft, I guess? :-)
[23:42:01] <_Kreed_> yep
[23:42:03] <_Kreed_> leiden
[23:42:05] * wjp nods
[23:42:10] <_Kreed_> lol
[23:42:22] <_Kreed_> matto: well i'm not really .nl
[23:42:37] <_Kreed_> but as they say
[23:42:40] <_Kreed_> when in rome
[23:42:43] <_Kreed_> do as the romans
[23:42:53] <_Kreed_> although i find it pretty hard
[23:43:47] <matto> wjp: the ann encounter starts on page 323
[23:43:47] <wjp> anyway, I should go :/
[23:43:53] <matto> apparently the honey cake has something to do with it
[23:43:59] <wjp> matto: yeah, drugged, IIRC
[23:44:06] <wjp> night
[23:44:11] <_Kreed_> 'nacht
[23:44:23] <-- wjp has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[23:45:18] <SB-X> :-|
[23:46:03] <-- _Kreed_ has left IRC (herbert.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[23:48:43] --> KrdZZZ has joined #exult
[23:49:07] <SB-X> :-)