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[00:08:50] <Cahaan> I'm somewhat motivated right now... I'd really like to try improving some things on the PPC version if I can
[00:08:57] <Cahaan> mainly the controls
[00:23:17] <pupnik> Cahaan: um
[00:25:04] <pupnik> is the ppc 'version' built from the normal cvs?
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[00:29:52] <Cahaan> pupnik: good question
[00:30:08] <Cahaan> I don't really know how the code is organized
[00:30:17] <Cahaan> that's why I prefer to ask before trying anything :)
[00:30:44] <pupnik> the 'hackish' ports like mine or the gp2x one are not merged into the main tree
[00:31:13] <Cahaan> interesting
[00:31:25] <Cahaan> so that would be a totally separated branch
[00:31:40] <Cahaan> which port did you realize ?
[00:40:06] <Cahaan> hey
[00:40:09] <Cahaan> http://exult.cvs.sourceforge.net/exult/exult/data/pocketpc/keypad.shp?view=log
[00:40:43] <Cahaan> is seems that this is exactly what I would like to have
[00:41:09] <Cahaan> what are those shp files and how can you install them
[00:42:41] <Cahaan> that kind of file seems to be in the gamedat directory
[00:42:51] <Cahaan> where can I get more information on this please?
[00:54:35] <Cahaan> is there some technical doc somewhere?
[01:07:14] <pupnik> huhu
[01:07:31] <pupnik> hi sorry for my lag
[01:07:36] <pupnik> was working on another project
[01:07:44] <pupnik> yes the pocketpc version has onscreen stuff
[01:07:45] <pupnik> i think
[01:08:05] <pupnik> i haven't learned these changes yet
[01:08:45] <Cahaan> what do you mean by "onscreen" stuff ?
[01:09:28] <pupnik> the touchscreen class
[01:09:36] <pupnik> i was implementing some changes for stylus play
[01:09:46] <pupnik> single tap to run, combined with object action
[01:09:50] <pupnik> it was very broken what i did
[01:10:09] <pupnik> then i found out about the PocketPC changes
[01:10:16] <pupnik> and got distracted by other projects
[01:10:43] <Cahaan> oh okay
[01:11:13] <Cahaan> and do you know how to "apply" those .shp files ?
[01:11:22] <pupnik> no i don't
[01:11:23] <pupnik> sorry
[01:11:26] <Cahaan> ok no problems
[01:11:28] <pupnik> please take notes about what you do
[01:11:34] <pupnik> and i will take notes when i get back into it
[01:11:40] <Cahaan> yeah sure :)
[01:12:03] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/Exult_Ultima_VII_Nokia_770_02.jpg
[01:12:24] <Cahaan> I'm just asking a lot of questions right now because I just very excited about portable versions of U7 ^^
[01:12:29] <Cahaan> that's nice
[01:12:43] <pupnik> me too
[01:12:54] <Cahaan> what's the OS running on that nokia device ?
[01:13:01] <pupnik> linux :)
[01:13:22] <Cahaan> symbian?
[01:13:22] <pupnik> standard plain-jane linux + SDL
[01:13:34] <pupnik> nokia phones use symbian
[01:13:41] <Cahaan> but this is not a phone
[01:13:43] <Cahaan> all right ^^
[01:13:45] <pupnik> nokia internet tablets are straight-up linux, with x
[01:13:51] <Cahaan> sounds good
[01:14:26] <pupnik> what device do you have?
[01:14:49] <Cahaan> HTC TyTN 2
[01:15:20] <Cahaan> http://www.techshout.com/images/htc-tytn-ii.jpg
[01:15:24] <pupnik> looks great
[01:15:43] <Cahaan> hell yeah, I just love it
[01:15:47] <Cahaan> it does everything
[01:17:53] <Cahaan> cellular, gps (tomtom or whatever), internet over 3G, wifi, bluetooth, skype, googlemaps, can read divx or other video formats, can play ultima underworld, Exult, UFO, has a 3mpx digital camera, azerty keyboard, front cam (umts), ...
[01:18:12] <pupnik> what underworld ? what?
[01:18:23] <Cahaan> lot of nice and free softwares on win mobile
[01:18:25] <Cahaan> hehe yes
[01:18:32] <pupnik> what? what? what?
[01:18:32] <Cahaan> Ultima Underworld I
[01:18:34] <Cahaan> the first one :)
[01:18:44] <pupnik> commercial port to windows mobile?
