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[12:06:52] <olav__> hi
[12:15:37] <olav__> i'd need some help with studio
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[16:00:29] <olav__> hi there
[16:03:38] <Sevalecan> hi here
[16:06:01] <olav__> any news with Feudal Lands?
[16:06:12] <Marzo> Nope
[16:07:15] <olav__> Hi Marzo
[16:07:22] <Marzo> Hi
[16:08:25] <Marzo> brb, lunch
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[18:05:58] <olav__> are you there Marzo
[18:06:05] <Marzo> Yes
[18:06:24] <olav__> I'm the guy who came here few weeks ago trying to build Excult under Eclipse CDT
[18:06:39] <Marzo> Had any luck?
[18:07:04] <olav__> I had troubles with the gcc command line macros for which Eclipse was removing the double quotes
[18:07:25] <olav__> like -DVERSION=\"x.y\" was becoming VERSION=x.y
[18:07:33] <Marzo> That sounds like a bug in Eclipse
[18:07:37] <olav__> yes it is
[18:07:56] <Marzo> Can they do anything about it?
[18:08:01] <olav__> however I have a workaround that we can integrate in the code without impacting other platforms
[18:08:20] <olav__> I have reported the bug on the CDT newsgroup but nobody cared to answer
[18:08:29] <olav__> I should file a bug though, they have a bug tracker
[18:08:59] <olav__> there is one thing we can do:
[18:09:11] <olav__> define those two macros:
[18:09:35] <olav__> #define _QUOTE( x ) #x
[18:09:35] <olav__> #define QUOTE( x ) _QUOTE( x )
[18:09:51] <olav__> (without spaces, just to avoid the smilieys on some irc clients)
[18:10:12] <olav__> and then within the code we write this: printf(QUOTE(VERSION));
[18:10:29] <olav__> for platforms that don't require this, we can #define QUOTE ( x ) x
[18:10:56] <olav__> this way we can have -DVERSION=1.2 on the command line
[18:11:00] <olav__> no need to have double quotes
[18:11:32] <olav__> what do you think?
[18:11:34] <Marzo> Out of curiosity: does the problem happen in current SVN?
[18:11:41] <olav__> yes
[18:11:49] <olav__> main trunk
[18:13:10] <olav__> actually the macro in define in the makefile
[18:13:30] <olav__> makefile.mingw
[18:13:36] <olav__> this is for win32
[18:13:44] <olav__> we have this: -DVERSION=$(VERSION)
[18:14:00] <olav__> and VERSION=1.4.05cvs defined in makefile.common
[18:14:43] <olav__> actually there is no double quote there
[18:14:49] <olav__> but there is this too: -DEXULT_DATADIR=\"data\"
[18:14:59] <Marzo> Are you building in Windows with MinGW from under Eclipse?
[18:15:07] <olav__> yes exactly
[18:16:45] <Marzo> I guess Eclipse is trying to be smart (and being dumb) and is assuming that the double-quotes refer to a long file name
[18:17:06] <olav__> maybe, i'm not sure
[18:17:23] <Marzo> Then again, that makefile is meant for msys
[18:17:42] <olav__> yes
[18:17:49] <Marzo> So if Eclipse is directly calling MinGW (specifically, mingw32-make), there could be a problem
[18:18:44] <Marzo> (msys does some file name/path conversions when calling things from the MinGW toolchain and when interpreting their results)
[18:18:49] <olav__> in Eclipse CDT, there is an already configued MinGW toolchain
[18:18:53] <olav__> and I'l using this
[18:19:49] <Marzo> Try this just to be sure:
[18:20:27] <Marzo> First, add MinGW "bin" to your PATH, "lib" to CPATH and "include" to your INCLUDE variables
[18:21:02] <Marzo> Then, open a DOS command prompt and cd to the dir with the Exult source
[18:21:22] <Marzo> Then run mingw32-make -f makefile.mingw
[18:21:48] <olav__> ok
[18:22:09] <Marzo> If this is indeed an Eclipse thing, it should compile without errors; if it is a MinGW/msys error, it will fail with the same error
[18:22:23] <Marzo> (this at least helps narrow down the error)
[18:25:04] <olav__> building...
[18:32:47] <olav__> build failed
[18:33:08] <Marzo> Same error?
[18:33:08] <olav__> but i'm surprises there is no double quotes for VERSION in the makefile, only foe the data dir
[18:33:14] <olav__> yes same error
[18:33:21] <olav__> let me try with make again
[18:33:33] <Marzo> But the makefile *does* have quotes for the VERSION
[18:33:50] <olav__> oh so I must have made odd things with the makefile
[18:33:56] <olav__> let me check
[18:34:22] <Marzo> It should go like this: CPPFLAGS=$(strip -DVERSION=\"$(VERSION)\" [...]
[18:35:33] <olav__> yes right, i had modified it i forgot
[18:35:42] <olav__> so build succeeds with mingw
[18:35:51] <olav__> mingw-make I mean
[18:35:59] <Marzo> Definitelly an Eclipse bug then
[18:36:07] <olav__> so this is an Eclipse things
[18:36:10] <olav__> yes
[18:36:41] <olav__> are you developing on windows or linux?
