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[22:27:37] <Dominus> dang, a bit late again
[22:29:36] <Dominus> wjp, probably too late now but if you have a bit, can you look at https://www.dropbox.com/s/cc1ffwb5ya4e3pc/egg.diff?dl=0 (full egg.cc https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fhe1zqhbhs2we5/egg.cc?dl=0)
[22:31:29] <Dominus> it seems to be alright, I only got into trouble with egg.h when I had any_footpad after external_criteria. Even though doing this correctly with the enumeration, it didn't work with that, as if anything after external_criteria enumeration isn't working or at least not like this
[22:32:59] <wjp> this won't work
[22:33:05] <Dominus> also on egg.cc:1239 - what does that if do?
[22:34:03] <wjp> egg criteria is a field from the data files
[22:34:16] <wjp> see docs/u7tech.txt
[22:34:34] <wjp> so the values we use here are determined by the game's original data files
[22:36:35] <wjp> and in particular we can't add new ones
[22:37:17] <Dominus> hmm, but why do we have that criteria stuff then at all? and it seems to me that the field eggs are not covered by u7tec.txt
[22:37:25] <Dominus> I'm a bit puzzled
[22:38:13] <wjp> no idea about the fields
[22:38:44] <Dominus> and applying that diff *does* make it work
[22:38:46] <wjp> but the criteria corresponds to 3 bits in the data file for eggs, and the values we use internally have to match the values used in the data, because they describe what triggers eggs in the work
[22:39:49] <wjp> some eggs in the world will have criteria already set to 6 in the game data files, and that means "something_on"
[22:40:07] <wjp> this patch changes the meaning of that 6, so such eggs will no longer trigger correctly
[22:40:07] <Dominus> ok, that makes sense
[22:42:38] <Dominus> I see what you mean
[22:44:34] <Dominus> so we can only have those 7 criterias and that's why adding #8 failed to work
[22:46:25] <Dominus> can you see a way to set the case caltrops_field (egg.cc:1238) to be about all actors and not just the party?
[22:47:49] <Dominus> hmm, or adding type to int Egg_object::is_active (egg.cc:708) so I can have an if type caltrops_field...
[22:48:00] <Dominus> hackety hack...
[23:07:27] <Dominus> ha ha ha, while messing with the original just now, I found we are missing campfire as a damaging field
[23:09:20] <Dominus> hmm, as per egg.h the fields are "our own" egg types, so maybe they can circumvent the criteria somehow
[23:12:25] <Dominus> hmm, campfire should be addable via the shape_info.txt
[23:25:11] <Dominus> again hmm, but that is missing the part of selecting the frames and the campfire does have a burnt out frame
[23:31:03] <Dominus> final though before bed:
[23:31:59] <Dominus> AFAICT we do not read criteria for fields but set it manually to party_footpad in egg.cc:589 init_field
[23:33:02] <Dominus> so, we should be able to do something here and somehow make fields for all actors, not just the party
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