[01:18:48] <Cahaan> yeah
[01:18:51] <Cahaan> by Zio Interactive
[01:18:55] <Cahaan> was released a few years ago
[01:18:57] <pupnik> damn
[01:19:01] <Cahaan> and works damn great
[01:19:22] <pupnik> how much did it cost?
[01:19:23] <Cahaan> like the original version on my 486
[01:19:28] <Cahaan> the device or the game ?
[01:19:37] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/daimonin_widget_810.jpg both... just curious
[01:20:06] <pupnik> i am sticking with the linux, but curious what ppl would pay for a mobile game
[01:20:19] <Cahaan> UW is $30
[01:20:42] <Cahaan> which is not expensive for the greatest game ever imho :p
[01:21:00] <Cahaan> I paid 720 euros for the device
[01:21:03] <pupnik> i never finished. some plot bug about 1/2 way through
[01:21:04] <pupnik> wow
[01:21:20] <pupnik> screen resolution ?
[01:21:31] <Cahaan> qvga
[01:21:35] <Cahaan> too bad it's not vga
[01:21:38] <Cahaan> that's the only bad thing :)
[01:21:49] <Cahaan> but it's enough for that kind of device I'd say
[01:21:55] <pupnik> yes, very small
[01:22:08] <pupnik> besides, original vga was 320x200 @ 256 colors
[01:22:17] <Cahaan> that's right
[01:22:31] <pupnik> but nowadays people call 640x480 'vga' res
[01:22:43] <pupnik> so anyway, that shot you see has VERY small type
[01:23:10] <Cahaan> looks good though
[01:23:51] <Cahaan> the good thing with the HTC, it that I can be connected on internet anywhere over 3G
[01:24:01] <Cahaan> there's even a mmorpg available on it
[01:24:05] <pupnik> that's nice. the nokia tablet needs an external phone
[01:24:17] <Cahaan> MSN is included (other clients do exist)
[01:24:29] <Cahaan> I even have an IRC client
[01:24:39] <Cahaan> a telnet/ssh tool
[01:24:43] <Cahaan> (PocketPutty)
[01:25:04] <Cahaan> yeah that's odd that Nokia produces a device without phone
[01:25:16] <pupnik> i prefer it without
[01:25:20] <Cahaan> but the purpose is not the same indeed
[01:25:28] <Cahaan> I cannot imagine myself with such a big thing near my head
[01:25:37] <Cahaan> "hello, mummy?"
[01:26:16] <Cahaan> yeah the nokia 810 looks really cool
[01:26:39] <Cahaan> if you can play Ultima 7 on it, it can only be good ^^
[01:27:02] <Cahaan> what do you think about the ASUS EEE ? is it comparable?
[01:27:28] <pupnik> eee is a small cheap x86 laptop
[01:28:11] <Cahaan> and XO ?
[01:28:13] <Cahaan> (OLPC)
[01:28:25] <Cahaan> what's the difference between the nokia and these devices ?
[01:28:33] <pupnik> nokia fits in pocket
[01:28:57] <pupnik> nokia = ARM cpu, with 7+ hours use and many days of standby
[01:29:14] <Cahaan> hmm good
[01:30:30] <pupnik> small laptops are nice of course. choose your size and form factor, then the device
[01:35:01] <Cahaan> yup
[01:35:28] <pupnik> so you have a development kit / environment for the HTC?
[01:35:32] <Cahaan> I would like to have a projector for my HTC
[01:35:38] <Cahaan> not yet
[01:36:04] <Cahaan> programming is my job but haven't tried anything yet for it :)
[01:37:03] <Cahaan> what kind of dev environment are you using on the tablet?
[01:37:20] <pupnik> it is called 'maemo'
[01:37:39] <pupnik> runs in a chroot environment, with qemu emulating the ARM processor
[01:39:23] <Cahaan> and what kind of projects are you on at the moment
[01:40:04] <pupnik> right now i am just playing with the n810, and testing a streaming media player
[01:40:11] <pupnik> to play my movie/video collection on the pc
[01:40:35] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/software.html
[01:40:43] <pupnik> those are the ports i'm working on :/
[01:41:37] <Cahaan> wow nice :)
[01:41:45] <Cahaan> lots of stuff there
[01:42:03] <Cahaan> Amiga !!
