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[12:52:47] * Darke hunts down the recipe for Zombies ah la Flamberge.
[13:20:48] * Darke checks GNUChild for a GNUCleus.
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[18:15:00] <artaxerxes|zombi> yo
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[18:18:42] <wjp> hi
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[18:41:54] <artaxerxes|zombi> hi
[19:20:01] <Curryosis> word
[19:21:13] <Curryosis> Question... Is there an issue with the executing of sound eggs. Something seems odd.
[19:56:28] <wjp> such as?
[19:58:38] <Curryosis> soundeffect eggs don't seem to like making sound when they've been activated
[19:59:46] <wjp> there are soundeffect eggs?
[19:59:59] * wjp thought there were only music and voice eggs
[20:00:28] <wjp> heh, ES does list sfx egg, yes
[20:01:20] <wjp> kind of strange, since we haven't implemented those
[20:01:53] <Curryosis> ahh... might be why they weren't working
[20:02:17] <wjp> I guess you should submit a bug report for this :-)
[20:02:46] <Curryosis> is there a special place for submitting ES bug reports, or just in the normal exult bug page?
[20:03:16] <wjp> in the normal tracker, but set category to ExultStudio
[20:03:32] <Curryosis> I noticed because I was fooling around making custom sounds, but then when I placed them they didn't work
[20:04:44] <Curryosis> I was also wondering what the possibility of adding the z coordinate to the teleport egg? Seems like a feature that could have uses.
[20:07:19] <wjp> hm, could be tricky
[20:07:42] <wjp> not sure if there are any unused bits left in the data fields for a teleport egg
[20:08:19] <Curryosis> O.K. It wouldn't add much to the game since there's path eggs. I was just curious
[20:08:36] <wjp> well, path eggs can only be used for short distances
[20:10:11] <Curryosis> I realize
[20:10:26] <Curryosis> thats what got me thinking about z value for teleport eggs
[20:15:34] <Curryosis> I was curious about sign making? I don't think ES supports this right now, any future plans?
[20:16:00] <wjp> signs? like street/house signs?
[20:16:14] <wjp> (and plaques)
[20:16:27] <wjp> those are just created by usecode
[20:16:49] <Curryosis> O.K. I wasn't sure about that
[20:19:42] <wjp> I should be going
[20:19:45] <wjp> bye
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[23:35:18] <Fingolfin> hi