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[05:17:28] <ShamblerDK> People! I've tried finding information on Google, but alas, to no avail. When I run Exult, my colors are all distorted regardless of running in windowed mode or not. What gives? :)
[05:18:14] <ShamblerDK> I remember that back in the old days you just had to set the game to run in 256 color mode or something like that, but it does not work :s
[05:20:01] <ShamblerDK> Also, anyone excited about the new Ultima game? =)
[05:26:24] <sh4rm4> ShamblerDK, on which platform ?
[05:26:34] <ShamblerDK> sh4rm4: The PC of course :P
[05:26:42] <ShamblerDK> OH, you mean Exult thing
[05:26:45] <ShamblerDK> Yes, it's on PC
[05:26:56] <sh4rm4> which OS
[05:26:59] <ShamblerDK> W7
[05:27:11] <sh4rm4> eek
[05:27:15] <ShamblerDK> Oh yeah, platform -.-
[05:27:39] <sh4rm4> maybe your exult data is damaged ?
[05:27:49] <sh4rm4> i'd try running it in a linux VM
[05:28:00] <ShamblerDK> Well, I used to be able to play it... I have considered that my U7 data files are broken :(
[05:29:07] <sh4rm4> there's also some video settings that you may want to play around with
[05:29:23] <sh4rm4> i usually use point scaling since that is the most accurate method
[05:29:25] <ShamblerDK> Yeah, tried that. It doesn't change the colors at all
[05:29:39] <ShamblerDK> The intro looks fine. It's only in-game it fails
[05:30:58] <ShamblerDK> I'll try running it through DosBox to see if the game files are okay
[05:33:13] <ShamblerDK> DAMN IT
[05:33:20] <ShamblerDK> I get garbled colors in DosBox as well
[05:34:05] <sh4rm4> there ya go
[05:34:20] <ShamblerDK> sh4rm4: Thanks for your help :)
[05:36:47] <sh4rm4> md5sum /media/isocd/serpent.zip
[05:36:47] <sh4rm4> 50da972f0a66747be61066438bfd4a2b /media/isocd/serpent.zip
[05:36:48] <sh4rm4> md5sum /media/isocd/ultima7.zip
[05:36:48] <sh4rm4> eda2640b9406e5928a75e22bebe75ac3 /media/isocd/ultima7.zip
[05:36:51] <ShamblerDK> Man, did I just have to dig through a dusty part of one of my harddrives...
[05:37:05] <sh4rm4> those are the checksums of the original zip files from the "ultimate collection"
[05:38:21] <ShamblerDK> sh4rm4: Thanks a lot... I have UC somewhere here...
[05:38:42] <sh4rm4> *complete ultima vii collection
[05:41:32] <ShamblerDK> Both The Black Gate, Serpent Isle and the Silver Seed is on UC
[05:41:35] <ShamblerDK> As far as I recall
[05:41:46] <sh4rm4> yes
[05:42:01] <sh4rm4> the addons are embedded into the respective games
[05:42:14] <ShamblerDK> Yes
[05:42:42] <ShamblerDK> omg, Exult 3D looks so amazing
[05:42:51] <ShamblerDK> And to think it's made with all the default textures...
[05:42:52] <sh4rm4> huh ?
[05:46:20] <ShamblerDK> Do you know Exult 3D?
[05:46:44] <sh4rm4> nope
[05:47:10] <ShamblerDK> Well, take a look: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=21348&t=21348
[05:47:23] <ShamblerDK> Tell me, that that does not look amazing :P
[05:49:28] <sh4rm4> the pics have a fucking poor quality
[05:50:20] <ShamblerDK> Still, the idea is amazing :)
[05:50:43] <sh4rm4> yeah, i guess it's kinda "nice"
[05:50:48] <sh4rm4> however i prefer 2d
[05:52:12] <ShamblerDK> Yeah, I spend hundreds of hours in U7
[05:52:39] <ShamblerDK> I remember Ultima V on my 8086 back in the days... pretty damn awesome
[05:52:49] <ShamblerDK> They turned U5 into an MMO btw
[05:52:56] <ShamblerDK> It's even free :p
[05:53:12] <sh4rm4> i started with U7, never got into the older games
[05:53:42] <sh4rm4> the "free" u5 mod is not really free
[05:53:55] <sh4rm4> you need a windows pc and some commercial game engine IIRC
[05:54:21] <sh4rm4> morrow wind oslt
[05:54:39] <ShamblerDK> wth
[05:54:45] <ShamblerDK> I just fixed the graphics
[05:54:46] <sh4rm4> or are you talking about something else ?