[18:36:49] <Marzo> Both
[18:36:58] <olav__> ok. which debugger are you using?
[18:37:05] <Marzo> GDB with MinGW/msys in Windows
[18:37:09] <Marzo> GDB in Linux
[18:37:19] <olav__> command line gdb ?
[18:37:24] <Marzo> Yes
[18:37:27] <olav__> wow
[18:37:31] <Marzo> :-)
[18:37:51] <olav__> don't tell me you edit files with vi
[18:37:56] <olav__> :)
[18:38:13] <Marzo> I actually think vi is a thing that should not have been made, ever
[18:38:28] <olav__> i would tend to agree on this ;)
[18:38:45] <Marzo> I use VC++ Express in Windows, Code::Blocks/Gedit (whichever is quickest) under Linux
[18:39:13] <olav__> with VC++ you can't using the IDE for debugging?
[18:39:16] <olav__> use
[18:39:23] <Marzo> There was a site teaching some vi concepts; it started with a funny quote
[18:39:35] <Marzo> I don't compile with the MS compiler
[18:39:37] <Marzo> So no
[18:39:56] <olav__> ok. it would be nice to debug under a real IDE though no?
[18:40:02] <Marzo> The "quote" about vi was "Zen and the art of how the %$&@ do I use this thig???"
[18:40:12] <olav__> haha ;
[18:40:14] <olav__> :)
[18:40:35] <Marzo> I never had much luck trying to compile Exult in MSVC
[18:40:43] <Marzo> I gave up long ago
[18:41:03] <Marzo> On the other hand, my first attempt ever at compiling with MinGW/msys succeeded
[18:41:38] <olav__> i've seen in the trunk msvc directories
[18:41:49] <Marzo> Also, DevC++/WxDevC++ (which have GDB integration) never quite worked for debugging with GDB for me
[18:42:03] <olav__> ok. Eclipse CDT does work though
[18:42:08] <Marzo> If try to build with those, you will likely fail
[18:42:11] <olav__> it uses gdb for debugging
[18:42:22] <Marzo> (maybe not the one made by Lanica for MSVC 2007)
[18:42:39] <Marzo> I never got past the Java-based nature of Eclipse
[18:43:07] <olav__> the CDT plug-in makes Eclipse suitable for C/C++ dev
[18:43:28] <olav__> http://www.eclipse.org/cdt/
[18:43:36] <Marzo> I meant: I never got past the fact that Eclipse is made with Java
[18:43:55] <olav__> hehe. but today's machines can make it run quite fast
[18:44:02] <Marzo> I could have lived with it even if it were written in VB, but I dislike Java
[18:44:41] <Marzo> There is a difference between "fast" and "slightly-sluggish resource hog"
[18:44:43] <olav__> I never go hurt by an escaped bytecode though, they really stay behind we don't see them
[18:45:17] <Marzo> Given the sorts of programs I use (and the sheer volume), Eclipse makes my computer grind almost to a halt
[18:45:27] <olav__> I can understand that
[18:45:44] <olav__> it is quite demanding
[18:47:21] <olav__> well. so back at this doube quote thing, if using the above macros within the code, there would be no problem anymore under Eclipse. No makefile modification neither
[18:52:08] <olav__> how does it work to submit to the trunk? there is some moderation in place I guess?
[18:52:29] <Marzo> You can send a patch to the patch tracker
[18:53:29] <olav__> where is this located?
[18:54:08] <olav__> is it the bug tracker?
[18:54:12] <Marzo> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=2335&atid=302335
[18:55:10] <olav__> ok
[18:56:47] <olav__> so I'll try to add this stuff and the team will see if they want to integrate or not
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[19:37:15] <Stalinger> hello!
[19:37:42] <Stalinger> i was just wondering is there any way to "skip" fitting "problem"
[19:38:12] <Stalinger> so i could fit tables etc. big furniture and all the things to backpack?
[19:38:48] <Marzo> Not in Exult, no; volume always gets checked, even if weight is ignored
[19:38:59] <Marzo> (when using hack-mover, I mean)
[19:39:04] <Stalinger> yep. ok
[19:39:30] <Stalinger> kinda weird but my sis and bro like U7 lot more than Sims xD
[19:40:01] <Stalinger> and theyre just furnishing and stuff...
[19:40:17] <Marzo> Hehe
[19:40:29] <Stalinger> thats a shame they cant do it with Exult
[19:40:35] <Stalinger> but we still have dosBox
[19:52:33] <Stalinger> HAA! :D
[19:52:41] <Stalinger> i solved it
[19:53:22] <Stalinger> you can still move big objects... flying carpet is perfect for transfer
[19:54:18] <Marzo> I just remembered this also: if you have a weapon in the backpack, load your hands with big, heavy stuff and then enter combat mode, the things in your hands will be forced onto your backpack
[19:54:40] <Marzo> The hold of a ship also has no volume or weight limit
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[20:12:37] <Stalinger> ok- thx
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