[01:42:07] <Cahaan> I used to have an amiga as well
[01:42:15] <Cahaan> what a nice machine it was
[01:42:24] <pupnik> yes it was the most advanced at the time
[01:42:45] <Cahaan> I also have a version of winUAE working on my HTC, but there are still some issues though
[01:43:12] <pupnik> problem with mouse positioning?
[01:44:50] <Cahaan> yes and some sounds issues as well
[01:45:25] <pupnik> k i have to get to work
[01:45:37] <Cahaan> all right, have fun :)
[01:45:40] <Cahaan> talk to you later
[01:45:44] <pupnik> cheers
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[07:18:55] <servus> Dang a bunch of people are emailing me about exult3d all of a sudden..
[07:19:38] <Baastuul> Tell them you hate them!
[07:21:00] <servus> Aieee! My face!
[07:22:15] * Baastuul panics.
[07:22:24] <Baastuul> Fe... Fetch the water buckets! Fetch them n... now!
[07:32:14] <servus> Hi, by the way!
[07:35:12] <Baastuul> Hello!
[07:37:15] <servus> How's the GREAT WHITE NORTH?
[07:37:51] <Baastuul> Cold!
[07:38:20] <servus> You mean Los Angeles? Coldish!
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[13:50:15] <Cahaan> what are those .shp files and how do you install them?
[13:50:58] <RadoS> SHaPes
[13:52:53] <Cahaan> thanks
[13:52:57] <Cahaan> and how do you integrate them?
[13:55:41] <wjp> what do you mean?
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[14:19:47] <Cahaan> well
[14:19:53] <Cahaan> I'd like to be able to use http://exult.cvs.sourceforge.net/exult/exult/data/pocketpc/keypad.shp?view=log
[14:20:02] <Cahaan> on my HTC (windows mobile)
[14:20:20] <Cahaan> but I don't know how to "install" it
[14:20:48] <Cahaan> (touchscreen class)
[14:21:44] <wjp> those .shp files are packed in a file named exult_pocketpc.flx
[14:22:14] <Cahaan> ok thanks
[14:22:17] <wjp> that file should be in the same place as exult_bg.flx and exult_si.flx
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[14:23:50] <Cahaan> is the presence of the file sufficient to activate new options ?
[14:24:08] <Cahaan> and how do you create/extract that kind of archive ?
[14:24:17] <wjp> well, the exult binary you're using needs to support it
[14:24:25] <Cahaan> okay I get it
[14:24:40] <Cahaan> so if it's not included in the current version, the best thing is to wait for the next one :)
[14:25:55] <Cahaan> but that should already be included because the date of revision of keypad.shp is < than the date of the last releas
[14:25:58] <Cahaan> release*
[14:26:53] <wjp> which exult binary are you using?
[14:28:20] <Cahaan> PocketPC Window Mobile 5 ARMV5T binary snapshot 2007-12-17 19:38 1290 KB
[14:28:35] <Cahaan> (on the download page)
[14:31:21] <wjp> hm, that should support it
[14:31:26] <wjp> did you read the readme?
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[14:31:36] <wjp> "
[14:31:41] <wjp> The Pocket PC version of Exult has an on-screen keyboard.
[14:31:41] <wjp> To open it, when you see the keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen, click
[14:31:41] <wjp> on the icon, in the middle.
[14:31:42] <wjp> "
[14:34:06] * Cahaan hides
[14:34:15] <Cahaan> yup, I'm reading it now :)
[14:34:17] <Cahaan> thanks
[14:34:32] <Cahaan> sorry for this, I didn't notice that readme file for ppc ^^^
[14:35:02] <wjp> no problem :-)
[14:35:46] <Cahaan> that's great. The only remaining problem I have now is for Serpent's Isle. At the beginning, when Iolo tries to talk to the avatar, everything seems to be blocked
[14:36:04] <Cahaan> I've heard about a distance problem
[14:36:07] <wjp> yeah
[14:36:19] <Cahaan> but it's not fixed in the december release
[14:36:23] <wjp> it was fixed early this year
[14:36:29] <Cahaan> oh okay great
[14:36:36] <Cahaan> so the next release will include the fix
[14:49:29] <ashp> when will exult be able to make me a coffee while i play, until that's patched in i refuse to try it again :(
[14:55:00] <Cahaan> I guess I can try to get a build environment for the PPC and compile a new executable that includes the fix in objs/objs.cc
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