[05:55:22] <ShamblerDK> Ultima 5 mmo... hang on
[05:56:52] <ShamblerDK> http://euotopia.com/
[05:58:08] <sh4rm4> nice
[05:58:19] <sh4rm4> but it has the sucky old graphics :/
[05:58:29] <ShamblerDK> My U7 files aren't damaged. I needed to put a palettes.flx into the static directory of U7 and all the colors look perfect now :)
[05:58:55] <ShamblerDK> lol, do you care so much about graphics that you will look past awesome unrivaled gameplay? :O
[05:59:33] <sh4rm4> well the graphics are the reason i never played U5
[06:01:48] <ShamblerDK> :s
[06:03:01] <ShamblerDK> Ahhh, Serpent Isle also works perfectly now :d
[06:24:13] <ShamblerDK> For those with garbled colors in Exult: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=21348&t=21348 <--- Search for PALETTES.FLX. It goes into the U7 "STATIC" folder.
[06:30:58] <ShamblerDK> Damn... can't get Exult3D to actually go 3D
[06:33:09] <sh4rm4> heh
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[09:05:58] <Dominus> ShamblerDK: so your initial problem was only with exult3d?
[09:07:34] <ShamblerDK> Dominus: No, with Exult. Then I tested with DosBox and the result was the same.
[09:07:51] <ShamblerDK> No I cannot make my Exult3D work, but that is another problem entirely :)
[09:08:27] <Dominus> why was that file missing? did you delete it from the static folder? Just curios and a bit anxious whether more files are missing from your static :)
[09:08:38] <ShamblerDK> I think I need to activate OpenGL, but I cannot do that since my computer/drivers are probably waaay too new to acommodate that :s
[09:09:03] <Dominus> you might need to enable opengl scaler
[09:09:08] <ShamblerDK> Dominus: I did not delete that file. Ultima7 was installed like that from The Ultimate Collection
[09:09:28] <ShamblerDK> Yeah, but if I enable OpenGL scaler, it severely crashes Exult3D
[09:09:55] <Dominus> new computer/graphics cards should have compatible opengl, not that much changed there.
[09:10:14] <Dominus> except that exult3d is really really really old and might have other problems :(
[09:13:13] <Dominus> a pity it never made it into exult
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[10:52:46] <shazza> hi guys
[10:52:55] <shazza> i have idled more or less in here for years now
[10:53:04] <shazza> but i just want to let you all know i learnt the ultima song 'stones' on keyboard/piano
[10:53:15] <shazza> it was quite lovely
[10:55:22] <shazza> reading the buffer, was the idea of exult3d really almost 10 years ago
[10:55:23] <shazza> the fuck?
[10:56:08] <ShamblerDK> shazza: How about uploading a YouTube video of you playing "Stones"?
[10:56:20] <ShamblerDK> And yes, Exult 3D is extremely old :(
[10:58:46] <shazza> when i master it, i shall!
[10:58:48] <shazza> wow
[10:58:51] <shazza> it feels like yesterday
[10:58:55] <ShamblerDK> I made Exult 3D work on my old computer, but my new one is just too much I think
[11:00:10] <ShamblerDK> Can't wait for the new Ultima game! It's going to be amazing!
[11:00:34] <shazza> what new ultima game :O
[11:00:53] <ShamblerDK> Shroud of The Avatar :D
[11:01:47] <ShamblerDK> After Ultima IX there weren't supposed to be any more Ultima games, but Sir Richard Garriott found a way past the EA fags and he is creating a new one :D
[11:02:48] <ShamblerDK> It's being made by all the Ultima series veterans
[11:02:56] <ShamblerDK> Those people that made the old games :D
[11:03:59] <ShamblerDK> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/portalarium/shroud-of-the-avatar-forsaken-virtues-0
[11:09:09] <shazza> that is awesome
[11:09:11] <shazza> thanks for sharing the news
[11:09:43] <ShamblerDK> shazza: You're welcome! Take a look at YouTube; They've got hour-long interviews about the game. Latest video is from a week ago :)
[11:10:09] <shazza> is he allowed to use the Ultima name?
[11:10:13] <shazza> or would EA be like "fuck you dawg"
[11:11:19] <shazza> my brief research indicates the latter
[11:12:03] <ShamblerDK> Yup, I think the latter... tbh, I don't think it's fair that EA can own the name and then just not use it for anything -.-
[11:12:10] <ShamblerDK> Fucking copyright crap
[11:12:14] <ShamblerDK> Pardon my french
[11:12:24] <ShamblerDK> Yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me
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[11:20:27] <ShamblerDK> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-6IzK3Iwrc
[11:27:23] <ShamblerDK> That interview makes me giggle with glee... in a manly way of course
[11:53:14] <ShamblerDK> wth... the computers on the ISS are running Windows?!
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[12:03:28] <Dominus> by the way, EA is doing something with the Ultima IP
[12:03:38] <Dominus> it's called Ultima Forever...
[12:05:33] <wjp> and, um, Lord of Ultima
[12:06:25] <Dominus> yeah, that too :)
[12:06:38] <ShamblerDK> :O
[12:06:39] <Dominus> (which I'm enjoying at the moment :)
[12:07:58] <Dominus> oh, and there is still Ultima Online
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